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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  May 2, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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upper respiratory tract infection and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ♪ otezla. show more of you. giuliani. that's it for us. thanks for watching time to hand it over to don lemon. "cnn tonight" is starting now. this is "cnn tonight" i'm don lemonism t. the president shaking up his legal team. another member of the trump legal team is making a shocking statement tonight, that is the breaking news. rudy giuliani dropping a bombshell saying the president paid michael cohen back for that $130,000 hush money payment to stormy daniels. let's get right now cnn sara murry join us and tell us all
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about this. sara, i believe what it is as we were watching, giuliani says trump reimbursed cohen for the $130,000, saying he knew about the general arrangement but not the specifics of it. >> that's right. he came back to that and giuliani says it was paid over a period of time. remember, miguel cohen says he was doing this on his own, on the president's behalf, that he did not consult necessarily with the president on this. president trump when we spoke to reporters on air force one not too long ago says he didn't know about this payment stormy daniels and says you're going to have to check with my personal lawyer, cohen. the bottom line up to now is that the president didn't know about this payment or was involved in these payments. and michael cohen sort of took these thing upon himself as donald trump's fixers to take care of thing. we heard something different
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from giuliani trying to backtrack a bit and saying i haven't looked into this. of course he's now one of the main players on trump's legal teams. you think he would have looked into this. >> yeah, he's supposed to be helping the president out, i'm not sure he did that in this interview. this interview happening early on fox. watch this. >> having something to do with paying some stormy daniels woman $130,000, i mean which is going to turn out to be perfectly legal. that money was not campaign money, sorry item giving you a fact now that you don't know. it's not campaign money. no campaign finance violation. so -- >> they funneled it through a law firm and the president repaid it. >> oh, i didn't know, he did? >> yeah. >> there's no campaign finance law. >> zero. so the president --
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>> just like every -- everybody was nervous about there from the beginning i wasn't. everybody knew how much donald trump put in. when i heard cohen's retainer of $35,000 when he was do no work for the president, i said that's how he's repaying -- that's how he's repaying it with a little profit and a little margin for paying taxes for michael. >> do you know the president didn't know about this? >> he didn't know about the specifics of it as far as i know. but he did know about the general arrangement that michael would take care of things like this. i take care of things like this for my client. i don't burden them with every sing single thing that comes along. >> all right, cnn's mark preston joins sara and i. mark, were you watching that interview? when i was watching in my office my jaw dropped. >> that's right. it started off slow but it
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seemed as if the former mayor was in such a relaxed atmosphere right there he was willing to let everything roll. what a bombshell that was. giuliani says had he became attorney general we wouldn't even be in this investigation right now. he wen so far to say if push come to shove he'd be willing to sacrifi sa sacrifice jared the son-in-law as opposed to the daughter. what an amazing interview. >> yeah, but again, michael, the president as you said sara on air force one that he didn't know anything about it, he had to talk to his lawyer michael cohen. let's listen to this and we can respond to that. >> do you know about the $130,000 payment to stormy daniels? then why am --
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>> you have to ask michael cohen. michael was my attorney and he -- >> so, he said he didn't know and michael cohen has said all along that he did not -- that the president did not pay him back, sara. >> that's right. and there was another question, and the tape didn't go that long, that they asked the president on air force one that day, they asked whether you know where michael cohen got the money that day to make the payment. the president said no. michael cohen said he's done this on his own. the striking thing about this is rudy giuliani knew to the president's team but the president and his allies felt like this was pretty much needed fire power to their team and thought he could be someone out there publicly defending the president and someone who would take a harder line when it came to the mueller investigation. he seem to have created another mess. the notion you'd have the torn come on and not know the details
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of this arrangement, when we just saw michael cohen's home and office raided is stunning. >> cue the giuliani bite, i think the question was did he know about the payment. i forget the question that was asked -- we don't have it there. he has said in a private transaction in 2016 i used my on personal fund to facilitate a payment of $130,000 to miss stephany clifford. neither the trump campaign was a party to the transaction with miss clifford and neither reimbursed me directly or indirectly. play the clip. >> having something to do with paying some stormy daniels woman $130,000, i mean which is going to turn out to be perfectly legal. that money was not campaign money. sorry, i'm giving you a fact now that you don't know, it's not
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campaign money. no campaign finance violation. so -- >> they funneled it through the law firm. funneled it through the law firm and the president repaid it. >> oh, i didn't foe, he did? >> yeah. >> there's no campaign law. >> zero. >> just like this -- shawn -- >> this decision was made by? -- >> everybody was nervous about this from the beginning i was not. when i heard cohen's retainer of $35,000 when he was doing no work for the president, i said that's how he's repaying -- that's how he's repawiying it wh a little profit and margin for paying taxes for michael. >> do you know the president didn't know about this? >> he didn't know about the specifics of it as far as i know. he did know about the general
