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tv   New Day  CNN  March 16, 2018 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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employee. it shows the rush against amazon if it's true. thanks for joining us. >> "new day" starts right now. they have irgo, plus the latest on the miami bridge collapse. six fatalities. the president has made the decision to remove h.r. mcmaster. >> there will always be change. i want to see different ideas. >> he bragged about i hired the best people, but he can't seem to keep people. >> i'm looking forward to seeing the president have the cabinet that he deserves. >> special counsel is looking into trump businesses. >> it is investigation 101 to follow the money. >> the president believes very strongly there is no collusion. >> no one individual in the united states is above the law. >> cars are just squished.
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>> we all want to do our best to try to find out exactly what happened here. >> this is "new day" with chris quo he mow and alisyn camerota. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day". it is friday, march 16th, 6:00 here in new york. here's our starting line. sources tell cnn that a turmoil inside the trump administration is nothing short of total disarray. cnn reporting that president trump is ready to oust his national security adviser, general h.r. mcmaster, and is considering even more changes to his embattled cabinet. a major development as well in the russia investigation. special counsel robert mueller has subpoenaed business documents from the trump organization. is he crosses donald trump's red line by investigating the trump organization. >> and do they stem is from the counterterrorism or the arises from provision of the special counsel's purview. what do those terms me?
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we will tell you. they make a critical difference for what this could mean for the administration. the trump administration is imposing new sanctions on russia for its election interference. seven months after they were passed by a huge margin in congress. now, the kremlin is retaliating against the u.s. sanctions, and the uk as well, after they expelled diplomats over that nerve agent attack. >> and we have breaking details on that deadly pedestrian bridge collapse in miami. what authorities now say may have caused that footbridge to be reduced to rubble in just seconds. let's begin our coverage with cnn's abby phillip live at the white house. abby? >> reporter: well, good morning, chris. president trump is one year into office, and he is feeling more self-assured, as a source tells cnn. he is looking to make some changes, and the first could be h.r. mcmaster, the national security adviser. even though the white house denies he's on his way out the door, it could happen as soon as
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today. the special counsel probe is appearing to heat up. multiple sources tell cnn that after months of tension, president trump has made the decision to fire national security adviser h.r. mcmaster. the president now weighing potential replacements aiming to have a new adviser in place ahead of his historic meeting with north korea's dictator, which could happen soon. among the names under consideration, fox news contributor john bolton. late thursday, press secretary sarah sanders, again, insisting that the president and mcmaster have a good working relationship and there are no changes at the national security counsel. >> general mcmaster is not going anywhere, as the president said in the oval office to a number of people, he thinks he has done a great job. >> reporter: but mcmaster and mr. trump, sources say, have never gotten along and he thinks he has a condescending briefing style. chief of staff john kelly is strongly pushing for his firing
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and has become increasingly angry as what he views as a prolongedest to undermine secretary of state rex tillerson. >> there will always be change. and i think you want to see change. and i want to see different ideas. >> reporter: the turmoil in the west wing coming as special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation widens. mueller has subpoenaed the president's family business, an area mr. trump indicated could cross a red line. >> is that a red line? >> i think we hait would be a b. >> reporter: investigators asking witnesses recently about a possible trump real estate deal in moscow. a lawyer for on on the trump organization responding, this is old news and our assistance and cooperation with the various investigations remains the same today. news that the subpoena coming after the administration amounts
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it finally imposed sanctions for russia that were overwhelmingly past by congress last august. it comes as the department of homeland security accuses russia of trying to penetrate the u.s. energy grid. the white house is stopping short of declaring russia an enemy. >> is they a friend on or foe? >> they will have to decide whether they want to be a good actor or a bad act. >> reporter: it is unclear what the breadth of this new mueller subpoena is. the "new york times" reports that the subpoena is something that they did even though they could have simply asked for these documents. but a source tells cnn that it would be what mueller is trying to do here is clean up, preventing people or warning people not to destroy or perhaps withhold any documents that they might need for this investigation. alisyn and chris. >> abby, thank you very much for setting all of that up for us.
