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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  March 1, 2018 2:00am-2:59am PST

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last insane 24 hours at the white house. if she stepped down, it should be only a short time before he does as well. >> i don't know about that. chaotic 48 hours at white house punctuated by this hope hicks stepping down leaving the president without one of his most trusted aides. now pressure ramping up on jared kushner. a new report says big loans went to his family business after he met with those lend heers at th white house. go through due process. >> take the guns first and go through due process second. president trump leaving the republicans and nra in shock. he appeared to back democratic gun measures. now several big companies are trying to take the lead on gun violence. >> the nra supported this candidate in such a big way. now as president -- >> no one is a bigger champion
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ev of the second amendment. >> he said take guns away from the mentally ill before due process. >> i'm dave briggs along with christine romans. >> this is thursday, march 1st. a lot to get to today. the president values loyalty above all else and without his loyal aides. hope hicks resigning. she is set to depart in the coming weeks. she has been through thick and thin with the president. the decision comes a day after hicks admitted what she told white lies to protect the president. >> there is quote nothing nefarious about hicks leaving. the president calling her outstanding and a great person. an ally close to the president tells cnn the president berated hicks after her testimony on tuesday. hicks announced her departure to the communications team saying now is the right time to go.
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>> one of hicks confidants says the last few weeks were really, really hard for her. the friend says hicks started thinking about resigning when the rob porter spousal abuse scandal erupted. hicks and porter were involved. >> for you keeping score, this is four communications directors and one who took the job and never served in just over a year's time. the average time for the job is 580 days. and the latest on the jared kushner issues with the loans made to the kushner companies after he met with the ceos at the white house. >> and citigroup's ceo and kushner met at the white house and a loan was granted. the report is kushner has
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retained interest in the firm. abbe lowell said kushner has taken no part of the kushner company business since he joined the white house. >> the battle lines with jared kushner and john kelly appear to be more entrenched after kushner's security clearance was down graded. kushner is ex-as per a-- exasperated. asking why everyone is doing this. >> and "the wall street journal" now questioning if kushner and ivanka should have positions at the white house now. the newspaper suggesting they could serve the president better from the outside. quo quote, mr. trump's second year could determine the fate as the russia probe rolls on. mr. trump needs the discipline that mr. kelly has imposed. mr. kushner and ivanka have to decide if they would serve
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themselves better by walking an away from the white house roles. >> joining us from washington, d.c. is tal kopan. i want to give a split screen of the latest 48 hours at the white house. tal. >> one issue is it is another day in the trump administration. it feels like this is the pace of news that we have grown accustomed to today. it is remarkable. the continued headlines show disarray of the organization. it is easy to get sidetracked by the palace side of it. these are the people crafting policy and steering the ship. it has broader implications beyond the whiff of chaos and drama that we are focused on
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with the personalities. this has serious consequences. >> hope hicks. some called her trump's prozac. >> we have to find out. she was close to the president with him the longest other than his children in the white house. you know with him from the beginning. reports she was the last person to walk him to the residence every night. it is hard to imagine the trump administration without hope hicks. i guess we will see what that's like. >> interesting. most americans probably have no idea who she is as we never hear her speak. we understand her role is integral in the white house. it should be interesting in terms of guiding this president. who he confides in now that keith shiller and her are gone. let's talk about jared kushner. the first son-in-law.
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this new reporting suggests that two people whom he met with at the white house then provided major loans to the kushner companies. jared has stepped away from the compa company, but we are talking about $184 million for one. apollo global management and one more $325 million from citigroup. this is why white house visitor logs should be public. how does jared kushner survive all of this given his clearance has been downgraded? >> kushner's clearly under fire in this white house. you know, at the end of the day, president trump surrounds himself with people he trusts. he has gone already to great lengths to keep those people even when his advisers recommend he doesn't. you know, there is always a chance he just powers through and continues. keep in mind, ethics officials
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have said from the beginning, ethics laws are not just about preventing impropriety, but the appearance of impropriety or the appearance someone could be bought or influenced. that is the concern of the individuals in the white house with the complicated business holdings and international connections and various things that are donated to or hotels. it is a concern if the loans were on the up and up, just seeing them causes questions. that's why ethics officials have concerns. >> to guns now. remarkable day on the gun front. the dick's ceo saying they will no longer sell to 18 and 19 and 20 year olds. walmart following suit. it will raise the age to buy guns. the president having the bipartisan meeting about guns where he said this shocker.
