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tv   New Day  CNN  January 10, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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administration's effort to block the d.r.e.a.m.ers from dough pe deportation. this gave us a rare glimpse at the president's negotiating skills. and the feud over the infamous rush dossier intensifying. dianne feinstein released the transcript, and what is in that transcript will make a big difference. good morning, joe. >> reporter: good morning, chris. that federal judge's injunction really throwing a wrench into all of the negotiations here and on capitol hill over what to do about the d.r.e.a.m.ers and it came on the same day of an extraordinary television performance by the president of the united states with members of congress here at the white house. the question, of course, about
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immigration, and as you know, this president, quite frankly, ran on the issue of immigration and really pushed hard, almost angrily at immigrants now. a federal judge blocking the trump administration's decision to end the d.r.e.a.m.ers program on march 5th, ruling protections must remain in place while pending legal challenges proceed and ordering the government to take renewal applications. it does not change the position that the obama era program is lawful. the late-night court surprise coming hours after the remarkable televised meeting between president trump and bipartisan lawmakers over a
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potential deal for the d.r.e.a.m.ers. >> this should be a by part bill, a bill of love. >> president trump suggesting a compassionate solution and flexibility. >> my positions are going to be what the people in the room come up with. >> reporter: mr. trump pursuing a larger immigration deal. >> if you we do this deal, daca, you are close to immigration -- >> at times the president appearing to contradict himself insisting border security must be part of any agreement, and also suggesting he is open to a clean daca bill. >> i think that's basically what he will say, we will do daca and then start immediately on the phase two, which would be comprehensive. >> house majority leader mccarthy interjecting this. >> mr. president, you need to be
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clear, and i think what senator feinstein is talking about, when you talk about daca, we don't want to be back here later, you have to have security. >> the white house offering little clarity. >> it has to be part of the deal in order for the d.r.e.a.m.ers -- >> border security does have to be part of the process. >> you understand how a wall can be different than border security -- >> no, actually i don't. >> it could be agents or more fencing. >> that's part of the negotiation. >> president trump tweeting later a wall has to be part of any daca approval. >> and the performance on tv was to put to rest his concerns about fitness for office circulating over the last few days. we do expect to see the president here at the white house in a news conference with the prime minister of norway today. it will be the president's first
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formal news conference with the national news media since about november. back to you, alisyn. >> interesting, joe. thank you for all of that. joining us now is elizabeth warren and mark warner. we will talk about news of the day with them, but first you are both here to make some news on "new day" about this bill that you are co-sponsoring that will affect hundreds of millions of americans. welcome. it will be a challenge since you could not have more similar names, but let me start with you -- >> we don't look like. >> you do not. that part i'm clear on. senator warren, tell us about this bill? >> you remember back in september that equifax permitted more than half of all adult americans to lose their personal financial data, so now crooks out there have phone numbers and
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addresses and previous addresses, and we had a hearing in banking and asked a lot of questions about it of the former ceo of equifax, and we found out equifax might make money off the breach. >> how is that possible they might profit and were never punished? >> exactly. they sell all of these protection products. senator warner and i decided this was fundamentally wrong and we are introducing a bill today to say that when a credit reporting agency let's your data be stolen, that there are substantial automatic penalties that go into place and there's money that automatically goes back to the people whose data has been stolen. >> senator warren, how would your bill have changed the situation with equifax?
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>> remember in the equifax breach, there's a unique nature of the credit reporting agency. they basically mind our personal information and the breach was a known breach. the vulnerability was pointed out to the company and they failed to patch that breach and once the breach took place it took them weeks before they notified consumers, and even when they notified consumers, they tried to put in place a site that was already corrupted and they had a whole series of hidden clauses that basically try to take away any additional liability, and frankly offered additional products so they could make money out of the breach. this is not just the case with equifax. over the last few years, we have seen other credit reporting
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agencies all in this circumstance where there's no direct customer relationship. we said this is an area where my personal information is out there and these companies who have our information without our approval, there needs to be a much stricter standard and real penalties in place and i think our legislation will put that in place. >> on that front, can't you punish them now retroactively? >> no, you have to have in place a law to be able to do that. you ask the question about what would be different if our law had been in place? two things would be different. equifax would be paying a penalty over $1 billion for its brief, but more to the point that would be the warning to equifax and every other credit reporting agency if you do this you are not going to walk away unscathed, and that means the credit reporting agencies will have a real reason to invest much more heavily in security.
