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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  March 7, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PST

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hi there, i'm brianna keilar, the white house says there's no chaos in the west wing, never mind the new lawsuit filed by a former porn star and the foreign head of state despite being stripped of his security clearance. no chaos. try telling that to wall street. stocks wall lowed in the red all morning after the abrupt resignation of president trump's top economic adviser and rattled investors worried the impending departure of gary cohn removes one more moderating influence in the inner circle, a st. abbi phillip has more on this. cohn staunchly opposed new tariffs that the president is putting in place or steel an aluminum but the white house is pushing ahead even so. >> that's right. we spoke to sarah sanders this
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morning and she told us they are still on track to have an announcement by the end of this week, by friday. the president wants to move forward with these tariffs and the fact that gary cohn is out of the picture means they are no longer going to delay on this. there are -- there's still the question of carveouts are there going to be exemptions for canada and mexico. those details are all being worked out, there's a lot of legal work being done behind the scenes and this is being done as quickly as humanly possible. the president is making a very sharp pivot to trade on social media. he tweeted this morning in part to justify his decision on tariffs, he said from bush 1 to present, our country lost 55,000 factories and 6 million manufacturing jobs in accumulated trade deficits of more than $12 trillion. last year we had a trade deficit of almost $800 billion, bad policy and leadership must win again. so the president here is really doubling down on this policy
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that has been largely opposed by the business community. you saw this morning the stock market's reacting very badly to gary cohn's departure but there are fears within the white house and outside of the white house that the president is taking a sharp turn to these economic populist messages and policies and that those policies could in turn harm the economic recovery and the growth that we've seen in recent months. even after the tax cut bill that the president is so proud of. so we're still waiting here to see where president trump is going to go with the replacement for gary cohn and among the candidates we know of based on our sources is one of the people within the white house who's a big proponent of the president's tariffs, we're not sure exactly when that announcement is going to come. he says it will be soon. what abby phillip, thank you so much. i want to bring in our panel, jason mill eveer, former senior communications adviser for the trump campaign and former democrat ohio state senator nina
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turner and doug high, a commentator and republican strategist. jason, the president saying there's no chaos. he said yesterday i like conflict. he also said i like having two people with different points of view. i wonder, when you look at gary cohn leaving and it appears he's likely to be replaced by someone where an entirely point of view, what would your advice be to the president on if he says he likes having all of this different kind of input, so he can may maybe -- what would you say to him about maintaining that? >> i would say competition is good and chaos is bad. competition is when you put these two different viewpoints in front of you and let them duke it out and after you the president makes the decision and everybody falls in line and you charge ahead. that's been the fundamental problem since day one, after the president makes his decision,
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people have retreated back to their camps and told their people to get spun up in different directions but look, the fundamentals are good. nobody fundamentally voted for gary cohn. people voted for donald trump and we knew what he was going to do with his economic and trade policies. but there's really a bigger position even more so than the national economic adviser that we need to be looking at here. i think number one, we need to make sure there's someone filling that kind of that big picture forward thinking role to implement the president's vision, whether it comes to the big picture trade policy or big picture economy. i know we'll never have a chief strategist again, that was an experiment, one and done. the president will never have that but you need someone trying to put the pieces together. there's another spot that's critical to this white house has to fill. we need to get general kelly, a right hand person obviously with departures with the deputies chiefs of is a staff and rob porter left a hole as far as implementing policies, that's a
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big problem right now. the president has his ideas but he doesn't have the people to go and implement them right now. we've got to get that in place. >> what do you think as you're watching this unfold and the president is insisting there's no chaos? >> the one thing this administration is good at, pushing back on all of the litany of things because things pop up, it's like whack a mole trying to get rid of every problem. what they can do effectively these are not the droids you're looking for and move onto the next topic, sometimes through a tweet or something that the president says. the problem is two fold, one it catches congress and congressional republicans especially by such, which they don't like and two we see so often when there's good economic news and the fundmentsals are strong and when we have the friday jobs numbers that come out and we don't focus from 8:30 to 8:35 because the president tweeted something or somebody else resigned or some other outreach, the good economic news that's out there doesn't get heard by the american people
