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tv   Cuomo Primetime  CNN  January 19, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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>> this is cnn breaking news. >> hey, everyone, i'm cyril vanier with more breaking news. we're in the third hour of a u.s. federal government shutdown. most federal offices will remain closed and hundreds of thousands of government employees will be sent home without pay. that's all because the u.s. senate failed to agree on a spending bill to keep the government funded. the bill needed 60 votes to pass. it got 50. only a handful of democrats, five to be precise, went along with the republican plan. it's worth noting four republicans also voted against it. so the government is shutting down. of all days on the first anniversary of the presidency of donald trump. we haven't heard from the president since the senate vote but the white house did release a statement with trump-like language calling the democrats obstructionist losers. here's part of that statement. nat democrats owned the schumer shutdown. tonight they put politics above
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our military security, military families children and our countries ability to serve all-americans. we will not negotiate the status of unlawful immigrants while the dras hold lawful citizens hostage over their reckless demands. their demands specifically refers to the daca issue, the program that protected undocumented immigrants brought it out united states as children, dreamers. there have been shutdowns before but this is the first time with the same party controlling the white house, the house and the senate. so the big question is now, how long is this going to last? and how do democrats and republicans find common ground after this? listen to the party leaders? senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and democratic leader shuck shum moments after the vote. >> what we've just witnessed on the floor was a cynical decision by senate democrats to shove aside millions of americans for the sake of irresponsible political games. the government shutdown was 100%
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avoidable. completely avoid be. now, it is imminent. all because senate democrats chose to filibuster a noncontroversial funding bill that contains nothing, not a thing they do not support. nothing they do not support. perhaps across the aisle some of our democratic colleagues are feeling proud of themselves. but what has their filibuster accomplished? what has it accomplished? the answer is simple. their very own government shutdown. shutdown affects on the american people will come as no surprise. all week as we stood on the floor and begged our colleagues to dom their senses, senate republicans have described exactly, exactly what this will mean. >> republican leadership can't
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get to yes because president trump refuses to. mr. president, president trump, if you are listening, i am urging you, please take yes for an answer. the way things went today the way you turned from a bipartisan deal, it's will as if you were rooting for a shutdown. and now we'll have one. and the blame should crash entirely on president trump's shoulders. this will be called the trump shutdown. this will be called the trump shutdown because there is no one no one who deserves the blame for the position we find ourselves in more than president trump. >> it was a day of give and take on capitol hill but who did the
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giving and the taking? that depends on who you ask. here's congressional correspondent phil mattingly how it went down. >> reporter: at one point on friday with the clock ticking towards that midnight deadline, it appeared at least according to some democrats that there was an opening to prevent a shutdown to prevent the republicans in congress, the democrat in congress, the president, donald trump in the white house from seeing things fall apart. democrat chuck schumer over to the white house for a one-on-one meeting with the president a meeting where he would later say he put money for the wall, something democrats have been deeply opposed to on the table po for a potential deal, a deal that would never come. furious lobbying at the last minute after the government had shut down into the morning, there was no solution, no resolution and one clear fact. things are probably going to get worse before they get better. instead of trying to figure out the pathway forward, instead
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republicans and democrats now framing who is to blame for senator schumer, there's only one answer. >> every american knows the republican party controls the white house, the senate, the house. it's their job to keep the government open. it's their job to work with us on a way to move things forward. but they didn't reach out to us once on this cr. no discussion, no debate. nothing at all. it was produced without an ounce of democratic input and dropped on our laps. >> for republicans, it's very clear. they believe and they're very comfortable they tell me in their current position, it the idea the house passed a four-week spending bill including an extension of the children's health insurance program. that is where they stand. they are unlikely to move off that. maybe they trim a week off the length. that's as far as they're going to go.
