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tv   New Day  CNN  January 4, 2018 4:00am-5:00am PST

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delegates. >> such as? >> they could vote not to see me on tuesday. i have my family here, my kids here. and it's like how many times does mom have to win before she can be seated in the virginia house of delegates. >> yeah. this is an interesting lesson for your kids and not one that you had intended to teach them. well, shelly simonds, we will be watching closely as we have throughout all of this craziness. it shows that every vote does count. thank you so much. we'll see what happens at 11:00 a.m. eastern today. >> thank you, alisyn. >> we'll talk again. and thanks to our international viewers for watching. for you cnn "newsroom" is next. for u.s. viewers, "new day" continues right now. >> bannon is essentially saying there is a there there in the russia probe. sit stunning. >> president trump's lawyer sending bannon a cease and
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deletter. >> they are focusing on money laundering. >> steve bannon not only lost his job is but he lost his mind. >> president trump never expected or wanted to win the election. most everyone in his campaign agreed he probably shouldn't be president. if any of this is true, it makes him look terrible. >> i think we're beginning what is going to be about. >> more than 100 million americans under windchill advisories. >> it's going to cause a world of problems, no doubt about that. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning. welcome to your "new day". the president's lawyer sending a cease and desist letter to former top strategist steve bannon. is this some kind of wish to return to the days where criticizing the president or government was illegal? this comes after the stunning claims by bannon in a new book. among them, blasting donald
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trump jr., carjared kushner, pa manafo manafort. bannon calls it treasonist. and that is just the start. >> the president is said to be furious and disgusted in a blistering statement he said bannon had, quote, lost his mind. this morning the president is tweeting about other things. his decision to dissolve the voter fraud division after too many states refused to participate. that was created after the president insisted, without any evidence, that there was widespread voter praud that prevented him from winning in 2016. let's go first to joe johns live at the white house which is of course the scene of all the talk this morning. joe? >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. this is extraordinary even for the trump white house. the president angrily lashing out at his former chief strategist for trashing the president and his first family
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using words like, oh, among other things, treasonist. the president also in a situation where he is demanding through his lawyers that steve bannon stop talking. even though bannon has said at least some of the things democrats have been saying for months. >> reporter: president trump's lawyer threatening imminent legal action against steve bannon, use coulding him of defamation and arguing he violated a nondisclosure agreement when speaking to the author of this bombshell new book. kperpbts published in the guardian suggesting that bannon suggesting that donald trump jr., jared kushner and paul manafort from have been treasonist. the chance that john tkr did not walk these jumos up to the 26th
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floor is zero. a claim that runs contrary to the longstanding position. >> it was such a thing. there's nothing to tell. >> the president wasn't aware of the meeting, did not participate in the meeting. >> reporte >> bannon is quoted as discussing robert mueller's russia probe claiming they are going to crack don jr. like an egg on national tv. allegedly predicting the investigation will center on money laundering. news of the book asserting in part steve bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency. when he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind. >> i think furious, disgusted would probably certainly fit when you make such outrageous claims and completely false claims against the president. >> reporter: bannon saying this about the president this morning.
