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tv   New Day  CNN  January 9, 2018 2:59am-4:00am PST

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pizzas. toyota plans to start testing in 2020. >> i recommend those eight states we discussed prior. it might be a nice fit. >> i see an actual synergy there. you are right. thank you for joining us. >> "new day" starts right now. see you tomorrow. >> you have trump saying if i don't get my wall, we're not going to do the dreamers. >> i don't believe we should be trading the lives of dreamers for a wall. >> i hope the democrats will be willing to compromise. >> no one thinks mueller will wrap up the obstruction probe without an interview with the president. >> obviously the lawyers will do everything they can. >> if they can constrain this interview. they should do it. >> touchdown! alabama wins! >> fantastic night for the
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university of alabama. couldn't be prouder. >> unbelievable. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> i know you lost money on the game last night but don't be upset. >> was it football? >> we'll amazing human interest story for you. >> oh, good. >> real freshman comes into the game. he had never started a game the rest of the season. they're down at half. he winds up winning the game. true freshman. >> i love it. can't wait to hear more about it. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. it's tuesday, january 9th, 6:00 in new york. in just a few hours, president trump will meet with lawmakers to decide the fate of d.r.e.a.m.ers. but, of course, there's a sticking point. it's a big one and it threatens keeping the government open.
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also, lawyers for president trump anticipate a request from special counsel robert mueller to interview the president. cnn has learned that mr. trump's legal team is discussing ways to potentially limit the scope of that questioning. >> with all that going on, the white house is insisting on fanning the flames of controversy whipped up by michael wolff's damaging book, particularly about president trump's fitness. wolff suggests to cnn that 100% of the people around the president believe he is unfit for office but wolff admits he did not talk to any cabinet heads or the president. north and south korea are sitting down for rare talks at the border. could it lead to the north talking about nuclear weapons, negotiating actually coming to the table? we have it all covered. joe johns is live at the white house with our top story. joe, what choice of imagery do you want to describe what's going on behind you? is it the fog of war?
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is it the warming of the relations between left and right or is it just something going on with lighting? that does highlight your tie in a very fetching way. >> reporter: thanks. honestly, i don't know what you call it but you can't see a thing, quite frankly, chris. look, this situation here at the white house could not be more dramatic. members of congress from both sides of the capitol and both parties headed here to the white house to try to get a deal with the president on immigration. hanging in the balance, the future of thousands of young people brought here to this country through no fault of their own and a government shutdown potentially loom iing. >> we want the wall. the wall's going to happen or we're not going to have daca. >> reporter: president trump insisting funding for a border wall will be part of any deal to protect the so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers, a deal that
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threatens to upend. >> we're not going to support a wall across america. >> reporter: with senate majority whip jon cornyn accusing democrats of holding the budget deal hostage. and the long and broad republican policy wish list released by the white house last week has made chances for a deal harder. senator jeff flake telling cnn he's prepared to tell the president at today's meeting that the d.r.e.a.m.ers deal needs to be narrowly focused in order to reach an agreement. >> the inflection point where we get some things doesn't or we don't. >> reporter: negotiations are under way on capitol hill as president trump's lawyers gear up for a special request from special investigator robert mueller. the subject has been broached in a previous meeting but not officially discussed. >> my view is that it will
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probably happen some time this year. >> reporter: the president's legal team has been preparing for this possibility for months, weighing how to define the parameters in a way that would limit the president's exposure. mr. trump issees eager for the investigation to come to an end and a source tells cnn that the expectation is that mueller would not wrap up the probe without speaking to the president. >> he needs to, in order to round out, complete his investigation to come to a decision, he needs to look the president in the eye and ask the appropriate questions. >> reporter: the russia probe looming large over this white house as the administration struggles to shake questions about the president's mental fitness. >> so, do you think he's like really smart and a stable genius? >> i think this. if he doesn't call himself a genius, nobody else will. in my view, he is my president and he's doing a really good job on multiple fronts. >> reporter: the president's allies continuing to call michael wolff, the author of the
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tell-all book "fire and fury" a liar. >> do you think it's okay to question the fitness of a sitting president of the united states? >> i think it would be irresponsible not to. of course. you cannot listen to this man talk without -- without at least contemplating the possibility that something is grievously amiss. >> reporter: this morning in the midst of questions about the president's fitness to serve, word from doctors that the president's physical examination later this week will not include a psychiatric examination. we do expect to see the president after his meeting with members of congress today. he is expected to sign an executive order aimed at helping veterans. chris and alisyn, back to you. >> joe, we'll check in with you throughout the program to see if things get less murky where you are. let's bring in our cnn