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because we're talking about stormy daniels or whatever else it may be. >> that's right. nina, i wonder what you think if you can sort of bring your expertise about where you're from because president trump is going to be heading to the suburbs of pittsburgh on saturday. this happening amid the news on tariffs, you're from a neighboring state. you're from ohio. a lot of issues that resonate there, will resonate in pittsburgh as well. how do you think he's going to be received? >> i mean, he ran on this. nobody should be surprised but how do you balance the scales between having fair trade and implementing a policy that will upset the entire apple cart. as an ohioan, even sherrod brown and senator from pennsylvania too on the tariff thing, this is regional. it's not -- necessarily whether you're democrat or republican. it is whether you're midwest or not and how hurt you have been over the generations with trade deals that disadvantage the american workers. so this is deeper than what we
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realize but in ohio, the trade deals from nafta to the tpp have caused serious implications for states like mine. >> you backed a candidate for -- bernie sanders. >> i did. >> has a lot in common with donald trump's messaging. >> on the good side though. on the good side. only the lift. the president sometimes i don't think he fully understands the consequences of what he's doing. it's a difference between what you say and do and what the outcome is. what you don't want is unintended consequences to make this worse for the american worker. it should be good for the american worker. >> i wonder what you think jason because our caitlin collin has report that president trump at least tas i hadly sort of approve s anthony scaramucci taking public aim at the current chief of staff john kelly, probably not so helpful to the current chief of staff taking that incoming.
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what would your advice be to president trump in this situation how he can handle this? >> well, farce this particular news cycle and the -- supposedly the he said it was okay to go and say this, i would ignore it. there's no reason to pay more attention to it. but i would push back a little bit on this. i've never known the president to be a particularly shy when he wants to go and voice his opinion. i mean, he's -- we know from twitter and other things that he's going to tell us in real time what he's thinking. if the president had an issue with general kelly, he would walk down the hall and tell them or tell general kelly to come in and tell him to his face. kind of this whole idea you need to tell somebody else to say it, that doesn't sound like the president. i have a little bit of an issue with that -- >> i guess my point being, it's not as if you're saying hey, anthony layoff. don't say this from outside the white house. >> we don't know what conversations are being had or aren't being had. what most are thinking about today is the economy and yes, i know that the futures opened up
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down a bit and market was down 250 or 300 points early. it's only down 100 so far today. i wouldn't be surprised if the market ends up in the black today and we're saying gary cohn and any other of the staff stuff is out of the news by the end of the day. >> politics aside, just this sort of internal also the external, you're hearing from anthony scaramucci, and what we're seeing as chaos, this turnover, the whack a mole as doug is talking about. taking off your partisan hat, what would your advice be? >> the president loves this. he spoke the whole truth and nothing but the truth yesterday when he said he loves conflict. that's how he rolls at all times. this kind of environment builds him and all he's thinking about is himself but he doesn't really take into -- into consideration the impact that it is having on his white house. but also the impact it is having on this country, drama, drama. this is president trump's america. you wake up every day and
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there's drama. you lay your head on the pillow, there's drama. turn over, there's drama. drama everywhere we turn, how can we ever have the substantive krve conversations that need to be had domestically about the needs of the workers in this country. >> i want to ask -- >> i want to ask doug because doug you were talking about, what nina is discussing, you were talking about how that is affecting congressional republicans, people in the president's own party who are trying to push an agenda. >> sure, it's not just people from within the white house. this is not just the white house but more reminiscent of hotel california, you can check out but you can't leave. why we're talking about scaramucci again. all of this, whether it's tariffs or response to guns or immigration, sends the message to capitol hill that there's no cohesive message here because there's no core ideology. that's part of why they are so troubled. >> thank you so much. doug high and nina turner and jason miller, we appreciate it. jared kushner has just arrived in mexico to meet with the country's president and lugging
