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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  May 16, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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out. gotten to the hospital, he is okay. >> oh, my gosh! they are just angels. so brave to be able to go into that kind of situation. >> angels among us. we have to remember that that's what their job is and we make sure that they do it right. >> and the family's sacrifice so much as we just learned in our last segment. on that note it's time for cnn "newsroom" with john berman and poppy harlow. top of the hour, good morning. i'm poppy harlow. >> and i'm john berman. developing this morning, north korea is now threatening to abandon its high stakes summit with president trump scheduled for next month. the regime says it will not, not be pressure today give up its nuclear weapons in exchange for economic support. >> this announcement also comes after north korea suddenly called off these high level talks with south korea over north korea saying these joint military drills that south korea is conducting with the united states. let's go straight to seoul, our international correspondent ivan watson is there. there's a lot to unpack here in
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that statement from north korea. >> reporter: only a series of statements released through north korean state media which criticized pretty harsh terms we haven't heard in some time both the u.s. and south korea accusing them both of military provocations during these joint military exercises, annual exercises that are under way right now and saying that the u.s. better think twice if it wants to continue with this and still have a north korea/u.s. summit in singapore next month. take a look at this excerpt from the statement. if they try to push us into the corner and force only unilateral nuclear abandonment we will no longer be interested in that kind of talks and will have to reconsider whether we will accept the upcoming
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north korea/u.s. summit and that's from a senior diplomat in north korea. now, analysts are mixed here. they don't know whether this is a bargaining tactic or this could be the signal of an end to this kind of period of warmer relations, but we do have to point out that there's been some kind of brinksmanship coming from the white house in past months as well going into these discussions. take a listen to this excerpt from president trump. >> if i think that it's a meeting that is not going to be fruitful, we're not going to go. >> the requirement that kim jong-un agreed to give away those weapons before you give any kind of concession. >> i think that's right. we're looking at the libya model 2003/2004. >> reporter: and that's john bolton at the end there, the national security adviser. the north korean diplomat really targeted him for a lot of
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criticism calling him repugnant for comparing north korea to libya who's dictator of course was overthrown after he gave up nuclear weapons. john and poppy? >> ivan watson for us in seoul. thank you so much. we have breaking news just in this morning in what is still the most intriguing and potentially direct possible connection between the trump campaign and russia. this is the meeting in trump tower where the trump campaign was promised dirt on the clinton campaign. >> the transcripts of the interviews that it conducted with the people that were in that room for that meeting. let's go to evan perez in washington with more. >> reporter: if you remember, when donald trump jr. was told that these russians were coming to meet with the members of the campaign team, they said they had dirt on hillary clinton and he said he responded, if it's what you say, i love it. so that's the reason why his
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account of what happened in that meeting, the accounts of other people who are at that meeting has been the focus of the investigation, not only in the senate and the house but also of the special counsel robert mueller. we will see about 2,000 pages of documents here of transcripts from the interviews of various people here. we have a team behind me that is working on reading through this and seeing what is interesting, what is news worthy from all of this, but i'll give you a sense of the characters. the russian lawyer, she was the head of the russian contingent that arrived at this trump tower meeting in june 2016. on the trump side was paul manafort, the chairman of the trump campaign at the time, of course donald trump jr., jared kushner, the president's -- now the president's son-in-law. these are people obviously who have all been interviewed by different committees on the senate and the house and it's interesting to see what their accounts are, how their accounts
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differ of what exactly happened. we also know that among this 2,000 pages that are being released are some notes that paul manafort took on his phone and were printed out obviously and have now been released as part of this release by the senate judiciary committee. we also know that among the other people who were at the meeting were the couple of russian developers, who were people who knew donald trump from way back when he was in russia for the miss universe pageant. a lot of connections back and forth between all of these characters and the people in the trump campaign and which is why a year after the mueller -- after robert mueller took over this investigation we're still waiting for some answers as to what happened here, whether or not there was any collusion, this is obviously something that is still squarely at the middle of this investigation. >> evan, stay with us. let's bring into this conversation as we wait for the headlines from those documents,
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our panel. laura coates, so many questions and i wonder what is top of mind for you as you think about all of these transcripts of these hours long interview. what will you be looking for most? >> one, i expect to see a great deal of redactions to not give us the full picture but what is remaining included in there, i'm looking to see whether or not anybody was truly come prehence siffly responsive. it's about the lack of enforcement and the lack of trying to get people to try to answer all of the questions thoroughly and not hide behind some exertion of privilege or hide behind some other reason not to answer the question. i'll be curious to see where the gaps is. if there are gaps in the answers that could lead you to conclude a number of things. i'm looking to figure out whether anyone can answer the question why and what people knew at the time of the meeting.