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political analysts to discuss this, david gregory and associate director for "real clear politics," a.b. stoddard. who will be in the meeting with this president a few hours from now, let me bring that up on screen. it is a big group that is trying to figure out a solution for the d.r.e.a.m.ers, by our count 12 republicans, eight democrats. david gregory, possibly too many cooks in the kitchen. this is not the narrow scope that jeff flake was hoping for. >> this is not where a deal gets made. this is where there's a lot of posturing and where lines get drawn. a spending bill that could result in a government shutdown. bottom line for both sides, the president wants his border wall. he has also wanted resolution on daca for children of undocumented immigrants. he has come out in favor of that as well. nevertheless, i think he's going
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to really dig in on the wall. it was a key campaign promise. it's something that he would love to give republicans to campaign on in their seats in a very tough election year. nobody wants the government to shut down. i think republicans in the white house want it less because i think there's so much more to lose for the governing party and republicans are already in so much trouble, the president's approval rating, the generic ballot is in the democrats favor. there's really a lot to lose whachlt i'm looking for here is how each side could define a compromise and victory differently than we might think today. in other words, could a border wall be a border wall in a way that's different than what donald trump is thinking about? >> so the numbers are impressive. people from both parties, a.b. what does that suggest about the ability to get a deal done? how much go versus show is there in this? >> right. well, again, i want to emphasize that republicans and democrats
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have been working together on this issue for months, which i think is very promising. the president has gotten in the way with the last-minute laundry list of things that he wants to be in, starting with the wall and these are deal breakers. while they're willing to get to reforms to chain migration, possibly the end to the lottery system, things they can call visa reforms, border security besides a physical wall, democrats are coming to the table on that. it's not fair to say they're not willing to give on the legalization of d.r.e.a.m.ers and come up with a compromise. they're saying the president promised mexico could pay for a wall that. ernot ponying up $18 million to pay for a wall. many in the senate oppose a wall.
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it was an old demand but he told democratic leaders he didn't need in a deal. now it's a new demand because the message from bannon and others were this is going to be perceived by your base as amnesty and a sellout. this is a huge, political fight because the president is making it so. actually, democrats and republicans were much further along in coming to a consensus than people understand. it's now a question of whether or not they have to set off this deadline and move this fight later. i don't think they're going to make it by a week from friday. >> this is what's vexing. you both talked about it. they both want this. both sides want this. maybe it's a question of semantics, of saving face. call it a virtual wall or call it border protection. do something else so that they can find their way together. david? >> well, and look, the tax cut bill became a tax cut bill and a success -- we'll see what the results are, but it became a
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legislative success because congress was out front on this. as a.b. said, the president comes in now to revive this promise, he does two things. he makes the negotiations maybe impossible, or at least more difficult. he's going to invite, then, a real debate about whether the wall is effective. and if you start dig iging deep into that, the reason why there are border state republicans opposed to it, it's because there's every reason to be. there's no evidence to suggest that in a complicated issue like immigration, illegal immigration that the wall is the answer. i heard a congressman quoted in the paper this morning, talking about this is a 13th century solution to a 20th century problem. that is what is going to be invited in this debate, is real scrutiny about whether the wall is actually going to work. >> a.b., when you say everybody has been working on it, reading through the list of all the different plans on the table --
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there's so many. that's really troubling. people start to get ownership of what the situation should look like. the urgency of how many human lives are going to be affected here. we barely even talk about tps. 200,000 el salvadorans who have just been told that their life is going to have to change. they've had kids here. we're not really talking about the human cost here but how real is it in washington, d.c.? >> oh, no. listen, lawmakers in both parties, chris, understand that this news that 200,000 el salvadorans have lost status will only add to the urgency. you heard republicans even days ago, definitely weeks ago before they went home for christmas, saying we don't need to do a daca deal with the spending bill in january. it's not urgent. we have other matters to solve. they're not saying that anymore. this makes it all the more
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compelling and urgent. democrats now will push this into the shutdown fight and republicans want this to go away. they do not want this issue on the table. they want to resolve it as soon as possible. yes, as you're right, there are many different proposals and coalitions but they're all pretty much, you know, similar proposals and they're going to get to a consensus if we can get past this wall question. but definitely the news of these el salvadorans here since 2001 facing deportation is a narrative that the democrats will use throughout these negotiations, whether it's before next friday or extending past next friday. i don't think that republicans want to push this off until march anymore. >> all this said against robert mueller's investigation into russia. president trump's lawyers are expecting him to be called, of course, obviously, by robert mueller's team. we don't know when. there's a whole bunch of negotiations in terms of what will that testimony look like? will it be taped?
