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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  January 12, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning everyone, a sad irony this morning, today is the day that donald trump will sign the martin luther king jr. proclamation less than 24 hours he called african in his words, shithole countries. more than 15 hours after the news break, the president is denying he made those comments. comments that the un human rights counsel called it shameful. this is not the language used. what was really tough were the out lan dish proposal made a big setback for daca. >> there is more in just a
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moment. just moments ago, he explicitly denied all of this saying at the same meeting, quote, "why do we need more haitians, take them out, talking about th out, " talking about the dpre t agreement. today is the anniversary of the earthquake that killed many haitians. no one, a republican leadership in congress has condemned and alt-right the president's comment. lets go to the white house. >> the white house did not deny this last night in a long statement, they could have. the president only now is denying this. >> reporter: right, apparently. the white house's message machine had to catch up with the
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president's tweet. the president tweeted again and he clarified what is being clarified here in a tweet. here is what he said. never said anything derogatory about haitians other than haiti is a poor and troubled country. never should take them out. i have a wonderful relationships with haiti. probably should record future meetings. of course, that question of recording future meeting would be really interesting given the fact that there is so much to talk about. meanwhile, i think it is also important to say as you said, poppy, the president denying the language but last night, white house spokesperson ra shad did not deny the shithole remark. they had initially suggested, of
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course, that these comments actually would be accepted and embraced by the president's base, poppy. >> we have not heard any explicit out right comments on twitter or republicans, we are waiting. what about from other lawmakers, what are we hearing? >> we got sot condemnations from other lawmakers and some that came last night. i want to read you one that came this morning from congressman steve king, the republican of iowa. he's of course, an immigration and a hard liner, he was more receptive to the president's tweet. he says hang in there mr. president, if those countries are not what you described, democrats should be happy to deport criminal aliens back to them. and jeff flake of arizona, he indicated in part that his ancestors came from the
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countries not near as prosperous as where we live in today. >> mia love calling the president's comment "the president's comments are unkind, elitist, and fly in the face of our nation's values" and important to point out that members of congress were on in transit when the story broke. back to you poppy. >> joe johnson, thank you very much. >> before we bring in a panel, lets get new reporting from our jake tapper of what his sources are telling him is that the president did not explicitly use that language, blank hole when talking about haitians. he did say referring to the deal, the potential immigration
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deal, why did we need more haitians. take them out of the deal. again, eight years to the date today after the devastating earthquake in haiti which is the reason why so many came here. he did say according to jake's reporting that those african nations are shithole countries and why do we need more people joining this country. >> jonesion the left, press sec for bernie sanders presidential campaign. you said there is been a lot of highs and lows for this presidency but this is the lowest of all. >> yeah, i think i believe that poppy, it is not just the comment, it is consistent with other sentiments he expressed
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both in public and private before. also, the massive sinnism that came out. looking the president is looking out for us, he was the president of the united states. i mean that's essentially acknowledging he did it. the one that set me off was the background comment and anonymous source to caitlin collins cnn's zone. hey look this is good for our political base. i think there are things that have to go beyond politics. simone and terra and me and everybody else can say you know what, we have an all men are created equal thing. lets live by that and particularly the president of the united states are elected of leaders of all of americans, just the people that voted for him. when you are seeing some of this
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fallout internationally and the symbol of the united states in the world. don't under play the importance of that, too, poppy. >> terra, and chris cillizza is right. who is us and who is america if not a melting pot? what is america if it is not the words that emma lazarus wrote on the front of the statue of liberty. he did not deny it last night. it is been 15 plus hours. does it ring true to you, this denial? >> of course, not. president trump is a notorious liar and proven so. you cannot believe anything that comes out of the white house unfortunately. it is a sad state of affairs. anyone who followed the art of donald trump's career, his history and words and comments, behavior knows that he probably said this. i would bet that he says this.