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this approach says it's not about having a bunch of regulators come in and tell them how to design it, it's about saying there are real consequences if you do not provide adequate security for the data. you get out there and provide the security. >> they have to figure it out, and frankly, again, if you had a breach, you could show that a breach is limited to a small number of individuals. the fact that 143 million americans had their most personal credit and confidential information hack into, and there's an investigation going, and equifax had a big downturn in their stock price, and what we don't want to have is for companies like this to say this is the price of doing business, we want to put a real penalty in place so they put in place the kind of security protections that legitimate firms should have. >> the numbers are staggering
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when you get into it. i want to ask you about all of the other headlines we are dealing with this morning. senator warner, let me ask you about what senator dianne feinstein did, because you have an investigation into russian meddling, and senator feinstein is on judiciary, and they obviously have their own investigation, and what do you think about her releasing the transcript of the interview with the founder of fusion gps about the russian dossier? >> we are still proceeding ahead in a bipartisan way, and we have to get all the facts out. i don't want to comment specifically about judiciary comments, but i understand what senator feinstein was trying to do. you have certain members, chairman grassly, in effect making these outrageous claims about a nonamerican citizen, implying that non-american citizen, christopher steele,
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making inappropriate comments. i said senator feinstein let's go ahead and go to the company who hired christopher steele, and christopher steele has been legitimized by the american services as a trusted individual, and obviously the writer of a inflammatory dossier. i think grassley was undermining mr. steele and simpson, and senator feinstein said have at it. >> does it now for all intents and purposes shut down the judiciary committee's investigation? >> they will have to find their own way through. the one thing i do know from the senate intelligence committee, we have had our bumps, and we are going to follow the facts wherever they lead, and we have made great progress. we confirmed that the russians
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intervened to help trump and hurt clinton, and i think we have exposed, in effect, the dark belly of the social media, and you are seeing facebook and twitter being more active. >> next topic. senator warren, what did you think of the televised meeting with lawmakers and president trump where his negotiating skills or this debate and conversation was in full display? >> what i was glad to see is we are moving forward on getting a clean d.r.e.a.m. act. i think that's what we all want. these young d.r.e.a.m.ers are in peril because president trump broke america's promise, and america promised if they would come out of the shadows and be
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fully vetted they would have the opportunity to go to school and get jobs and join the military, to become a full part of the american fabric, and that's what they -- >> 97% of them are either going to school or in the military. >> that's exactly right. here they are, these young people who are part of america, and president trump said a few months ago, nope, that's it, we are going to toss them out of the country and the only ones who can save them from this is congress. so it's now congress's job to step up. we want to see this happen. we want to see it happen now. the american people want to see it happen. these are young people who are at risk for being thrown out of the only home that most of them know, so i am glad to see this go forward. that's what we need. >> did either of you feel that meeting and that being televised and watching the president quieted any conversation or questions about his mental state? >> we are still looking at a
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timeline on the d.r.e.a.m.ers that i think is going to be coming next week, as we also deal with keeping the government open. the sooner we get that resolved, and if the president can play a positive factor in the debate, we welcome -- >> you are not answering my question about the mental state from the "fire and fury." >> i will let you and other commentators weigh in on that. >> are you worried about his mental state? >> i am worried that america maintains a strong and active presence in activities that are domestic and foreign, and the more the president gets off of his morning twitters, i think the better we will all be. >> not a no. senator warren, do you feel differently today about the president's mental state? >> the way i see this is what worries me most are his actions rather than trying to read his mental state. his actions have been that he has told the d.r.e.a.m.ers that
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they are going to get tossed out of the country. understand, that has real consequences every single day right now. there are young d.r.e.a.m.ers who lose status, which means they are at risk for being deported. that means they can no longer -- many of them, work, go to school. it's the actions that matter here and that are putting young people at risk. that's why it's so urgent for us to pass the d.r.e.a.m. act now. >> senator warren, last question. oprah winfrey for president. your thoughts? >> you know, wasn't that a fabulous speech? hearing oprah's voice and her energy and passion and her determination, it's inspiring to all of us, and she shows great leadership. i am delighted she's doing it. >> delighted she may run for president? >> you know, that will be up to oprah. i don't think anybody tells oprah what to do. >> is the country hungry for
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another mega celebrity billionaire? >> i don't know. here's what i do know. we are, right now, in the middle of fights that will determine our future for generations to come. the republicans have just passed a tax bill on their own that gives away $1.4 trillion to giant corporations and to billionaires, and they are going to make working families pay for that. right now we have the d.r.e.a.m.ers who are on the threshold of being thrown out of this country. we need to be working on children's health insurance program. we are 101 days past the expiration of the children's health insurance program. our community health centers, i just visited a community health center back in massachusetts on monday, and we were talking about the importance of keeping those community health centers open for all of our families, but that's the work that congress and the president need to be doing right now.