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some pretty heavy baggage. renegotiating nafta, defending these proposed tariffs and of course his downgraded security cleens, we have patrick ottman. tell us what we're expecting. >> reporter: absolutely. well, the big issue, big question is can jared kushner in a meeting turn around what has really been a dead-end relationship just a few weeks ago. we were telling you about how the mexican president was expected to go to the u.s. but that visit was canceled because he and president donald trump got in a fight over who of course was going to pay for the wall that president trump wants to build between the two countries. so that ended badly. jared kushner is down here again with his reduced security status, trying to mend this relationship. and we'll see if he with do
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that. the issue still is the wall, brianna and whether mexican officials and mexican president can go to the u.s. and be greeted by donald trump and not have this issue of who's going to pay for the wall come up and spoil the trip. >> patrick otman, we appreciate it. still ahead, break being news, attorney general jeff sessions taking the trump administration's war against california to the next level. the justice department is now suing the state over its immigration policies. jeff sessions is set to speak any moment. plus, a porn star sues the president. the lawsuit from stormy daniels says donald trump never signed a hush agreement over their alleged affair and now she is free to talk. is she? we'll have details next. today, the new new york is ready for take-off. we're invested in creating the world's first state-of-the-art drone testing facility in central new york and the mohawk valley, which marks the start of our nation's first 50-mile unmanned flight corridor. and allows us to attract the world's top drone talent.
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election that prevented her from talking about the alleged sexual relationship in 2006 and 2007. daniels lawyers says trump never signed the agreement. >> there were three parties to the agreement, my client, mr. trump and ec, two of the three signed. mr. trump did not sign. we believe that was so he could later claim deniability and we believe she's free to talk. >> cnn national politics reporter mj lee has details. it's important to note the catalyst for this lawsuit. tell us about it. >> the biggest reason that this lawsuit has come to fruition seems to be that stormy daniels simply wants the freedom to talk. let me back up and walk through some of the key details in this lawsuit. first and foremost, stormy daniels is saying in the lawsuit that she did have an affair with donald trump and says this was an intimate relationship that began in the summer of 2006 and went well into 2007. she says in this lawsuit that during the 2016 presidential
8:18 am
election, she made the decision that she wanted to share her story. she says this happened when the access hollywood tape came out in october of 2016. she saw that other women were coming out with their stories and wanted to approach the media to share her story. this is where things get really interesting. what happened next. i just want to read from a part of the lawsuit. it says that after discovering miss clifford's plans, mr. trump with the assistance of his attorney, mr. cohen, agres fbly sought to silence ms. clifford as part of an effort to avoid telling the truth, thus helping ensure he won the election. michael cohen drafted an nda as part of the hush agreement and end of 2016 -- we're now getting very close to election day, stormy daniels and michael cohen signed this agreement and he arounded to have $130,000 wired to stormy's attorney at the time. but a key part of this is that the lawsuit alleges that donald
8:19 am
trump himself did not sign this agreement. and that is what they are using to try to make the case now that the agreement should be null and void. and now, i just want to be very clear about very important part of this and the takeaway from this, this lawsuit is basically alleging that donald trump in fact knew about these efforts to try to silence stormy daniels about this alleged affair. but michael cohen acted in consultation with donald trump. obviously, if this ends up being true, this could be hugely, hugely important, brianna. >> and daniels says that michael cohen has continued to intimidate miss clifford into silence and shut her up in order to protect mr. trump. tell us about that allegation. >> that's right. the lawsuit not only says that michael cohen acted to try to silence stormy daniels during the election, it essentially says that the efforts are continuing to this day. it makes a reference to an arbitration that michael cohen started just last month in los angeles and you kind of have to
8:20 am
wonder if that's a big part of the reason why stormy daniels seems increasingly wanting to speak out and wanting the freedom to speak out about this alleged affair with donald trump. i want to toss to sound what the lawyer had to say this morning about whether she had more information that hasn't yet come into the public light. >> her lawsuit states that she had an intimate relationship with the president, but let's not bother to be delicate. did she have a sexual relationship with the president? >> yes. >> okay. she also says according to this document, that there were tangible items, photos and images that she had them and according to this agreement she won't turn them over and never release them publicly. does she still have photos and images and text documents that verify this claim? >> that's a question ms. daniels will ultimately have to offer. >> there's a lot going on here and a lot of questions the white house will have to answer, all of this just became a lot more