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>> take the firearms first and then go to court because that's another system. a lot of times by the ti by theo to court and go to due process procedures. >> talking about the mentally ill. the people who should clearly not have guns. to say you seize the guns first and you do due process second. "the daily news" characterized it like this. not favorable. >> well said. >> trump up in arms. the nra must be reeling. >> first of all, dave stated it earlier, the tuesday versus thursday trump. the idea we have seen him convene one of the meetings before where he free wheeled and suggested things which is contrary to the republican base
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on immigration and we return to the right entrenched republican position that really scuttle the deal at the end of the day. i think a lot of lawmakers are saying, well, we'll believe it when we see it. let's remember while this is a position and not so much the nra. president trump has not shown a high regard for due process. this is also a president who is musing about using capital punishment on drug dealers and talked about throw them in jail or kick them out. he doesn't seem to be one who really has a lot of esteem for lengthy court process to protect some of the rights. it is not entirely a shocker he would say why slow down with these steps. let's get to the heart of the issue. >> it is one thing to i-- to
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infuriate the nra. there is no better defender of the second amendment than donald trump. let's listen to the interesting interaction with the president and california democratic senat senat senator dianne feinstein. positioned to the left of the president at meeting. >> dianne, can you do that? joe, can you do that? pat? can you add that? >> if you help sdplch. >> i'll help. >> you can watch that. you can put it on mute and see the body language loving where the president is going on guns is astounding. he is to her left. regardless of where he goes. how shocking was that? >> it is remarkable. keep in mind, there was always this potential. it is one of the things that
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earned him votes. it was always a potential that trump is a rare politician who was not beholden to a particular partisan ideology. that was the notion that he is not that familiar with the long entrenched positions and he doesn't care about the outside groups or the third rails of polit politics. we have not yet seen him actually follow through. if this is an instance where he actually follows through and says, you know, to heck with the outside groups, i'll do what i want. it could be a remarkable watershed moment. a lot of people are waiting to see the proof in the pudding and not get too excited. dianne feinstein's body language aside. >> as you covered it, tom cotton brought the president back on the right of immigration. who does that on guns? several people in that room. >> maybe he becomes the disru
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trump calling mr. sessions behind the scenes as mr. magoo. this time, jeff sessions is responding. here is cnn's laura jarrett. >> reporter: after months of public attacks by the president and too many tweets to count, the attorney general hit back. the rare statement from jeff sessions hours after the president essentially called him a disgrace and took a shot at the inspector general. the internal watch dog at the department of justice. sessions said as long as i'm the attorney general, i will continue to discharge my duties with honor and this department will continue to do its work in a fair and impartial manner according to the law and constitution. the back drop to this drama is on tuesday, sessions told reporters that the inspector general will deal with the allegations outlined in the house intelligence committee republican memo. the so-called nunes memo outlining surveillance abuses by
2:18 am
the fbi surveilling carter page. the former trump associate. he said he would make sure that the inspector general would make sure the process was carried out appropriately. that was clearly not good enough for the president who took direct aim at the inspector general. as a so-called obama guy. the real question now is what does this statement from the attorney general mean for his future at the department and whether it has any affect on how the president treats him? dave, christine. >> another fascinating development. laura, thank you. all public schools remain closed in west virginia today. the governor announced a deal to end the strike which was subject to approval. thousands of employees and supporters returned to the capitol demanding action on health insurance and proposed pay increase. today marks the sixth day of the walkout. >> announce
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2:24 am
baseball player, in aurora, colorado. he e-mailed a coach in the dallas area to see if he would be recruited there. well, this is the response he received from coach mike jeffcoat. thanks for the interest in our program. unfortunately we are not recruiting players from the state of colorado. in the past, players have had trouble passing drug tests. we made a decision to not take a chance on students from your state. you can thank your liberal politicians. best of luck wherever you decide to play. bell was very surprised to hear his state's marijuana policy was keeping him from attending a university. >> that's not what i am about. i'm about playing baseball and getting good grades in school. i wasn't even 18 to have any say with this policy. now it is brought upon me. >> bell's former coach was shocked when reading the e-mail and decided to go public after a
2:25 am
complaint and not getting a response. texas wesleyan released a statement. the comments are no reflection of the university, values or recruiting practices. adaing the matter is now under investigation. -- adding the matter is now under investigation. and steph curry with the sneakers of the foundation of my brother's keeper. it is to improve efforts on national and local levels. curry auctioning the shoes off after the game. curry scored 25 points. the red hot rockets beating the clippers last night. west wesley johnson's ankles may never been the same. staring at harden on the ground for what seemed to be an
2:26 am
eternity before making the three. he crossed over johnson so bad, he almost didn't know what to do. >> i was looking at him. he was looking at me. i just shot it. >> you don't want to shoot the three? >> i wanted to shoot it. i wanted to see what was going on. >> two reactions to that play. there was oh and then oh i feel bad. >> it was deadly. i have to get back to the curry story. as much as i love that, curry wore the shoes in d.c. on the day he was going to ordinarily visit the trump white house. he is not trolling trump with the shoes by honoring obama in d.c.? coincidence? >> president prouobama and currd a relationship when president obama was in office.
