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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  January 15, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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countries and said he would rather have immigrants from norway. >> i'm not a racist. i am the least racist person you have ever interviewed, that i can tell you. >> this comes as some republicans center in the room are denying they heard the president use the offensive word and if you can believe it, a new report that they're basing these denials on the different between a hole and a house. so as officials play games with these "h" words, the fate of some 800,000 d.r.e.a.m.ers hangs in the balance and a possible government shutdown looms and days after the president jected a bipartisan deal, the president is reiterating his claim that it is the democrats who do not want a deal. we're watching the developments in west palm beach. case lin, what's the latest? >> reporter: well, john, extraordinary statement from the president just hours before the martin luther king holiday where
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he denied he's a racist and he denied he made those disparaging remarks about african countries. these lawmakers have gone from saying that they do not recall the president making this remark to on the sunday show saying that they -- the president -- insisting he did not make these remarks. >> are you saying the president did not use the word that has been so widely reported? >> i'm telling you did not use that word, george, i'm telling you it's a gross misrepresentation. how many times you want me to say that? >> i didn't hear that word either. i didn't hear what senator durbin has said repeatedly. >> i don't recall that specific phrase being used. that's all i can say about that. >> reporter: now, john, you would think if you're in a meeting with a president with a few lawmakers in the oval office you would recall if he had said something of that nature. regardless of the specific wording that the president used it does not change the overall sentiment of the message the president was getting across in
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that meeting and he has not denied saying he feels the united states should take more people from places like norway, but we won't see the president again today until he departs west palm beach this afternoon to head back to washington. >> the president is not denying he's rather have more people from norway than countries from africa, haiti or el salvador and the senators denying they heard it. this is a new recollection for them. they didn't seem to have that recollection until this evolved to something peculiar to say the least. this is having international ramifications now. the u.s. envoys in many african nations and haiti had been called in for something of addressing down, correct? >> reporter: yeah. that's correct. the fallout is not just in washington, not just here in west palm beach but also all over the world as these top diplomats are being summoned to governments in places like south africa, ghana to meet with
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officials after the president made toes remarks and we're told by state department officials that the diplomats have been told not to soften the president's remarks or try to defend it but to listen and acknowledge the concerns of these countries, but it's clear here, john, that this is not just having repercussions here in the united states but what the president said is changing things around the world. >> all right. thank you very much and of course all of this has major ramifications. if you were one of the 800,000 d.r.e.a.m.ers in this country trying to figure out your future or any one who might want the government to keep running. the country faces a shutdown at the end of the week. democrats say that funding will not happen without a deal for d.r.e.a.m.ers. this is what the president says. >> i don't think the democrats want to make a deal. they talk about daca but they don't want to help the daca people. i don't know if they'll be a shutdown. there shouldn't be. >> what's the latest with the negotiations if there are any?
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>> reporter: it is so fitting here martin luther king talked about a dream. republicans blaming the democrats for this. it is fair to say that those negotiations, those talks, bipartisan immigration proposal really blew up, that is it a state of play that everything is frozen now after those remarks from the president, those very controversial racist remarks and so now you have this very public will blame game that's been going on for the last 24, 48 hours. republicans are saying openly and quietly that this does nothing to help the negotiations with the democrats and with the president on the an immigration deal, that in undercuts and undermines the work they've been doing, the delicate balance. they needs democrats here. they need a super majority, 60 votes on the senate side at least to push forward and get the government funded. that runs out in four days. the democrats for their part you talk to them and they say
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they're in no mood for negotiating here. some say they don't want to make a deal because the environment is so toxic, they would rather let the president kind of stew in it if you will than not give him a win. for many, john, this is a line in the sand. we have heard from democrats and republicans throughout the weekend and also this morning on how they should move forward. >> the majority of my caucus, myself included, we will not fund the government without a daca deal. >> if we don't have any measurable progress towards a daca deal, i am not going to vote for a stop gap measure and i'm asking republican and democrats to take that position. we're in congress and regrettably congress is an institution that only acts when it's forced to. >> reporter: so john, as lawmakers come back to work tomorrow, whether or not the democrats will take advantage of the leverage they do have at this time to push forward and
