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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  January 18, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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this is cnn breaking news. >> good evening, thanks for joining us. we're picking up on the breaking news on capitol hill this evening. the house voting just moments ago, passing a short-term funding bill to prevent a government shutdown tomorrow night. it comes after no shortage of gop infighting, chaos, confusion
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over what the president really wants, and of course it's far from over. democrats say they have the votes to block it in the senate, and if they do, or if republicans can't agree among themselves and a shutdown happens, that would make history. the first one ever when the same party controls congress, the white house. a lot to get to. we continue our coverage from the capitol. what do we know about how this vote came together? >> reporter: well, anderson, it's a day that started with confusion. the president seemingly to imply he was opposed to a key element of this bill. it continued with fierce lobbies behind the scenes by republicans. with recognition they were going to get no democratic help. they needed to do this themselves. there were conservatives that had real problems with the scale and scope of what this government funding bill would actually do. but by the middle of the day, i was told by top leadership aides that speaker ryan and his team felt like they were in a good place. in the hours that followed, the house freedom caucus, the conservatives that have been raising concerns about the bill started to fall into line and shortly before the vote, that caucus confirmed that they were
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in majority in support of that proposal. clearing the way for its passage. it is a big victory for speaker ryan and republicans, getting something done on their own without democratic help. but in terms of what happens next, it's still an open question, anderson. >> it goes on to the senate, what's the prognosis there? >> if you have money on not having a government shutdown your bet's not looking good. mitch mcconnell needs 60 votes in the u.s. senate to be able to move things forward. because of attendance issues, he has 50 republicans. it is now very clear, he will not be able to secure the votes of at least ten democrats. he's losing some of his own members on this bill, as well. where does that actually leave things? it is an open question. you ask democrats what the end game is here, they make clear, they want a vote on an immigration bill. they want to atam some type of daca resolution to any government funding bill, or at least reach some deal on that front. republican leaders, the president himself have been very clear, anderson, that is not coming now or any time in the near fuel sure. so, where do they currently stand? working on the blame game.
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they are digging in, both sides. it is not actually clear when this is going to end. things will start moving forward tonight, but again, they'll move forward to a vote that at this point, everybody knows is going to fail. we're coming -- we are now approaching 24 hours until the government shuts down. as of now, there's no real solution or game plan for what happens next, anderson. >> all right, phil, thank you very much. let's go to the white house and jim acosta. what is the white house saying at this point? >> reporter: well, anderson, what they're saying is that obviously they're watching this. the president is watching this all unfold. they're waiting to see what will happen in the senate. but in the meantime, this administration has to get ready for the event of a potential government shutdown. and so i talked to a senior administration official earlier this evening who said in the last couple of days, white house officials haven be talking to the various agencies to basically send the message that this should be minimally -- a minimal disruption for the general public. was how this senior administration official put it. and essentially, one of the things they're talking about is getting the message to say the
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national park service, which is always a symbol during these government shutdowns, when yosemite and other national parks close, this senior administration official was saying that in the event of this government shutdown, under the trump administration, that some national parks and monuments and memorials that rely on minimal staffing, that those facilities should remain open and this administration official cited the world war ii memorial on the national mall as an example. now, if this goes late friday night, one thing they've been studying over here, anderson, is whether or not the president could send out a tweet late friday night, early saturday morning, if this gets passed in the senate, to basically say, listen, i agree with this continuing resolution to keep the government open, and that that tweet would essentially send a signal that the u.s. government is going to remain open. it's sort of unchartered waters to some extent, in that the president's team is looking at the possibility that a tweet could send a signal to the world that the federal government is not shutting down. >> the white house, i mean, this
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president's received some criticism from republicans for essentially not being clear enough in what they actually want. >> reporter: that's right. and that was going on today, you know, the president earlier this morning sent out that tweet saying that the children's health insurance program, if that's extended, that they should be part of a longer budget deal, not a short-term budget deal, which obviously was in conflict with what the house republicans were talking about earlier today. anderson, i was talking to some sources this evening that were saying that, you know, there's some grumbling inside the republican party right now. there's a feeling over on the house side that the president did not put in as many phone calls as he should have, that he should have been working the phones a lot harder, and there's a feeling inside the white ho e house, i talked to a source close to the white house and the house freedom caucus who said earlier this evening that there is a feeling that house speaker paul ryan was struggling to put together the votes needed to get this continuing resolution passed. now, obviously, it's happening, so, that criticism doesn't really pass any muster, but
