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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  January 19, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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it's about making sure we have a budget that provides certainty for our military, make sure we fund the veterans, opioid epidemic. there is lots to get done and we can do it. >> thanks for joining us. good luck. >> thank you very much wolf. >> that's it for me. thanks for watching looming government shutdown continues now with erin burnett out front. out front next, breaking news, race against the clock. just hours away from a shut down, and there is no deal. plus a republican claims to have evidence of fbi miss steps in the 2016 election. is this real or is it just another attempt to derail the russia investigation? and shell company pure potaport used to pay a porn star for a relationship with donald trump. let's go out front. good evening i'm erin
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burnett. we are on the brink. less than five hours away from a shut down of the u.s. government. right now a desperate race in the senate to try to find 60 votes to keep the government open. if they don't have the votes, if they do not have them, this shut down will happen at midnight. it would be historic first full shut down under one control. trump and republicans control evers of the government, white house, house and senate. most basic jobs, of course is keeping the government running. and now staring down failure, the blame game is on. trump and his allies launching a preemptive strike to blame the democrats. >> they are preparing for what they are calling the schumer shutdown. >> i hope we don't have the schumer shutdown. >> either we stay open or have assumer shutdown. how can it be that when the republicans control the white house, the house, and the
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senate? >> come on, you know the answer to that as well as anybody. i have to laugh when people say that, oh, we control the house, senate, white house why can't you get this done. you know as well as anybody, that it takes 60 votes in the senate to pass appropriations vote. so when you only have 51 votes then you have to have democrat spurt in order to cappuccino the government to fund the government so that's the answer to your question. >> so it's pretty good argument until you consider what then citizen trump said in 2013 about who holds ultimate responsibility for a government shutdown. he minced no words. >> so i think the pressure is on obama to make the deal because he doesn't want it in his resume. in 100 years from now when the government is, they talk about the government shutdown, they are going to be talking about the president of the united states. who was the president at that time? not talking who the head of the house was or senate. not going to be talking about
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that. they'll be talking about the president's administration. so he has a lot of pressure on him to get this solved. but you have to negotiate. he doesn't want to negotiate. he doesn't want to meet and talk to people. and the right guy would get everybody into a room and make a deal. >> that's the thing about trump. there is there is always a tape. so by his definition, he was very clear, he owns it. cut a deal and a vert a shutdown, he wins. and if he fails it's on him. called chuck schumer and invited him to the white house and moments ago trump did a tweet saying a compromise was still possible. excellent meeting working on solutions for security in our great military together with senate mcconnell and speaker ryan making progress. now of course that meeting to be clear, majority leader and paul ryan was not there.
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it was president and chuck schumer and chief of staff kelly. at this time there is no deal. and timing could not be worse. tomorrow marks one year inauguration of anniversary. today he was forced to put off a trip to mar-a-lago where tomorrow night a big black tie is scheduled to celebrate with fundraiser. out on capitol hill, and sunlen, this is truly a fluid situation. now we are less than five hours away from a shutdown of the u.s. government. where do things stand right now? >> well, certainly it is a fluid information, erin. and news in the last moment right as we were going on air is senator majority leader mitch mcconnell will have a vote tonight. vote take place at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. we believe the vote that they are going to push to is one that they've been pushing to all day.