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will it be under oath? what will the scope of it be? those things are being negotiated. >> right. if you're a lawyer for the president, the obvious thing is that you want a narrow scope. >> you want it not under oath. >> yeah. >> doesn't it have to be under oath? >> there's no have to. mueller could have it in with his investigative advisers. technically, can't lie to the feds. it's a crime. the closer to where you get where bill clinton wound up, in front of a grand jury, which is obviously under oath, that starts to bring with it legal predicaments. you want to avoid as much legality. sorry, david. >> and president clinton was subpoenaed by the grand jury, the first time that had happened. that's not the case here. but if you're representing president trump, you want to know as much about what the questions are going to be. and i think there's real questions about how far afield
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from their point of view this might go. would there be questions about the president's decision making, with regard to firing the fbi chief? we know that's going to be an area. all these contacts and meetings. what about financial transactions? what about things that have not been a centerpiece, obviously, publicly to the investigation? that would be your obvious worry here. from the special prosecutor's point of view, what do you get out of this trump interview? is this the end point or are there other witnesses to be interviewed? when president bush met with the special counsel in the valerie plame investigation, the cia officer whose identity was revealed there were witnesses after he spoke voluntarily to the special prosecutor. i think these are some of the issues at play now. >> stick around. we have many more questions for you on other topics. we'll be right back. breaking news this morning. a breakthrough in talks between north and south korea, north agreeing to send athletes and a
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high-level delegation to next month's winter olympics in south korea. will ripley is live near the korean dmz. high-level delegation. in any stretch of the imagination, could that mean the leader, kim jong-un? >> reporter: no. that's very unlikely to happen. because to get kim jong-un to south korea is a whole other matter, something that would likely happen way down the road if there were ever a presidential summit between moon jae-in and kim jong-un. tae kwon do athletes and sizeable delegation. fourth and final round is under way right now, a few minutes from where we are here near the demilitarized zone that separates the north and the south. if you think about this, it is pretty remarkable what's transpired here. 24 hours ago very few people would have guessed that north korea would agree to send this
3:16 am
delegation to the olympics, float around the idea of possibly restarting the family reunions, divided families on the korean peninsula. that could happen as soon as next month and reactivated a long dormant military hotline. it appears that north korea came to the table willing to make a deal and in the short term it seems to be a win for them and a win for south korea, who wanted a peaceful olympics without a nuclear test. what's going to happen after the olympics? north korean state media put out an article saying that the united states need to accept north korea as a nuclear power or face ruin. alisyn? >> so many questions still, will. it's great to have you there in the region. we'll check back. the white house trying to silence growing questions about president trump's mental fitness.