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let's bring in alex byrnes and david drucker. good to have both of new studio. what did h.r. mcmaster do wrong? why is he on the chopping block today? >> he's been on the chopping block for a while. we get to the point of his likely dismissal. john kelly is really fed up with him. he has been seen is as a bad actor in the rex tillerson attorney. >> h.r. mcmast or prodded for him to leave. that made him get in the cross-hairs of john kelly? >> it's not as straightforward as kelly was fighting for tillerson to stay. but he was seen as a bad actor, likely undermining the secretary of state. that's not the way kelly wanted business to be done. more broadly, and probe more importantly when it comes to mcphafpm mcmaster's fate, he complained he thinks he is condescending to him. their personalities never
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clicked. one thing we know with the president is personality comes first. >> and deference. same thing with flynn. he talks to me like he knows more than i do. the difference between healthy change and chaos, right? the president says you always see change. change is good. yeah, on his tv show. but when you change important people like the heads of agencies, you do not have continuity of purpose or of process. that leaves you nowhere in government. is that a fair assessment? >> i think it's a fair assessment that it makes it very hard to get things done. they think everything is all over the place. but the president's base will look at this as him shaking up washington and fighting an establishment. >> he's shaking up his own cabinet. it's not shaking up washington. >> to them it is shaking up the
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political professionals. but the point here is that the president -- >> hold on one second. all right. these are his people he put in place he said were the best. none is a political professional. i get that they think that. that is like saying i think this is a real building we're inside of and these brick walls are true. this is not true. this is a prop. >> chris, we understand this. but i think it's important to look at the different ways in which the country will interpret this. it is important to know why this will always be the case. the president himself does not have an ideological core. it is hard to have continuity of policy when the man leading that policy is always going to change his mind. it makes it hard to have continuity of staff. he will make a hire based on what he feels today about a particular policy, whether it's foreign or economic policy. six months later he feels
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differently and thinks he needs different personnel for that. he also, as alisyn discussed, very interested in personality and whether or not you look great on television. only to discover later, maybe we didn't get along. h.r. mcmaster looks like a general because he is a very tough general. that's been his profession. but the president said you look great, but we don't get along. with don't agree. this is always going to be a situation where anybody who is hired is eventually going to be on a chopping block because the president is inconsistent in how he looks at both policy and how he feels about the people he hired. >> he's fickle. he does sour on people. but sarah sanders doesn't see it that way. this was a pretty full-throated endorsement of mcmaster. just spoke to the president, she tweeted, and general h.r. mcmaster, contrary to reports,
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they have a good working relationship and there are no changes at the nsc. that's unequivocal for that hour. >> for that hour, right. i could say to you i'm not eating breakfast and i'm not literally eating breakfast but i'm going to. >> what is the point of putting that out? if he is going out today, what is the importance of putting that out? >> the president does have a habgt of throwing out these ideas. i'll probably get rid of somebody. then it gets reported in the press. suddenly he pulls back from it. >> if he floats his own stories and the story amounts to a reality show cliff hanger to keep you until after a commercial. that's the question. sarah sanders plays her part in this fiction about what is fact and what is fiction. she's going to say this today.
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if it changes, she will have a reason for it and have the same straight face. it's why people don't know what to believe and not believe anymore. >> the president will eventually do what he is talking about doing. every day there is a 25% chance that he fires h.r. mcmaster. eventually that chance will come up. we will see if today is the day. it's part of why you have to view every possible change. >> the problem is he hears alex burns. he said i'm not crazy about the unshaven look. i get rid of him today. i'm not doing it today. i can't tell you how many times. this had to happen to you to. good sourcing. real people. still there making a difference. and then it doesn't happen. they say i don't know what happened. >> it is because the president's opinions are fleeting. most politicians we are used to covering, for whatever b.s. they spin us from time to time, they do have an ideological center that governs the general
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direction they head in and who they surround themselves with. this president is controlling the media. what to him amounts to the power of the presidency is the ability for us to be talking about what he might or might not do. the consequence on the one hand are people that really enjoy that and in a sense it is a qca this is a cathartic. i think what a lot of people want is some stability. but president, when he was a private citizen trump, was not stable. and he's not going to be stable as a president as we are worried he's been sowing his oats and feels he can do whatever he wants as president. >> thank you for that insight. we are following breaking news right now. police in miami say at least six
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people are dead after that pedestrian bridge collapse at florida international university. search and rescue operation is now a recovery effort. cnn's rosa flores is live at the scene with all the breaking details. what's the latest there, rosa? >> reporter: alisyn, good morning. the painstaking task at this hour is the removal of 950 tons of concrete all while removing bodies and preserving evidence. the cruel irony here is this bridge was built, incident was designed for the safety of fiu students. >> it was super loud. >> reporter: shocking new video obtained by the miami herald captures the sudden collapse of a new pedestrian bridge at florida international university in miami. >> my friend's sister called me. her brother, my childhood friend, was crossing as the bridge was coming down, and it hit him. >> do you know how he's doing?
