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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  January 24, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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morality. >> he is a republican. >> the left wants to impose their morality by putting in government officials -- that's what the left and christianity is about. >> thank you very much. show is over. anderson is next. thanks for joining us, the president will leave the white house and board air force 1 and on to davos, switzerland. the president spoke with reporters for about 15 minutes. his feelings about fbi and yes, the russia investigation. here is what he said about the prospect of speaking to special counsel robert mueller.
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>> there is no collusion whatsoever. >> do you have a date set? >> two or three weeks but i would love to do it. subject to my attorneys. >> would you do it under oath? >> did hillary do it under oath? >> i have no idea. >> do you not have an idea? i will give you an idea. she didn't do it under oath. listen, i would. and you know she didn't do it under oath. if you didn't know about hillary, then you are not much of a reporter. >> higher standard, you would do it under oath? >> i would do it under oath. >> do you think robert mueller is going to be fair to you in this investigation? >> we will find out. but here is what we say and
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everybody says no collusion. now everybody is saying, did he fight back. >> what does no collusion mean, mr. president. >> if you fight back, it is obstruction. i hope so. >> how do you define collusion. >> you are going to define it for me, but i can tell you, there is no collusion. i couldn't cared less about russians having to do with my campaign. you people won't say it, but i will say t i was a much better candidate. you always say she was a bad candidate, you won't say i was a better candidate. i was a great candidate. goodbye everybody. >> the president saying he is looking forward to speaking with robert mueller under oath and tonight we have reporting, cnn is learning mueller has given lawyers for the president a range of topics regarding a interview.
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mueller made also clear it is seeking a sit down. pamela brown and gloria borger join us now. >> sources tell my colleague and i that special counsel robert mueller has made it clear that he wants to do a sit-down interview with the president. you heard the president say, he would be more than happy to sit down with robert mueller, but the lawyers for the president are in ongoing negotiations. and sources tell us that an in-person interview would be a last resort. we are told robert mueller has made clear any of the topics he would like to discuss. under the umbrella of the firing of james comey. and national security adviser
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michael flynn. they also want to learn about what they told james comey when he allegedly asked them -- and also another topic we are told by sources that robert mueller is interested in is when the president reached out to the intelligence chiefs of various agencies asking them reportedly to intervene. we reported that mueller has interviewed three of the top intelligence officials so far. these are things that are on the negotiating table. most of the topics right now that he has conveyed he is interested in follow under the
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obstruction. all of this would have to be worked out and that is being worked out as we speak. >> gloria, the president saying he is willing to testify under oath is that also the position of trump's lawyers? >> not necessarily. i think what you are seeing is a good cop/bad cop routine. publicly saying i am willing to testify subject to the advice of my lawyers. most of his lawyers don't want him to testify in the way the president would like to testify. there may be, there may be an outlier or two in that group. but what they are trying to do is say to mueller isn't there some way we can do written answers to questions and if that isn't enough, maybe then we could make the president available to you. and they of course point to the
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precedent of ronald reagan where he just answered questions in writing. >> that is the advice the president is getting from his attorneys, do we know about his closest friends. >> i talked to one of his friends wo said look, the president wants to testify. he doesn't have one ounce of culpability. most of his friends are telling him not to testify. >> interesting. thanks. stay with us. i want to bring in jeffrey toobin as well. >> yeah. i mean, the big caveat of course was subject to what my lawyers say, or subject to consultations with my lawyers. it is one thing to agree in theory to testifying under oath b you when you say you are going it defer to your lawyers that
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takes back the whole concession. there are lots of subjects that need to be settled, issues that need to be settled. how long the interview would be. would it be under oath or not. what subjects would be covered. who would be present. would a transcript be taken and all of these issues need to be resolved. and the president's statements today designed to make it look like he doesn't have anything to hide. i don't think anybody should conclude that it is a done deal. and he is going to testify in this investigation. likely that he will give testimony in some form but the parameters are unsettled. >> michael, are the negotiations affected when the president speaks off the cuff like this? >> i would think so, yes, they are trying to negotiate all of the things that jeffrey toobin