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make this essential that daca must go with immigration reform, that must go with the budget. if they decide that they will simply kick it down the road. john? >> we'll get a chance to ask a member of congress about that. joining me, cnn's senior political analyst, ron brownstein, "the washington post" and from "usa today" susan paige. we have this remarkable, remark debate now and i'm putting debate in quotation marks. you have senators tom cotton now and purdue all of a sudden coming out and saying, oh, they didn't hear the president say those words. you know who could clear this up is senator lindsey graham the republican senator who allegedly confronted the president inside that room and this is no small thing now, ron. >> right. look, the accusations from senator cotton and perdue against their colleague senator durbin is just a reminder of how
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the geneva conventions of politics have been torn up. sitting senators accusing another senator of lying of what the president of the united states said. lindsey graham basically confirmed the remarks to tim scott, according to tim scott. jeff flake the remarks were confirmed to him by a participant in the meeting. both of them republican senators but lindsey graham has a clear obligation to explain exactly what it was that the president said that provoked him by his own words to confront him in the meeting and this really -- this whole episode underscores the situation that republican members of congress put themselves in when they commit to defending the president because the price just gets higher and higher. i don't think tom cotton and david perdue a year ago, who, by the way, it's important to note, the proponents of the hardline legislation to cut legal immigration in half. imagine that they could be in this situation a year ago but that i think is the price of
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getting into this situation with president trump. >> we have every reason to believe that the president did say those words according to the sources talking to cnn, according to the fact that the white house didn't deny them over that night and according to the fact that those senators took a long time to reach their stories. josh dossy "the washington post" reporter who broke this story now writes this. white house official told me tonight there is a debate internally on whether trump said shit hole or shit house. this person said are use to go deny. hole versus house, this is the hill to die on in this debate. it's mind boggling. >> yeah. the clip that you played of david purdue talking, it's a gross misrepresentation. there's not that much of a difference between those two words if you're talking about
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gross misrepresentation. that does not seem to apply if this is the internal debate between these two words. it's taking a point of nuance between two bad things, maybe choosing lesser of two evils but using it to hang your hat on. because it's not precisely right clearly everything about it is wrong but that does not appear to be what happened based on josh's reporting and he's a very good reporting with many sources in the white house as well. the paper is standing by his reporting and i trust his reporting as well. it is ironic basically that the republicans are hanging their hat on what may be just a very, very fine difference between the character of the word use and the longer they do this, the longer we continue to debate, you know, not just what comes out of the president's mouth but what's kicking around in his
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head. if they're trying to make it go away it's not going away by what they're doing. >> in the meantime, susan, i do want to ask, what does this do to the negotiations here if there are, in fact, negotiations? what does it do for democrats who may want to come in the room to make a deal or republicans who may want to come in the room and make a deal? this sth a good environment to sit down and hammer things out? >> the thing you need is a certain level of trust to make a deal. even the low levels of trust that they had before have now been blown to smithereens. you have republican senators accusing the member of the democratic leadership dick durbin of lying in this case and lying in the past. it's a jaw-dropping statement that the two senators made. you've got to assume they talked before hand because they said essentially the same things on two different sunday shows. it seems to be quite deliberate and the idea that the senators will now come together and make a deal to keep the government
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funded to deal with the d.r.e.a.m.ers i think seems increasingly unlikely. >> also, the government's now saying the democrats don't want a deal. this is after he said bring me a deal and i will sign it and they brought him a deal and he, you know, crapped all over it, pun intended, i suppose in this case. >> it's really important to understand the hangup here because it's an important evolution in the attitude of the republican party toward a changing america. for years we heard from republican leaders that they wanted to be tough on border security. they opposed undocumented immigration but they liked parallel immigration. what the president is asking for here and what cotton and perdue has proposed is tougher border security but a significant reduction in the amount of legal immigration in the country. the cotton/perdue bill that president trump endorsed would cut legal immigration in half and that means that over the next 30 years the best estimates are if you cut legal immigration
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in half, you would have no net growth in the number of working aged americans between now and 2050 while we're adding 40 million more seniors which can every worker would have to support social security, medicare for 80% more seniors than today. cutting legal immigration the way the president has proposed is a clear and present danger to the long-term financial stability of social security and medicare of which his support prosecutes rely but that is the hill on which they are demanding. these funding for the border but reductions in legal immigration that would in the long run imperil the financial security of social security, medicare. >> this debate, this discussion only now continues because of the white house's handling it. part of this discussion now is the president's comments that he chose to make overnight on the eve of the martin luther king day holiday. i'm not a racist. i'm the least racist person you have ever interviewed.