3:13 am
>> i don't know. i don't know. he was rushed to the hospital. i don't know. i'm just so worried. >> reporter: florida senator marco rubio tweeting that cables that suspended the bridge were loosened and the structure gave way. >> we have a report of several people injured at this time. >> reporter: authorities announced the frantic effort to rescue people trapped in the rubble is now a recovery operation. >> the cars were completely crushed under. you could see the front of the car and a lot of debris everywhere. >> reporter: emergency crews working desperately into the night to recover victims in eight flattened vehicles. using search and rescue dogs to look for signs of life. >> we want to do our best to find out what happened here and if anything has done anything wrong, we will hold them accountable. >> reporter: the 950-ton bridge was to give people a safe way from the traffic below. >> being under the bridge we
3:14 am
were like, oh, this is so scary. but we had trust that the people who built it, there was no fault or anything. >> reporter: the structure was just installed last saturday. >> this new bridge is critical for student safety. we're thrilled they can now have is a much safer passage. >> reporter: the bridge was designed to withstand a category 5 hurricane and was slated to open next year. now, this investigation of course continues. and rest assured, it will be well investigated both by local, state, and federal agencies. homicide detectives already on scene, as are fbi, ntsb and osha investigators as well. chris? >> it's a little bit different than typical investigations about how long, had it been properly maintained, the considerations we have with a lot of infrastructure in the country. this had just been put up. rosa, thank you very much. bob mueller issuing
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special counsel robert mueller has now subpoenaed the trump organization for documents related to the russia investigation. does that move cross president trump's red line as he suggested in this "new york times" interview last summer? >> your finances or your family's finances, unrelated to russia, is that a red line? joining us is cnn legal analyst carrie cordero and alex burns. he was asked by maggie haberman of the "new york times". th they asked him if mueller is looking at your family's finances, would it be a red line? he said, be yeah, i think that would be crossing the red line. but going into the trump organization and looking for any
3:20 am
russian connection, suspect that different? is that a different category in your mind? >> well, from my perspective it is still -- falls within the scope of what the special counsel has been given a mandate to do under the regulations. because the special counsel can look into the russian meddling issues and any other matters that arise in the course of that investigation. and the deputy attorney general is conducting oversight to make sure he is comfortable in whatever direction the special counsel goes. in my mind, it could mean one of two things. either the subpoena is intended to further the investigation on the issue of actual russian meddling and whether the trump administration had any communications, contacts, reasons, motivations, financial entanglements with russian government related organizations or surrogates or oligarchs that would have given them a motivation to cooperate in some way or what we sort of call in
3:21 am
lay terms collude. or the investigation has taken them in a direction that is unrelated to that but has are sraoeld unrelated money laundering activity on he behalf of the trump organization more along the lines of the type of activity we saw in the manafort and gates indictment. it could be one of those or exploring both at the same time. >> one could be a suggestion on of timing. carrie, jump in if i'm wrong. which is if this is an extension of the counterintelligence coordination, this could show that, all right, people are right. this is one of the buttoning up aspects of that. however, it is part of the arises out of, it could show they have a lot of duration and investigating to do. the president can draw any red line he wants. it doesn't matter to investigators. he can talk all he wants about whether or not he wants it to end. you have never heard of anyone in his situation saying i'll sit
3:22 am
down if you end it in a week. it sounds good politically. >> and a subpoena is a basic investigative technique. a subpoena is a relative low standard to obtain from the grand jury. it is not probable cause like a search warrant or surveillance or wiretapping requires. it is a low standard. it is a basic investigative technique. so what it requires is once it's served, it requires the receiving organization, in this case the trump organization, to preserve all relevant information. they can't delete any e-mails, can't destroy any documents. they have to hold on to any information relevant to the investigation. >> as a political matter, this does seem to at least open the door to a debate over the investigation that is maybe the most complicated for the white house and republicans to untangle. every indictment so far you have had the white house defend itself by saying either this person has nothing to do with us