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just outlined and here is the president saying i'm all in. let me have it, i've got nothing to hide. mueller should say, good, your client is ready to go, let's do it in the map room on tuesday with a court reporter and we will settle this thing. the unscripted appearance of the president talking about this had to make his lawyers a bit nuts. it is hard to walk this back in a sense. he says i want to do it. mueller says i want to do it. and then he says my lawyers tell me not to do it. why. why would you not do it? because they think that i may put myself in jeopardy if i do that. what is there to put yourself in jeopardy if there is no collusion. so it is a bad outcome for the president to have done this. >> what message do the president
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send to his allies. or do they kind of say look, it is a good sign that he wants to, but he should listen to the lawyers. >> i guess it is how you define allies. i am sure his allies on capitol hill like paul ryan and mitch mcconnell to say i want this to come to a swift and fair conclusion and be done with it and not do off the cuff talking about it. we saw in a recent poll that nearly eight in ten americans that he should testify. majorities of all across parties think that is different from what we have seen on other questions related to the investigation where partisanship. >> gloria, what motivation does mueller have getting into any of these requests. he could play hard ball if he needs to. >> he could and i think they
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have had a good relationships. the president's attorneys and mueller's team have been talking for months now. have handed over all the documents that mueller has asked for and gone smoothly. mu mueller is not the kind of guy to play gotcha. don't forget there are charges out there on how this investigation is tainted and i think that is not what mueller wants. he wants to kind of have conversations that are very much on the up and up. but i do believe, and our reporting, pamela's and mine reporting today is that mueller has flat out said to the trump team that i want your client in a face to face interview. and now that the client has said he wouldn't mind doing it, i wonder what the conversations are going to be like tomorrow. >> yeah. jeff, do you agree with that if mueller insisted on everything
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he wanted that that could reflect badly on him, give ammunition to the president's allies to further attack him? >> the president's allies don't need ammunition, much reason to attack mueller. this is a partisan moment. but you know, this does seem like, unlike so many problems in american life, a solvable problem. both sides want to get this whole issue behind them. they want to have him make a -- give an interview. it sounds like the president is willing to do it. there are a lot of details to be worked out. but i don't think a court fight is in the interest of either one of them. yes, it is true, if they come to lagger heads, mueller could give a grand jury subpoena and then fight it out in court. the president is not just an ordinary witness. he is a constitutional officers and he has certain rights that
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are different from any other person's rights and it is a complicated legal question about, you know, how to treat him as a witness. so i think mueller recognizes that yes, he probably win in court in some way at some point but it is in his interest to wrap this thing up as well. so i think this is likely to come to an agreement about some sort of testimony. >> michael, it was interesting to hear the president say t tonight, that when you fight back, they call that obstruction. he is saying everything he did in terms of the relations with flynn or comey or any of that was in some form fighting back >> the obstruction of justice statute, is one that is based on the intentions of the actor. was the president in doing what he did intending to obstruct justice or was he intending to
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fight back as his rights unde d the constitution. and mueller will have to determine all of the things he did and determine whether this is fighting back or obstruction. he needs to ask him these questions and not anything be a written lawyer response to a question that is propounded by the special counsel. if i was mueller, we took herbert walker bush's testimony and very -- to his schedule. all of that stuff. but we wouldn't negotiate the scope of our question or our desire to have it be under oath or in person. let's do it the way ken starr did it with bill clinton in the map room under oath, if you will
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on your home turf and be done with it. >> you pinpointed a very important point. you know the president has said a lot of things. but the first time he used the term fight back was today. and that is a real tell to what the defense to any charge of obstruction of justice is going to be he is going to say i fired james comey not to interfere with the investigation, but to fight back against a conspiracy of anti trump people including the director of the fbi, the deputy director andy mccabe and i was using my powers of the presidency and my first amendment rights to fight back to the conspiracy. we will see whether mueller or anybody else buys that argument. but this is the first time we heard the argument and i think we are going to hear it plenty.