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>> understood. sorry, we are running out of time. you guys did a great lightning round on covering all of these topics. thank you both very much and telling us about your legislation concerning equifax. another tough story coming out of the west coast. southern california already decimated by the wild fires and now being ravaged by mudslides and flash flooding. we have the latest. we said the analogy before, but it's like the plagues, the fires were so bad and now this. >> reporter: that's exactly right, chris. it's almost a two-step dance with the devil. look at the debris, trees, sofa cushions. this is about a mile from the ocean. what happened here, as chris was
5:17 am
eluding to, you had the vegetation completely gone in the hillsides, and all of it stripped by the thomas fire, the massive fire. they had one storm that just hovered over the area, pinwheeling, if you will, and it dumped about an inch of rain in only an hour here, and it was as if the water slammed on the hillsides and came cascading down like a water slide. this is a main thoroughfare through montecito. that water, that flow, jumped a creek and turned the road into a river, and down the way from me, the 101, shut down, impassable. you can see a surfboard down there. it's just unfathomable. 13 people dead and they expect that total to rise.
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they are going out with search and rescue operations, and there's a neighborhood, romero canyon up this way, where 300 people sheltered in place, and come daybreak they will go in there and start pulling some of them out via helicopter because the rescue crews can't get in and the people can't get out. >> oh, my gosh. what a challenge that will be. please keep us updated on how that rescue goes. and now interior secretary unveiled a proposal rolling back the off-shore drilling restrictions, but the republican governor rick scott rejected that, and zinke changed his mind for florida but not the other states. bill nelson criticized this move as political, and it's meant to help scott.
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actor james franco denying sexual harassment allegations. his win for the disaster artist sparked accusations from accesses that worked with him. he was on the steve colbert store. >> the things i heard on twitter are not accurate, but i completely support people coming out and being able to have a voice because they didn't have a voice for so long. i don't want to, you know, shut them down in any way. >> franco even went on to tell colbert if he did do something wrong he intends to fix it. >> okay. that's good. i tend to think on camera stories are more powerful and effective than online accusations, however, if he says that he did something wrong he will fix it, i think that's a
5:20 am
great story. >> you also have this with michael douglas coming out, and he denies accusations. he said he is getting in front of it for two reasons, one, he didn't do it, and he said this cultural point has a lot of different aspects and what he is worried about if somebody makes an accusation and it should be subject to vetting, and that part is being lost. he got out in front and said it's not true about me, but i support the women that are being victimized. we have a republican member of the judiciary committee joining us next.
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i tripadvisor compares prices from over 200 booking sites to time to bask... in low prices! find the right hotel for you at the lowest price. refreshing, isn't it?. tripadvisor. a federal judge in california temporarily blocking the president trump administration efforts to end a program that shields young people brought to the u.s. illegally by their parents. let's talk about it and what it means about the transcript of the big interview was just released of the dossier. and serving on the judiciary committee, what does this ruling mean to you? >> obviously before you tell someone to leave your country that person is entitled to due process rights.