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switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. no one questions the mental stability of the president. >> i have no reason to question his mental fitness. >> president trump is extremely capable. >> the president is a political genius. >> all right. the trump administration struggling to shake questions over the president's mental fitness. these concerns coming after the
3:21 am
author of that bombshell book "fire and fury" tell cnn that 100% of the people around the president believe he's unfit for office. discuss. we have david gregory and a.b. stoddard again. important qualification on michael wolff's notion is that he didn't speak to the people we were just showing speaking now. the heads of the government, the heads of the cabinet, the vice president. does that change the depth of the analysis? >> well, it certainly is worth knowing. and it impacts it. but there was widespread cooperation with michael wolff. he says he's got the tapes to prove it. >> we know that from sebastian gorka. >> right. even gorka is making it very clear that people say cooperate, nobody would have done that if the president wasn't on board. i go back to the point that they're trashing michael wolff, this is very much the swamp that donald trump, the citizen, swam in in new york, in tabloid
3:22 am
journalism and all the rest. i have no doubt that he invited wolff in to capture the brilliance of the first year of his presidency and doesn't like some of what he's finding now. again, you can't -- steve bannon had scores to settle. we said this every day. but he was a senior adviser to the president who was right there and was driving a lot of this policy. so, there's just no getting away from this. there is a united front now to say that he is mentally fit. but people can make up their own mind in terms of how the leader of the country behaves, how he reacts, particularly to criticism. and it tells you a lot short of having to make some kind of clinical diagnosis. >> a.b., i think it's an important distinction. i think it's important for readers and all of us to know that he's not counting cabinet heads when he says 100% of the people around the president whom he spoke to question the president's fitness. i think it's important.
3:23 am
that means white house staffers. they have, maybe, a different experience with the president than his cabinet heads and vice president. i think that's important. but then you also -- there was a moment last night with don lemon, michael wolff was on his show where don lemon said then why are they all saying that they didn't invite you in? why are they all saying you didn't have access? here is his answer. >> bannon told people to cooperate. sean spicer told people to cooperate. kellyanne conway told people to cooperate. >> so why are they saying -- >> because they're liars. what are you talking about? this is donald trump. this is what he does. day after day after day after day, incident after incident after incident, he doesn't tell the truth because he doesn't know what the truth is. >> so much for michael wolff don't be so hard on the president. >> that's what he used to say. >> when he wanted access. >> burning a bridge. >> now that he got access -- >> threw a grenade on the bridge
3:24 am
behind him. >> proof of what you're supposing here, sebastian gorka. i'll give you his line. what does he say about michael wolf? f? he said that he was told to cooperate. >> but he didn't want to. because in wolff, in his first meeting, he found him to be an oleonous describe. discuss. >> he is saying they were required to talk to michael wolff. the only consistency in this administration is inconsistency. people have said anectdotally, the president will task someone with doing something and later berate them for doing it. he encouraged to help michael wolff, whether it's kellyanne
3:25 am
conway, sean spicer or anyone else and they're getting upset, pretending they didn't give him the access they did makes perfect sense. the other thing i would say is the people in the west wing spend far more intimate time with the president, many, many hours and close proximity to his decision making than the cabinet. i would make an exception for vice president pence, who spends a lot of time with him. i don't think the hud secretary is really hanging out with him the way other close advisers are. >> that's interesting. you think their assessment of his mental fitness is more relevant than had wolff spoken to cabinet members? >> who is spending the most time with him? rex tillerson has an arm's length relationship with hichlt he deals mostly with jim mattis and the national security team. he's called the president an expletive moron before. you've already seen these cracks out of the administration that give you insight into what people really think about the president. now you have a book. maybe it's overwritten.
3:26 am
maybe there's exaggeration. there could absolutely be things that are not true here. we know there was cooperation. you wouldn't have had him inside, doing these interviews without that. in this white house, that only comes from the top. i guarantee it. and you also then get confirmation of things other people say. people who are with the president every day are making observations about him. i think all this talk about the 25th amendment and his mental stability, that gets overwrought. let's focus on decision making, on how erratic he is, how impulsive he is. that's the most relevant, most fact based. >> you have something that cuts both ways, rex tillerson and the big shots. they're on record. they have to own what they say. when you're being anonymous, that can lead to more honesty. it can also lead to dishonesty. you know it's hard to track you and you're trusting that journalist not to give you up. people day in, day out, not worried about being exposed may have the best insight.
