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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  March 3, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PST

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>> so far, that is the plan, fred. we were told just a moment ago that the president was briefed on the situation at the white house where apparently a man walked up to the north lawn and to the gate there, and took to a a gun to himself. the secret service responded immediately, and attending to the man, and no other shots were fired. here in mar-a-lago, the president was scheduled to the leave roughly ten minutes ago, but he is apparently still at the estate, but from what we understand is that the plan is for him to continue to palm beach airport and then to fly back to washington, d.c. and he is to the attend a gridiron dinner where the jounlists dress up and sing songs impugning the president, and obviously a somber moment at the white house after this gun inflicted, self-inflicted gunshot wound is not going to
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derail his plans for the rest of the day. and president trump has been tweet iing since this took plac and though the focus is on trade and the media and not on the incident outside of the white house, fred. >> okay. boris sanchez, thank you so much. we will try again to go outside of the white house where ryan nobles is now. and so, ryan, give us an idea of what is happening there. >> yeah, fred. the law enforcement presence continues here outside of the white house after that person, the victim of the self-inflicted gunshot wound on the north lawn of the white house, and we are on pennsylvania avenue behind me, and you can see that the area in front to white house, and pennsylvania avenue normally open to pedestrian traffic and this is usually a busy thoroughfare on a sunny saturday in washington and this is filled with tourist, but it is completely shut down right now, and we are on the corner of 17th and pennsylvania. and 17th street is shut down here before we get to the intersection of pennsylvania right now as they continue to investigate the incident.
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it happened sometime this morning, we are told, and single individual with a gunshot themselves, and they were the only person involved in the incident, and secret service responded quickly. no secret service personnel discharged their weapons while dealing with this particular incident, and at this point, the status of the victim is unknown. while this seems to be pertained to this particular incident, fred, it is something that the secret service is taking very seriously, and the white house and the front door of the white house, only a few hundred yards away from where the person would have been standing. and this is of course, all fenced off. you can't walk up to the front door of the white house, and in fact, they have increased the barrier between normal pedestrian traffic and the white house grounds, because of the recent spat offense jumpers, and so in addition to the fencing that lines the entire perimeter of the white house, there is an additional line of bike racks,
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and similar to those behind me. and so, there is a pretty good distance between where the average person can go and the white house itself, but nonetheless, when somebody has a firearm that close to the white house, and uses a that firearm, that is something that is quickly requiring a major law enforcement presence. we should point out that the secret service made it clear that none of the protech tees were at the white house at the time and that means no one from the first family were there and the president and the first lady are in florida back en route to washington, d.c., and so at no time were they in any danger, and regardless, the white house is continues to be on lockdown and you can't get in and out of this office in washington as the secret service and the metropolitan police here in washington continue the investigation. fred? >> thank you. very unnerving, ryan. taking a look at air force one there in west palm, and we know that at some point the first lady and the president will be boarding air force one and
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making their way back to washington this evening where they will be attending the gridiron dinner, which is a longstanding tradition where the president and washington-based mostly journalists kind of poke fun at one another, and we will see how that goes later on this evening. thank you so much. ryan nobles there outside of the white house with that frightening moment there outside of the white house. meanwhile, president trump and his family and closest advi advisers are facing questions amid a slew of turmoil and turnover, and now, there is some look into ivanka trump's dealings. hope hicks is on her way out after resigning, and jared cu kushner loses his top security clearance. and the list goes on. so let's bring in cnn political analyst who is the editor and publisher of inside politics. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> and a lot to chip a wway at,
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and ivanka and jared kushner facing scrutiny over their the business dealings, and there is a report that president trump asked his chief of staff to remove them from the administration and what is this about the potential state of affairs there at the white house where it is about politic, and also about family ties here right now? >> well, it is going to tell us that the things are getting more serious, and the investigation or the concern is more serious, because you are talking about the president's daughter and her husband. and there is some of the advisers whether it is on the campaign for the administration are, i think, are on the sort of the periphery or the outer layers of the trump circle, but this is two of the people that he loves and trusts the most. if they are on the way out, that is saying something. on one level, there is a group of people who liked the chaos, and you will have him shake it up and you never know what you will get.