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compare that to where democrats are. they made very clear, daca, a huge issue for them. not only do they want agreement with what happens next with that issue, they want proposals on the table before they are willing to agree to anything. divide between where the two parties right now are is immense. the question is what's going to bridge it. the answer at least according to some people could be the president. but nobody's technically sure what his role will be going forward. he had the meeting with senator schumer. didn't lead to anything. schumer saying the president needs to take yes for an answer while the white house in a statement before the vote actually was finalized calling democrats obstructist losers. clearly a long way to go and no clear resolution. phil mattingly, cnn, capitol hill. >> let's see if we can figure out some of the answers to the questions phil mattingly was asking. with me, caroline held man and republican consultant john thomas. john, is this a schumer shutdown
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or trump shutdown or perhaps it's a very rare thing in congress these days, a about bipartisan shutdown. >> i'll tell you why it's morse schumer shutdown. there was no path to passing this action without democrat support. there was nothing in this bill the democrats fundamentally disagreed with. they were willing to put dreamers or illegal aliens ahead of keeping the government going. that's what it is. so yes, do we have some work to do on the republican side? no doubt about it. the democrats knew they had the ability to pass this ainge and chose not to. >> the numbers you say it's mostly a schumer shutdown in your opinion. who do americans blame for this? they blame the president, donald trump, 21%, the gop 26%, by the way, if you add those two up, that's 47%. almost half of americans blame the republicans and the president.
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and democrats 31%. all of them, all of them 10%. caroline, let's get to the point john was making that on the substance, there isn't a whole lot of disagreement. the actual issues at the heart of this, funding the child health insurance program and giving some protection to dreamers are not that divisive, are they? >> they're absolutely not. 87% of americans support daca extension. and so using john's argument, the republicans knew that they needed about a dozen democrats to get this passed. and they refused to macon sessions on a policy that nine out you have ten americans agree with. and a policy which the republicans broke, right? this was a retraction of president obama's executive order issuing daca. there was no reason to withdraw that order. this is a crisis that the republicans created. and they're not willing to compromise. if you look at what's trending on twitter right now, almost a
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million tweets the number one slot is trump shutdown and i think that's what we'll see this week going forward. the republicans and trump will be blamed. >> here another number for viewers for some perspective. how important daca should be to the president and to congress according to a poll. extremely important 27%, very important, 26%. that means two-thirds of the american public believe that this is something government should deal with as a matter of priority. in the end, this is what literally broke government. all right. who benefits now as time passes and the government stays shut, if there isn't a quick fix to this, who is going to benefit? do democrats get more or less levering and as time passes? >> first of all, other polling that cnn did we didn't put on the screen was almost 60% of americans say they value keeping the government going and avoiding a shutdown versus like the mid 30s for prioritizing daca. >> which anderson to reason keeping the government running.
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you would expect everybody to be in favor of that. >> it does. quite frankly both parties will hurt over this. actually, real americans will be hurt because of this, our military that won't get paid, chip funding, firefighters. >> hold on, the military are getting paid for now. they're not among the people who are going to see their paychecks just disappear or delayed over the next few days. >> it's my understanding members of the military will have their checks delayed. perhaps i'm wrong on that. to your point, the problem here is that certainly on the democratic side, california's u.s. senator dianne feinstein said i think yesterday that people will die if a government shutdown occurs. she fundamentally believes that. yet, she still voted in favor of a shutdown. i think it goes to a larger statement about how much of a partisan divide we have that somebody like dianne feinstein
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might be pandering to her base because she's worried about a challenge to the left that simply worried about resisting trump and not what's in the best interests of americans. >> a quick thing on the issue of military funding. cnn reporting over the last couple hours is they're basically shielded from the most direct impact and effect of this in terms of their pay at least till the end of the month. if this rolls into february that, becomes a different matter. we also saw on the screen as far as the things shutting down, a number of things are staying open. both americans and international viewers need to understand. your postal service and government benefits continue. schools remain open. airports remain open. all the federal agencies shut down and you'll have hundreds of thousands of people furloughed which is really just a very sort of interesting word to say people will be sent home without pay. caroline, mr. trump is ushering in his second year in office with a government shutdown.