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these reporters have interviewed a lot of people right now. the president's comments in that room have been supported by some of the most racist people, richard spencer, david duke, the publication came out over the weekend and they said they were very supportive of the comments the president said there. >> we've seen the president not denounce when he -- when the company that once to keep company with him prays him, he's not very quick to say, wait a second, i did not mean that for that audience. and we have this pattern of these in some cases ep think thets and off the cuff thoughts that he dishes out -- it's difficult not to draw a mental line going back from this episode, going back to charlottesville and the other
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things interspersed in between that go back to the time of his campaign and draw inferences when he's not really doing a lot to dissuade people from drawing those inferences. the president has characterized himself in many different ways. he's clearly understanding that there is a grounds fault against him and he's pushing back against the people making assumptions that this is reflecting his views of different races and different cultures and different countries, and but it's pretty soft answer compared to everything else that's coming out. if he's trying to do damage control and convince everybody who's saying that he may be a racist, he probably needs to do more to drive that point home because it's not landing with the audience that needs to hear it. >> bill krols notes he could've, the first thing he tweeted about could have been martin luther king, for instance, on this holiday. that's the thing that influences that. this is going to be another interesting week in a string of
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50 straight interesting weeks. jeff flake, the republican senator from arizona, has big plans to give a speech on the floor of the senate right now criticizing the president for what he has said about the president. mr. president say testament to the -- that our own president uses words infamously spoken by stalin. so fraught with malis was the phrase enemy with the people that even in a kitta forbade it's use. jeff flake in donald trump there's no love loss between him but there's a republican senator that's going to compare the president to stalin in this senate. that's a member to note here this week. >> i think what's also notable is the republican senator who's doing this is not running tor reelection. on this controversy as on previous ones, only republicans who don't expect to face voters in the near term future are the
6:16 am
ones that are willing to be critical of the president because i think republicans on the hill generally have made this bargain that they will pretty much keep quiet about the president's most provocative statements if they can help him deliver on policies they have, deregulation or the tax bill that was signed in december. surely there will be long-term consequences for the republican party in terms of appeal to this rising generation of voters that -- who are increasingly diverse and at odds with president trump and the trump gop but for the moment it is hard to find voices like that of senator flake who are willing to take him on. >> ron? >> real quick. the policy point. what the president is arguing is about shifting from family reunification, chain migration to merit based immigration. it's worth remembering that in 2013 in the comprehensive immigration bill that passed the
6:17 am
senate, every senate democrat as well as over a dozen senate republicans voted to tilt the legal immigration system more toward skills based immigration but not in the context of severely retention the family side. that is the core issue here. the goal is to reduce the number of immigrants in the country. that is the dispute i think much more than whether the balance within that is towards family or skills. there was bipartisan consensus to shift it more toward skills. >> four years ago, a lifetime ago. thanks so much for being with us. still to come, the president's comments not sitting well on capitol hill. now, some calling for an official reprimand. i'll speak to a member of the black caucus about that, plus 38 minutes of panic. how hawaii puts new plans in place to stop this accidental ballistic missile alert from scaring people again. and the queen like you have never heard her before. a very rare conversation you'll
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this week democrat members of congress are moving to censure the president for his comments calling african nations blank hole countries. joining me now is democratic gregory meeks of new york. thanks so much of being with here. overnight the president said i'm not a racist and he told the reporters that he is the least racist person that they have ever spoken to. is that correct? >> that's a joke. look, how do you judge whether a person is a racist or not is by their words and their actions and deeds and clearly if you look at the entire body of this president, going back to new york with the central park five but listening to all the statements he made about
6:23 am
president obama and the birther movement. talking about individuals who were good people, neo-nazi and others, his words are clear. the words and the language of a racist and if you look at the actions of what he was -- what he wants to take us back to, let's make america great again, what period of time was he talking about even during the campaign? when we had racist that were leading the way in this particular country? what i believe what -- in making america great is that we were able to move from the past to the present and he wants to take us back to the past. >> the nephew of martin luther king jr. was at the white house on friday and said, that he doesn't think the president is racist just racially ignorant. because he may not understand the meaning i think and implications of what he's saying. >> stable genius. listen, i think that what the
6:24 am
president is doing is diabolical. that he absolutely knows that he is playing to the racist. listen, those individuals that we know who were former members of the ku klux klan, they're the ones supporting the president in a very big way. >> david duke, the question is you say this is a president, this is something of the people he's playing too clearly racist like david duke, what do you then or how do you characterize members of congress, republicans who are supporting what the president said or not criticizing it or remaining silent, are they complicit? >> oh, yeah, as we celebrate dr. king's birthday and all that he has done for america because virtually dr. king saved america from itself, that -- in that time he talked about those who
