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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  March 9, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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a nurse from florida wins the good stuff medal. she came to the rescue of these two adorable twins, delilah and caroline. they were severely abused. jess remembers seeing delilah for the first time while working her shift. take a listen. >> she was just so almost lifeless, but she still held on to my finger. >> jess was so touched by these beautiful kids that she wanted to take them home. guess what she did? she adopted them. >> they're completely different kids. if you met them when i met them, you would be amazed. >> just think about that. think about taking that step, just a regular person doing something completely extraordinary and changing lives in the mix. that's it for us. it's time for kn "newsroom" with john berman, the man, next.
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good morning everyone. john berman here. unprecedented and until this morning nearly unthinkable. no u.s. president has ever met face-to-face with a north korea leader. donald trump will be the first. kim jong uns that never met with a foreign leader, period. this is a moment without parallel but not without peril. it's also bringing in new serious warnings. it sets up one of the most bizarre white house split screens ever, the highest of high stakes diplomacy from fallout of a lawsuit with a porn star. we're getting new information about how the north korea move went down and what happens next. cnn's abby phillip at the white house this morning. abby. >> reporter: we often expect drama from this white house, yesterday it was more dramatic than usual. a series of events unfolding
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suddenly and in a few short hours as the president accepts an invitation to meet with the leader of north korea. yesterday south korean officials came to the white house to brief national security officials on their talks with north korea, and in those briefings there was an invitation from kim jong un to meet person to person, face-to-face with president trump. president trump then invited those officials into the oval office to brief him directly on that invitation where he accepted it. you can see in this photo you can see james mattis, the defense secretary. who is not there in that photo the secretary of state rex tillers tillerson. the president popped his head into the briefing room within an hour of meeting with south korea and said they'll have an
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announcement by 7:00 p.m. that announcement happened under the cover of darkness in the white house driveway. now we're awaiting word on when and where such a meeting could potentially happen. the south koreans have said that they are looking at doing this before the end of may, and white house officials telling reporters yesterday that there's no word on where such a meeting would happen. kim june uong-un is not one to the country. the white house is saying nothing at all about where or when that could happen. they're also saying, i should say, john, they're going to maintain a maximum pressure campaign that the south koreans have credited with bringing us to this point on north korea. the white house is saying pretty strongly this morning, they are not going to relieve any pressure on north korea over the issue of sanctions until more is done, not just said, on what they're going to do to
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denuclearize the korean peninsula. we are waiting. it's an extraordinary moment here. and president trump who told reporters yesterday, he wants to make sure he gets some credit for this move because there have been a lot of questions about whether his rhetoric is helping or hurting the situation. it seems there could be -- i should emphasize here -- could be a breakthrough in this relationship with north korea. >> abby phillip at the white house for us, thank you very much. the south korea president calls the u.s.-south korean summit plans almost miraculous. many other nations are cautiously optimistic. in north korea this morning it is a none story literally. paula hancocks in seoul. no mention at all in north korean state media. is that correct? >> that's what you expect. they usually take about 4 hours before they react to any kind of thing like this. the north korea state-run media doesn't move as quickly as we
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do. you would expect some reaction, an article on this tomorrow morning local time. i think the quote you gave from south korean president moon jae-in sums it up, to call this a diplomatic whirlwind would be a massive understatement. there are many raised eyebrows in south korea and around the region of just what has happened in the past 24 hours, the fact that two leaders who just months ago had been threatening to wipe the other one out, trading personal insults, are now agreeing to meet each other. certainly tremendous series of events that has happened. we're also getting a few more details as well from that meeting of the south korean officials who went to meet kim jong-un in pyongyang saying he rolled out the red carpet, there was a fair bit of alcohol at that meeting to potentially loosen tongues, several bottles of wine, a local liquor and
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korean hot pot and cold noodles. when he meets donald trump, it will be a different situation. the u.s. president being a tea towedaler. he it is a remarkable turn of events and many are cautioning a lot of realism. is the u.s. president walking into a massive trap. even the south koreans are saying we have to be cautious. >> paula hancocks, thank you very much. joining me the host of "fareed zakaria gps." fareed, thrilled to have you here to get a sense of how you think this will proceed. we woke up yesterday morning, i don't think any of us expected to go to sleep last night with this news. >> no. it's extraordinary. it's huge news. it's important to point out this is a diplomatic breakthrough for the north koreans.