2:27 am
>> he could have debuted the shoes any other time. not to take the spotlight off mr. harden. your mvp? >> hands down. andy, thank you. for the sixth time since the election, president trump and his team looking for a new comm director. more on the chaotic 48 hours at the white house. yogi is ar. when it comes to hibernating, nobody does it better. he also loves swiping picnic baskets. hee, hee, hee yoooogiiiiiii!! but when it comes to mortgages, he's less confident. here, yogi. thank you boo boo. fortunately, there's rocket mortgage hmmm. hey. by quicken loans. it's simple, so he can understand the details and get approved in as few as eight minutes. my kind of pic-a-nic basket. apply simply. mmm-hmmm. hee, hee. understand fully. mortgage confidently. rocket mortgage by quicken loans. you need our most gentle recipe. new oat delicacy by whole blends. a paraben-free, caring formula. blended with oat milk and rice cream extracts.
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with the fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and wrinkles. one week? that definitely works! rapid wrinkle repair®. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena®. see what's possible. if she stepped down, it should be only a short time before he does. >> maybe not. 48 hours of chaos at the white house punctuated by hope hicks stepping down. leaving the president without one of his most trusted aides. and pressure is ramping up on jared kushner. first son-in-law with a report says big loans went to the family business after he met with the lenders at the white house. take the guns first.
2:32 am
go through due process second. >> take the guns first. go through due process second. that really happened. donald trump leaving republicans and the nra shocked. he appeared to back democratic favored gun measures and even to the left of the democratic gun measures. now several companies are taking the lead on gun violence. talking about mentally ill people and taking the guns away before the system proves them mentally ill. >> due process. >> can you imagine if obama said that or hillary clinton or anybody? >> any president. >> welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. 5:32 eastern time. we start with the president who values loyalty above all us and now without his most loyal aide. white house communications director hope hicks said to depart in the coming weeks. the decision comes a day after hicks admitted she told what she called white lies to protect the
2:33 am
president. >> the white house officials say there is quote nothing necessfas about hicks leaving. she is a great person whom he will miss. the president berated hicks after her testimony on tuesday. a tearful hicks announced her departure to the communications team. saying now is the right time to go. >> one of the close confidants says hicks said the last few weeks was really, really hard. and the jared kushner businesses with meetings at the white house with lenders. the loans including one for $184 million from apollo global
2:34 am
management after the company founder went to the white house to discuss infrastructure. >> another loan from citigroup for $325 million. kushner stepped down as ceo of the kushner companies when he started at white house. he has retained a majority of the interests in the companies. abbe lowell says he has no business since he joined the white house. the battle lines with jared kushner and chief of staff john kelly appear to be more entrenched after the security clearance of kushner was downgraded. kushner remains exasperated by the decision openly asking others in the west wing why kelly is doing this and why are they out to get him. now questioning if jared kushner and ivanka trump should have positions in the white house at all. >> the editorial page is suggesting they could serve the president better from the outside. mr. trump's second year could determine his fate as the mueller probe rolls on.
