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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  March 4, 2018 3:00am-4:00am PST

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and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call 1-800-501-6000. ♪ she is a great. >> this is a chinese communist tyrant who he is admiring. >> we have now out sitting president openly amusining abou wanting to become a dictator. >> they are all beating us. the conda. >> i wanted to tell a story one of the biggest stories i know. >> it is now a best picture contender at the academy awards.
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>> people are still mostly going to put their money on either three billboards and the shape of water. >> now the question is how will the academy awards address the surge in activism? >> you saw it there. the president. the press. a little bit of policy. >> a little bit. >> a lot of punch lines. good morning, everybody. we have all of it for you. i'm christi paul. >> i'm martin savidge in for victor blackwell. trump is back in washington this morning after joining the journalist he loves to hate for the annual gridiron last night. >> the president's remarks did touch on some of the major foreign policy obstacles he is facing. cnn's dan merica is live in washington. what stuck in your mind most? >> it seems like a fun event. a different kind of setting for president trump. the gridiron dinner.
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a white tie event only in washington that brings journalists' politicians together for bipartisan ribbing and president trump showed last night he was in on the joke. he made cracks about himself and the administration and recent headlines and is to be aides saying steve bannon leaked more than the titanic and joked about his son-in-law jared kushner joking it took him longer to get through security an illusion he just had his security clearance lowered the last week. he even made a joke about his first wife. he said they were saying who would leave first, steven miller, his speech writer or melania? a fact that many have -- or thought their relationship has soured the last few months. earlier in the day president trump made news of a different variety down at his florida estate in mar-a-lago. he was speaking to republican
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donors where he openly mused how much he admired chinese president and he has gotten rid of term limits in his office. take a listen to what he said. clearly you heard the laughs in the room. that was a bit after jovial affair but that comment has drawn critics, clearly, because having to do that would rip up the constitution that president trump swore to protect. but it all kinds of gets at president trump's admiration for autocrats.
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he has said in the past how much he admires president xi and he golfed at a golf course that bears his name, a significant milestone for a president who has spent almost 25% of his time at a golf course, 25% of days if he's in office at a golf course that bears his name. >> dan, we appreciate it. thank you. joining us to talk about this is brian stelter and aaron loss and will ripley. a room full of journalists that the president doesn't get along with, how did he do? >> certainly both at the fund-raiser in the morning, at the gridiron club in the evening, the president was playing up to the crowd. he was performing in a way we rarely actually see on camera. you know? the gridiron club used to be off the record meaning we wouldn't
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see the quotes. nowadays, it's off camera meaning we can't hear the president give his jokes but there was funny lines at the gridiron club' talking about needing to go to bed to get up to watch the morning shows. he talked about jared having getting through security, referring to jared kushner. there were finney lines and well-received lines. i think it relates to the fund-raiser earlier in the day. the president seemed to be trying to play to the crowd at this closed fund-raiser. kudos to cnn for getting a tape and we could see and hear what the president was saying that that comment about china should drive morning headlines. an interesting comment and troubling comment i think. even if the president is making a joke it's a joke past presidents never would have made. i know his words are getting a trump discount. the president gets a trump discount meaning people don't take his seriously or literally. sometimes he is joking to win
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laughs. each at a discount, his comments, even if completely a joke, it's the kind of thing would set off an alarm bell if president bush or president obama had said it. >> part of the problem is you really can't tell where the joke ends and the reality begins. >> right. errol, with that, was there anything he said that stood out to you that could be problematic? >> sure. it's troubling not just from the point of view that the president is thinking about his own impulses or possibilities but troubling from the point of view of the many human rights abuses that china has committed that requires someone and that someone has traditionally been the united states to uphold democracy and human rights, that there are people languishing in chinese prisons today. you want to hear the president always, even in private, even if you wake him up in the middle of the night, you want to hear the american president speak out for the values that so many of us
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hold dear. the fact that this president in private wants to crack jokes with a bunch of rich people at a country club is very troubling. and it's disheartening for human rights crusaders. it's also, i think, sort of a boost and a shot in the arm to dictators and would-be dictators around the world and exactly the wrong message to send. >> no question trump seems to have a fondness for a strong man politically. will, you're in china. so, you know, your perspective there when you hear the president of the united states praisi praising xi. what are your thoughts? >> it's certainly disheartening for many people in china who are very uncomfortable with the decision that is expected to happen on monday, the abolition of president term limits put in 1992 to prevent this p.m. the cultural revolution of their
