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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 12, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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this is cnn breaking news. hi there, i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. thanks for being with me. moments ago the kind of history was made that no nation should be proud of. seconds after the president of the united states pro claims the day for martin luther king jr. reporters in the room shouting out questions asking the president if he's a racist. >> mr. president, will give apology for the statement yesterday? >> mr. president, did you refer to african americans as -- >> mr. president, are you a racist? >> mr. president, will you respond to these serious questions about your statements, sir? >> no. >> mr. president, are you a racist? >> this is the controversy president trump has created after he called african nations,
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quote, shithole countries according to a source. that kind of vulgarly condemnation from every part of the globe including the president's hometown paper. asking why do we need more haitians. he was told they were under protected stats us. at first the white house made no denials. but today president trump did deny it saying he used his words, tough language and he said nothing derogue tory against haitians. however, at least seven other people were in the room, including illinois democrat dick durbin, whose account, if true says the president's denials are a flat out lie. >> as senator gram made his presentation, the president interrupted him several times with questions. and in the course of his comments said things which were
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hate filled, vial, and racist. i use those words advise he hadly. i understand how pourl thpowerf they are. but i can't believe any president has spoken the words that i personally heard our president speak yesterday. you've seen the comments in the press. i've not read one of them that's inaccurate. to no surprise, the president started tweeting this morning, denying that he used those words. it is not true. he said these hate filled things. and he said them repeatedly. the most disheartening thing to me is my belief that that was the first time words that hateful had been spoken in the oval office of the white house. i think back of presidents throughout history, and i cannot imagine a moment where a president sunk to that depth. that's what breaks my heart. >> first time words that hateful spoken in the oval office.
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here she s april rhine, cnn political analyst for american urban networks. april, we played the clip. we didn't see you. we heard your voice. one of a couple of reporters shouting out the question to the president of the united states. >> yes. >> are you racist? >> yes. >> this is where we are in 2018. >> yes. brooke, it was hard to really ask that question, particularly as this president was trying to celebrate, if you will, dr. martin luther king, the dreamer, the man of quality and peace for all people in this nation and globally. you know, listening to the president talk about dr. king and then ben carson and the nephew of dr. king, i felt bad that i had to ask this, but the day before was really big. i mean, this president is accused of saying this
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repeatedly. so i had to ask the question hs th s that i did today. in a moment like this, you have a great moment, then you have to go to the reality of the time. allegedly the president is saying africans, el salvador and haitians come from s hole places. i had to ask the questions. >> you know, we are hearing, gloria borger, has a source that says the president, as he's been obviously keeping track of all this coverage of this controversy of the words he's apparently chosen to use, and that the source is saying the president loves it. loves it. >> he loves this? okay. >> what are you hearing? >> well, what i'm hearing, well, as you say the president loves, there is collateral damage. i've had more people calming me
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yesterday, hbc presidents, presidents of historically black colleges and universities very upsetment they are now saying they have to go to their students and reassure them that they are okay, that they are safe, that we want you here. many of these historically black colleges and universities have international students. for instance, tennessee state university, i talked to the president there, dr. glenda glover who says she has so% of her student body coming from the africa or caribbean and she says they do very well, engineering, get degrees and come back for more degrees. and many of these schools depend upon students to help them to continue to go. and international student population is huge. and for this president to say this, they are now having to go back, and they are very concerned, and trying to galvanize and talk about this. there is dl there is collateral damage.
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i asked sheldon what is the definition of racist? and he said when there is racial prejudice and when there is power that comes together. and that begged the question today, there is power in this place, highest office in the land. and then the question of racial prejudice. so when those two come together, that's one of the reasons why i asked the question today. i guess i was the only one that asked that question repeatedly today. >> it's a sad day that the question has to be asked, period. april ryan, thank you so much there from the white house. >> thank you. >> from what we know, senator durbin was the only democrat in the room when the president called these african nations "shithole" countries. the question we are asking what are the republicans saying? two quotes, two senators i should shay cotton and purdue, they are saying we don't recall. so that's what we are getting
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from them. as far as the leaders, as far as the leaders of their party, it's taken more than half a day for house speaker paul ryan to respond. but here he was this morning. >> i read those comments later last night. so first thing that came to my mind was very unfortunate, unhelpful. >> with me now, republican david jolly former congressman from florida, and cnn analyst professor at temple university. gentlema gentleman, jolly, first to you, unhelpful. you saw senators purdue and cotton with we don't recall. we don't recall. what is that? >> look, brooke, let's be honest, this is an embarrassing day to be a republican. and for rational republicans you should be angry today. i believe the president's comments, if they were made, were racist.
