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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  March 2, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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allegations came to light from two ex-wives. the white house spun the account of what they knew that was inaccurate. then the parkland tragedy pushed it out of the headlines until general kelly brought it back today revisiting his handling in the scandal, according to cnn left white house staffers stunned, puzzled, or saying that general kelly is not telling the truth. he said he learned of, quote, "a series accusation of porter on february 6th when the daily mail began asking the white house for the reaction to the story they were about to run." this was early that evening. kelly then said, quote, "we pout a statement of support for him and hour later found out there's a second report."
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they stuck with that through the following day even though they knew who the daily about the allegations of physical abuse by both women. here is jenny willoghby described it. >> perhaps the first and only physical abuse i suffered. after an argument we were yelling had become the norm in our marriage, and i removed myself from the situation to take a shower. to cool down. disengage from the situation. he came to the shower and opened the door and pulled me out to continue yelling at me. >> he put his hands on you and continued yelling at you? >> yeah. >> was that a startling moment for you? >> i think up until that moment, i didn't realize that i was in an abusive marriage. i think that sounds almost
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ridiculous coming out of my mouth given how i can speak about it and remember things now, but i don't know it was until that moment that i realized i was with a man who was capable of something like that. >> keeping it modest. our reporting is that general kelly and two others were told in november of last year about domestici domestic issues and the fbi background check was last july. porter never got a full clearance. we talked about that with jenny as well as the importance of credible allegations being taken seriously. the white house won't answer what general kelly knew when he knew it. to what extent he knew about the reports, the allegations that both of you had made. there's a new statement out from general kelly he said he was shocked by the new allegations and there's no place for domestic violence. is it important to you that somebody like general kelly believes your story?
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>> it's important to me in general that anyone who is coming forward with the story like that is believed upfront. that it's not on the burden of proof for me or anyone else to justify the claims. and that the conversation around abuse or assault or even missong any in general doesn't turn, well, he's really great could it be she's exaggerating or not telling the truth or it's not as bad as they're making it out to be. because there's very little evidence that any woman would bring that kind of scrutiny upon themselves to share these types of details. i didn't ask for this. i wouldn't never have shared these types of details as publicly if the media hadn't come to me with this moment to do that. jenny put out a statement late
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today responding to general kelly s kellyi kelly. she went on to say he changed the statement after realizing it was physical abuse. emotional and psychological abuse is abuse. in the last hour i spoke with editor whose website broke the story in the first place and deconstructed the new kelly time line today. what did you tell sara sanders when you met with them on february 6 what was going to be in the story. >> i spent 20 minutes with them in sara's office. daily had been doing a lot of reporting on this. working with both of porter's ex-wives. i gave them a complete read on what was going to be in the first story.
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i told them that determined that porter had grabbed his wife by the shoulders and yanked her out of the shower naked. we told them the date that happened. i explained how we were going to report at he punched the window out on their front door when she threatened to call the police because he was violating the separation agreement by being in the apartment. we told them about the temporary restraining order she filed. that she was walking on egg shells throughout her honey hoon. -- honeymoon. even she miscarried a pregnancy of six weeks because of the stress of being around porter. the idea that consisted of emotional abuse doesn't trap. there was physical abuse there. and one other correction, anderson. we didn't tell the white house about the first wife until the next morning. the idea that john kelly heard an hour after i came into sara's
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office. that no makes sense to me. daily is doing the reporting. i didn't tell them about the second story until the following morning. >> just to be clear, there's no way they could have misunderstood what you were sharing with them. i mean, you mentioned not only the yanking out of the shower, but also the fact there had been an order of protection that had been filed. >> right. yeah. and sara, you know, to her credit, took notes during the meeting. i think she had a clear idea of what was going on. what is curious to me is the evolution of the statements from john kelly. at 7:00 when we were ready to pull the trigger on the story, they sent, you know, me an e-mail and i forwarded it to my editor and we ran this with john kelly's glowing statement. and a denial from porter. by the next day, after we had run the second story with the black eye photo, sara still read that same glowing statement from
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john kelly at the podium in the briefing roof before announcing he resigned. this is all curious. and, you know, general kelly is saying that porter resigned his job to him that tuesday before the first story ran. but the story that we ran carried a statement from him saying in the present tense that i'm proud to work with him. >> right. i noticed that. implying he was still working there. it was in the present tense. when chief of staff kelly today said he had been told about so-called emotional abuse. does that make any sense? >> not unless sara huckabee sanders was keeping facts from john kelly. this is career suicide. this is a man who worked for john kelly. we know from our reporting and you confirmed it, as well, at cnn. that the fbi gave kelly a deep dive into rob porter in november of last year. we know from what chris ray said on the hill that both of the ex-wives had spoken to the fbi about this earlier in 2017.
