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tv   New Day With Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota  CNN  April 25, 2018 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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warning signs when he nominated jackson to run the v. is a.? the white house staff meant to vet him but they were high on pills from some doctor who works there. >> they didn't even get to the barrels of cash that went to the dandruff sweep off the shoulder. >> the don druff they're calling it this morning. >> she took it. "new day" strarts right now. we'll see you tomorrow. >> looking forward to rescheduling the hearing and answering everyone's questions. >> the fact is i wouldn't do it. what does he need it for? >> we need more time. >> he hands out prescriptions like canned. in fact, in the white house they call him the candy man. >> president macron was of playing desperately to woo
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president trump on the issue of the iran deal. >> if iran threatens us in any w way, they will pay a price few cups have ever paid. >> this is not someone i want to negotiate with. >> the state dinner culmination of a long day of diplomacy, pomp and circumstance. >> god bless ance. gad bless our alliance. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day". it is wednesday, april 25th, 6:00 here in new york. here's our starting line. disturbing new allegations against president trump's pick to head the v.a. the ranking democrat on the senate veterans affairs committee tells cnn dr. ronny jackson was known as, quote, the candy man, for handing out prescription drugs. and there are accusations of drinking on the job. a source tells cnn jackson has no plans to step aside.
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t white house at times jump to go his defense. it does not outshine the glitz and glamour state dinner with the french president. the first lady shining as the host of this dinner and party. >> what about on the substance? president trump signaling progress on a possible fix to the iran nuclear deal. he issued an ominous warning to iran. did he succeed in getting them to stay in the multination accord? and the president flipping the script kim jong-un very tphauho. this is a man he once mocked as little rocket man. they will not negotiate any concession until pyongyang takes nuclea arsenal.ismantling its
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we have it all covered. let's begin withcnn's abby phillip live at the white house. ab? >> reporter: good morning, chris. by all accounts, the first state dinner of the trump presidency was a smashing success, especially for first lady melania trump, who quite literally is s is hone last night. new disturbing details are coming out about jackson's conduct while serving as white house doctor for multiple presidents. but the white house is digging in and defending him. troubling new allegations against veterans affairs secretary nominee dr. ronny jackson. >> i understand he had a nickname in the white house among some of the white house staff? it. >> was the candy man. because he handed out prescription drugs like they were candy. >> reporter: senator john tester describing what whistle-blowers told a panel, they would hand
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out drugs to help travelers sleep. he allegedly became intoxicated during multiple overseas trips while on duty, including one in 2015 where he banged on the hotel room of a me mal employee in the middle of the night. one source claiming secret service had to step in out of concern he would wake then president barack obama. lawmakers postponing his confirmation hearing indefinitely as jackson denies the allegations. >> i am looking forward to rescheduling and answering everyone's questions. >> reporter: the president gave him an opening to drop out. >> it is totally his decision. i would stand behind him. >> reporter: hours later the two met in the oval office. sources tell cnn that mr. trump told jackson to stay and fight. the concerns over jackson's nomination have republicans and democrats alike concerned. but president trump seemed undeterred as he hosted french
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president macron at the white house. ♪ the pomp and glitter of the trump brand on full display at the first state dinner of his presidency. >> may our friendship grow even deeper. pay our kinship grow even stronger. >> reporter: the two leaders showing affection and friendship beyond the usual handshakes. of their "bromance" stealing the show. he hoped to sway president trump on several foreign policy challenges. issuing this only nance warning to iran. >> i will say if iran threatens us in any way, they will pay a price few questions have ever paid. >> reporter: also raising eyebrows this comment about north korea's dictator, who he hopes to meet with soon. >> kim jong-un, he really has
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been very open, and i think very honorable from everything we're seeing. >> reporter: and macron has one more day in washington. he is scheduled to address the joint session of cgrt ess a 10:30. prt esidenp today is also he eo tim cook, a guest at last night's state dinner, alisyn and chris. >> thank you very much for all of the reporting. let's bring in john avlon and david gregory. great to have both of you. so david gregory, about dr. ronny jackson, first when we started hearing these whispers or claims about him, there was some suggestion that maybe it's a smear campaign. maybe it is a smear campaign from critics and we should be cautious. but now the number of people -- there is this growing chorus, up to 20 sources, who have is these really troubling accusations. he was called the candy man. there are reports, cnn reporting that drinking on the job, pounding on a female staffer's
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door in the middle of the night while on the road at hotel. so now what? now where are we? >> well, we're just in this unusual zone or donald trump and people he supports despite the political headaches that they're creating. there's not really a vetting process. it's so clear that this is just the impulsiveness of the president who liked dr. jackson, thought he was good on tv and should run the v.a. a troubled brat ureaucracy that needs somebody with extensive experience. let alone these accusations that are coming up being pursued in a pretty bipartisan way. its difcu to see them as just a smear campaign. i think congress has to do i job and do it fairly. and we will see what happens. the president is standing there saying basically, well, i don't know why he would want to do