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that can't be a comfortable position to be in for him. >> not at all. i mean, this is symbolic of his first year, right? that the government literally shut down a year after i was inaugurated. he has the lowest approval rating of any president at this point in time. and i think that his flip-flop on daca last week is really what put the republicans in this position in a position to stand firm against a policy that 87% of americans want. and that democrats have prioritized because the 800,000 daca folks, the d.r.e.a.m.ers in the united states, this is matters in their life. we're not talking about some minor thing here. we're talking about the lives and balance of 800,000 people. we saw a 39-year-old man who didn't fit the rirms of daca who hasn't been in mexico for 30 years get deported, a father of three. this is draconian. this is the policy that the trump party has aligned itself with.
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>> we're pretending as if daca were expiring tonight. it's not. so it can be dealt with. >> it expires in about six weeks. >> you're right. that's what republicans and trump wanted to do was temporarily fund the government and deal with it later on down the road. >> democrats have no reason to believe that. >> it was worth shutting down the government over this one issue and all the harm that will come of it even though that issue wasn't even expiring tonight. it's unbelievable. >> the democrats wanted to use their leverage to handle an issue that was close to their hearts. caroline, john, stick with us because we've got more questions for you. i have to come back to you. the government shutdown will have immediate effects. on the frontline, hundreds of thousands of federal workers. how does it work? tom foreman takes a look. >> reporter: 80050,000 government workers locked out of their offices and left out of their paychecks. that's what happened when the government shutdown in 2013 and
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it would likely be the same this time. many services would be stopped or delayed for the public. the centers for disease control and preswroengs back down on flu tracking even as the nation phase the worst outbreak in several years. some senior nutrition programs paused. 200,000 passport applications went unprocessed during 1995 in the shutdown. congress funds much of the science research done in this country. in 2013, the shutdown meant some experiments went on hold and suffered costly losses of data. in space, that same year, nasa put a monitoring system for looking for dangerous asteroids on hold for about two weeks reportedly. a big one is expected to brush by earth february 4th. as for the 417 national parks, the administration wants to keep limited access wherever possible. but services would be reduced in all 19 of the smithsonian's
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museums would shut their doors after this weekend. beyond that, not everybody would be out. in the military, hayes a lot of worry about the impact opt military. there would be some discomfort no doubt for some military families if their pay was delayed. but congress has previously gone out of its way to keep that from being too egregious and the troops would stay on duty. indeed, roughly 1.9 million government workers would keep at it since their jobs are considered essential. air traffic controllers, security officers, food inspecters, prison guards, social security checks would also go out as expected for the senior population, the post office would remain open. in virtually all cases people would be working without pay until the shutdown is over. that could cause them some difficulties undeniably and it could all be pricey for us, too. one current estimate shutting down the government would cost taxpayers $6 billion a week.
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>> all right so how do you fix this and how do democrats and republicans come to an understanding after what happened tonight? more on that when we come back. as the shutdown begins, so does year two of the trump administration. what to expect for president's second year. more of the same? we'll take a look back at his first 365 days. stay with us. ...and nowhere else. ever. coors banquet. that's how it's done. tens of millions of people have switched to unlimited on america's most awarded network. verizon? uh, woah, woah, woah vince. it was ranked highest in network quality performance nationwide by j.d. power and rated number 1 in the nation by rootmetrics 8 times running. it's totally verizon. vince! we can see the sign. the v's sticking out. anyway, the most awarded network is... verizon! vince! you didn't know what it was... you did? okay.
