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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  January 21, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> cnn newsroom starts now. hello again. thanks for being with me this sunday. i'm fredricka whitfield. majority leader mitch mcconnell was on the floor attacking minority leader chuck schumer and schumer using his speech to criticize the president of the united states. >> on friday the democratic leader made the extraordinary and destructive choice to filibuster our bipartisan deal and guarantee the american people a shutdown of their federal government. now it's the second day of the senate democratic filibuster and the senate democrats shutdown of the federal government. because the president wouldn't resolve months of ongoing negotiations over massive issues in one brief meeting and give the democratic leader everything
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he wants, my friend across the aisle has shut down the government for hundreds of millions of americans. >> it all really stems from the president whose inability to clinch a deal has created the trump shutdown. i agree with majority leader mcconnell. the trump shutdown was totally avoidable. president trump walked away from not one, but two, bipartisan deals. and that's after he walked away from an agreement in principle on daca we reached way back in the fall of last year. if he had been willing to accept any one of these deals, we wouldn't be where we are today. >> all right, the president adding to the chaos with a tweet today suggesting it may be time for republicans to invoke the rarely used nuclear option, allowing the senate to change the voting rule to end this stalemate. cnn's ryan noticeabbles is on c
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hill for us. ryan, where are we after the speeches, after the president's tweet. we know mcconnell's office said, no, they don't want to change the voting rules for a simple majority, so where are we? >> reporter: after listening to those leaders talk on the senate floor about an hour ago, it doesn't seem things are heading in an encouraging direction. but we move to another part of capitol hill outside the office of senator susan collins of maine. she is hosting a group of some 20 different senators, both republican and democrat, and behind those closed doors, they are trying to hash out these differences and come up with some sort of agreement that will get the ball moving as it relates to ending this government shutdown. as we talked about last hour, fred, it seems that the leadership right now is in a bit of a stalemate, a staring contest, if you will, and both mcconnell and schumer refuse to
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blink. the senate behind this closed door seem to want to come to a deal. that's certainly what the folks that are meeting in this room are hoping. we did catch senator lindsey graham of south carolina. he's been one of the leaders of trying to find some sort of agreement between republicans and democrats as he walked in, and he had some pretty harsh words for the white house. our lauren fox, one of our congressional reporters, spoke to senator graham and he was very credital of the way t aa ae way they negotiated this deal. they didn't want to see restrictions for the d.r.e.a.m.ers and others, and he believes steven miller has hijacked this agreement to a certain extent. that shows, fred, even though there are stark differences between republicans and democrats to end this stalemate, republicans aren't necessarily all on the same page.
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so as we continue this process, they'll have to iron out differences if there is any hope of ending a shutdown tonight. at this point there is no sign of real definitive progress, fred. >> what about the vote of keeping the filibuster option intact but then try to vote to keep the government, or at least get the government up and running tomorrow? >> you know, fred, i think it's pretty clear that if we get to the point that the first and only vote happens in the united states senate at 1:00 tomorrow morning, that means the federal government has been shut down come monday morning. that is kind of a last-ditch effort, and essentially what mitch mcconnell is offering is all of this time between now and 1:00 a.m. for these negotiations to continue and for some sort of deal to come forward. you know, it's important to also keep in mind, fred, that if they change this bill at all, it's going to have to go back to the house for another vote. if it ends up being instead of a
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four-week extension of the continuing resolution, maybe only a three-week extension, that's something that can be passed by the house and move forward. but if there's significant deal that's broken, if a deal with issues like immigration or something else, then it goes back to the house for a whole other round of debate and that could complicate the process. a lot has to happen today if we have any hopes of the government reopening. >> ryan nobles, thank you so much. our president donald trump blaming the democrats for shutting down the u.s. government. today he is hinting that it may be time for republicans to change the filibuster rule to end the stalemate, tweeting this. great to see how hard our republicans are fighting for military and safety at the border. the dems just want immigrants to pour into our nation unchecked. if stalemate continues, republicans should go to 51% nuclear option and vote on real