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this, suggesting he should drop out. but says there's nothing to it, he should stand and fight. is the riddle that is the trump presidency. putting him in a very difficult position. and i suspect, again, if he has enough backing by the president, then he'll continue on. but it's like with scott pruitt, how much of this mounts and becomes impossible. if that's the case, i think the president just suggests that he goes internally and we can see him just walk away. >> ouf two pieces of sound that are key. one is what the president came out of the box and said about this. and the other is john tester, who is of course on the committee that's going to be overseeing the vetting of this man now and his confirmation process and or their concerns. so here's the president. >> i haven't heard of the particular allegations, but i will tell you he's one of the finest people that i have met. but the fact is i wouldn't do it. i wouldn't do it. what does he need it for? to be abused by a bunch on of
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politicians that aren't thinking nicely about our country? i don't think personally he should do it, but it's totally his. i would stand behind him. totally his decision. >> i understand he had a nickname in the white house? >> and it&it was the candy man. he handed out prescription drugs like they were candy. >> the white house doctor is nicknamed among some people in the white house as candy man? >> that's correct. that's what we were told. >> tell tale sign whenever i journalist repeats what you just said. that means it is usually impactful. i think the key dovetail here is the president is saying the the lawmakers are not thinking about america nicely, john avlon. is that what this is about, or is this about them not making phone calls about this guy that the president wants? >> yeah. the senators who were doing their due diligence that normally the white house would do in the proper vetting of an
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employee before he vetted, is thinking nicely. this is a problem of donald trump answer making. when he floated ronny jackson as a possibility in the white house, apparently people thought he was joking because it was so outside the box. not based on personal concerns and allegations but the total lack of experience in running what is the second is largest brureaucracy in the government. now, however, we fin these algations that were floating around yesterday are quite specific and troubling. you have the candy man allegation. that's not good for a doctor. you have an allegation that he is defining hostile workplace, banging on the door of male subordinate, and drinking on the job. any of those could disqualify him. that is a mission impossible for a nomination. >> this is the kind of thing too that obviously you want to vet and try to get ahead of rather
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than coming up like this. this is a doctor who served in the obama administration. he served president obama, got a glowing review. and this candy man thing, i have to say i have questions about it. these things have to be investigated. if he was giving out ambien to help people on on long strips, is that somehow, you know, totally inappropriate? because i certainly saw that with previous white house doctors when i covered the white house. perhaps they're talking about something else. i can't imagine that alone would be disqualifying. >> so wait a minute. you did see white house doctors hand out ambien, which is a prescription drug? >> yes. for long flights, if you were traveling to asia and you needed help sleeping, yeah, they would do that, absolutely. >> but what you're hitting on is the president has called democrats obstructionists.
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it has taken so long to get my people installed and the democrats are stalling. if democrats have is to start at square one instead of someone coming in having been vet stphrd these are not partisan concerns. johnny isakson was one of the first. in his job review, in which the administration released from president obama was glowing. it express said an enormous amount of confidence in dr. jackson. at the end of the day, this is a problem of donald trump's making. it is impulsiveness to nominate someone who hasn't been properly vetted. mr. president, you're to blame for creating this circumstance for dr. jackson. >> the concerns are telescoped.
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nick mulvaney. this is one of the broadside assaults on on what we are seeing with this administration. mulvaney doesn't like the agency or bureau he is now overseeing, the consumer protection bureau which now he wants to take something different to take financial services out of it because he was giving a speech to bankers and do everything he could to assure them, we will go easy on you. he headed the agency to protect people against bankers who aren't behaving properly. we had a hierarchy in my office in congress. if you're a lobbyist who never gave us mope, i didn't talk to you. if you're a lobbyist who gave us money, i might talk to you. this was done in the context of
3:13 am
him encouraging the bankers to take up their own cause and lobby heavily. he went on on to say if you're a constituent and sitting in my ception.i spoke to you witut it's the first part that should resonate. >> yeah. those are the rules he is setting out there. >> outrageous. >> this is, you know, i thought donald trump wanted to drain the swamp. and here's the tension now. so you have someone in mick mulvaney who is coming on out and saying the kinds of things that outrage a lot of voters. this is the problem with money and politics and the lobbying game in washington. it's all legal. in mick mulvaney, he is heading an agency that a lot of conservatives, business people don't like because they think there is regulatory overreach that hurts the economy.