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down many of its services since congress didn't agree on if you pleasing the government. the procedural vote late friday night needed 60 votes to pass requiring at least ten democrats to support it. the vote was 50-49. only five democrats voted with republicans. four republicans voted against the spending bill devised by their own party. congress goes back ot drawing board to find a way to fund the government. it's impossible to tell when this is going to end. the last shutdown in 2013 lasts 16 days. let's bring back democratic strategist caroline held man and republican consultant john thomas. john, let's see who donald trump blamed for the shutdown in 2013. listen to this. >> so i really think the pressure is on obama to make a deal because he doesn't want this in his resume. >> in 25 years, and 50 years and 100 years from now when the government is -- they talk about
11:22 pm
the government shutdown, they're going to be talking about the president of the united states. who was the president at that time. they're not going to be talking who the head of the house was, the head of the senate. not going to be talking about boehner. they're going to be talking about the president's administration. so he's got a lot of pressure on him to get this thing solved. but you have to negotiate. he doesn't want to negotiate or meet. he doesn't want to talk to people. and the right guy would get everybody into a room and would make a deal. >> john, you were telling me earlier this is a democratic shutdown. it looks like donald trump disagrees with you. >> the president isn't wrong in 2013 when he says the american people don't understand that it requires 60 votes in the senate to get this passed, that there is no mathematical solution without democrats voting for this. he's not wrong. but the fact is, this is chuck schumer -- this is his mess. he had an ability to pass this. >> wait, so in 2013 he was right to blame it on the president but
11:23 pm
now you are right to blame it on the opposition party. >> no, i think he was right in order to say that americans would default toward the president and that's what you're going to see trump already seeing. was he right to blame it on the president back then? >> no. he wasn't. because congress is involved. but he's right that americans would initially default to assuming that the president should get this done. in this case, that's what americans are starting to think. you're seeing trump push back on that. the fact is, it was chuck schumer who shut this down. it was not republicans. i think as republicans start to push that out and americans start to get, you've got to count to 60, opinion will turn. >> so it was interesting what he said at the end of that sound bite. granted it was a couple years ago. he said barack obama should have gotten everybody around a table and paid a deal. those were his words. guess what, john, caroline, donald trump is the ultimate
11:24 pm
dealmaker. that's how he presents himself. caroline, why didn't he make a deal this time? was he unwilling or unable? >> chuck schumer saw him today and attempted to make a deal and put a very unpopular policy that only a third of americans support which is building the wall on the table. >> we don't know what the specifics were of that. >> fair point. >> what we know is chuck schumer said he put it on the able and he said the president rejected it. oddly enough in 2013, the republicans were blamed for what happened because ted cruz orchestrated that. so donald trump was absolutely wrong in terms of where the public placed its blame. i can't imagine given the fact that republicans and trump's party control both the house, senate and the presidency that they're not going to be blamed for this. >> if you actually flip this around, caroline, i think back a couple months ago when trump decided to sunset daca and everybody said he's daring congress to fix it.
11:25 pm
he's giving them a deadline to fix this problem. right now, that's not looking like a winning proposition. if they do find a fix over the next couple weeks, don't you think donald trump will be able to claim that victory and say look, my strategy worked out? >> yes, he should if indeed that happens. right now, he's actually obstructing that process by flip-flopping on it last week, by not accepting proposals that are perfectly reasonable for a policy as a pointed out that almost nine out of ten americans support. lindsey graham has put proposals. lots of folks put proposals together from his own party and he hasn't made this happen. >> the president's willing to make a deal on daca. he wants something meaningfully on his wall which he hasn't gotten out. it was cute for schumer to say he talked about the wall. we have no idea what that meant. so the reality is, tonight we saw nancy pelosi and chuck schumer put daca ahead of americans. >> well, john, caroline, john, whether or not the president's willing to make a deal that remains to be seen.
11:26 pm
we can't take that for granted for the moment. we don't know who ends up compromising what way. it's befantastic talking to. >> launches by rockmen. that's one way to sum up u.s./north korea tensions during mr. trump's first year in office. we'll look where it's ahead in his second year. my name is jeff sheldon, and i'm the founder of ugmonk. before shipstation it was crazy. it's great when you see a hundred orders come in, a hundred orders come in, but then you realize i've got a hundred orders i have to ship out. shipstation streamlined that wh the order data, the weights of , everything is seamlessly put into shipstation, so when we print the shipping ll everything's pretty much done. it's so much easier so now, we're ready, bring on t.
