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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  March 15, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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follow me on facebook and twitter, tweet the show, and that's all for the show. i'll turn it over to wolf blitzer in the situation room. that's all. thanks for watching. happening now, breaking news, urgent rescues underway. a new pedestrian bridge collapses in miami, crushing several vehicles underneath. police say there are multiple victims, what went wrong? new russia subpoena, special counsel mueller moves on the trump organization ordering the president's business to turn over documents. did mueller just cross a red line set by the president? moving on moscow. the u.s. finally imposes sanctions on russia for election meddling and cyber attacks including all 14 individuals indicted by the special counsel. the white house vows to be tough on russia, but why won't it say
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whether putin is a u.s. friend or foe. and north korea's surprise. in a cnn exclusive, a newly retired top u.s. diplomat says north korea was surprised by the president's agreement to talk with the north korean dictator. both sides are scrambling to get ready, what happens if the talks don't work out? i'm wolf blitzer, you're in the situation room. this is cnn breaking news. breaking news, the russian probe has special counsel subpoenas, the trump organization, a source says robert mueller ordered the president's business to turn over documents as the trump administration finally announces sanctions on russia, including individuals indicted last month by mueller. i'll speak with jake sullivan, former national security adviser to vice president biden, and our correspondents and specialists are standing by with full
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coverage. we begin with breaking news. as russian probes special counsel mueller subpoenaed the trump organization. let's go to evan perez in t. what is this move about? >> well, wolf, in the last few weeks, the trump organization received a subpoena from special counsel mueller asking for documents. we don't know what the specific request is to the trump organization, but we know that in the last few months, the trump organization said they turned over thousands of pages of documents to these special counsel related to the trump organization's businesses. now, this means that the special counsel either believes that there is information that was not turned over or, wolf, trying to make sure there's nothing many missing from the documents turned over previously. we got a statement from the lawyer for the trump organization, and he says in
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part, we advised the public that the trump organization is fully cooperative with all organizations and responding to the requests. this is old news and our cooperation remains the same today. now, obviously, wolf, the fact is we've asked the organization before about whether or not they had received any requests from the special counsel. they had said no. this has, obviously, changed in the recent weeks, so this is very much new news, and it indicates at least there's much more investigation to be down here. >> president's lawyers repeatedly suggested looks like this whole investigation is coming to a close pretty soon, they said at the end of thanksgiving, then christmas, end of the year, and now with the latest subpoena, it seems, correct me if i'm wrong, it's going to go on and on and on. >> right, exactly. there's a lot of indications here this is an investigation that's going to continue well into the end of the year, obviously, we have a trial upcoming with the chairman of the trump campaign who is going
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to be facing trial in virginia and in d.c. later this year, and so we know at a minimum, the special counsel will be in business through the end of the year, west past the 2018 elections. wolf, the further issue here is that the president is being told by his legal team this is almost over, and the fact that this subpoena arrived in recent weeks tells us that there's a lot more to be done here in the investigation. >> as you know, sarah, the president has suggested previously that going after his business dealings or his family's business dealings would cross what he called a red line. so that's a significant warning right there to the special counsel. >> it is a significant warning, not necessarily one that special counsel is going to heed, and sarah sanders, the press secretary, was asked about this today whether the move crosses the red line, and she's said there's no collusion, but wouldn't say whether or not this sort violates the red line that trump drew for himself. one thing that's notable is that, yes, we know this subpoena
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had to do with documents related to potential russian deals, but the "new york times" story broke first indicates it could be broader than that. in that sense, it could cross trump's red line. it's an indication this is not wrapping up soon. we've seen from the lawyers that they are willing to try anything to end this quickly as possible including thinking of the notion to put the president in a room to sit down with mueller. interesting if this changes that. >> any idea, evan, what mueller is looking for? >> wolf, there's a lot we don't know about the exact nature of the subpoena, but i got to tell ya, at the top of the list for the documents request has been to be the 2015 proposal that the trump organization was pursuing to build a trump tower in moscow. obviously, that is a very key period here. the campaign was getting started in 2015, and for the 2016 presidential race, and so there is a lot of questions that these special counsel has to have about that deal, obviously, did
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not happen, did not happen, and before the special counsel asked about that deal in particular. you got to think that's at the top of the list for the request for documents. >> could it include his tax returns? we know how sensitive he's been about not releasing those tax returns. >> right. very well could. i mean, we don't know, but, again, this is something that the special counsel has a great deal of leverage. he has the ability to go wherever he needs to go to get to the bottom of this investigation. >> because we have learned, sarah, i know you've reported this, that the mueller investigation, they have been looking into the trump companies, corporations, business dealings, previous business dealings in russia. >> right, what's interesting, we know that bob mueller's initial sort of mandate was to look into collusion and anything that comes up as a result of that investigation, so when you hear that witnesses are being asked, you know, when did donald trump decide that he was going to run for president, even if he was
