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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  February 10, 2018 3:00am-4:00am PST

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. the unfairness is so obvious, and so egregious. >> i'm upset because this is a clear abuse. >> we wish him well. he worked very hard. >> the victims here are the women. >> there is no tolerance in this white house and no place in america for domestic abuse. >> we have a second white house official resigning over domestic
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abuse allegations, david sorenson who is a speech writer. >> in a unprecedented move, the south korean president shook hands with the sister of kim jong un. >> they have extended an invitation to joon jae in. >> this is "knew dnew day weeke" any sense of bipartisan in washington is history. democrats are attacking the president for refusing to release their memo, a rebuttal to the memo he released last week. a second official accused of
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domestic abuse, out, third in line at the justice department, out. the deputy chief of staff, out, and the chief of staff is willing to leave now, too. live helping us break down all of these major events happening here. abby, fist of all, why is the president blocking the democratic memo from being released. >> the president is sighting national security concerns and concerns about classified sections in this memo. he sent it back to congress for them to work with the intelligence community to redact the sectioning that may need to be reimpacted. president trump when he was faced with a similar memo from the republican side, decided to declassify despite the objections of his own
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intelligence community. the fbi had grave concerns about the accuracy of the republican memo. now the memo is being sent back to congress sighting concerns. they're asking them to work with the fbi and others to redact sections of the memo he believes threatens national security, or there are other options including the entirety of the house voting to release the memo. it's unclear how democrats will respond, but we're hearing from chuck shumer that called this is play taptly political move in the next. he is not willing to give the democratic memo the same kind of consideration that he gave the republican one. >> talk to us as well about this other development, this second
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white house staffer that resigned over allegations of domestic abuse. >> a second, david sorenson, a speech writer at the white house, tendered his resignation. we know much less about this case than we did on the other case of rob porter, the staff secretary that resigned. he released a statement last night saying he denies the allegations v allegations. he says i was the victim of violence in our marriage, not her. they have acknowledged they handled the rob porter scandal
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poorly. they released a statement saying before we were contacted by the media we learned there was allegations. he said we immediately confronted the staffer who denied the allegations and resigned today. the white house does not want to get into another situation in which there was hours and hours of delay in dealing with these accusations. frankly the details of sorenson's case seem to be more complex and we know far less about it. his ex-wife spoke publicly about the allegations she made against her husband. >> okay, thank you so much. joining us now, sarah westbrook. the drug czar for the administration, the third in
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line, sorenson as well. now there is reporting that general kelly, the chief of staff, is willing to resign his position if the president wants him to but did not make a formal offer. will that bring some element of accountable of this entire rob porter situation or is it too chaotic? >> i think it is a really difficult situation. it is not clear how much john kelly is to blame for that. it could have been a messaging problem from the communications department. there is a question as to how much the director recused herself. but john kelly offering his resignation shows he is willing to impose that kind of accountability on himself.
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it is not clear there is a viable replacement for him to go. he is in a fight right now to get a budget deal passed and implemented. we heard that president trump in the past has been interested in mike pompeo. it would create a major shuffle if john kelly was to leave. it could put strikes on motherhood. >> over to you, i want you to listen to mike pence in an interview last night with lester holt at nbc news, watch. >> well, i was appalled when i learned of the allegations against rob porter. the time that he resigned is when i first heard about it.