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don't worry about that. don't worry about us and trump and the maga agenda. we're tight on this as we've ever been. >> we want to really find out what he thinks. >> reporter: bannon's remarks one part of michael wolff's stunning new book characterizing the first year of the trump presidency as kay on the onic and dysfunctional and president trump as uninformed. wolff saying this about katie walsh allegedly have of the president. he didn't read. he didn't really even skim. some believed that for all practical purposes he was no more than semi-literate. it was, said, walsh, like trying to figure out what a child wants. walsh denies making these remarks but it is similar to an article published in "new york" magazine from sam nunberg who said this about trump's attention span. i got as far as the fourth amendment before his finger is pulling down on his lip and his eyes are rolling back in his head. the white house vehemently
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denying the accounts saying the book is filled with false and misleading accounts from individuals who have no access or influence with the white house. >> reporter: the president has several meetings with republicans scheduled for today. anger over the russia investigation likely an explanation for the president's low profile this week. chris and alisyn? >> his twitter feed is all about everything but this book this morning. that's obviously a signal that he knows we'll be talking about it and with good reason. joining us once again is cnn political analysts who will come in and talk about this book. john avlon, david gregory. it's interesting. one more reason that it is hard to hear what you get from the pulpit at the white house and believe it in the form of sarah sanders when she said this book is filled with people who have no access to the white house and don't know what they're talking
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about when steve bannon is the guy making headlines for what he said. they can duck all they want. this book is going to hit and hit hard. why? >> because the white house granted access to journalist michael wolff. it has a lot of journalists wishing they had access. he wanted fly-on-the-wall access. he got it. he has tape-recordings to back it up. it will be hard to wiggle away from this. steve bannon was very much inside the tent. he may be similar to trump in his self aggrandizing pro cliffities. but he has taken on the president here. what's most striking is him taking on the president, whom he says he still supports, by fueling the biggest danger to this presidency, and that is this russia investigation. going after don jr. saying that he might flip, saying that that meeting at trump tower was
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treasonist. these are the kinds of things that i think even beyond the bumbling nature of the trump white house and trump as president himself are so damaging and striking. >> let's start our look at the book with the beginning. before he even won, look at this about what the expectations were in trump land. trump himself was sanguine. his ultimate goal, after all, had been never to win. i can be the most famous man in the world, he has told his aide. he would come out with a far more powerful brand and untold opportunities. this is bigger than i ever dreamed of, he told ailes. i don't think about luosing. it isn't losing. we've totally won. >> first of all, you shouldn't do the audio book, clearly. it is a stunning portrait of a
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campaign that was set up as basically a marketing exercise, which is what was suspected but seems to be revealed in these quotes. nobody thought they would win. >> and didn't really want to win. that's the other thing. that's not just him putting a spin on the possible loss. they already won. they elevated his name brand. >> and he would be able to enrich himself off the experience of running. exactly the opposite of how most people run for president. this was a long con played to build his brand. that is one of the most dispiriting things about the things confirmed in this book. this was not about our best -- this is utterly separate from our best traditions as a country. >> there's a lot of different colorful things. there's certain stylistic points in here. we will go from the substance to the style, okay? in here it is a wind into some
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of the president's idiosyncrasies. the president fearing he would be poisoned. then he, donald trump, imposed a new set of rules. nobody touch anything, especially not his toothbrush. don't we all agree with that? that's not a quirk. he had a longtime fear of being poisoned. one reason he liked to eat at mcdonald's. nobody knew -- are you going to be the subliminal comment effort. >> yes. trans fats. >> nobody knew he was coming and the food was safely premade. questionable. also, he would let housekeeping know when he wanted his sheets done and he would strip his own bed. >> respected military school training. >> do you have any one-word comment on that? >> no. the idiosyncrasies are just those. the substantive things are much more to analyze or criticize. >> as someone who enjoys to eat
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in bed, i appreciate this excerpt. he also likes eating in pwebed. if he was not having his 6:30 dinner with steve bannon, more than likely he was in bed with a cheeseburger. the phone was his true contact point you with the world to a small group of friends. anything, john avlon? >> 6:30 with steve bannon. i thought he barely knew the guy. he had nothing to do with the campaign. cheese burgers in bed at 6:30 looks like a portrait of clinical depression to me. but let's put that aside. the details in this are fascinating, fun, salacious, disturbing. obviously the real news is that one of the president's closest aides is describing these russia meetings as unpatriotic and laying out frankly saying this is about money laundering folks.