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there's been a lot of confusion about whether or not this was a meeting about the mag nisski act and i'm also trying to figure out because kushner and manafort didn't sit for an interview, but they had written responses. i'm curious to read -- i'm sure highly vetted curated responses from those two gentlemen particularly because manafort finds himself with a trial down the road. >> the big deal here is the transcript or the testimony from donald trump jr., that is what we will see and see any second right now. the other thing that could be potentially very interesting is the written answers from the russian lawyer who was at this meeting and since very recently and very publicly admitted to being a russian informant. what would you look for her in her written response? >> from my perspective especially from the perspective of somebody who's trying to groom a possible candidate that they can recruit and then
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therefore work for them and do their bidding, i'd be looking for signals that she was actually intending to work with donald trump jr. or through roger stone or where she's trying to set the stage for further conversations down the road that would lead them to then working with the trump campaign, anything that would signal, basically, a spy operation is what i would be looking for at this point. it might not be incredibly blatant in her language but it could be just signals that she is using to actually try to recruit some of these individuals to then have this further relationship with. >> evan perez, it's an understatement to say there was an evolution and explanation from donald trump jr. over the summer when news of the meeting was first broken from him, from his lawyer, who back in july said he had no knowledge of what specific information at all would be discussed. as you look at these transcripts what will you look for most from
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donald trump jr. who is under oath obviously, you can't lie during this testimony and his story changed so many times publicly, what will you be looking for in his transcript? >> that's right. when the media first learned about this, about this meeting which occurred in june of 2016 and we found out about it last summer, one of the things that happened was at first they said this was an adoption and over time -- over the course of a weekend, actually, they managed to change the story multiple times. we now know president trump on air force one was helping to dictate, was helping to manage some of the response initially we're told by sources that president trump wanted to tell "the new york times" and the media essentially to just go away. over time finally allowed for an explanation which was still incomplete and misleading. what we're looking for today in this transcript is to see whether or not he describes any more information about what he told his father, whether or not
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at the time of the meeting back in june of 2016 whether he told the then candidate trump that they were going to have this meeting, did he tell him after the meeting? the president and the white house have been sort of a little squooshy and all over the place in describing when the president found out about this, if you listen to them, different explanations at the time last summer, they said the president learn it had very recently at that time. so the question is who told him about it because jared kushner had told his lawyers that he had planned to tell the president about it, but we don't know whether or not that happened. we're looking to see where that contradicts the information that we know publicly, whether or not that conta dikts at all what jared kushner has said and it helps us put together the picture. robert mueller knows a lot more than we do at this point. >> i think the important thing to know is when we see these transcripts is donald trump jr. under oath because we know he's
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lied about these in the past. i'm looking at something he said where said did i meet with people that were russian, i'm sure you did. but none that were set up. stick around. we have a lot more to discuss. we're pouring over the transcripts of the testimony about that trump tower meeting and we'll bring you the latest. >> the senate intelligence committee in a closed door meeting with top intel officials about russian meddling in the election. we're following the latest and we're hearing more from the white house in terms of its reaction to north korea threatening to pull out of that summit with president trump. what sarah huckabee sanders is saying, saying they were prepared for this, ahead.
