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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  January 29, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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boost gives me everything i need... to be up for doing what i love. boost high protein be up for it hello, everyone. john berman here. so who else connected to the russia investigation does the president want fired this morning? this is no idle question. in the last 72 hours there have been reports he either tried to or mused about firing the attorney general, the deputy attorney general, the special counsel and the deputy fbi director. he did fire the former fbi director and the current fbi director threatened to quit. so this roster would not only make for a decent justice department basketball team with a couple of subs included but it also has some in congress saying they need to pass legislative protections for robert mueller. some republican allies see he no
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urgency. detailing alleged partisan abuses in the russia investigation. there is new word this morning that this memo specifically targets deputy attorney general rod rosenstein in its analysis. a key vote on whether this memo goes public comes in just a few hours. the president wants it out there. there is a good bet we could see this all very soon. our katelyn collins at the white house this morning following the very latest developments. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this memo alleges serious misconduct on behalf of the department of justice and the fbi towards the trump campaign and according to this latest reporting from the "the new york times" it specifically says the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is the one who approved that extension of surveillance for the former trump campaign aid and foreign policy adviser carter page. this is noteworthy because rosenstein is the one overseeing the russian investigation after jeff sessions recused himself from it. releasing this memo has been a
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point of contention here in washington for the last several weeks and here's what the white house's latest thinking on releasing it is. >> it could shed light on allegations that have existed for some time. nobody has seen the memo at the white house. i certainly haven't seen it. we will see what's in it if the house of representatives votes it out -- >> has the president seen it? >> no, he hasn't seen it. now the white house says that the president has not seen it, no one in the white house has seen it as you heard from the deputy press secretary. we know that the president has been venting about rosenstein in recent weeks saying let's get him out of here, let's get this guy fired and saying that he's just another government official who is out to get him. john? >> katelyn collins for us at the white house. the house intelligence committee could vote very shortly within the next few hours about whether to release this memo which alleges abuses by the fbi in those investigating the president on the russia matter.
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cnn josh dawsey of the "the washington post" has some new reporting on this and josh, one of the things that jumped out to me, not only does the president want this released but your reporting has the chief-of-staff, john kelly going to jeff sessions to make this case. explain. >> right. we have on wednesday night john kelly called attorney general sessions and said essentially the president wants this memo out and the department of justice had put out a letter that day objecting to the release of the memo saying it would classify material in it. saying they would be comfortable without a thorough review and i do not think the president liked that. the president had the chief-of-staff call his attorney general and said doj should not be standing in the way of releasing this memo or at least staying out of it all together. >> there's a reporting over cnn over the last week he started to talk more publicly about rosenstein, complaining about him. your report in the post that came out over the weekend talks once again about the president's demand for loyalty.
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people are telling you the special counsel is doing. they're theory appears to be the special counsel goes after the people that are not loyal. he wants in place people are loyal to make sure he doesn't get in trouble with the investigation. tell us more about had a you're hearing. >> remember the time line of events. in may he fires james comey the head of the fbi. he then asked andrew mccabe stepping in who he voted for then in june as the "the new york times" reported and we matched and others there was an effort to fire bob mueller. i won't be here for that and they were able to stop him but there was an effort to fire bob mueller. there's been several repeated efforts to oust jeff sessions including asking reince priebus go get his resignation letter. you have time after time after time where the president where folks have been investigating them, efires or threatens to fires them. what mueller's team is trying to discern is why is he behaving
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this way? is this this is a pattern of behavior that has a reason? when with he's explaining to his advisers i want this guy gone or that guy gone, why is he doing that? is it because he actually thinks they're not serving the country well or because he thinks they have damaging information on him and i think that's what the investigators are trying to figure out and us as well. >> i'm glad you brought up the jeff sessions matter. that was new at least to me that reince priebus was sent over by the president at one point to fire robert mueller but didn't do it. he found a way to get out of that just like the white house counsel found a way not to dismiss the special prosecutor. there's a pattern here where things don't happen. >> right. we were all fired on the campaign at least once. trump wants to fire everyone. what reince priebus would often tell people when he was in the white house, if the president was mad about something, let's
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wait until next week, we'll take care of that next week and hoped he'd calm down and that's what happened with jeff sessions. he would repeatedly asked for jeff sessions resignations. he would rage and fume about his recusal and the folks around him would try to calm him down and hoping he moved on to something else. so far jeff sessions has been able to survive because of that. it still seems he's in a delicate spot. >> the president wants this memo, nunes memo released. chris cuomo said the president has not seen the memo. >> he thinks is shows doj did improper things to the trump campaign. he's spoken with mark meadows the head of the freedom caucus and one of the republican agitators to release the memo. tray gudy's been on tv talking about the memo. and he's really frustrated with this investigation. he continues to bring up the
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lost text messages from the two fbi agents involved in the probe. he continues to say that mueller's being unfair to him and rosenstein isn't supervising him and he hopes this memo will make a case that the investigation was biased against him. he's hoping this memo allows him to make some changes to the doj including being able to push out rod rosenstein. >> josh dawsey from the "the washington post," cnn analyst, thanks so much for being with us. joining me now is robert ray, former whitewater independent counsel. maybe just musing outloud about if he and get rid of rod rosenstein. this memo that may be released as soon as this week details alleged abuses or things that rod rosenstein did that republicans on the hos didn't like.
