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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  June 6, 2018 2:00am-2:58am PDT

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>> yeah. ♪ that's the primary music. politics for breakfwelcome to " christine romans. >> delicious. i'm dave briggs. wednesday, june 6th. 5:00 a.m. in the east, 2:00 a.m. in fornia. numbers are coming in. constantly updated as we check retake the house. the biggest test thus far for the democrats, the california primary. democrats have been worried about the state's top two or jungle primary system. concerned too many democrats could spl the vote shutting them out of districts they hope to flip in the fall. some evidence that may be the case. >> the race for california governor settled. a republican made it on to the ballot which could help with down-ballot races in november. cnn's miguelqu is l in los angeles. what happened last night in california? break it down for us. >> reporter: it's who's number two in california, that's the important thing out here.
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so the top two finishers yet to go forward -- get to go forward. it wasn't clear for republicans that they would have anyone at the top of the ticket so they could drive out support for their candidates in november. now it looks like certainly for governor, there a t the top of the ticket. a businessman, john cox will be there. then on the senate side, he will face gavin newsom. on the senate side, diane fine seen would face kevin de leon -- dianne feinstein would face kevin de leon or jim bradley, not well known from laguna miguel. that will come to play. the bigger question for the house of representatives, there were ten seats that democrats nationwide were targeting. seven of those districts that hillary clinton won where republicans were serving. it wasn't clear because of the mad rush of democrats into all of those races and you had the top ten -- top two primary system that the vote was so
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split among so many races that it wasn't clear that a democrat would advance in a now attacks pierce that democrats would -- now it appears that democrats would advance in all of strict, 39th district, and the 48th district. there are democrats vying for the number-two spot or very close numbers betwe democrats and republicans. you see dana rohrbacher will advance. harley rouda and hans keirstead fighting it out. scott baugh, well-known republican orange county, coming up on the back side. he may end up getting enough votes. because we don't know what the final vote is i california. what happens here, two things happened yesterday. in l.a. county, there were 118,000 people left off the roles here. they had to fill outer
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ballots at the polling station. it will take time to count those. the other thing, early voting and mail-in ballots. a lot of people walk to their polling station on ele day,drop. all those have to be counted. it will take days if not weeks to get through it. california, simple,traight rwar. >> nothing's ever complicated in california. >> never. thank you very much. in other results, cnn projects that deb holland has won the primary for new mexico's first congressional district. putting her on track to become the first native american woman in congress. in south dakota, congressman kristi nome, ahead in the race for governor, making her the first female governor. >> in alabama's seconds district, martha robyorced into a runoff next with former democratic congressman bobby bright who ran as a republican. roby dropped her support of president trump in 2016 in the wake of the "acce hollywood" tape. in new jersey, mikey
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sherri sherrill, navy vet and former prosecutor, leading in the 11th district has more than twice the total of the leading republican jay weber. joining us to talk about this, in portland, oregon, senior political analyst ron brownstein, senior editor at "the ." good morning, good evening. we're not sure if you stayed up. >> we're on the boundary. good morning. >> okay, let's talk about this blue wave that was souch anticipated. again, to go through the numbers that miguel mentioned, 23 needed to flip the house. ten were competitive in california. seven districts won by hillary clinton. how essential is california democrats' hopes to retake the house? >> it is central. overall it was a good night for democrats in the house. they got all of the candidates they wanted in new jersey which could have as many as four turnover opportunities for them. they had a record turnout in iowa. potentially the highest primary rnout they eve had. in california, as miguel said, although it could go the other two of the districts the one or
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likelihood now is that they will not get locked out of any of the targeted seats which -- and you therebo one, two, or three in orange county. you know, of the night, if y look at it, the preference for democratic female candidates continues in most cases. both of their iowa nominees, both of their new mexico nominees, you mentioned new jersey. the former -- the former pr. and in california, against steve knight and mimi walters, two of the other republicans in districts that hillary clinton carried, they also chose female nominees over male opponents. so banking i think very heavily on the gender gap come is real at this point about donald trump and -- showing the gop. overall, democrats i think got almost everything they wanted out of tuesday night with the possible exception of not getting the one-two. >> and the 48th and 10th, we'll
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watch that -- >> for a while, keep an eye on it. >> you talk about the role -- exciting women candidates who did well last night. and so that is in part, you know, that is against donald trump. that is a movement against donald >> yes. right. >> when you look within the republicans, though, for example, john cox, came up and did wellause of support from donald trump. it depends on what party you're in. trump plays both ways. >> absolutely. first of all, the -- we've talked about this before. i think the gender gap is overrated. historically there are other factors that matter more. married versus single, college verse s non-college. it is real under donald trump. i was looking and the weekly gallup average, they poll every night, donaltrump's approval rating among all women is 12 points lower than his approval rating among men. democrats have been polling better than at any point in the past 25 years in the generic