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let me tell you an example. everyone knows of the house and discrimination lawsuit that donald trump brought in th the '70s. it was marked on the application whether they were black or not. he was sued for this. it was reported that he actually went to the justin department lawyers and said, come on, you would not want to live with them either. donald trump is a notorious bigot and have been and there is count less incidents. >> i am appalled at the fact that the republican leadership in both the house and the senate have been silent on this. they need to grow a pair and speak up. why does it take the only black republican member in the house in the senate, mia love, and tim scott to come out and say
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something. donald trump and the republican leadership needs to read what love wrote because what she said was excellent. good for her. it is a shame that we are here now and shame on the republicans for being silent and someone in that room should come out and admit that this is what the president of the united states said and put an end to this speculation whether he did or did not >> we'll have haitian american assembly woman from new york to have her response to all of this. >> simone, the sad irony, this comes less than 24 hours before the president will sign this proclamation of martin luther king day and all that it means and all that he meant for this country. >> donald trump has no real understanding of, in my opinion of the legacy and the work of martin luther king. what's so problematic, donald trump quote on quote, explanation via twitter, he reenforces idea that haiti is
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just poor because it is poor. he has no recollection of history or the facts. if anyone knows anything, haiti was originally established as a french colony. hate, what would have been haiti, fuelled the french empire, and two third of t-thir somehow coug sugar. there is a haitian revolution, frankly the united states of america, they would not trade with them for decades and the only way that the haitian people were able to inject themselves back in the economy was to pay 150 million gold franks. it took them the whole 19 century to do that. you know what happens? those banks of the 1914, go in and reign the gold reserve in haiti. that crontributes to why haiti s so bored.
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i am disgusted per usual. i really wish that yes, lawmakers stand up and say what he said in this meeting. we need to have a broader conversation why is the president so hell bent on others and demonizing folks from black and grobrown in this country. >> chris cillizza, of your point inside the white house, it is going resonates just like the president's comment about nfl players kneeling. this is the same president. as you know during the campaign says whether you vote for me or don't, i want to be the greatest champion, i will be your greatest champion. >> the president held an entrepreneur meeting on i am dprags with top leaders and congress, lets mistake this a bill of love and lets find a way
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to make the daca program continues. lets find a way to comprehensive immigration reform. there is a oyo-yo personality. what he does one day does not predict of whether or not he's going to do it next week. >> i do think if there is a narrative part, you can look back to the first day he was a candidate. mexico, rapists and criminals, there are dots along that from that day to this day whether it is charlottesville or nfl kneeling and comments he made about lavar ball and getting them out of china, there is a lot of little things and like charlottesville, they all point to donald trump does -- his view publicly and privately is what
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we would describe and anyone as holding racist do. >> and we are looking at it on the screen. stay with me, you will be back a little at this hour. the president took out when he was citizen trump years ago by the central park five and what he says about that. we'll get into it. stay with us. we have a lot ahead this hour. haiti, so many u.s. ambassadors demanding an explanation of what the president meant. the president tells the wall street journal that he had a good relationship with kim jong-un, the man he named rocket man. he won't say whether or not he had spoken with kim. so much for signing whatever they send me, those words were the president's words not long ago as he out right rejects the bipartisan efforts to reach to
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the united states top diplomat and haiti summoned of the president's comment about people of the haiti country. this morning, he says he never said anything derogatory to haiti. jake tapper reported that he did ask "why do we need more haitians." all of this happens on the eighth anniversary that claims some where around 300,000 lives. joining me now from el salvador. another country that was part of this meeting and this discussion of temporary protective status for those who come to this country. what are you hearing on the ground? >> reporter: it is been a bomb shell, here.