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welcome back. the u.s. senate failed to avoid a government shutdown here in the u.s. so it's now under way. a bill to keep funding the government needed 60 votes to pass. it failed, 50-49. five democrats voted with the majority republicans and four republicans voted against the short-term spending bill. it's not known how long the shutdown might last. the house and senate both return to work on saturday presumably in just a matter of hours throughout the day on friday, there had been encouraging signs a shutdown could be avoided. but as the hours ticked by, that hope faded away. cnn's jeff zeleny explains. >> reporter: on the one-year anniversary of president trump's inauguration a federal
11:31 pm
government shutdown. the senate failed to pass the house passed version to keep the government open. that funding deadline expired at midnight on friday. president trump will be waking up on saturday here at the white house now presiding over his first government shutdown. not since 2013 has there been a government shutdown. then of course it was president obama's, a 16-day government shutdown to be exact. at that point, then donald trump privacy zen donald trump said it was the president's responsibility to lead the way out. now it is this president's responsibility to do the same. a predictable fight broke out friday evening between republicans and democrats. the white house called it a schumer shutdown referring to minority leader chuck schumer of new york. senator schumer called it a trump shutdown. regardless of what you call it -- it is an indeed an american government shutdown. the white house came out with a blistering statement about the
11:32 pm
shutdown. press secretary can the sara sanders said this, senate democrats own the schumer shutdown. tonight they put politics above our national security, military families, vulnerable children and our country's ability to serve all americans. so again, going after democrats there. the white house press secretary. what they failed to mention were four republicans, four key republicans also voted against this in the senate. lindsey graham first among them who, of course had been close to this president. now the pathway forward is unclear. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell proposing an three-week solution 0. trump will have to weigh in on that. the issue remains the same, immigration is the central issue hereing that neither side has been able to agree upon. democrats were pressing for immigration to be included in the spending measure. republicans balked at that. that's why the shutdown is happening. president trump starting his second year in office here in washington was scheduled to fly
11:33 pm
to florida. next week scheduled to be in switzerland. both trips are in question as the shutdown now becomes official. jeff zeleny, cnn, the white house. >> and president trump is also supposed to be partying saturday night. why in because saturday is january 20th. that means he became president of the united states one year ago to the day. from this day forward, it's going to be only america first. america first. >> despite that call for america first, it was his dealings with north korea that dominated a lot of his first year in office. pyongyang fired 23 missiles in 2017 one of which landed in japan's territory. president trump has fired verbal missiles of his own at north korea's leader kim jong-un. let's get a sense of how tension with north korea is spreading across asia.
11:34 pm
we're joined by dan rivers on the border with north korea and paula hancocks in seoul, south korea. we've been talking to both of you extensively throughout the year. i want to hear from you, how would you sum up mr. trump's impact on the korean peninsula? matt, what was the trump effect over the last year? >> reporter: really the u.s.-china relationship, there's a lot of things to deal with there. environmental issues, trade. but north korea has absolutely dominated what is called by many the most important bilateral relationship in the world. in some sense, it's an been an example of cooperation between the united states and china and look no further than the three different rounds of sanctions passed by the united nations and here along the border, that's where china is enforcing those sanctions. and we really have seen an effect here in cities line
11:35 pm
dandong. >> there are fewer trucks these days, bridge quieter than months and years past. and if bridge traffic is this light, it means trade between china and north korea is slowing down. that's the word on the ground in dandong, a key trading hub on the chinese-north korean border. the main reason comes from 7,000 miles away in new york city. >> the draft resolution has been adopted unanimously. >> reporter: a series of increasingly tough sanctions approved by the u.n. security council in 2017 put the squeeze on north korea and as a result its largest trading partner china. these sanctions more than anything else have come to define u.s.-china cooperation under president donald trump. and yet, few expected both sides to work together after trump's devicive 2016 campaign. >> whether it's china with our trade agreements no, matter what it is it seems that we don't
11:36 pm