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>> let's get to that one. >> the next one, you realize where this is going. this is all about money laundering. mueller chose andrew weissmann first and he is a money laundering guy. their path to finging trump goes right through paul manafort don jr. and jared kushner. it's as plain as hair your face. >> it comports with what fusion gps founders were saying, money laundering. >> a lot of people have been around the investigation. manafort is suing mueller right now. why? he is saying your scope is too broad and didn't go back to what i was doing. they are all about money transactions. the interesting part isn't that bannon is making things up out of whole cloth. it's that it is coming from his own guy, david. that's why this hurts. >> that particular excerpt, you know, sounds like a guy who is
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sitting back in his chair and is, you know, reeling off opinions about an investigation. he doesn't have any particular insight. but he has insight into the players. he's been around the players. he's willing to make assumptions about what they were thinking, what they were motivated to do, what they were willing to do. that's what i think is damning about all of that. it's not that steve bannon talking to michael wolff has some insight into where mueller is going. he's speculating like a lot of other people. but he has different insight having been there at the time. >> significantly. importantly different insight. again, trump apparently dick taillighted a comment yesterday. you know he lost his job. he lost his mind. but this is someone with unusual access and insight. >> you saw the quote from wolff. 6:30 regular dinner with bannon. they have been on the phone. they have been talking. one of the reasons we're so
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anxious to get anthony scaramucci's take on this. it will be interesting to see what he says. >> david, back to the headlines, one of the headlines about what bannon said is about that meeting. so the meeting now at the crux of some of the investigation with the russian lawyer, here's just to repeat i it again. the three senior guys thought it was a good idea to meet with a foreign government in the conference room on the 25th floor with no lawyers. they didn't have any lawyers. even if you thought this was not treasonist or bad blank and i he happen to think it's all of that, you should have called the fbi immediately. this guy had the president's ear and thought it was treasonist. >> no question about it. even without knowing the particulars of the investigation, it shows that the trump campaign was open for business. even if foreign agents were coming through the door. it's a huge problem. bannon looks to be settling a lot of scores here. >> good point, david.
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>> the settling of scores can make some things possible. bannon still believes in trump, believes in the agenda and thinks he is being terribly served by his family and in-laws, his sons, as well as others around him. i'm sure scaramucci it has been revealed going back months is engaged in score settling as well. that's part of the dysfunction that we have a ringside seat to. >> yeah. but know your audience. how self destructive do you have to be to go after the president's children? >> if you don't like those guys at the time, remember context, right? he is talking to michael wolff at a time they are trying to get him out. that's part of how you read this book. people will give cautions about it. not everything is verified in this book. which is true. wolff is saying everybody's take on it. michael wolff, not wolf blitzer. the settling is a smart one. bannon was known to dislike this group of guys. >> there was a delayed reaction.
4:16 am
this wasn't a radio show. this is a pwhaobg that comes bo year later. so of course the president will distance himself. >> when did this occur? steve bannon is the civic sentinel, guy looking out for the larger national interest is fascinating. >> but he also knew, remember, nobody had better access than michael wolff. everybody knows and can predict the impact this book will have coming out, you know, basically on the anniversary of the inauguration. >> circular firing squad. >> thank you, gentlemen, very much. >> a big way to know what's going on from the white house, because you will not get it from the president's feed. he's talking about everything else. that's why we have former white house communications director anthony scaramucci. he will tell us what he knew and when, coming up. all right. steve bannon calls that 2016 trump tower meeting treasonist, as we have been saying.
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the big news is this new book out. in this book bannon is quoted as saying the three senior guys in the campaign thought it was a good idea to meet with a foreign government inside trump tower in the conference room on the 25th floor with no lawyers. they didn't have any lawyers. even if you thought that this was not treasonous or unpatriotic, you should have called the fbi immediately. joining us is the former secretary of homeland security
4:22 am
jeh johnson. good to have you on the show. >> thanks for having me. >> steve bannon, politics aside of what he is saying, we have heard from many that a meeting like this should have raise said people's suspicions. do you agree with that? >> you know, when that e-mail first came out proposing the meeting, when i read that e-mail it was so brazen and explicit about how the russian government wants to support this campaign, i have to tell you, i was involved in the obama campaign in 2008-2008. if we had received an e-mail like that i think we would have all run in the opposite direction, let alone call the fbi. under federal election law, campaigns, federal campaigns are not supposed to accept is support from foreign citizens and most definitely foreign governments. so it's rather shocking to me that people would even --
4:23 am