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house passed spending bill with four week extension. many members of course not on board with that plan. we expect that this will indeed fail. we heard in the last few minutes heidi high camp north dakota come out and say she will indeed vote for the spending plan but joints two other democrats as of now that will cross ranks and vote with republicans. not enough for republicans to get the 60 votes they need. so all day they have been pushing towards this now set 10:00 vote on the senate floor tonight. that will fail. the big question that has remained all throughout the day and continues to remain is what happens next when and if that fails? that is an open question tonight. a lot of talk up here on the hauls of capitol hill about potentially doing a few short day, 3, 4, 5 day short-term continuing resolution to keep the government up and running until they can negotiate in another day. but the white house legislature director told me a few weeks
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ago, that is not an option. they want a four week extension. question is how to get the votes for that? >> exactly. how to get the votes for that. got to give on the time or content. and each side is refusing to budge on one or the other. thank you. i'm going to go to the white house and jeff zeleny. what is the latest thinking there on the shutdown? obviously the president's view a few years ago was clear, everyone will remember who was president not who was house minority leader. >> i think you get the sense they will remember who the president was. that's why you saw more engagement with president trump today. first and foremost calling senator schumer to the white house for 90 minute meeting. but in washington things don't get done until the 11th hour. we are about approaching that 11th hour here. and the reality here is the white house is still uncertain of what the senate will do. they do believe that there will
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be a series of votes that they are going to lose on. of course, first and foremost the house vote, they know the senate will not vote to approve the house bill. so mick mulvaney former member of congress central in the 2016 shutdown, he told us earlier he believes they have a little more breathing room since it is a friday night. he predicted that the government will indeed basically shut down or roll over the deadline, but they believe they will get in agreement in 24 hours. but that is still an open question. when you ask senior advisers who i've been trying to do through out the day and into the evening here, who is going to vote, they still do not know who or what the whip count is. so as we stand here tonight the president had planned to be at mar-a-lago. he is stuck here in washington. likely not to travel there for the rest of the weekend unless they get a deal for late tomorrow. so watching this very carefully here at the white house, they
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believe it will get done by monday morning, but they don't know exactly when before that, erin. >> all right. jeff. thank you very much. >> sure. >> and out front now, let's go to the white house principal deputy press secretary raj, thanks for being with me. what's the bottom line? is there going to be a deal tonight or not? >> erin, good evening and thanks for having me on. i think it's up to senate democrats whether we will shut down the dpft or not. we have seen senator joe mansion, heidi hide camp, joe donely in indiana come out and say they could favor this bill. and really a lot for democrats to favor and a lot for the country to look forward to. if you think about a shutdown, the people harmed the most are children who may lose health insurance, public employees who work paycheck to paycheck and don't have a paycheck to pay for mortgages or other things, and military families who may have harm. and if you look at the folks who are going to be working, you'll
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have border patrol agents, our troops who are going to work without receiving pay, that's not a situation that we want. right now the senate has a bill in front of them that the house passed that deserves democrat and republican support. we are still hopeful they might come forward and support it tonight. >> all right. so you still think that's possible tonight? obviously what we are hearing coming out of these meetings is pretty negative. i know democrats are going to be meeting again in about an hour or 90 minutes. senator ben cardin said last year there are 60 votes. right now 8 shy with the democrats you just counted. but you would have the 60 votes if you did a three day extension and spent the next three days working out some of the issues. is that a nonstarter for the white house? or would you consider a few day extension? >> well, that's certainly not going to solve the problem. right now we are looking toward a long-term solution where we have a two-year set of budget caps that provide certainty for military, federal agencies so
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they can make spending decisions and they are able to plan with some understanding of when their funding is going to come in. right now a three day or four day or five day whatever people have been talking about, we won't be able to solve these problems. the other issue of immigration folded into this debate, that's certainly not growing to get solved. so whatever senator cardin is proposing is just a bandage. it doesn't solve the problem. >> so no way you get on board with that? >> we will not get on board with that. they have a bill in front of them that extends chip. that delays taxes for two years. this is something that frankly if praesident obama they would vote for and sign. they don't want to support donald trump. >> and i know obviously the president invited chuck schumer to the white house today only chuck schumer. did that meeting go anywhere? it sort of seemed optimistic. but it doesn't look like it right now. >> they got to exchange ideas. and we learned what some of the
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broader sticking points are for the democrats when it comes to the two year budget negotiations. but really right now senator schumer needs to go tell his caucus to avoid a government shutdown the only really best and only way to avoid it is to vote for this 28-day extension. if you talk about three to five days, what's the difference between that and 28 days when you ks extend children's health insurance and delay taxes? we think it's a good deal in front of them right now. >> so i know you are saying democrats, blaming democrats and the whole schumer shut down thing. look, alliteration is great and it sells. and i get it. but the president has been so vocal in the past, from your point of view one of the curses from your boss. we know he's been opening his mouth for years. here he is in 2013 when president obama was president talking about who would be to blame for the shutdown.