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we have 2,000 south salvadoran that lives here in the u.s. >> south salvadans though their countries very well. they are racist and just frankly not true point the foreign minister last night came out and brought a point where how workers were able to help people after 9/11 and new orleans africa trina, people who joined the military and there are people because they are apart of the legal immigration system. taxes and they feel they contribute a lot to the united states and they are great appreciation for it. yesterday, how many american flags did you see. i thought something you see in many countries in latin america. people here have a lot of
6:20 am
appreciation for the u.s. and a little bit less poppy. >> patrick oppmann. we appreciate it. i want you to look at this picture, lets pull this picture up. this is a hero, this is an american hero. this is someone given everything of this country, he's tearing up of all this country means to him. now the president asked, why do we need more haitian in this country. this is a haitian, a powerful moment from the west point graduation after this haitian immigrant is in tears. i want to point this out to all of us this morning and joining me now with his story, barbara. >> you need to see this lieutenant. you need to see his face. this young man dprgraduated in 2016. he had only been in the united
6:21 am
states a few years. regrew up in prince, his father determined that his children would have a better life than he did. he came to this country and joined the maryland national guard and got an appointment to the military at west point. when he graduated he had a job in physics. this young man is going onto serve and giving back to the country and joining as a volunteer obviously, this is a volunteer military force in this country. he's nowing a serving and willi risk his life and so many others to serve the commander in chief. >> it is an important point to make because immigrants are so important. the u.s. military is a national security of imperative they need people who know the countries in
6:22 am
which they may be called to go back to and serve. in terms of africa, consider this, there are 6,000 u.s. troops right now across africa, across more than 50 countries serving there in some of the toughest circumstances, working with our african partners and military forces trying to bring security to those countries as well, poppy. >> barbara starr. thank you for pointing it out for all of us this morning. my panelist back, chris cillizza, he learned english in seven years coming to this country. part of what inspired him to go to west point is he saw the humanitarian efforts of u.s. force in the ground in haiti. now, we are reminded of all of that of this picture, your thoughts. >> there is always a problem of tight casting, you know, in
6:23 am
using character of a haitian or in the case of africa of a continent that donald trump has so some views about it. >> he appears based on a number of commented over the past few months, he's operating under a cold character of many of these places. in june, in a meeting, he says nigerians living huts. he says mostly all of people in haiti have aids. thes these impressions are not only wrong but based in a madman sort of era. it is troubling for your uncle to have these views on holidays.
6:24 am
it is beyond troubling for the president of the united states to have these. i want to echo, if the republican party wants to be a national party going forward, you have to define what you stand for and what you stand against. there is just -- this is not a political issue. i feel this is charlottesville all over again. this is not a political issue. >> it is not something that's a democratic or a republican view or a certainly should not be something. >> chris, this is part of the reason why i have fought so hard since donald trump announced his presidency to point out why character matters and why the republican party and conservatives allowing normalizing these character flaws in donald trump is so dangerous and not only for the conservative movement and the republican party moving forward but to the country.
6:25 am
that's part of the movement. most of my motivations for why i have been so adamant about pointing out why donald trump is unacceptable and unfit to be president of the united states. he demonstrates it everyday. the idea that he disparages these countries and we can discuss whether some of these countries are trouble or have issues there. that's fine, he's lumping people and identity politics and making these assumptions. he even under cut his own message, is he seeing that there is no one that had merits that come from ne any of these countries. is he going to say this about emanu emanuel menza and the awful fire in the bronx a couple of weeks ago. we can go to many americans.
6:26 am
i am a woman of mixed race. we come to ellis island in the 1920s. and my other side of the family came from guatemala. this is unbelievable that we are having this conversation. >> tara, i am sorry to interrupt. it is important and what you will see at the bottom of your screen. the democratic who was in this meeting confirmed the exact words that the president used. let me read you what he just said on msnbc, you have seen the comments in the press, one of them is inaccurate. to no surprise that the president started tweeting this morning denying he used those words is not true. durbin goes onto say haitians, do we need more haitians. that's when he used violent, vulgar comment calling the nation they come from is shithole, the exact words used
6:27 am
by president not just once. >> republicans need to come out, too. >> what else need to happen before congress is going hold this president accountableccoun. >> chris said something, it is one thing for your uncle to be talking about this. it is actually not appropriate for anyone anywhere but so many people excuse these comments time and time again because of the forum they are in and you wonder why we pop up having a president like donald trump. so it is time for corresponding act. if former president obama popped up and saying all of the white folks are shitholes, they would have moved swiftly to censored him and under no circumstances would they accept this type of
6:28 am
attitude or rhetoric by the president. >> you hope that symone that everyone. >> the republicans are in charge of congress. they are uncharge of tin charge and senate. >> the problem is, if it is donald trump -- the problem that you have is donald trump has said 2000 plus things that are totally false or misleading in the first year of his presidency. it is kind of hard saying oh on this thing he's telling the truth while the u.s. senator who sat in the meeting is lying. >> the question is how do you explain this to your kids? thank you all. >> we appreciate it. >> the president now says thanks but no thanks on an upcoming trip that was planned to london by the mayor of london says yes, mr. president, apparently you got the message. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything
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so this morning, london's mayor new message to president trump of his response to mr. trump's cancelling his business deal. he calls a bad deal. our nick walsh is outside the embassy with more. give us the facts. >> reporter: lets deal with the tweets itself.