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there are certainly some grumbling inside the party tonight, as to how this is going down. but anderson, they can only blame themselves. they're in charge of the white house. they're in charge of the congress. if this government shuts down late tomorrow night, it's a republican shutdown. >> do they have a contingency plan if the bill fails in the senate? >> reporter: not at this point. anderson, what we're really going to have to keep our eye on, whether or not the president goes forward with his plans to leave for mar-a-lago tomorrow. he is supposed to celebrate the one-year anniversary of being sworn into office. that is supposed to take place saturday night at mar-a-lago. the trump campaign and the republican party have -- they've been putting out e-mails inviting people to participate in this event and to fund raise off of this event. and so the optic will be there, the image will be there, potentially, of the president of the united states as the government is shutting down, getting on a plane to go down to mar-a-lago and potentially party with donors and so on, as this government is shutting down. now, the white house is not saying at this point whether or no those plans will change, but
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it was interesting to note when the senior administration official was saying earlier this evening that the president essentially sent out a tweet signaling his support for a continuing resolution, that sounds like a contingency plan that would allow the president to go down to mar-a-lago and still allow this government to shut down while the negotiations continue over the weekend. now, i should point out, this official that i was talking to earlier this evening was stressing and trying to make the case that if the government shuts down over the weekend that is not a huge issue. in their feeling. in their view. because many federal workers are off over the weekend. the question is, how long it lasts and what kind of damage is done to this white house image and of the gop's image moving forward. >> all right, jim, appreciate that. to a member of the conservative gop house freedom cause us can, tom garrett. congressman, good to have you on. >> anderson, always good to be with you. >> you voted for the continuing resolution. what got you to yes? >> look, we've been very vocal on the children's health
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insurance program. i think it's ironic that 186 democrats just voted not to reauthorize children's health insurance through 2023. was interesting when jim, who i hold in high regard, said if we have a government shutdown, it's going to be the republican's fault, well, sure, we hold both chambers and the white house. we need 60 votes to get this sort of thing through the senate and i got 186 democrats voting to shut the government down along with six republicans, so, i would ask the person people to just do the math. we've had 186 people vote to shut the government down. those were all democrts and six republicans. meanwhile, 200 some odd republicans voted to keep it ohm. that's the right thing to do. i find myself living in strange world here. >> do you worry, just the optics of people say, look, you do have the white house, you do have congress, and yet you're not all on the same page. >> oh, i think the american people don't want us to all be on the same page. would you want to live in a world where every person could
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be counted upon to vote the exact same way or would you like people to think freely? so, i respect people who might dissent. i don't understand, though, why leader pelosi has led and whipped her caucus to vote against children's health insurance to many times. governor mccall from virginia chastised the republican house delegation of virginia for not having c.h.i.p. done. leader pelosi, has she voted for it yet? at some point, people are going to start looking at how people actually vote. because that's what matters. this is going to be a shchumer shutdown, if it's a shutdown, because watch what happens in the senate, if they vote to shut the government down. it's going to be a vast majority of democrats that do so. >> when the president called into the meeting today, can you talk about what he said? did it have an impact on you, some of your fellow freedom caucus members? >> i wasn't privy to that conversation. >> okay. senator lindsey graham said they need a leader in the president. senator mcconnell said he
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doesn't know what the president wants. do you believe that's a fair criticism, that the president has not been clear enough in explaining exactly what he wants? >> yeah, i'm not going to depend people in positions -- excuse me, attack people in leadership for asking for clarity from the white house. i think, though, that the president can put that shoe on the other boot and if for clarity from the legislative branch. i hate governing by cr. it just is not the way we're supposed to do business, for the record, the house passed 12 separate budget bills. they languish in the senate. i told somebody the house moves slowly, but compared to the senate, we're the millennium falcon. we did the kessel run in four parsecs. i think leader mcconnell has the right to speak to the president, say, this is what i need from you. the president has the right to say, this is what i need from you all. i'm not going to get into the he said, she said. i think right now, one of the of the aisle is the tone.sides - and if you have anything to do with it, it's going to be
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pointing out this vote count. the vast majority of democrats voted to shut down the government and not fund children's health insurance and yet again, i, who am labeled a staunch conservative and spotless in voting to fund this program, so, again, it's an interesting world. >> so, what happens to this bill when it gets to the senate? do you think it passes there or do you think there will be a shutdown? >> i'm hopeful that it passes. it is interesting, because i think america needs to do a better job understanding the rules of the senate. if, in fact, you're going to get to the point where you need 60 votes, there's a filibuster process that could be invoked. i would say to majority leader mcconnell that we like to see him make this process play fully out. let's see how committed chuck schumer is to denies children's health insurance. let's sue hee how exited he is shutting down the government and, you know, i mean -- not throw up our hands and say, well, but that's too hard.