2:35 am
and mid-term elections give the democrats a chance to take the house and impeach him. president trump needs the discipline that mr. kelly has imposed. mr. kushner and ivanka have to decide if they serve the president better by walking way from the white house roles. the editorial page of "the wall street journal." >> the task of deciphering the last 48 hours falls on tal kopan. most people have not heard of the communications director hope hicks. that does not describe how effective she is for the president. how big a loss is this for him? >> a tremendous loss when you talk about the emotional loyalty connection people around the president. hope hicks has been with him since the very beginning of the
2:36 am
campaign. almost no one else even in the country. certainly in the white house with that longevity of him aside from his children. you almost see a father/daughter relationship with the two. you talk about communications director. her focus is communications strategy. she was the trump gatekeeper. always the last one to walk him to the residence every night. she has been right there with the president and it will be interesting to watch what the issues are in terms of what we see coming out of the houthe wh and who can fill that gap. >> she was a gate sdls kekeeper. the president is his own communications strategist. she executed that. we show video of people who are also not there any more. sean spicer and reince priebus
2:37 am
and steve bannon. let's talk about jared kushner. the president's son-in-law. the president's running the white house like a family business. he really is. he said he would do that. he said he would drain the swamp and do it his way. the pressure on kushner is significant. you have the report this morning that kushner's meeting with ceos of companies and his family business is getting loans. is this sustainable? >> it is hard to say whether it is sustainable, christine. this comes on the heels of the reports of how he could not maintain security clearance and had to be downgraded which cuts him off from a substantial amount of intelligence that diminishes to be trump's right hand on issues. he came in and is supposed to be the fix-it guy and take on everything from middle east peace to i.t. and the federal government. we have to see how much of that mr. everything he can maintain. you know, there is the question
2:38 am
of the interpersonal relationships and the white house and the feuding with chief of staff john kelly and jared kushner and whether they trust each other. it is hard to say whether it is sustainable. keep in mind, ethics officials say it is not just about impropriety, but the appearanmp. to have that connection moving to a private company is an issue. >> and questions have been asked about the north of $1 billion loan out on 666 north avenue. how that impacts kushner in the white house. when it comes to kushner and hicks. the president values loyalty. how much he offered it is another question. jeff sessions under attack again. sessions was the first senator to come out and support this president as a candidate.
2:39 am
give him conservative credentials. trump hits him again on twitter. why is sessions asking to investigate massive fisa abuse? it takes forever. has no power. late with reports on comey. goes on and on and finishes with the all caps calling him disgracef disgraceful. couple of questions here. how does a guy 24 hours earlier said he would run into a school shooting without a gun not have the whatever you want -- bravery to fire a guy and how does this disfunctiysfunctional relations continue? >> it seems untenable. i feel we have had this conversation since june or july when it felt untenable then. both of them toughened it out and did not wacnt to be the one to blink. what is fascinating is the palace intrigue of trump mad at
2:40 am
jeff sessions. it is hiding what may be arguably a more serious issue which is the president of the united states repeatedly trying to direct his justice department investigative resources. the attorney general, historically, that role is to make sure the justice department is independent. the american democratic system requires that the justice department is above politics in its investigations. that is why there are guidelines and rules about what the white house can and cannot and what the president can and cannot direct. yes, this is him attacking jeff sessions again. the reason you saw jeff sessions fire back is it is also him trying to say what the justice department should investigate and how. that is a growing concern as well in terms of the relationship with the justice department and white house. >> weaponizing the doj.
2:41 am
>> the president with the extraordinary meeting on oguns. he talked about the mentally ill. he said the mentally ill should be stripped of their guns. >> take the firearms first and then go to court. that's another system. a lot of times by the time you go to court, it takes so long to go to court to get the due process procedures. you could do what you are saying. take the guns first and due process second. >> "the daily news" doesn't love trump. tal. if a democratic candidate said that, they are taking our guns. this is against the constitution. >> yeah. basically. you know, it is astonishing to have a politician, but an office holder, suggest removing due process when it comes to taking away guns.
2:42 am
this is the conspiratorial issue. >> he is just talking tough. he likes to be tough. we'll just do it. >> ortheater? >> you don't have to be too easy on him. this is how he talks. >> he is not a fan of due process in general. there are a number of ways he chaffs at the notion of the court procedures as he references. not just this instance. he is talking about being tougher and executing drug dealers. you know, it is sort of consistent with that thread from the president in terms of frustrated with the democratic processes that the country has in place. it is surrounding the notion in the campaign that he is the one to break down the walls of partisan politics and go where no one else could go.