3:27 am
i'll let a.b. finish on this point that david made. the idea that he is competent and capacity fitness, i don't know where that leads. the idea that there's a fact at play here that is just as important -- the president makes choices every day about what to engage in, what to make important. and very often, more often than not, i would suggest, they are in the interest of only himself, not of the agenda that he promised the american people, those who need help the most. >> there's no question about it. i can't recall getting the president talking about that he's like a genius. first of all, using the word "like" superfluously is bothersome. >> showing some humility. >> yeah, right. on his academic credentials, it's beyond the pale. but to your point how thin skinned and obsessive he is. >> a.b., last word to you. >> we don't have to weigh in on whether or not the president has a mental illness or not. people have already decided in 2015 that he didn't have the qualifications for this very
3:28 am
stressful job of commander in chief. people expect the president of the united states to be focused, measured, judicious, statesman-like, empathetic and be curious and interested in this policy and in these crises he has to manage all the time. the fact that the president has shown this erratic, impulsive behavior and not interest and not focus in these matters have made people so concerned. it's not about whether or not he can remember stories. it's about whether or not he has the actual qualifications to focus on the job. >> look at the wall. thell matters to the president. all these bipartisan plans they have, nobody else sees the wall as precondition to improve hundreds of thousands of lives on the line with daca, but he'll hold everything up to get that wall. >> his base likes the wall. >> they like it, but do they see it as so important that their leader should put it before all
3:29 am
those hundreds of thousands of lives? that's a political decision. it doesn't mean you're insane. it's just what choices you make. anyway, starting tonight, cuomo prime time returns. we'll talk with anthony scaramucci, part of cnn's new year special programming. we'll get after it and i'll see you in the morning. >> very interesting to watch, i predict. >> pillow right here. national championship football game that chris promises i will love. alabama staging a comeback, bringing home the title again. the bleacher report, next! here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. so we give farmers like win more plants.
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3:34 am
promises even i will love this story. >> my goodness! why did you jinx me, chris? here we go. the legend of 18-year-old from hawaii has begun. a true freshman. here in alabama he led a come-from-behind win against georgia. president trump was on the field for the national anthem. he sat in the press box in the luxury suite, i should say, with owner arthur blank of the atlanta falcons. he did leave the game at half time and missed the epic comeback. bold call from nick saban. he calls tagovailoa's number. the true freshman, tua, tosses the touchdown. look at that. now the tide would get the ball back and have a chance for a 36 yard field goal for the win.
3:35 am
but, no, it's wide left. saban says oh, gosh, here we go to overtime. bama would have to match it. tagovailoa says no, we're going for the win. 26-23 for the tide. emotional scene there, young tua there with his dad, two younger sisters. he's alabama's hero but he wanted to be with his hero, his family, after winning that national championship. >> i told my family we did it. i told my family i love them. that's the only people i wanted to see after the game. all the glory goes to god. >> i told him do your thing. he looked me in the eyes and he did all that. it's all together. >> unbelievable. i can't even describe it. to go out like this, it's real. >> second national championship must not have been surreal enough for bradley boseman,
3:36 am
proposing to his girlfriend. that's nikki hegstedder. she said yes. i asked why did you choose right then and there to propose? he said i thought i was getting a ring so i wanted her to have one, too. >> something the writers wanted me to say in the intro to you. roll tide. i kind of felt like why am i talking about laundry detergent? i just omitted it. >> more of a downey girl and hand washing. >> what a great story. thank you, coy. i told you, right? >> fantastic. back to politics. ivanka trump praising oprah winfrey, calling her golden
3:37 am
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to see how joint damage could progress. ask about enbrel. enbrel. fda approved for over 18 years. all right. let's talk oprah. democrats seem to be mixed on whether oprah winfrey should run for president in 2020 after delivering that rousing speech at the golden globe awards. i heard brian's thoughts on this yesterday. simone, do you think this could become a reality? >> it's too early to tell but absolutely, in 2020 we'll see a number of unlikely and likely democratic candidates emerge. i think upwards of 16 people could emerge.