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arrangement. michael would take care of thing like this. i take care things like this for my client, i don't burden them with every single thing that comes along. >> okay, i want everyone to be clear about this. any private transaction in 2016, i used my own personal funds to facilitate a payment, i'm talking michael cohen now, of $130,000 to stephany clifford. neither the trump campaign was a party to the transaction and neither reimbursed me for the payment directly or indirectly. the trump organization that would be indirectly right? >> well, donald trump is the trump organization if you go into the legalities of whose on the letter head and who can make decisions what have you, we can go down that road. think about what rudy giuliani just said about michael cohen. he says cohen engaged in this kind of activity on behalf of trump, took care of things so
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trump wouldn't have to necessarily do it. he's taking care of hush money payments to a porn graphic actress that is alleging she had an affair with donald trump. this is the way of doing business in the real estate empire, i'm sure you can go out all across the country and find people who are very successful that don't have fixers like this that are dealing with such lewd types of allegations. before we get into whether it's illegal owner, that in itself should say something, don. >> yeah. it's unbelievable. this is kind of the gift that keeps on giving. i'm not sure the trump folks is viewing it as a gift but i'm sure daniels and avenue naavenai are. >> what's your reaction to this? >> it's a bombshell if you will. it's a stunning development in this case. for so long there has been a
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real separation, michael cohen saying there was no affair, the white house saying there was no favor, donald trump himself saying i knew nothing about this whole deal, my attorney took care of it for me and guess on fox and says, well, he took care of the stormy daniels thing for me. little by little we're getting closer and closer. this revelation squarely puts donald trump in the position of knowing something, knowing there was $130,000 that was owed to michael cohen. michael cohen paying that to stormy daniels, the porn star who allegedly had an affair with him. we just heard from avenatti, this was big news for him as well. he said he was stunned and speechless. he said if this is accurate this american has been lied to for months and justice must be served. i want to talk about justice for a minute, i just got off the phone with common cause. that is an organization that
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filed a accumulate with the fcc about the $130,000 saying it violate the laws because it wasn't reported. michael koe one paid $130,000 for donald trump to keep quiet, this information that may have affected the election. he's only allowed as a personal person to pay $2,700. $130,000 is a heck of a lot more than that. common cause says that violates the federal election laws. lastly they complained to the doj. now, this revelation about donald trump having paid back some of this money could put him in a legally divisive or bad position. if he willfully knew he was paying this money and it wasn't reported and they were trying to keep this away from the public to impact the length, that's a huge problem for him with the
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law. >> sara i want you to stand by. i want to fete back to our folks in washington. sara murray. in that sound that we heard, rudy giuliani also said he did no work for the president. what does that mean for attorney/client privilege? >> well, look it's hard to say at this point what that mean for attorney/client privilege. michael cohen we foe he did work for the president. we know giuliani's now working for the attorney, that have attorney/client privilege. this is going to create hurdles. potentially hurdles going forward wen giuliani is trying to make the case that the president's word should be trusted, for instance over james comey, at the time he's putting out conflicting on something else. one thing we need to look at about what giuliani's saying about these payments, they could
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be on firmer ground with the fact that president trump, if you believe giuliani's events, paid back michael cohen. maybe it was not a campaign violation, maybe it was not a campaign donation that was not revealed and documented the way it should have been. what you then do is make the president out to be a liar at a time when you're trying to decide whether or not to put him in front of robert mueller and quince mueller's team they should take the president's word over james comey. it doesn't look great for the president. >> stand by sara murder ray. i want to bring in john dean. this is what giuliani said, he said when i heard the retainment of $35,000 when he was doing no work for the president, i said that's how he's repaying it, that's how he's repaying it, un
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quote. rudy giuliani says michael did no work for the president. why are we learning this now? >> it's baffling. i can't understand where giuliani learned this -- >> can we get that sound bite. i want to hear zasean's questio before and the afterwards. go on john, sorry about that. >> yeah, the fact is -- the question is where does he get this information from that he seems to know, first of all, the entire arrangement to how it was paid back. this sound like something from trump, his client and so he's -- to be able to speak this information and not breaching the privilege, he has to have trumps permission to put that out. he did say also that he does things like this for his clients without letting his clients know. well, that's contrary to the rules of ethics in new york
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state, which is an amazing statement by the mayor. so, he's just stirred up a hornets net with these remarks and looks like loose lips to me. >> yeah. similar thing happen during campaign, rudy giuliani during an interview revealed some information that sort of caused chaos in the campaign. john, just your overall assessment of these statements when you heard about them? >> it's -- given the position that trump has taken, that he knew nothing, had no knowledge of the transaction. there was -- you know, go talk to my lawyer, michael cohen on air force one. rudy has made a liar out of his client. that's my first initial reaction. >> so, on-john -- so, now what?