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there's no question to me that general kelly got information from the fbi that should have raised red flags by the bucketful. there's no question in any mind he got a complete read that tuesday night of what i had explained to sara huckabee sanders about our reporting. >> the other thing i don't get is why general kelly would not only try to re-litigate this today but also give himself a pat on the back at the same time. >> yeah. it was, i think, an unforced error. there's no reason for him to re-litigate this much less it. we can speculate about whether he's worried about his job being on the line. he's trying to explain he's got it under control. we don't know. what i can tell you is talking to officials at the white house is that porter was considered a trusted important deputy to kelly. he was general kelly's second eyes and ears in the oval office. i think it's likely that the general is willing to sweep some things under the rug. >> yeah. >> but we told him everything we had. and if general kelly says he
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didn't know about the physical abuse. that doesn't make sense. >> right. i mean, your last point gets to the question. if daily hadn't done this reporting, would this -- the actions, you know, have been taken that were taken? unyou don't know the answer. >> it's hard to know. all we know is by the next day they were supporting him from the podium. and it took general kelly, i think, about 14 hours after we ran the story with the black eye photos for him to issue a second statement and condemn domestic abuse. and the day after that, the president was saying in the oval office that rob porter was the one. >> let's get perspective on this now joining us this former trump white house lawyer drew schultz and kristy quinn and president of women in need. and former colleague of general
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kelly's. he survived this. he's voluntarily waded back into it. >> yeah. i don't get why he raised it again today for the pr political perspective why he would go out of his way today to raise this again. i think you accurately stated that earlier. and i also think it's undisputable. there's holes and discrepancies in the story. no question. >> christine, do you belief the chief of staff has credibility when it cops to what he knew about rob porter and when? there seems like there have been so many stories from the white house and kelly. >> there's no credibility left here. we've seen everything he's laid out today just be refuted and every time line and day just over and over has proved to be incorrect. i think the question everyone asks is why did general kelly rebring this up tonight? and, you know, the only really thing i can think of is that he just doesn't think it's that series. he doesn't think it's a topic
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that you don't want back in the media. or he wants to prove to the president that he will lie in i understand tense when it's necessary. it's baffling why somebody would do this. >> let me push back. he could have convinced himself that he's right on this and, you know, given his record of service and stuff he feels he's, you know, wants to set the record straight as he sees it. >> a man of his stature and the position he's in, if he has convinced himself of something before you go out on international television and national television, you should go back and check the facts. i can't believe someone of his stature and his experience would reput out a time line without checking what he said before. it makes no sense. >> yeah. >> he did acknowledge mishandling in the statement today, anderson.
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he did acknowledge the issue that this was not their finest hour. no question. >> i think he was talking about the white house staff in general, though. general, this would be a problem for any chief of staff. but for a general who brought in to instill order and better standards and make the trains an run on time in the west wing. i'm wondering how to reflects on his judgment and leadership. >> anderson, what i would say, first of all, you can't excuse what happened in the situation. you can attempt to explain it. that's what john kelly was attempting to do today. what i'll tell you is guys like kelly reach the senior levels of leadership and the military. we have a lot of cases that come to us from either our staff, judge advocate or chief of staff saying we got an individual in the command who has done this. you know even if it's someone close to you, which i had experience with, you stop saying anything about that individual until you get the full facts. it's the old, you know, first
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reports are always wrong. they may be but you better check it out. i've been listening to the guests tonight and they've been talking about this as it was an isolated incident in terms of what was going on. remember, you know, john kelly is a marine. he wants to instill discipline and processes and systems to the white house. and it is a dysfunctional organization with a lot of brief floating electrons. in is probably about a million things he's handling. it's the most complexing and unbelievably difficult problems he's trying to handle. so, again, that's not an excuse but it's one of the things where, you know, as a military guy, you had a staff security officer, the white house security office. you say get those security clearances done. fix them or tell me what is wrong. in this case, i think there was a tell in john kelly's statement today to the press when he said i had multiple spread sheets of people without security clearances. that tells me he's probably pulling his hair out because
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he's got so many problems to with. this is just another one while he's trying to help with daca, tax reform, gays in the military and everything else that the president is tweeting about or driving in terms of what he's doing as the chief of staff. so we can't look at this as a vacuum. it's inexcusable. don't get me wrong. you can try to explain it by so many things on the plate. i don't understand why he went out today and brought an old story into the news. that's not smart. >> anderson -- >> the president did the right thing here. in putting john kelly in charge. and i think that's worth noting here. the white house is getting on the right track as it pertains to security clearances and reforming the process going forward. >> yeah.