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long-term budget, no c.r.s. is there any indication that the president plans to get involved beyond his tweet today in any continuing negotiations and effort to end this government shutdown? >> reporter: not yet beyond that tweet that you just read, fred. there's been no confirmation from the white house that the president has been on the phone today with lawmakers as we reported that he was yesterday, speaking with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, house speaker paul ryan or with his own staff, consulting them on the details of this shutdown. it's unclear how much involvement the president has had with congressional leadership today. earlier you had senator chuck schumer saying he had not spoken with the president since friday after he said the two of them were very close to coming up with a deal. the white house pushed back on that then and then again earlier today, you had several surrogates for the president, including the director of the
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omb, nick mulvaney on several talk shows saying the two sides were still very far apart, leaving open the government to reopen and daca and ending the chain immigration, which is a sponsoring of legal immigrants of their close family members. here he is talking to the state earlier. >> it's important to open the government tonight. they're talking about a massive spending bill with a lot of other things added to it. that's not going to get done between now and tomorrow morning, now and next friday. so the government needs to reopen the government tonight or tomorrow, then we can start talking about those big issues. >> mulvaney also addressed the idea of going with the nuclear option and changing senate rules, adjusting them from
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having to go from 60 votes to getting a budget passed with a simple majority of 21. he defended the president's position that that's something senators should explore, though we have heard from key senators like mitch mcconnell and john thune today saying that likely wouldn't be they say and something they'll pursue. >> all right, mr. sanchez, appreciate that. joining me now, brian mcguire who is the chief of staff for senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. also with me is jim kessler who is a policy director for chuck schumer. good to see you both. brian, let me begin with you and get your perspective of what the president said. he squarely placed the blame on chuck schumer and said it's chuck schumer's shutdown. how were those opening remarks on the floor beneficial to trying to move in the direction of getting the government up and running again?
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>> well, i think it's been extraordinary today watching people trying to deflect attention which is really key to this shutdown, actively trying to fund a government bill. schumer is at the center of this, he is blocking the shutdown where it should be. >> time spent today, people among the 850,000 government workers who want to know whether they'll get back to work, they need to hear some solutions. the finger pointing seems like old news now, but that's what we saw more of today. why is that beneficial, brian? >> you can call it finger pointing, but it's really just truth telling. sh schumer is the reason the government closed and all they have to do is reopen it. republicans have passed a spending bill, schumer blocked it.
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he is actively filibustering it as we speak. that's the reason the government is closed, and all he has to do is say reopen and it will reopen. >> so at this juncture people want to hear what is being done right now to get things moving again? the onus is on both sides, all sides, the president, house senate, democrats, republicans. were we hearing today that the conclusion was we are at a stalemate. there really isn't going to be any ground work today toward getting the government up and running again? >> i hope there will be some groundwork laid. i'm sure schumer is very frustrated. i worked for schumer for eight years as a top aide, and i've never known him in that eight years to misrepresent what we've said in a meeting. he came out of a meeting and
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this is not the first time this has happened with donald trump on this issue with the meeting conclusion to the time his people get home, his aides get to him, some hardliners get to him and he backs away. the frustration is, and this is what schumer said yesterday, it's like negotiating with jell-o, i believe there is a solution out there that includes the daca effects that could get enough votes in the senate and in the house that would reopen the government. the government has to show a little bit of flexibility. they were very, very close to a deal. they should move to the deal they almost had. >> you heard from schumer who said, you know, when you have cooperation from the white house and the senate, it means they have to give up something to get both sides on board. but at this juncture, jim, does it appear as though the democrats need to let daca, let
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immigration go, let wall talk go, get the government up and running. this is more kicking the can down the road, but perhaps working toward more permanency later after the government is back up and running? >> that's a great question, and in the negotiation schumer had with trump, democrats were willing to give on the wall, which is a big give. here's the problem with that. if you could absolutely believe you could fund the government and they would get to this immigration issue and it would be solved by march because there is a ticking time bomb the president set when he set the daca order that ends in march, if there was a guarantee that the president would keep his word that he wouldn't back out on the deal, yes, you would do this. he's been too willy-nilly on this. he's been too unpredictable.