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>> well, now what will be how trump respond to this, how he deals with it. we'll see what kind of relationship trump has are rudy as to how this will be very telling. i don't think lawyers really belong on television talking about what they're doing with their clients. it's very unusual. that looks like one of the shifts they're making in this operation now is to be much more political and much more public. apparently rudy's going to be the face of this. >> okay, mark preston you wanted to jump in? >> yeah, quickly. all through the trump campaign we heard trump saying i release my tacks, i release my taxes, i'll release my tacks once the audit is over. we heard him say 100% i'll sit down for an interview. let me tell you right now, i was fooled. he never had any any any desire
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to sit down for an interview. we're seeing the legal team take the shift. what we've seen what drum has done is he had laid out reasonabli reasonings to say back to reporters, i wanted to do that interview but they were being unrealistic. if you look back at that interview tonight with rudy giuliani, he put down the marker and put forth reasonable expectations if there is a interview. what we're going to see now is a visual fight that's coming a lot faster. >> unless there's some odd strategy that they're doing a mind trick, i don't know. stand by everyone i want to get to jeff zeleny, our cnn white house correspondent. that was a lot that was said about the new legal team and their strategy, this is an interview with fox news, a very friendly venue to the president to say the least. this is the message they wanted
7:18 pm
out, why? >> it's a great question. obviously rudy giuliani was feeling comfortable in this interview, and the reality, it's not just fox news it's zasean hannity who turns out to be an adviser to the president. he talks to him multiple times a week. it seems to me he was offering several opportunities there for rudy giuliani to follow his lead there, but i've heard a question ever since rudy giuliani came on board the legal team, some people who like him are wondering if he is as sharp as he was or up to this task. i think that question will be asked in the light of day tomorrow as this is all accessed and, you know the fall out of this is coming out. the reality is he did not do his client any good tonight, even as the president is lawyering up and sharping up what is going to
7:19 pm
be, as everyone has been saying tonight, a confrontation with bob mueller. i don't know exactly why he would have gone for such a long interview, did not do the president any good tonight, i don't think, don. >> yes, john -- >> to say the least. >> john, what does this mean legally? because where the president gets in trouble. what does this mean legally for this president right now? >> well, if he represents the president and claims these are the president's words, the president has to be held accountable for them and could well be contrary to some of the rumblings that rudy's making that there will be a very brief interview. that's not going to be decided by rudy, it's going to be decided by the special counsel and the courts. looks like that's where they're headed. as i say, it's just not the norm for a lawyer to go out and ra
7:20 pm
ramble on about your strategy and how you're going to deal with one problem or another, and what are the facts that you don't know that he's now making public and doesn't source them or say where he got this information. so, as i said, he kicked a hornet's nest. >> we'll discuss why it's legal for michael cohen. you guy goes do your report requesting come back. there's a lot to cover in the next couple of hours. when we come back much more on our breaking news. rudy giuliani dropping a bombshell saying president trump repaid michael cohen for that hush money to storm damages. a -- stormy daniels.
