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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  February 26, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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unfortunately stan the caddie's bra backfired. is the president's pilot fit to lead the faa. jeanne moos cnn, new york. >> and thank you for joining us. "ac 360" with anderson starts now. good evening. thanking the doctor and first responders who saved her life. when you first saw her, she was badly bleeding. he could take her to a hospital 30 miles away where department policy said he should take her or go closer. follow the protocol or break protocol and go closer and risk her getting the wrong kind of care.
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in mattie's care he broke protocol and thankfully it went well. the bravery was precisely that. the irony is neither lieutenant ojeda today or anyone else we encountered has ever or would ever speak about it in those terms. lieutenant said merely we transferred her to a gurney and went back to work. brave people boast how brave they would be in a similar situation and suggest it would be easy. and bravery comes in many forms. the common thread involves making a choice. speaking to the nation's governors at the white house, the president suggested he was taking a brave political stand against the national rifle
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association. whatever you think of the nra or positions going against him would be a risk for him. it would in political terms be an act of bravery. but the president's words seem to be -- here is what he said today at a meeting of governors. >> half of you are so afraid of the nra and there is nothing to be afraid of. if they are not with you, we have to fight them every once if a while, that's okay. they are doing what they think is right. i will tell you, they are doing what they think is right. and sometimes we have to be tough and we are going to have to fight them. >> you are afraid, he says, i am not. the question is, is he? here is what he said about raising the age of buying rifles. >> in addition to everything else and in addition to what we are going to do about background checks, we are going to go
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strong into age, age of purchase. >> and here is what he said on thursday. >> i mean, we're talking about rules and regulations for purchasing. talking about changing an age from 18 to 21. we are talking about common sense. and it is a great thing. and the nra will back it. i feel confident it will back it and so will congress and so will the senate. >> he said that even though the nra put out a statement saying they will not back it. since thursday, he has gone silent about raising the age. nothing on twitter, nothing on camera including nothing today to those governors. in fact we don't know the meeting took place until after the fact. it was kept off the schedule the white house puts out.
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even as he goes silent on the thing he promised on wednesday to quote go strongly on, he is still pushing what seems to be his and the nra's preferred response arming teachers. not all teachers, he says, just some. >> i want highly trained people who have a talent. and some people under pressure can't take their club back. >> you can take issue with how the president put it, however he phrased, it sounds like he is done listening on that subject. in other words, be brave like me or just like i would have been unlike the broward county deputy outside that day. >> you don't know until you test
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it. but i really believe i would run in even if i didn't have a weapon. and most of the people in this room would have done that too. i know most of you. but the way they performed was really a disgrace. >> brave. now we get to new reporting that the president does appear to be moving away. jim acosta joins us with that. >> reporter: talking to sources tonight, the president appears to be backing away from this idea that you mentioned just a few moments ago that he supported last week that the age limit should be raised to 21 for purchasing assault weapons. the president tweeted about it, and you notice on friday in a c pac speech. and that lead to questions about this issue.
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the white house press secretary said he supports the idea as a concept and tonight we are hearing from sources that he appears to be backing away from that. the president said he is willing to fight the nra on some issues and apparently that is not one of them. if a soldier can carry an assault rifle on the battlefield, why can't that soldier also defend his family in his home that is a key talking point of the national rifle satisfaction aassociation. >> reporter: i am saying this is what this source is saying. but it is clear that the president had this meeting with the national rifle association over the weekend. they had lunch at the white house on sunday and ever since the president started talking
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about this idea late last week, there was concern in the gun rights community that the president is going soft on this issue. that is why i think you heard the president say he is going to do away with bump stocks. not to mention a lot of conservative lawmakers on the hill. >> you asked sarah sanders about the president's comments what was her response. >> reporter: that he would have rushed in and tried to save the students and here is what she had to say. >> i think he was stating that as a leader, you would have stepped in and hopefully been able to help as a number of the individuals that were in the schools, the coach and other adults and even a lot of the students stepped up and helped protect other students. i think the point he was making is that he would have wanted to play a role on that as well.