3:42 am
oprah could be one of those people. >> then we set up another donald trump scenario, don't we? whereby the biggest mega watt star -- one of the biggest stars in the world easily like trounces people who are not household names but are politicians. right, simone? >> i do not think it's accurate to compare oprah winfrey to trump for several reasons. one, she covered politics for years. she's not only charismatic but extremely knowledgeable. what we could have seen from donald trump, one could argue, does not support that. look at ivanka trump's tweet. she's beloved by literally everyone. it's still too early to tell. if oprah decides to go to iowa, new hampshire for that matter or we see her going on the campaign trail for folks in 2018 that, is more of an indicator on if she's seriously going to run more than just actively thinking about it. in 2006, i'll just tell you, then senator obama did over 36
3:43 am
appearance for other democrats in that mid term election leading up to his run for president. >> go ahead, brian. >> partly what's going on right now is oprah is in listening mode. she has these high-powered friends calling her up saying you really need to think about this. you really need to run. we don't see any democrat that would be as strong a contender as you would be. i think she has people in her ear saying someone has to challenge this president. who is it going to be? it should be you. a lot of this is about her taking in all this feedback, taking it seriously, but trying to think about what to do next. she can call up pretty much any political strategist for advice. i don't know if we're exactly there yet. we may very well be there later this year as all of these dems jostle for position in 2020. >> here is what david axelrod would say, because he tweeted about this -- actually he talked
3:44 am
to "the new york times." would she want to submit herself to the unforgiving, relentless and sometimes absurd process of running for president? will be there hunger in 2020 for someone with some experience in government after trump? you got the big scoop that friends are encouraging her and this is actually a real thought. are people saying, hey, we've already tried a big celebrity? >> i'm hearing the same argument that donald trump made on the campaign trail i surround myself with only the best people. so the thought is that she will surround herself with the best political advisers. there's a scenario here. lot of scenarios here if we're going to play this out for a second. you can imagine her vice presidential pick would have tremendous governmental experience or maybe it's the other way around, starts as a vp of somebody else on the ticket. it's only 2018. we have to add all those cave
3:45 am
ats. she's not ruling it out. >> nothing more fun than to get in our time machine and go back to listen to what donald trump has said about oprah in the past. here he was in 1999 on "larry king." listen to this. >> you have a vice presidential candidate in mind? >> well, i really haven't gotten quite there yet. i love oprah. oprah would always be my first choice. oprah would be great. i think we would win easily. >> there's the ticket. trump/oprah. at one time his dream ticket. symone, couple of more things, he also tweeted about oprah twice. >> i'm sure he did. >> oprah will end up doing just fine with her network. she knows how to win, he said, in 2012. he also said this next one, by the way, where is oprah? good question. four years ago, she strongly
3:46 am
supported obama. now she is silent. anyway, who cares? i adore oprah. >> donald trump is clearly a stand for oprah like the rest of the world. look, these tweets go to what i was saying earlier. oprah winfrey is like every person in this country acres lot of people in this country. she has worked her way up. she is beloved. even donald trump loves oprah. and i think it's really hard to hear any real criticism from this white house on a potential 2020 run from oprah except bring it on. because they all like her. >> oprah is beloved, i think that's fair to say. i like how you said oprah is like a lot of people in this country. i think she's made us feel that way. >> she's going to make you feel that way. >> that's the point. that is absolutely the point, the fact that she has tran se
3:47 am
transcended, to some point, race and even gender, ivanka trump, the daughter of the president of the united states, touting this speech. i think that goes to the point that, yes, oprah makes us feel that she's every woman. she's clearly a billionaire and has money we don't have but -- >> there you go. >> trump sees her as a peer. that's the bottom line. that makes this a lot more complicating. >> this would be so fascinating. that's all i can say. brian stealther, symone sanders, thank you so much. >> he will change his tune in a second if he runs. she will go from oprah to doprah. >> why did you -- chris just coined it. is the cold snap really over? science, ahead.
3:48 am
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warmer temperatures. relatively speaking. i owned the bad news for you, chad myers. you are welcome. >> thank you. honestly, it's so nice to be on tv saying something good, something warm, something melting. you're going to get slush in the streets, yeah. but okay, whatever. 34 degrees in new york city. that's pretty good. goes almost to 40. this weather is brought to you by purr evena, your pet, our passion. we do warm up today. even syracuse gets above 32, above the freezing mark for the next couple of days. d.c. all the way to 62 degrees. let's get to the good news and bad news. the warm air is coming in. that's the great news. there is cold air behind it. it's still january. this isn't, obviously, over. the red, purple, blue, all the way down to the gulf coast for thursday and friday and the weekend turns cold again. enjoy a few nice days here. saturday and sunday are cold
3:52 am
again. monday, still cold. finally getting more sunshine during the day. the days are getting longer. the snow, beginning to melt. alisyn watch yourself as you step off that curb. the first step is a doozy. >> thank you very much for that. i will wear my boots. thank you. >> yes. >> meanwhile, north and south korea are holding these rare talks for the first time in more than two years. so, what's really going on here? christi christian a.manpour joins us next. (vo) dogs have evolved, but their nutritional needs remain instinctual. that's why there's purina one true instinct. nutrient-dense, protein-rich, real meat number one. this is a different breed of natural nutrition. purina one, true instinct.