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there is no tolerance for abuse in our white house, and i think the white house acknowledged they could have handled it better. >> interesting use of the word they for "the white house use handling it better." but the assertion for no tolerance, how does that correspond with what we know about the timeline when don mcgann and the chief learned of the allegations in 2017. >> yeah, you point out it was they instead of we. it was known for quite awhile that this was at least a question. there was a glaring fact that rob porter did not pass a security clearance background check. this was not a close secret, and
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they have no one to blame but themselves. they didn't use the tools that were at their disposal to really bring forward the investigation. they're saying rob porter didn't bring forward the problem, but that's what the background check is there for. they were giving the white house leadership a very clear signal. that is in and of itself a signal to kelly and others. >> let's move on to the democratic memo. the fisa process as well. the president decided not to release it last night. this move by trump confirms what we have known for weeks, that his decision to release the
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nunez memo was a move made without concern for democracy. what does the president have to hide. when we spoke last saturday about the release of the memo, i asked what your expectation was. what do you make of the explanation of why this was not released? >> i mean the explanation on it's face is absolutely credible. meaning you don't just do this kind of thing, you check with the fbi, you look at vital information on sources and methods. however it was all disregarded last week in a rush to put out the memo. the double standard is obvious. the goal here is obvious. and that is really what the problem is here for the white
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house. the democratic memo goes point by point through the nunez memo and pokes holes in it. the nunez memo is self impeaching. it was flimsy, self contradictory, and left out a lot of information. the memo apparently points that out in greater detail. >> and nunes himself had to admit that the judges were made away that it came from a politically motivated source. and the house intelligence committee voted unanimously last week or this week to release the democratic memo. would it be too cynical to believe that the republicans, at least some of them on that committee, expected that the president would not declassify it? and they could, at least through their vote, seem like we're all for transparency, but we knew
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the president and the white house would take this step. >> i think this memo lets them see what they want to see. it includes an unnecessary amount of classified information in an effort to provoke this kind of response from the white house to give the impression that maybe the trump administration is trying to suppress this information, like it is going to a master democratic plan, on the democratic plan they see it as an attempt to shield what could be contradictory information. and we don't really know where the truth is, maybe somewhere in the middle, but we will never know what kind of sensitive information the white house and the justice department wants to strike out of this memo. the final product will look as lean and sparse as the nunes
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memo did. >> thank you both! >> thank you. an olive branch from north korea, kim jon un's sister inviting the south korean president. and this new video of an is raily fig -- israeli fighter pilot bailing out in the skies over. how you should take advantage of the drops in the market. comme depending on your age, we'll break it down for you. [ keyboar] [ click, keyboard clacking ]
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have gun, and 15 kilometer skiing has finished today. we'll keep you updated on the medal count throughout the morning. kim jong-un has invited the south korean president to visit south korean president to pyongyang. >> will relationshipley is live pyongya pyongyang. >> we heard ahead of the meeting at the blue house it was likely the president would invite the president. it is clear that kim jong-un sent his sister on a diplomatic mission.
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she is younger, relatively charming, and they say they are leading a charm offensive. as the person to lead this charge. and so she essentially is, was sent there, sent to the meeting to talk to the president, and to tell him that kim jong un wants to talk. what the north korea's zan they c -- gain is they can extend this period of talks. north korea might want economic sanctions lifted as a part of this. north korea has a lot to gain by making this offer without making any concessions. vice president pence here saying that the united states should december engage from north korea after the olympics and join the u.s. in this campaign of maximum pressure.