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so, i'm not going to conjecture, i'm not going to speculate on what they'll do in the senate except to say that i'm proud that we voted tonight to not shut the government down and extend this children's health insurance coverage to 9 million american children who had nothing to do with the circumstances in which they find themselves. >> congressman, thank you for your time. >> great talking to you. >> take care. joining me now is david gregory and gloria borger. clearly, we're watching this play out in real time, gloria. which party do you think has the most at stake tonight? clearly, you just heard from the congressman who is trying to call this a schumer shutdown, trying to put all the blame on the democrats. >> right, and trying to make the case that democrats are against extending children's health insurance, which i don't think is the issue here. i think it's gotten so convoluted that the public's going to have a hard time trying to figure out who to blame and they should probably blame both sides in this. but as you pointed out at the top of the show, this is a
9:13 pm
republican-controlled washington. period. white house, house, senate. and, you know, i think in the end, that the people in charge are the people who generally get the blame. and i think we're -- this is no way to run a government. don't forget, the bill that they voted on in the house tonight only extends through february 16th. so, they're just kicking the can down the road here, and this is what democrats are saying they don't want to do anymore. they don't want to just kick the can down the road. they want to come up with some solutions, particularly only the issue of dreamers, which was not included at all in the house bill. >> right. david, we heard the criticism from graham, mcconnell, is it clear to you whether president trump understands, i mean, at least of this morning when his tweets again caused consternation among his own party, what was in this funding measure and what was not in it? >> it's not clear to me that he cares, necessarily. because he's not standing by the
9:14 pm
party. he's -- he's someone who campaigned on the promise of draining the swamp and changing the way washington works. he also has demonstrated that he would step back and separate himself from establishment republicans who seem to govern in a way that disappoints a lot of his voters. well, the problem now is that the republican leader, as you pointed out, says he's not sure what the president wants with regard to immigration. you've got a prominent supporter of the president in lindsey graham who say, it's time for him just to be a leader. so, i'm sure he understands what the ramifications are, but he is still all over the place. >> yeah. >> which is no way to get to what you need, which is either a short-term fix or pave the way to get something big. and if it's a kind of chaos theory negotiation, we haven't seen a lot of that before, maybe with president trump, it will be different. >> david, gloria, stay with me for just a minute. we have to take a break. also tonight, the president promising over and over again to be the best deal maker. we'll talk about his role in all
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information now. we've learned that in a matter of minutes the senate may take up legislation to prevent a shutdown. this was not expected tonight, now we're learning otherwise, learning the initial vote, a motion to proceed, may happen any moment. let's just go back to phil
9:19 pm
mattingly right now. phil what's going on? >> reporter: yeah, so, the senate is going to, once they get the house bill, they're going to take it up on the floor. what they will first do is have a vote, as you noted, on the motion to proceed. that would get them onto the bill. that is a simple majority threshold, so they need 51 votes to actually move that forward. as of this moment, both republicans and democrats believe the votes are there to do that. that is not the vote that everybody needs to keep an eye on. the vote that everybody needs to keep an eye on is the next vote, anderson, that would be the vote that has the threshold of 60 votes. that would be the vote where democrats plan to hold off on giving majority leader mitch mcconnell the votes to actually move forward on the bill. now, when that vote will actually happen is still open for debate. they would have to get an agreement in terms of the timing on that. but i think the key issue right now is, and i've been batting back and forth, the senate and republican aides since the house passed their bill, is there any movement, is there any idea of how this is going to play out, not just tonight, but over the next couple of days, and the answer is no. there is no necessary definite strategy in terms of how this is going to work on both sides,
9:20 pm