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. right now breaking news tonight and this is a bombshell. rudy giuliani says president trump repaid michael cohen for that $130,000 in hush money to stormy daniels. and he has a lot more to say. joining me now is john, and april ryan. the sound that we heard can you
7:25 pm
play it for us. i want to hear what the question was going into this. go ahead please. >> is russian sours that not only were verified were debunked. are you concerned that that was paid for to manipulate the american people and a lead up to an election? isn't that closer to a mandate than michael cohen. >> where's mueller on that, sir? >> having something to do with paying a stormy daniels woman $130,000 which is going to turn out to be perfectly legal. that money was not campaign money. sorry i'm giving you a fact now that you don't know. it's not campaign money. >> okay. so here we go with that. he was asking him something that had to do with russia. he said this is something to do with russian than the investigation, he led himself, john into this, when that wasn't really sean hannity's question.
7:26 pm
>> not at all. sean was actually conflating -- or rudy conflated something that is not part of mueller's investigation into the hole russia investigation issue, just volunteering it, it's like he wanted to get this information out. it's -- it's surprising, don, that he offered this information. >> as we had been discussing -- >> maybe shocking. >> to say the least. so, guys we had been discussing president trump's attorney, rudy giuliani was on fox news tonight and here's what he had to say. this is about a possible interview with the special counsel. watch this. >> what are the parameters that you would insist on for any interview with mueller beyond two to three hours narrowing the
7:27 pm
scope? >> never beyond two or three hours. i'm not going to have my client, my president, my friend, a year and a half against all odds that anyone had a right to expect, i'm not going to let him be treated worse than bill clinton, who definitely was a liar under oath. he'd be treated much worse than hillary clinton which has no right to that stuff. i'm not going to let him be treated worse than hillary clinton. i think jay and i will insist that they're going to have to treat him same way as clinton, 2 1/2 hours. we're in, walk out. give us your questions in advance. >> didn't he just say clinton was a hiliar, he hired his lawy? what's your take on the parameters here? giuliani wants to set up for a
7:28 pm
possible interview with mueller? >> i think john d. hit the nail on the head. the mayor is drawing a line on the sand that i'm not sure was wise to do on national t.v. in this kind of interview. look, i don't have any problem with the mayor going at bob mueller, arguing precedent, arguing what part in clinton case and in other case and say, look, if i'm the president's lawyer -- look he is dealing with incredibly important issues right now. and to take literally days to prep him, and possibly a day or two to interview him, seems unreasonable. and, i'd rather litigate that, go before a judge as oppose to agree to that with bob mueller. now, you can make that demand -- >> you said it's unreasonable to take a day or two to interview the president? >> well, in this case it's gung to take -- look, how long do you
7:29 pm
think it will take, for example to prep the president on these areas? >> yeah. >> as a lawyer -- >> i'm just asking because he's got a lot of executive time. so, to say that it takes two to three days is a long time, he spends a lot of time on the golf course. april, listen, i got to get april if here. stand by, guy. giuliani slammed jim combmy and hillary throughout the interview. watch this. >> i'm sorry hillary, you didn't win, but you're a criminal. equal justice means you should go to jail. i do not foe why the department is not investigating this. >> you said clinton deeply respect the rule of law. comey said that. >> wow, this is a very perverted man. >> april, what's your response
7:30 pm
to that? >> we're going right back into where we started, deflection into hillary clinton. this is not about hillary clinton or james comey. this is about what he said to some daniels and the president repaying $130,000 to michael cohen. now when it comes to the issue of the rule of law there is a major concern about the rule of law being broken. this president is not -- and rudy giuliani, he's wanting to delay the process now for the president to speak, and what does that do? he just wants to buy more time instead of putting it out there making it happen now. what's going to happen is if indeed mueller feels this is a delaying tactic or some kind of tactic not to do it, there is a possibility of grand jury or indictment. we've seen the grand jury issue and we've seen how the republicans went after bill clinton at the time when he was president and that could actually force the republicans to do exactly what they don't want to do, to write up articles
7:31 pm
of impeachment for this president. a lot of this is deflection. yes, that i have been talking about this for a long time. the issue is bigger now. you heard sarah huckabee sanders say there was arbitration. you heard the president say, he didn't know anything about it -- >> i'm got to go april. i got to go. but, guy, can you give me ten seconds, give me your assessment of what just happened tonight. >> i think that the president's lawyer got off message, got off point and was talking about things that he shouldn't be talking about. i really do. >> april, thank you very much. guy, thank you and of course john we appreciate it. >> when we come back much much more on this breaking news. rudy giuliani says president trump repaid michael cohen $130,000 on that hush payment to
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we're back now with major breaking news, rudy giuliani says president trump repaid his fixer, michael cohen, $130,000
7:36 pm