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not saying it publicly. >> what was the deal with the moscow trump tower, why did it fall through, and the miss universe pageant held in russia before you wonder whether this is a broader investigation in potentially into the president's finances or whether this could be bob mueller drawing a line, if there was collusion, did it start potentially earlier than we thought? was there a reason that the russians were so interested in this president or a reason trump was kind to president pew tip throughout the campaign, and could they have compromising information, not just on president trump, but on people who are sort of in his inner circle? these are all questions that mueller's team could be looking at. >> a lot of questions. what jumped out at me, evan, assume at you as well, the mueller team could have simply asked the trump companies for all of this information, but instead of asking for it, they subpoenaed it. what does that say to you? >> you know, keen in mind, wolf, again, they had previously
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voluntarily turned over thousands and thousands of pages of documents, so that tells us that the special counsel either believes that not everything was turned over or they are trying to make sure, again, by comp compelling this, and it's a very forceful act to send a subpoena. that's no joke, so it's clearly, they are trying to make the impression that there is nothing they want left turned over. >> good reporting evidence, thank you very much. this special counsel's move against the trump organization comes as the white house finally moves forward with sanctions against russia. let's go to our senior white house kor responsibilicorrespon. the president warned of close scrutiny of his business. that's going on as well as a lot of other developments up folding. >> reporter: wolf, that's right. the president has been long concerned by the scope of the special counsel's investigation, particularly as it relates to his family business, but at the white house tonight, they are wondering how long this investigation will go on on a day where they thought they were
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turning the page on russia. president trump said last year as special counsel mueller would cross a retd lid line if muelle looked into family finances unrelated to russia. the press secretary did not repeat that today. >> drawing a line on family finances separately from family or business finances relating to russia pertaining to the case? >> the president believes very strongly there was no collusion between the trump campaign and russia. we'll continue to cooperate with the special counsel. >> reporter: the special counsel subpoena first reported by "the new york times" confirmed by cnn as they took the toughest stance against russia, imposing sanctions for interfering in the 2016 election and plotting them for a nerve gas attack in the u.k. >> a sad situation. looks like the russians were behind it. something that should never, ever happen, and we're taking it very seriously as i think are
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many others. >> tonight, the one-two punch is part of the effort to punish russia, the president reluctant to do for more than a year. the five russian organizations and 19 people sanctioned by the treasury department for malicious cyber attacks is a near mirror image of the indictments launched last month by the special counsel. all names on the february indictment are included on today's sanction list. the administration made a new accusation. russia tried to hack the u.s. energy grid. tonight, democrats wonder what took the administration so long, and why the president's words are softer than his sanctions. >> why can't the president, himself, call out the bad actions of russia? it is an ongoing question? >> the press secretary said this when asked if putin was a friend or foe. >> i think that's something russia has to make that determination and decide whether or not they want to be a good actor or a bad actor. >> reporter: the united states also joining the u.k., france,
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and germany in condemning russia for apparent role in a nerve gas attack on a former russian spy, and his daughter on british soil. the four allies said in a joint statement, we share the united kingdom's assessment there's no plausible alternative explanation and note that russia's failure to address the legitimate request from the government further underlines russia's responsibility. meanwhile, the president admitted fabricating facts when meeting with justin trudeau. the president blamed canada for having a trade deficit with the u.s., which is not true. in a recording obtained by the washington post and confirmed to cnn by an attendee, the president said, he's a good guy, justin, he said, no, no, we have no trade deficit with you. we have none. donald, please. wrong, justin, you do. i didn't even know. i had no idea. i just said you're wrong. the president doubled down today on twitter saying, we do have a
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trade deficit with canada as we do with almost all countries, some of them massive, but here's the facts. trump's own commerce department said the u.s. ran a nearly $2.8 billion surplus with canada for 2017. all this as staff turnover in the administration causes turmoil. meeting with the irish prime minister, he downplayed a suggestion a shakeup is imminent, but change, he said, is good. >> there's always change, and you want to see change, and i want to also see different ideas. >> reporter: so the president leaving it at that. there's always going to be change. wolf, that's certainly led to the anxiety and feeling of app p p prein the white house and across washington, wondering who is the next secretary or cabinet adviser to be shown the door. we know the president is eyeing potential replacements for the veterans affairs department, eyeing a new secretary there, as well as other people including a national security adviser.