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>> is he trained in firing a weapon? is he trained in using a hand gun or firearm at some point. >> i don't think that was the point he was making. he was saying he would be a leader and would want to take a courageous action and a lot of individuals that helped protect others that day weren't carrying firearms which shows that you can be helpful in that process without it. >> reporter: and we should point out that she never asked the question whether the president is trained to use a firearm. our sources are telling us ton the that the president and this white house are committed to doing something on this issue and we should see some movements toward strengthening the background system. i talked to a source on capitol hill this evening who said they feel that is something that can get done and one idea that was floated which i thought was interesting is there is some talk among lawmakers that they
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might give tax credits away to retired military and law enforcement officers to provide security in schools. that obviously will not be enough for those students. >> action of congress or lack of it. phil mattingly has that side of the story. does it feel like there is a change. >> reporter: talking to lawmakers and congress members, people are all over the map right now. that is not necessarily a great recipe for result. just take the issues right now that are right there. already democrats that have introduced assault weapons ban, that doesn't have the votes to go forward. that doesn't have the votes. the idea for raising the age for purchase for long guns that doesn't have the votes to move
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forward. it is a background checks bill known as a fix nix bill. what it does is intense fiez -- democrats said they weren't for that either. they want a fuller debate. a wider debate and more expanse s sifsive debate. i talked to one aide and he told me people think this time is different. the reality is when it comes to guns it is not. >> this bill on background checks, does it seem it would have enough support to pass? >> it definitely has enough property to pass the senate. just a matter of getting through the logistical hurdles. does it have support to pass the house. the house has passed this bill but paired it with -- for
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democrats in the senate, that is a nonstarter. so as long as that still has to be paired with even the small bore fix nix background bill, there are problems there. it has put a point on this. speaking to a democratic snore who is very strong on the gun rights issue very strong on trying to push forward some type of gun restrictions and i asked him plainly, do you think anything is going to happen right now. he looked at me and shook his head. he said no. he understands where things are right now and not a lot of optimism. >> thanks very much. the question of regulating firearms, arming teachers and what if anything can pass the congress. joining us now is florida republican congressman. congressman, thanks for being
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with us. what do you make of this news that the president appears to be backing away from raising the age limit to buy any gun to 21? >> i don't think he should be backing away from this issue. he needs to be leading on the issue. he needs to show the american people that he is not going to be beholden to anybody and lead members of congress. show the american people who they all hate about washington, d.c. thinking that people are purchased by different lobbies. that we are not. lead the american people to that conclusion. she them. >> the president told them that the nra is on their side. and do you think that is true. >> we find ourselves at odds on a number of issues. but they represent people that need to have their opinion heard as well. the law-abiding citizen that has the opportunity to hunt, they
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have to be represented as well and that is their piece of this. >> i understand you changed your mind on assault type weapons. what led that to that change. and what do you say to your fellow republicans who may be wary. >> the short piece of it is i was looking to my children in a pool playing. as i was concealing and carrying myself. we could have been sitting ducks and thinking about that in the wake of just happened in parkland to people some of whom i know saying i have to do everything i can to protect life. that is what made everything unregretable in the military. i was trying to protect the lives of others. we can't worry about being politic politic political casualties.