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>> so i really think the pressure is on obama to make a deal because he doesn't want this in his resume. >> in 25 years, 50 years, 100 years from now, when the government, they talk about the government shutdown, they are going to be talking about the president of the united states. who was the president at that time? they won't be talking who the head of the house was, head of the senate. not talking about that. they'll be talking about the president's administration. so he's got a lot of pressure on him to get this thing solved. but have you to negotiate. you doesn't want to negotiate. he doesn't want to meet. he doesn't want to talk to people. and the right guy would get everybody into a room and would make a deal. >> presidents do get the blame. he's right about that. the new poll today, 47 combined% to the 31% put the blame on democrats. and the president said it in a way that has to make you smile. 25 years, 50 years, 100 years
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when they talk about the government shutdown they'll be talking about the president. is he willing to accept the blame? >> i don't think the president should have the blame in this circumstance. let's look at what's actually being negotiated. democrats have a bill in front of them that extends children's health insurance, that delays taxes that has bipartisan support. these are measures that they would support as standal loans. only thing they are trying to do is add immigration to this debate and have amnesty for a class of illegal immigrants in daca passed and added to this bill. and if you want to talk about 2013, it was chuck schumer himself who said on national tv that adding immigration to a budget negotiation would create government chaos. create dysfunction. >> yes, he did. paraphrasing it very well. i played that last night for senator marquise. >> senator marky. >> and the point is there are
4:14 pm
people that are depending on government funding today, tomorrow, and in the near future. as i mentioned public employee workers who live paycheck to paycheck, and our military needs this. even secretary james madison, secretary of defense said earlier today intelligence operations and key training would have to be stopped in the shutdown happens. >> i want to ask you one more thing. new reporting today out of the wall street journal reporting that the president's personal lawyer formed private company just before the election to pay $130,000 in exchange for porn star silence about her alleged relationship with the president, not the president at the time, of alleged relationship was 2006. there was no affair why was there an llc set up in delaware to pay these porn star? >> these were answered pretty extensively during the campaign and i don't have anything to
4:15 pm
add. >> never been reporting about her being paid by the president until now. >> sure, you can contact the individuals involved with that. right now tonight we are focused on getting this bill passed and keeping the government open. >> all right. thank you very much. i appreciate your time. >> thanks so much for having me on. >> and next trump and schumer, the ultimate africfrenemies, cay make a deal, calling for a miss steps. democrats say it's a giant employ. what's the truth. and we will go to delaware, llc shell company to pay off the porn star you see there with donald trump is located. and we'll tell you what we found. touch is how we communicate with those we love, but when your psoriasis is bad, does it ever get in the way?