for that stormy daniels' hush money payment. joining me now a member of the intelligence committee, you're a lawyer as well, aren't you? >> yeah, i was a criminal defense attorney for a decade. >> so, this -- this is an explosive interview with rudy giuliani. he is president trump's new attorney. what did you think of that what you heard it? >> yeah, i was on a different level than rudy but obviously he was a better prosecutor than defense attorney. i never felt it was a good idea to talk about your clients or the cases on t.v., only bad things can happen and tonight was a great example. >> let me read something, i just want to get your assessment of this. he was talking about the money, there's no campaign finance law. rude giuliani says everybody was nervous about this from the very beginning. i wasn't. i knew how much money donald trump put into the campaign. i said $130,000, he's going to do a couple of checks for
7:37 pm
$130,000. when i know i heard cohen's retainer of $35,000 when he was doing no work for the president, i said that's how he's repaying. that's how he's repaying it, with a little profit and a little margin for paying taxes. what do you think? >> yeah, who needs investigate reporters when you have rudy defending the president of the united states? i think it said something, it's extraordinarily important. when the president of the united states gets in the same room with the truth a fight breaks out. i hear in a previous discussion people talking about laying the ground work for the president's decision to go speak before the special counsel. i don't think you're given that opportunity now. i think you subpoena the president of the united states, i think the case law is clear, they'll have to appear. the case was a civil case, i think it's easy to argue that having the president ensuring
7:38 pm
the president helps with the criminal investigation is far more important than a civil trial that we were talking about before. >> i want to get your reaction to another story, i think it's a big story as well. it's from the "new york times." they report a federal law enforcement official familiar with the views says mr. rosenstein and top fbi officials have come to suspect that some officials were using their authority to gain intelligence about that investigation so it can be shared with the white house. what's your reaction and do you suspect the same thing? >> yeah, my reaction is line from casablanca, i'm shocked to hear your winnings. look, i had a birds' eye view on members tanking the investigation. going along with a gag order by the white house. the chairman's midnight ride. writing a memo about the
7:39 pm
investigation in concert with the white house. so, this doesn't surprise me at all, it shouldn't surprise the american public. it's why we have to protect the special counsel from the president and his far right friends on the committee. >> that leads me to this next question, the president's attacks on the justice department. he says it's a rig system referring to the justice department and sat soat some po he's going to use the president's power to get involved. does that seem like a threat? do you think he'll have the power to fire bob mueller if he does what will the congress do? >> it's too extremes but it's the same thing. he wants to be able to use the justice department to go after his political opponents and wants to use it to muzzle those that would investigate the white house. this is an extreme violation of the rule of law. it takes a historical context to
7:40 pm
fully comprehend what's happening here. right? the king was restricted requested he wasn't above the law but the magna carta. our founding fathers would not have imagined giving the president of the united states in the constitution rights and ability to be above the law when there are concerns with the power of the king. wanted to be independent of that king. the president of the united states has terned the american history and law on its head. we are facing a real constitutional crises. and my friend on both sides of the aisle need to stand up and show some courage. >> mike quickingly joining us, thank you sewer. breaking some news admitting that the president paid michael
7:41 pm
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. we're back now with our
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stunning breaking news tonight. rudy giuliani says president trump repaid his fixer, michael cohen, $130,000 for that stormy daniels hush payment. i want to bring in michael de-antonio, the author of the truth about trump. and columnist for "usa today." frank, welcome good evening. this is his first interview as the lawyer right if. >> yeah, he seems to be enjoying the spotlight now. he's not bringing what disciplining may have had in the past into these interviews. that's one crazy interview. >> yeah. and your reaction when you heard it? >> well, it's like he put all of our brains into a ball and scrambled them up. this is just nuts. how many different directiones are they going to take these stories? first the president's saying i don't know anything about this. the press secretary in the white
7:46 pm
house is saying there's nothing to this. now, the new lawyer trots himself out and this is really unbridled interview says, oh, the president's paid him back over a number of months. he didn't have $130,000, he's a billionaire but he didn't have that in his account to write just one check. >> we're getting new information trying to get so much. i want to go to you, because giuliani seems to have thrown michael cohen under bus saying he didn't do any legal work for the president. does that also undermined the president in this investigation? >> i don't know about how it affects the investigation. donald trump clearly -- he lied requested i know that's not breaking news, but it is still problematic when he's on air force one was asked about whether he knew about this and you know, and said he didn't know about it. and that we have a president who keeps a fixer on hand to be dulling out money to, you know, porn stars.