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ballot for congress. they are key to hopes for november. one thing i wonder about a lot is whether the female candidates are going to help democrats do better than the first female major pty nominee did among blue-collar white women. the big reason donald trum isresident is because he won so many working class white women, particularly in the midwest. can democrats do better. on the flip side, you're right, look, the republican opposition, the resistance in the republican party to donald trump has collapsed as an electoral phenomenon. he is a powerful figure in the party. remains a deeply polarizing figure in the country. you have republican candidates who are being pulled almost magnetically toward her, particularly on immigration. the hard line on immigration has become common among republican candidates. we'll see that in california in a race that is generally most analysts consider over as of today for the governorship. >> it's a number i've mentioned donald trump's at 87% with his own party. the second highest number gallup
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has tracked since 9/11. we're on the verge of a major breakthrough on the korean peninsula. has the resistance collapsed, or is donald trump turning the tide, and people are waking up to say things are pretty good in this country now? >> republicans agree with his policies overall. he is getting the benefit of the good economy to some extent among the generalelectorate. he himself, the way he conducts himself, the way he approaches the presidency, there are no set of policy accomplishments that can completely erase those concerns. and the polarization around that. you know, again, as we saw yesterday, there is still a lot of energy in the democratic opposition to donald trump. there were a lot of people voting yesterday. you know, we saw that record turnout in iowa. he is still somewhere in the low
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id 40s. because of his success among republicans, as i've written, i think this is becoming a more conventional midterm. it appears that the hopes of democrats early on, t ks of the republican coalitld shear off away from donald trump almost like, you know, an iceberg going into the ocean. that's not going to happen it doesn't look like. if they are going take back the house, they have to solve their usual midterm problem, turning out more latino voters, more african-american voters, more young voters whose participation tends to fall off in the midterm. some mixed signals from california on that, by the way. >> look, what is -- what is is the democratic party for? what are the democrats for in 2018, not just what are they resisting against. i think that some of the excitement among some of the democratic women who did well last night is that despite what seems to be a party that doesn't have a mission at the moment except for anti-trump, there's some excitement among the individual women who are running, ron.
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>> absolutely. the closest thing to a mission i think that they've articulated and probably their best asset in terms of the kind of voters i was talking about fore, blue-collar women, is hea care, is protecting health care. both -- both -- >> that was in iowa. >> i think if you return the republican majority with the possibility of expanding in the senate because of where the contests are that they will come back and try again to r aca, t mention go after medicare down the road to pay for their tax cut. i think that is probably the single-most effective policy argument that democrats will have. i still think that the overriding energy here is the idea that trump is just barreling through, so many norms of the way the president conducts himself in terms of his attitude toward federal law enforcement, the way he talks about race, the way he talks about opponents in society. and that republicans in congress are not providing any real oversight or check or constraint. that is the engine on the democratic side in terms of their turnout.
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they have to find the policy argument for the voters. so far health care is by far their best arrow in the quiver. >> you really see two totally different types of democrats when you're seeing progressives and conservative deats. it's hard to find one overarching narrative. we'll check back in about 30 minutes. thank you. ahead, mexico makes good on its promise imposing new tariffs on billions of american products. steel, these, pork, bourbon, and other products, straight from trump country. alright, i brought in new max protein give you the protein you need with less the sugar y. heer 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors. this is a tomato you can track from farm, to pot, to jar, to table. and serve with confidence that it's safe. this is a diamond you can follow from mine to finger, and trust it never fell into trong hands.
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new mexico making good on its trade threat, announcing tariffs on $3 billion worth of . retaliation for the u.s. steel last tar imposed the list includes an equal tariff on steel, 25%>. 20% on farm products like pork and cranberries. 25% on cheese and bourbon. the last is strategic. it hurts kentucky, home of majority leader mitch mcconnell. mexico tailored its list to hit states governed by senior republicans. the trump administration's using tariffs to force trade concessions from other countries like china. the "wall street journal" reports china will buy $70 billion in u.s. goods if the u.s. agrees to abandon its tariff threats. mexico and may also especially as nafta renegotiations d on. larry kudlow saying the president wants to take a different approach.