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>> also, it sounded to my ear the president is in a pr street fight here instead of a deadly serious investigation. he seemed to want to shift the terms of this. and i wonder if he envisioned himself in a pr battle than more of a serious legal batter. >> you can fight back and obstruct justice at the same time. one does not preclude the other. and what donald trump's lawyers are trying to do is get a road map. and they got sort of a road map from mueller about the general areas. but i think what they would like is the written questions in advance of the test and i don't think they are going to get that. >> thank everybody. much more with president's chat with reporter. did he act the fbi director how he vote in the election.
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when you have a cold, stuff happens. ♪ { sneezing ] shut down cold symptoms fast [ coughing ] with maximum strength alka seltzer plus liquid gels. . president trump chatting with reporters about 15 minutes tonight before leaving to davos switzerland. didn't hold back when he was asked about andrew mccabe. here is the audio of that.
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>> should mccabe go? >> mccabe got more than $500,000 from essentially hillary clinton and is he investigating hillary clinton? did anybody here many of my smee speechi speeches when talking about mccabe. the wife got $500,000 -- >> do you regret having him as your fbi director. >> i keep out of it. he has been there. >> did you ask him -- >> i don't think i did. i don't know what is the best deal with that. who did you vote for? i don't think it is a big deal. but i saw that this morning. i don't remember asking him that question. >> is it a possibility? >> i think it is an unimportant question. >> joining me now is jennifer
5:21 pm
grand home, and mike shields. >> mike, you heard the question. doesn't recall asking that question. would it be appropriate if he did ask the acting director of the fbi who he voted for? >> in some ways yes, in some ways no. when you have people who are senior people in your administration, i don't think there is anything wrong with trying to figure out who they are, where they stand. i think he has a good idea of where the cabinet stands. >> not talking about people working around the president in the white house. >> he probably thinks he got off easy if that's what he asked him. he could have gone a will the further what he suspected about who mccabe was and what he was doing. let's keep in mind what has not been fully flushed out.
5:22 pm
the entire clinton foundation and all of the money they were taking from people all around the world. the e-mails deleted. when you have someone at the fbi has some ties to the clintons, questions are raised there. he is taking a shot and making sure this guy knows i am paying attention. if it didn't go any further there. >> governor is this much to do about nothing? >> totally inappropriate to be asking a civil servant who is hatched who he voted for. trump believes that the justice department are his personal attorneys and not serving the country, rather serving him. >> no evidence of his action to
5:23 pm
prove that. >> there is evidence apparently of him asking it. this is another example of trump all of a sudden forgetting what he probably asked. this series of questions today it gave reporters such a huge array of things to chew on like we are talking about tonight. this is exactly why his lawyers do not want him to be interviewed by mueller. anderson, there was a lawsuit in 2007 where he was deposed. he had sued an author of a book he didn't like. in that deposition, he had to admit that he lied 30 times. totally unprepared. he does not want to be interviewed by mueller. and yes this was an inappropriate question. >> mike, certainly the reporters
5:24 pm
like when he speaks for 15 minutes. do you think it is wise for him to do that. >> he is saying he wants to take part and be interviewed. falling back on whether the lawyers won't let him, these are all negotiated things. one of the interesting aspects of this is very recently the word that came out of the white house was this investigation is wrapping up and pundits jumped on the television saying that is a joke this thing is going on forever. and here is what we know. not a single leak or any evidence coming out of a well-run press operation. there has been no evidence of collusion. >> i think the mueller -- i look forward to reading the book when this is over the president
5:25 pm
operation they ran of the targeted leaks to force people to talk about certain aspects of it. >> you don't know this came from mueller. that might have come from people who interviewed by mueller. >> just to finish my point, no evidence of any collusion and the reason why the president is so confident saying i will testify, he is the campaign. he was the campaign manager, the strategist, the communication director. so in his mind he didn't collude with russia. he is confident to talk to investigators about that and now they are negotiating the parameters. >> and the parameters around the obstruction of justice and less about collusion. >> that is an important point. >> i want to finish the point and perhaps about his financial dealings with russia. >> you are talking about the
5:26 pm
initial range of questions, he is probably going to only get one shot in interviewing the president of the united states. the idea that he is going to have one interview and later on saying i want to talk to him again, that does seem highly unlikely. >> it does seem highly unlikely, they have to be careful about letting him in. the minute he starts opening up on being challenged on the facts. showing that he is lying, that opens an array of other items. >> what the president says about mixing text messages from fbi officials that were on the mueller investigation. that's ahead. with expedia, one click gives you access to discounts on thousands of hotels, cars and things to do. like the fairmont mayakoba for 59% off.