5:25 am
i have not read the opinion yet. i think the daca issue can only be resolved by congress. i don't think it can be resolved in the courts. i think it ought to be resolved, but i also think it ought to be resolved in the context of larger security issues. i was not at the meeting at the white house but i understand, maybe, from some points of view there's confusion that the suggestion was made by the president and others that we address daca, we address the chain migration, and we address the diversity lottery issue, we address the wall or different versions of what people perceive the wall to be. i think that's appropriate. i don't think all this stuff ought to be added to the budget bill. i think that would be a huge mistake. i think we ought to hit it head on. now, will we be able to work it
5:26 am
out? i don't know. i don't think we ought to do it piecemeal. i understand sometimes you have to inch along as opposed to gallup along. if we do the daca bill first, we will never get to the rest. it just won't happen. >> you have hundreds of thousands of lives, though, senator. this is not just money we are talking about, these are lives. every day people come up for recertification and they don't get it, and the court ruled on that and said you have to keep processing the applications until this comes to pass, and it's not just about money and these people are left in a lurch because you can't figure out what we do. >> everything we do in congress affects lives. that's why what we do has to be taken more serious, sometimes more seriously than we take it. i think the problems we have today, the genesis of them started 15 or 20 years ago. i have not been here but i
5:27 am
watched congress operate on capitol hill, and there's been a 15-year bipartisan refusal to look this issue in the eye and address it. the longer we wait the worse it's going to get. i, for one, don't believe we can do it piecemeal. >> do you think you know what the president means when he says he wants a wall? >> i do not. >> does that bother you? >> well, i have seen his proposal. we have about 1,900 miles of border with mexico and about one-third of them have a wall or a fence or what somebody could call a wall. the president's proposal is to wall off another third. the folks at homeland security says it will help, not just in terms of people coming here illegal, but in terms of guns and drugs -- >> he said it will only take a
5:28 am
year, and then yesterday he seemed to back off to the mainstream position of experts and people who secure the border who say some places have wall and some has fence and that's how you got the democrats to sign on for more funding for other security measures with the gang of eight. >> the proposal i am responding to is from homeland security. we need to talk about that. we built 2,700 miles of walls along every interstate in america for about $4.5 billion. so $18 billion for 600 miles, i have to ask a few questions about that. >> good. it's the peoples' money and should be spent the right way. let me ask you about something else. >> sure. >> the transcript of the interview with glenn simpson comes out, and it seems to show that christopher steele was not acting as a political operative
5:29 am
but acting out of conscious and that's why he went to the fbi. what do you think about that? >> number one, it does not bother me the american people get to see this stuff. there's nothing classified in that. i don't like the way it was done. i think what we need to have is a meeting, all of us in judiciary. there's fault on both sides, and talk about trying to work things together. >> that's a good point because feinstein did this in reaction to graham and grassley going to the fbi without talking to the democrats about an investigation against steele. >> look, each of us -- i know the chairman and the ranking member have additional authority, but we all have one vote and i would have liked to
5:30 am
have known. what does the transcript tell us? it tells us what mr. simpson said. i don't know mr. simpson, chris. he may be credible or spinning to try and cover his rear end, and he may be a whack job. i don't know. that's why god made the fbi, and the fbi is going to sit down with this and everything else and they are going to get to the bottom of it. >> but the fbi has not had any questions for fusion or steele, that's only you guys. this is nine hours of questioning, and there's no indication of it. >> but we don't know what mr. mueller is doing. >> that's true. but we know they have not been called in terms of what has been reported and what has been revealed by these people themselves. what was clear from the transcript, nine hours of questioning, and i read every page and suggest everybody do the same, and this was intense and devoted questions by republicans trying to undermine
5:31 am
the credibility of fusion and christopher steele, and not getting to the bottom of interference and not about the sources and what it revealed and what we can do about it. what does that tell you about what this committee is trying to do? >> that tells me mr. simpson said what he said. was he telling the truth? >> senator, he was asked about whether he is dirty and if this was about helping the russians and hillary clinton. is that what your committee is doing, trying to figure out whether or not this is a democratic conspiracy against the president of the united states? >> that's not what i am interested in. >> that's what the transcript is about. >> i am interested in the facts. if mr. simpson wants to come back, i will spend time preparing, but i have plenty of questions i want to ask him. in terms of the transcript being released. i don't like the way it was done, and it doesn't bother me the american people get to see
5:32 am
it because there's nothing classified in there, and i don't know whether to believe mr. simpson or not, and we have a mechanism in place to get to the bottom of it, and i will be very surprised if they don't look into the gps -- or the fusion gps allegations on both sides. we'll find out. >> senator kennedy, always pressure you coming on to be tested on what matters to the american people. thank you. controversy former sheriff, joe arpaio, just announced a senate run in arizona. does he stand a chance? or could this be another roy moore-like campaign? we'll discuss all of that coming up. you feel better. introducing tommie copper's all new shoulder centric posture shirt. they're biggest breakthrough yet. advanced engineering promotes healthy posture and relief for achy shoulders and back. visit to see the entire line of wearable wellness compression. they have you covered from head to toe. go to right now
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time for the five things to know for your "new day." a federal judge in california temporarily blocking the trump administration's efforts to end the d.r.e.a.m.ers program. and president trump trying to clarify his demand on the border wall. treating last night border security and the wall must be part of the d.r.e.a.m.ers deal.