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>> his preference now, and he asked me to convey this, is to negotiate with mexico and canada separately. >> and trump prefers bilateral negotiations. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell canceling most of the senate's august recess. mcconnell says it will allow approve more of president bills trump's nominees. republican leaders and the president have been frustrated by democratic filibusters slowing business in the senate. mcconnell's decision heads off a potential spat with the white house that could hurt the gop in midterm elections. the decision not sitting well with democrats. many of whom would rather be home campaigning. republican senators say president trump has promised to give congress on a vote on any nuclear deal h strikes with kim jong-un. gop senators say any deal would be in the form of a treaty that requires the support of two-thirds of the senate. in the oval office tuesday, the presiduggested the summit next week could last a couple of days. the white house pss aide who made a badly inappropriate
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remark about john mccain's health is done at the white house. kelly sadler was let go not clear if she is relocating within the adminisationr leaving entirely. sadler was widely criticized for her comment that mccain's opposi to gina as cia director didn't- gina haspel as cia director didn't matterbey e white house refused to condemn the remark. sadler did not apologize publicly. a white house contractor arrested on attempted murder charges. the secret service was notified monday that 29-year-old martese edas thect of an arrest warrant in maryland. >> a source tells cnn edwards was working for the national security council. we're told his badge only allowed him executive to theecu the white house, not the west wing. education secretary betsy devos says guns will not be a focus of the federal school safety commission. during a senate hearing, devos told lawmakers the f will be on keeping students safe but claimed guns are not part of the commission's charge even though
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the white house said age restrictions for certain firearm purchases would be on the agenda. the commission was formed after the february -- after february's florida school shooting that killed 17 in parkland. shock and sadness the apparent suicide of iconic designer kate spade. she was 55 years old. new yo police sources said spade was hanged by a scarf tied to a doorknob in her apartmentment a suicide note was found. in it, spade addressed her daughter and husband. though the context is not totally clear. the designer launched the kate spade new york brand in 1993 and opened her first shop in the city three years later. fans and friends including celebrities like chelsea c vanka trump posted fond remembrances on line. for an entire generation of american women -- actually, women around t world -- >> no question. >> your first paycheck, first paycheck when you came into adulthood was digging deep and buying that kate spade g. it was -- >> memories of might have wife having her first one. >> absol>> a sad story. ahead, two of the biggest
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yes! neutrogena® ultra sheer. unbeatable protection helps prevent early skin aging and skin cancer with a clean feel. the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®. lebron james and steph curry say no matter who wins the nba finals, no one will be going to the white house. >> a guy who looks like andy scholes here. welcome back, the "bleacher report." nice to see you. >> thank you very much. it's been a while, happy to be back with you. now both lebron and steph curry, they've been asked about this many times before. and again yesterday, asked about a potential trip to the white house if they win the nba finals. and lebron saying, you know he was not surprised when he heard the eagles had been disinvited by president trump. >> typical of him. i'm not surprised. no matter who wins this series, no one wants to invite anybody.
2:25 am
it won't be us or cleveland going. >> i agree with lebron. pretty sure the way we handled things last year, kind of stayed consistent withthat. >> in astatemen the white house says they canceled the eagles event because not many players w coming. president trump disinvited the warriors last year after they won after players said they would not be attending. local kids from d.c. to the p of smithsonian national museum of african-american history and culture. game three of the finals is tonight. lebron and the cavs in a must-win if they hope to keep their championship dreams alive. tip-off, 9:00 eastern. for the first time in school history, florida state is your women's college world series champions. the seminoles scoring eight unanswered to beat washington to claim the title. florida state survived six elimination games the past two weeks. they had been in nine world series without winning a title.
2:26 am
the most by any team in the ncaa. now they are finally here. finally, gabby demarco was taking in last night's padres-braves game with her friends when this foul ball finds its way into her beer. >> cheers. >> as you see, the crowd loved it. everyone around her started chanting for gabby to chug that beerhich she did. and impressively downed it. pretty quickly. guys, you know that is one of baseball's unwritten rules that if a foul ball lands in your beer -- >> is it? >> you finish it. >> hang on. did she leave the ball in the cub? is that the rule? or did she take it out? >> no. i think you're supposed to leave it in the cup -- >> that's nasty. >> chug the rest of the beer. >> it is fantastic. >> i'm impressed. >> how much -- that's nasty. >> how much do the beers cost there? the thing is about chugging a beer -- >> $10 to $15. >> like $11 down the drain quickly. worth the glory.