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the north koreans have long wanted to be treated as equals to the united states, to have peer-to-peer negotiations, to have their leader meet with the u.s. president. it has been the u.s. position for at least 30 years that that is premature until they behave themselves on a variety of issues, particularly the nuclear one. so kim jung-il, kim jhungong's father wanted to meet with bill clinton. he managed to get a meeting with madeleine albright, the secretary of state. but the clinton administration determined they had not not done enough to meet with the american president. the president of south korea announced a sunshine policy which he hoped would lead to a similar kind of summit. the bush administration quashed that from the start. they said there would be no contacts with north korea. president trump, frankly, seemed to suggest precisely that just a few months, even weeks ago when
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he said, look, there's going to be no talks unless there are substantive concessions from the north koreans. this is -- what's extraordinary here is the president of the united states has made this very large concession. so far we don't see anything in return. >> let's talk about it. nothing in return. what the white house will say is, well, the north koreans have growed not to test nuclear missiles. north koreans are agreed to discuss denuclearization. are any of those concessions, in quotation marks, major from the north? >> it's all promising. we should all be prapproaching this with a sense of hope and optimism. i will point out the key issue is the denuclearization. the rest of it the north koreans have in the past dealt with. we don't have any confirmation from the north koreans that this
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is, in fact, true. we are hoping that the south korean characterization of this is correct. it's important to point out the south koreans did not believe they had this locked down enough to propose it. what happened as our reporting pointed out is that the president decided to meet with the south korean national security adviser in prompt tu. he discovered in that meeting that one of the things kim jong-un said is i would like to meet with president trump at some point. he seized on that and said, all right, go in and announce it. it's not yet clear what the south koreans have said. it's important to point out that they have only said it with the south koreans privately. actions we have zero. until now, the america position is that talk is not enough to get you a meeting with the president. >> the white house and the president almost immediately wanting to take credit for the maximum pressure campaign, suggesting without this maximum
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pressure campaign which in action is sanctions, this meeting would not be taking place. is that true? >> look, the pressure i think always helps. it is more likely, and a lot of career experts predicted this, that the north koreans have what they want, which is a robust nuclear arsenal with intercontinental ballistic missiles that seem capable of reaching almost any part of the united states. once they got to that point, once they got their insurance policy, they're willing to talk. again, let's be hopeful, let's be optimistic and if president trump is able to denuclearize north korea, it will be a big accomplishment. it's important to point out, if he's not able to do that, then it is he who will be making all the concessions, not the north koreans. >> let me read you what richard cha, who was to be the ambassador of south korea. he said everyone should be aware this act of diplomacy by these
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leaders who love flare and drama may also take us closer to war. failed negotiations at the summit level leave all parties with no recourse for diplomacy in which wii case, as mr. trump has said, we will have run out of road on north korea. >> that's a cautionary note. the point to emphasize here, this is why, generally speaking, a presidential summit is the end of a diplomatic process, not the beginning. you start at a lower level, you see whether the other side is actually willing to make concessions, you get some of those concessions and then you work toward a presidential summit because the presidential summit is the final carrot that you can provide. trump has done this before. moving the embassy to jerusalem. we made the concession without really getting anything in return. >> what do you make of the fact that the secretary of state seems to be out of the loo here, there is no u.s. ambassador to south korea, the main u.s.