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breaking news in the russian investigation. you are looking at live pictures of air force one. before he left, the president spoke to reporters about a number of topics including the fbi. and on issues. the issue is missing text messages between two fbi officials peter strzok and lisa page. they were ro mantically involved. strzok was taken off the investigation after it was discovered he text some anti sentiment to page. here is audio about what the president said tonight. >> i do worry about all of the things that you people don't
5:30 pm
report about what is happening. if you take a look at the five-month's worth of missing texts. as i said yesterday, that is prime time. so you do sort of look at that and say what is going on. you do look at certain texts where they talk about insurance policies or insurance where they say the kinds of things they are saying. >> do you trust the fbi? >> i am very disturbed as is the general. as it everybody else that is intelligent. when you look at five months, this is leap great rosemary woods. 18 minutes. this is five months. they say it is 50,000 texts and it is prime time. >> referencing nixon secretary. 50,000 missing text messages, this is the total number of text
5:31 pm
messages that the general department has reviewed on servers. the missing text messages number is unknown. >> reporter: a technical glitch results in thousands of fbi phones. that affected 10% of the fbi phones according to this law enforcement official. this has seemed to satisfy some on capitol hill including richard burr who believes the fbi's explanation. other republicans are pushing back demanding more information sending letters saying there may have been something suspicious going on. this comes as a number of republicans are seizing on the text messages themselves including one that occurred right after election days where the two fbi agents were do
5:32 pm
discussing a quote secret society. ron johnson told me he spoke to an informant who said this group was trying to meet off site to discuss various issues. he said he wanted to dig further to understand what this quote secret society was about. now, the top democrat on that committee tells me tonight she has not spoken. in an effort to under cut the mueller investigation. >> and i want to explain to our viewers, they are looking at marine one there for the president arriving. going to be getting on air force one headed to davos, switzerland with his team. when you talk about secret
5:33 pm
society, were there multiple references. and words to the effect maybe it is time to start up the secret society. >> reporter: from what we know it is texts occurred right after election day. this is only being relayed to us by republican members of congress who have reviewed these text messages and they are characterizing these contexts. it is clear that the republicans themselves don't know either which is what ron johnson acknowledged. >> thank you for that. joining us now is congressman charlie dent. missing because of the archival problems. do you take the justice department at its word or do you
5:34 pm
share president trump's suspicions? >> i accept the explanation. a lot of my colleagues ought to take a deep breath and be a bit more measured. for heavens sakes sounds like they are talking about the illuminati for heavens sake. we certainly have been supportive of federal law enforcement and we shouldn't be doing to undermine the american public's confidence and the fbi at a time like this. >> it seems startling to hear this coming from the republican side. this idea of a deep state and secret societies within the fbi. it is not the kind of thing as you point out that traditionally republicans would be arguing. >> yeah. two years ago, many of us on the republican side was appalled by some of the rhetoric used by some of the left by the law
5:35 pm
enforcement on this country. mortified by the attacks on police and law enforcement. i am surprised by this 180-degree turn at least in respect to the fbi. these agents are doing anti organized crime investigation, and they put their lives at risk. and we need to think about that and no the judge them entirely on this one investigation. i served as chair as the house ethics committee in the last congress and when we did investigations we did them in a bipartisan manner. i couldn't do anything without the consent of my ranking member. both sides have to get together. you basically have to inspire confidence in the investigation by working together. and when things become so polarized and partisan, this is what happens.