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but even if you do not, if you are a defender of donald trump, here's the important thing. we know our president through word and deed over the past two years has certainly expressed an ideology based upon a certain social hierarchy, a construct, where white people of european decent, particularly those of wealth, have a different place in society than poor people of color. we know that. we have seen that through word and deed. and why it is important, forget about what he said in the oval office, it's important because this is someone directing the policy of the united states. and he is crafting legislation with the hill that will effect millions of lives, particularly poor people of color. as a republican party, we went from a leader in bush 43 who challenged, challenged the soft bigotry of low expectations, to a president in donald trump who pedals the hard bigotry of people of color. >> let me read one more. this is senator diane feinstein
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of california part of it reads, if the president can't control himself and lead this country with authority, then he shouldn't be the president. there is no room for racism in the oval office. that was one quote. there was another quote up on the screen, which i'm happy to read if you want to throw it back up. you can see more of what senator feinstein has said. mark, the thing is, he, as i mentioned with april, he's saying that he's loving this controversy. he's loving all of this swirling around him. and it's astonishing to me we are at a point the president doesn't realize the hurt in his words. >> yeah. or he doesn't care. i mean, we also have to allow for the pocket that he's fully aware of the hurt that he's causing and simply in different to the suffering pf othof other people. there is long history in president trump life and year, much lessen tire year where consistently show indifference and actual angst and anger and
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hatred toward people of color around the world. so this is no surprise to anyone. i agree with senator feinstein if he can't be a leader he shouldn't be there. and he clearly demonstrated that he doesn't have the capacity to lead with dignity and humanity and any sense of fairness. this is stunning. it's not stunning. let me shay that this sen tirely consistent with everything else he's done. i'm not surprised but only thing i'm surprised with is say it to all the people in the room. i thought he would be more discreet. >> we are almost stuck in groundhog day where the president says something insane, and we are all looking for republican leadership to respond. sometimes they do. sometimes it's just so loud in their silence, and then it goes away. and then he says something else. and it's like this, david jolly, it's this cycle. >> sure. >> it's the denials. he says it's lying.
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i should start recording my conversations. >> sure. the last 24 hours is very similar to when he stood in front of a portrait of andrew jackson with native american code talkers and used the word po po pocahontas. they are lesser people than we are. brooke, that is a donald trump rally. that is donald trump's gop. this is the hijacking he has done to the republican party. >> i want to challenge you on that. >> sure, please do. >> he's saying that, you know, yes, rallying the base, but at the same time, you know, some of the trump defenders are saying, well, the president is saying what all of us are saying out loud in bars and restaurants across the country. >> right. >> but is that really fair? >> no, it's not. >> is that fair to trump voters?
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>> well, yeah, i actually think it's fair to a large contingent. what donald trump is doing is using the office of the presidency to get permission for americans to listen to the lesser angels among us. no president has done that before. >> go ahead mark. >> the truth is if you voted for donald trump you either voted for him because you agreed with the racist statements that he made consistently throughout the campaign, or you were indifferent to it, sit back and allow a racist to work. so either way you are complicit. and as far as donald trump and his base goes, yes he is speaking to his base and they do sit in bars and make racist jokes at home. yes they do call africa that. but it's enough of them to matter. and the key of this point though, i think, is he may have jumped the shark. there are moments say okay he's going to put a band on islam and
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some people sit by and allow that. but when he says something so racist, there should be people saying i can't stay on this ride, i can finally leave. not all of them but make it difficult for donald trump to govern. you have republicans who would lie with do donald trump and said i don't recall. you would remember something like that in a meeting. so the fact they are punting off saying they are falling off the bandwagon. >> i know them saying i don't know. >> and unhelpful like it's a rain cloud. this is a pretty big deal. this isn't something unfortunate and unhelpful. >> thanks very much. reading all of this and listening to too many different opinions, you know what made me think of, poignant speech given at the u.s. air force academy prep story school last year. remember this the lieutenant general jay, he gathered all the air force cadets and didn't
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mince words. and that turned out to be a hoax. but his words have never rung truer than today. >> so just in case you are unclear on where i stand on this topic, i'm going to leave you with my most important thought today. if you can't treat someone with dignity and respect, then you need to get out. if you can't teach someone from another gender whether that's a man or woman with dignity and respect, then you need to get out. if you demean someone in any way, then you need to get out. and if you can't treat someone from another race or different color skin with dignity and respect, then you need to get out. >> mr. president, the world is watching you.