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we need some predictability. >> so underlying trust is a big problem. the president doesn't seem to, i guess, live up to his promises as it pertains to particularly this issue. and if you don't have that, then how are you going to be able to be that great negotiator if nobody believes your word? >> i respect him for trying to take the blame off senator schumer and placing it on the president. but it is senator schumer. we're talking about daca, we're talking about immigration, and schumer will not accept anything less. people are talking solutions in good faith. the difference between this shutdown and other shutdowns is because republicans and democrats on the face of it all agree we should find a solution
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to daca. what happened now, sureer demonstrated he can shut this down. the democrats don't really care about average voters and they're sort of out of touch. >> so brian, how involved should the president be today in this process? what do you believe the president could actively be doing to get people back to work? >> again, i believe the president is clearly engaged here, but the real question is senator schumer. he's the one that has to deliver the votes. they are actively writing a spending bill that has to pass. there will be a solution on daca because there are good faith negotiations going on among republicans and democrats as we speak. >> so, jim, you want to make any predictions on how long this government shutdown could be going on? is it a matter of hours more or days more? >> i think it's days more.
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leader mcconnell said last week something that was very interesting. many i think leader mcconnell is an hon, and the reason mr. trump is skwes tered -- sequestered i white house and not cutting a deal, trump is the problem here. it's not mcconnell, it's not schumer, it's trump. >> brian, you heard schumer. he called the president, and it was as if he knew the president was watching. he was speaking directly to the president from the floor, and he said, he's a dysfunctional president. and he said, this is the. the democrats are a leader.
11:16 am
senator schumer what the democrats and the senate, they're blocking a. >> brian mcguire, jim kessler and this perhaps might be what's going on behind those closed doors on capitol hill. let's try to get a real direction of where they're going next. thank you, gentlemen. >> thank you. still ahead we talk to republican representative don bacon on whether there is any hope today to end the government shutdown. what's wrong? it's dry... your scalp? mine gets dry in the winter too. try head and shoulders' dry scalp care it nourishes the scalp and... ...keeps you up to 100% flake free head and shoulders' dry scalp care oh good, you're awake! finally. you're still here?
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both the house and senate back in session, and the acrimony deepens between the republicans and the democrats on day two of the government shutdown. i want to bring in carolyn maloneie, house democrat, and the bipartisan committee is continuing to talk about finding a proposal. where do you think they may be on the path forward at this point? >> well, fredricka, this is the first time in modern history that the republicans have controlled or one party has controlled all three seats of power and they've shut down the government. it's a very simple thing. the republicans are in charge in the white house and the house and in the senate. if they put to the floor one of the compromises that have been agreed on, there would be a vote. it's up to them. they could go into session right
11:22 am
now and end this and open up the government. >> but instead moments ago, we heard from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who said about chuck schumer, he said because he didn't get everything he wants, it led to a shutdown. then you had the democrat minority leader chuck schumer saying, quote, it all stems from the president and his inability to clinch a deal. so lots of vitriol, lots of placing blame there, but does it mean that even lower-level leadership in the senate is any closer to whether it's considering those compromised proposals or coming up with some path forward of getting things operating again? >> well, it's been reported by your station and others that compromises and deals remain only to be broken. this is ridiculous. i'm getting phone calls from my
11:23 am
constituents concerned about whether or not they're going to get their social security checks. they will, they're automatically given whether or not they'll be able to fly for business. that's going to be opened. we can open up the government and supply services to the people who need them. there have been many agreements made, i'm told, only to have them broken. it only is a matter of will, of getting together and making a deal and sticking to it. again, the republicans control the white house. they control the senate and they control the house. they control the agenda. they can bring something to the floor for a vote and they can end this by agreeing. the democratic leadership in the house and the senate have come forward with short-term let's open it up for three or four days and work this out, and that's been turned down. so it's really up to the republican leadership. they have the power and they are in charge. >> so republicans were out in force this morning, and this is
11:24 am
how they describe things. >> we're willing to protect this population that is in the daca program. if we do that, though, it's going to have negative consequences. first it's going to lead to more illegal immigration with children. that's why the security enforcement measures are so important. and second, it means you're going to create an entirely new population of chain migration that can bring more people into this country that's not based on their skills, education and so forth. that's why we have to address chain migrations. that is a narrow and focused package that should have is the support -- the support of both parties. >> i think chain migration is ridiculous. everybody says, oh, you don't want to fund the military. everybody wants to fund the military, everybody want to see them get paid. but when both sides do it, it's a partnership. >> what's your interpretation of what you're hearing here? >> my interpretation is where there is a will, there is a way.