seem to have it. >> china was a favorite target of the republican candidate who accused china of "raping the u.s. economically," and for failing to solve the north korea problem. but an april meeting in florida change the president's tune. he got on well with the chinese president and a calculation was made. the administration would back off on trade issues in the hopes of chinese help on pressuring the kim jong-un regime to stop developing nuclear weapons. result? three rounds of sanctions all approved by chinese after different north korean nuclear and missile tests. they targeted everything from oil shipments to join business ventures with north korean companies. and dandong is one of the place you come to see if they're being enforced. popular businesses like restaurants staffed and run by north korea canadians have recently shuttered. we've been here four times in the last two years. these streets used to be filled with north koreans buying items
11:37 pm
to sell back home. today it's basically empty. we spoke to six different business owners in this area who told us since the sanctions went into effect, business has plummeted. though none of them would talk to us on camera for fear of wading into a sensitive issue. to be clear, trade is still happening. we still see trucks loaded down with goods arriving from north korea and the president recently told reuters china could still be doing more to curb pyongyang's ambition. one example, tackle smuggling still rampant all along the border. in september, we saw illegal north korean seafood being sold openly on chinese streets. but back at the bridge, the effects of american lobbying for tougher sanctions is clear. according to chinese customs data, total trade between china and north korea fell by 50% in december, 2017. the big question is if the north koreans continue to fire
11:38 pm
missiles to test nuclear devices, and the united states wants more sanctions, will chinese go along with that and answer to that question is, well, the chinese always say we don't answer the hypothetical questions such as those. >> matt rivers, let me turn for a second to paula hancocks in seoul, south korea. it's great to have you on. i feel like i spent the last year coming to you after each trump tweet feverishly asking you, do we understand better now what is the trump policy on north korea, what has he done and how is it going to impact one of the most volatile situations in the world. now you have a year, a year's worth of material to look back on. what's your assessment? >> well, cyril, it is very interesting how much things have changed in one year. if you look back just before the inauguration, there were north korean officials who were officially saying on the record
11:39 pm
we could have a new relationship with a new trump administration. you had about three months where north korea wasn't testing missiles and was being relatively well behaved in international terms. of course, that, could have been internal issues, as well but there seemed to be hope there could be a different relationship with the trump administration. and then at the new year's day address with kim jong-un this year, he's effectively saying he wants to talk to south korea. north korea is talking to south korea. there's negotiations on going about the delegations cop together pyeonchang winter olympics next month. washington has been sidelined. it's a very different feel now. and not just because north korea has been firing so many missiles but the reaction from u.s. president donald trump. not just words that could be fire and fury but personal attacks against the north korean leader kim jong-un. there is a case that. officials say you just don't --
11:40 pm
you don't offend. you don't insult personally the likes of kim jong-un because he is deified in north korea. it's sort of au red line you don't cross. the u.s. president has crossed it a number of times. he has talked about him being little rocket man. he has even in the united nations at the general assembly stood up and say if necessary, we will totally destroy north korea. so the relationship between these two countries and these two leaders could not be worse at this point. in between all that, you have donald trump also saying well, maybe i would talk to him, maybe i wouldn't. keeping everyone guessing, as well. cyril? >> paula hancocks in. the south korean capital. matt rivers currently in china. thank you both for coming on the show. i have no doubt we'll continue to talk to you almost daily throughout 2018. this issue far from resolved. coming up, the central street journal is reporting new details
11:41 pm
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a reminder of our breaking news this hour, the u.s. government is shutting down. why? congress couldn't agree on a bill to fund the federal government. democrats wanted to use leverage to get a deal on dreamers. republicans wanted to use theirs to get funding for border security. the vote needed 60 votes to pass and fell way short. it got only 50. five democrats voted with the majority republicans. four republicans voted against the bill propose by their own party. congress has to go back to the drawing board and find a way to fund the government. meanwhile, "the wall street journal" is report more details about a hush money payoff to quiet an alleged affair between donald trump and a porn star in 2006, a story that the paper first broke a week ago. new report says his personal lawyer used a private company and pseudonyms in the agreement with the woman for her to keep
11:46 pm
quiet about the alleged encounter. brian todd was the latest details on this. >> reporter: this nondescript office building in delaware is the headquarters of a company reportedly used to hide an alleged $130,000 payment are from donald trump's lawyer to the porn star stormy daniels all designed to cover up an alleged sexual affair. the "wall street journal" and other news outlets say just weeks before the election, actress told reporters she had a relationship with trump after let ming him in 2006. daniels spoke to journalists at several news outlets about telling her story but they say she suddenly went silent. the journal says at the same time, trump's lawyer arranged the payment to stop her from talking. now documents obtained by cnn and first reported by the "journal" show michael cohen, trump's long time lawyer set up at least two corporations in delaware around that time including one called resolution consultants llc september 30th,