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the choice is yours. next here on cnn the global reaction to the president's words. multiple countries, including close allies to the u.s., are expressing outrage. we'll discuss the long-term impacts of these key relationships. also ahead the state department is giving guidance how to handle this firestorm. this as one u.s. ambassador is saying he's resigning sighting difference ws the trump administration. and trip canceled unusual reason president trump is calling off his planned visit to london next month. the mayor there saying he knows the real reason why. you are watching cnn. we'll be right back. ything happ. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works in just one week. with the fastest retinol formula to visibly reduce wrinkles. neutrogena®.
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you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. president trump's vile comments have triggered outrage. and then the ambassador has said he's stepping down. but to be clear this resignation letter came last month. the news with under secretary of state said this. and quote everybody has a line. and calling it shameful and racist. governments around the world getting their responses. boss wan yeah asking the u.s. if it is one of those "shithole" countries. and commemorating 8 years haiti, top diplomate there to discuss the remarks. haiti former prime minister tweeting shame on trump in big
11:21 am
capital letters and new low in u.s. history. sitting government calling it abhor bant. now a staggering move by the u.s. state department, for more of that soirl global affairs, joining me, so is cats in haiti and author of the big truck that went by. and i know, jonathan you spent years and years in haiti. but elise, first to you, just on commercial break, we have noticed that hillary clinton has now tweeted. let me just read it then we can respond. she tweets, the anniversary of the devastating hurricane eight years ago was a day to remember. the tragedy, honor the resilient people of haiti and a firm u.s. commitment to helping neighbor. instead we are we're subjected to trump's ignorant racist views of anyone who doesn't look like him.
11:22 am
elise? >> look, was the competitor in the election. but before that u.s. secretary of state and credited with improving the image of the u.s. around the world and restoring ties with u.s. allies after many thought was really damaged during the bush years. so, i mean, in addition to the clinton's history are haiti, president bill clinton envoy to help the reconstruction there, hillary clinton chooses when to speak about comments regarding president trump. today i feel like she thought she couldn't stay silent. >> yes. and jonathan, to you, we've been seeing backlash from haitians online, tweeting photos showing the haiti that they know and love. and i know during the quake eight years you were bureau chief for ap, you lived there, you speak creole, here on the anniversary deadliest event to
11:23 am
rock the nation, what do trump's comments mean to you and the people of haiti? >> the timing is devastating. this is a really charged moment. january 1st is the anniversary of independence day, and 8 years since that horrible day in 2010. i think emotions would have been high anyway. and to have a comment like this, to have him reportedly have said something that ugly, and on the heels also of his previous comments about haitian people, saying that they all have aides and other slanders like that is correct it's hard to imagine how much that hurts the people who heard that. >> tell me about the haiti that you love. >> it is a complicated piece. it is a beautiful country and full of all the people that you would have in any country. so there is beautiful and strong
11:24 am
and amazing people. and there is other people too. it's a complicated place. and i really love haiti. i lived there for three and a half years. including during the earthquake. and i had all kinds of really important life experiences. there but what i remember most is that experience immediately after the quake. the way that people came together and were working with one another and helping each other and digging each other out of the rubble with their bare hands. and people who had very, very little, giving what little they had to their neighbors, sometimes people they didn't even really know, so that everybody could get through it together and stay alive. and it's a place that has a very special place in my heart, and i think it has a very special place in the hearts of a lot of people in the world. >> sure. so much of this is about haiti, but obviously elise, this has global implications. we mentioned a second ago about
11:25 am