6:25 am
remain silent, that we will remember those -- our friends who remain silent as opposed to our enemies who spoke those evil words. it is incumbent upon those americans particularly those of us who have the responsibility of being members of the united states congress be it in the house or the senate to have a strong voice and to say that what the president said is wrong, irrespective of your political viewpoint, what he said is morally wrong and we should say it and stand up for -- stand up against it loudly and clear it. >> you support the formal censure of the president in the house? >> absolutely. how can we stand up and lose our moral compass completely? >> so the question is what else besides that? because congressman john lewis says he will not vote for any deal on government funding temporary or otherwise unless there is a deal for d.r.e.a.m.ers. is that your stance also? >> i think that you've got to have a -- sometimes when with
6:26 am
you're a member of congress and i would hope all of us you would have to vote your conscious, so how can we consciously move on with leaving individuals out? i want to just bring this to point too because the president has lied about the what the diversity visa program is and we need to get the facts out to the american people. >> government shutdown, you won't even support a temporary extension, a continuing resolution. >> what we need to do is to make sure we are creating america that is great, an america that includes all of us, an america that is fair and without that, then i've got to stand my ground. >> this deal that was before the president that he rejected that caused him to swear like he did and make the comments that you think are racist, that deal did include some funding for a border wall. could you support that? >> we all -- i know that in government when you are in a position like i am, i don't get everything that i want. >> so you'd support money for a border wall to get the protection for d.r.e.a.m.ers.
6:27 am
you could support the deal before him on friday. >> i would have to see the deal but i've always been one that looked at trying to make sure we had moderation and worked together and do something in a bipartisan way. some people get what they want and you get some thing that you don't. you have to yield to something that you don't. i would like to look at that deal and i would consider and would have considered that deal but i think that the president's statements and his statements today does not make that likely. >> congressman gregory meeks from new york, great to have you with us. martin luther king would have been 89 years old today which is not that old. it would be interesting to see what he would think if he were here now. >> we need him. the worker responsible for sending out a false alarm is reassigned as the state works to prevent this from happening again. with 33 individual vertebrae
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this morning, hawaii is not under attack and just as importantly no one is telling the folks who live there that they are. the worker responsible for sending out the false ballistic missile alert that had people running for their lives is pulled from their job. they're reassigning not firing the employee who pushed a button that caused 38 minutes for residents and tourist excruciating. now they're trying to figure out how to prevent this from happening again. juliette, i'd like to begin by quoting a famous national security analyst, the original alert was a mistake, the delay in correcting it was shocking, the building of confidence in
6:33 am
the system and personnel is hawaii's obligation now. that is all. so what is the single most important lesson here? >> so i think the most important lesson is that this doesn't happen again. what we're beginning to understand, john, there was a system upgrade that maybe there was a rush to deliver on it and that there were systemic errors in how this what we call reverse 9-1-1 was established to permit itth kind of mistake from happening. then of course this 38 minute delay which is just unforgivable. how can you send something out that's incorrect, know immediately it's incorrect and not have an immediate sort of remedy announcement. that has to be corrected very, very quickly because that's -- that gap is where people act and people make mistakes and tragedies can occur. >> what does this tell us about our overall state of readiness?
6:34 am
is this a national issue or hawaiian issue? >> it's a -- look, the homeland issue is 50 different states and how they are organized, how they communicate with their people and then the overlays of course the federal government and the department of homeland security. so what hawaii learned and the errors that happened this weekend is something that the other 49 states better figure out whether they have systems that are -- that do not make mistakes and that are correctable immediately. each state needs to be able to communicate with each people not because of missiles, of course, earthquakes, fires, whatever it is. they need to test things like capacity. can you get to enough people, communicate what they should do? on the other side is people, us, need to have confidence in that system because if it's wrong too many times, the next time when it's real there's a hurricane, there's a fire, there's a tsunami people won't respond in the way you want them to. the most important thing is
6:35 am
hawaiian officials have said we'll get to the bottom of this. they need to have people have confidence in the system again. >> what do you think u.s. adversaries make of this situation? they saw sort of the chaos that could ensue for 38 minutes. is there a way they could take advantage of this? >> i think it would be hard at this stage if they just follow us. they know this was obviously an error that was just unfortunately took too long to correct. there are pieces of it that actually may signal our military readiness. in that 38 minute delay, northcom and pacific demand came out saying it was messages that it was a mistake. at least that shows to adversary our military readiness and what we call military situational awareness, they knew it was mistake within actually three minutes. that is good. that shows our readiness but for the most part it would be hard for our adversaries or allies to make much of this because of the fact that it was a mistake.