3:14 am
conservatives want to see it rolled back. you have someone who claimed he was going to rise above all of of this in terms of ethical about haver. yet he has people not doing that. they are executing on an ideological vision that he agrees with and that a lot of conservatives agree with. >> let's not try to put lipstick on this pig. he is overseeing an agency he doesn't think should exist, to protect consumers who got raked over in the past, rolling back its regulations, giving a speech to the bank, overseen saying lobby your congressmen to get you off the hook. the he best way to do it is to give congressmen men as lobbyists. he himself took over $16,000 from payday lenders. this is a big deal. this is the substance of stuff that should really get people fired up. >> on the last point, mick mulvaney is welcome to come on
3:15 am
and make his moves to you about why his moves are okay. payday lenders, hopefully they don't play a role in your life and you don't have to pay these ridiculous fees that are illegal. i would love for him toom on and justify he helping out such a predatory business. the state dinner, capping off two days of hugs, handshakes and more. even some diplomacy in there. what got accomplished of substance other than all of this loving? next.
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president trump and the french president macron wrapping up two days of diplomacy with the first state dinner of the trump presidency last night. the two leaders discussed many foreign policy challenges, including the fate of the iran nuclear deal. here's a little bit of sound. >> there is a chance that nobody knows what i'm going to do on the 12th, although, mr. president, you have a pretty good idea. but we'll see is. but we'll see also if i do what some people expect whether or not it will be possible to do a new deal with solid foundations,
3:20 am
because this is a deal with decayed foundations. >> all right. we all know the problem. nobody was expecting a lot of heavy detail about the plan going forward. but it seems to be positive, by the president's own assessment. let's bring in cnn's david gregory and john avlon. if we can resist for a moment on a substance basis, the plus/minus. >> when you talk like that, i just want to give you a hug. >> why stop there? >> i'm a fan of affection. just have your eyes open when we embrace. men always have is their eyes open. everybody knows it. >> part of it does seem a little superficial. we'll get to that. but i think that the idea of president trump on the world stage being embraced, being seen as, you know, the alphas, the president of the united states, someone who is going to dictate a new road forward on america's security policy, i think that matters that he's been embraced
3:21 am
and been courted by the leader. there is clearly a stronger relationship there than with other european leaders. and i think that perhaps macron has had some impact. so what it sounds like to me, examine the signals that we're picking up out of the administration, i think trump wants to get out of this deal and immediately move to doing a new one. and i don't think he wants to completely abandon the architecture of this deal, but he wants to strengthen in ways that he thinks would close some of these loopholes, the initial cash payments to iran. you heard the president talk about facts. the role that iran plays to destabilize the region, to project its force throughout the region is a loophole of this deal even as the western powers were able to, as far as we can tell, delay the full blossoming
3:22 am
of a nuclear problem that iran might have down the road. that was at least something to be achieved without outright disarmament, which nobody has been able to figure out how to do yet. >> john, is it possible to get a new deal, and does it sound like macron would go along with that if that's what he is is is signal something. >> they said he is open to improving the deal. the deal is bad. bring me in. i'll make it better. part of that would be threaten to go scuttle it entirely. it runs through syria, the iran deal. but the threat to abandon it entirely may be awe precondition for renegotiation. but there is no guarantee that iran will go ahead with it. >> and you have others involved too other than france. to be fair, the president is often good at identifying a problem. when they negotiated this deal,
3:23 am
the fact that it didn't address that iran is run roughshod, they had to love that out in deference to this existential issue. >> right. >> there was a doll tailing, david. the president started talking about north korea. people said, that's not related. listen to what the president said. >> so we're having very good discussions. kim jong-un was -- he he really has been very open and i think very honorable from everything we're seeing. now, a lot of promises have been made by north korea over the years, but they've never been in this position. now, a little carrot and stick action. heavy with the stick, a little bit of the carrot. what is the takeaway from this type of talk about this kind of
3:24 am
man? >> look, i think the president sees something unprecedented here. i think he sees an opportunity to get a disarmament deal with north korea that previous administrations have not been able to get. and he's willing to do something that's certainly unorthodox, that is certainly risky, which is to meet one on one to see if he can personally secure that deal. we know all the risks associated with that. if you go all the way up to the leaders of the country and north korea does what it has done in the past, which is simply lie, cheat and steal and get out of these agreements, then you have a real problem. because what else do you do? there's a lot made of the fact that he called him honorable. of course he's not honorable. the president is very loose with his language. i think we know that by now. but i think he's trying to hone in on the prospect of getting something real here. you know, there is this promise of donald trump, the norm busting, nonpolitician business guy that com in and does