the circumstances u.s. ambassador to panama, what's the story there? >> well, i mean, as you said, this came in december. and the u.s. ambassador freely said in alert to the white house in december that essentially he could not serve this administration, could not serve this president, when he joined the foreign service years ago, as a junior officer, his mentors told him, you know, you are bound to serve any president regardless of party. and if you can't do that, then the time is for you to resign. and he writes in his resignationlresignation letter that that time is now. it says he's leaving the embassy in good hands. panama relationship is strong but felt he couldn't serve this president. and the state department is ocean halee saying we respect you have lines. we appreciate you have a moral compass and had to do what you think is right. this is part of the problem with
11:26 am
the foreign services ambassadors doing cleanup around the world and giving them instructions to go into the host government and we affirm the u.s. commitment to your country, to africa. so many officials state department officials have tried to keep it out. but having a hard time, brooke. >> yeah. elise, thank you. jonathan cats, thank you. nice to have you on here as well. >> moving the conversation, let's talk about london. president trump calming off his planned visit there next month blaming the obama administration over a bad embassy deal. is that even true? we'll talk to the former u.s. ambassador to britain who was involved in that very embassy deal, next. ♪
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there are a lot of ways to cancel a complicated presidential trip to visit a u.s. ally. so the fact that the president canceled his trip to open this brand new u.s. embassy in london. he did that in a tweet. let me read. the reason i canceled is i'm not a big fan of obama administration located finest in embassy in london for peanuts only to build a new one for $1.2 billion. bad deal. wanted me to cut ribbon. no. he says. a couple things to consider, the decision to move the old u.s. embassy in london came from the administration of george w. bush not from that of barack obama.
11:32 am
two the embassy the u.s. ambassador to britain at the time disagrees. tuttle served from 2002 to 2009. so mr. ambassador, a pleasure sir. >> thank you, pleasure to be here. >> and your reaction to president's tweet and rational for canceling the trip? >> just quickly, brooke, i'll tell the story. i went to london 2005 well aware that the square location had two problems. desperately in need of overhaul and two narrow i'd streets go on the side of the embassy and quickly determined if a truck pulled up, like the oklahoma city bombing, it would kill a lot of people. we also quickly determined that the square could not be rehand. so there was a building right
11:33 am
next to the embassy, we put it on the market and sold it for half a billion dollars which then we now we could get that much for the embassy which we did. so we raised total of billion dollars and looked at 60 locations found one on the south bank of the river. and projection at the time was we could build a new embassy plus purchase the property for the same amount of money. so really no projected cost to the u.s. taxpayer. second, lastly, and i'll be quick, something i'm very proud of, we have been building a lt of embassies but undistinguished architectic ukly. and i went to the state and said these are the best allies in the world and we need a competition. choose a prominent architect and as a result we have really an iconic building which the american people can be proud of. and our best friends and allies in the word, people of the
11:34 am
united kingdom can be proud of. >> so you were the guy. i mean that's why we wanted to talk to you. because when you saw the president tweeting, oh, it was the obama administration, did you want to say, um, mr. president, you are wrong? >> you know what, i'm not into right or wrong. that's just what happened. and, again, i'm very proud of what happened. and i think years from now people will be very proud of that embassy. that building. i also might say to get from grobner square down to the main buildings, we did drives from both place, and where the new embassy is the same amount of time. a little farther distance way but the same timewise. >> here's what i want to know what is the message president is sending to our other friends around the world if he's bailing on this but beautiful state of the art embassy in london, our best of friends, what is the
11:35 am
message he's sending globally by doing that? >> well, if i had my way i wish he would have gonen an opened the building. but i think is about our relationship with the united kingdom. and in spite of what the president does or says, they still are best friends and strongest ally ns the world. and we have created a great building that will belong after this administration and many other administrations and long after i'm alive. >> so we know that we have heard from ed mill a band who is the former british labor leader, obviously calling bs on this reason why the president is saying he doesn't want to go to london, it's saying no nobody wants you to come and you got the message. already talks about protesters. and made it clear he is not welcome here. seems he finally got this message. reenforces mistake that teresa may extending visit.