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this gets to the issue of loyalty which apparently robert pu mueller is probing inside. the president wants loyalty to make sure he doesn't get in trouble with the investigation. we all want people loyal to us. >> every president wants that. >> when does it cross a line? >> people are concerned about the issue of abuse of power if it crosses the line into really a concerted effort inside the executive branch to obstruct a criminal investigation. i think, look -- i know rod rosenstein very well. he's a professional on the order of magnitude of robert mueller. presidents want to in frustration get rid of people all the time. they understand in the political process, well you have the power to do those things if you start firing people as he found out in firing jim comey it has political consequence. >> he apparently's been calling the democrat from baltimore. >> i believe that rod rosenstein is ins lalted from being fired
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during the course of this investigation. it would be a huge mistake for that to happen and there are well meaning people within the white house who have the president's best interests at heart who are advising him, go slow. you'll survive this investigation. that's what ty cobb's advice is and any effort to be seen as a decision that would further interfere with the investigation would be something that you can lose a presidency over and that's why it hasn't been done. >> you do think he has the power and authority. >> of course. of course. >> would firing him be a problem beyond just politically? would it be something the special counsel would be able to look at? >> there's enough question raised about that that one would be concerned about that as well. you wouldn't want to feed the narrative. that's both a political decision and legal decision. >> i want to talk about that in a second. i want to hear from ken starr who was also a white whaurt independent counsel. the president seems to have lied to the american people when he said i never thought about
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firing robert mueller. the story's came out last week that he basically ordered him to be fired and don mcgahn refused to do it, said he would quit rather than do that. >> right. >> listen to what ken starr says. ken starr says he thinks this should be looked in to. >> lying to the american people is a serious issue that has to be explored. i take lying to the american people very, very seriously. so absolutely, i think what dan was talking about was this effort of getting rid of the investigation. you're now talking something called lying to the american people and that is something that bob mueller should look at. >> should bob mueller be looking at the fact that the president apparently lied to the american people? >> respectively to you and ken starr i didn't like that aspect of the referral during the whitewater era and i don't like it any more now. i do not think that is a job for a prosecutor. a prosecutor's job is to decide whether or not there's a case in the criminal process to be
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brought and in the process of uncovering facts in that regard to deliver those facts to other decision makers including the congress. i do not think it is a special counsel's role and i didn't think it then and i don't think it now to be the arbiter of whether or not a president lies to the american people. that's for the american people to decide. >> okay. >> that's not my job. >> you got me to what's an important discussion that i think we miss often that i'm not sure people fully understand. mueller will never charge the president with obstruction or collusion. it's unlikely that the special counsel charges the president with anything. >> that would be a huge constitutional event. it's never been done before. that would be why it would be huge. >> what he's most likely to do even if he thinks the president committed a crime is to submit the facts to congress. >> which seems to be what the founders intended. you present those facts to
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congress and congress would make a political judgment about whether or not there's been an abuse of trust. we would refer to that as abuse of power. they omake that jum. i would imagine that that only could occur in the event in the midterm elections. they would proceed the only way the president could be removed from office is if republicans went along with it and only thereafter would you address the question once a president was removed from office about whether or not a president could be charged with a crime. >> it's going to come down -- >> the public needs to understand that's where we would be headed. we're not headed in any other direction. >> great to have you here with us. i really appreciate it. overnight the cameo that launched a mixture of laughs and outrage. >> he had a long time fear of being poisoned. one reason why he liked to eat
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at mcdonald's. nobody knew he was coming and the food was safely premade. >> that's it. we've got it. >> you think so? >> the grammy's in the bag? >> in the bag. joining me now cnn senior media correspondent brian stelter. the book, fiery and fury has explosive quotes from steve bannon and also a lot of thing that have been proven false and a lot of things that have been flat out rumored. is it appropriate for her to read it aloud through the grammy? >> she sure thought so. a couple weeks ago the grammy producers called up clinton, asked her to participate. this ended up being one the highlights for a lot of people. it was criticized by some, including u.n. nikki haley. why? that's because haley there was an illusion in the book to a
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possible relationship between haley and president trump. haley came out last week and absolutely denied that rumor and criticized michael wolff for ever implying such a thing could happen. here's what hail i didn't wrote on twitter. i've always loved this show but to have artist read the fire and fury book killed it. don't ruin great music with trash. some of us love music without the politics thrown in it. the reaction to that tweet, a lot of reactions, some people agreeing with her as saying this book, this best selling book should not get a grammy stage. on the other hand, politics, music, they've always been fused together. her comment about wanting to separate the two seemed off to me. >> she may be the only politician we saw at the grammys but politics was all over it. >> exactly. these pro-immigration, pro-immigrant messages from stars like u 2. this was anything but subtle. you had u 2 and bono out there