7:47 pm
>> yeah. >> that's a fact that we now have race past. this is our normal, we talk about this every night, the $130,000 paid as the election approached to keep a porn star quiet. >> how does this complicate things? let's talk about michael cohen here. how does that complicate things for michael cohen in this case? what did he do illegally here? did he do anything illegal even with this information? >> i don't know that he necessarily did. i think the campaign, if this was an expenditure related to campaign activities they should have reported it on their list of expenditures, but the president may say, well, this is a personal matter and i settled this because i needed to protect my family. this is -- that's the last refuge of scoundrels, i'm going to protect my family from the terrible thing i did. >> i have to believe giuliani
7:48 pm
said this because they believe this takes the campaign's finance problem off the table. it wasn't a payment from the trump organization or michael cohen on behalf of the orego organization, it was an ex pen chur on behalf of the president. there's so much about this interview that does not seem to adhere any script that they'd want him to follow. i was watching it, like i was stunned. >> part of that trump repaying michael cohen you assume okay, this is a better version of a story we've told many versions of in terms of the any campaign finance questions. but the problem is the rest of the interview, i don't think they wanted giuliani out there returning to lock her to to hillary clinton. i don't think they wanted giuliani out there and called stormy perverted. >> and he referred to law official as storm troopers. when we come back more on this stunning news about rudy
7:49 pm
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so we are learning a lot more about two things the american people didn't know in the months leading up to the election that the president's attorney michael cohen paid a hush money pay off to stormy daniels. and our breaking news tonight that apparently according to rudy guiliani he paid back michael cohen. and also according to the president's ex-doctor the glowing letter he wrote about then candidate trump's glowing health in 2016 was actually dictated by himself. it is interesting because this stuff was not revealed during the election. >> i wonder why. >> what i'm saying is people made their decision without all the information. >> of course. and that was intentional. what i think we see going on especially with this doctor's letter is the power of donald trump's conviction.
7:54 pm
so when you talk about con men, it is the mpower of their conviction. that is the con in con men that overwhelms people. he's going to do what he says. he's going to demand the letter he wants and the doctor is going to produce it. >> here's the thing, though, i'm sure michael cohen thinks he's doing his job. he was work frg the president in the way that the president i would guess would want him to work. is that a fair assessment or no? >> well, sure. if he broke some law, which is being determined right now -- if he broke some law, then he wouldn't. you're supposed to color in the lines of the law. donald trump has a talent for picking people who work for him who will color very, very far outside the lines. he knew when he was with this doctor, he knew when he dictated that letter that he had someone
7:55 pm
in his employ that would put his name to that document. i mean that's not proper doctorly procedure at all. >> this is question i probably know the answer to, his relationship with the truth and the people around him, their relationship with the truth. >> right, they don't have any kind of relationship with the truth. and i do think frank just hit on it. how did this person end up being a billionaire's doctor, someone who could pay literally anybody for the best care in the world, someone flying in from johns hopkins treating him, they said when they went in to get the file they couldn't find it because he was so disorganized. this is person who actually said there's nothing wrong with me telling the media that he uses propesia. that's a violation of his
7:56 pm
privacy. >> look what he did to ronny jackson in the white house? this is person who by all accounts had a stellar reputation and all of a sudden when he asked to evaluate the president, he's saying ridiculous things. i think it's something in the power of donald trump's method that not only attracts certain people but overwhelms their normal observations. >> all right. we have a lot more. thank you all very much. every night it's something. i sit in my office and we have this entire show prepared and then we just go, okay. it goes right out the window. when we come back much more on our breaking news tonight. rudy guiliani says he paid michael cohen $130,000 for hush money he paid to stormy daniels.
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