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>> can you say what you would like to tell him? >> i want to say to the president take your plan for having a ban on people coming into our country from various, what we would consider terror related country. take that travel ban and apply the same model to this situation. who is purchasing these firearms to make sure that the next omar martin or nikolaus cruz. and let's come back to the people after the pause of selling these assault tactical style weapons and come to them with real solutions. lawmakers are across the board on this. nobody knows if they can get on board with the age or background check or with this. i would ask the president, mr. president, lead on this in the same way you led with the
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travel ban to protect communities, to protect your nation. apply the same standard to this situation and let's act immediately. >> i am wondering what the conversation is to your fellow republicans what are you hearing about a desire to change, fear of change. what are you hearing from them? >> i have had a great number of my colleagues coming up to me, whispering in my ear, it is a great piece. what are your reactions back home. how do they feel about your proposals. a lot of questions about the reaction i was getting from my constituency. >> thanks very much. breaking news in the russia
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including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more. >> breaking news in the russia investigation. involving hope hicks. sources telling cnn she is scheduled to go before the house intelligence committee tomorrow. her testimony was delayed. questions about whether she could discuss transition and her
5:20 pm
time at the white house. joining me now is jim sciutto. >> she is a key witness. with the president during the campaign. and able to in theory answer questions on a whole host of aspects of robert mueller and the house intelligence committee's investigation. the key question is what questions is she going to be willing to answer tomorrow because that point, that issue that you raised still has not been settled. it is not clear. we spoke to the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee today adam schiff and he isn't certain she is going to answer questions. steve bannon refused to answer many questions citing in effect white house claim of executive privilege of giving leeway from answering questions about that. so we don't know what will happen tomorrow. will she go there, will she
5:21 pm
answer most questions or refuse. the intelligence committee is still intending to issue a contempt order for steve bannon for refusing to answer questions you can imagine they do the same to hope if she does as well. the two essential claims of the republican memo known as the nunes memo is one the fbi's investigation was based othentiy on this steele dossier. on that issue, the democratic memo attempts to rebut it by noting the time line. the fbi opened its counterintelligence investigation seven weeks before the fbi team got access to that steele dossier. so it is a credible rebuttal on that point. the other key point of the
5:22 pm
republican memo was that when the fbi was seeking a memo to surveil, that it did not reveal to the court that the dossier had democratic money backing it. the democratic memo says that is not true. look at the warrant. in fact they made the court aware that the dossier had partisan backing. if you talk to republicans they will say not all the details are in there. but taken together it certainly raises questions about the central claims. >> appreciate the update. congressman jim himes i spoke to him. >> do you expect her to invoke
5:23 pm
executive privilege in the same way that steve bannon did? >> well it is a mystery because different people who have worked for the white house has approached this differently. steve bannon invoked executive privilege in a broad way including going back to the transition. other people who worked in the white house went before the committee and did not. we will see what happens tomorrow morning. >> hope hicks has been at the epicenter, are there particularly areas of questioning that you hope to be able to ask her? >> those of us who have watched this white house for a long time know shes is one of the president's most closest advisers. so i think i talked to her about in particular of course is the
5:24 pm
question of the drafting of the statement that don junior, the president's son gave which turned out not to be true about the meeting in trump tower with the russians when he was expecting to receive compromisi compromisi compromising information on hillary clinton. whether there was any attempt there to deceive the public about what that meeting was to have been about. >> i want to ask you about the democratic response memo which was released over the weekend. devin nunes says it bolsters his argument saying democrats are advocating that it is okay for the fbi to use political dirt and use it towards the other campaign. how do you respond to that? >> the chairman is wrong about that. the premise of the republican memo was that the steele dossier
5:25 pm
was essential. that it was the basis, not just as the fisa application made around carter paige but associated with the investigation. and we know that is not true and further know that the dossier, which again, he can call it political dirt, that doesn't mean whatever in that dossier is true or untrue. they use the word unverified. that just means we don't know. but what we know today is that the idea that that dossier was critical to getting a warrant on carter paige and it was after. just you know, an attempt to make what is not a partisan issue into a partisan issue. >> do you believe jared kushner should have a security clearance even a temporary one.
5:26 pm
do you believe president trump when he says it is up to general kelly to determine. >> it is important that the white house maintain strict disciplines around security details. i don't know all the details and i'm not sure anybody outside of the white house knows why it is being held up. but if it is being held up, there suggests that there might be some possibility of blackmail or improper behavior, and i am not saying it was. but he has access to the most sensitive information to the united states and the prudent thing would be to get the security clearance done and get him that access. first lady melania trump spoke out about the high school students. and we will talk about two of the students and their thought the about what the first lady had to say.