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president then killed so many people, millions died. and there is fear that now xi is rural for life with basically unchecked power even though the chinese government says the military party and state are the three pillars and all three have term limits and lead to stability during uncertain times. clearly, chinese people not always happy about this. i want to show you the censorship happening. early i was giving a report on cnn international about this and chinese sensors immediately blacked out our signal and not only cnn they are blacking out. anyone who uses the term disagree or xi the next emperor, those are banned from chinese here and that is how it worked in china government that has the full endorsement and backing of the president of the united states, the leader of the free world. any pro democracy who thought they had the u.s. by their side, clearly the messaging coming from president trump indicates
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the opposite and why tomorrow when i'm at tiananmen square you will not see any pro democracy demonstrators on the streets because the goost cracvernment down on this and now the government has the full support of president trump, apparently. >> the president had a couple of comments there as well, brian. at one time he said you know they called me up a couple of days and said we would like to saw and i said, so would we but you have to denuke, you have to denuke. we all know that is not going to happen and know it was a joke. he went on to say i won't rule out direct talks with kim jong-un. that is his problem, not mine. he is trying to be funny but a lot of people look at this and think this isn't particularly a funny topic. >> that certainly is a notable quote, the words denuke. i told him you have to denuke. if it is true, there really was a communication the past couple of days that is newsworthy amid
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a dinner that is normally very jovial and playful with d.c. elites. there is going to require follow-up. i think i saw our colleague jake tapper overnight, he is trying to get more information about what trump meant by those words and right now, it's a bit of a mystery to the press corps in washington. >> will, what are your thoughts on this whole conversation? the president seems to be, i don't know if he is manufacturing or if it really happened. >> right. >> we don't know if there is a back channel phone conversation that happened between president trump and the north koreans but it is clear that fler made it clear they want to gauge with the united states. i was meeting with a person in the north korea who said the situation is getting dire. the source said when there used to be a hundred trucks going back and forth between china and north korea, now ten trucks and things are not looking good in the medium to long-range for north korea's economy if these sanctions continue and you couple that with the language from president trump himself
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just last week when he said if democracy doesn't work he is really to move to this phase two which a lot of people interpret as a military strike that one gop senator at the munich security conference said would lead to a loss of life of biblical proportions. the north koreans are looking at this trouble series of events and wanting to engage with the united states to figure out what the trump administration means and what are they really going to do? right now, they don't have any idea. >> all right. errol, one more in here that we heard yesterday. the president said many people ask me how my time as a reality tv star prepared me for the presidency. the truth is there is very little overlap between the two. in one job i had to manage a cut throat cast of character totally unprepared for their roles and jobs and each week afraid of having their butts essentially fired. in the other job i was the host of a smash television show. yes. that made everybody chuckle. yeah? >> yeah, that's a good one. you have to -- you can always
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shake your head. that is actually a great line. look. the reality is from the beginning of his public life sh even before he made any rumblings about running for political office, donald trump would talk about the trump show. he is a self-created figure. he runs his white house to a certain extent, his political life, certainly his public life as a whole along the lines of what we have seen in reality television. he was there first. he was there early. he was there unabashedly and both the good and the bad part of that is for better or worse, how this white house is operating. very -- very unusual, shall we say. it will be something we tell our kids about. the time we had a game show host as president of the united states who chose to run his white house as if it was a game show. >> his description seemed to nail it. errol and brian and will, nice to see you all. thank you. >> thanks, gentlemen. "the new york times" is reporting this morning that robert mueller's probe is possibly broadening from russian influence in the election to
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include the united arab emirates. they funneled money to a effort to influence the trump administration. >> the special counsel team has questioned george nader who was an adviser to ab ab, dhabi. >> hollywood is rolling out the carpet. the drama expected to be rolled out as well as the 90th annual awards. we will talk more. plus, winds push pilots trying to touch down during that wild northeast storm. we have more on this very wobbly landing to show you just ahead. we want to make sure smiling today. "snl" style send-off for white
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house communications director hope hicks. some people dance in our lives and quickly go. but they always leave footprints on our hearts and fingerprints on russian documents. oops.