6:15 am
on a barge floating on the hudson river something taped a couple days ahead of time right in front of the statue of liberty. it was even holding up american flag, a bullhorn to perform. and this was a really interesting moment right before then as well. a mexican cuban immigrant singer camilla she had a message about d.r.e.a.m.ers. watch. >> i'm here on this stage tonight because just like the d.r.e.a.m.ers, my parents brought me to this country with nothing in their pockets but hope. i'm a proud cuban mexican immigrant born in eastern havana, standing in front of you on the grammy stage in new york city -- >> there weren't a lot of direct mentions of president trump but there were a couple of references to his shit hole comments in the oval office. jay-z should run for president. there was that twitter spas between them over the weekend. so a shout-out to jay-z over the
6:16 am
weekend. >> thank you very much. in the meantime a disgruntled white house senior adviser about to go public very, very, very public. how worried is the trump administration? how worried should they be about this new reality tv plus the deadline looms for the trump administration on a new round of russia sanctions? will the president initiate tough sanctions against the kremlin or any sanctions at all. a key meeting on immigration. we'll bring you that just ahead. a place with flexible fmeal plans...e ...and 24-hour room service a place where seniors get the care they need in the comfort of home. home instead senior care.
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6:21 am
this appearance at the grammy's a great moment of political humor, a horrendous moment of bad taste, political trolling of the highest order or all of the above? >> all of the above. democrats kind of liked it. you've heard in recent weeks and months they want her to take a seat -- a passenger seat. they don't want her to play a major role in driving the party. they appreciate her in these moments, conservatives always want her to go away, although they look at these moments as sort of a rallying call. this is the one -- she's the one person who unifies the party. so i feel like it's good for them and good for democrats, and she's more likeable in these moments. people often forget, they remember the very packaged hillary clinton, but she's also everyone says she's funny behind the scenes and this was a moment for her to showcase that. >> amber, you can see why nikki haley may not like passages from fire and fury being read aloud,
6:22 am
unsubstantiated, either implies plied or flatout stated by the author. for democrats either you can say you support facts, you support truth or you can say, hey, promoting fire and fury is okay. you can't do both. where do you come down on this? >> that's exactly right. from the trump administration and his allies perspective, this was needlessly inflamry. nikki haley seemed to be getting at the fact that there's a difference between being political in your music like the opening act in kendrick lamar. and then doing a skit that seemed to be political for the sake of being political and using the two things that frustrate the trump administration more than anything else. hillary clinton and fire and fury. john has a lot of facts in question about it. >> so patrick healy our friend rod brownstein looks beyond
6:23 am
hillary clinton. let me read you what ron wrote about this. easy to scorn celebrities including hillary clinton but republicans are kidding themselves if they believe it doesn't reflect a broader problem with rising generations that grammy artists voice in a nearly universal conviction that the president is racist or nativist. he is stamping the party. ron saying here look at the bigger picture of what this message is. >> and the cultural left has been very angry at trump and you've seen this particularly at award show after award show. you have women calling out men who have abused or mistreated or sexualized in unfair ways women and they see donald trump as enemy number one in this. with hillary clinton, this is a pretty thin skinned reaction by republicans. donald trump understands good tv. he knows good tv. having hillary clinton up there
6:24 am
reading from fire and fury, if you have a sense of humor and you can go with it, it's a pretty funny moment. instead they've decided to attack her. it's interesting, of all the passages we could have chosen we all know how much he loves mcdonald's, he eats big macs and fillet ofish. >> did you think sean spicer was funny? >> he had way too much baggage and he was going -- he was going to the emmys to try to launder his baggage. hillary clinton was doing a pretaped skit that was about five seconds long talking about mcdonald's. >> i can see a double standard if you think sean spicer was out of line but hillary clinton was okay. the state of the union, it gets to this issue of perception, amy, there's an enormous push that i'm feeling now from the left saying that when you watch this speech, if he talks like he did at davos and talks about the
6:25 am
economy doing well and stock market doing well, if you analyze the words and say, hey, this is a positive message, people on the left are saying you're going to commit some act of treason practically here, that you have to make note of the fact that this is the man who called african nations blank hole countries, you have to make note of the fact that both people on sides of the debate on charlottesville, how is there a right way to look at this speech? >> i don't think he's going to win over many progressives in this speech. he's trying to win over independence. people who didn't really maybe vote for him last time but could give him a second chance, are looking for a more optimistic tone from the president and he's pretty good in -- you know, when he is teleprompter trump, when he can stay on message and deliver what the white house wants to do in terms of message and politics. if he veers off and goes the other way, but i think he is looking to bring in a few more people i think into the fold.