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4:20 pm
relationship could be crucial in getting a deal. let's go to keith boykin and steven moore and cnn political analyst mark preston. mark, let me start with you, this vote we are hearing about 10:00 tonight eastern, gives them two hours which is basically a crucial vote in the step of keeping the government open. and the deadline. is that enough time for them to get there? >> i don't think they'll necessarily see a deal cut within the next 120 minutes if we want to boil it down and just show how pressing it is. bottom line is, and i'm a negative person by nature, but i'm optimistic they'll get to something. but for our viewers out there wondering why are we at this point. two simple numbers from cnn poll one is only 17% of republicans would place blame on donald trump or congressional republicans for the government shutting down. democrats would only, now
4:21 pm
democrats that we surveyed, only 12% of democrats would place blame on congressional democrats. that's why we see republican and democrat leaders and president trump going to separate corners. but i do think that we are better off than perhaps we were just a few hours ago. >> which obviously is significant thing to say when we are hearing at least from raj at the white house they will not entertain the idea the three to four day extension cardin put out there. but obviously the relationship between senator schumer, steve moore and the president is very crucial. they have known each other for a long time. trump has been a huge supporter of schumer. before he was a republican he was a democrat, right. thousands of dollars to schumer's campaigns over the past 30 years, more generous in fact to charities. it turned into love hate. here they are. >> look, i think i think i'll be able to get along well with
4:22 pm
chuck schumer. i was close to chuck schumer in many ways. and it's important that you get along. >> i was born in brooklyn the same place where donald trump family comes from. even when he was much younger, you knew he was going to go places. >> i noticed chuck schumer with fake tears. i'm going to ask him who was his acting coach because i know him very well. i don't see him as a crier. >> the president ought to stop tweeting and start leading. >> steve, will their long-term friendship matter? they had a meeting. will this move this over to the line? >> welcome to washington, donald trump. the answer is no i don't thip past relationship such as it is will have much impact. erin, i've been in washington a long time, over 30 years, and goes back to long ways, you had the bill clinton agagingrich sh down. so this is washington theater
4:23 pm
happened many times. by the way, government shutdown on friday night would not have much impact. closed on the weekend for the most part. so this is a lot of three ring circus. i do think they have the high ground. their point is, look, we have a disagreement on immigration. it's not solved. this is a big issue for the country. and we are not going to solve it in two hours. probably not going to solve it in three days. why don't we pass the budget. we can discuss this for the next four weeks. by the way, i'm not sure in four weeks they'll be able to solve it. >> right. >> so my point is why shut the government down to come to decision. we have been debating this issue about daca and immigration reform for 15 years. why do we have to solve it now in dwoe hours. >> because it's like an option at the very end is when you get anything done. they won't do it until they have to do it. but keith, look one person who cares a lot here. because steve has a point, when the government closes on weekend won't be nearly as impact full
4:24 pm
as it would during the week. people aren't going to work and processing passports. but the president has a party he wants to go to tomorrow night. and until it blew um p he had a party, he wants to go to mar-a-lago to $150,000 ahead depending what bells and whistles you paid for. is that going to affect his willingness to negotiate? >> you know, erin i hadn't thought about that personal self-interest, but it wouldn't surprise me if that would have an impact. because he seems to be transactional figure. i don't think he has core beliefs certainly not in regard to the issues in this government shutdown. i think donald trump's relationship with chuck schumer to the extent that it was one or is one, it was never really a friendship. i think trump gave maybe $9,000 or something like that to schumer. not a heck of a lot of money supposedly a billionaire. but this is a manufactured crisis.
4:25 pm
all of this was completely avoidable if republcans and trump had simply done their jobs last fall. it started continued in september 30th when they allowed the budget to begin without a budget. and to allow chip to expire. so those three actions sets in effect basically the week that we have right now where down to the final few hours. because republicans failed to do their job in september. if they would have done their job then we wouldn't have had our crisis right now. >> i want to clarify one thing. children's health funding is in this bill. >> i understand that. >> but they could have done it september 30th when it expired. why wait until this week to do it. >> yeah, but, look this is a big issue for republicans, immigration. and donald trump made it very clear during the campaign he had problems with blanket kind of amnesty program. and also made it very clear in the campaign probably number one