8:21 am
serious because all of it is in writing and it is in a lawsuit. bre brianna. >> i want to talk more about this with michael moore, a former u.s. attorney in georgia and currently an attorney in atlanta. so michael, this lawsuit and you just heard mj say this, that what it revealed was just last month, really last week, it was february but just last week michael cohen tried to silence stormy daniels through a proceeding. what does that tell snu. >> it tells me they are probably feeling pressure about the position they've been put in by her lawyer. and i'll tip my hat to him because it's a clever legal move on his part. he's essentially got mr. cohen in the posture having to admit he acted with the express repermission of donald trump to pay stormy daniels off to keep quiet or made a contribution or acted totally without trump's authority and may find himself in other jeopardy for actions he undertook there. he's boxed him in with this
8:22 am
lawsuit. so you know, i think what's interesting and what we need to think about and watch and see how it plays out and it will be significant as time goes on. it's always the cover-up or attempt to cover-up that causes problem for the people involved. we saw it with bill clinton and now we're seeing it with donald trump, not the idea he had an extra marital affair, and that's where we find ourselves and that's what he may be called to answer. >> her lawyer is trying to save that this electricity is invalid because it required signatures of multiple people and donald trump did not sign it to have plausible deniability. obviously if trump signed it it's clear he knew what he was signing. between that missing signature and cohen's disclosure to the press that she was paid, does stormy have a real case here? is she free to speak? >> i think she's got a case. a first year law student gets taught the parties to a contract
8:23 am
have to acknowledge and agree to the contract. we're missing some evidence here this third party, dd they name this person by, acknowledged often and agreed this would in fact be the agreement in the contract. i think it's a good case and i think it's a good claim. you know, we'll see at the end of the day what happens. one other thing to think about and look for, does a case settle quickly. does it suddenly dismiss? could that be she's been paid more money and bringing the lawsuit because she wants to be free to sell her story to somebody else so she can earn more than the $130,000 that she's apparently been paid by mr. cohen. these are other things we'll watch for as things unfold and go forward. it's the cover-up that's going to cause trump the biggest problem. >> very interesting. thank you so much. democrats are dreaming of big blue surge in texas this fall. getting a dos of reality after voters went to the poll's in
8:24 am
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comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. first votes of the 2018 election cycle have been counted but for all of the talk of a blue wave democrats couldn't get over the red wall of texas. democratic turnout topped 1 million for first time since 2002 but 60% of the total votes went to gop candidates and the head of the rnc told cnn that texas is still very much a republican state. but ted cruz doesn't seem to be taking that for granted. he will face off against democratic congressman o rourk, cruz already put out a new ad criticize the his opponent's first name. here's what they each had to say about it. >> some of it, have a sense of humor. you actually miss the central
8:29 am
title of the song, which is if you're going to run in texas, you can't run as a liberal man. we had fun with it. texans, there's a common sense conservative practicality. >> we can get into name calling and talk about why the other person is such an awful guy or focus on the big things we want to do for the future of our country for the generations that will succeed us. >> democratic national committee chairman tom perez with me now. to be clear, what this opening was, he says sort of poking fun but he was taking aim at o rourk for uniting the word beto, his name is robert but he doesn't use robert and the insinuation seems to be he's trying to sell himself as hispanic but he's not actually hispanic. i am the product of an immigrant
8:30 am
past. that seems to be what ted cruz is saying. what's your reaction to that? >> that is shameless. your first chance to make a first impression and you attack somebody's nickname they've had since they were an infant. what beto is talking about, how do we expand health care for people and grow jobs and if you work a full-time job you can live a stress-free life. he's generated so much excitement out there. they don't know what the origins of the nickname are but how to improve their lives, he's fighting for education and right to organize a union and fighting for health care and fighting for the things that keep people up at night. >> does it tell you that maybe -- i'm assuming that there was research behind what he did. so there must have been findings that a lot of people thought he might be hispanic and he was trying to clear that up.