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>> is this what they had in mind? >> well, the president can't do this job al alone, and no person can do this job al alone and you are only as strong as the staff and the advisers and if you are constantly churning and losing people, it is tough to get the footing and get something done. >> and almost like family is hope hicks who is apparently on her way out, and she has been like a confidant of the president, and she has helped to put out the fires and helped in certain statements and even reportedly on some of the tweets. so that she would be heading out and that it has been in the works possibly weeks if not even months, how is the president going to, and what are the predictions of how the president will manage without her and without this close confi dance right there with him? >> well, it depend s ts on the replacement. it is tough to judge with hope hicks out, judge who that might be, but if you were placing
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money on who is most -- amid all of the churning who is the most likely the stick around the president, hope hicks is one of them, but over the last, you know, last few days or week, and particularly with the incident with rob porter, and things got a little bit murky and it is clear that it would not be sustainable over the long run. >> and then of course, talk about the national security adviser and h.r. mcmaster on the way out, and the president being openly and publicly critical of attorney general jeff sessions. is this back to the going it alone mentality of not needing people? >> well, i mean, i think that it is probably part of the president who he is, but this is a very different job and role that he has played are before, so he has to get the people around him, and the question is who is it and from the policy perspective, where do they try to lead him? i think that the president does have an open ear to some of the people closest around him, and so, i think that he can be influenced and that is why the replace me
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replacements to any of the people is, would be, is going to be a factor, and where he is going to be taking the country going forward. >> some advisers and staffers were caught flat footed that the president was going to be making announcements of the aluminum and steel tariffs and now the european union now offering its threats on the taxes on american products as a result of this, you know, announcement. with where are does this put the u.s. on the global picture in terms of working together, having each other's backs when it comes down to the allied nations, and how does this make things more tenuous? >> well, it is difficult to enter into an agreement or a discussion with a country or the person if you don't know where they stand at a any particular moment. i mean, it is one thing to hold the cards close to the vest and have a poker face and not reveal too much, but if you are going to be -- if you can't be trusted or there is a feeling that you can't be trusted. then that negotiations, will
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break down and whether it is between the allies overseas or the relationship between the white house and congress, and i mean, when congress does not know what he is going to be doing or saying on a particular policy at a moment, it makes it tough to get anything done. >> nathan gonzalez, and i have a quick question. for the gridiron dinner this the e evening, and it is supposed to be in fun, and the motto is something like singe, but never re really burn. is it likely that the president will come with a sense of humor and vice versa? >> well, he is going to be coming with a sense of humor more about other people than himself, but i don't know, there was a little self-deprecating humor at the cpac speech recently where he joked about the losing the hair. >> the hair. >> and i don't know, but i will be at my kid's school fund-raising auction tonight, but we will see what happens afterwards. >> thank you, nathan gonzalez. appreciate it. >> no problem. are a powererful nor'easter is bearing down on the east
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all right. right now, millions are dealing with the aftermath of a deadly bomb cyclone, and the powerful storm has killed at least five people and nearly 1 million people are without power as strong gusts of wind continue this afternoon.
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in fact, that is the sound and the sight of strong wind gusts that are force iing many flighto be canceled. you can see in this case, the plane attempted to land at reagan national airport, but the plane aborted at the last minute. and some families have their homes destroyed and cars flooded, but at least they are al alive. >> yeah, very grateful. very scary. >> it is the worst one ever. >> absolutely horrific. we are okay. we are okay. that is all that matters. >> we have been in the house now for five year, and we have seen extreme winds in the wintertime, and it was scary, but this is the worst that it has ever been. >> cnn's bryn grengras joins us
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from massachusetts. >> we are now past the three tides, and the water is receding back into the ocean, and that is some good news. obviously, you see that we have wind out here, but the problem was that with the three tides the homes got flooded three time times over, and that is what is causing so much damage. it is a long widespread storm, and you can see behind me, this is someone's backyard here, and the ground is flooded and the play area is flooded, and so the basement. you can also see the storm damage here on that boat that was washed a ashore from the storm surge in one of the high tide moments. we are hearing that the floodwaters reached in some neighborhoods up to six feet. there was a 24-hour operation are going on since friday trying to help people get out of their homes, because many people lost power in addition to all of the flooding, and we talked to a police captain who kind of gave
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us an idea of what they were seeing in the rescue operations. take a listen. >> we are seeing the homes under water, and the basements were flooded out. the electricity is out. the house area is completely cold because of the loss of lek tris the ti and that is why we were doing the evacuations throughout the day. >> and that is unprecedented flooding here for residents now looking at cleanup. fred. >> thank you, brynn, in massachusetts. and now, the president is about to board air force one to return to the capitol.