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clearly president moon taking another approach even going to a hockey game with kim jong-un's sister. >> two things, will, first do we know if the south korean's have accepted that invitation, and should they talk to improve the north and south relationship. what is the reaction from the u.s.? >> yes, so the invitation passed on was accepted immediately. in principal, of course, there is still a lot of details to be worked out with timing and what not. as far as the optics for the united states, the vice president was initially supposed to be seated directly in front of the north korean delegation. he switched seats to get further away. the optics of that not ideal for the united states. they're trying to show unity,
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but the north koreans were right there in the background and that gives kim jong un the legitimacy he has been seeking here, presenting his country on a world stage with two top ranking officials. >> help us understand the significance of kim jong-un's sister and her power. we don't see a lot of women in power in north korea, she is one of few. >> she has been a rising star just in the last few years. in a relatively short amount of time, she has had title after title given to her. she is the most influential and powerful woman in the country. it shows she is exceptionally loyal to her brother, and she will follow his instructions to
3:22 am
the word. that's how you're successful in north korea is demonstrating loyalty. kim jong un had his own uncle executed a number of years ago for what was considered to be disloyalty. and his half brother was executed in malaysia. there was a cold war nerve agent used to carry out that murder, but just because you're in the family doesn't mean you will be rising to power. if you show absolute loyalty you will be used. this was an attempt to soften the image of his country. sending someone young and charming, they don't feel this will be the right approach for now to continue engaging with the north koreans and possibly make that trip later this year. >> will relationshiply, thank you so much. >> stiff competitions in the
3:23 am
winter olympics may be heating up but it's calling the winter olympics for a reason. >> yeah, you need ice and snow, but olympians are dealing with one of the coldest ever to host the games. >> cnn meteorologist alison joining us now. >> it is especially if you were in the last few games, the previous locations, italy, vancouver, this is much colder than some of the last few winter olympics we have seen. it may be the fourth coldest in modern time. you see this frigid mass of cold air up here? here is south korea. that cold air will sink back down by the time we get to the end of the weekend and especially into early portions of the upcoming week. not just talking cold temperatures in general, but much colder than average for a lot of the locations. look at the feels like temperature as we go through much of the morning tomorrow.
3:24 am
minus eight, minus two, being one of the warmer locations. incredibly cold temperatures tomorrow morning, but when you look at the long-term forecast, the high temperatures are not even expected to be very high. the other thing to contend with will be the snow. it may not be very much, but the skiier's may look forward to that, but some of the tourists traveling may find that not as exciting. >> all right, allison, thank you so much. and coming up, a 20-year-old olympian getting ready to take the ice. he represents a first for the country and for the olympics, has he been feeling the pressure? >> to be honest, i didn't know i was breaking a color barrier. i didn't find out for awhile.
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good saturday morning with you. the dow started the week with the worst point loss in history and the week didn't get much better from there. here is alison kosik. >> it was a crazy week on wall
3:30 am
street as volatility gripped the stock market. stocks suffered their worst weekly losses in two years. the dow sinking 5% for the week. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 also dropping 5% on the week. wild swings only fuelled the anxiety. it started on monday with the biggest point drop in the dow's history. a plunge of 1175 points. tuesday stocks rebounded jumping 175 points. then stocks road on thursday to crater at the close with the dow losing more than 1,000 points yet again. on friday, another rebound, searching 330 points in the final hour of trading. what is driving all of these wild swings? the severe selling was triggered a week ago when the monthly jobs report showed wages rising 2.9%.
3:31 am
there was fears that the federal reserve will have to hike interest rates faster than expected. a fear that fuelled much of the selling next week. one certainty right now is that uncertainty is here to stay. back to you. thank you, this week's sell off sent the dow into correction territory. it recovered late yesterday, but stocks still went down about 10% from the all-time high. >> but you see corrections are part of a cedy rise. what should you be doing to react to what is happening right now? david nicholas is with us. thank you, sir, for coming in. they wanted me to point out a quote from warren buffett, be fearful from others are greedy.