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welcome back. again the breaking news president trump appearing to be backing away from the proposal that he himself raised. raising the age to 21. >> i have been heartened to see children across this country using their voices to speak out and try to create change. they are our future and they deserve a voice. >> before her speak, stoneman douglas shooting survivor had something to say, hey, at
5:31 pm
flotus, before he liked a post about a false spriconspiracy th which has put a target on my back. i am joined now by both loren and her brother. >> i think the first lady promising us about this, i think it definitely needs to start a conversation. >> david you and i talked last week with your dad about this ridiculous conspiracy theory. can you talk about what impact donald trump jr.'s liking this
5:32 pm
has had. >> honestly, because he liked that tweet, he helped promote our cause. and as such, along with the other trolls online, he has proven the point that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree on maturity. >> do you feel it has put a target on your back. >> i am 14 and i feel like i know more and more mature than the people that are targeted my family. >> and people have lost faith in america. and that is just sad because we certainly haven't. >> i want to ask you lauren about news tonight that the
5:33 pm
president does seem to be backing away about what he talked about last week about raising the age for buying rifle or any kind of long gun. >> i feel like he has done that many things since he has become president. it is horrible because he is promising things that he is not fulfilling. >> he is still talking about bump stock and talking about arming teachers. >> it is all talk. there is talking heads on tv. and they are saying things like dana from the nra, she is the spokeswoman i believe. and she is saying words to her followers and they are falsely believing her. she is fighting for the gun lobby. >> you are getting, i mean, an up close look, a look you
5:34 pm
probably never wanted to get, but at how politicians work, how the system works and i am wondering what you see looking at it up close. >> it is kind of disgusting. it is starting to remind me of house of cards that i have watched a lot. when a famous character is killed clare immediately puts on makeup. notice how the only action being taken for example with rick scott is after he is running for senate to try to take the seat. people need to acknowledge that is what is going on. and marco rubio, he must be a professional dancer because he is great at side stepping questions. he turned a one word answer into a five-minute shenanigan.
5:35 pm
just making sure that people don't understand that and they are distracted by him trying to turn it into a long answer so he can get re-elected and it is disgusting. >> do you think something will change? bump stocks would that be a positive step? >> absolutely but something that should have been done after 50 people were slaughtered in las vegas. if that didn't change anything, how is this going to change anything. the american people are waking up and realizing they are being abused. and it is against katrina that you spoke out about some of the abuses that people face. a lot of the action and motivation that companies like facebook and spacex has beginning days. we have to show people that this is going to take their place.
5:36 pm
this is like when an older person -- >> are you pointing to me. >> no. >> how old were you when katrina took place? >> i was five. >> clearly the older generation has failed us and we are not going to let that happen to our children. >> that is one of the weird things about this among other things. adults are supposed to teach us what to do. they teach us how to tie our shoes but now we are having to tell them what to do. >> you are going back to school and what are your thoughts. >> imagine getting in a plane and getting in a plane crash and having to get on that plane every single day. the plane hasn't been fixed. the florida legislators are now
5:37 pm
listening to us. it is a testament to how the political situation has gotten. we are supposed to have a day full of meetings with legislators in florida and only one lawmaker met with us. and they want us to forget. we are not going it let that happen because if we do, how many more children are going to have to die. how many people are going to have to be slaughtered while trying to be american citizen and enjoy their lives. that is what we are tying to do here. get these greedy politicians out in general. >> are you scared to go back on wednesday? >> i am. but personally, i think it is going to be part of the healing process. but i know for me, it is going to be hard just to walk, if we have to walk in that same building. the other day i went to my old
5:38 pm