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a man shot and killed himself outside of the white house yesterday the secret service say and there was not a suicide note they say were incoherent sentences that were found in a book that was at the scene. >> authorities searched a maroon honda accord with an alabama license plate blocked a few streets from the white house and a secret service source said the car was located in the area with the search took place. central michigan university say a 19-year-old student who had been charged with shooting and killing his parents at the university, he has been charged, james eric davis jr.'s parents had come to pick him up for
3:19 am
spring break. >> police say he had been acting strangely the day prior to the killings. here is cnn's scott mcclain. >> reporter: in mt. pleasant, michigan, the last school day before spring break turned out to be the start of a day-long manhunt. early friday morning, the sound of gunfire from the fourth floor of this dormitory sent the central michigan campus into a panic. buildings were locked down and students were told to stay indoors while police scoured the area for the gunman. >> the first thought, obviously, is it could be a mass shooting which no student wants to happen at their college. it's unimaginable. >> reporter: police were searching for james davis jr., a 19-year-old student who encountered police the night before, behaving irration nationally and speaking incoherently. police say they suspected he was on drugs and sent him to the hospital to be evaluated. the next morning his parents diva and james jr., a police officer, picked him up for spring break. according to police, security footage shows davis jr. in the
3:20 am
parking lot returning to the residence hall with miss father's handgun. inside of his dorm room police say he shot and killed both of his parents. >> we read about shooters on campuses across this country and come communities. we talk about it. we practice what would happen if it happens here. and never envisioned it could happen at central michigan university. we are a safe community. we are a safe campus but, yesterday, we demonstrated the ability to deal with the inconceivable. >> reporter: the police search stretched almost 16 hours until a train operator spotted davis jr. near the tracks on campus, barely half a mile from his dorm. >> i don't know if he hid someplace and we missed him. i don't know if he wasn't in that area when we searched it and doubled back. i don't know is the answer. >> reporter: one of davis jr.'s friends who lives across the hall says he is a quiet kid and
3:21 am
he didn't think was capable of this. >> something in him just must have gone wrong that day, i guess. >> reporter: his friend also told us that davis seemed close with his parents and that his parents seemed supportive of him. what triggered all of this is now the focus of the police investigation. scott mcclain, cnn, mt. pleasant, michigan. >> we will keep you posted on what we learn as that moves forward. 500,000 people don't have power after that storm ripped through the northeast. i want to show you what we are seeing here in terms of what a lot of areas look like from virginia to new england at this point. we do know at least six people have died because of this storm. >> the good news is the storm has now moved out to sea but the national weather service in boston tweeted that it would be windy with possible snow late day sunday into sunday night so they are still dealing with the aftermath of that. the next video, definitely not for anybody who is a fearful
3:22 am
flyer. >> no, siree. see the plane there? attempting to land but this is at washington reagan national airport yesterday. it's back and forth and it's going to try and it's going to abort the attempt. said, listen, we cannot make this happen. it really gives a sense how strong the winds were and what the pilots were dealing with the past couple of days and kudos for them for being able to handle it. this was the second flight we saw like this that i think one at dulles when the pilot was off the plane and talking to people in the ya, he said he is pretty sure everybody on the flight was sick to their stomach. >> i'm sure they would. it would be a pretty violent approach. president trump takes aim at his white house with a round of jokes at a private dinner. we will give you a few of the laugh lines and you figure out if they are funny. >> the oscars are back tonight. hollywood's biggest night. the best in film and tv. but there is also going to be some features like the times up
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for $34.90 more per month. my ci can worry about it,ine. or do something about it. garlique® helps maintain healthy cholesterol naturally. and it's odor free. and pharmacist recommended. garlique.® good morning to you! 26 minutes past the hour. i'm christi paul. >> i'm martin savidge in for victor blackwell. >> we were asleep but saturday night punch lines we are learning about this morning and talk to you about it regarding the trump white house, except this time they were actually delivered by the president. >> and it made it very interesting. it was a closed door dinner with journalists and he joked about his leadership style and white house staffing issues and his favorite topic which is us, the media. he said in this quote. >> let's talk about this with david lit who is a speech writer
3:28 am