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trump jr. was promised dirt on hillary clinton that was to be provided by the russians. you can see one woman there, natalia veselnitskaya, she is something very recently one month ago, it was released that she admits to being a russian informant. the details of what went on in that meeting are of paramount importance. we're joined by our panel again. evan, again, what is already known about this meeting is so intriguing and is also the most direct possible connection between the trump campaign and the russians. donald trump jr. took a meeting where he was promised dirt's on hillary clinton so everything he was told leading up to it and everything he knew after it are crucial not just to the various congressional committees but also to the special counsel. this is the first time we will see how he responds under oath to questions about this. >> that's right.
6:17 am
the president repeatedly you hear it almost every time he talks about this, he says there was no collusion. this meeting is an example of the type of things that the people would call collusion. it's plainly visible that this was at least an attempt -- it doesn't mean that they got anything, it appears according to donald trump jr. and people associated with the campaign that the russians ended up not turning up anything or giving them anything. but it was at least on the trump side they thought that they were going to get something from the russians and so that's the reason why it's important and the names of the people who are included in this 2,000 pages that's been released by the senate judiciary committee includes glenn simpson. he's the founder, the owner of a company called fusion gps which did or paid for what's now known as the dossier, the trump/russia dossier. this was compiled by a former british spy and what's interesting about this is senator dianne feinstein the top democratic on this committee
6:18 am
released that document some weeks ago upsetting the republicans on this committee. that's the one piece of these documents that we've seen before. here's what's interesting is that in the time since that has been released, republicans have seized on one part of glenn simpson's testimony in which he says that the fbi had a mole, had someone inside the trump campaign that was providing information as part of this investigation and of course, the republicans is a very unusual situation. you have an ongoing investigation but you have members of congress doing an investigation of the investigation as it is going on. so it's very intriguing that we'll see the full transcript from glenn simpson and republicans are now redoubling their efforts to try to figure out who it was that the fbi was talking to perhaps inside the trump campaign that led to this investigation which is now been ongoing at least under the special counsel robert mueller for about a year. >> evan, we've just received the first big headline out of these
6:19 am
thousands of pages of transcripts from the judiciary committee's interviews and the headline is donald trump jr. testified under oath in front of the committee that he had never spoken to his father about drafting one of those initial statements trying to explain this meeting on july 8th. we should just read it. >> the transcript here isn't quite so declarative here. this is one of the questions, "the washington post" is reporting that your father was involved in drafting your july 8 statement, is that correct? trump junior responds, i don't know. i never spoke to my father about it. do you know who did draft the statement? he responds, well, there were numerous statements drafted with counsel and other people were involved and, you know, opined. to the best of your knowledge, did your president provide any statements? >> he may have commented through hope hicks, his then spokesperson. >> do you know if his comments provided through hope hicks were incorporated into the final statement?
6:20 am
donald trump jr. responds, i believe some may have been but this was an effort by lot of people mostly counsel. question, did you ask him to provide any assistance with the statement? he says no. she asked if you wanted to speak to him and i chose not to because i didn't want to bring him into something that he had nothing to do with. >> it seems to be explaining, no, i didn't speak to my father about drafting this statement. then admitting at the end because he didn't want to bring his father in to it because it could be more than just not a good look for his father, there could be legal implications, but we know how close evan, hope hicks was to president trump, so speaking to her or getting communication from her about what his father thought should go into this statement, what's the difference? >> exactly. that's exactly right. what don jr. at least in the first answer you see there, he's been lawyerly and he's being very technical about what he's saying about whether he spoke to the president or not.
6:21 am
as far as we know there was -- a lot of what was happening, they were all on air force one and communicating with donald trump jr. and his lawyers in new york as well as jared kushner's attorneys here in washington, d.c. and their phone calls going back and forth between the lawyers and at least the lawyers and perhaps don junior, we don't know, and air force one. hope hicks was doing the talking on behalf of the president and this is why -- this is a very important piece of this story simply because by doing this, doing this aboard air force one, the president essentially was using government employees, people who worked for the white house to handle the most personal of matters. this is something having to do with his son, right? donald trump jr. doesn't work for the government. he doesn't have to explain anything except that his father brings this upon -- makes this into a federal investigation.