middle schools to see my teachers and seeing the flooring, i almost had a meltdown. >> thank you for being with us. >> two school librarians, wound up working at two schools that claimed a terrible toll. we'll be right back. you bought every day... earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag. two united club passes. priority boarding. and earn fifty thousand bonus miles after you spend three thousand dollars on purchases in the first three months from account opening plus, zero-dollar intro annual fee for the first year, then ninety-five dollars. learn more at ethat's the height ofs mount everest. because each day she chooses to take the stairs. at work, at home
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it is a remarkable story, two women who met decades ago went on to become school librarians at schools that were destined to become household names because of the awful events that happened there. one woman worked at sandy hook in connecticut. the other at parkland, florida. they both join me now. >> diana, what were the specific things that yvonne had shared with you about her experience that came you to. >> certain things like make sure you always have your keys on your person. make sure you have your phone, your walkie talkie. those things were important. i used to talk about it all the time with my clerk. i would wear a pouch and shove
5:43 pm
everything in there. i was trying to be ready but i didn't think it would be getting ready for this. >> i wonder when you first realized that there had been another school shooting and it had been at diana's school. what went through your mind? >> just disbelief. i couldn't wrap my head around it. it didn't seem like it could be possible and just knowing what we went through and now knowing what they were going through, it was just, it made me furious. it made me angry that this had to happen again. i was absolutely furious. so many people have said to me in the last few days, what are the chances, what are the odds that you would have gone through this and your close friend goen through the same thing. and i think the odds are getting greater and greater until we stop this problem of gun
5:44 pm
violence. yvonne, have you given diana any advice on how to get through this? >> well, we did talk a lot about that. because the process of recovery is very complex. it looks different for everyone. i immediately felt after you know hearing about what happened at diana's school that i had to go be with her and make myself available in case any teachers wanted to, you know, talk about what they had just gone through. so it's powerful and meaningful to gather together with other survivors of gun violence. unfortunately, there are more and more of us and the numbers are growing all the time. >> diana, has that helped you? >> it has tremendously. she flew in right away and i really did need her. i was like you don't have to come. but she did and i was glad she did because i thought of myself
5:45 pm
as an understanding person, but now i am even more understanding because everyone is handling this differently. i couldn't speak. i was more frozen those first few days. i didn't want to eat. it was scaring me so i went to the counseling which was very helpful which really ended up being hugging and talking with my colleagues. but having yvonne there was wonderful because we, you know, she arrived and we went right to joaquin's service. and she was with me there and i did need her and we talked and talked and she did help me and she continues to help me. we had an event that was outreach from every town and that was amazing because we had moms and parents and students and it was a wide variety from the community coming in and yvonne spoke to everyone and they were coming up to me later, can you give me what she read,
5:46 pm
is it written down. so i have compiled it and we are sharing that with those who wanted it. because little things that people were going, oh my god, i feel that way. oh, she is helping me. i really needed this. so, yes, it was amazing that she came to help us. >> i read one thing yvonne which said if there ever was a teachable moment, this is definitely a teachable moment. in what way? what is unique about this moment do you think? >> we have students at stoneman douglas that are using their voices to ask for help from lawmakers and the adults in our country and they are articulate and they are powerful and they are smart and they are strong and they are asking for help. it's really a perfect moment for the adults to rise to the occasion and specifically our
5:47 pm
lawmakers and show them that we can solve this problem of gun violence. the students are asking us to solve the problem. and that is really what i think is important here. you know, the students at sandy hook school were too young to be able to articulate their fears and their hopes for solving this issue. but the students at stoneman douglas are not letting go of this. they are strong and they are loud and they need to be loud. because we have had too many, too many of these situations happen. and you know, we should have fixed this problem 20 years ago after columbine and we didn't. >> yvonne and diane, i am sorry that you share this bond, but i am glad that you have each other and there for others as well. thank you for talking with us. up next, more perspective from
5:48 pm