4:26 pm
promise is build the wall and bord border enforcement. republicans are saying we probably could get a deal on immigration reform if democrats would show some interest in border enforcement in building this wall. >> great irony, even though he is breaking the most important part of the promise is americans weren't going to pay for it. >> touche. >> mark, also to the point on billionaire generosity, $9,000 may not sound like a lot, but it was the most money that trump gave over 30 years. so for trump it was a lot of money, okay, to give. the point i'm making, mark, there was for these two gentlemen for whatever it is worth, it was significant relationship. do you think that meeting today mattered at all? since then senator hide cam aei
4:27 pm
heitkamp said they would vote and donely. so they have made progress post that meeting. >> i think that meeting was significant. the fact of the matter was i think it was important for them who know each other from their days in new york and of course running in concentric circles, but i do think it was important. and i think it's worth noting too, right now, i think incredible amount of pressure on democrats saying democrats shutting down the government. let's not forget lindsey graham is republican and he is not supporting this as well as rand paul. >> that's right. they need 8 votes. that doesn't mean 8 democrats. but you have two republicans in the nos right now. thanks to all three. and, next, last ditch efforts to keep the government from closing. we are now just a few hours away. what are the chances lawmakers can do something in that time when they couldn't do it in
4:28 pm
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breaking news, running out of time. president trump and republican lawmakers scrambling to avoid a government shutdown. it's a shutdown that less than five hours away from. and two democrats are counting votes and say the procedural test vows on the continuing resolution doesn't have the votes needed to break a
4:31 pm
filibuster. number of votes is 60. so sunlen, what are you hearing about it, have to have 60 points. >> it appears they do not have the votes. republicans cannot count on getting 60 to pass through. the big question is what is next? that has been the question many lawmakers have said, they want to know the end game right now, the stage that everyone is in on capitol hill, everyone is taking a reset, yes, there are some meetings still going ton, people are shuttling back and forth, but a lot of people getting pizza delivery, really hunkering in, pushing towards this 10:00 hour where they'll have the big vote. but realization this very well will fail. republicans knew that ahead of time. likely that will happen tonight. and the question is what comes next. that's very real question here. and certainly the time here not lost on anyone this late an hour and now around four hours to go until government shutdown, very real questions about what the next step is here tonight, erin.
4:32 pm
>> thank you, very much, sunlen. out front senator from delaware, carper, look, i know you are under pressure. you have the vote coming up at 10:00. they need 60 votes. they are not there yet. even sarah sanders the press secretary is tweeting out, democrats get to it. are you a no right now on this preliminary vote? or will you be joining others and voting yes? >> i'm opposed to yet another three or four week continuing resolution. if i thought it would actually lead us to what we really need, that is a long term deficit plan to budget plan for the year to more significant immigration policy that includes the d.r.e.a.m.ers. and if i thought we could do that in the context of another three or four week kick the can down the road, i would support that. but what einstein used to say that definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing
4:33 pm
over and over expecting different outcome. a adversity there is opportunity here. president will rise to the occasion and do our jobs. when i was governor in delaware we didn't go through this nonsense. we passed balanced budgets. create a lot of jbs and paid off our debt. we can do that in states we ought to be able to do that in federal government. >> i think a lot of people agree with you on that. senator, i want to make it clear, you are saying you are a no. earlier today you tweeted, i'm sorry on wednesday you tweeted set the record straight i'm leaning no on c.r. let me make it dleer, yclear, y no? >> that's right. >> i wanted to make sure i understood loud and clear. many colleagues are no vote because of the d.r.e.a.m.ers, there are about 700,000 of them and dealt with now and not dealt with in march when the deadline hits. we did a poll today though, here
4:34 pm
at cnn and found 66% of americans avoiding a shut down is more important. are you worried your party is making a mistake? >> no, i think that's a false option. we don't have to make a choice between one or the other. we have a moral imperative to dreamers and people came here not out of own volition. they grew up and love this country and want to continue to stay here. but we have an economic impir ti imperative to keep them here. they have the work ethic and do these jobs. and at a time looking at that, why would we send close to million people back to the countries where they are born. >> but why tying to this continuing resolution? the american people would agree with you. there is no deadline until march. you don't have to deal with it