11:25 am
they can get together. there have been compromises worked out on chip, on daca, on funding, on emergency relief for texas and florida and puerto rico and california with the fires. there's been agreements made out. they should get together and come up with a compromise. they could open up the government and solve this later. there are so many ways they can open up the government and go forward. and, again, the republicans are in charge of both the white house, the senate and the house. and in the past 30 years, fredricka, the republicans have closed down the government five times. and this is the first time in history, to my knowledge, that one power has been in charge and proceeded to close down the government which they are in charge of keeping running and serving the american people. it's up to the republicans. >> and congresswoman, cnn has just learned that senator lindsey graham, republican, has been telling republican leaders that he believes he has at least five new democratic supporters
11:26 am
on board with a proposal to end the shutdown, which is some iteration of a three-week, short-term funding bill, plus commitments from gop leaders on commitments of immigration legislation. do you believe that? >> well, let's put it to the floor for a vote and we'll find out. let's get it done. if he says he has the votes and he says he can open up the government and work out these other challenges, let's do it. it's just irresponsible for the republican leadership to close the government down. it's up to the republicans. lindsey has a plan, let's have a vote and move forward. >> that potentially may be the only hopeful kernel of news we've been able to get since they all took to the floor beginning at 1:00. thank you so much, congresswoman carolyn maloney.
11:27 am
appreciate it. >> thank you.
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i use herpecin, it penetrates deep to treat. it soothes, moisturizes, and creates an spf 30 barrier, to protect against flare-ups caused by the sun. herpecin l. . welcome back. day 2 of the american government shutdown and day 2 of women marchers across the country. thousands of activists are hitting the streets coast to coast and around the world. marching is taking place across europe, activists in london braving the rain to make their voices heard. and in cities from miami to las vegas, the political movement happening at the same time lawmakers are working on capitol hill to end a u.s. government shutdown. you're looking at live pictures
11:32 am
right now out of las vegas. organizers hope they can maintain last year's momentum ahead of the midterm elections with thousands turning out. and now in the middle of these rallies, voter registration drives under way. correspondents sara seidner and miguel marquez are there. let's start with miguel in the crowd there. start with the scene. >> reporter: it's a very excited crowd. yesterday was about marches trying to focus and get the energy up. today, as you can see, is all about getting people together and rallying. yesterday has been marches, today has all the feel of a political rally. for a national organization that does these marches, that's exactly what this is, a rally for the entire country right now, trying to focus on those midterm elections and the people
11:33 am
here just listening to the speakers and coming from all different states here to nevada to get that organization down and start that process of what they hope is a year when they can take back the house and the senate. that is the hope from the individuals here. fredricka? >> all right, miguel, let's go a few paces away from where you are. sara seidner not far from the stage there. you actually talked to one of the organizers of the march, right? what was said? >> yes, natasha williams. she talked a lot about what was new this year compared to last year. it's about strategy, it's about battleground states, and it's about getting out the vote. the big thing here is power to the polls. i want to let you see the crowd that's behind me in las vegas. you'll notice a lot of the signs have a lot to do with politics. that is business by looking at
11:34 am
battleground states, nevada being one of them, and hoping they can flip seats. that's what this is all about, trying to get people to come out to the polls. we're going to hear a lot of different speakers. there is a surprise speaker that a lot of people in the crowd didn't know about, and that is cher. cher will be here. we'll also hear music from faith evans. there is also supposed to be some of the u.s. state representatives like john lewis, but as you know, there has been a shutdown, so there is concern that some of the representatives and senators won't be here. but if you ask anybody in the crowd who is responsible for it in this crowd, they blame the gop and the president. we talked a little about the president and what the hope is from organizers when it comes to president donald j. trump. is the woman's march also about
11:35 am
trying to remove the president, president donald trump? >> from the beginning we've always said it is not about president trump. president trump is only a symptom of the disease, right, so our goal is to really change that culture and the power structure as a whole. there is a seat up for grabs here. senator hellerman. he is looking at that seat. this is t this is the seat. they want it filled with a democrat and they recognize that. it's backed by an unlimited mileage warranty, or it isn't.