3:32 am
>> when everyone is fearful, that's the time to buy. this for many investors is a fantastic buying opportunity. still a silver lining here i hope to talk about. >> quickly what does this mean. a lot of people at home are thinking what does it mean for mortgage and loan rates. >> the fear was that interest rates would be rising and we see rates rising. that means we'll be paying more when we take out a loan for mortgage, it may also send home prices down for a few months. back in the 80s, they were 15% and it is still a good time to buy, but you will still be paying more. >> we promised to tell people what they should do, their reaction, based on their age group. 30 to 40-year-old age group. this is the time to be aggressi aggressive, correct? >> yes, i know it makes you nervous to see the market drop, but you're putting money into
3:33 am
your 401 k and buying stocks at a 10% discount, that is fantastic. but make sure you don't own bonds in the 401 k. this is the time to own stocks, like you said, take the bond portion out and be aggressive in investing. you have 30 plus years to go for retirement. >> so 40 to 50, i hate to say this, this is your last chance? >> yeah, you still want growth, but instead of being in overly aggressive growth stocks, look for value stocks, dividend paying stocks, but you want to be careful as you get closer to retirement age. >> 50 and older, slow it down and be more conservative closer to retirement. >> absolutely, the rule of 100. you take 100 minus your age, say you're 60-year-old, that gives us 40, that means no more than
3:34 am
40% should be in stocks. look for things more conservative like bond etfs, fixed annuitieannuities. so it is, this is the time that, you know, there is a lot of excitement in the markets but we want to remain calm. many of us have a long time and this is a great opportunity to get in and buy stocks. >> the 10% drop is not the end of the world, it's not unusual, and it's just the ebb and flow of how it goes, but once it gets to, once you hit 15%, maybe up towards 20%, that's when it is more dicey. >> that's true. a 10% correction we can recover from. if you have more, it can take years to recover. you cannot absorb a larger loss
3:35 am
than about a 12% portfolio because that could be tough to come back from. >> this is good news for a lot of investors, who likes what they saw this week? >> it is good news for younger investors that are not pulling out for quite awhile. the good news is there are still companies, like twitter, was up almost 15% on thursday. amidst the market turmoil, companies like twitter and snap chat as well. we want to find the good companies and own them and do long-term investing. >> thank you for being here and breaking it down for us. >> absolutely, thank you. >> new insight into the mind of the las vegas gunman. what was in his system at the time of the attack that left dozens dead and hundreds more injured. we'll talk about what is being
3:36 am
revealed, next. and an israeli soldier jumpen out of his jet over syria after taking fire. we'll have a live report in a moment. (vo) i was born during
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40 minutes past the hour right now. the shooter in the deadly las vegas shooting had anti-anxeity drunks in his system. he died of a self inflicted gunshot wound. he was known as a gambler who visited las vegas casinos frequently.
3:41 am
israel saying that a fighter jet has come under fire. >> ian lee is live, first of all, tell us what happened. >> this, you know, is probably the most dangerous escalation in tensions that we have seen in awhile and i will give you a time lin timeline. it started in the early morning hours when the israeli military says they were tracking an iranian drone that was flying in syria, and they tracked it going into israeli air space. they tracked it for awhile before bringing it down. they say they were able to gather the pieces of it. they say this was an iranian
3:42 am
made drone. shortly after that, eight israeli jets carried out raids inside of syria going after that command and control center operating that drone. they say they came under heavy anti-aircraft and fire. one of the planes went down. they say it is probable that plane went down. they are trying to determine what brought the plane down, but it looks like it was brought down by syrian aircraft and air fire. they launch 12 strikes on 12 different targets inside syria. four of them were iranian. one of those targets going after the fourth division of the syrian army. it is about 50 kilometers in that direction. they went after the targets in
3:43 am
retaliation. those planes also came under heavy anti-aircraft fire. they were able to return to base safely. syrians say this is because of the ooiz risraelis. they say all of the targets they went after the targets were hit. right now it is pretty calm, but earlier in the day there was sirens, rocket sirens going off up here. they say the ball is in syria and iran's court. israel says they want to deescalate the situation and we'll have to just wait and see. all right, ian lee there, it is interesting when we talk to him, we talk about syria so much and it's right behind him. we'll have more exclusives on the front line in syria,
3:44 am