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wolf, many of these changes often happen on friday. so keep an eye out for tomorrow. >> see if it happens tomorrow or wait until the markets close at 4:00 p.m. eastern to make some of the announcements tomorrow. >> indeed. >> we do that on a friday. jeff, thanks very much. joining us now, jake sullivan, serving as vice president biden's national security adviser. he was also director of policy planning at the state department, senior adviser to hillary clinton. jake, thanks so much for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> talking sanctions and other material in a moment, but the fact the special counsel mueller issued subpoena to the trump obama administration for business-related documents even though they told the new york times not long ago going after his business crosses a red line. your thoughts? >> well, first of all, it's investigation 101 to follow the money. secondly, we've known for a long time now that even though donald trump has said repeatedly, i'm not invested in russia and have no investments in russia, that russia and russians have been
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invested in him. his sons said that years ago, russian money was pouring in. russia purchased his properties, so i think it's only right and reasonable that bob mueller would be looking at the question of whether any financial ties between the trump organization and russia can help us get to the bottom, both of what happened in 2016 and what's going on now with president trump still unwilling to seriously confront or consider confronting putin. >> you think what they are really interested in right now, at least this part of the investigation involves alleged money laundering, what steve bannon once said, that that could be the next frontier, if you will, for the mueller investigation. >> well, it certainly is straight out of the russian playbook to use various american businessmen to engage in money laundering, so i wouldn't put that out of the question, but it's hard to speculate on what exactly robert mueller's honing in on. what it does appear, though, that mueller has real questions, serious questions about whether financial ties between russians
2:15 pm
and donald trump have something to do with what we witnessed here over the last couple years. >> president said going through business records would cross a red line. could this decision put mueller in jeopardy if the president gets rid of him? >> every step mueller takes that gets you closer to the white house that involves people closer to president trump puts him in some jeopardy because you have a president already fired an fbi director, already threatened his attorney general, issued threats against the special counsel, himself, but i think what robert mueller's going to do is follow the facts where they lead, and leave donald trump to make his own decisions, and at the end of the day, i have confidence that bob mueller awill do a professional and standup job in the investigation. >> the other big story today,ed administration imposing sanctions on russians and russian entities because of its election meddling. it's the law of the land. it was passed by the house and senate overwhelmingly last august, reluctantly signed into law by the president, now,
2:16 pm
finally, after all these months doing something about it, the treasury department. are they tough enough? >> well, they are not tough enough. now, on the one hand it's a good thing the treasury department reenforced and reaffirmed what mueller said. they put sanctions on exactly the same individuals and entities that mueller charged. that's a good thing. in terms of being tough enough, none of these will have any economic impact whatsoever in russia. ask any sanctions expert, and they'll tell you that until you actually go after banks and financial institutions and the real assets, people are not going to feel the pinch in russia. putin won't. so this is a good step. it's positive. it should be welcomed. it's not nearly far enough, and what president trump really should do is implement the bipartisan sanctions that passed the congress overwhelmingly last year. >> the sanctions today come on the same day that the u.s. several of the allies issued a strong statement condemning the russians for the poisoning of
2:17 pm
the british, russian double agent in britain and his daughter as well, still in serious condition, a police officer is in serious condition as well. is the administration getting tougher on russia? >> putin is making it difficult for trump to do what he wants to do, turn a blind eye. when you brazenly execute an attack with a military grade nerve agent the way that the russians did in britain, even donald trump has to let his government do something about it, but i don't think this has yet fundamentally changed the president's posture towards russia, even what he said today in the oval office was a far cry what you hope to hear from the president. >> much tougher statement from the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. yesterday, tougher statements released by the press secretary at the white house. >> right. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me. more coming up and breaking news. the trump administration hitting
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breaking news, trump administration slaps sanctions on russia for election meddling and cyber attacks, and is joining with u.s. allies in blaming russia for the nerve agent attack in britain. live in moscow now, our senior international correspondent is following these developments. fred, people are saying this is a trump time lfinally getting t but is he really?