6:34 am
what it says and why it was sent. yes, it was not the obama administration, but decided to move the u.s. bem si to london and the skeletonredundant. >> and seeing for that scrape together a billion dollars that this gleaming backseat is by me. it is now being turned to a billion pound luxury hotel, that gives you a kind of idea of the possibility or maybe the state department did fot lonot lose mn this particular deal. you do not know what goes through the president's mind of the early hours. they had to cancel the visit that was not announced. he should come here ton state's
6:35 am
visit. >> they're coming in also and carrying a lot of criticism, particularly from the mayor of l london. he's calling decisive that donald trump could refer to how -- but, still the merit of london comes forward and said yes, the man got the message. >> a quite remarkable tweet in the hours this morning. many ldo londoners are wonderin whoi he changed his mind. >> we appreciate it. >> there is a lot to talk about here on the international stage in addition to next reporting, lets bring in david sanger, our political and national security analyst. dav david, where do we start in lets
6:36 am
start with cancelling this trip. the bigger picture, calling all these african countries, shithole countries. on a national stage. >> it confirms everything that our allies have feared about president trump. you know if you look at the policies alone of what the president is taken, they have different accords. the paris accord of how we deal with the nuclear program and so forth. those are within 40 yard line of normal, political debates. the treats and the insults to individual leaders and the entire nations that most is concerning and giving them the sense that the united states is turning in not to america's first but someone living in america alone effort and we are
6:37 am
pix basically advocating space around the world. this is just before the city, to be on the national stage and make the case for americans for all of the ceos and world leaders. you wonder what they're going to say in response there. north korea, he tells the journal in this interview, i probably have a good relationship with kim jong-un. and then when the journalist says have you talked to him, he would not say, what's the thinking here? >> i don't know. my guess is it is almost no chance. i could be surprised. there is no chance that they have talked. there maybe have been some other forms of communications going on and they spent a lot of efforts by the state department to the north koreans and satarted doin some good signaling. what surprises me the most is what he let out of it. the message control of this
6:38 am
administration failed time and time again that we'll talk to the north koreans under a certain set of circumstances that includes a decent interval when they stop doing their ballistic missile tests and understanding that the talks heading into is eliminating their ballistic missile permanently. >> it was the president who actually publicly put in a sweet, the secretary of state for not imposing those sanctions when he was in beijing, i am sorry, imposing with convictions when he was in beijing a number of months ago. that's when the president tweeted out. they only understand one thing. he's going back to electing tillerson's position. that's leaving everybody confused. not only our adversaries but our allies. >> on iran, it is a day where the president has to decide if
6:39 am
he's going to issue this waiver on sanctions and it keeps us involved in the nuclear agreement. reporting across the board that he's going to waive these sanctions, right? it seems that the staff convinced him to do this. he was dead set on as he was 120 days ago, lighting the new agreement with iran. >> what are you hearing? >> this could be the third time that a president says he's going to get out of the nuclear deal is basically continued to waive the sanctions between and which keep us in the nuclear deal. there will be a lot of other noise around it including new sanctions and human rights issues and so forth. >> yeah. >> after the protest, maybe the right course. the president who have not faced the fact that if we get out of the nuclear deal, it freezes the
6:40 am
ukrai ukrai urani uranium. being in the deal right now at least for the next ten years is a lot better than not having it. >> we appreciate it david sanger, so much to talk to you about it this morning. have a good weekend. >> you too, poppy. >> president trump after using this stunning language describing immigrant countries during the migration talks. all of that is the potential deal on hold, have the president's kmcomments over s shadows all these conversations and what does it mean for dreamers?