11:47 pm
2016. records show he dissolved it a few weeks later on october 17th, 2016 and the same day incorporate aid new entity, essential consultants llc. the journal says cohen used that company to make the payoff using a series of elaborate pseudonyms and legal contracts. it was registered to this address in dover delaware an office that helps people create companies here. why would he choose delaware? the state has few disclosure requirements. >> it gives you a way of moving money to wherever you want to move without necessarily having to say that a particular person sent the mobe. >> reporter: experts say that fits with this part after alleged draft settlement agreement slate magazine's editor says daniels texted to him in 2016. in it, she would be called peggy peterson and trump would apparently be known as david dennison. cohn, the white house and
11:48 pm
daniels deny any affair happened and daniels denies getting hush money in a statement sent by cohen. cohen has never denied make thing the payment. the full transcript of an interview with her was pub accomplished by in touch magazine in which she spes out details of trump. she kams trump kept in touch afterward and said she hoped it he could be on the apprentice and one time "he told me he was going to give me a condo there because they were building a trump tower there in tampa." experts say there's nothing illegal paying hush money. >> as long as the case doesn't involve straightout blackmail, there's nothing illegal in exchange for a pavement hush money. >> if her story and possible payoff had been reported in october of 2016, could it have changed the election? >> the first impression would be, of course, this would have an impact. but we know how many things did
11:49 pm
not have an impact in this election particularly the release of the access hollywood tapes. >> trump attorney michael cohen did not rush inquiries about the private company he reportedly set up here. this week he reiterated any algs of an affair is old news that wasn't true then and isn't now. another attorney who represents daniels did not return our calls. brian todd, cnn, dover, del care foo stay with us. when we come back, the senate majority and minority leaders weigh in on the u.s. government shutdown. ♪ ♪ i'm jimmy, this is my definition of fresh since 1983.
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the u.s. government shut down is real. senators were unable to come to an agreement to keep the. the funding bill needed 60 votes to pass.
11:54 pm
senators didn't come close to that. the bill got 50 votes. voting against party lines. the white house didn't waste time in stating blame. they called democrats obstructionist losers. here's what the senate majority and minority leaders had to say. >> tomorrow marks a year to the day president trump took the oath of office on the capitol steps. unfortunately, a trump shut down would be a perfect encapsulation of the chaos he's unleashed. on our government. instead of bridge r bringing us together, he'll pulled us apart. instead of governing from the middle, he's out sourced his presidency to the extremes, instead of living up to the great deal maker he marketed himself to be, he's been the single driving force in scuttling by partisan deals in
11:55 pm
congress. now with this late hour, his behavior is on the verge of grinding our government to a halt. a trump shut down. >> i think our friends on the other id side took bad advice. ignore the governors, including seven democrats who wrote congress begging us to extend chip. for 9 million children. ignored the needs of millions of americans who rely on the federal government nor important services. held us hostage. all of it hostage. over the completely unrelated issue of illegal immigration. we'll continue to do all we can. we'll vote again. so the american people know who stands for them.
11:56 pm
and when our friends across the aisle remember who it is they actually represent, we'll be ready to come together in a bipartisan discussion that will be necessary to clean up this mess. >> the senate in the house will be back in session in a matter of hours. see if they can find a deal. no clues yet as to how long it will last. the last shut down lasted 16 days. thanks for watching. our breaking news coverage continues throughout the night. that you may be... overlooking. it's your eyes. that's why there's ocuvite, from bausch + lomb. as you age your eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish those nutrients. ocuvite has lutein, zeaxanthin, and omega-3. nourish your eyes to help them be their healthy best. ocuvite eye vitamins. be good to your eyes.
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[camera shutter clicks] [whistling a tune] smokey just gave me a bear hug. i know. i already posted it. welcome to viewers here the u.s. and around the world. we continue the breaking news this hour. three hours and counting in the u.s. government shutdown. where we are and where we go next. i'm george howl. >> i'm natalie allen. a procedural vote needed 60 votes to pass. it fell short by ten. with five democrats voting with the majority republican. and four republicans voting against the measure. >> also this day amilestone for the u.s. president. saturday a marks the first anniversary of his presidency. and now since the shut down we have not


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