2:43 am
this is a case where no one said what no one has said before. >> deja vu. is this tuesday or thursday trump? was this just political theater? we shall see. >> nice to see you. to the nation's gun sellers. limiting sales. walmart will no longer sell guns to anyone under 21. recent events made the change. they have been serving sportsmen and hunters and will do so in a responsible way. this came hours after dick's raised the minimum age to 21. dick's will stop selling the ar-15 type rifles. they inspire something in some of the deranged kids. that was the gun used in the parkland shooting. since, the companies have been pressured to cut ties with the nra. here is the dick's ceo yesterday. >> we concluded that if these kid are brave enough to organ e
2:44 am
organize and do what they're doing, we should take a stand. >> he said he did not want his business to be part of the story anymore. he did not want to read about a school shooting or mass murder and hear the gun was purchased at dick's. more than a dozen businesses cut ties with nra. this has some questioning the motives. consumers love companies that take a stand. as the op-ed says people prefer the brands proof the love by identifying with favored social causes rather than through the old fashioned way of paying their workers a little bit more money. maybe you lose customers, abobu longer term, you are gaining credit. >> they will no longer sell air
2:45 am
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that grow with your business. at&t, not so much. get internet on our gig-speed network and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call 1-800-501-6000. in an abrupt shift, all public schools remain closed in west virginia today. the governor and union leaders announced a deal to end the strike. the deal needs to be approved by the legislatolegislators. thousands returned to the capital demanding changes in
2:50 am
health insurance and pay increase. dalton high school in northern georgia closed today after a teacher barricaded himself in a classroom and fired a gun out a window. randall davidson charged with with assault and terrorist threats. the 53-year-old social studies teacher refused to let students in the classroom. when the principal could not open the door, the teacher fired the gun. the teacher surrendered. and jury selection starts in orlando for the widow of pulse nightclub shooter omar mateen. she knew about her husbands plans that killed 49 people and wounded dozens more. she is charged with obstruction of justice and providing material support to a terrorist organization. mateen declared allegiance to isis. after another down day on
2:51 am
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2:56 am
parliament where putin talked about the economy and what needs to be done to improve economic growth. the mood of the speech changed and vladimir putin started talking about the military prowess of russia and the company is developing missiles or developed missiles that no other country possesses. he went on to list the kind of weaponry that the country has come up with and successfully tested apparently in the past several months. he said they developed a super sonic or hyper sonic weapon which cannot be tracked by anti-missile systems and cannot be countered by them. this is a super fast missile that vladimir putin says is now operational. it has been tested successfully. it is so fast that the u.s. anti-missile shield deployed around the world and eastern europe in particular will not intercept it. also spoke about another kind of
2:57 am
missile called the dagger missile. it was maneuverable that the anti-defense system would not counter that as well. he said these weapons were like mete meteorites they were so quick. that is the development when you see russia countering u.s. and western defenses in this way. >> the president receives the briefing at 10:00 a.m. you would think that would be part of it. matthew, thank you. let's get a check on "cnn money." global stocks falling. dow lost 300 points. s&p lost 1%. a fitting send for the worst month in two years. february was a wild month on wall street. inflation fears and two 1,000 point plunges in one week. inflation worries are here to
2:58 am
stay. the federal reserve will raise interest rates faster than planned. spotify is going public. the ipo is not like others. spotify plans to have a direct listing. it will sell shares directly to you, the investor. it will not hire a big wall street bank to underwrite the offering. that will save hundreds of millions of fees. underwriters provide price stability. spotify is warning it may have a volatile start. it is the biggest music streaming company in the world. #time'sup for gender pay gap? it could be according to a survey. 48% of companies reviewing their pay policies to close the pay gap between men and women. the survey inspired by the me too movement and women's equality in the workplace. women earn 80 cents per every
2:59 am
dollar a man makes. there is a selfish motive. tight labor market. a war on for qualified workers. you want to make sure they have a level playing field to keep workers. thanks for joining i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. joe manchin reacting to the gun movement. >> he said he's going to go into a tailspin without her around. >> i don't think she was forced out. there's a shelf life in the west wing. >> jared kushner meeting with executives in the white house and then the companies are given very sizable mortgages to husband company. >> whose business is he doing what he's in the white house? >> jared kushner simply cannot


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