3:25 am
something that no one can imagine. we have seen the prospect of it on domestic policy not can come to fruition on the or world stage. i think he has a lot of enthusiasm. again, i think a lot of this embracing of other leaders is that he wants to be that guy, and that's what he sees in north korea's potential right now. >> now we have to get to the "bromance" v-roll. that's where we see the president and president macron. i thought he was going for the lips. >> so much for the germiphobe. >> i don't know when they stopped holding hands, but it was a long time. >> a little bit a tussle. >> then there is an arm flung around the president. and it stays for a long time. there is massaging of the shoulders. john, what's happening here? >> i think if we look at the speecies in the wild, there is
3:26 am
the alpha male marlin. >> you are seeing two alpha dogs try to compete with real affection. the dandruff moment was so is surreal. donald trump can't help just a little bit of humiliation. >> doesn't this have is to be seen as a positive. he has had fundamental allies. clearly these guys are getting along well. >> i think you can't oversight state. it looks like when cuomo and i see each other -- >> i get on my tippy-toes. >> anyway, i do think there was such enthusiasm for trump to be on the world stage and to be embraced literally and figuratively. it's a special feeling when you're president. is and we're seeing that play
3:27 am
out. >> yeah. it is called cringy. >> iis good and positive. >> i l that. >> you have to encourage men to be affectionate with one another stkpwhreu like men kissing one another. i just thought these lingered long. >> we can't talk about men doing this too much. a quick programming note. join us tonight. james comey and anderson cooper moderating from william and mary, 8:00 p.m. only on on cnn. >> okay. the supreme court will hear oral arguments today on the fate of president trump's travel ban. a live update next. ♪
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why? there is only one winner. former state senator debbie l he esko will defeat her challengeer in a special election in this district. the race, however, was much closer than expected. romney won this district but double digits on over 20 points. so did trump. it's a heavily red district by predisposition and by registration. so making it a margin of just five in a race where democrats often don't enter somebody two suke els in a roerbgs row, it might show strength strength in democrats. the government must accept new applications for the daca program. the judge giving the white house 90 days to make its case for scrapping the program that protects dreamers, calling the decision to shut down the program virtual unexplain spd therefore unlawful.
3:33 am
facing a supreme court battle s today. it will be the third try to get the travel ban through. remember, this ban mostly targets people from mostly muslim countries. live in washington with a preview. what do we expect in this iteration. how is this different? what are the stakes? >> good morning, chris. nine justices will get their chance later this morning to weigh in on a centerpiece of trump's immigration policy. te question is do they give him the victory he wants or send him back to the drawing board again? at first, a campaign promise. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> reporter: now, a high-stakes legal battle over president trump's travel ban finally reaching the supreme court. the case has been a long time in the making with the first travel ban sparking chaos at airports.
3:34 am
as green card holders were detained, then quickly blocked by lower courts last year. >> we're going to fight this, we're going to take our case as far as it needs to go, including all the way up to the supreme court. >> reporter: the current version of the ban, now in its third iteration, blocks foreign nationals from iran, libya, north korea, somalia, syria, yemen, and a handful of officials from venezuela from entering the u.s. the trump administration has tried to defend the ban on national security grounds. >> the president's executive order is an important step to ensuring that we know who is can come canning into our country. >> reporter: even as the president calls it watered down and tweets that it should be tougher. lawyers fighting against the ban say it separates families and amounts to an unconstitutional ban on muslims. >> if you rule for him, you defer to the president in a way that history teaches us is very
3:35 am
duff taos. you open the door to so much. >> i think islam hates we can allow people comeing into this count who have thi hatred. >> rorter: and as president. >> this is the protection of the nation from foreign terrorists entering into the united states. we all know what that means. >> reporter: but the justice department says the current ban benefits from a lengthy security review and will try to convince the justices to focus on the president's authority and ignore his words. >> we shouldn't start down the word of psycho analyzing what people meant in the campaign trail. >> reporter: national security experts, lawmakers and one of the president's own lawyers tried to get in on the action filing amicus briefs, reminding them it could have historic implications even beyond this version of the travel ban.