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or have recently received a vaccine. ask your doctor about tremfya®. tremfya®, because you deserve to stay clearer. janssen wants to help you explore cost support options for tremfya®. at the polls, it's all about one in particular. welcome back to "early start." i'm dave briggs. >> i'm christine romans. 31 minutes past the hour. overnight, the biggest test so far in democrats' efforts to retake the house, the california primary. democrats have been worried about the state's top two jungle primary system, concerned that too many democratic candidates could split the vote, shutting them out of districts they hope to flip this fall. there is already some evidence that may be the case. >> one big contest has been settled. the race for california governor. a republican has made it on to the ballot which could certainly
2:32 am
help with down ballot races come november. miguel marquezn los anles. how significant is the gubernatorial number for republicans? >> reporter: for republicans, it is very significant. they weren't sure they were going to have anybody at the top of the ticket here across california. for the watch word, the watch phrase for california is who is number two. john cox, a businessman, will face former san francisco mayor gavin newsom for the governor's race. they may also have a candidate facing feinstein, senator feinstein for the senate, the race for number two there is sclo close between kevin de leon and jim bradley, a chief financial officer of the company. democrats had targeted ten seats across california, remember there's 53 house seats in california. 14 held by republicans. democrats are targeting ten. seven of those are districts that hillary clinton won. hoping to flip them. there were so many democrats
2:33 am
that came into the races because of the top-two system, they spread out the vote, split the vote so much, there was concern that they weren'to make it. itooks like in all those races a democrat will advance. there are still some questions out there. certainly the 10th, jeff denham. a close race for number two in that race. in the 48th. the dana rohrbacher race. he will advance. there's a tight race between number two, three, and four. two democrats and a republican who are duking it out for second place in the 48th. all of this could take days or weeks to figure out. in l.a. county, there were 118,000 people left off the ballot. they had to fill out provisional ballots which will take time to count. the other thing that happens in california is people walk in with their mail-in ballots, slip them in a box. th to be opened, separated, ensure they're the correct ballots, and counted. that takes days and weeks. clear as mud in california.
2:34 am
back to you. >> love that. thank you very much for that. in other results, cnn projects deb holland has won the primary for new mexico's first congressional district. putting her on track to become the first native american woman in congress. in south dakotaell ahead of th republican primary for governor, making her the favorite to become the state's first female governor. in alabama's second district, republican martha roby forced into a runoff next month with former democratic congressman bobby bright who ran as a congressman. roby dropped her support of president trump in 2016 in the wake of the "access hollywood" tape. in new jersey,mikie sherrill, navy vet and former federal prosecutor, leading the democratic primary in the 11th district. she has more than twice the total of the leading republican, jay weber. >> she raised significant money. $2.9 million, i think, there. we'll bring senior political analyst ron brownstein. what do you see here? you mentioned how you saw women. m
2:35 am
mikie sherle a good example, doinging it well. >> overall -- mikie sherrill, a good example, doing it all. >> they got the candidates they wanted in all of the contested races in new jersey. new jersey may ultimately flip as many seats as california. although we focus more on california for obvious reasons. they had record tu iowa. and in california, as miguel said, while there are still votes to be counted it appears as of now they may have avoided what seemed almost certain come is getting locked out of one or two or even potentially three of the seats that they were targeting for this fall under the top-two primary system in california, which isn't accurately described as a primary at all. something of a hybriden th chaos of a primary and the consequences of a general election. i wonder if voters will look at it again. they basically got what they wanted out of the ection. particularly california, you -- we don't often bargain give credit to the party campaign committees. the campaign committee takes
2:36 am
from party activists when they do or don't intervene in races. they threw the kitchen sink at trying to avoid s in california. and ifact, this holds and they did avoid some, nthey have to take some of the credit. >> they are hoping to flip some or all of the seven districts that hillary clinton carried. >> yeah. >> if they can get seven or five, that's of the those needed to take control of the house, how significant are their efforts in california, and are youy of blue wave we've discussed? >> yeah. mixed signals on that. first of all, i think one thing that's striking to me is how many of the 23 seats, how big share of them, they can win back in states that are essen -- the republican holdo in states that have become more democratic at the presidential level. and if you look at new york, new jersey, illinois, minnesota, california, and the suburban seats around philadelphia which
2:37 am
have been reliably democratic since clinton in 1992, that would take you almost all the way, potentially all of the way, toward the 23. part of this, a big part, is finding ways to purge out a beat. republicans in the red pockets of otherwise blue places. they're not going to win all secretary seven in the places hillary clinton won. in many cases, democrats have not won any other statewide contest in congressional districts in the last several years. several are challenging. they got through in some ways the biggest roiskisk on a numbe them. which as you point out, the possibility that the large democratic fields could splinter the vote. now when you at places like in california, inrange county, the seats being vacated by retiring republicans ed royce and darrell issa, the dana rohrbacher seat where he's an incumbent, got 30% of the votes, those are opportunities. steve knight in the 25th. as we talked about, in a number