for president obama and author of, thank you, obama, i hope you changed the white house years." i know president obama praised for his white house dinner. give me a grade how you think president trump did last night. >> well, thank you for having me on this morning. and i think president trump set the bar very conveniently low for himself. i mean, we know that at the hal smith dinner the only time he has tried something like this he got booed by the audience and that is difficult to do in a room like that. so i think by that very, very low bar, he cleared it. so i guess in that sense, it was a success. i think the stranger thing about all this is the contacts that comes in. this is not a normal night of president telling jokes and the press laughing at them and vice versa. this is a president who has issued an attack on the free press that is totally
3:29 am
unprecedented and treat it like a normal dinner what are the best lines and what is funny and not funny seems like it's missing the point. >> so what is your point then? he should not have gone or this should not have happened? >> well, in my opinion, and i wrote this in "the washington post," i think this should have been available for the public to see. there were, for example, some jokes last night that he made where he joked about in the wake of all these stories about him having affairs that melania might leave him. that might be an appropriate joke and it might have been humiliating his buy wife in public and hard to tell without video. the most important part of the speech, i think, and by far the one that deserves the most attention, came at the end and what we would call the serious close of the speech and that is where president trump said the press is actually doing an important service for democracy, so he talks about fake news. he issues all sorts of attacks when the cameras are rolling. it would have been nice to have that tape of him admitting that you know what? this isn't really something i say all the time and it's not
3:30 am
something i'm willing to say to the faces of the reporters who i so regularly attack. >> so are you saying that because president trump has such a different style and does things so differently than past presidents, he can't be afforded the option of this comedy relief? >> could be a dry run. >> you mentioned style. i don't think this is an issue of style. i mean, i walked through the cnn headquarters to get to this studio right now and in january, there was a man in michigan who called up cnn, as you know, talking about fake news and threatening to go into the headquarters that i just walked through this morning and shoot the employees. i mean, you murder them. that is not something you saw with people. no one called cnn headquarters when president obama was president or president bush was president using their rhetoric as a reason to murder
3:31 am
journalists. >> but can he -- can the president be held accountable for what somebody else did in that regard? >> the president can be held accountable for what he says and he should be held accountable for what he says. i think the president talks about fake news and the person calling um cnn to issue a threat uses the phrase fake news, it's not impossible to figure out where this person got that idea in their head so i don't think the president is necessarily legally liable. we can hold the president accountable for what he said. >> not the first time threats against cnn or against his personnel. the other thing we should point out the cameras. that wasn't up to the president. that was up to the organization hosting the event last night and that has been their tradition. we have seen actually some events recently where the president has invited the cameras in at some of these negotiations with members of congress that is quite surprising so i put that out there. who wrote his lines?
3:32 am
where do you think those came from? >> my guess looking at the quality of them and i think they were written in-house. they seem mostly fine but it didn't strike me that, you know, he must have had some really good outside professional help for something like that. just to your point, i do want to go back to the cameras because i agree. i think that the members of the gridiron club should have made an exception to the tradition and they should have brought cameras in. the president, obviously, couldn't do that but i think the gridiron club should have. >> you mentioned the couple quotes ot off the for the purpo but was there anything else you read about that stuck with you that maybe he did well? >> i thought there was, you know, one joke, he made a sort of very tame joke about how nobody does self-deprecating humor like he did and that is not comedy gold but we did similar things in the obama administration, that is not terrible. i just feel like in a night like
3:33 am
this with -- if it was president bush or another republican president, it would be a different thing to go on and which jokes landed well and which jokes didn't. i think a reason to remember why the presidents show up at the gridiron diner and not because they love spending their saturday night in white tie telling jokes to the press. it's by entertaining the press for the night they will get better coverage for the rest of the year. i think if we have that traditional unspoken bargain with this president, given the attacks that he has made on the press that are totally different than past republicans or democrats, i think we would be missing the threat and i think we need to pay attention to that stuff. >> interesting point. >> david litt, appreciate you being here. >> thank you for having me. "saturday night live" said their gbs last nigood-byes last hope hicks who resigned from the white house this week. >> we want to share you with some of the highlights from her farewell to the white house per "snl."