other than republicans are dug in, democrats are dug in and the one thing we know for certain is senate majority leader mitch mcconnell does not have the 60 votes to move forward on that house-passed bill. until he does, the government is still on that path, anderson, to shut down tomorrow night. >> we'll continue checking with you as the story continues to break in this hour. let's go back to gloria borger and david gregory. gloria, you know, when you hear republicans say, look this is all going to be blamed on the democrats, it's the democrats' fault, they're against helping kids -- what is the democratic argument? is it, for them, is it just a political roll of the dice that they believe, if it does shut down, republicans will get the blame? >> well, look, you know, the democratic argument on children's health is, if this is so important to you republicans, why didn't you take it up earlier this year when you could have? when the democrats wanted to deal with it? i mean, children's health insurance is something that you can bring up on the floor any
9:21 pm
time and renew it and they've been screaming about it for the -- the democrats have been screaming about it for quite some time. i think, look -- i was just talking to a senior democratic leadership aide who pointed out to me that we have not talked to republicans since donald trump became president. we really don't deal with each other. so, they're kind of flying by each other here. the democrats are incensed about what the president said, his vulgar remarks on immigration. that added heat to the fire here. they're concerned about dreamers, they think this is something that should have been done awhile ago. and the republicans are effectively trying to bribe democrats, saying, look, we're going to pass this children's health insurance. i don't note how they get out of this, to be honest. >> david? >> i think the big part of the democratic strategy is resistance. they want to fight on the terrain of the president's a bad guy, he's unfit, this is their
9:22 pm
argument, and that he is racist, as you've heard, obviously, and that his views on immigration are un-american. that's the ground they want to fight on. they want to make this a proxy fight over his views on immigration. they don't want to take him on on jobs or how the market is doing. and so, that's the bed here. there's a lot of energy in the democratic base, political base, leading up in this election year, leading up to 2020, about where were you, did you stand up to trump and by proxy, the republicans? so, i think that's what's driving a lot of this right now, and i think this may be the best moment of leverage. with a little bit more space, they might just be able to get a bigger deal that a mercurial president may be able to deal with. >> the president likes to call himself a dealmaker. he's done it a lot. i want to show you all the times that he's talked about that. >> we need somebody with great energy, with great passion, with great deal-making skills. i'm going to make the great
9:23 pm
deals. i am going to make great deals for our country. i mean, what i do is -- i do deals. i deal. i negotiate by creating leverage. so i can extrektact a good dealr the united states, for the people. i make deals. i negotiate. everybody wants me to negotiate. that's what i'm known as, as a negotiate. i'm so anxious to negotiate. nobody can outnegotiate these deals. i will make a great deal and lots of great deals for the american people. i am a dealmaker, and that's what the country needs is a dealmaker. we don't make great deals anymore. but we will, once i become president. i'm a closer. we're going to close. we're going to start winning so much. just like the video. we're going to win and win and win. >> it's so interesting, gloria, because we've seen just in the last week and a half, when cameras were in that meeting on immigration, the president not seeming to exactly know what actually he does believe in. agreeing with dianne feinstein first, then with congressman mccarthy, who sort of
9:24 pm
interseeded to do an int interventi intervention, to explain what republican policy was and then kind of going back to the democratic policy. >> i think that what you saw is that the president doesn't have any set of beliefs. his belief is that he wants to win and he wants to be regarded as the person who brought the deal over the finish line but lindsey graham told him that you have to be involved. mitch mcconnell came out and said, look, if we know where the president stands on immigration, maybe we can get something done here. and you saw him this morning upend this entire debate by tweeting about a clean cr and saying that churn's health shouldn't be apart of it, because he didn't understand that it was a six-year renewal. so this is not a negotiator. this is somebody who's not paying attention to the details, and you saw his own chief of staff talk about that yesterday as well, that the president has evolved. well, i think the president may be learning, but then he shoots
9:25 pm
his mouth off and we don't know what he believes. >> yeah. gloria, david, thanks very much. coming up, who are shaping up to be the winners and losers in the negotiations with all of this? we'll ask two people who have had seats at the table in the senate and the white house. that's next. i had frequent heartburn, but my doctor recommended... ...prilosec otc 7 years ago, 5 years ago, last week. just 1 pill each morning, 24 hours and zero heartburn. it's been the number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10... ...straight years, and it's still recommended today. use as directed. (toots) but you know it's you. so know this. the activated charcoal in charco caps adsorbs gas for fast gas relief without passing the gas.