5:36 pm
things break down and there is a lot of blaming and name calling. >> the president didn't say he had confidence in them. are you worried about long-term potential damage to this law enforcement agent which is, you know, the premiere law enforcement agency if not in the world, certainly in this country. >> well, i am not sure what the long-term damage will be. i don't want to predict that. but all i can say is this the republican administration. his attorney general jeff sessions and rod rosenstein. these are his people. to attack his own government strikes me as unprecedented. i am not used to a president going after his own department. and that is what i find interesting and a bit baffling. >> the president also tonight said he didn't remember asking andrew mccabe who he had voted
5:37 pm
for and said if he had, he didn't think there was no problem with that. do you believe there was a problem with that and if you do, can you explain to people why you might have a problem with that. >> you mean, if asking a civil servant how they voted? >> yeah. >> look, i have been in the u.s. congress for nearly 14 years. i can't remember any time i asked a civil servant how he or she voted or for that matter anybody else coming into my office. i never thought it was my business. this speaks to the issue of what is the limits of propriety. a few months ago, the president gave a campaign speech to boy scouts. there are things you don't do. and in this case, i wouldn't ask a career civil servant how he
5:38 pm
voted. awkward at the very least and inappropriate. i appreciate your time. thank you. ahead, president trump talking about immigration speaking about d.r.e.a.m.ers saying quote, it is going to happen sometime in the feature. does that mean an actual deal, we will talk to senator bernie sanders in a moment. get the lowest price when you book at dad! dad! can you drive me to jessica's house? (groans) ♪ "welcome to my house" by flo rida ♪ this is what our version of financial planning looks like. tomorrow is important, but so is making the most of the house before they're out of the house.
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continuing with our breaking news. president trump talked about immigrations and the hundreds of thousands so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers. this time saying he would accept a pathway citizenship for them but still wants money for his wall. >> we are going to morph into it. >> what does that mean? >> over a period of ten to 12 years. somebody works hard, they have done terrifically whether they have a little company or work or whatever they are doing, if they do a great job, i think it is a nice thing to have an incentive of after a period of yearsable to become a citizen. >> how many years? >> we are looking at ten or 12. >> are you going to protect them? extent the deadline? >> i might do that. >> how much do you need for your
5:42 pm
wall? >> i am going to do it under budget but putting down 25 billion for the wall. >> should these d.r.e.a.m.ers be concerned? >> tell them not to be concerned. not to worry. we are going to solve the problems. now it is up to the democrats. but they should not be concerned. >> we are going to put it in a fund. 25 billion in a fund. 25 billion for a wall. 5 billion for other security measures. after the daca is done look at overall -- >> still want chain migration. >> negotiated chain, putting a replacement for lottery or an end to lottery. we bring people in from various countries that come in based on merit and various other reasons. and we are going to build a wall. so those three briprimary thing >> all of this against the
5:43 pm
background february 8. senator bernie sanders is with me now. you heard the president saying he is open to citizenship for d.r.e.a.m.ers over the course of ten to 12 years, morph into that. for any d.r.e.a.m.ers out there, shouldn't be concerned. do you think they should take the president at his word? is. >> unfortunately, the president says one thing today and another thing tomorrow depending on who got to him last. sadly, the president lies a whole lot of times. but it is important to understand that we have a moral crisis in front of us. we have 800,000 young people who came to this country when they were two or three years of age. they know no other country. working, 20,000 of them are
5:44 pm
teachers. they are in school. they are in the military. this is their home. and the idea that they could lose the legal status that trump took away from them and faced deportation would be an incredible moral stain on this country. 80% of the american people think that we should maintain legal status for these young people and the vast majority of americans think there should be a path towards citizenship. now the good news is that senator durbin and senator graham have crafted legislation. it is a decent piece of legislation which provides legal status to the d.r.e.a.m.ers. it has now we think six or seven republicans who are supporting it. we think we have a strong majority in the house supporting it. this is what the american people want and i hope trump will
5:45 pm
support that effort. >> the white house said they will unveil what they want on monday of next week. clearly what they call chain migration is on the table. and border wall. is that something you and the democrats would support. >> i think the wall made a whole lot of sense in the 15th century when china built a great wall. you can protect the border in a much more cost effective way with modern technology. if we want to solve money and protect the border, there are other ways to do than what trump is. >> at the end of the day what is imperative is that we protect these young people.