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if it it's one of a million things in charge of. when you're a chief of staff used to military operations. you're used to the organization doing routine things. routinely. the white house hasn't shown that yet. it you tell me john kelly, the chief of staff of the white house is in charge of security clearances, he may be overwatching them and demanding they get fixed, but i'm concerned about why it took so long to get status and updates when he seemed to have known what the problems were. >> right. and that's the question. and with all due respect to the general, i think you probably perfectly described being chief of staff in the white house. but that's the job that the general signed up for. and that's the job he has to do. clearly he isn't doing it to the standard of having all those balls in the air and taking care of important things. the way the american people need them taken care of, like domestic abuse. >> i appreciate it. coming up next, new
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plus, it prevents streaks better than a micro fiber strip mop. for a convenient clean, try swiffer wetjet. today after reporting in the "new york times" on white house meetings jared kushner had with investment firms that lent his family business $500. there's new reporting. the headline jared kushner's real estate firm sought money directly from qatar government weeks before blockade. they did not get it. a month later, a group of other mideast countries launched a series of moves including an economic blockade of qatar. are they connected. two reporters joining us now. can you go into detail about the kushner real estate firm seeking money directly from the government from the qatar minister of finance last april? >> in some ways, it's fairly simple story.
6:21 pm
you know, the kushner companies fortune depends on the success of an investment that kushner himself made about 10 years ago. this property at 666 fifth avenue. he paid the highest price in manhattan ratteal estate histor. wildly overpaid and overpaid at the top of the bubble. so the bubble bursts. now they're in huge trouble. in real estate is cross collateralized. when your flagship is suffering, everything is in jeopardy. they have a balloon payment coming due shortly. they have been traveling the world to shake down a billion dollars to refinance the property. we know from previous reporting that has been done elsewhere and by the intercept they went to financiers in cqatar and china. this report today this is the first time that we've connected them to hitting up the qatar government directly. that charles kushner a direct
6:22 pm
meeting with the minister of finance to make a pitch to refinance this property. and charles kushner being jared kushner's father. both meetings took place, i understand, at the kushner company. >> that's right. and jared kushner maintains a personal interest. not just an interest like, oh, i hope it does well. he owns a significant portion still of kushner companies. and kushner the two kushners speak on an almost daily basis. it's been reported they speak on a daily basis. so these meetings happened one day after the other. the question what did he know about them? >> talk about what happened afterward in terms of u.s. policy and kushner was involved. after the deal fell apart, kushner basically supporting a change in policy what ended up being a blockade by other countries like saudi arabia. >> right. a blockade that is ongoing to
6:23 pm
this day because when secretary of state rex tillerson tried to mediate it, if you remember, and you reported on it at the time, about an hour and a half later, president trump went out and offered a statement that completely undercut tillerson. accus accused qatar of financing terror. the country that hosts the biggest military united states base in the region. tillerson believe it was drafted by the ambassador and handed to kushner and delivered it to trump. and that undercutting of the diplomacy is why we have a blockade to this day. >> the question, of course, is there a connection between, you know, kushner's dad going to qatar. the deal not happening. qatar not giving any money to the loan. and then this change in policy that kushner was involved with in qatar. >> that's something that mueller is reportedly looking into. you have federal law implicated in the simple fact that you are
6:24 pm
barred from as a government employee advising on a policy that could benefit you financially. you know, that's right there. can a prosecutor prove that given these facts? in his situation, it would be diplomatically tricky. you have to have the qatarys probably testify. they don't want to do that with his father-in-law as president while they're still trying to mediate their way out of this crisis. which very nearly became a hot war. this is not just a diplomatic tiff. there were reports that the eu a was contemplating sending a mercenary force into qatar. an actual invasion. >> yeah. again, an important u.s. facility there in qatar. appreciate the reportings from the intercept. more on the president's shrinking inner circle. joining us is john dean, jeffrey
6:25 pm
toobin. there's been so much reporting on kushner and his family's company day after day this week. the read of, you know, p. do you think the walls are closing in on him somehow? >> absolutely. the lack of a security clearance for top secret information alone should send him to the exit. here is the person who is in charge allegedly of middle east negotiations. one of the places where our intelligence agencies do the most work. if you ask the intelligence agencies why they even exist, they said to give policy makers information to use in formulating policy. he's formulating policy that comes from the billions of dollars we sent on information. ryan's story in the intercept shows he's never going to get a security clearance. his divided loyalties are clear.