responsible people would even accept such a meeting given the stated purpose in the e-mail. >> the counter is these happen all the time. everybody wants to help. it was a nothing meeting. nothing came out of it. is that good enough? >> not in this context. look, in a campaign in a transition it is not unusual for an ambassador to reach out for relationship building purposes. and it would not be unusual for somebody to take the meeting, nod your head, be polite, say thank you very much for your interest to something of that nature. but my recollection of the intended purpose of the meeting was to get dirt on hillary clinton. that is very, very different. and as i said, federal campaigns are not supposed to be accepting assistance from foreign citizens and foreign governments. so it is very troubling. and i'm sure mr. mueller is investigating it. >> have you ever heard of anything like what's coming out of this michael wolff book about
4:24 am
the general environment about the president of the united states? >> i have to say that it's something fundamentally very different from what i know from working in the obama white house, which -- every administration has a few bumps in the road its first year. but nothing like what is portrayed in this book. in the obama white house, we tended to be very orderly, very disciplined, reflecting the president himself. a white house reflects the personality of the president. no matter who is on the staff. it all traces back to the personality and how the president himself conducts business. the obama white house was very orderly, very efficient. everyone knew their job. it was common in the obama administration that you say in your lane. when i read these it's
4:25 am
fundamentally different from everything i know serving in the white house at the cab he net level. >> let me get your head on a few things that matter outside this book. one, the election fraud commission that seemed to have been put together by the president to advance the notion that he should have won the popular vote, they are disbanding it. he said we will give it to the department of homeland security. there's still merit. there is substantial proof that is what determined the popular vote. you ran the agency. is that the job with the agency? >> is that referral, to be honest, greatly troubles me. voting, voter fraud, voter integrity is not a security issue in this country. a free and democratic society how we vote, who votes is not a matter of homeland security. for example, it's illegal under federal law to have u.s. military in uniform securing election sites. >> right. >> as we believe in an open
4:26 am
process and, you know, having security agencies has a chilling effect. i'm not sure i understand that referral. cybersecurity, election cybersecurity is a matter of department of homeland security's business. it is why i designated critical infrastructure just before we left office. that's cybersecurity. but not voter fraud generally. i don't believe that's a security issue, nor should it be. >> also, i want to talk to you by -- when we learn more about the investigation, i want to have you back on in terms of whether we are making our voting more safe. we just don't know enough about anything that's being done to ask your take on it right now. i guess that's a shame in and of of course. >> we know more and more all the time. >> the focus seems so clearly on collusion and criminal implications on one side, who knew what and whether. they are all relevant questions. certainly the umbrella of oversight is how did the russians do this, how do we stop
4:27 am
it? is that a fair statement? >> in the matter of cybersecurity and securing our in election infrastructure, some states have is taken this seriously and appear to be doing more to step up their own cybersecurity. others have not. at the federal level we have done very little. 2016 should have been a wakeup call. in 2012, my old boss leon panetta said there will be a cyber pearl harbor one day. we may well have seen that last year at the election. at the national level, we need to make cybersecurity around election infrastructure a national imperative. and i have seen very little since we left office last year. >> let me get your head on daca also. you understood the workings and what led to the policy in the first place. the president's position is, listen, this was never supposed
4:28 am
to be done. this was illegal. it is for congress to figure out. i'll give you six months. that's fair. do you agree? >> if there is legislation codifying, it strengthens it. the president wants legislation codifying daca, the speaker said he wants legislation codifying daca. the question is are we going to get this done when a clear majority of congress and administration supports this. it's the right thing to do fp. d we are talking about 7,000, 8,000 young people who came as children who are defacto. they are american in every aspect except legally. so this is the right thing to do. and it really is an imperative to get these people and keep the people on the book and not encouraging the work off the
4:29 am
books. the letter of secretary napolitano and chertoff and i really was to flag you need to do this soon. don't wait to the deadline on march 5. you've got to do this sooner rather than later because there is an implementation period that has to be put into place. those of us who actually ran the department of homeland security were concerned because we see the possibility of another travel ban-like train wreck come tpg congress waits to the left minute on this. >> so timing is essential. >> we have to do it in january, not wait until march. >> they are certainly playing politics. jeh johnson, appreciate your head on all of these things. you're always welcome here. >> thank you. >> alisyn. >> he is the new senator who pulled off a major upset in alabama by he beating roy moore. steve bannon's candidate. what does doug jones think about everything that's happening today? he joins us live next. also, we're tracking the huge winter storm hitting the east coast.