5:46 pm
i look forward to seeing the day come sooner than later where these young people don't have to live in fear. >> for you that is the number one priority immigration deal for the d.r.e.a.m.ers? >> it is. and sometimes we push it aside when we talk about the budget crisis that we are facing. the united states of america has a $4 trillion government. we are now into the fourth continuing resolution, going on five months in which a $4 trillion government says we will spend many exactly this year the way we spent it last year. can you think of a business, think of a large business like amazon saying oh, we will do exactly the same we did last year, same priorities. they would lose tens of billions
5:47 pm
of dollars and probably go bankrupt. you cannot run a government in an ever changing world and say we are going to do exactly what we did last year. one of the reasons i voted against this continuing resolution is that we have major crisis facing this country. 27 million people in the community health center program. that program has not been reauthorized three and a half months. people are going to lose their ability to get health care and dental care. 30,000 vacancy in the veteran administration. we have a massive under funding and understaffing in the social security administration. we have got to address those problems now. >> the fact that minority leader schumer is that talks are starting over and funding for the wall is off the table now,
5:48 pm
is that helpful. the president seems clear if there is no wall there, is no daca. >> we will see how the negotiations go. what schumer was upset about is that he and trump sat down and i think schumer felt that they had reached an agreement and that once again trump pulled the rug out from underneath him. but bottom line is that there needs to be negotiations. i think there are serious republicans here who want to do the right thing. and we've got to work together to make sure that these young people get the legal status that they need and have a path towards citizenship. >> senator sanders appreciate your time. thank you. ahead the white house attorney reportedly had a different talk on whether president trump will do an interview with robert mueller. reaction from that and all of this from cia director michael hayden.
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president trump told reporters tonight that he is looking forward to talking to special counsel robert mueller. he said he'd do it under oath. this didn't take long. now according to "the new york times" a white house lawyer is already walking that back. white house lawyer ty cobb told the times that the president was speaking fast and only meant to say he was willing to meet with the mueller team, not volunteering to testify under oath. former cia director michael hayden joins us now. firths off your reaction to the breaking news that president trump said he wanted to talk to special counsel mueller under oath as long as his attorneys were fine with it in. >> yeah. i thought it was not just breaking news, anderson, but good news. look, there is a cloud over the presidency. we can debate why there's a cloud, but there's no doubt there's a cloud. both the president and america would be well served by getting out from under this cloud. i see no way that we do that to
5:53 pm
the satisfaction of most americans until the president talks to bob mueller. now, will he do it with the advice of counsel? of course. no one would -- should talk to the bureau without their lawyer in the room. i understand that. there's jeopardy. but i think the president's instincts, which he seems to suggest today, was that i got to go do this. those are the right instincts. >> but p is extraordinary for those who have raised concerns, if the president is just speaking on the record under oath to the special counsel, who knows what he may say if he's, you know, goes off on a tangent? the example being tonight talking to reporters, you know, minutes later, what, some hour later, his attorney is already walking back what the president himself said in just a 15-minute q & a with reporters. there's really no telling what the president might say under oath. >> no, i understand that. but i also have a great deal of respect for director mueller and his team. i think they'll be very disciplined, and they'll demand
5:54 pm