6:22 am
>> to be clear, donald trump jr. in this testimony is admitting if not directly to the possibility that his father did dictate the response. he may have commented through hope hicks, i believe there may have been some. this was an effort through lots of people mostly counsel, but this is saying that he was involved. let me just read you the trump junior comment on the release right now so you have it out there and include that in your calculations here. i appreciate the opportunity trump says to assist the judiciary committee in its inquiry. the public can now see that for over five hours i answered every question asked and was candid and forge right with the committee. i thank grassley and feinstein for their courtesy and professionalism. >> i would just note, too, that the statement we're talking about that don junior was questioned about is the july 8 statement which basically says this meeting was much ado about nothing, this meeting was about russian adoptions. there was no follow-up or there was no there there.
6:23 am
>> laura coates, if you read this testimony with donald trump jr. basically saying my father communicated through hope hicks on this, you know that special counsel robert mueller is going to be asking hope hicks about this and hope hicks faced questions about this from the committee as well. >> what i heard, when you're reading the actual transcript are two things, i heard somebody who was trying to hedge under two concepts, plausible deniability that if there is someone who is one removed from the president of the united states that somehow he could take cover and not having had a direct conversation and the second issue is the idea that he was trying to flounder in his effort to do so talk about his attorney/client privilege. it's mostly through counsel and saying he can't talk about these efforts. he was criticized on that very point. you don't have attorney/client privilege if you're not talking to your attorney. his attempt to comprehensively and candidly answer these questions in my mind raised additional questions and
6:24 am
suspicion, particularly because on air force one, who's rileding on it? the president of the united states and a lot of the testimony that's coming out indicate about a lot of the anxiety that took place once they realized that the meeting had been made public and the knowledge of the meeting had actually been public knowledge at this point. it's all the anxiety and the buildup of how to address it and how to resolve it. you had "the new york times" breathing down his neck from donald trump jr. and you had somebody in a position who was now president but at the time of the meeting was not. steve bannon who i know is not around at the time of this july 2016, i believe, meeting, you still have him saying, he questioned and called it traitorus whether or not donald trump jr. told hiss father or walked them down to the floor he was sitting on. there's still a lot of questions. >> stay with us to answer those questions. we're getting more of these headlines out of these thousands of pages of transcripts.
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i'd of said... i'd of said you're dreaming. dreaming! definitely dreaming. then again, dreaming is how i got this far. now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. the senate judiciary committee releasing the transcripts of testimony of the trump tower meeting where donald trump jr. was promised dirt by the russians on hillary clinton. we started to see some transcripts released. donald trump jr. talking about alleged coordination with his father in the response to this meeting, saying his father did weigh in on the response there. we haven't seen anything in the lead up to the meeting where trump jr. thought the meeting going in. as a national security analyst here, natalia veselnitskaya,
6:30 am
again, this is the key figure, the key russian figure at this meeting. we heard recently that she admits to being a russian formant, what does that mean exactly in intelligence par lens? and what would she be doing at this meeting? >> so as an informant she's looking for information to deliver to the kremlin, to the russian government. she's looking for information on the trump campaign. she's probably there initially just to get feelers out and understand how the campaign works, who holds the power, who's making decisions, whether or not the campaign itself would be amine ybl to working with the kremlin at this point and so she's really using her role as an interlocator between the russian government to reach out to the trump campaign. she's also from what we're seeing so far in some of the reports is using that meeting to be able to test the water a
6:31 am