3:23 am
or this activity has nothing to do with the campaign. paul manafort is indicted for money laundering. that is not our deal. if this ends with some kind of charge target the president or his family suspect about the campaign but does get at unlawful behavior, that is a tougher one for them to defend. that is the biggest question mark. clearly if there is a smoking gun, that is a watergate level event. if there is a financial crime that isn't related to election interference, that to me is the biggest question about how washington reacts. >> why are they subpoenaing the documents? our reporting was the trump organization was cooperating and handing over documents. >> the subpoena, again, is a basic investigative technique, they are looking at anything the trump organization is doing, it makes sense they would issue a subpoena. the subpoena is a tool of grand
3:24 am
jury. it means they have considered information. what it means is they have to hold on to the information. so special counsel isn't saying is can i have this pretty please. you are required, trump organization, to hold on to this information and to produce it. >> it is different than a is subpoena to appear. that is a more coercive instrument. not legally but in terms of the optics. that is a scarier proposition than just don't get rid of anything that could be germane to us. >> the trump administration has issued sanctions against russians. these are some of the same who were indicted by robert mueller. this is delayed after congress asked or insisted orren for enf that they instill these sanctions. how do you see that? >> you have to he see it as letting the steam out of an ongoing standoff between the
3:25 am
executive branch and the congress about how to handle russia. a lot of folks, especially democrats but hawkish members as well, want to see the administration much, much tougher on russia. if they were basically to do nothing, that is a matter in which hawks on the hill take matters into their own hands. many of them are under sanctions already or facing similar legal consequence that are duplicative of what the administration just did. it shows people in washington, no, they are not completely letting the russians off the hook. and it makes the president look considerably tougher than he has been in his own words. >> alex burns, carrie cordero, thank you for the information. an 11-000 mile odyssey for a german shepherd mistakenly flown to japan.
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all in a tasty chewable tablet. fiber choice: the smart choice. authorities releasing surveillance video that captures the school resource officer, scot peterson, standing outside marjory stoneman douglas high school during the massacre. it shows peterson talking into a radio handset on his shoulder, then appearing to move on a golf cart, and finally taking a position outside the building. after the shooting, peterson said through his attorney that he was not sure where gunshots were coming from. but dispatch audio disputes that. peterson resigned after being suspended. 17 people were killed in that school during the attack. defense officials fear there were likely fatalities following a chopper in western iraq near
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the syrian border. rescue teams are on the way at this hour. it was not on a combat mission. and there was no sign of hostile fire. a dog mistakenly flown by united airlines to japan is reunited with his family in kansas. they are happy to have their beloved german shepherd irgo back after this airline screw-up that sent him halfway around the world. they were given a great dane instead of their dog. united has apologized and returned the dog to his family. irgo and his family will join us live in our next hour. the dog is knocking over the toddler. but they're happy to have him back. >> you're going to have to do that interview. a new book shedding new light on president trump and the russia investigation. the authors are here to tell us about the moment the president
3:32 am
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and for pain relief and a good night's rest, try aleve pm for a better am. all right. so the special counsel bob mueller's subpoena of the trump organization is a strong sign, maybe the strongest sign yet, that mueller's probe could be widening. why am i qualifying it? we don't know. there are lots of different choices. our next guests, however, have a good head of what's going on with the trump/russia relationship. they have a new book called "russian roulette" the inside story of putin's war on america and the election of donald trump. i have it in my hand. that makes me a lucky man.