that the president answer the questions. and what the president says will matter no matter what kind of intervention that the president's lawyers might say. i mean there's an old standing joke in the air force. what the captain meant to say is, that's not going to hold water. what the president says is going to matter. >> in the course of the same interview tonight, the president also cast doubt on the fbi as a whole saying he's, quote, disturbed, and these missing texts are worse than watergate. he was asked point blank either if he had confidence in or if he trusted the fbi. i can't remember the exact question, and he didn't answer. he didn't say that he did. what do you think that does to the morale of the fbi, but also just does it do real damage to the fbi? >> that's the real point, anderson. morale matters. personal integrity matters. the feelings of people who go out there in harm's way every day for america matters. but fundamentally, what matters is the health of the institutions on which our democracy relies for both its
5:55 pm
safety and its liberty. that's the intelligence community. that's the department of justice. that's the fbi. and as this circle has tighte d tightened, you've seen the president and a lot of supporters of the president almost reflexively attacking the integrity of these institutions. and i fear greatly no matter how this turns out, anderson, we're going to harm these bodies on which we must rely. you know, whatever happens to the bureau right now, we're going to need it again in the future. so we should be very careful not to damage it. >> it's also incredible this is coming from the republican side which is trashlly strong on supporting law enforcement. this is a day after republican senator ron johnson was spreading rumors about secret societies within the fbi, having off-site meetings and saying that, you know, had an informer who is confirming -- this is all based on that one text allegedly sent by that fbi agent. >> yeah.
5:56 pm
look, i've spoken with senator johnson in the past. i've always found him to be a very serious man, very dedicated to the united states. anderson, there's a bit of difference in both content and tone from what senator johnson said yesterday and what he's saying today. >> he seemed to back off the idea that there was an informer who confirmed this secret society notion. >> right. and i was really struck a little bit ago on your show where congressman dent, a republican from pennsylvania, was really trying to calm the waters here, saying, we all need to settle down here and quit reflexively attacking these institutions. that actually was very heartening coming from a republican. >> it is just such a -- i mean, again, if one had heard this rhetoric coming from the left a few years ago, it wouldn't -- perhaps it wouldn't be surprising, you know, about the fbi or about the idea that there was a cabal within the fbi. but coming from the republicans, it just seems we're in uncharted waters here. >> i'm sorry i'm smiling a bit
5:57 pm
with you, anderson, because i've actually heard that rhetoric from the left when i was in government. kind of the presumption of guilt, the presumption that there was some nefarious activity going on from the extreme american left. and we generally got a pass, and that's not always a good thing from the american right. i mean institutions need to be held up to the light of the day. but you're right. number one, it's a bit unusual coming from the right, and actually the almost viciousness of the attack is really unusual from either right or left. >> yeah. general hayden, appreciate your time. thank you very much. we'll be right back. more news ahead. et, so - [girl 1] perfect! you can send a digital payment. [man] uhh, i don't have one of those payment apps. [girl 2] perfect! you have a us-based bank account, right? [man] i have wells fargo. [girl 3] perfect! then you should have zelle! [man] perfect. [girls] perfect! [vo] the number one mobile banking app just got better. [man] does your coach use zelle, too? [boy] of course!
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thanks for watching 360. it is time to hand it over to chris cuomo for "cuomo prime time." >> anderson, my friend, thank you very much. breaking tonight, it is on. in a surprise statement to the media, trump just said he wants to meet with bob mueller under oath. then in his next answer, he gave us a perfect example of what peril he might face in that chair. you need to have people who have done these types of interrogations and defended against them to get where this is all headed. and guess what? we have them for you tonight. let's get after it. i'm chris cuomo. welcome to "prime time." ♪ breaking news tonight. president trump saying he does want to speak to special counsel bob mueller about the russia