6:26 am
>> i will note the president has not put out any of his official statements on the social media he loves so much on twitter today and it makes me wonder if he's trying to pulled up to the state of the union to have this speech deliver a message sort of unfettered from i guess himself in a way. amber, not unfettered from himself is this vote that's going to happen later today in the house intelligence committee to make the memo, the devon knew necessities memo public. this will go public. rod rosenstein directly in the cross hairs trying to discredit him somehow. what's going on here? how far do you think republicans will push this and it's all happening when the president might testify soon before the special counsel? >> exactly. with every day it looks like there is indeed an effort concerted effort among republicans in congress and the white house to discredit this russia investigation and as the
6:27 am
"the new york times" reported and "the washington post" reported over the weekend, it is going to the highest levels of the department of justice. we already know that the president has been extremely frustrated with his attorney general jeff sessions for stepping aside. he believes this created this whole investigation and then he's now tried to find every which way to undermine it and/or completely end it. firing rosenstein or even talking about that i think would be on the level of firing mueller in the sense that rosenstein is the sense that rosenstein appointed mueller and whenever mueller's done with his investigation can decide what to do with it. pair that with house republicans, many of these members on the house intelligence committee who are known to be trump awill lies and tried to support him during a wiretapping drama last year that was unsubstantiated and it does look like there's a concerted effort being headed by the white house to undermine this
6:28 am
investigation. >> patrick healy, i'll let you weigh in on this. one other thing, the incredible development with om arosa. we just learned -- we're all laughing at the this. >> are we shocked? >> this person was a senior adviser to the president is going on big brother. she's going to be part of an actual reality show. going from a apprentice to the white house to big brother here. you could talk about the cultural moment. if i'm in the white house and om arosa has said things that concern me. she said she saw things and heard things about race that upset her. how worried are you about this platform? >> she's very mindful about her cashing in opportunities, she is made a decision to go to cbs and go to big brother to do it there. she could have tried to get a book deal and could have done stayed media appearances.
6:29 am
she's going into a world, you know, where, you know, she could be flippant, she can make offhand comments about donald trump and it just -- and make money doing it, but as sort of a -- it is just -- it sets you back a little bit. going from one reality tv show that is essentially the presidency, you know, going into a big brother house, i can't tell if it's a step up or down. >> all right. great to have you with us today. tune in i guess next week to the episode of some reality show out there. what will the house intelligence committee decided to on the memo? this memo that alleges abuses within the investigation into the russia matter. we'll speak with someone who has seen this memo next.
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new this morning, the house intelligence committee could vote today within a few hours to release the controversial memo written by devin nunes. talking to us now is someone who's actually seen that memo, the republican congressman johnson. you have seen the memo. i know you want it released. let me ask you about the latest revelation that we are hearing from the "the new york times," that this memo says that the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein authorized the surveillance of carter page, moved to have it reauthorized last year. can you confirm that to be the case? >> i can't talk about the contents of the memo, john, because we had to sign nondisclosure agreements and i think that's important.