4:35 pm
now. you are choosing to try to the government shutdown. so do you have a choice? >> a lot of people every day are losing their protection. and so the question is do we just continue to ignore that? again, this is a false choice to say we can do one or the other. we can do both. we need a learning budgong-term and certainty for businesses. one of the things we need to dorks i look at it not mortal imperative as an economic imperative for our country. we need good workforce and at a time when we have two or three million jobs, why would we send a million people who want to do those jobs, why send them away? that's stupid. >> i am making the point the deadline is not imminent as the shutdown is. you are definitely no. and mansion and senator hedy
4:36 pm
hi heidi heitkamp of north dakota. is there anything shy of that? >> i'm continuitired of continu resolutions. i want prediction ability. if i thought voting for this cr that's been sent over from the house would actually get us to long-term more comprehensive approach on immigration that meets workers needs in this country, i'd vote for it. we've done this before. and again einstein, definition on insanity is to continue to do the same thing over and over again, we can do better than that. we ought to use common sense. >> i appreciate your time. thank you, sir. >> thank you, erin. next breaking news republicans demanding release of a memo claiming to show fbi miss steps during the 2016 election. is this real? is this somehow massive uncovering of a conspiracy? or is it just trying to undermine the russia probe? new details tonight about trump encounters with porn star named stormy. and secret operation to silence
4:37 pm
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we have about four hours to go to government shutdown. more breaking news on capitol hill. house conservatives are demanding release of a memo. by the house intelligence committee chairman nunes,
4:41 pm
missteps during the 2016 election. this is just a political document and an attempt to discredit russia investigation. jessica snyder is out front. so let's start conservatives this whole rallying cry, release the memo, and they have it in some secret room where you can't remove it. surrounded it in all kinds of s sec restcy. what is the real story? >> so written by chairman nunes. republicans viewed it say it demonstrates widespread abuse during the 2016 election. some of those republicans want it in turn released to the public. four year classified report. and it comes after devin nunes reviewed materials provided to him by the fbi and doj. but democrats are putting it this way, saying his findings are misleading and skewed and it's all part of the republican effort to help the white house underlecut the russian investigations. conservatives, they repeatedly
4:42 pm
accused the fbi of relying on the steele dossier in own investigations and want to know how they used the dossier to obtain fisa warrants on trump associates. and also an interesting note, it turns out not just republicans to make this nunes report public. tonight the twitter tracking teel hamilton 6, actually found that russian linked twitter accounts are blasting out the hashtag release the memo, trying to put some backing into this. and wikileaks is even offering a reward to anyone who submits the memo to its site. >> look, one thing i'll make a bet on eventually get leaked, but one thing you don't want is russian bots tweeting it out. it was from nunes one of the supporters. >> yeah, surrounded by controversy. a lot of tension over nunes roll on the committee. and that bubbled up when he
4:43 pm
secretly traveled to the white house and saw things and briefed the president on what he reviewed. none of that has been substantiated. so nunes after that, all bubbled up said he would step aside from the russia investigation after he became the subject of an ethics investigation into his handling of classified information. but really in the months since, erin, almost a year now, nunes has really run own effort to push the fbi and justice department for all of these documents about the dossier and been unrelenting leading to this report now. erin. >> thank you, jessica. and out front next, allegations of a payoff, hush money, secret accounts linked to sex, what do they have to do with stormy daniels, the porn star on your screen and donald trump. and hope turning to doubt against trump loyal supporters. are they sorry they voted for trump or not? >> trump pulled the wool over
4:44 pm
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and all of this links to, well, new details being reported about an adult film score alleged sexual encounter with donald trump and links that personal lawyers have allegedly gone to keep it a secret. wall street is now saying set up a private company in delaware to pay off porn star stormy daniels and a month before the election. refused to kmept on. so went to delaware where the llc is incorporated to file this report out front. >> reporter: this nondiscript office building in delaware is headquarters of a company reportedly used to hide alleged $130,000 payment from donald trump's lawyer to the porn star stormy daniels all designed to cover up alleged sexual a fair. they say weeks before the election the ac rest told reporters she had a relationship with trump after meeting him at a golf tournament back in 2006.