3:37 am
joining us are the authors david corn and mike cal isikoff. what do you make of the notion that h.r. mcmaster has fallen into this favor. there is an aspect of dysfunction in the white house at play here, and he will be on his way out. do you buy that? >> yeah. i think that's true at any moment in time to almost anyone with trump. >> so he is not special? >> i think he might be. but the thing to remember with trump too is that can change at any moment. if everybody in the media says trump is getting rid of mcmaster that might be enough for trump to say, i'm not going to do that now. i don't care what people think. he is so erratic that any decision he makes is subject to change whether it's talking to north korea, gun laws and people close to him. i assume he's dissatisfied with everyone around him. the last thing he can do is blame the guy at the top. >> do you think this is some kind of sign that what looked
3:38 am
good about the generals early on to trump, as odd as it was for our democracy to have military leaders put into such interesting civilian positions that they are not agreeing with him enough and that is going to create a rub? >> look, this is government by reality tv show. this is trump's world. what was his signature show? you're fired, "the apprentice". this is what he likes to do. chaos is his world. it shouldn't be a surprise that a guy who lived in chaos ran his organization made chaos his signature on a reality tv show and brings that to the white house. >> it may be all he knows. because he has never run a big team ever. >> it was always a board of directors. >> casinos were really the only major operations, and we know
3:39 am
how those went. the idea of mueller dropping subpoenas on the trump organization, i'm not spending time on the does it cross a red line. that is like trump saying i may sit down with you for the investigation. he doesn't call the shots. but do you think it's an indication this is about buttoning up the counterterrorism aspect of this, or it could come from the arises out of part of the review, which may be there may be time left in this investigation? >> i think the investigation goes on for quite a while. they spent six or seven years working on that. i have no reason to believe we are coming to any conclusion soon. one of my least favorite cliches is the tip of the iceberg. but with mueller is very appropriate. those dealing with russia, maybe dealing with other things, shows me he is serious. if he sees anything out there,
3:40 am
anything out there that looks untoward, he's going to look. there are a lot of things we could advise him on in terms of subpoenaing. but to explain why he would be interested in trump organization records. >> why do i need to add this to my bookshelf? i know there has been no proof of collusion. if there's no proof of that, it is just a political witch-hunt. >> if you want to understand why mueller is doing what he's doing with the subpoena, i can direct you to the chapters, starting with chapter one. at the center of the investigation, one major incident was the notorious trump tower meeting. who set up the trump tower meeting? agalarov, the russian oligarch, who is putin's partner. and building it in the plan for the trump tower project for
3:41 am
moscow. so if you want to understand the relationships that trump has with these people, i have to go back and look at that. we do that in great detail here. and as we discovered, there was more to those relationships, more to the project than the public knew. >> it is important to know that the contact from the russian government to the trump campaign, to don trump jr., jared kushner and paul manafort came through the al m. i can see several is subpoenas for that. and then another trump tower deal with a company we discovered in russia has very shady owners and offshore companies in cyprus. >> that was while he was running for president. >> so another aspect of a hot-button issue in here. the nunes memo says, yes, there
3:42 am
is intrigue with russia and this investigation. but it flows through the dossier. that was about the democrats. and bad surveillance through the fisa courts based only on the dossier. that's all they used to go after carter page. what did we learn? >> carter page was on the radar screen and the fbi long -- well, before -- well before that dossier was even written. all you have to do is look at the democratic response and you see there was a lot more to that fisa warrant. but, you know, even based on what carter page has said, and he said a lot of contradictory things, he did have meetings in russia, in moscow while he was there that he then relayed to the trump campaign talking about the insights he had gotten from senior russian officials while he was there. and why was he there in the first place? he had just been named by trump to his foreign policy advisory
3:43 am
report. right after that he gets this invitation to go speak in moscow. this was a sign of what was an attempt to penetrate the trump campaign which was real and serious. >> we get a sense of the connection between what could be core la active or causative. >> there was a degree of collusion by the trump campaign reaching out to russia through page and gorge papadopoulos at the same time they were attacking the united states. >> whether that's a crime, we have to see what mule or puts on those. you keep looking at the book as you answer the questions. it is very indicative that people need this. "russian roulette." chris, now to sports. the first major upset in march madness. busting brackets everywhere.
3:44 am
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the first full day of march madness now in the history books, and it's already busting
3:48 am
brackets. coy wire has more in the "bleacher report". how is your bracket looking? >> it's all right. i have a good story for you, ms. alis alisyn. cinderella teams. loyola/chicago. very special helper in their matchup with six seed miami. sister jean, team chaplain, praying with the team before the game. she said they told god they would do their part if he did his. praying for an upset. it was donte ingram, buzzer beater. hail mary backed by faith and a lot of hard work. prayers were answered. competitive greatness and showing support for loyola chicago and sister jean, an early favorite for tournament mvp. >> when we were in the locker room ahead of the game we just
3:49 am