6:26 pm
so there is no good reason why he should still be working in the white house except he's the president's son-in-law and they can't be fired. >> you're in the middle of everything during watergate. you knew so much. kushner knows a lot, as well. while, you know, you testified against nixon. it's hard to imagine any scenario under which the president's son-in-law turns against his father-in-law. >> very difficult to contemplate. he has to put himself in an uncomfortable vice, if you will. there are criminal laws he's playing with and flirting with here, too. one of the things i must say that nixon did his white house did and as counsel i spent a lot of time doing was dealing with conflict of interest. we were very clean. that wasn't a part of watergate and nixon was strict on that. it's surprising that almost all modern presidents have done so to see trump just not even pay attention to the issues.
6:27 pm
he's violating them himself. he's setting the example for his son-in-law. >> and, jeff, according to the "washington post," you know, one white house official said that some of kushner's colleagues in the administration are more reluctant to have conversations with him or even in his company because there's not they're not sure if he's a witness or the target of the mueller investigation. others that worked in white houses where there have been investigations the sense of mistrust that grows. you don't know who to trust. you don't know who is cooperating. you don't know who is saying what to investigation the. >> it's got to be. you know, i was a federal prosecutor. i have many friends who were defense lawyers. you know, the pressure of being under federal investigation is horrible. the experience of knowing that the entire fbi, at least that's how you see it, is looking into your finances. is looking into whether you are telling the truth in certain circumstances. it's just exhausting and painful. and the fact that jared kushner
6:28 pm
is dealing with this at the time he's been humiliated by not having a full security clearance anymore, i mean, it's got to be just terrible for him. and i don't know why he and his wife don't just say the hell with this. we're going back to new york. just for their own sake. much less, you know, for the public interest. >> and maggie for the times is reporting that the president had conversations with john kelly about the possibility of moving getting ivanka trump and kushner out of the white house. that is another fascinating development. the other night on the program bern seen said kushner is in the cross hairs of the special counsel investigation. i'm not sure we can say that that mueller is focus in part on kushner like a laser based on everything we know so far. do you think he's in trouble here? or is in the cross hairs? >> i would be surprised if he is not. i think karl has drawn that conclusion based on the
6:29 pm
reporting. certainly seems obvious with what we're reading in the press that special counsel has to be looking at what this man is doing. so, indeed, they're going after him and have to report one way or another and they don't want to leave something they discovered later they they failed to check a box and look at all the facts and ask. all the right questions. ic karl is probably right. >> with all due respect to my idol, i'm not sure we can say that about kushner at this point. you know, his lawyer has said that no documents have been subpoenaed about 6066 fifth avenue. i think, you know, we need to be very cautious. robert mueller is doing his own thing. up in unof us knew that 123 defend the case was coming about the russian social media attempt. i think we need to be careful about inferring it. so i think we should, you know, presume that someone is, you know, under investigation or may
6:30 pm
be indicted when we don't know that. >> yeah. thank you so much. president trump's announcement of spending tariffs on steel and aluminium triggering fireworks. 4- to its roots.
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6:34 pm
so if that goes up by 25%, that's about 6/10 of one cent on the price of a can of campbell's soup. i just bought this can today at a 7-eleven down here and the price was $1.99. who is going to be too bothered by 6/10 of a cent >>well, the cans can add up. we must protect our country and our workers he wroe the steel industry is in bad shape. if you don't have steel, you don't have a country. it was something that the president campaigned hard on in 2016. there are many critics and a few supporters so far and it's another example the president turning public orthodox on the head. steven muller is joining us. and max boot.