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negotiator for north korea has just left. does the infrastructure exist to make this successful? >> no, not to do something that would be along the lines i described which is a careful step by step process. what we're relying on here is the personal chemistry of trump, his ability to convince kim jong un. obviously trump has an enormous confidence in his own powers in that regard. so far it hasn't worked that well with congress. the great dealmaker has yet to -- i'm saying this as a factual matter, whether it's on daca or any of these other issues, the president has found over the last year that there are great limitations to his persuasive powers when you don't have all the work done, all the ducks lined up, all the political calculations -- that's true when dealing with chuck schumer, imagine what it's going to look like when dealing with kim jong un. >> we have no idea where the meeting will be, what the
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planning will be for it. there's so many things yet to find out. >> i know where trump would like it to be, mar-a-lago, of course. >> i'm sure kim jong un would like it to be in pyongyang. be sure to watch fareed 10:00 p.m., 1:00 a.m. eastern. cnn is learning another adult film star may have a secret settlement with the president's personal lawyer, and the disgraced deputy who didn't go inside told other officers to stay at least 500 feet away. hear the dispatch calls next.
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these are the specialists we're proud to call our own. experts from all over the world, working closely together to deliver truly personalized cancer care. expert medicine works here. learn more at . breaking news. there was moments ago in washington, d.c. the man on the left is sam nunberg, the one-time adviser to then candidate donald trump who received a subpoena to appear before the special counsel robert mueller, a grand jury.
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he's walking into the granted jury. this video from moments ago. believe it or not, it was tuesday when news broke that nunberg received the subpoena, not just to testify, but for all communications with several important trump advisers. nunberg said he would not testify. you just see him walking in the doors to do it now. that was tuesday when that was an issue. we'll bring you more on that story. there is more breaking news. a really, really strong jobs report came out just moments ago. cnn chief business correspondent christine romans here with that. >> 313,000 net new jobs in the month. that's the best since july of 2016. the last three months particularly strong. you had january -- december and january really revised upward here, john. that's a good performance here. you're seeing strong jobs creation. at this stage of the cycle, you could think that maybe you would slow down a little bit, but not showing any slowing down at all. the unemployment rate steady at
6:19 am
4.1%. i love this chart really. it shows where we've been over the past decade. 4%, 4.1% is what it came out at, a 17-year low here. it would have been lower if you had not had people coming in off the sidelines. you saw the labor market grow a little bit because people are hearing about jobs from friends, family and the news. job reports a gain in construction, retail, manufacturing, even a little bit in mining, in education, in health care. i awe strong broad-based job growth here, again, 313,000 wages. that was a little disappointment. a dispoint for workers but not for the markets because this means, there have been concerns anti inflation. this means on the wage front you're not seeing the strong job market cause much inflation in paychecks. >> pre market trading the dow shot right up. >> yes, because it's a strong jobs report, but not too strong
6:20 am
on the wage front to concern people about what the fed is going to do. i think this could be the year of the raise. what is your takeaway from this? i think this is the year of the raise. this almost full employment many exists are saying. you've got to start to see wage increases. >> 313,000 jobs is a big number, the strongest since june-july of 2016. >> if you look at the past three months, you have to go back to 2016 to see that kind of strength. >> christine romans, thanks very, very much. new development in the standoff between the porn star and the president. another adult film actress is mixed into the stormy daniels legal battle with president trump. a month before the election jessica drake accused then candidate trump of sexual misconduct which he denies. we learned drake's name is listed in a secret settlement that the president's personal lawyer hashed out. cnn's sara sidner joins us now with more.