6:36 am
>> sog the president came out with a the president which said basically, you know, this was an error that was committed in the state of hawaii. it was a state issue. there are others criticizing the president for his slow verbal public response to this but is any of this on the president? >> not what happened in hawaii. i think what we're also starting to hear, however, in your reporting and cnn's reporting and others that the white house and the department of homeland security may not have had its crisis planning and crisis communications in place and that some tests and what we call table tops bringing all the new people together, making sure they know what's supposed to happen if an alert like this goes out have not been done sufficiently in the new white house and the new leadership at the department of homeland security. while there are silver linings out of what happened, hawaii's going to test its system also the trump administration needs to make sure they know what to do if the next time it is
6:37 am
actually not a mistake. >> you're smart pointing at the silver linings. a lot of positive can become from this. this can be made a lot better because of the hell people lived through in hawaii for 38 minutes. >> and that gets to the personal preparedness stuff. the anger and fear that people in hawaii felt, i get it and it is unforgivable. on the other hand, if they can take that anger and fear and begin to think through what if that wasn't a mistake, the family communications, the home preparedness, the planning that is essential, not just for missile bombings but, of course tsunamis, earthquakes, other things that hawaii may encounter. that may be one silver lining out of this. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. the white house digging in against the "the wall street journal," the rubert murdock owned "the wall street journal" saying the president was misquoted. it all boils down to one word. you decide next. ♪
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standoff this morning between the president and the rupert murdock owned "the wall street journal." did president trump say i have a good relationship with north korean leader kim jong-un or was he speaking hypothetically saying, i'd with a "d" have that relationship. listen for yourself. the "the wall street journal" posted its audio. >> and i'd probably have a very good relationship with kim jong-un of north korea. >> then the white house released its recording. >> and i'd probably have a very good relationship with kim jong-un of north korea. joining me now anchor of reliable sources cnn brian stelter who i hope has better ears than i do. what did you hear? >> i heard i'd.
6:43 am
i don't know what -- i didn't hear a hard "d." >> i also heard i probably have the same way the "the wall street journal" did and the journal is standing by its transcription of this. >> it's important to understand what's going on between these two leaders of two countries that are locked in this dispute. president trump seemed to be suggesting that he has this relationship with kim jong-un. he didn't answer the question of whether they talked before. there was a suggestion that maybe they've spoken before. that seems outlandish. trump didn't rule it out. >> i want to come back to that. how long did it take for the white house to come out and say the "the wall street journal" version of the story wasn't true. this story was published thursday. >> 48 hours. that's the other piece of this. the white house is toying with the press in this case, toying with the "the wall street journal." once again using that fake news slur against any news outlet that it's disappointed by or frustrated by or angry with. the story comes out on thursday evening. president trump loved the interview. said it was fun. he loves the paper's editor on
6:44 am
saturday evening of this fake news claim comes out, the arguments starts. what happened in between is really interesting. the "the wall street journal" had a story about a payment to a porn star. this was back before election day, one of trump's lawyers arranged $130,000 payment to an adult film star who may or may not have had an entercounter with president trump more than ten years ago. was the white house trying to get back at the journal trying to get revenge by coming out and calling it fake news. i can't say for sure but the time line is curiosity. >> equally strange to the president saying i probably have a good relationship with kim jong-un, the reporters were clearly shocked and the president who allegedly can read a room should have seen they were shocked when he said i or i'd probably have a good relationship with kim. had he spoken to them, he refused to answer one way or the other. that's weed too. >> it's keeping in line with president trump's strategy of being unpredictable of keeping
6:45 am
people guessing but it seemed to be a question suggested by the reporters and president trump played along with it, i'm not going to tell you. north korea leader called the president mentally deranged dotard. this is a very tense relationship. the idea they have a good relationship. >> very quickly. white house says it recorded -- did its own recording. that's not unusual. a lot of politicians i interview they will have their people come in with a tape recorder. >> that is normal. what is abnormal is to see the white house using the tape against a newspaper that until saturday it seemed to really like the "the wall street journal." >> and there's no discernible differences between the recordings at least by my ears. great to have you with us. the first face-to-face talks worked now. north and south korea are meeting again this week. my mom's pain from
6:46 am