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we're now waiting for the senate to take its first vote on a short-term spending bill to head off a shutdown tomorrow night. as phil mattingly reported just a moment ago, republicans apparently do not have the support they need, in other words, if a vote happens now, it would fail. some republicans pin the blame on the president. listen what two members of the president's own party had to say. >> i'm looking for something that president trump supports, and he's not yet indicated what measure he's willing to sign. as soon as we figure out what he is for, then i would be convinced that we were not just spinning our wheels going to this issue on the floor but actually dealing with a bill that has a chance to become law and therefore solve the problem.
9:30 pm
>> you can't blame president trump for a broken congressional system, but we need a better partner at the white house. >> most republicans, as we talked to congressman garrett earlier tonight, are going to be blaming this on democrats. two cnn political commentators who know a lot about these negotiations, what's at stake. former white house communications director for president obama, jen psaki and former senator rick santorum. senator santorum, the house has voted, so, now all eyes turn to the senate. walk us through what's likely going on behind the scenes right now. >> well, i mean, they're obviously trying to get to the bill. they'll have to move to proceed, which usually the republicans, whether you are for or against what the house passed, the republicans will line up and will support the leader's ability to bring up whatever bill he wants, so, that should not be a big deal. and then it's just a matter of whether they can twist enough arms and get enough republicans to show some unity. the whole idea is for republicans to show solidarity and try to get as many people, if you get to 50 or 51 would be great. if they can get to a number, then they can point the finger
9:31 pm
pretty clearly at the democrats and say, look. we president ut up all the voted to make this thing work and the other side isn't helping us. but if they come up short, five, six, seven, ten republicans vote no, it's a little harder to make the case that they're responsibly governing. >> jen, you were part of the 0 became obama administration during the shutdown in 2013. does a shutdown really work out well for anybody? i'm guessing both sides are hoping the other side gets the blame. >> shutdowns are never great politics, but this would be the fourth shutdown in the last 25 years. republicans have been blamed, if you look at polling, every single time, because they controlled chambers of congress. so, there's no reason to believe that would be different. in this particular scenario tonight, there are four republican senators who have said they wouldn't support this. so, you're looking at a scenario where mcconnell would have to get 13 democrats onboard to get to the 60, which is a very hard hurdle. but the democrats i've spoken
9:32 pm
to, they don't want a shutdown. it's not great politics. what they want is, they want to use this leverage to get the republicans, a larger swath of them, to the negotiating table, to address daca, to make this a longer term spending bill. that's what they really want to get to. >> but why go for everything all at once? you know, jen, couldn't democrats just say, well, look. we'll get the child, you know, the c.h.i.p. program and we'll do daca next. is it just about about leverage? >> well, part of it is leverage, which they don't have frequently, because democrats don't control anything in washington, but they feel they were promised a deal on daca in december. that has not been delivered on. and they're talking -- this is not just a political issue for many democrats, it's a moral issue. talking about 700,000 people whose lives are hanging in the balance. and they don't trust that if republicans say, we'll address that in february, that it will actually happen. so, they feel now is the time where they need to get a deal on this. >> yeah, the problem with that, anderson, is that the deal they
9:33 pm
put forward wasn't just about daca. it was about ten million folks that would one way or another stay in this country indefinitely. if their concern was about daca, they should have brought a compromise bill to the president that just dealt with daca. they didn't. they were overreaching, and they're getting -- they're getting their hand slapped as a result of this. so, you make up the good point, every democrat that's voting no tonight is voting against a bill that they support. there's nothing in this bill the democrats oppose. so, you say, well, why don't you just take what everybody agrees with and then come back and get the next bite of the apple, and really, let's be honest, no one's going to negotiate and immigration bill in the next 24 hours. it's just way too complicated to do that. this really gives the democrat a month to still have leverage, they're going to come back in a month. they're going to need another vote. they're going to have to make another compromise, republicans are, if they're going to get democratic votes to pass it. now they don't have children's health insurance, if this passes, as a leverage point to get democrats to vote for it. i don't really see the angle.