knew we would do this. our team is so great. and they don't care who makes the plays as long as we win the game. and i said we want to win the big tip, the big "w" up there, and we did. >> showing love for the ramblers include barack obama said congrats to loyola chicago and sister jean. i had faith in my pick. that was the first tournament game since 1985. they have tennessee volunteers on saturday. >> did the president have loyola chicago in that game? >> apparently he did. i did not check his bracket. >> that is some pick. he is far ahead of the rest of us. >> that was a good story, coy. thank you. >> it is an unusual tournament. >> i'm going to check my bracket as soon as i figure out where it is. special counsel bob mueller subpoenaing the trump
3:50 am
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3:54 am
special counsel's russian investigation sending a subpoena for documents to the trump organization. so how is this move and the probe overall affecting the president? let's discuss with cnn political analyst and "new york times" white house correspondent maggie haberman. good to have you here. what is the overview of what this means on a daily basis, what this development means specifically? >> the picture is it's pretty clear that not only is it not going away but it is moving closer to the president. you can't move to the trump organization to look for documents. say if nothing happens, nothing gets produced, nothing matters. that is still very hard for the white house to say this has nothing to do with us. these are people who are
3:55 am
atennuated campaign officials. number two, it just adds another pound to the president's sort of mental weight on this issue which we know eats at him on a daily basis. his legal team kept him calm for most of 2017. by calm i mean not that he wasn't tweeting there's no collusion because we obviously saw that. by not going after robert mueller specifically by telling him it was going to wrap up by december or soon after, this does not suggest that it is any time soon. we are now in mid march. folks will say they expect it will last until at least mid summer and probably later than that. i think the longer this goes, the more you are going to see the president frustrated by it, especially as we get close to a midterm election where the climate is not expected to favor republicans. >> do you know what mueller is focused on in the trump
3:56 am
organization? >> we don't. a, we do not know whether this means that there is some broad look at the trump organization. >> it could mean they are buttoning up the counterterrorism aspect. look, this doesn't look good. the subpoena. >> it is legal. >> it is certainly legal. but it could be buttoning up. or it could be reaching out. if it's under that arises from aspect of the special counsel's purview you could have a look into where is his money coming from. >> among search terms was russia. our understanding is one of the things that mueller's team is looking at is this trump tour moscow project that michael cohen, his former counsel, had been looking into developing. it was dropped at some point i think around december 2015. maybe slightly before or slightly after. again, we don't know where that
3:57 am
leads. but that does not lead to a place away from the president. >> in july, you sat down with the president, along with your colleague michael schmidt from the "new york times", and asked what the red line would be for him. so here's a moment of that. >> mueller is looking at your finances and family's finances unrelated to russia. is that a red line? >> is that a breach of what his actual charge is? >> i would say yes. >> would that cross the line for you is what you were asking. it sounded to me, you were there. correct me if i'm wrong. you introduced that concept to the president. so he was mulling, pardon the pun, that as he was answering it for you. >> our understanding, though, is he had mulled it prior to our entering the oval office. it wasn't the first time he thought about it. >> that stands to reason, yeah, i think. it wasn't a definitive yes, that would cross a line for me.
3:58 am
>> the president tends to leave a lot of things open ended. for him, everything is a negotiation. >> what's the difference whether or not they originated from him or originated from his own head? he had been talking to people about how he better not come too close to me. >> because i don't know the specifics of what they are asking for in terms of financial documents, i am hesitant to say this would cross what the president has described as his personal red line. certainly the top tower moscow project gets to a financial aspect. the question is, and i have never been clear on this, how much trump actually knew versus how much was this michael cohen pursuing a deal. and i think this is going to go to that area as well. but, look, it depends what else we learn about this. what was interesting was the trump organization's lawyer saying is yesterday this is old news. this is not old news. this is a new subpoena.
3:59 am
now, there might have been previous subpoenas we are unaware of. they certainly have had a lot of document requests. this was a subpoena and not just please turn this over. >> and if you're looking for a lighter touch on this, i'm told the president is being counseled that he can't not go to the trump organization and do a complete investigation. >> they have said that to him. >> he is doing it late, assuming this is late in the process, is a good sign because it means it's not what the big branch is for them of this investigation. but he had to do this. >> but they also had a lot of advisers privately at this point. but they really don't have any idea. they are basically advising him on best case scenario. and best case scenario, it would be malpractice if mueller did not investigate. that is true. but that doesn't mean it is not of note. >> there is only one way for the president to know and it's such a hobson's choice. if he sits down with special counsel he will have all his
4:00 am
questions answered about what is in this about him. but that is a big role. >> maggie, stick around. we have many more questions for you on. we want to thank our international viewers for watching. for you cnn talk is next. for our u.s. viewers, "new day" continues right now. >> the president and general mcmaster are continue to go look together. >> they are looking at other people in this administration. >> it is utter chaos and not a recipe for moving forward. >> it looks like that the mueller team is following down trump's money. >> we will continue to cooperate with the special counsel and look forward to them concluding soon. >> there are a lot of dots but so many of them seem to be pointing to russia. >> we heard a loud bang. we looked back and the bridge had completely collapsed. the cars were completely crushed. there was a lot of debris. >> our hearts go out to all of those affected. >> this is "new day" with


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