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welcome back. this breaking news in to cnn, senator lindsey graham saying there may be a breakthrough tonight in talks to end the u.s. government shutdown. ryan nobles is back with me on capitol hill. ryan, he talked to reporters? what did he say? >> yes, that's right, fredricka. senator graham and a group of about 20 or so, democrats and republicans, mostly moderate, are trying to come through with a way to end this government shutdown. senator lindsey graham did sound a little optimistic about the way things are headed. take a listen to what he has to say. >> senator graham, can you tell us about the progress in this bipartisan group? >> well, more people are interested in a solution. here's the state of the play. kind of like a play-by-play for
11:41 am
football. mitch mcconnell's proposal to go to february the 8th, with the understanding we will address all issues, including immigration, should be enough to get government support. i believe if we work together we'll find a solution, but come february 8, i think we need a commitment that we'll finish daca and immigration once and for all. i think the white house staff is making things very difficult. i enjoy working with them, but let me give you two examples of the problem. there was a handout given to the bipartisan group last tuesday where the president did a masterful job on television for 55 minutes regarding border security. it was a very detailed border security plan that i could support in phase 2 but not in phase 1. the president looked at it and said, who did this?
11:42 am
this is way too much. i did not approve this. then we also heard the president say that the $18 billion request for border security was too much, i could do it for less. and i think you can. so what does the white house staff do a couple days later? they pitch a proposal for 33 billion. that's just not credible. i've talked with the president, his heart on right this issue and i think he's git gooding of what will sell. and every time we have a proposal, it is only yanked back by staff hebz. as long as dave is in charge, there's a deal to be done. i heard senator schumer say he's agreeing to wall funding, which is completely appropriate, and we have to do something about researchers because we don't
11:43 am
have the money we need. if there is going to be an agreement, it will be tonight which it will go something like that. we're going to agree to fund the government february 8 with the understanding we'll work on all outstanding issues, including immigration, which is a give for mitch mcconnell. and if we can't find resolution, hopefully we'll turn to immigration in an open process. we need to bring immigration bills to the floor and let the senate work its wheel. we need the president's support, and i think the senate is the perfect one to do that. >> senator, did you win over any new members that you didn't have on friday? >> i think many are saying this didn't work for them. i want to thank mitch mcconnell for showing a compromise different than the house. i voted no because i thought 30 days was too long. my point was let's pick a shorter period of time, but what
11:44 am
good is it to open the government if the government doesn't work? so mitch mcconnell has agreed to shorten the time and that we'll work on all other issues, including immigration. i would. that will be here before you know it. march 5, 800,000 illegal i am grap grapts. are you willing to open up your pitch from there? >> this group is coming in it with no idea of funding immigration. we all love our troops, we're all trying to find a way to do something the house did. joan mattis says crs are killing
11:45 am
the military. i'm only agreeing to a cr of federal 8. the real breakthrough is when senator mcconnell said we're going to include immigration and things to do. i couldn't agree more. we're close to five issues that matter around the country. there are plenty in that room that want to start working on solving the problem, and the only way you can do that is by opening the government. >> have you spoken to president trump today at all? >> no. >> some important relations outlined there by senator graham. he does sound optimistic and he does feel as though he's gotten buy-in from some democrats and some of his fellow republicans. he has said that senator mcconnell is rg to among theeds.