2:23 pm
>> reporter: well, i don't really think that the russians believe he is, wolf. we've had statements from the russian foreign ministry coming out quickly saying they are going to respond to the new sanctions, but they also said that they are calm in the face of the sanctions, and, certainly, we can see why. some of the eventies on the list, like the internet research agency, of course, was that big troll factory that meddled in the u.s. election sent operatives to the u.s. in 2016 to start fake events and things like that, that's not actually existed as a legal entity here in russia since late 2016. hard to see how it's hit by sanctions. then, wolf, the main guy on the new sanctions list, a powerful man close to putin, coming out minutes ago mocking the sap sanctions. this is what he said in an interview, concord, the company, the super structure of all of the companies incoming that troll factory has been under
2:24 pm
sanctions three times, i, myself, three or four times, i'm bored of counting and don't remember. i do not have any business in the usa with the americans. it doesn't bother me. i'll stop going to mcdonald's, he says, obviously, putting the icing on the cake of the mockery of the new sanctions. there's two other entities that i want to mention as well, wolf, the fsb, russia's intelligence agency, and then the gru, russia's military intention agency. those have also been sanctioned by the u.s. several times. that; of course, wolf, did not stop top officials months ago going to the u.s. and d.c. and meeting with some top u.s. intelligence officials, so hard to see how these sanctions are going to actually hit the russian statements, certainly doesn't seem as though the russians at this point are quaking in their boots, even though they say they are going to respond. they also say, wolf, that they are very calm. we are awaiting the response. we'll keep you posted if we hear
2:25 pm
more tonight, wolf. >> fred, let us know. thanks. coming up, breaking news, special counsel robert mueller moves on the trump organization ordering the president's business to turn over documents. did mueller just cross the president's red line? stay with us. you're in "the situation room."
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including special counsel robert mueller subpoenaing. the trump organization for business documents. first publicly known time mueller demanded that the documents related to the president's businesses be subpoenaed. let's bring in our experts to assess. is mueller crossing that so-called red line that the president earlier drew, don't go after my business or family's bis business. >> right, look, wolf, at the exact quotes. this is from a "new york times" interview in july. the question was asked, trump did not use the language, red line, but asked, would going into your personal finances excludeing any russia ties, because we know that trump organization has invested in russia and bought things from russia here and there, does that count as a red line? he says, i would think so. now, how do you define what looking into your personal finances excludeing russia
2:31 pm
means, that's one piece. how does he define red line, we don't know. the other piece is this is something the russian investigation, mueller, the congressional committee looks into, that sticks in donald trump's craw. we know this. his twitter outbursts. accusations he makes, calling it a hoax, a witch hunt. this is something that gets to him emotionally opposed to intellectually, so i don't know that defining what "red line" means to donald trump is as important as does he see this as a provocation? strike back on twitter or something like what you said, a reason or a why to get rid of sessions, something that i think would be political suicide, but does he do something like get rid of bob mueller because of this? >> don't forget, he didn't just ask mueller for the documents, the -- >> subpoenaed them. >> issued a subpoena. >> suggesting they are not handed over. >> a powerful symbol. remember, the special counsel, when he received his
2:32 pm
instructions, robert mueller, he's investigated alleged collusion or cooperation between the campaign, trump campaign, and russia, but also he has the authority to investigate, reading from the later received, any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation. meaning, he could investigate anything he wants that could be criminal or sus patient, even if has nothing to do with russia. >> that's right, donald trump does not get to draw any red lines or to decide what crosses them or what the purview of this investigation should be, nor does he get to fire him directly. that's up to rob rosen rosenst. he didn't feel like this investigation was an unguided missile, and he feels like there's no cause to remove mueller, so i think, wolf, we'll consistently see the president get wrinkled, frustrated, and upset with this investigation, folks around him promised that it's going to end, going to end,
2:33 pm
said that last year, of course, it's still going on. this indicates this recent subpoena that there could be many more months to this investigation. meaning more much months of a frustrated donald trump. >> could continue the entire year, in fact. how do you think the president reacts or responds to this? >> well, i'm sure, wolf, he'll receive it with his customary response, but what is the frame of mind right now? we've seen in the last few weeks an unchained donald trump for more than a year, it seemed like he felt he was bridled by the people around him telling him he couldn't do things he wanted to do, and, lately, he's been basically ignoring that advice. saw it on tariffs, on north korea, told by lawyers and others, do not touch sessions or go after mueller, and the question is, if mueller gets
2:34 pm
closer to something money laundering, for example, by the trump organization, will he sit for that or throw off the advise of the add viesz visers and do g he shouldn't do. >> what sort of information, involving russia, for example, is mueller looking for in the subpoena? >> i think there's a lot, wolf. i said it before, saying it again, given my heritage and background, i know a lot of russians, and from day one, i've said the president and those in his association know more russians than i do. just look back to a few years ago in an interview where eric trump maybe jokingly, maybe not, but he said unprompted that he doesn't need american banks because they rely so heavily on russian banks. we know they relied a lot on russian banks and russian funding when they were going through their own financial crisis in the '90s, and then, again, through the financial crisis in 2008.