8:31 am
what do you think about that? >> i think what it shows, ted cruz is desperate. look at this. beto o rork has not taken money from the special interest that have lined ted cruz' pockets for years and years. ted cruz has 100% name recognition and frankly i think that's our secret weapon as democrats because people know ted cruz and he's not fighting for ordinary texans, he's fighting for special interests and beto is going to fight for everyone in every zip code. that's what his campaign has been. he's been going to corners where democrats didn't show up. >> he's been all over. so you are the chairman of the campaign arm for the party. the campaign arm for house democrats, the d.c. cc in a controversial move published opposition research against a democratic primary opponent, laura moeser, it didn't work. she's going to be in the run-up election and you said to c-span, i wouldn't have done that. i would have done it
8:32 am
differently. tell me about that. >> i think what we need to do as democrats -- what we do at the dnc is we don't get involved in heavily contested primaries and the d ccc does. emily' list and others endorse in primaries but what i would have done differently, i would have kept the campaign focused on the issues, what are you fighting for, things of that nature. you know what though, what i see in texas and we have a runoff there and elsewhere, but what excites me about texas is what i see everywhere, this is incredible energy. we had incredible energy last year in virginia, record turnout. >> what type of message did this send in ftexas to progressives when the d trip is taking on the progressive candidate. one of your big challenges coming in as chairman of the dnc has been trying to span the divide you so between these wings of your party. what kind of message does that send when they are taking aim at
8:33 am
the more liberal person in the race? >> as i said, i would have done it differently but what i think is most important and what i see all across the country and we've had a lot of contested primaries across the country and what we saw in virginia after the primary there last year, people came together. they understood that donald trump is most dangerous president in american history. people in texas understand that ted cruz is not fighting for their values and we need a democratic congress so that we can grow this economy so that we can make sure that people across texas have access to health care. so we'll continue to have these spirited primaries but i'm confident that as we complete the runoffs that democrats will come together because our -- what unites us far exceeds what our differences are. >> speaking of differences, there's a split in the party in the senate when it comes to this banking bill. you have on one side folks like elizabeth warren who say this takes the teeth out of dodd frank and going to lead to another financial crisis.
8:34 am
then you have moderate democrats who are willing to vote for this. where are you on this banking bill? >> well, again, someone who served in the obama administration, i had a front row seat to a lot of the abuses on wall street. i had one ceo of a prominent bank who said, when there's no common sense legislation it becomes a race to the bottom. i see the point of the american people, fooled you once, shame on you, fooled you twice, shame on me. we have to protect consumers and i'm fearful that there should be short memories and we'll again have a bubble and won't have any -- >> do you support the bill? i hear your concern about the bubble -- >> i don't think -- i think we should continue to give the consumer protection commission -- >> what about the bill? what about the banking bill? >> i think we should continue --
8:35 am
we should continue as we currently are. i don't think we should loosen the requirements. i think that we need to protect consumers and i saw it firsthand because i had to help a lot of them who had been through no fault of their own victimized and that's what i think our focus should be. thank you so much, tom perez, appreciate you joining us in the studio today. a powerful businessman and trump associate and middle east officials meet on a remote island during the presidential transition. one of those men is cooperating with the special counsel in the russia investigation. we'll have those detail it's next. >> tech: at safelite autoglass we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast,
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breaking news the trump administration striking out against so-called sanctuary cities and states, moments ago in a speech to california peace officers, attorney general jeff sessions talked about the justice department's lawsuit against the state over its
8:40 am
immigration policies. >> california, we have a problem. a series of actions an events has occurred here that directly and adversely impacts the work of our federal officers. for example, the mayor of o oakland has actively seeking to help illegal aliens avoid apprehension by i.c.e. her actions support those who flout the law and boldly valid dates illegality. there's no other way to interpret those remarks. to make matters worse, the elected lieutenant governor of the state praise her for doing so, bragging about an and encouraging obstruction of our law enforcement and the law i'm afraid this is an embarrass. to the proud state of california. >> laura jarrett has more
8:41 am
details on this. what do we know about this lawsuit? >> hey there, brianna. the crux of this lawsuit is that the justice department is taking a pretty aggressive step, some might say the most significant step to date in the midst of all of the lawsuits in this administration, this one is quite serious, what they are asking a federal judge to do is block a series of state laws passed last year in california that sought to try to limit the amount of information that local law enforcement would have to share with federal officials. they did that because they wanted to try to stem the tide of deportations under the trump administration. but now the justice department is saying that conflicts with federal law, federal law takes the day and therefore the federal judge should put them on hold. now, the california officials have really slammed this lawsuit calling it a political stunt. the governor jerry brown there saying this is sad but they will have their chance to fire back against it later today.