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>> reporter: a mahogany table and chairs are some of the items in the $31,000 dining set hud purchased for secretary ben carson's office suite, but following the public outrage, hud canceled the order. >> they are looking for another option that is much more responsible for the taxpayer dollars. >> reporter: and the set picked out with candy carson had a pedestal with bell flower adorned. ten stately dining chairs with rich exposed wood and sculpted legs cost more than $10,000 and the mahogany side board and brake front cost more than $10,000, and the shipping and the delivery for a total of $31,000 taxpayer dollars. >> $31,000 in my mind for a dining table for an agency that is cutting billions away from poor people is, you know, poor
11:22 am
judgment, no matter who made it. >> reporter: the agency spending on the decor and the furniture came to light after the hud employee helen foster filed a sworn complaint with the office of special counsel, and long before the dining set debacle, foster says she was demoted when she told the bosses that the law limits carson's redecorating budget. >> my sense is that it was coming from mrs. carson's desire to, you know, have the ability to are redecorate the suite. >> reporter: in a new statement thursday, carson called the decades' old furniture worn and unsafe, but he said that he was quote surprised as anyone to find out that a $31,000 dining set had been ordered. carson revealed that his wife, quo quote, asked if used furniture was an option, and that she wanted to be sure that the color of the chair fabric of any set that was chosen matched the rest of the decor. >> i am really excited. >> reporter: and when the story first broke, a hud spokesman
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told cnn that mrs. carson knew nothing about a dining table being purchased. >> in carson's statement, he says that the existing furniture is so old that it is unsafe. and cnn spoke with former hud secretary under obama leeann castro who said, and i'm quoting, the furniture is perfectly fine and had an antique charm to it, and he said that he hosted several senators and representatives there for breakfast. and cnn asked hud what happens now that the order was canceled? will they keep the older furniture that is unsafe, and hud did not respond. ren rene marsh, cnn. >> and the man who is impersonating president donald trump and the actor alec baldwin in a war of words. weekends are my time. i need an insulin that fits my schedule. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪
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>> alec baldwin has relentlessly mocked president trump on snl from the kiddie desk to the shower scene. and now these two are showerer ing each other with tweeted insults. >> mr. trump, everyone can see your tweets. >> really? and i'm still in this thing? >> reporter: and the latest blowup started when baldwin described playing trump to the hollywood are reporter. every time i do it now, it is like agony, to which trump tweeted, alec, it is agony for those forced to watch. and actually in the tweet, the president got a few things -- >> wrong, wrong, wrong. >> calling alec alex and killing the english language with the spelling of dying, and that tweet was soon deleted with a corrected one. >> trump is going on the tirade against a alec baldwin, but nothing about vladimir putin threating the united states. >> reporter: and in response, to
11:29 am
a actor fired back four times being agony to watch. and agony though it may be, i'd like to hang in there for the impeachment hearings, and the resignation speech and the farewell helicopter ride to mar-a-lago and you know, the the good stuff. these two treat each other like -- >> bad hombre, bad boy, and what you going to do. >> reporter: and then what is going to be in the trump presidential library, a putting green, and a black number of porn stars. >> yie-yie yay. >> reporter: and then president said, bring back baldwin, and then in his tweet, he criticized melania. don't expect these two to kiss and makeup and no remote chance of this -- i deep lly apologize
11:30 am
>> are you trying to say apologize? >> no, i would never do that. >> jeanne moos, cnn, new york. all right. thank you for being with me today. i'm fredricka whitfield. and coming up next, "vital signs" with dr. sanjay gupta. >> at the age of 79, rosemary smith became the oldest person to drive a formula 1 racing car. she is exception aal, but recen years, she is part of the growing trend. we are talking about aging, and all of the mysteries. we know more than ever about how we age, but we don't still fully understand why we with age or how as


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