6:21 am
what have we learned? >> this is getting more and more complicated, more and more interesting. when adult films star jessica drake came before cameras a month before the election and accused donald trump of sexual misconduct, he was the candidate back then. his spokesperson said, look, we do not know this woman, and the president has no interested in ever knowing her. what is very interesting is just a week after that statement was made, the woman whose real name is angel ryan showed up on a non-disclosure agreement that was signed by the president's personal teesh michael cohen. that non-disclosure agreement had to do with stormy daniels, someone's name everybody now knows. she is the porn star who had an alleged sexual relationship between 2006 and through 2007. the question is, if the campaign
6:22 am
said that the president had no idea really who this woman is, didn't know her, didn't want to know her, and then suddenly just a few days after saying that she ends up on this non-disclosure agreement as someone who was aware of what went on between stormy daniels and the president, it does seem like somebody is not telling the truth. then there's this, john. the attorney for stormy daniels has been all over the news. he came and spoke to "new day" today and had a lot to say about whether or not there is more evidence potentially in this case that we don't know about and that the lawyers for donald trump know about. >> coverups matter. we have substantial evidence and facts that were not included in the complaint. we're not going to lay all our cards out on the table. i'm confident when those evidence and those facts come to light, the american people are going to con cluclude that atto
6:23 am
cohen and the white house have not shot straight. >> the white house and attorney cohen have long said that there was no affair between stormy daniels and president trump. the question is, if that is the case, then why go to such great lengths to try to shut her up? >> sara sidner following the stram saga. i don't view the situation with stormy daniels on the one hand, the breakthrough with north korea on the other and this fantastic jobs report. how does it all work together? "more straight ahead. oh hot - ja stay home on the farm, eat a beautiful idaho potato, and watch tv with my dog... tv anncr: the big idaho potato truck pulled into town today and it's really a sight to see. oh man...let's go.... (distant) you comin', boy? sfx: (dog) gulp! woof.
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just moments ago, sam nunberg, the one-time adviser to then candidate donald trump who said he would not testify to the grand jury after receiving a subpoena from special counsel robert mueller, he has relented. you can see him walking in to testify. our jessica schneider outside the washington, d.c. federal district court. jessica. >> reporter: john, in a week that started off with sam nu nunberg shows defiance and then indicating compliance about midweek, we saw him walk in just a few moments ago with his attorney patrick brackly. they will all be in secret. sam nunberg will go in himself, not accompanied by his lawyer, into the grand jury room. the question remains what exactly will he tell the grand jury and what will he produce. it was earlier this week sam nunberg went on the media blitz talking about the subpoena he
6:29 am
was issued by the special prosecutor robert mueller. the subpoena asked for all documentation and communications between sam nunberg and a list of about ten people, containing people like the president as well as paul manafort and rick gates, roger stone, steve bannon. so just a list of people who had worked in the white house as well as the campaign. sam nunberg, of course, initially refused to comply but then said he would comply with the document request and appear before the grand jury. earlier sam nunberg gave a glimpse of what he told the special counsel in an interview that happened last month. the question remains will he divulge everything he told the media earlier this week? what will he tell the grand jury? he had bombshell claims. he said he said he believed the president did know about the june 2016 meeting at trump tower with donald trump jr. as well as the russian lawyer. he also indicated based on the
6:30 am
questions the special counsel's team asked him in the interview last month, he believed the special counsel in his words have something on the president. john, of course this is all taking place behind closed doors in secret. but yes, in fact, sam nunberg after a week of waffling and initial defiance, he has appeared here at the courthouse to talk before the grand jury and tell them what he knows. >> jessica schneider in washington, d.c. it will be interesting to see if he speaks when he comes out. he told our gloria borger he doesn't expect to speak to the media much more because he doesn't want to turn into anthony scaramucci. in some ways i think it's fitting we saw sam nunberg walk into federal court in a week that largely began with his dramatic turn on television and then with everything that happened in between. over the last 12 hours we have
6:31 am
this remarkable north korea summit coming up. you have this bafo jobs report, 313,000. you take those two things -- you may not think the north korea meeting is good, but it's an accomplishment nonetheless. you have the two major developments and you also have the cloud of everything else. sam nunberg and stormy daniels. in some ways that tells the story of this administration. >> he does. president trump likes the sensation of it all, he's a tabloid guy. he likes to do things first. he likes to do things people won't say. then you have the outside spectacle of what's happening building around the white house, looming, the mueller investigation. it kind of plays into each other. it's funny that the north korean news bumped everything else off the front page last night when you had stormy daniels and his own tariffs push. that news took over. this is the story of the trump
6:32 am
administration. >> matt lewis, it's interesting. the administration wants to take credit for the north korea summit. mike pence put out a statement that president trump's trat gee to ice late the kim regime is working, the north koreans are coming to the table despite the u.s. making zero concessions. the white house is getting credit for the maximum pressure campaign, the sanctions and the like. what the white house wants to do is suggest his rhetoric, the fire and fury rhetoric, calling kim jong un fat, that that's part of it. is it because of that or in spite of that that that is happening? >> we don't know how it's going to play out. the fact that donald trump is meeting with kim -- there's an argument it's a bad idea, done without preconditions, it's goings to be a propaganda coup.