4:49 pm
daniels spoke to journalists about telling them her story but suddenly went silent. the wall street said at the same time trumps laura ranged the payment to stomp her from talking. and first reported by the journal showed michael cohen his long time lawyer set up two corporations in delaware around that time. including one called resolution consultants llc on september 30th, 2016. records show he dissolved it a few weeks later. on october 17th, 2016. and the same day incorporated a new entity central consultants llc. journal says cohen used that company to make the payoff using a series of supseudonyms that hp create documents. why would he chose delaware? say the state has few disclosure requirements. >> gives you a way of moving
4:50 pm
money without necessarily having to say that a particular person sent the money. >> reporter: experts say that fits with this part of a draft settle agreement slate magazine he editor says daniels texted to him in 2016. in it daniels would be called peggy peterson and trump would be known as dave david den son. they deny any a fair any happened. and daniels denies getting hush money in a statement sent by cohen. cohen, however, has never denied making the payment. today the full transcript of a 2011 interview with her was published by the gossip magazine in touch in which she spells out details of alleged sexual encounter with trump at a resort in nevada in c he told me he was going to give me a condo there because they
4:51 pm
were building a trump condo there. she says etches warking shark weeks. sorry, folks, i am just not a fan of sharks and don't worry, they will be around long after we are gone. >> brian, i know you are there, right outside that nondescript building. the associated press, what else, it is pretty stunning that you had to go there to delaware to find this. >> reporter: right. we came here to this nondescript building to try to track this building that michael cohen set up to funnel money. this is really just a registering agency. you are talking about the ap report, the associated press reporting tonight that in touch magazine was threatened tonight
4:52 pm
by trump's attorney general michael cohen that he would sue them. and they held back. based on that, michael cohen has not gotten back to us. >> it would explain the big mystery as to why they held that interview. thank you so much. and next, iowa. a state divided. are his supporters in farm country turning on him. to severe crohn's disease. then i realized something was missing... me. my symptoms were keeping me from being there. so, i talked to my doctor and learned humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease after trying other medications. and the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief and many achieved remission in as little as 4 weeks. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers,
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tonight president trump hours away from marking the one year anniversary of his inauguration made possible by wins in crucial swing states like iowa. are the voters who pushed him over the top to victory, still into him or starting to sister? bill weir is out front. >> reporter: they still wind the clock by hand. so great to sit at the table of knowledge in monticello iowa. this county went for obama and then swung over to trump, why?
4:56 pm
>> trump putted the wool over their eyes and his base has not recognized it. you think virgil has been conned and jerry bamboozled? >> they are so engrained with the crotch grabbing liar. >> not my first choice, but he is doing a hell of a good. >> the ones that support him, are either greedy or bigots or don't see it yet. if the votes taken today, it would be different. if not for the electoral college. >> we run 800 acres of corn and beans and then we do bail some hey. our kids buy their own 4-h
4:57 pm
animals. >> reporter: did you vote for president trump? >> yes. >> reporter: showing little voter's remorse. >> i think he is doing a decent job and we need to give him a chance. >> throughout our history, farmers have always, always led the way. >> reporter: those words played really well around here. but his actions could end up hurting these folks. his nominee for chief agriculture. and he is threatening to tear up the trade agreement that keeps a lot of these farms now. >> nafta, that is another story.
4:58 pm
that scarce us pretty bad. we would go bankrupt. >> i don't know what that plan is. >> reporter: somebody was telling me the town was called the pittsburg or the prairie because so much factories. >> we are hopeful as far as the tax reform. we are positive about that. we have grave concerns about his actions verbally. >> reporter: like what? >> some of the statements that he makes. there is just a lot of disrespect for a large number of people. >> as a republican, he was worried about his grandchildren paying the national debt. it doesn't seem to make a damn bit of difference anymore.
4:59 pm
>> we will have to have another obama clean it up. >> and then double our debt again. >> he got us into the prosperity now. >> we'll give him the credit. get your head out of your butt, man. >> reporter: is there a safe word when things get heated? >> we got into it one day real hard. and i was worried. >> reporter: so one year into trump, a state he won by almost ten points is creating a bumper prop of worry even among those who love him the most. the vast majority of the folks i heard from today support daca and oppose the wall. there was a poll and found 60%
5:00 pm
of iowans disapprove. if any of that information touches off, a heated debate on the set, remember, the safe word is rose bushes. >> thank you for joining us. "ac 360" starts now. get ready. two clocks ticking right now. at 10:00 eastern time tonight the senate holds a vote on the spending bill. in any case, at one second after midnight, if there is no legislation, the government officially shuts down. this has real world consequences for millions of people, not to mention political fallout. and tonight