9:34 pm
and candidly, to just contradict jen a little bit, the reason republicans got blamed for the last shutdown was because republicans were demanding something other than a clean bill. the democrrepublicans wanted a bill and the congress said, no, we want to put this, there's things in here we don't like and we want out, or we want to put in there, and that's why -- that's why they lost. the democrats are now the ones doing that, and i think that puts them in real precarious situation. >> senator santorum, you heard what lindsey graham said today. do republicans need a better partner in the white house? >> i think he's right. i don't agree with what he's doing on immigration, but i think he's right that the president, and mitch mcconnell is right. the president needs to show more leadership of what he wants. the -- as good as the optics were for the president on that meeting that he had, he really did not provide any clarity as to what he was willing to sign and what he wasn't. he listed four things, but then
9:35 pm
was all over the place as to whether he would accept pieces of those things. he needs to be very clear. and let's be honest, the four things the president's asking for are things that democrats by and large support. >> senator santorum, jen, thank you. the house intelligence committee is releasing the full testimony of the cofounder of fusion gps, the opposition research found behind the so-called trump dossier. going to look at that ahead. new reporting tonight, following the money, allegedly from the presidential candidate, donald trump, to the porn star. what "the wall street journal" is reporting when "360" continues. we're pretty sure no one's ever said microwaved. you deserve a breakfast made with respect. try the new bacon, egg, and cheese on brioche. panera. food as it should be. but he's got work to do. with a sore back. so he took aleve this morning. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now.
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imagine what we can do for you. there's more breaking news tonight, which on just about any news day might be a lede. the house intelligence committee has released the testimony of glen simpson, and california congressman adam schiff says it reveals what he calls serious allegations about the trump organization, russian nationals and the very thing that steve bannon reportedly warned about, which is money laundering. jim sciutto has been going through the transcript. he joins us now. what have you been learning? >> well, anderson, congressman schiff, of course, the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee drawing particular attention to this mention again of money laundering. trump organization, allegation i should make clear, trump organization, money laundering for russian nationals and schiff making this point, isn't this interesting, because steve
9:40 pm
bannon made a similar reference in michael wolff's book. to be clear, this was, in this testimony, no evidence, hard evidence presented by simpson. fft, he was pressed by republicans, saying, okay, you're making this allegation, what can you show us to prove this is true? so, he granted that, no hard evidence he could present there, but schiff making the additional point then, well, why won't my republican colleagues let us on the committee pursue this? investigate if there is anything there? that's the frustration. if that's not happening in the house intelligence committee, we have a fair amount of confidence that is a line of inquiry for robert mueller. >> he doesn't have any evidence in the money laundering claims, but his testimony focused on the so-called dossier. what did he say about that? >> that's right. listen, look back at the dossier. it was a series of memos that allege members of the trump organization, the campaign, were in touch with russian nationals
9:41 pm
involved what was alleged to be a conspiracy to trade damaging information on hillary clinton,s set tra. help turn the election campaign. those were early intelligence leads, but if you look at what has been revealed since then, things like the trump tower meeting in june 2016. other contacts between trump campaign people, george papadopoulos and others, discussions of damaging information on hillary clinton, that some of what was alleged in the dossier has stood up. has come out in public since then. and that's a point, just to counter what you've heard often from the president, that this is a phony dossier, et cetera. that, in fact, one of the central allegations of the dossier, there has been at least some evidence of that revealed since the dossier was first revealed. >> jim sciutto, thank you. joaquin castro sits on the house intelligence committee, he joining us now. the allegations that the trump organization may have engaged in money laundering, can you
9:42 pm
explain what glen simpson said about that? >> well, sure. he had a concern based on a years long worth of research, and not just cursory stuff, but going into court filings and corporate filings. he had this concern about the possibility of money laundering. this idea that you might have, for example, russians who have somehow acquired money illegally and they're needing to cleanse that money and they're investing it in trump properties. but as jim mentioned, and as you see in the transcript, he said at the end of the day that he couldn't provide hard yefd of th that, he only saw signs of that. he said the reason he couldn't provide hard evidence is because fusion gps is not a governmental entity that can subpoena different entities for information. and the house intelligence committee, i think, is unlikely to follow up on a lot of the leads, unfortunately. part of that because of the resources committed to the committee, the politics of it.