3:36 am
alisyn. >> laura jarrett, thank you for that update. president trump's first state dinner getting rave reviews. the first lady is getting all the credit. melania's big moment and her fashion sense next. what's going on here? i'm babysitting. that'll be $50 bucks.
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first lady melania trump shines at the first state dinner. but all the buzz is about her fashion and her hat. kate, great to see you. let's start with the important stuff, the fashion. tell me about the first lady's dress. >> last night -- i thought she would wear a french designer and she ended up doing so. she wore chanel. this is a dress that maybe from the photographs didn't quite come through as much as it does in person. it is hand beaded, hand painted underneath there. the bottom part is sheer with beading. there is a pouch pocket there in the middle. it is stunning in person.
3:41 am
she looked great. she paid homacknowledge to the french fashion house of chanel. >> let's talk about the hat. what's the back story of the hat? >> so interestingly, the back story is it was custom made by her personal stylist who is also a designer. so it must have been in the works for some time if it was designed and then made. i think the hat looked great, but i think it was more about understanding what the hat did. my phone blew up. and the hat, the hat, the hat. it was a very is important moment for melania trump. i don't think she was oblivious to knowing this attention grabber would steal the spotlight. >> when you say it is an important moment for her, when you put on the hat you have
3:42 am
magical powers. >> no. of i think she knew wearing a hat like that would mean all eyes would be on her. and i think it was -- she was maybe looking forward to her legacy. maybe looking forward to saying here's a statement. she doesn't often have a chance to speak. she hasn't given a lot of speeches. we don't hear from her. when she does, her news is swallowed up by the oxygen in the room going out to something in the west wing. so i think wearing this hat is capturing that attention and forcing it on her. it says a lot about where she is as a first lady and wanting to be seen, taken seriously. i think her nonverbal cues are sometimes just as compelling and mysterious as when she speaks. >> we don't hear her speak that much, be to be frank. this was a prominent week for her, from barbara bush's funeral, to the state dinner. we don't hear her speak. i like what you're saying, her
3:43 am
nonverbal cues speak volumes. that's basically all we have. social media blew up, as you know, about the hat. they had comparisons to beyonce and olivia pope in "scandal." do you think these were the inspiration? >> listen, i think hats are having a moment. part of it is due to beyonce. if it's an homage to them, i'm not sure. she very much marches to the beat of her own drum. she's also wearing michael kors, an ardent supporter of on hillary clinton. never gives a nod to the first lady when she wears his clothes. this isn't about being friendly to a designer. this was purely about her decision to wear what she wants to wear. of. >> last, there was one more comparison to jude law.
3:44 am
i want to pull that up. it not only the pope, the young pope. so there you go. there is your shot of the morning. kate bennett, thank you. >> thank you. >> chris? hours after being released from prison, meek mill gets a special honor and watches his beloved 76ers clinching win. the "bleacher report" next. kevin, meet your father.
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sixers owner michael rubin went to pick mill up. he left his pennsylvania prison by chopper. he arrives at the wells fargo center in philly less than two hours later. the sixers put mill to work right away. he wore an embiid jersey. embiid sharing his thoughts after the game. >> i was just excited because i know that he's always represented the city and he loves is citso much. >> all right. th real headline was the game and what it meant forhe city. the sixers took advantage of the chaps to end the series is. they beat miami 104-91, advancing to the eastern conference is semifinals for the first time in is six years. next up for them, it will be the celtics or the bucks. this is my favorite moment. look at him lifting comedian
3:50 am
kevin hart in the air. it's just like throwing up your little kid can, right, alisyn? it's amazing. >> that is a great shot. kevin hart looks like hen skwroeud it as well. >> he was over the moon. >> what if trump did that macron? would that have been too much? >> on no. >> better than the dandruff brush. >> meanwhile, there are signs of movement on the iran deal. what if the u.s. leaves the deal entirely? we discuss the possibilities next. how do you become america's best-selling brand? by opening new doors to big possibilities with the first ever ford ecosport. woman: my niece maria. maria: hi! woman: perfection! by connecting drivers to what's important. maria: i love that. and by protecting those who matter the most. the all-new ecosport.