8:42 am
the governor and the attorney general in the state will make a statement just shortly there in california brianna. >> laura, thank you. i want to bring back michael moore to talk about this. how do you see this playing out? >> you know, i don't know that the justice department bringing a lawsuit against a state is a particularly unusual thing. what's unusual is it's different from the past. that is this this administration seems so particularly interested in street crimes and immigration, they are not doing the historical things the justice department has done. usually you see them tell a state, you're not giving your citizens enough rights. they think about the justice department when they sued over voting rights and people -- rights of people with disabilities and these are things that expanded people's rights. here you've got the republicans coming in under the trump administration essentially saying we think the federal government has more authority and more wisdom about how to run things in the state. that's an unusual position for them. we've heard for years about
8:43 am
states rights, states rights, that's about all that the republicans have talked about and local governance. now the federal government is telling california, what laws they should and shouldn't pass. >> it's an interesting point there. how much leeway do the states have though? >> well, you know, there's a rule about the supremacy and having federal laws enforced within the state. the question will be here are the california laws actually specifically opposed to the federal law? do they cause it to not be enforced within the state or is it the state's efforts to deal with some of the immigration issues that they have internally? so i think ultimately at the end of the day obviously the judge will make that call but historically we do think that states have rights to pass laws affecting their local law enforcement. that's what it sounds like is happening here. again, this administration has been fascinated with guns and gangs and immigration and we're back to talking about street crimes instead of things like
8:44 am
russia, voting rights, making sure people have a right to vote and access to the polls. >> michael moore, thank you so much. a man with ties to both donald trump's inner circle and the middle east is reportedly now cooperating with special counsel robert mueller. sources say he attended secret missions between the united arab emirates and trump associates, he was stopped and questioned at the airport in january when he was on his way to march ra lag go and talking to mueller's investigators ever since. we have justice reporter shimon, what more can you tell us about mueller's interest in nader? >> whatever it is that george nader has to offer to investigators, it's important enough that investigators at the mueller team and fbi agents and prosecutors there have deemed it important enough where they have put this information before a grand jury that is investigating this. as you say, george nader was
8:45 am
kind of this mysterious character associated with some of the trump inner circle, with steve bannon, with jared kushner, he was at the meeting with them in december 2016 during a -- during the transition where the crown prince of abu dhabi was there. it was a secret meeting. the crown prince never notified the u.s. he was coming to new york to meet with trump people. george nader was in that meeting. that was follow-up with a meeting in january in the seychelles also never told to anyone it was happening and only learned of by u.s. intelligence officials after they picked up intelligence there was a meeting going on that george nader was there. we didn't learn that george nader was at that meeting until he was questioned by the fbi when he returned in january of this year where they searched his phones and given a search warrant and imaged his phones and then given a grand jury subpoena. ever since then, he's been
8:46 am
cooperating with the special counsel. it's true we don't know exactly what mueller's interest in george nader is but again, whatever it is he's providing, it is evidence in this kasz that is now before a grand jury. >> interesting. shimon, thank you. joining me is cnn legal and national security analyst and former fbi special agent, how significant is it that george nader is cooperating with the special counsel? >> to me brianna, this is significant because it's showing that mueller is really expanding the scope of his investigation. it's looking internationally that there were potentially even more contacts and connections we now have the uae involved in addition to russia and looking at how all of these things tie together with the trump campaign. so mueller's investigation is not ending any time soon. i can tell you that. >> i want to ask you about the
8:47 am