11:46 am
. the only time senate majority leader and chuck schuman have even spoken was after they gave those speeches on the floor and they said they were open to negotiations. even though he's optimistic, we have to couch that to a certain extent because of where leader ships are now. the other important aspect is the white house staff and the criticism he gave of steven miller, one of the president's top aides, someone who has the ear of the president, saying he is basically causing problems when it comes to these negotiations, and the president is willing to cut a deal but miller and others are getting in his ear and telling him to back away is causing part of the problem. you have to wonder, fred, if this is another example of a member of the united states
11:47 am
sena senate. and if they can say, listen, we have the beginning of a deal here. stop listening to jour staff and start listening to us. >> blistering criticism of the president's staff, and as he was walking away, lindsey graham said. >> he says he thinks more and more and when the question was asked did you bring more democrats on board, it does sound like a work in progress. but you're right, it does sound like senator graham is at least hopeful or optimistic. still straight ahead in the newsroom, but first there is a look at this week's nfl difference maker. >> this difference maker is presented by the new 2018 ford.
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after this week, he will be a major for the philadelphia eagles. he speaks to kids about controversy. he wasn't eating and he was more concerned about his next high than he was about his next meal. a drug addiction. >> was there a rock bottom moment? there had come a time where my drug abuse had exceeded what needed to be. you know, it's very easy to get lost in that world. >> brian had an awakening. with regained focus, he fought off his dream and made it to the nfl. now he shares his story, hoping others will learn from his mistakes. >> there are a lot of kids out there that face if on a day-to-day basis. when i learned that, i tried to face it rather than hide it.
11:49 am
it became one of my strengths and i'm happy my kids can eat. they don't have to be hungry. dad went through all the pain and suffering so they didn't have to. >> bryan told me he woke up after sleeping two straight days on a bender. he found addicts watching the super bowl. the eagles are on today. bryan will be playing one instead of sleeping through it. so, dave here is taking the family up to the lake for the weekend. but without the white knuckles this time. 'cuz his new 2018 ford f-150 has blis with trailer coverage. it's brainiac smart. not only does it watch your f-150's blind spots, it's got your trailer covered too. just another reason why ford f-series is america's best-selling truck for 41 straight years. ♪
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welcome back. tonight is a big night for hollywood as stars gather for the screen actors giluild award. the 24th annual ceremony honors movies and television by their peers. tonight one of the nominees is a show about women. the me too movement is empowering women to speak about sexual misconduct. here's stephanie elam with more. >> reporter: from movies -- >> how do you film that? >> reporter: -- to television. the screen actors guild awards gives them a chance to toast other actors.
11:54 am
this is one of the best performances of 2017. three billboards outside ebbing missouri is the night's biggest film contender with four nominations. the francis mcdorman-led drama is up for the most coveted award of the evening. it will face off against "the big sick," "ladybird." >> it is a sounding board for really colorful performances and that's something that always stands out. >> reporter: the tv categories are up in the air with "big little lies," "glow," and "strings" all tied for three each.
11:55 am
"ensemble" is up again against "this is us" and "stranger things." >> when we're talking about women's rights and the fear of oppression of women, it's just very, very relevant. >> reporter: at the golden globes, celebs wore black and donned time's up pins in support of the movement. with no news of another concerted effort at the sag awards, many are wondering how the issue will be addressed during the show. >> i don't think it's going to be all doom and gloom. i think it will be pointed, but i think they really want, especially with, you know, the visibility and presence of women on that stage, it to be more of a celebration. >> reporter: actors supporting their own with more than just trophies. stephanie elam, cnn, hollywood. >> all right, we've got so much more straight ahead in the newsroom, and it all starts right after this. this red is for the fiery.
11:56 am
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happening now in the newsroom -- >> i might be naive, but i actually think we're making significant progress and we will get a deal. >> we cannot open the government without senate democrat support. we don't have that senate democrat support, which is why we are where we are. >> there is a need for bipartisanship. that's all we've asked for. >> the daca deal is held hostage from people o


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