9:43 pm
but i do think it's something that bob mueller should and will look into. >> so, it's not something your committee would actually look into? >> i hope that we will, but unfortunately, it's something that i would not be surprised if the committee does not. >> i want to ask you about hope hicks interview with your committee getting delayed. was it out of concern about the white house and what she might actually be able to say, whether the white house would be trying to invoke executive privilege? >> that's impossible for me or for other members of the committee to know, but we definitely want to speak with miss hicks. she's somebody that we want to interview. there's still many people that we think need to be interviewed in order to fill out the pieces of this puzzle. you know, so, i'm sure that we'll have a chance to talk to her at some point in the near future. >> john kelly on fox news last night said that the white house never told steve bannon to invoke executive privilege. bannon's attorney said he was told by white house lawyers that bonn non was not authorized to
9:44 pm
speak about his time in the white house. so, i mean, is general kelly trying to basically just kind of play se mmantics here? we didn't tell bannon, but it sounds from bannon's attorney, who, you know reportedly was even calling the white house during the testimony, during breaks, seems like the white house at least talked to bannon's attorney. >> it could be one of a few things. first, it could be possibly that they didn't give the order for him that they were going to assert executive privilege and there was a misrepresentation, although i got to manage that's very unlikely with the professional representation that he had. that would be a serious violation by an attorney representing mr. bannon to make that claim. so, i think it's more likely, what often happens at the white house, which is the left and the right hand don't communicate and up get different answers on any controversial issue, depends on who you're talking to at the white house. >> congressman, appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you. coming up, hope hicks, as we
9:45 pm
just said, was supposed to testify before the house intelligence committee tomorrow. she won't. more of an explanation ahead. also, new reporting on how an alleged cash payment from a lawyer for then candidate trump to an adult film star came to be. in birds eye protein blends. ok. they're delicious side dishes with the protein of beans, whole grains... ...and veggies! mmm, good. my work here is dooooone! bird's eye protein blends. so veggie good.
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white house aid was supposed to testify tomorrow before the house intelligence commute tee. h hope hicks will not be appearing. amida swirl of confusing signals about whether or not she would invoke executive privilege. there's that. and tonight there's glen simpsons money laundering allegations that congressman schiff is talking about. here to sort through it all. cnn analyst. can these congressional committees force the witnesses talk short of holding them in contempt of congress? >> they can instlimt to be interviewed and they can also subpoena them. if they want. although it seems like the house intelligence committee which is republican led is mostly not
9:50 pm
interested in subpoenaing witnesses. although they did issue a subpoena for bannon. that didn't work out. because he wasn't responsive. it's -- the bigger point that we have seen is this house intelligence investigation just seems disorganized. they are inviting witnesses. witnesses come and don't know whether or not they'll invoke executive privilege. they don't know whether the witness will appear. and it just strikes me as disorganized, they're not communicating either effectively with the white house counsel office to understand what's going to happen. and doesn't necessarily seem like they're deconflicting well with the special counsel office. >> which comes on the heels of john kelly saying executive privilege has not been invoked or bannon was not asked to do that. is the white house trying to thread some legal needle here? >> no. you have to exert executive privilege to prevent the witness from answering questions.