president's long-time lawyer, michael cohen because it's become clear that he's been involved in a series of pretty shady dealings recently, he paid the porn star stormy daniels to silence her to basically keep her quiet ahead of the election. cording to her lawyer he was trying to keep her quiet through binding arbitration as recently as last week. then you have the special counsel of course, which is interested in michael cohen. he also it turns out got some -- what was supposed to be secret information about some testimony before the house intelligence committee, testimony from a staffer about the christopher steel dossier. it's a series of things and seems like one thing after the other. could he be in trouble when you look at this pattern? >> well, right now it doesn't look like he is directly a target of any investigation. let's take each of these things lawsuit is a
8:48 am
civil lawsuit. this has to do with potentially private conduct of the president before he entered office, is not really clear it's going to be tied in in any way with mueller's investigation or what's happening in these other arenas. with regard to mueller's investigation, he's looking at two deals that cohen was potentially involved with. one involved a deal to create a trump tower in moscow. the negotiations which began in september 2015, cohen says those never went anywhere eventually. another is a potential peace plan that was presented that cohen was involved with that was presented by the ukraine. and that was the timing of that is very up in the air but that may have been in the works during the campaign as well. so it looks like mueller is interested in that. with the house intelligence we again, potential leaks, you know, that committee is not functioning very smoothly.
8:49 am
and so he's not necessarily in trouble but it does raise questions about who on that committee is kind of leaking information about other witnesses' testimony to you know, maybe shape future people who may come before it. >> all right, thank you. up next, nor'easter round two. heavy snow and high winds taking aim at $50 million people on parts of the east coast right now. iwith a sore back. but he's got work to do. so he took aleve this morning. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. tylenol can't do that. aleve. all day strong. all day long. and for pain relief and a good night's rest, try aleve pm for a better am.
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8:54 am
maryland to maine are under winter storm warnings, even as they're recovering from that bomb cyclone that hit the area a few days ago. jean casarez is live from allentown, pennsylvania. we see the snow coming down. how's it looking there? >> reporter: it's so beautiful, but it's so dangerous, too. this is exactly what state officials here in the commonwealth said was going to happen as well as meteorologists. from 11:00 today until 5:00, it is supposed to come down fast and furiously right here in pennsylvania, especially allentown. they say it's going to be one of the hardest hit areas. up to two inches per hour. now, the governor, tom wolf, of pennsylvania say they're preparing for the worst. there are 450 members of the national guard on stand by here in eastern pennsylvania. they have moved the resources to the areas that they think are going to be the hardest hit. and they're really saying stay home, but as you can see, of course there's not a car behind me, but there's cars all over
8:55 am
the place. everybody's driving everywhere. and the concern is that when the accumulation continues to build until 5:00 tonight, when people are going home, that is the most dangerous time of all. as far as snowplows, snowplows are going to be on the most heavily driven areas, the interstates. it takes two hours, they say, for the snowplow to make its route. on roadways just like behind me right here, the snowplows are going to be able to get to. the accumulations will be there. the slickness will be there. they say go home and stay home. this should be considered a snow day until this storm passes, brianna. >> go home, hunker down, stay home. jean casarez, thank you so much for us from allentown. still ahead, another top adviser out the door. the markets rattled over looming tariffs, and a lawsuit from a porn star. that's just a taste of the chaos engulfing the trump white house this morning. stay with cnn. weeds. nature's boomerang.
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welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thank you for sharing your day with us. another busy day it is. the white house says its new tariff plan will be ready by week's end. this as republicans complain new west wing personnel and policy chaos digs their midterm election ditch even deeper. plus, stormy daniels is really stephanie clifford. so is david dennison really donald trump? the porn star follows a lawsuit alleging an affair with the president and includes documents she says prove it. and first, the attorney, now the fbi director.


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