11:36 am
does this damage u.s. relationship with our deer es allies, england? >> i don't think sochlt but i hope the president will go and make a visit to the united kingdom. i think it's important that he and the prime minister get together and spend quality time together and the people of london get to know him better. >> all right. ambassador robert tuttle thank you so much for the time. >> thank you. we do have more on breaking news. democrat senator inside that meeting says the president is lying when he says he didn't make those vial comments about african nations. well, now the republicans inside that meeting are responding as well. stand by for that. i have type 2 diabetes.
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11:41 am
reported. so what i want to do is read from you a republican from south carolina senator lindsey graham so part of his statement coming out of this is as follows. following comments by the president i said my piece directly to him yesterday. the president and all those attending the meeting know what i said and how i feel. i always believe america is an idea designed by ideals. goes on, the american ideal is embraced by people all over the globe, it was best said a long time ago, e pleura bus enum, out of many, one. diversity has always been our strength, not our weakness informing immigration we cannot lose these american ideals. david axle roaelrod, former oba adviser, axe files. okay. we are now, again, like i said getting different pieces of the puzzle. because the president is denying he said xy and z.
11:42 am
heard from two republicans senators saying we don't recall. we heard from democrat senator durbin most vial remark ever spoken in the oval office. now you are seeing this from lindsey graham which sounds to me when he's saying i said my piece directly to him yesterday. sounds like he's saying he called the president out. what do you think? >> it did sound that way. it also should be noted that his colleague, tim scott from south carolina, said that senator graham basically confirmed to him that the president said what was reported. so, yes, it does sound that way. lindsey graham has been walking a very delicate path here, trying to keep his relationship up with the president. he's become frequent golf partner while still stewarding this particular piece of legislation forward. he's been a long time advocate of immigration reform. but it's a tough path to walk
11:43 am
right now. >> so if you have tim scott corroborating and lindsey graham said he said it, dick durbin saying he said t i can't get over the fact that the president is straight up denying having said this, and that the sources are telling us here at cnn that he's actually loving this controversy. so, david, he's being called a raci racist, and he has hurt so many people, he has hurt america's image, and he's enjoying this? >> look, brooke, i said last night, and by the way, we should point out that the white house itself last night after this was reported did not deny what he was reported to have said. >> correct. >> i'll say it last night, and i'll say it again, we know who this president is, and that question has been asked ance answered. the question is who are we. and is this what we want to project to the world.
11:44 am
i'm the son of a refugee who came from one of those broken places that the president would, in a modern day context r, woul have called a shithole. and this country opened arms to him. this is why i love our country so much. and the strength of our country is we are a beacon all over the world who aspire and want to make something of their lives. and they have come and generations of immigrants. because remember back then there was big resistance to the polls and italians and jews from eastern europe and so on. but it's been imgrants who have built this country. and the president i know he doesn't read, but he should read some history or at least get on books on tape and understand what the immigrant experience has meant to this country. >> well, he likes to read documents, david axelrod, that's what i'm hearing.
11:45 am
i'm winking at you as i'm saying that. let me read to you. we have a tweet from hillary clinton. this is what she said. this is day to on who the resilient people of haiti and confirm u.s. commitment to helping neighbors. she goes on, instead we are subjected to trump's ignorant racist views of anyone who doesn't look like him. what do you make of that? >> well, look, i mean she's not the only one who is saying that i think there is a widespread feeling about this and about his words. and, you know, i think, as i said, when you see the reaction pouring in from around the world, we have to ask ourselves is this who we want our country to be. he is the president of the united states but he is not the sum total of our country. what you hope is other leaders will stand up of both parties and say this isn't who we are. we are the america we have
11:46 am
always been. we welcome you to our shores. we understand that immigrants helped build our country. we want to be a refuge for people who are seeking it and need it and can also contribute to our society. i mean, we want to be that america. i think most persons do. no i'll say this. if the president was excited, perhaps it's because he's getting some reenforcement from his base who strongly believe in this message that we shouldn't be welcoming people. that this is competition for jobs. and that it dilutes our culture. this is the same argument, by the way, that was made against immigrants in my father's day. immigrants from, as i said, europe and italy and poland and other places. so, you know, these are familiar
11:47 am
arguments. we've heard them before. and in that base, which is where he lives, i mean, he lives in this silo, and he gets reenforcement in this silo, i think that he is getting some support. so perhaps that's why he's so ex-you wi ex-you will tant about the mess he's made here. >> hard to imagine. i love how you said he is the president but he's not all of us. let me ask you about condoleezza rice, you did the interview with former secretary of state. we'll play the state. this is when she's talking about robert mueller and the russia investigation. >> terrific person. straight shooter. i think he will push to a conclusion. i don't have any idea what it will be. i hope, frankly, it's over pretty soon. because we need to get on with our business. and by the way i want to go back to one thing about vladimir putin.