6:33 am
i think the average american, maybe the triumph of hope. the average american does like. of course, trump should meet with the leader of north korea. i think it's good politics for donald trump. the question is does he deserve credit for it. i think he actually might. look, i don't know what north korea is up to here, maybe they're just buying time. maybe they're just trolling us. but there is a possibility that we have spooked them. maybe they're afraid of donald trump. he says crazy things. if anybody -- i think there was a real danger that donald trump really could have gone in to north korea and maybe kim fears that. there was a "new york times" story a couple weeks ago about our generals meeting in hawaii, more gaming an invasion. if you take that and then take the sanctions, it's within the realm of possibility that donald trump does deserve credit for this. >> sure. the fact that it's happening, it's happening. you have to take that for what
6:34 am
it is. the north koreans have been trying to meet with the u.s. leader since the clinton administration. they wanted to meet with bill clinton, with george w. bush. the fact it's hamg is significant. salina, you talked to a lot of supporters here. is there ever a sense of do you imagine how much more can be happening, if you think the tax cuts are a great success, the jobs numbers are a great success. how many more great successes could there be if not for all the other things? >> you are to remember that voters bought into his personality and his flaws when they went into the voting booth. so there was always a level of expectation of unpredictability. maybe they wouldn't predict some of the tweets that he's done. maybe they wouldn't predict some of the gaffy statements he's made. all in all, they understood this
6:35 am
was his personality and they were okay with that because he was commodity for them for 20 years before he ran for president. so they for gave or looked aside everything that he does that's unconventional and not sort of the same as any other president before him. he -- for them, he's had a great week. in fact, he's had a great year. he's fulfilled a lot of the promises he made to his base. with evangelicals, they got gorsuch. with wall street and rotary for republicans types, they got tax reform. with the tariffs the blue wall that went for trump in pennsylvania, wisconsin, ohio and michigan and iowa, they feel as though he has their back. and with north korea, that satisfies all of them and may be part of expanding his base or
6:36 am
expanding voters considering him. >> it's fascinating to see all of those things amie, and yet, sam nunberg is behind closed doors with the grand jury right now. yet the cnn reporting is the white house is increasingly concerned about the stormy daniels lawyers. this lawyer, mike avenattavenats serious and fighting the fight not just legally but politically as well. this isn't over. >> and they should be worried. you hear republicans even coming forward saying this is problematic. we or not talking about something that happened five or ten years ago. this is something that happened in the days before the election. something that is happening behind the scenes. something happening from rick gates to paul manafort and now this, it keeps the cloud over the white house and makes it problematic to push anything further. the tariffs thing, everything else -- the main objective for the white house is to drive their message.
6:37 am
they have problems doing that every single day with all this looming over them. >> matt lewis, stormy daniels, we talked about this since the beginning, how serious would it be? would it enter into the west wing? it has now. it has entered into the west wing. sarah sanders had to address it and address it in a way that opened the door even further. michael kohn, the president's personal lawyer for a decade is now directly involved. >> absolutely. it's a big deal. i don't think anybody cares about the sex part of it because, as salina was saying, that's baked into the cake. before donald trump won the election, we knew a lot about him, including the "access hollywood" tape. you don't vote for donald trump because you want to restore honor and character into the white house. we knew that going in. the other stuff, the legal stuff, the coverup, that could have much bigger implications here in terms of the legal angle. look at richard nixon.