little bit, not only with trump jr. but with manafort and others circling around the orbit during the campaign. part of her job, not only with the kremlin is then to start elite itsing information out of the trump campaign that the kremlin can use. we've been focused on whether or not the kremlin gave information to the trump campaign about hillary clinton but there's also a reverse that the russians are looking for. they want to collect information. they want information that they can then use themselves to manipulate the election as we now know in any way they saw fit and or use it to compromise the trump campaign. >> let's bring in mark preston as well. we just got the second excerpt that stands out from these transcripts. let's read it to you. why wouldn't you share it with your father talking about this trump tower meet not guilty june of 2016. why wouldn't you share it with
6:32 am
your father given your response that you loved it especially later in the summer? answer, i wouldn't bring him into something about anything substantiated especially from a guy like rob. it goes on to say, so you did not pass the information along to your father? do you know if anyone else did? i don't believe they did but i don't know. have you ever asked him if he was given the email or told about this meeting? no, i haven't. has he ever told you whether he saw this email or knew about this meeting? not that i recall, no. >> it is interesting there because one of the key questions was it donald trump, the candidate for president of the united states, know about this meeting. trump junior here is saying he never told him about it. this is fairly declarative. he never told his father about this meeting but he doesn't know if someone else did. >> this is the dangerous part of supporters of president trump certainly that they don't want to see and that's when you have
6:33 am
people that actually have to sit in front of a congressional committee in this case or in front of robert mueller's special committee right now and having to answer these questions honestly and not flippantly. it's interesting if you really look at that statement, he gave himself a little bit of wiggle room there to say that he didn't know if anyone ever spoke to the president about that. having said that, though, we know there was a lot of involvement in this statement. my fear, though, john and poppy, is that we are in this facts don't matter era right now where people don't seem to care about the truth and i think something really big is going to have to happen for the american public in a major way show their distaste for what we've seen so far. >> laura coates, what stands out to you from what i just read about whether or not donald trump jr. told his father about this trump tower meeting or showed him the emails setting it
6:34 am
up and the reason those emails matter is because the emails promised incriminating information on hillary clinton to the trump team. >> well, the context here is lost in just that reading of it. remember, it wasn't just donald trump jr. who was in the room, paul manafort was in the room, you had jared kushner, you had people who were in the room who would have direct contact with, then, candidate trump. paul manafort was the chair of the campaign at that point in time. so to suggest that, oh, i don't know if anyone happened to mention to my father this was going on, was there anyone in the room that could give me any information, also the context of this, not too long after this meeting happened, or the meeting was promised, wasn't there a campaign trail discussion by the president of the united states talking about information that was forthcoming about hillary clinton. all of those things and those pieces come together to say, this was an exercise by donald trump jr. about trying to create plausible deniability and the reason why it's not, you know,
6:35 am
fatal to the investigation of robert mueller to suggest that maybe donald trump didn't know directly or no one maybe told him directly is because people have this misimpression that mueller's only charge in this case is to figure out a way to indict the president of the united states but his actual scope and mandate is to figure out whether anyone who was a member of the trump campaign had some sort of ca lieu siff ties. you have a testimony from donald trump jr., three people who were tiled to the campaign. i know he's not now, but all of those people show that there were some evidence to suggest that perhaps the scope of that mandate is actually well defined and necessary. >> we just got a new little taunch from these phone calls, one of the russians who wanted this meeting set up and was apparently originally told that the russians -- i'm not going to read this section because it's long and very technical here.