3:34 am
>> i have to say i'm a little surprised that you're here. i feel like i've never heard you speak. >> no, you you haven't. i never have. no one ever pressed me on it. he's than so nice to me, like insanely nice to me! >> yeah. why do you think they have been so nice to you? >> well, if i had to guess, i'd say because my hair and face are good. but you know what? also honestly i just like, i try to stay out of that whole arena because, like, ugh! comungs at t communications at the white house was a mess. >> your job was? >> white house communications director. >> right. >> working at the white house was like going to summer camp. you make all of these new friends and barely get any sleep and everybody leaves after eight weeks and plus tons of cute guys there and most classic bad boys, you know? crazy haircuts and breaking the law and they have all hit a girl! i really am going to miss my friends at the semester abroad
3:35 am
at the white house so if you wouldn't mind, kind of want to read a statement i prepared. kellyanne you taught me a strong woman can run a campaign and win awhat i turn into if i stick around too long. you're like the human versions of those pictures of black lungs on cigarette boxes! to donny. i'll always be your hopi which is what you called me when you needed help because your big red tie touched the toilet water and, donny, never forget our little inside joke. the meeting was about russian adoption! he'll get that. you won't get that. >> we got more "snl" for you. stay close. as well as oscars. red carpet. the fashion. the speeches. oscars are kicking off tonight. there is most likely drama. time's up and me too's movement and how they are stirring up hollywood's biggest night.
3:36 am
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you know what that music means? the 90th annual academy awards are tonight. >> the show will honor the best in film and tv. the show's nominees are about as diverse as ever for best picture there is no clear front-runner we should point out. several films have already won at other recent award ceremonies so that clouds the field a little bit a lot of times, but the me too and time's up mooc movement will have a platform that put several in the spotlight tonight and talk about this with pop culture editor for "the washington post" zachary pinksway. thank you for being here. >> great to be here. >> let's talk about the best picture, who you believe best picture should end up being. >> oh, well. if i were to predict basically, i would go out on a limb and
3:41 am
pick "get out" which is a horror comedy and two genres that rarely win the best picture option. the safer pick is "the shape of water." or three billboards outside of ebbing, missouri." i think get out has passion about it and some of the newer younger voters picked recently in the academy award will be for it. >> one is embroiled of a sexual harassment scandal of his own. how do you expect that will play out before the awards? >> ryan seacrest has been accused of sexual misconduct and he has denied it and an investigation has cleared him. jimmy kimmel said he will talk to ryan on the carpet but a chance other stars won't.
3:42 am
>> i want to get back to "get out" as we were talking about. according to a newer, younger member of the academy, in fact, several of them, they say older more traditional members criticized "get out" this year and didn't even watch it. how credible, first of all, are the votes if members aren't watching the films? >> well, people argue about the oscars and they are always subject to the wins of the voter. as i mentioned earlier there were many more younger newer voters that have been invited to the academy in recent years in an attempt to make the voting pool a little bit more diverse and it seems that "get out" definitely appeals to them." have you heard of some of the members literally not watching the films? >> i mean, it's definitely possible and i guess, yeah, some people just don't want to watch the films. so many movies that it's hard for everyone to take them all in. but the oscars people argue over
3:43 am
them and they are subject to the wins of the voters. >> we know other movements are visible besides the films and that is the time's up and me too movement. what is their platform going to be tonight and will it dominate maybe or overshadow the events of what takes place on the silver screen? >> definitely. i think you'll see people talking about it on the red carpet as people have done in the awards show in the past this cycle. red carpet is usually about fashion but they will take about serious issues and jimmy kimmel said he will talk about it and the oscar producers said a moment to recognize time's up which is to combat sexual abuse and harassment and people will talk about it in the speeches as well probably. >> talk to me about the best director here. >> jordan peele and greta
3:44 am
gerwig. she is the fifth woman director nominated. i think people see it as a sign of progress. the past few years oscar white controversy where two years in a row, no people of color were nominated for acting oscars. this year, the best director favorite is probably the dr director director of "shape of water." >> we remember the best picture last year was faye dunaway. they are back again to present which i think is wonderful but what can you expect? is it funny, humor or will they be serious about this? >> jimmy kimmel the host will probably make fun of it maybe throughout the show and m
3:45 am
monologue. an accountant hat winners memorized so they can jump in in case anything goes wrong. last year, that mix-up happened after the stunning 2016 election and patriots come-from-behind win in the super bowl and we thought we were living in a commut computer simulation. >> talking about strange moments. harvey weinstein statue that is called the casting couch on hollywood boulevard's clone to where the oscars are happening. it's a little frightening when you look at it. people are stopping and posing hm. what is the takeaway here? the subject is very serious. >> yeah. the subject is very serious. you will see jimmy kimmel having to make jokes about it in his monologue but so did seth myers. street art stunts like this have
3:46 am
happened before. one of the street artists who did this is named plastic jesus and done stunts like this before and kind of strange and offers people a chance to take cervicalys with the statue. i think street art is a form of protest and, if anything, it feels almost too late than too early. >> good point. zachary pincus-roth, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> coming up, our sports report. >> an nba player made it a special night for the family of a stoneman douglas victim who was a huge fan. details are coming up in your bleacher report. your heart doesn't only belong ♪to you.