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angie's boom chicka pop whole grain popcorn. boom! in recent days, we have gathered more information from the front lines. american special forces give us the first access of their daily risky patrols in syria. they're here despite an unprecedented threat from a supposed friend, turkey, whose forces are just over the hill. a nato ally that demanded hours earlier that the u.s. withdrawal immediately. these fighters are the reason why america fought with them to defeat isis across northern syria. turkey thinks they, terrorists,
3:49 am
are linked to turkist isist ku fighters. >> a nato ally facing nato ally here. american troops very much on the front line. after years you might say, of trying to stay out of this messy civil war. a new chapter of which is now beginning. >> this is the scramble for the land that isis built and lost. in the last hour, the rebels over there fired on a near by check point as if they heard the demand that the u.s. leave. the americans send their highest ranking officer yet, the message "we're not going anywhere." >> you take fire from this direction three or four times a week, and that is from forces supported by your nato ally, circumstanc
3:50 am
turkey, which is bizarre, right? >> you said that, right? it is bizarre. i would say the people that fought to take raqqa back from isis, no matter what nationality they were. no matter what their beliefs were are heros. >> you say some of them are terrorists? >> well, okay. >> that's the complexity of where we are right now. >> it is. >> what's the biggest worry? >> miscalculation. it could be anybodiy's. >> what do you do about that? >> we deescalate. >> we don't pretend that it goes anywhere fast. turkish and kurd hate each other perhaps more than they hated isis. the commander's goal was to finish isis in the area in turkey, but the action and statements are giving life to isis again, and this is just the
3:51 am
beginning. we drive past a huge convoy in support of kurdish fighters. turkey has invaded despite american pleas that they don't. they stroll around a market liberated from isis 18 months ago where life is just about becoming life again. hotels are trying to open, but where business is hamstrung will turkey is equipped to send an army to invat herde here too. another possible ugly chapter. an ally against ally is nothing new to brutalize syria. thanks to nick peyton walsh. the dramatic opening ceremony with the fireworks show is done.
3:52 am
>> coy wire is live in pyeongchang. how are you doing, coy? >> i cannot complain. i won't ever complain, coming up, a heart warming story about an olympian who will make you smile almost as much as victor and christi every weekend. you won't want to misthas that coming up. and meet dave. hey. why is dark magic so spell-bindingly good, he asks? let me show you. let's go. so we climb. hike. see a bear. woah. reach the top. dave says dark magic is a bold blend of coffee with rich flavors of uganda, sumatra, colombia and other parts of south america. like these mountains, each amazing on their own. but together? magical. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters packed with goodness.
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the pageantry of the opening ceremony is now down and now it is time to get down to business in pyeongchang. >> coy wire live from south korea this morning, and if there is an inspirational story somewhere on his radar you know he will find it. >> we'll bring that to you in a morning. good morning, happy saturday. south korea, one of the quaintest places in winter olympics history. a tiny town of pyeongchang. the stadium was rocking for the opening ceremony. team u.s. was lead out by erin hamlin. despite below freezing temperatures here at the time, it felt like the 20s, tonga's
3:58 am
flag bearer was bringing the heat. he strutted out with no shirt, baby oil, setting the internet ablaze just like he did at the summer games in rio. he had never even seen snow until about two years ago, but here he is, the first to qualify for winter and summer games. allow us to introduce you to the always smiling 18-year-old who loves chemistry. he graduates high school after the olympics, doesn't have her driver's license yet, but she and teammate erin jackson have become the first african-american speedskaters in history. she came from ghana with her dad. her infectious attitude may make
3:59 am
you fall in love with her, too. >> if you're smiling and laughing that means you're happy, and being happy, especially with everything going on, i think that is like the best present you can ever give to anyone every single day. >> maame is competing in the 1500 meter and she just qualified for the 500 meter moments ago. vice president pence was there to see it. south korea's president moon got a tweet as well. all of the olympians watching their dreams come true here at the olympic games. all right, have fun, coy wire there in pyeongchang, thank you so much. >> thank you, coy. the president has decided he is not going to declassify the
4:00 am
memo. >> the unfairness is so obvious and so egregious. >> i'm upset. this is a clear abuse. >> we wish him well. he worked very hard. >> the victims here are the women. >> there is no tolerance in this white house. no place in america for domestic abuse. >> we have a second white house official here who has resigned over domestic abuse allegations. david sorenson who is a speech writer for the administration. >> in an unprecedented move, south korean president moon jae in shook hands the kim jong-un's sister. >> this is significant. >>


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