5:37 am
new developments in the russian investigation. newly released testimony from fusion gps reveals the author of the so-called russian dossier went to the fbi on his own volition because he feared then president trump was being blackmailed. and then netanyahu's son is heard pwrabragging about a bill dollar controversial gas deal his father brokered. the santa barbara county sheriff's office said 13 people have died in the mudslides. controversial former sheriff, joe arpaio, pardoned by president trump now has his sights on an arizona senate seat. what the 85-year-old says what
5:38 am
his bid has to do with the president, next. and first a boy found his passion as he and his family evacuated from disaster. 12 years after hurricane katrina, he's grown up and making beautiful music. please meet john michael bradford in this edition of "turning points." ♪ >> it's incredible, because i always think back to katrina. i was about 7 or 8 years old, and suddenly my parents turn on the news. the winds coming from this direction into new orleans breached that levee. they said we had to evacuated. i cried so much, going to a different school and not knowing if our home would be there when we get back. we were evacuated for a couple months. my parents went back first and we wanted to make sure our house
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was there and we had to wait until the power was back on. one of the people we evacuated from was sam williams, and he played a trupl bone. currently i am studying at berkeley college of music. i have been able to travel, and play at carnegie hall. music can turn a tragedy into something beautiful, because it can touch so many people and everybody can relate to it. >> announcer: "turning points" brought to you by cancer treatments of america, care that never quits. it takes, wherever i have to go...i'm beating this. my main focus was to find a team of doctors that work together. when a patient comes to ctca, they're meeting a team of physicians that specialize in the management of cancer.
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fireworks warning. controversial former maricopa county sheriff arpaio jumping
5:44 am
back into politics. arpaio is running for the senate seat being vacated by jeff flake. we get more with a sit down with the sheriff. >> i have got to give it a shot. got to give it a shot for the good of our country, and i'm going to do it. i am going to win. >> with all the swagger of the decades he spent as one of america's most provocative sheriffs, arpaio pulling the trigger on one more act, entering the senate race, and the pictures on his wall show the biggest reason why. >> is president trump the reason why you are running? >> i understand what he's going through, and i'm going through the same thing, believe it or not. people going after this person here, so i understand it. >> arpaio, like the president he admires, has welcomed
5:45 am
controversy as maricopa county sheriff, arpaio sent prisoners to an outdoor jail known as tent city, one of the nation's most outspoken critics of illegal immigration. >> donald trump, our next president of the united states. >> a misdemeanor that president trump would pardon a month later. arpaio, one of trump's earliest and strongest campaign supporters. but voters tired of sheriff joe after six terms handing him a double digit loss in his 2016 campaign. the once immigration hard liner now softening on daca, as long as the president does. >> it should be a bill of love. truly, it should be a bill of love. >> do you have a problem with that?
5:46 am
>> well, first of all, if i was a senator now and the president really wanted this i probably would back him up on it because i do respect his judgment. >> is there one signature issue you have? >> i have a lot of issues where i support the president. >> arizona's retiring senator, jeff flake, immediately dismissing arpaio's senate bid. >> you better write about it and talk about it fast because it won't last long. >> and kelli ward is the conservative candidate, and another is expected to jump in the race this week, and add in arpaio, some believe he could win in the primary, especially if ward drops out. >> republicans have to be careful. they can't afford somebody like joe arpaio, who is going to fumble away this seat. >> people are long-time arizona
5:47 am
gop people, and they are concerned about your entrance into the race. >> were they worried about president trump entering the race? they didn't give him any chance. i guess he won, right? in 1994 i spent two days shadowing sheriff joe arpaio when he started this program as a citizen posse, he had a volunteer force, and he was controversial then and he always said controversial things, and he's 85 years old. so of course he's taking another stab at it. this is exactly who he is. >> he has had great bouts of popularity, and some downs. he is convicted of a misdemeanor. he's not a convicted felon, like i said. he got pardoned. they were federal charges, not state ones. the former sheriff wants to
5:48 am
defend his decision. he needs to be tested. that will happen tonight, 9:00 eastern. >> is president trump becoming more mainstream now that steve bannon is out of the picture? we get the bottom line on that next.