6:36 am
the bottom line here is that donald trump jr. admits that his phone records show that there were calls but he doesn't recall actually having conversations with this individual and so far what we've seen is a lot of, i don't recalls or maybes or could have beens in this. is this the difference between testifying to congress, even behind closed door and maybe testifying to robert mueller? >> that's right. these guys were prepared, they certainly were prepared for this congressional testimony, but what you also see in this questioning is essentially -- especially from congressional investigators is the follow-ups and perhaps -- they know what the answer is when they're asking these questions and so sometimes, you know, you do have some good followups and other times you don't. if donald trump jr. was being interviewed by prosecutors by the fbi in the robert mueller investigation, i think the substance of it would be a lot
6:37 am
different. in this case donald trump jr. testified that his phone records show that there were, quote, three very short phone calls between himself and the russian developer who was pushing for this meeting according to rob goldstone, the russian -- i'm sorry the british publicist who help set it up. they were pushing for this meeting with the trump campaign people and so the question was, did you ever speak and he says, i don't think we ever did. he says it's possible. it's possible they left each other voice mails. >> evan we're just getting more information from these thousands of pages of transcripts. let's get a quick break in. we'll have more on this right after this. ♪ last night took an l, but tonight i bwhat's an l?♪
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let's get back to the other breaking news we're following this morning and that is the thousands of pages of testimony, testimony given under oath of all of the participants in that 2016 meeting in trump tower, of particular interest is the testimony that donald trump jr. gave because he set up this meeting that included a now admitted russian informant and russian lawyer, natalia veselnitskaya. back with us is our panel. s a part that stands out to us. >> you'll remember that donald trump jr. was promised dirt from the russians on hillary clinton. listen to this exchange with senate investigators right now. what is it specifically you were interested in getting out of that meeting? the answer. i was interested in listening to information question, information about hillary clinton? answer, yes. question, information on hillary clinton that potentially came from the russian government,
6:43 am
donald trump jr.'s answer is, i had to way of assessing where it came from but i was willing to listen. two things that are very interesting there, number one, donald trump jr. admits that he was willing to listen to information about dirt on hillary clinton which he has said publicly before and obviously he was because he held the meeting, he tries to get funny right there. i had no way of assessing where the information came from even though in the emails that set up the meeting he was told it came from the russian government? >> that's right. that's a very telling attempt to back step on that. it's quite obvious that first of all, just out of an abundance of caution they should have informed and been truthful later about these types of meeting. he would not be interested in taking a meeting if he didn't think that information was coming from high levels and would be dependable. >> laura coates, to you, let me read you part of the email that donald trump jr. -- we don't have laura, chan, let me read you part of this email that was
6:44 am
sent that he responded to, that donald trump jr. responded to. it says, this is obviously very high level and sensitive information but is part of russia and its government support for mr. trump. those emails are now of the public record. donald trump jr. released them himself and he's testifying under oath that he did not know where the information came from. how can both be true at the same time? >> they can't and one of the difficulties for him as well as these other witnesses is they're being questioned by multiple entities. he's going to have to talk to mueller's people, he's talking to the committee. it's very hard even for people telling the truth to tell the same story twice the same way and it's particularly difficult if you're not telling the truth. i think you're seeing some of that going on here. >> okay. i want to raise your attention to something we're now seeing right now, evan. it has to do with an exchange about phone calls that were made
6:45 am
by donald trump jr. a series of phone calls he made and he talks about having a conversation or exchange in calls with one of the russians who got the incriminating information or was told that the russians had incriminating information on hillary clinton. he had two phone calls back and forth with him and in between there was another phone call. let me read you this exchange. 25 minutes after the first called ended you made an outgoing call to the same number but in between those two calls there's another entry, a call that lasted four minutes from a blocked number between eamon's call to you and your return call to him, with whom did you have that call? donald trump junior says i have no idea. other than that call do you remember what you did during that 25 minutes? i don't. that after your call with the blocked number ended, you called eamon back.