6:35 am
what i will say is, i think the american people deserve to make decisions about the contents of the memo themselves and that's why i support it being released to the public. this can be done in a responsible matter that doesn't sacrifice our national security interests or our national security apparatus, but, look, if we're going to have a government of the people and by the people and for the people as lincoln famously said, transparency is a big part of that. this is an important step. >> do you have questions about rod rosenstein's ability to oversee the special counsel investigation? >> i don't think it's any secret that on the housary committee where i serve we've been investigating allegations of bias in this investigation all year for the past year. there have been a number of allegations that have been made and we've been looking in to that. rosenstein has testified before our committee, i myself among others have asked him questions about all this. none of that is a secret -- >> hang on, congressman.
6:36 am
you've read this memo now. do you have concerns about the deputy attorney general's ability to oversee this investigation? >> look, i've had confidence in rosenstein from the beginning. i think he's a man of great integrity. what i am concerned about is allegations of the mechanics of the mueller investigation and some of the people that have been involved in it at the highest levels, fbi agents and fbi lawyers and we know all the names. >> he is the highest level in a way of the special counsel's investigation. he appointed the special counsel, the special counsel has to go to him to check-in prerd i cannily. hypothetically, because i know you don't want to discuss the contents of the memo, what would be wrong with the deputy attorney general extend the ability to survey carter page who the fbi has said as far as back as 2013 had connections with the russians? >> i can't get into the details of the specifics of this. i think you know why. if the house intel committee votes today as we expect they
6:37 am
will that this will be released. everybody will get to make up their own minds about all these issues, okay. i do think the contents of the memo are alarming. you've heard that said many times. over 200 members of the house have reviewed it individually. we think the contents of it are credible as well. i can't get into specific individuals or names or anything -- >> you say credible but have you seen the underlying intelligence, a lot of it is classified. you haven't seen i imagine the underlying intelligence, correct? >> i haven't read all of it because i'm not on the house intelligence committee, i'm on the judiciary committee. we've seen some maummaries of t material. it's difficult to get into the specifics. i'm not trying to be evasive. we've got to be -- >> you do understand that one of the complaints you're hearing from some democrats and some republicans too is that without the underlying intelligence, you'll never be able to get into
6:38 am
specifics and what you have here then is you basically have this charging document, this political document critics will say written by republican partisans in this case -- >> i can tell you this, without disclosing anything, it's not a political document. it's a summary of the underlying material. people can make their own judgment. that's the important part here, john, and that's what i mean. the american people should make that judgment for themselves. >> two quick questions here. robert mueller, do you think congress needs to pass protections to make it more difficult for the president to remove him from this investigation? >> no, i don't. i think the constitution is served us well these many 240 years. i think the executive branch is where that authority resides and i don't think it's been abused. it hasn't here either. the mueller investigation's gone forward. we hope it comes to conclusion very soon and we certainly hope the biases that have been alleged about this investigation
6:39 am
are not true. i can tell you i'm concerned about things we've heard and seen in the judiciary committee and i want all this to come to an ends. >> concerned enough that you wouldn't object if he did remove mueller. >> it's not my decision to make -- >> i understand when -- but if he did, there are republicans, it would be a big mistake. you're not willing to say it would be a big mistake to fire mueller? >> i'm an attorney. i'm a constitutional law attorney. were he my client i would tell him to be very cautious about that. we want the facts to come forward. that's what we've all said from the very beginning. let the facts lead where they may. let's make sure that on that path -- >> doend don't undersell your position. i have great respect for anyone who sits in that body and you do have influence not just with your constituents but i would think with your president. let me ask you about immigration and this proposed deal that the president has put on the table to grant a path to citizenship
6:40 am
for more than 1.5 million d.r.e.a.m.ers which is a higher number than perhaps was even discussed a few weeks ago. on your website you say of immigration, you oppose any form of amnesty for those who have broken our laws. would a path to citizenship be amnesty for these d.r.e.a.m.ers? >> i'm afraid if we create a special path to citizenship for those who are here illegally that we encourage more illegal immigration. i think securing the borders is important. i think enforcing our immigration laws is important and at the end of the day, john, this is about the rule of law. we have great sympathy for the daca people that are involved in that, but there are other ways to handle this. there was a great proposal on the table that i hope will get pack to a bill that would give them a three year renewable work visa effectively to be here. there are ways to handle this without going right through our -- >> if this were put to you, you
6:41 am
would be a no vote. >> yes. we have time to work through this and come up with a resolution that would resolve it for everyone. >> thanks so much for coming on. it's great to have you. >> thank you. so will the administration crackdown on russia for meddling in the u.s. election or not? is supposed to be a deadline to implement new sanctions so where are they? stick around. when this bell rings... starts a chain reaction... ...that's heard throughout the connected business world. at&t network security helps protect business, from the largest financial markets to the smallest transactions, by sensing cyber-attacks in near real time and automatically deploying countermeasures.