6:41 am
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president is not being honest. the president did in fact said these hateful things repeatedly when he rejected the bipartisan deal to protect dreamers. our brian nobles is in kplcapit hill with more. the president's words say about the haitians, why do we need them? check them out on any potential status on immigration. is republican leaderships on the hill are saying anything at this point? >> no, poppy, they're not. it is not a surprise that they are not. when we find the president in this situation where he's making controversial segmecomments in c or behind close door. mitch mcconnell and majority leader has a strong standing
6:46 am
line. speaker of the house, he's tried to find a way around it. there is no no doubt that this particular comment in this particular setting certainly complicates the issues for not just republicans but for democrats as well who were hoping to find some sort of bipartisan deal when it coame t the daca program and protecting dreame dreamers. they lived urn protective status for a long time but now it is in doubt. how do republicans handle this? >> there were a number of republicans including mia love. >> barbara came out and is critical of the president. how do they handle it going forward and how does it affect these negotiations. >> ryan, stay with me. we have some news reporting just in from our caitlin collins at
6:47 am
the white house. >> the president spent last night phoning aids and allies and friends asking them how that thought the shithole comment were playing out in the press. >> this is the president's conversation last night. one official reports this as a victory lapse. >> when the president seems to be in a position where he's under sieged, he seems to retreat back to his base. there is a strong push back from the hard liners involved in the immigration discussion when it appears that group of six democrats and republicans were closed to vote on a deal. this meeting that took place where these congressmeversation
6:48 am
happened yesterday. when they got there, tom cotton was in that room. it is clear that the president wants to make sure his basis solid here and it maybe -- >> none of them have used remarks like this to describe i am immigrants. facebook is making a major change that'll impact everyone. >> the question this morning, will facebook divide us or bring us more together. %-p. 6 ♪
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facebook is changing and it will impact all of us. really soon you will see less content from businesses and brands and more posts from family and friends. the company is calling this more meaningful and fulfilling content. "the new york times" ceo mark zuckerberg said this morning why, because it's important to me when my kids grow up basically they see what their father built was good for the world. our senior tech correspondent laurie segall joins us now. that's essentially, him admitting that, you know, parts of facebook are not good for the world and they need to change that and you've been speaking to tech leaders who are sounding the alarm. >> absolutely. this is certainly a moment of reckoning, poppy. i can't say that enough. i want to emphasize the tweak of an algorithm behind the doors and memo part will impact 2 billion people. we've seen in the last year the weaponization of the platform to interfere with the election, mental health studies coming out
6:54 am
showing more passive scrolling on-line consuming isn't good for us or our children, so facebook is at this important moment. i spoke to facebook's news feed vp and what he said to me, they want to prioritize quality over quantity, tweaking the algorithm. listen to what he said. >> so the idea is to try and focus more on bringing people together by trying to put more emphasis on facilitating more meaningful social interactions between people. the way we do that in ranking is to value things like commenting or writing a long comment more and valuing things like how long we might think -- how long we think you might watch a video for less. so as a result, the ecosystem will shift. >> could that lead to less daily active users? >> i think -- mii mean anythings always possible. we haven't seen people come to facebook less often. we see people spend less time on facebook, but we think that if we are creating the experience people are finding meaningful
6:55 am
over the long run, they're going to use an experience with the platform more and that will be good for people and -- >> you have fall noen into uncomfortable editorial comments, all these real philosophical ethical questions that become a platform. is this trying to take a step away from the uncomfortable editorial questions? >> i don't think there's any future in which we are not having difficult conversations about sticky issues. i don't think there's -- >> increasingly so, right. >> yeah. because a lot of people use our platform every single day. it's an important part of the way people communicate and cup assume information and i think along with that comes a lot of attention and scrutiny and this ranking change isn't going to change that. >> and poppy, a lot of questions about what this will mean for publishers who rely on facebook for their content and the filter bubble, if we're seeing more and more from our friends and family, will we go into filter bubble. facebook vp says that's not the
6:56 am
case. there's research to show otherwise. this is part of this larger experiment we have to pay attention to the changes that are made because we have to see how they impact all of us. >> this one tweet affects 2 bill people. laurie segall thank you for the interview. see much more of it on cnn money. >> this morning the president now says he did not use that vulgar word. but a democratic senator who was in the meeting with the president yesterday says, you bet he did. and he used it repeatedly. all of the developments ahead. ♪ video-game dance music
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all right. top of the hour, 10:00 a.m. eastern, 7:00 a.m. pacific. i'm poppy harlow in new york. the president of the united states is now denying that he called african countries s-holes or said about haitian immigrants in this country take them out on any deal to protect their status in this country. today, the 8-year anniversary to the day of the haitian earthquake that killed