6:35 pm
to have your commerce secretary, you know, who is, you know, wealthy. he can go on television and make the argument you heard. how is this roll out, in your opinion? and what do you make of the actual policy? i would say this, i'll defend the president in this regard. i think he has the right intentions here. he feels strongly about protecting the jobs of the steel workers in this country. i campaigned with him and we went to a lot of areas where factories have been lost. in the midwest there's a sense that their factories have been lost as a result of trade. now i happen to disagree with that. i'm saying his intentions to look out for the middle class workers. the other thing i would say, anderson, and you mention the fact he campaigned on this. he did. he told the american people and the american voters he was skeptical of these trade agreements and he would impose
6:36 pm
tariffs and he's done that. you said correctly the stock market is falling. i believe because there's about 50 workers who use steel rather than produce it, then in the end of the game, this may actually end up costing the american economy more jobs than it creates. >> it's not just steel tariffs. a republican president went on television wednesday and said take guns and figure out due process later. if that's not up ending gop orthodox si, what is? >> it's clear that donald trump has very few in-depth views on the world. and one of the few deeply held convictions he has is that trade is a bad thing.
6:37 pm
he's premised on the assumption that the united states will extend the free trade zone around the world and free trade is in our interest. str trade wars are dangerous. they're instructive to the economy. we don't need or want a president who is going to have a trade war that is unnecessary and will be instructive not only to our economy but to america's standing in the world. >> of course not. you know, nobody wins a trade war. look, i'm actually in favor of getting tough trade with china. and i would be in favor of using trade as a weapon against china.
6:38 pm
i think china is a danger to the world. they've enabled north korea. in this case, did you know, anderson, we import most of the steel from? canada. and canada is not an enemy of the united states. i don't think it makes sense. on max's point, look, we agree, max, on the economics. no question about it. i campaigned with donald trump. i went to him in the mid western states. it's possible that it was his trade position that helped him crack through that blue win and win the states. bernie sanders is in favor of the policy. responsible leadership is resisting the base impulses of your base and standing up to the horrible ideas people have instead of catering to them. and, you know, playing to their emotions in the face of all economic opinions of the contrary >>well, max, i'm saying this.
6:39 pm
you know, you and i people who understand the value of trade and the benefits of trade to workers, we better make a better choice than the american people. right now i don't think a lot of americans are with us. i saw paul the other day, the majority of americans support these. >> yeah. let's leave it there. we saw the record low. it and now we've imposed steel tariffs. we're not losing jobs in manufacturing. we're gaining them. >> yeah. steven moore, thank you. max, thank you. days later after the nra
6:40 pm
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we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. didn't take long for this question to be asked. is president trump now siding with the nra and backing away from new gun control efforts. the white house insists he's not. some members of congress are not concerned after the president's latest face to face meeting with the nra. his second one this week.
6:44 pm
some are concerned on wednesday remember the president met with a broip group of lawmakers at the white house. he seemed to signal support for stronger background checks raising the minimum age to buy rifles and taking guns away from the mentally ill. that puts him at odds at times with the nra. but the president insisted he would never cave to them. >> the reason i had lunch with the nra i said you got to do something. they have great power. i agree with it. they have great power over you people. they have less power over me. >> that was wednesday. a couple of days after his first meeting with the nra. the second meeting came yesterday. chris cox was there and he tweeted, quote, "had a great meeting with donald trump and the vp. we want safe schools, mental health reform, and to keep guns away from the dangerous people. the president and vice president
6:45 pm
support the second amendment." after the president said he's in favor of taking the guns and worry about due process later. some are wondering if the president is back on the same page with the nra. i spoke with mark kelly. wife of gabby giffords. >> it seems like a big change over a 48-hour period. so i don't know. i don't think he was asked today. i saw his tweet this morning about meeting with the national rifle association and the oval office and that happened very quickly. and it just 24 hour period his views seem to have shifted dramatically. >> yeah. i mean, the president talked about gun control with lawmakers
6:46 pm
on camera. he deserves credit for the bipartisan meeting, but only seems to speak with the nra behind closed doors and the nra said the president doesn't want gun control. it seems that his words tend to be affected by whoever is in the room he's talking to at the time. >> pretty fluid. i heard what he had to say on wednesday, i guess, when he was meeting with members of congress. it was pretty encouraging for me. it was policy proposals that we've been talking about for a long period of time. you know, things like background checks for gun sales, limitations to some extent on you know what weapons people buy. these protection orders. it was very positive. but you can see the influence that the gun lobby has. the fact they can get into the president's office very quickly and within 24 hours get the seemingly change his position in a tweet. >> yeah.