5:49 am
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5:51 am
president trump's former chief strategist, steve bannon, is nontkpwrauda in politics. josh is the author of the "devil's bargain," and you are our resident bannonologist, josh. all of a sudden we are seeing things, and the president seemed to agree to a clean bill on daca before he was stopped. we have seen the shape shifting on the wall and maybe it's not going to be many thousands mile-long real brick and mortar wall. and he's going to the summit,
5:52 am
and is this because of the severed ties with bannon? >> look, bannon was always the voice in trump's ear saying you need to stay loyal with the base and you have to get the wall and you can't legalize the daca kids, and all of a sudden that little devil on his shoulder has gone poof in a cloud of smoke and bannon is gone, and he's looking at people like mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader, and really trump's only significant accomplishment. it seems trump will now be able to associate with the globalist. >> jonathan, good news for people who are critical of the trumps and bannon's faux p populism, but is it troubling
5:53 am
news for those trying to get a sense of what matters to this president, because that wall was not just a position, it was not negotiable. it's how he distinguished himself. it's going to be a wall, and it's going to be bricks and mortar. these guys won't promise it, i will, and mexico is going to pay for it. if that isn't what he meant, what does that mean? >> it means that this is a president who tends to prioritize that champion the last person who he was with was talking about. i think this is kind of reaffirming -- this is the president and the person that we have known all along. he's not consistent. he's not tethered to any ideological perspective. yes, he talked about the wall during the campaign, but don't forget the transcript of the conversation he had with the president of mexico last year where he said very candidly, this is one of the least important issues we are talking about, but politically it's very
5:54 am
important. it just depends on the audience with this president. the only sure thing is that there is no sure thing when it comes to policy. yes, yesterday he's talking about comprehensive imtpwraeumi reform, and last night he talks about the wall on twitter when he hears the pushback from the right, and today who knows what it's going to be, and tomorrow as well. that's the only certainty, guys, he's not in a fixed place. >> josh, with the severing of ties between breitbart and bannon s. this the end of steve bannon or does he live to fight another day somewhere else? >> bannon is the type of guy that i don't think will ever willingly go away. i was speaking to people at breitbart yesterday afternoon before this announcement happened and they said bannon was fully expecting to do his radio show today and he had public speaking appearances lined up, so clearly the rug was pulled out from under him.
5:55 am
the problem bannon has, he doesn't have an outlet, he does not have breitbart news and his radio show, and they announced yesterday he's not going to be part of it and bannon is not even on twitter, so i don't know how he will be able to express his views and continue to be an influential person going forward, although according to people around him that i talked to yesterday and this morning, he still wants to be that, he still wants to be a big voice in republican politics, and not a lot of people at this point, though, think he's going to be one. >> well, he also lost a couple big things. one, he lost his money. he has personal wealth but the financing from the mercers who have become a household name of conservative fund-raising, they walked away from him. he broke the rules. he went after the president and he lost, and those people usually have to disappear at
5:56 am
least for a while. in terms of people that disappeared for a while and are back. joe arpaio, what does he mean to the gop at large and the arizona senate race? >> this could be helpful to the party establishment in arizona for this reason. if he is dividing votes with the other hard liner in the race out there, kelli ward, that actually helps the candidate, martha mcsally, who is the mcconnell endorsed candidate, currently in the house from the tucson area a. former air force pilot. if arpaio does stay in the race, and this is not just the fund raising and media boom that he is milking, this actually could divide the right and help mcsally. while arpaio was announcing his candidate for senate, martha mcsally was two seats away from the president in the west wing. no accident there.
5:57 am
>> very interesting to see how it all plays out. some people compare it to will it be controversial like roy moore. >> yes, he says a lot of divisive and ugly things. he subscribed to birtherism. >> but moore had a really loyal base in alabama for years and years and years that he could depend on. >> arpaio has been the most popular person in the state for years. >> he just lost an election. >> yeah, good point. thank you. >> thank you. cnn "newsroom" with poppy harlow and john berman is here for you right after the break.
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i am john berman. >> i am poppy harlow. the administration blasting a judge for blocking. the president sticks to a bottom line demand for a wall after oscillating a lot in that meeting yesterday. >> the judicial order came overnight throwing things into turmoil just after the president's 55-minute public display of competency, so what feat of strength comes today. >> reporter: it is fascinating, john. it certainly adds a level of uncertainty to the tug-of-war over the d.r.e.a.m.ers. it's only temporary and, by the way, the justice department, the


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