6:38 am
he had won a huge re-election landslide. he had opened up china. he had finally gotten out of vietnam, and it's watergate -- it's the coverup that brings him down. >> salina, ten seconds or next. the president going to your neck of the woods tomorrow. what do you think the first thing out of his mouth is, do you think it's north korea, the jobs report or tariffs? >> probably between jobs report and tariffs. both of those will really play well with the people showing up to this rally in western pennsylvania. >> salina zito, matt lewis, amy parens, thanks for being with us. from trading insults to talking peace orr at least talking. president trump set to meet face-to-face with kim jong-un. i'll speak to a former u.s. senator and ambassador to china who has been in the middle of this issue for some time.
6:39 am
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this morning we're learning the same south korean official who brought the invitation for talks with president trump asked that south korea be given a waiver on the tariffs, the third largest exporter of steel to the united states. let's talk more anti this north korean development. joining me now, former montana senator and ambassador to china, max baucus. obviously the korean issue very much part of what you were focused on during your years, during the obama administration. had this offer come, do you think, to the white house during the obama administration the way it did with south koreans walking in the door and the white house making the offer, the president coming out minutes later saying we'll take it, do you think the obama administration would have taken that offer? >> i think they would have considered it. they would have seen a great opportunity, figured out a way
6:44 am
to see if they could develop it into peace on the north korean peninsula. we have to remember that kim jong un is very smart, dumb like a fox. he's been to this road i don't before. what does he want? he wants to be on the world stage with the u.s. president. he now has that. second, he wants to keep his missile, nuclear capability, he's not going to give that up. it gives him leverage. he sees an opening to drive a wedge between south korea and the united states. how? by working with progressive south korean president moon who wants to do a deal. after that, the russians have an interesting angle here. they're proposing a big gas pipeline through north korea into south korea, something that kim wants, south korea wants. he's a very clever man, kim jong-un, and we have to realize that. >> this is what the north korean
6:45 am
regime has wanted for quite some time. the question is have policies this administration has pushed out, have they pushed him to it in a different way. vice president mike pence says this move is evidence that trump's strategy to isolate the kim regime is working. is that true? >> well, it could be partially true, but i don't think it's nearly as true as the vice president says. we know the sanctions have hurt north korea, but so far the sanctions have not brought north korea to the table. i think kim is coming to president trump now because he studied trump and knows trump is susceptible to flattery and president trump will come visit with him. that puts kim on the world stage. >> do you feel the united states needs to get out of this now?
6:46 am
>> clearly we want peace on the peninsula. that's the ultimate goal. it's going to be very difficult. we have to work with our allies, not just south korea but japan. with very to work with china. there will be no solution here without the direct involvement of china. china will have its interests. they want stability. they don't want a peninsula controlled by south korea or for ma matter controlled by north korea. we have to look at this carefully, gradually find out what kim has in mind. we'll find out after he have some of these meetings. there should be initial treaties by the u.s. administration in the area before president trump sits down with president kim. >> again, simple yes or no. would you have taken this meeting? >> i would have looked for an opportunity to take the meeting, but i'd find out more in advance to see what i'm getting into. >> max baucus, former ambassador
6:47 am
to china, former u.s. senator. the deputy who stayed outside during the parkland gunfire. he told other officers to do the same.