6:46 am
people that have been following this closely, they have all noted that candidate donald trump had a blocked phone number and it hasn't been deeply investigated in some cases by investigators here. so when you see this, that donald trump jr. had a phone call with a blocked number in between calls with a russian, why might that be important? >> well, it certainly leaves you to wonder who exactly is that phone call, is it a phone call to his father? people who know donald trump jr. know the trumps say that this is something that donald trump jr. would have wanted to tell his father about. keep in mind at this point ivanka and jared kushner have been brought into the campaign, donald trump jr. is not part of the campaign and he's eager to show his father that he too can help with the campaign of the that's one reason why he organizes this meeting, he brings people in from the campaign to try to do this and if you talk to people who are close to jared kushner, people close to paul manafort they
6:47 am
describe themselves being a little suspicious as to why donald trump jr. is doing this after all he's not formally in the campaign, they've always been suspicion as to who he might have told about this. they don't buy the story essentially that he has been telling and certainly donald trump jr. is not explaining it. one of the interesting parts of this is going to be whether robert mueller and the fbi and the technology that, you know, their investigators have, whether they're able to decipher using phone company records where that phone call came from, whether that blocked number is indeed something that they can find out where it was, was it to donald trump the candidate's assistance or not. those are questions i'm sure that the senate investigators were a little bit ham strung because they didn't have access to get additional information but robert mueller may be able to. >> mark preston, as we've got be these sort of four to five major headlines so far, what stands
6:48 am
out to you the most? >> couple things. one is that we're actually seeing it laid out and its being released by a republican chairman. i think that is very, very important. this isn't a democratic witch hunt as we have been led to believe by some of donald trump's supporters and very much this is been a bipartisan investigation on capitol hill, certainly on the u.s. senate side. what we have seen, though, just in the last few minutes is that senate democrats on the judiciary committee have released a blistering assessment of what they believe has been taken out of these transcripts and among that is that they say that this investigation is very far from over, dozens of witnesses have yet to be interviewed and lots of documents haven't been received, so if you think it's over, i don't think it's over yet. >> stick around. we're pouring through these transcripts. the white house responding to north korea's threat to pull out of the summit next month. we'll have much more right after the break. -♪ he's got legs of lumber and arms of steel ♪
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new this morning, damage control from the white house after reports that they were blindsided by north korea's threat to pull out of the summit between president trump and kim jong-un. white house officials say they fully expected this threat all along. let's go to our correspondent abby philips. she join us live. sarah sanders said, quote, we thought this was coming. >> reporter: that's right. the white house responding somewhat cautiously to north korea's threat that they might pull out of the summit with president trump later in june. sarah huckabee sanders spoke to reporters and suggested the white house wasn't surprised at all by what came from north korea in the last day. >> the reaction to the latest threat from north korea saying that they're not going to be boxed in to be nuclearized. >> look, this is something that we fully expected.
6:54 am
the president is very ready for tough negotiations and if they want to meet we'll be ready and if they don't, that's okay, too. >> this was fully expected. did you believe that they would pull back at some point? >> we know this is a standard function that can often happen, and you know, we're not surprised by it, but we're going to continue moving forward. >> our sources tell cnn this morning that the u.s. is still trying to figure out what exactly north korea means by the comments that they made in the last day or so. the u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo did speak with his south korean counterpart and reiterated that the u.s. continues to plans for the summit and white house officials are some of the reasons why president trump himself has not directly responded to the latest north korean comments and we are also hearing the white house started pulling back comments from the president's national security adviser john bolton who has said that they were using
6:55 am
libya as a model for what they wanted from north korea. north korea responded angrily to that, and sarah huckabee sanders said that is not under consideration by white house officials. the white house remains confident that if the summit goes forward president trump will be ready, but if it doesn't happen it certainly doesn't happen from the u.s.' perspective, john and poppy. >> because they know what happened to moammar gadhafi and does not want to meet the same fate and is saying over and over again in the statement from north korea and abby philips at the white house. thank you. happening now embattled ep achieve scott pruitt set to testify on capitol hill and there are so many questions to him about ethical issues. we are watching it live and also the release of transcripts of testimony where donald trump jr. promised dirt on hillary clinton. much more on the breaking news next.
6:56 am
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now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. this is cnn breaking news. good morning, everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm poppy harlow. there is a lot of breaking news this morning. let's begin with the never-before-seen details of the donald trump jr. meeting with the russian lawyer who now admits to be a russian informant. he took that meeting on the promise of getting dirt on hillary clinton from the russian government and don't forget then-campaign chairman paul manafort was in that meeting and so was the president's son-in-law jared kushner. >> the senate committee published hundreds of pages of


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