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the president is taking on his former chief strategist steve bannon after a book filled with bombshell quotes from bannon came out. president trump released a statement reading in part, now that he is on his own, steve is learning that winning isn't as easy as i make it look. steve had very little to do with our historic victory which was delivered by the forgotten men and women of the country. the democrat who won that seat is enter doug jones of alabama. he was sworn into office yesterday. he joins us now. good morning, senator. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> so, listen, you were a target of steve bannons. you beat roy moore, thereby beating steve bannon. what do you think of this feud unfolding today? >> look, alisyn, i don't want to get in the middle of feuds between steve bannon and the president. i am certainly over steve bannon. we won this race.
4:35 am
we were sworn in yesterday. i'm ready to work for the people of alabama. i ignored him during the campaign, and i'm going to ignore him now. >> i promise we will get to your agenda. you will have to deal with the unfolding russia investigation. let me just read one relevant thing and get your take on it. >> sure. >> here's what steve bannon is quoted as saying in this book. this is about the meeting that don jr. had with the russian lawyer. the three senior guys thought it was a good idea to meet with a foreign government inside the trump tower in the conference room on the 25th floor with no lawyers. they didn't have any lawyers. even if you thought that this was not treasonous or unpatriot unpatriotic, or bad blank and i happen to think it's all of that. >> that was all said by steve bannon in a book. i think that is going to play
4:36 am
out, at one point or another, it will come out. it is not appropriate to comment from my assistant. let's see how it plays out with the intelligence committee and the mueller investigation and see what the real facts are not just based on a book that steve bannon writes. >> that's fair. do you think don jr. should have taken that meeting? >> i'm not going to comment on that. i just don't think it is appropriate right now for me. i have been a united states senator for less than a day. i'm going on my 19th hour right now. let's let me see how things go. my desk is blank. it's starting to fill up. but i will tell you i think it is important that people in congress, people in the senate and the house, let these investigations take their course rather than just making public comments a lot. i think they need to take their course. as a prosecutor, that's what i wanted to do. let the committees do their work. all of this will come out at the appropriate time. >> you have been there 19 hours.
4:37 am
are you shocked by the dysfunction yet? >> not yet. we had one vote. it went pretty simple. all good so far. >> at your swearing in ceremony your friend, former vice president joe biden was there. what advice did he give you? >> joe has always said be yourself, doug. that's what he told me over the course of the many years i've known him. you know the people of alabama. you will do great in washington, d.c. if you be true to yourself. that's the best advice anyone can give someone. and i certainly take it to heart. >> let's talk about what you're going to do. the first order of business, keep the government funded through the next two weeks. that's what the deadline is. as you know, there are some sticking points. so chip, the children's health program that i know you feel very strongly about. but it's complicated. so how do you vote on that? >> i want to see what it is. like i said, i haven't seen all the details about what will happen with that vote. i want to see that program
4:38 am
funded. i know how this place works. there are give and take down the road. there's going to be people looking to put things in that budget. i really want to see that. i want to reach out. as soon as we can get the snowstorm in washington that has shut things down, i want to talk to senators and colleagues on both sides of the issues and find out how to best get that program funded. the government will have to be funded at some point. and i hope chip can be funded. it is important to 150,000 kids in my statement. >> you think your colleagues are using it as a political football, children's health. but here's the sticking point, which i think you already know. democrats don't want to siphon the funds for paying for chip out of a prevent active health fund set is up by the affordable care act. >> right. >> how do you vote? if you have to siphon funds for another program. >> alisyn, let me do this.
4:39 am
let me spend more than 19 hours in a whirlwind up here and talk to my colleagues about their particulars on that issue and find out their reasoning on that and go to the other side of the aisle. that's what i campaigned on, listening to both sides. i'm not going to get pinned down yet. until i can spend time talking to both sides of these issues, i can't reach across with anybody just yet. that's what i want to do. that's where i can hopefully be effective within the democratic caucus, working with senator shelby on the other side of the aisle. >> have your thoughts he gelled yet what you think about the d.r.e.a.m.ers and how to protect them if it means funding the boardser wall. >> well, i feel strongly about the d.r.e.a.m.ers and the daca program. i want to see exactly how that will shake out as well. i do feel strongly about that. i just heard secretary johnson talking about that. that will be a sticking issue.