2:35 pm
sader, another russian-american told the president and had told others that he was hoping to make deals between the trump organization and russia as well. many russian oligarchs invest the in trump properties in florida. dots to connect, but unlike any other country, they are pointing to russia, and as we always say, bob mueller knows a a lot more than we do on trump's connections, and learning about trump's finances as well. >> going to find out a lot, presumably knows a lot, a lot more than we know. stick around, more breaking news right after this. whoooo.
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entresto, for heart failure. back with the political experts and analysts. the trump administration treasury department sanks russia because of meddling in the united states. do the sanctions announce today really have teeth? >> i mean, the biggest headline is that they finally came out, right? and you look at who was sanctioned among the individuals, 13 that mueller had originally indicted of the 19, 13 on the list as well. you do see the administration acknowledging that mueller was actually on to something in corroborating with mueller's investigation, but for the larger picture, you know, going after a troll farm and those that work for it is not going to scare putin. the two things that anger putin most in the last few years all
2:41 pm
involve money. that was the panama papers and the so-called adoption law. going after those around him, those oligarchs, that funding, amount of money they send to london, you don't have a poor and middle class russians traveling to london. you have russia's richest and closest inner circle to putin. you start sanctioning some of his inner circle and not just his chef who ran the troll farm, you sanction others, you identifying putin's accounts overseas and not just the 13 bank accounts he says he has in russia with a total of $300,000, then you're going to start hurting him because then you start seeing pressure on him from the aligarchs he keeps and props up because of the money they keep and spend abroad. >> david, how do you see it? >> look , i agree. sanctions are important only in that they certified the fact that the trump administration
2:42 pm
was embracing mueller's conclusions in that indictment, so it's hard to dismiss an investigation as a witch hunt and a hoax and on the other hand act on information that was in the indictments, but, you know, jake raised a good point, sullivan, earlier, which was we have not heard from the president on this. haley spoke strongly in the past and has about why the president has not spoken as strongly as she has, and the answer was, well, you have to ask him that. so, you know, the question remains, why is the president of the united states so timid and not unfurl the full fury of the sanctions as suggested and why not even call out vladimir putin in the way those in his
2:43 pm
administration has been willing to do. >> you have the answers, good question. >> thanks. look, so much of the presidency is symbolism, and it is where you choose to step out as david noted. where you choose to step out, be forceful and hold back. donald trump continually, did it several times this week in relation to the use of the nerve agent in britain, he's said, well, that's what it looks like as -- well, we think, russia, that's what it looks like, or someone else. he always adds the little thing here, and you'd think that someone as cognizant of his media personality or how he's perceived as donald trump is would understand this is an opportunity to say, look, our intelligence community has said they meddled actively in the election. i'm with our intelligence community. instead, he's undermine them in every turn, publicly and privately, and now seized on the conclusion by, i'm not going to say all the republicans in the house intelligence committee
2:44 pm
because you see mike conaway from texas saying i think russia was trying to help donald trump. he seized on what some of them have said, and in all caps, blasted out via twitter, see, this is proof i'm right. now, the question is, is that about his obsession with being right, which we know he has -- >> right. >> facts -- not important, or is it about something bigger here that he's keeping him from speaking out about. >> go ahead. >> yeah. one of the things we know that any talk of russia, any talk of russian meddling, if you're donald trump, it seems like you're talking about undermining legitimacy of his election victory, so that's why he doesn't want to go there. if you're congress or a governor, looking at having an election in 2018, you are worried this administration has not done more to safeguard the election system. you know that russia's already meddling in -- or never really stopped meddling, right, so that's a concern that not only he's not using a bully pulpit in that way, but that the administration is not actively
2:45 pm
trying to prevent that. >> that's super important, wolf -- >> can i just say -- >> quickly, quick. >> i just want to say he's the commander in chief. the russia attacked our democracy in a very direct way. he has responsibilities here. he ought to fulfill them. >> everybody -- >> the russians used a nerve agent on european soil for the first time since world war ii. this is not a small message that putin is sending. he passed a law a few years ago allowing russia to go after so-called treasonists, and this is the way the president is testing the west to see how we react and how far he can be pressed. >> good point as usual. everybody, stick around, there's more news we're following, developments in the porn star daniels legal fight to tell her story. why is the attorney for the trump obama administration now involved? s the new guy? they call him the whisperer. the whisperer? why do they call him the whisperer? he talks to planes. he talks to planes.