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3:54 am
president trump issued a warning to iran if they threaten the u.s., they will pay for it. tony, let's start wide and get more narrow. a good thing, these agenda on
3:55 am
the table? good matters for discussion? >> yeah. the agenda was pretty much everything under the sun. it's right on the front burner. starting with iran, but also syria, dealing with russia, tariffs in china, you name it. so this was good they got together, good they had this broad agenda. the real focus was iran. that was the number one issue on macron's file. >> now, trump is often good at pointing out obvious problems. as you well know, the fact that iran is such a mal factor in the region, was it something that came up in the original negotiation of the nuclear deal. what are you going to do about that? the decision was made, look, let's deal with the higher priority of their nuclear capabilities and we'll deal with that separately. he calling that out as a problem now. the question now is can he fix it? >> it is a problem. it does deserve attention. but the very last thing you
3:56 am
would want to do if you want to deal with that problem is to blow up the nuclear agreement. what was interesting yesterday is the president almost made the case for the agreement. he said if iran restarts the program, terrible things are going to happen. that's the point. the program has stopped. why give anything a reason to restart the program. that makes every other program iran poses that much worse. that's why we did the nuclear deal in the first place. if you're trying to get everyone on your side, put pressure on iran, to crack down on malicious activities in the region, crack down on its missile program, why create division among your partners? that's the last way to be effective in actually putting pressure on on iran. >> you gave too much, got too little they have only increased their nefarious activity during the deal. not nuclear, perhaps, though i don't know how much we can know for sure. but in the region, certainly. >> we've got the most intrusive inspection regime.
3:57 am
we know what they're doing and not doing. if they restart, which which means they stopped, that's exactly what the deal did. there is an opportunity here. and the opportunity is to get the europeans to do more on putting pressure on on iran for these activities around the region, to do more in terms of ballistic missiles, but to stick with the deal. if we pull out, we pull into the hands of the hard liners who said you can't trust the united states. they're not good for the paper this was written on. we prove their case. it would make things more dangerous. by the way, it would probably put us in the direction of a conflict. we would be right back where we were before the deal. iran pushing the act accelerator. and we would have to figure out what to do with it. >> what's your perspective on the play here, i'm going to create, from the trump perspective, i'm going to create tension. iran won't like that. i'll threaten the deal because they need this deal to be relieved from sanctions and
3:58 am
international pressure so they will work with us on the other things? >> yeah. that's not the way iranian politics are working. that's not the way things are working in eye rap. there are very hard line hard liners, even worse than the government itself, that said from the beginning it doesn't want this deal. if it gets an excuse, the pressure to get out and to push forward will be intense. instead of actually calming down their activities around the region it is likely to exacerbate it. all of that pushes us towards conflict. the only thing we got right is the nuclear agreement. so why tear that up? >> who is watching this process? north korea, if there is an expectation that the trump administration can go where others have gone before but fail and get some kind of deal with them, how they respect the united states and allies on iran deal matters. here's what the president said about kim jong-un yesterday.
3:59 am
>> so we're having very good discussions. kim jong-un was -- he really has been very open and i think very honorable from everything we're seeing. now, a lot of promises have been made by north korea over the years. but they have never been in this position. >> all right. now obviously the use of the word honorable is getting a lot of pickup. we know the president doesn't considering his words very well so why do with spend time considering them if he isn't considering them. the prospects here are seep as very optimistic. do you believe that's misplaced hope? if not, what do you think about the chances of having a is summit? we haven't seen this since albright. >> the iran deal and a potential deal with north korea are very closely linked.
4:00 am
if we tear up the iran deal, the president going into negotiation with north korea is going to have a much tougher time. why would north korea do a deal with us if our practice is to tear up the deals we have already made? it won't be able to trust what we have put on the table. these two this are tied together in another way. the president has trashed the iran deal from the campaign on through today. now, the chances of him getting a deal as good as the iran deal with north korea are pretty slim. the intrusive measures are probably not going to be replicated in anything we get with north korea. the president is setting himself up with north korea by getting over a hurdle he can't get over. >> appreciate the perspective. thank you very much. thanks to you, our international viewers for watching. for you cnn talk is next. for u.s. viewers, we have a big day of news. let's get after it. >> this trump administration has done the worst job of vetting their nominees. >> d


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