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new this morning, russian foreign minister sergey lavrov says threats by the u.s. are destabilizing the world, but he says moscow supports the direct talks between north and south korea. those two countries are actually now talking about skating together on an ice hockey team in next month's winter olympic games. the idea came after north and south korea sat down for their second meeting in less than seven days with another one set for this week. cnn international correspondent paula hancocks has the latest. >> reporter: john, we do have some agreement after the end of that second meeting between north and south korea. north korea said it will send a delegation of around 140 members of an orchestra from the north,
6:51 am
an orchestra that traditionally plays a mix of western and traditional music. and they won't just be performing in the area where the olympics is being held. they will also hold a performance here in the capital in seoul. now, we hear from the south that they have said they will assume the safety and the convenience of this delegation. you can only assume that potentially that means they will be picking up the tab for them. the north also saying they'll send an inspection team to the south to try and sort out logistics ahead of time. north korea has said they would like to travel across the border to come to south korea. the south hasn't agreed to that yet. they were sending a cruise ship to pick up the delegation, because then they have accommodations sorted out as well. on wednesday, they'll have higher level talks between north and south korea. we understand the south is going to be pushing for a joint korean
6:52 am
women's ice hockey team. they want a team from north and south korea on the same team, competing at the olympics under the same flag for the first time ever. and then on saturday you have the ioc deciding exactly who north korea can send. that's going to be a very crucial meeting as well. john? >> paula hancocks, thank you so much. straight from the president's mouth, he says he's the least racist president ever interviewed, but his comments about africa, el salvador and haiti keep drawing attention. new reaction from a key republican just moments ago. plus, for the first time in history, the queen talks about what it is like to wear the crown. >> fortunately my father and i have about the same sort of shaped head. once you put it on , it stays. i mean, it just remains itself. hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer.
6:53 am
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this morning, the queen, like you have never heard her before, not even on netflix. no british monarch has ever spoken on camera about his or her coronation until now. queen elizabeth opening up about the 1953 ceremony in a candid conversation for the documentary "the coronation." max foster tells us more. >> reporter: queen elizabeth, watching footage of her own coronation, for the first time since being crowned 65 years ago. her majesty speaking openly about her procession from buckingham palace in this stunning gold state coach, wearing nearly four tons, bound for westminster abbey. >> horrible. there is no mention of it at
6:58 am
all. it is just not -- >> reporter: it rocks around a lot? >> not very comfortable. >> reporter: were you in it for a long time? >> around london. >> reporter: really? >> we must have gone four or five miles. you can only go at a walking pace. >> reporter: yeah. >> the horses couldn't possibly go any faster. >> reporter: right. >> it is that heavy. >> reporter: the queen offering her candid thoughts about the imperial state crown, which only three people are even allowed to touch. >> it is much smaller, isn't it? i mean, it was -- it was the same height, you know. it would have been up to about there when my father wore it. >> it was huge then. >> yes, very unwieldy. >> reporter: britain's longest reigning monarch describing the rigors of wearing such a heavy crown, with its lavish diamonds and precious stones.
6:59 am
>> fortunately my father and i have about the same sort of shaped head. once you put it on, it stays. i mean, it just remains itself. >> you have to keep your head very still? >> yes, and you can't look down to read the speech. you have to take the speech up. because if you did, your neck would break. it would fall off. so there are some disadvantages to crowns, but otherwise, they're quite important things. >> reporter: the television special giving viewers a rare look at the crown and the sovereign center also used in the queen's coronation, which holds the world's largest clear cut diamond. those along with other sacred symbols of the british monarchy, the crown jewels, have never before been filmed. >> just like all of us. that was max foster reporting. next up on the world calendar, another baby for prince william and the duchess of cambridge and the wedding of prince harry and
7:00 am
american, at least up until now, meghan markle. we got a lot of news. let's get right to it. all right, good morning, everyone. i'm john berman. welcome first martin luther king jr. day of the trump presidency in the 95th day that the president has spent at a trump golf course. in the words that hang over it all this morning are, i'm not a racist. that is how the president is defending himself against the controversy created by his comments in the oval office where he called african nations among others blank hole countries. listen to what he told reporters overnight. >> i'm not a racist. i am the least racist person you have ever interviewed. that i can tell you. >> so within the last few minutes, we got fresh reaction from key republican mitt romney who it seems might be a retired politician no longer and new comments from a key senator who was


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