4:40 am
it is really a bipartisan issue. what i would love to see, and this may be pie in the sky. i know this. i've watched washington for many years. but i'd love to see the house and the senate carve out some of those issues and just tell the american people, look, these are issues that we all agree on. let's call those out and move forward and let the -- you know, the partisan rancoring go on. i will take it one step at a time. >> senator doug jones, that has a nice ring to it for you. after about 48 hours, you will be an old hand. thanks so much. >> you got it. another big story this morning is this massive winter storm bearing down on the northeast. up to a foot of snow is expected in some places. a live report coming up. ♪
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so you don't miss your favorite show. and with just a single word, find all the answers you're looking for - because getting what you need should be simple, fast, and easy. download the xfinity my account app or go online today. a massive winter storm bearing down on the northeast. parts of the region are going to see up to a foot of snow. the wind will be heavy. the storm hitting the southeast hard. florida saw its first measurable snowfall in nearly 30 years. south carolina, record snow. some parts of the state seeing up to six inches. cnn's athena jones live on the road for us in new york tracking
4:45 am
the conditions. obviously the problem in the southeast, they're not used to this. northeast we are. but wind, freezing temperatures, heavy snowfall, bad combo. how is it? >> reporter: hi, chris. well, we are in melville out on long island. you can see the road conditions out here are growing worse by the minute. as we were leaving the city a couple of hours ago, you can still see the pavement. that is not the case out here. the long island expressway, we saw two accidents of cars that spun out, one crashed into the barricade separating the eastbound from the westbound lanes. that is what city officials have been warning people about. they say, look, stay off the roads if you can. if you have to travel, use mass transit. that is because of these high winds and blinding snow. this word bombogenesis is a funny sounding word. this is no joke at all.
4:46 am
this weather system could bring a snow cyclone. gusts 40 to 60-mile-per-hour or more in some places. and snow levels from 6 inches to a foot between here and new york and up into new england. really bad conditions ahead for this day. alisyn. >> just the word of in a bomb cyclone that tells you we are in a whole new territory. four people have been killed, dozens more injured when this passenger train collided with a truck in south africa. the train was traveling from port elizabeth to johannesburg when the collision took place. it caused a fire to break out in at least one of the carriages north korea has now spoken to south korea three times in two days on this newly reopened border hotline. the communications are designed to ensure that the hotline is stable because it hasn't been used for two years. also this morning, south korea's
4:47 am
joint chiefs of staff are denying reports that north korea may be preparing for another missile launch. u.s. ambassador to the u.n., nikki haley, hosted a friends of the u.s. reception wednesday. the invitation was extended to those who stood with president trump's decision to be recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. last month, 120 countries voted against the president's decision. only nine voted with him. 25 nations abstained, including canada, mexico, and australia. two significant computer chip flaws could mean billions of computers and smartphones are vulnerable to hackers. the chips may need to be replaced to fix the problem. now, a researcher who uncovered the flaw said they could allow an attacker to read sensitive data stored in memory like passwords or even to see what tabs are open on the device. not good. >> i think everybody is reading everybody at all times. that is why i have completely
4:48 am
whitewashed all my e-mails to almost making no sense. >> alisyn believes speaking in -- >> that's the only way to protect what you really want to say. >> i can't believe that wasn't in the michael wolff book. >> the russians have not deciphered this yet. neither have you. >> she'll talk to me on set about it. >> no-bay they bow-don't. >> there are new excerpts that i was just mentioning here that has a look inside the white house that you don't get very often. and a lot of the quotes coming out are hurtful to this presidency. some of them are coming from the main strategist steve bannon, the man on your screen, anthony scaramucci said he was always saying that steve bannon couldn't be trusted. what is his take on that man, his motivations and what's in this book? he joins us live coming up. hi, this cindy at reverse mortgage funding,
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this morning, the war between donald trump and steve bannon continues after the former chief strategist spoke critically in a forthcoming book. donald trump said the chief strategist has, quote, lost his mind. angus king joins us. the question about the book for you goes specifically to your
4:53 am