9:51 pm
and i don't think that the chief of staff was actually in the loop. i think bannon was in touch with mcbegan and operating under the presidents directives not to answer questions. the bigger problem on the executive privilege claim is the breath of the privilege they are asserting. to say they are asserting privilege for the transition period. where i can't find any constitutional basis for that. it seems to me the executive privilege starts when you're the executive. we have one at the time. and so i think that confused the committee. i think they're probably right to postpone hope hicks testimony to until they sort out the asers they'll make and the time period. they have to subpoena the people and bring them in. approximate they assert the privilege improperly. they have to take them to court. of course as we know, in respect of hope hicks he's testified
9:52 pm
before mueller. that's the big deal. >> not congress. >> the possibility of president trump being interviewed by mueller. the president's attorney was asked if going so could be a perjury trap. he said no. but said it's foolish not to consider the possibility. is it only a perjury trap if you have something to hide? >> if he's worried about what the witness will say. in person that goes in front of an ent interview o of grand jury. it's not necessarily a perjury trap. he's concerned the way the president will answer questions. >> given the limited the net work he does interviews with. you can only imagine a lawyer's concern about him sitting in front of mueller or his team. >> well in fairness, any president any white house counsel or advisor to the
9:53 pm
president will be concerned about a president sitting in the formal setting. i would think a lawyer for this president would be particularly concerned given his record of lack of trauth telling. >> definitionally. a perjury trap is a process by which the prosecutor is bringing a witness into the grand jury purposely to trick them into saying something that's perjury to charge them with perjury. if you bring a witness in it good faith and ask them questions about an ongoing investigation and they perjury themselves. not that's a trap. that's just perjury. >> he expects the mueller investigation to wrap up in four to six weeks. after he predicted it would be over in january. after he predicted it would be over by thanksgiving. isn't he going the client the president a disservice by publicly or giving to him
9:54 pm
directly these dates which don't seem to be accurate? >> well, i can tell you as a lawyer when you have a difficult client, sometimes you do things that are against your best judgment. which is what the client wants you to do. so in ties case i have no idea whether he is following lt direction of his client. who gets to control the messaging. or tie is just optimistic that in four to six weeks some aspect of the investigation may wrap up. remember we talked about in the past there are multiple work streams that mueller has. money laundering. collusion, the obstruction of justice. and so maybe there's a possibility one aspect of this thing gets in four to six weeks more or less shut down. but i don't think it's realistic that all of them will. >> thanks very much. new reporting from the wall street journal on the alleged cash payment to a porn star by the personal lawyer for president trump. you may recall the journal
9:55 pm
$130,000 payment to a woman by the name of stormy daniels in 2016. weeks before the election. that payment according to to the journal was prevent publia publ- and discovered he arranged the money through a private company he set up in delaware. called essential consultant. back in october of 2016. the president has denied any affair and cohen told the journal the reporters were wasting my time. when asked about the delaware company. in e-mails he didn't address the alleged $130,000 payment. we have more tonight including a resignation that just happened within the trump administration after the k file team uncovered a stream of racist, antimuslim and antigay comments. we'll be right back.
9:56 pm
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with advil's fast relief, you'll ask, "what pulled muscle?" "what headache?" nothing works faster to make pain a distant memory. advil liqui-gels and advil liqui-gels minis. what pain? news tonight of another resignation from the trump administration. the man the chief of external affairs for the volunteer service organization. that connects volunteers to service opportunities in some of the nations poorest areas. investigation by cnn k file found the appointee has been a guest on this and other news net
10:00 pm
works had a pattern of making racist, sexist, ain't muslim and antigay comments stretching back years. he said black americans had lack morals and another time declared he hated gay people. talking about all gay people. every one of them. he was the host of a raid ra ra show called sound of freedom. 27 hours until the government shuts down. it's the senate's turn to act. in realtime with players from both sides. what do you say? let's get after it. i'm chris cuomo. welcome to "prime time." big night. big night. lots of breaking news. headlines all over the place. tla the house has taken us one step cloers to passing