11:48 am
david, i think he loves the fact that we are spinning around about this. that our heads are blowing off. i would have preferred to say we know you did it, and at a time of our choosing we will punish it, and you won't do it again. >> doesn't it send a mixed signal if the president calls it a hoax? >> well, the president shouldn't call it a hoax. let's just say that. >> let me quickly interject before i want to hear more from you, but may 14th speaking of bob mueller just set a date, trial dates for both manafort and gates, may 14th. tell me more about what was your takeaway from that? >> that was interesting. well, that was really interesting, because condoleezza rice served with bob mueller as national security adviser she worked very, very closely with him. and as you can here, she was ee
11:49 am
few certificate abo few certifica effusive. she calls mueller a terrific person and straight shooter. also sending a message to the person when she said he should not call this a hoax and very emphatic about that. it was a very interesting conversation. by the way, she volunteered in this conversation. this was before the events of yesterday, how much she disagreed with the president on the issue of immigration. >> how about that. >> she was diplomatic, but she definitely made clear where she stood on many of these big issues. it was a great conversation. >> we cannot wait to watch axe files saturday 7:00 here on cnn. david axelrod always a pleasure. thanks so much. >> thanks, brooke. >> thank you. coming up amid growing outrage, one pourl moment is resurfacing, haitian immigrant weeping at
11:50 am
west point graduation. the story behind this image, next. weeping at west point graduation. the story behind this image, next.
11:51 am
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'comments, a photograph that stirred all kinds of emotion when it first went viral in 2016 has now resurfaced with new impact. this is alex a haitian immigrant weeping at his west point graduation. so let's go to barbara star at the pentagon. have you been looking into this young man's story. tell me about him. >> what an amazing young man like so many immigrants who come to the united states.
11:55 am
he was graduated from the u.s. military academy at west point. in 2016, just seven years after he arrived in the united states from haiti. he grew up in porta prince watching u.s. troops doing disaster relief missions over the year. his father determined to see that his children got a better life than he did in such an impoverished country. when he graduated from west point, he wept, he was so humble about what had happened to him. but consider this, this young man graduated at the top of his class in the rating of physics. he had the top rating as a physics student when he graduated. we believe he has now gone onto flight school. because he posted this comment when he graduated. i want to read it to everyone. he said, knowing that one day that highly be a pilot is
11:56 am
humbling beyond words. i could not help be flooded with emotions, knowing that i'll be leading these men and women who are willing to give their all to preserve what we value as the american way of life. to me that is the greatest honor. it is worth remembering every day for all of us that the united states military is an all volunteer organization. immigrants come to this country, they volunteer to join the military, serve the nation, the entire nation. and they are willing to give their lives for that service. brooke. >> bless him. we are full of gratitude for him, especially on days like today. when we hear things like that from the president. barbara star, thank you very much. >> coming up next here on this breaking story, president trump asked during an mlk event today, is asked flat out by the press, are you a racist. new details from inside that event as more republican lawmakers are speaking out. we'll be right back.
11:57 am
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this is cnn breaking news.
12:00 pm
we continue on this friday afternoon. i'm brooke baldwin. this is cnn. and this just in. republican senator lindsey graham is now respond go to the reports that the president called african nations shithole countries. this is coming after major fall out that a source says happened in this bipartisan on immigration reform. the president not only assaulted africa, source tells us also the nation of haiti saying why do we need more haitians, quote. he was just told they are under what's known as temporary protected status. today the president denied the expletive saying that, quote, this was not the language he used. he also tweeted this about haiti, quoting him, never said anything derogatory about haitians other than haiti is obviously a very poor and troubled country. never said take them out. made up by dems. i have a wonderful relationship by haitians. i