confidence in the competence of this white house? >> well, i think the first thing to point out is that bannon was only a guy that got coffee in the white house, right, he didn't have a significant role except one time he was deputy chief of staff and he obviously had a very important roll and a very important roll in the latter stages of the campaign. competence? i am not going to judge competence, but i think it will be interesting to see what other comments are made in the book, and if i was the president i would be careful in trashing somebody i worked closely with for so long. >> his regard for the russia probe, he calls that meeting that trump junior, and kushner
4:54 am
and manafort treasonous. >> you can say it's a serious lack of judgment. by the way, this was the highest level of the campaign. this was the candidate's son, son-in-law and campaign manager in trump tower meeting with representatives of the russians. clearly there was a quid pro quo that was contemplated, and they talked about dirt on hillary clinton and sanctions in the ma tpheus 63 act. i don't usually agree with steve bannon but the idea they should have immediately called the fbi i think is absolutely accurate. >> and there are exserves in the
4:55 am
book, there will be money laundering. what do you think about that? >> it's important to delineate different points of the investigations going on. clearly they looked into the financial transactions of paul ma manafort, that's one of the things he was indicted for, and that's a subject. on our side in the senate intelligence committee, we are more focussed on what did the russians do and how did they do it? most importantly, how do we prevent them from doing it the next time. are their relationships between the russians and the trump campaign and leading up to the election. i don't think money laundering is part of what our responsibility is, and i do
4:56 am
think my understanding is the mueller people, and i don't have any inside knowledge, whatsoever, i don't know anymore than you do, and based on the manafort indictment, it looks like they are looking at financial questions. >> where are you guys in terms of figuring out how russia did what it did and how to protect against it in the future? >> i think we are pretty far along on those questions, and toward the end of the year the whole issue of the use of social media, the disinformation, the facebook, twitter, fake accounts coming out of the troll farm in st. petersburg raised a new and in many ways a disturbing aspect of this. we are at it. we are keeping our heads down. the fact you have not heard a lot doesn't mean a lot's not going on, and we heard 200 witnesses and thousands of pages of documents, and we are in good shape on what they did and how
4:57 am
they did it and we are going to work on recommendations in the next month or so for the states. we have got to get on that because the states are vulnerable for this coming election this year, so hopefully we are going to be able to produce, if not -- i wouldn't call it an interim report but i would call it a set of recommendations to try and help both the american people and also particularly state election systems to protect themselves, because the most important point here, chris, is this is not a one-off deal, these people are not going away. they are still at it and are going to stay at it this coming election and beyond, and that's what we really have to focus on. >> quickly, senator, do you think you get daca done anytime soon as a standalone? >> i think there's a chance of that. there really is bipartisan -- i wouldn't as far to say a consensus, but there's plenty of
4:58 am
dealing with the sympathy sooner rather than later on both sides of the aisle. the president threw a money wrench into it saying the wall has to be part of it, and clearly border security has to be part of it, and the wall in many areas is not practical, feasible or sensible, and there are other ways to secure the border without building a big object. if we can get by that and do something on border security that people can feel confident in, i think there's a settlement out there to be had, as i said, hopefully sooner rather than later because every day people are losing their daca status and their lives are being thrown into turmoil, and as i heard a republican senator say this morning, you don't put a 3-year-old in jail for walking across your lawn for trespass, and these are kids that were
4:59 am
brought here when they were young and this is all they have known and we need to fix it. >> senator king, always a pleasure to have you on "new day." happy new year, sir. >> thank you, chris. baton down the hatches. you are going to get snow today, man. >> we will be ready. we're following a lot of news. let's get after it. >> president trump's lawyer sending bannon a cease and desist letter. >> it makes him look like everybody around him feels like he's a idiot and doesn't tell him. >> they think he doesn't read anything or know anything. >> bannon feels like he doesn't have anything left to lose. >> the temperatures are going to be extremely cold.
5:00 am
colder than we have seen in the last 11 days. >> if you don't have a reason to be out, don't be out. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome to your "new day." we are doing a split show, i see. listen up, everybody. there are new exsurpz. these are in addition to the big headlines we have already been reading to you , in which forme white house strategist steve bannon blasts the meeting in trump tower with the russians as unpatriot. >> and the president says after bannon lost his white house job, he lost his mind. he accuses his former chief strategist of spending his time in the white house leaking false information to


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