6:48 am
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6:51 am
all right, new this morning, we're hearing chilling 911 calls as the parkland massacre unfolded. and the dispatch calls from the deputy, the one who stayed outside during the shooting. not only did he keep his distance, he told other officers to do the same. >> i have a unit the front of
6:52 am
the school, make sure nobody comes inside the school. do not approach the 12 or 1300 building. stay at least 500 feet away at this point. >> athena jones is in tallahassee with more details here. what have you learned? >> reporter: good morning, john. we're learning all of this from documents and audio recordings released by the broward sheriff's office. you played some of that sound from the school resource officer, scott peterson, telling others to stay away from the building saying, stay at least 500 feet away at this point. that is, of course, one of the law enforcement on site who has been criticized for not acting sooner to stop the shooting. we're learning from this new timeline that it took officers 11 minutes to enter the building. there was also confusion about the direction the shots were coming from. and this is also important, the broward sheriff's office could not -- their radio system could not connect with the system of the coral springs police department and so the two agencies weren't able to communicate quickly about just what the shooter looked like,
6:53 am
what kind of weapon he was using. i want to note, the public integrity office of the house of representatives here in tallahassee is investigating law enforcement's response to that incident. they subpoenaed documents from the relevant agencies and that investigation is going to continue even as the session comes to an end. john? >> athena, i understand we're also hearing some 911 calls from parents that day. >> reporter: that's right. these are always a frantic, harrowing calls to listen to. listen to this call that has been released by the broward sheriff eef sheriff's office, a mother talking to a student and giving the student advice. listen. >> what is she saying? what is happening? >> somebody entered the room. >> okay. who is it that entered the room? >> is it the police? >> i love you. i love you. it's mom. >> is it the police? >> no. it is not the police. it's okay. it's okay.
6:54 am
>> it's the police. they said put your hands up. >> i love you. i love you. hide, can you play dead? >> harrowing to listen to that mother, you can imagine how hard it was to hear her child on the other end of that line, not knowing what was going on. one more thing i want to mention, we're here in tallahassee where the legislature has passed a school safety bill, it is now on the governor's desk. the governor has 15 days to decide whether to sign it or veto it. that 15-day clock started yesterday when the bill hit his desk. and if he doesn't act within the 15 days, the law will automatically go into effect. but the big question is that this law -- this legislation includes provisions he does not like. mainly a three-day waiting period to buy firearms and this controversial program that would allow some school teachers and other staff to be armed.
6:55 am
we'll wait and see what he decides. today he's meeting with families of parkland victims. john? >> all right, athena jones for us in tallahassee. 911 calls from the parents, every parent's worst nightmare. just chilling. the meeting that no one saw coming, president trump and kim jong-un, we're following all the new details. liberty mutual saved us almost $800 when we switched our auto and home insurance. liberty did what? yeah, they saved us a ton, which gave us a little wiggle room in our budget. i wish our insurance did that. then we could get a real babysitter instead of your brother. hey, welcome back. this guy, right? (laughs) yes. ellen. that's my robe. you could save $782 when liberty stands with you.
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things are just clearer. if you'd have told me three years ago that we'd be downloading in seconds what used to take minutes. that guests would compliment our wifi. that we could video conference and do it like that (snaps). if you'd have told me that i could afford a gig-speed. a gig-speed network. it's like 20 times faster than what most people have. i'd of said... i'd of said you're dreaming. dreaming! definitely dreaming. then again, dreaming is how i got this far. now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. good morning, everyone. i'm john berman. the world went to sleep stunned, waking up in a state of wonder on the news that president trump accepted an offer to meet with
7:00 am
north korean leader kim jong-un. it is a huge development. and the white house taking credit this morning. even as there are questions about how it went down who conceded more, and whether it is a good idea to begin with. kaitlan collins at the white house with the latest. kaitlan? >> we actually just got a brand-new statement from the vice president mike pence. i'll read that for you. he said north korea's desire to meet to discuss denuclearization while suspending all ballistic missile and nuclear testing is evidence that president trump's strategy to isolate the kim regime is working. now, john, let me give you a little bit of the behind the scenes how this all went down at white house yesterday. the president was initially not scheduled to even meet with the south korean delegation, who was here briefing the national security adviser on their talks with north korea and then he met with them, they extended the invitation from kim jong-un, the president seemed to accept essentially on the spot, and thought the news was just too good to not share. they had the


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