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i came down from parkland, florida, covering the shooting. dwyane wade paid tribute to miami heat fan joaquin oliver who was one of 17 killed at stoneman douglas school last month. christina is here with more. >> an emotional story to start with this morning. dwyane wade wanted to pay tribute to this parkland victim after finding out he was bury inside his heat jersey. before the game, wade met with the oliver family and gave them a jersey and custom sneakers with joaquin's name in the stoneman douglas high school logo on them. he hosted the family for the
3:52 am
night and stood with joaquin's sister during the national anthem. he dedicated last night's game and the rest of his season to the memory of joaquin oliver. after the game he talked about why it's so important to support the oliver family at this time. >> i'm thankful they came to the game today and thankful to get a chance to talk to them and show them my appreciation and to let them know that we will continue to use our voice, continue to shine the light on what they are talking about and what they are going through and what they are dealing with because it's not just -- it's not just happening to them, it's happening to all of us and it could be any one of us. >> day two of the nfl combine was under way on saturday and one standout performance was by a linebacker from the university of central florida who only has one hand. griffin wowed the crowd at the nfl combine wearing a special prosthetic on his left arm to
3:53 am
bench press and knocked out 220 pounds and he was cheered on. he is attempting to be the first player to be drafted with one hand in the modern era. a cool scene at the naval academy where the capitals were playing. united states curling team appeared and they had a perfect shot and had the place going crazy! then later on in the night, a blackout had fans scrambling for their cell phones to light the place up! the lights eventually came back on 15 minutes later and the game continued. but a scene there in anan polbl night. barically encouraged athletes to speak his mind like he has been doing for years last night on "saturday night live." >> a lot of professional
3:54 am
athletes are worried about speaking out and might hurt their career. well, here is something that contradicts all of that. me. i've been saying whatever the hell i want for 30 years. and i'm doing great. >> that was his fourth appearance on "snl" so he is doing something right and great mouthpiece for athletes to speak their minds. >> my goodness. christina, thank you so much. that was funny. coming up, president trump shows, you know what? he can laugh about himself. martin? >> he can. yes, he can. some of it was funny. >> yeah. his admiration for the chinese president's power is one thing not going over so well with some and maybe other ones as well. we are covering all of the angles like cnn can. do stay close.
3:55 am
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come o charles, where is
3:59 am
your halloween spirit? >> halloween spirit? >> somebody you recognize the face and the voice. m.a.s.h. actor daviding on again was best known as major charles winchester in the tv comedy m.a.s.h. he the actor died yesterday. >> a statement put out that he died at his home and he was 75. he died of bladder cancer. several lawmakers are in montgomery, alabama, this weekend for the selma march. this year's trip was a first event in memphis where martin luther king was assassinated. >> one described his time as witness to take that civil rights march.
4:00 am
>> we finally made it to montgomery and the voting rights act was passed. >> i think it's really important that we remember why we are public servants and i think this kind of pilgrimage helps us to remember and to reflect. now it's time to recommit and e rededicate ourselves. >> they will re-enact that famous walk across the bridge today. >> this is a chinese communist tyrant who he is admiring. >> we have now our sitting president openly amusing about wanting to become a dictator. >> they are all beating us. china, japan. ra conda. all right? >> i wd


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