2:46 pm
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2:51 pm
year, but infighting in the trump administration between those who are pushing military action and those who favored diplomacy held it up. >> right now, the most important thing is to reduce tensions. >> america's former top diplomat on north korea says while he didn't expect it he doesn't think there is anything wrong with president trump sitting down with kim jong-un. >> i would have loved to bring it forward. this is a brought outcome. >> joe yun says he's not surprised trump agreed to the meeting but says national security adviser mcmaster pushed a different strategy. why has it taken a full year for this invite? >> i think that's a good question. i think one reason is really we could never get all of the administration together on our side. and on their side, let's not forget, elise, they have been relentless in testing missiles, nuclear devices. so this is not easy.
2:52 pm
it's a complicated problem. but i know we're getting a great start if we start off with a summit. >> reporter: when you say you couldn't get all the administration on the same side, do you mean that some were more favori ining military action? >> i think there was obviously voices within the administration. >> reporter: like who? >> it is natural to have different voices who are more aggressive than those who wanted more of a diplomatic solution. >> reporter: like the national security adviser who had advocated a bloody nose so to speak? yes? >> well, i mean, it's really -- in an administration, you're going to have different views. but i think time has now come really to speak with one single unified voice. and that voice has to be that of the president. >> reporter: yun who has decades of experience working on north korea, dismissed critics who worried by meeting with kim
2:53 pm
jong-un trump will only give kim what he wants, legitimacy on the world stage. >> i don't think there is anything wrong in acknowledging that he's a leader of north korea who has nuclear weapons. >> reporter: do you think that the president is going to get played by kim jong-un in this meeting and agree to things that the u.s. should not? >> i don't think so. really not at all. >> reporter: we know that the president likes to make his own decisions at the spur of the moment. are you afraid that the north korean leader will pull him into something that he's not ready for? >> i don't think so. i think the goals are obvious and homework i know, a ton of homework getting done as we speak. >> reporter: we're talking about a meeting that the north koreans have not even acknowledged that they offered. why have we not heard from them yet? >> think, to be frank with you, i think they were a little bit surprised that washington, that president trump, readily accepted.
2:54 pm
they thought it would take a little time. so they were not completely prepared. so i think they're preparing at the moment -- >> reporter: scrambling? >> scrambling you might say on how best to respond, and so i think you will see that in coming days, something coming out. >> reporter: you've talked to the north koreans? >> i sent a single message to them which was that this was an amazing opportunity for both sides. >> reporter: he warns if the meeting between trump and kim doesn't go well -- >> it will increase tensions and we're back to where we're were or even worse. >> reporter: as yun looks back on his time at the state department, the retired diplomat may not be able to resist a return to the action. there has to be a little bit of regret. what if the president said, joe, i need you to come back for this, would you do it? >> you know, when a president asks you to do something, you
2:55 pm
really have to give it serious thought. you know, and that's what i'll do. >> reporter: must be tempting, though, to be there for this historic meeting. >> of course it's tempting, yes. >> reporter: and yun said he left the state department over the gap between state and a white house pointing to rex tillerson's firing this week. he predicts a more unified message with pompeo as secretary of state. >> a very smart guy, a lot of experience. thanks very much for that, elite. coming u, breaking news, special counsel robert mueller moves on the trump organization, ordering the president's business to turn over documents. did robert mueller just cross a red line set by the president? we're voya! we stay with you to and through retirement. i get that voya is with me through retirement, i'm just surprised it means in my kitchen. so, that means no breakfast? voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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happening now, breaking news, mueller moves in. cnn has learned that special counsel robert mueller has subpoenaed the trump organization for business documents as part of its russia investigation. with this look now at the trump family's business empire, has mueller crossed the president's red line? sanctioning russia -- the trump administration announces punishment for moscow's meddling in the 2016 election, singling out more than a dozen russians already indicted by the special counsel robert mueller. why did the administration miss congress deadline by a month and a half? friend or foe -- as president trump moves closer to blaming russia for the poisoning of a former spy, the white house won't say whether the president, vladimir putin, is an ally or the enemy of the united states. why unwilling to call him out? and deadly bridge collapse --


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