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we had a spirited discussion last week on this program about ar-15 style guns, weapons originally designed for use on the battlefield and used to take 17 lives in parkland, florida. we were talking about them because shootings have become so frequent that there's not really an understanding of what they really do or how powerful a weapon it is. so we wanted to take a closer look. ar-15 style rifles were used in other shootings. according to the nra, more than 15 million are owned by americans today. fans like the guns because they're lightweight, easy to hand the. they also see them as a symbol
5:53 pm
of their second amendment rights. its opponents question whether weapons so lethal should be sold. we sent our gary tuchman to get a close-up look at the power of the ar-15, and this is what he discovered. >> reporter: this is what an ar-15 sounds like. general mark hertling served in the u.s. army for 37 years, so he knows what the ar-15, which used to be a weapon of war, can do. and he has strong feelings about the semiconductor assault-style rifle, which is the precursor to a weapon currently used by the military, the m-4. >> the truth of the matter is they look almost exactly the same. >> so this is the m-4 military rifle? >> right. >> this is the ar-15? >> right. a lot of people will buy this just because it's cool, and they want to appear like soldiers. if you're a gun collector or a gun aficionado, and you want an ar-15, you can certainly buy one, and you should be able to buy one. the problem is when it gets in
5:54 pm
the hands of the wrong people. >> originally built for the battlefield, a defining characteristic is the speed and power of the bullet. >> now, those are single shots. if i wanted to fire this on full semiautomatic, all i do is keep firing. i probably won't hit the target when i do this, when we look at the target later on, but i'm going to fire about five shots. >> okay. [ sound of gunfire ] >> it's a weapon designed to inflict maximum damage. >> i've seen soldiers who have been hit by this weapon, and enemies who have been hit by this weapon. >> reporter: where it will literally tear out the side of the body. i saw one in the shoulder, and the round came out his ass. >> the shooting sports firearms range h. that the second amendment is sacred. but there is also agreement this
5:55 pm
weapon is not for every gun owner. >> in my person opinioal opinio have to receive a whole lot of training to use this weapon. this weapon in the wrong hands can be more dangerous because of its capability to do a lot of damage in a short period of time and be irreversible. >> gary joins us now. how common is it for people to come in and rent the ar-15 and shoot at that range? >> reporter: anderson, it's very common for people to want to rent that weapon. not surprisingly, unlike buying the weapon, there's no electronic checks that are necessary. all you have to do is prove that you're an american citizen with i.d. but the owner of that store, who i told you said that that's not a gun for everybody, says he employs his own security methods for people who want to rent that weapon. what he does is he looks to see if they're under the influence of alcohol, under the influence of drugs, if they look unstable, if they look irresponsible.
5:56 pm
and if he sees any of those things, he's the judge and jury, and he says he tells them they cannot have the weapon. >> gary, thanks very much. up next, more on the breaking news on gun laws. it appears the president is backing away from his comment last week that americans should not be able to buy assault-style weapons until they're 21. join the un-carrier right now, and get four unlimited lines for only thirty-five bucks each. woah. plus, netflix for the whole family. on us. prrrrrrr... so, they get their shows... let's go, girl! you're gonna love this bit! and you get yours. watch however you want. on your phone, tablet, or tv. for a limited time, get 4 lines for just thirty-five bucks per line, with no extra charges. it's showtime! all on america's best unlimited network, t-mobile. and lose weight with contrave. it's fda-approved to help adults who are overweight or struggle with obesity lose weight and keep it off.
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and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ♪ otezla. show more of you. topping this hour, breaking news on a proposal in the wake of the parkland tragedy that the president himself called a great thing and chommon sense, raisin the purchasing age from 18 to 21. he says the national rifle association would go along with it and he would take them on if they didn't. then late last week he stopped talking about it, and tonight sources close to discussions say it appears the president is backing away from that idea, talking to governors at the white house today, he did not mention it. however, he did draw fire from washington's democratic governor about a proposal he is not backing away from about arming teachers. listen. >> i just think this is a circumstance where we need to listen, that educators should educate, and they should not be foisted upon this responsibility of packing heat in first grade classes. now, i understand you