6:47 pm
sanders also said today that the president is still conceptually supports raising the age of purchasing rifles to 21. saying it has a better chance on the state level. that's not what the president said. he urged senators to make that part of a bipartisan bill >>well, you know, she might have been right. it has a better chance at the state level. we've experienced that, as well. i mean, we've had a lot of success helping pass 200 pieces of legislation in state capitals. washington, d.c., is very ethical to get meaningful legislation passed more often on the defense. especially lately but the gun lobby. i think she gets how, you know, paralyzed washington, d.c., is. and i think she also probably understands the efforts that the gun lobby took to get president trump elected. and, i mean, it's easy for us to see you know what that translates into. the fact they can get into the
6:48 pm
office so quickly and maybe. >> are you encouraged by retail corporations taking action? do you think other companies will follow the lead? >> walmart did that a couple of years ago with semiautomatic assault rifles. and to see dick's sporting goods do that and raise the age. i think it's incredibly positive steps. dick's also put out a long list of policy pages they would like to see. i went online and bought golf balls from dick's. it's a positive step. >> i appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you for having me on. coming up next, a powerful northeaster morphs into the bomb cyclones. an update on that next. this beer has conviction.
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it's called the bomb cyclone and it's bad. up and down the northeast, high winds, 22 million people under tropical storm winds. the video is from quincy, massachusetts, brynn gingras is there for us now. >> it's a little better than massachusetts where we were earlier today. along the assuming shore, where there's really no power at all. it was getting pretty dangerous, we moved further north where it's still winds and rain. i can tell you, behind this road closure, it's not much better than what we are seeing in
6:54 pm
situate. there are homes under several feet of water, and there are active rescues going on. they've been going on all day, for the peninsula, which is this area, that juts into the atlantic ocean. we've seen children being taken out by front loaders, people being taken out by boats. those rescues still going on. >> when's the next high tide? >> well, that's coming up in just about an hour and a half, 1:45. that's why there's such urgency with these rescues going on across the area getting him by this bomb cyclone. the fear is it, this is the second high today emergency officials were preparing for. it's going to be the highest. it's possible it will set records, it's going to add to flooding that areas like this have already seen throughout this storm. >> do you know when the worst conditions are expected to be past you in that area? >> we know that in some areas of the south shore, this all is going to be over by sunday.
6:55 pm
however, conditions change, earlier today we were seeing rain and then it became wind and then it become flooding, now we're starting to see a little bit of snow. they're constantly changing, everyone's having to con distantly adapt and hunker down until this passes us, until sunday, anderson. >> airports are a mess as well. still to come, the wild week for the white house. the focus of a cnn special report on the trump/russia investigation we'll be right back. that extends the shelf life of foods and infrastructure upgrades that help us share our produce with the world. all across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state, visit most impactful? changmy hair color. few. garnier nutrisse. nourishes while you color. plus avocado, olive and shea oils. changing my hair color changed everything.
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it has been a truly dizzying week, and that's take into account all the other dizzying weeks in this trump administration. there's the news the president's son in law cannot keep his top secret security clearance. the white house calligrapher now has a higher clearance than jared kushner. the washington post reporting that at least four countries have discussed ways they could use kushner's complicated business dealings. the president's business dealings as he weighs his run for the presidency. the nsa chief tells the senate intelligence committee the
7:00 pm
president hasn't told him to confront the russian cyber threat. that is a perfect reason for our cnn special report, the trump russia investigation, which starts right now. only being a politician for a short period of time, how am i going, am i doing okay? i'm president. hey, i'm president, can you believe it? >> a shadow hangs over the white house. >> why so many lies? >> this is not normal. >> the most explosive evidence yet in the russian ya investigation. >> the urgent questions. >> mr. president, did you order mueller fired? >> fake news, folks, fake news. >> was it appropriate for you to meet with the russian officials? >> mr. manafort owed you