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this morning the president facing a major deadline and a big test on russia. the administration has until today to implement a new set of sanctions punishing russia for meddling in the 2016 elections. these sanctions were passed by congress and reluctantly signed into law by the president last year. congress passed it nearly unanimously. also this morning the kremlin says that opposition leader poses no threat to vladimir putin. this comes after nulvaney was
6:46 am
arrested and later released for organizing a protest. he says the election are rigged. protesters took the street in 46 separate events across the country. matthew chance in moscow for us. a very busy weekend and a lot of concern i think right now about bh what's going on, matthew. >> reporter: it has been an extraordinary weekend, john, because there are very few, if any, opposition leaders in russia apart from this one guy who has the political ability to make this call for nationwide protests in this vast country and for that call to be listened to by so many people. we haven't got exact figures but all over the country in at least 46 locations and perhaps in other towns and cities as well. thousands of opposition supporters came out to heed that call to protest for a boycott of
6:47 am
the march 2018 presidential elections here. and it's hard to see, though, how the numbers stack up for alexei navalny. he was also detained by the authorities put then freed the day afterwards along with 350 other people that were detained. he's got to go to court shortly where he could be sentenced and face prison time but before that happens, we were able to gain access to him, he's been difficult for us to access and he gave us a short interview. we asked him about the kind of threat, about the challenge he wanted to pose to russia's president. take a listen. do you think that vladimir putin is genuinely concerned or fearful of you as a political opponent? >> translator: he's scared of all real competition. we see in these elections that
6:48 am
he only allowed those to run who did not even resist or doing any campaign. when we are fighting for peoples' votes, they got scared. >> reporter: the figures, despite the fact he's got this ability to turn out thousands of people on the streets, the figures don't look good for him. he's polling some where in the region of 2% of the russian population which when you consider that vladimir putin regularly gets 80%, these are official polls but even so, there's a massive gap that he would have to bridge to oust president putin. john. >> matthew chance following these developments. thank you so much, matthew. i want to show you some live pictures right now. look at this. live pictures of the patriots rally in foxborough, massachusetts. the world champion new england patriots headed to minnesota very shortly for the super bowl. we'll be right back.
6:49 am
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live pictures right now of what really has become an annual event in foxborough, massachusetts. this is the super bowl sendoff for the new england patriots. on their way to the big game, in minnesota. joining us now from a time really when a team decides the patriots won the super bowl, hines ward, mvp of super bowl xl, he joins us now with more. hey, hines. >> super bowl lii is almost here. so i know you're super excited, your patriots are always there. but this is first big event, kicks off tonight, later at media day.
6:54 am
for the egoagles arriving at minneapolis yesterday, they got off the plane inside the hangar so they didn't have to deal with the freezing temperatures. the forecast for super bowl sunday, right now, calls for a high of 7 degrees. luckily, though, the game is indoors, but walking into the stadium should be fun for everyone. good news for your patriots, though, john, rob gronkowski practicing for a second straight day. gronk was knocked out of the afc championship game with a concussion, but he looks like to be back on track to play come sunday. that's something that brady definitely is rooting for. >> always great to have him out there. he's a great play, great person, great teammate. and big part of what we do. so hurts when he's not out there for a lot of reasons. but he's doing the best he can do and we're all hopeful. >> the patriots are scheduled to arrive later today. the pro bowl took place in orlando yesterday. but it was drew brees' kids who stole the show.
6:55 am
while drew and his older son baylin was doing an interview, check them out on the sideline, the best action of the night. as for the game, john, afc won 24-23. so i can't wait. super bowl is here. i'm wearing my two super bowl rings. i'm not tom brady. i'm -- he has five. could have six, though. good luck to your patriots, john. >> your super bowl mvp, that is a pretty big deal. we'll take that odd. drew brees' kids, that was more physical defense than was in the game. >> exactly. >> thanks so much. the president and his allies turning their fury on the deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein, who actually oversees the special counsel russia investigation. much more on this coming up.
6:56 am
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all right, good morning, everyone. john berman here, a momentous day in the russia investigation or more specifically what seemed to be efforts to discredit said investigation. in just a few hours, the house intelligence committee could release a memo that republicans say outline abuses inside the special counsel's team.


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