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we are following breaking news. north and south korea are holding the first high-level face-to-face talks in more than two years. what does this mean? what does this not mean? perfect guest, christian amanpour. happy new year. congratulations on all the success you're having. one more reason that you are the best of us. so, north korea and south korea are talking. what does this mean? >> it means that it's a good
3:56 am
thing. any time these adversaries can talk it's a good thing. the question is, what will the talks be about and what, if anything, will north korea extract from south korea? will north korea seek to drive a wedge between south korea and its u.s. ally? all of that is yet to be seen but the initial sort of opening g gambit was to get north korea to the winter olympic games. they haven't been to the games in a long, long, long time. south korea is pleased about. they wanted the north koreans because they didn't want the north koreans to make a mess of the games, to potentially have any terrorist incidents, to disrupt these games. >> does this mean that that definitely won't happen? it's not like kim jong-un is going to south korea. >> well i think it's very unlikely this would happen. you have high level diplomats and foreign ministers from both sides meeting today at the dmz
3:57 am
and pledging these moves. very canny, north koreans insisted that this meeting be broadcast to their people. south korea was wary of that so they only allowed a small part of it to be broadcast live. what will north korea get in return for sending a delegation? some people are concerned that south korea may pledge to hold or postpone or indefinitely put on hiatus. >> good pivot point. >> yeah. >> this is not as clear as it would be from the american perspective. there are economic interests at play here as well as existential ones. this is an armistice, not a peace between these two countries. the united states, however, may well not like that. what could these talks mean in a way that could disadvantage the united states? >> united states and south korea are in no-go zone when it comes
3:58 am
to free trade acts and agreement s. the u.s. has wanted to sort of reorganize that issue of free trade and bilateral trade negotiations with south korea, which south korea was quite put out about, because most people believe that these trade agreements benefit not just both parties, but the whole region. if you start trying to have one-off trade deals with everybody it's not going to work. to be very frank, chris, this is not necessarily importantly about economics. it's very important that this should somehow be a precursor to dialing down the real tension and the real fear over a war breaking out on the korean peninsula. so, everybody who is looking at this meeting is looking at it in terms of through that lens. okay, economics is one thing. but making sure that there's no deliberate or accidental war is imperative. and the united states, as you know, your intelligence community has a little bit of egg on its face. it was caught unawares by the speed of the north korean
3:59 am
nuclear and intercontinental missile program. it has some catching up to do. >> you spoke to michael wolff? >> i did, yeah. >> he is in political focus because of these questions about mental fitness. >> i think everybody is staggered by your declaration that 100%, those are your words. >> 100%. >> of the people around the president believe that he is incapable, unfit for carrying out the duties of this office. >> 100%. it is staggering. that is why -- well, i think that's why this book has hit such a cord. everybody recognizes that outside of the white house, and it is the obvious thing to think, to realize that the people inside the white house, who are just the same as you and i, say what the hell? >> i would demure and say the
4:00 am
reason the book is so hot is because of the way the president is reacting to it. had they ignored it, we may be in a different place in the news cycle. he didn't speak to the cabinet heads, or the vice president. meaningful distinction to you? >> i was trying to seek his reportial methods. did you go ask all these people? was he a fly on the wall? did people know that they were talking to a reporter who was going to publish it? he told me yes. when he was asking these questions they said when is this going to come out? he said well, when the book come s out, maybe next year. they said okay, next year. so we'll talk. i think that, frankly, for me, was the interesting point. how do people who are committed to serving a president speak to a reporter about such an explosive issue? of course, michael wolff pointed out even people like rex tillerson, secretary o


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