2:38 am
of cases and in iowa, new jersey, and new mexico, the trend of democrats banking on female candidates continues big time. the gender gap can be overrated historically in different ways. in year it looks like a phenomenon. that's where democrats are putting chips on the hopes of taking back the house. >> let's talk about the gubernatorial race in cafornia. you know, it shows you how valuable a couple of tweets from the president can be in a party where -- like 87% approval of the president among republicans. look at antonio villaraigosa, a surprise there. john cox, beneficiary of a couple of tweets from the president of the united states. and just leapfrogged above villaraigosa. >> and also, interestingly, had -- it was the beneficiary of a lo of spending by gavin newsom. this was the big debate among democrats. onne had most national democrats arguing that the party would have been better off with newsom and villaraigosa
2:39 am
in the final two. that would have kept out any republican. there would have been no republican here to drop out. he other hand, you would have had a first latino, you know, with potential to governor, and that could have increased latino turnout in california. most national democrats thought a democrat/democrat race was better. newsom very strenuously argued the opposite. obviously he said it's in his interest to be facing cox in the general because he has so much of a greater likelihood, certainly to win in the general. but newsom argued that the democrat/democrat race would lead to money being spent on an inextra party fight. that -- intraparty fight. that it would be better between him and a republican. he spent a lot of money promoting trying to tear down villaraigosa which succeeded. we'll see the road test of his argument that the party is better off if he's facing cox
2:40 am
instead of villaraigosa. >> speakingraparty feuds, what is the message that democrats are taking to the voters? are they split on what type of candidate they want to see, progressive or conservative connor lamm type of democrat? >> look, you are never going to get skins oh that all across the -- consistency on that all across the country. districts are different. >> sure. >> i think -- andre -- there are definitely different shadings. you look even, you look even last night at the seat against mimi walters, the more progressive sanders/warrenesque candidate won in irvine. those differences will be there. i think in practice, you may not see as much differentiation in what they are trying to sell to voters. the closest thing democrats have gotten to a message for the midterm is around health care. the idea that if you return republicans to congress, they will take another run at
2:41 am
repealing the affordable care act. the actions the president is taking is resulting in premium increases that we've seen in a number of states. and that the tax cut will eventually require them for any kind o sanity to go after medicare and medicare again. what drives the election from the point of view of democrats is the notion that republicans in congress after initially when donald trump was elected trying to take on a more independent posture toward him, have really abandoned any notion of oversight or check or constraint. and i think the core question before voters, although democratic candidates are probably not going to articulate this and emphasize it in advertising, is do you want to give an unfettered hand to the president, or do you wanto reimpose someind of check on a president on whose policies people may agree. some people may like. but whose temperament still leaves many voters uncertain. >> interesting. i think the iowa turnout is interesting. some of the counties, ron, say
2:42 am
the turnout was bigger among democrats in 2006. remember they minted a guy nobody heard of, barack obama, essentially elevating h to what would become the presidency. i don't know what to make of it yet. there's a lot of energy happening in places like iowa right now. >> more stateflips, as well, last the turnout amongrats is -- you have two mixed signals on the macro level. >> thank you very much. ahead, the white house claiming -- canceling the eagles' visit was the team's fault. was the president smart to cancel? did he have any choice? does the president know the words to "god bless america"? ♪ the best way to hit the beach? with neutrogena® beach defense® sunscreen. helioplex™ powered, uva uvb strong. beach strength protection for the whole family. for the best day in the sun. neutrogena®.
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let's get a check on cnn "money" this morning. global stocks higher right now. the nasdaq had a great day. hit the second straight record high. the rally in tech pushed all of wall streethigher. corpe tax cuts fueled another buyback bonanza in may. look at this. american companies took their tax goodies and spent it on buying back their own stock, a record $201 billion buying back their stock. apple made up nearly half of that. last month apple pledged to spend $100 million on stock buybacks. for the first time this at least 20 years, there are more job openings now than there are workers to fill them. the labor department says the ratio of jobseekers to job openings dropped below one in april. that's the first time since it started keeping track in 2000. there are a whole bunch of jobs open today.
2:48 am
6.7 million open jobs. there are million americans who are -- 6.3 million americans who are officially unemployed. the low ratio could help boost wages. wage growth picked up in recent months but not by much. look at the numbers -- why can't the unemployed workers, 6.3 million, just step into those open 6.7 million jobs? couple of problems here. open jobs are not in the same place as the people who are looking for work right now. and skills. the available workers in many cases do not have the skill set that employers need. jetblue does not want your emotional support hedgehog on its flights. the latest to tighten rules for emotional support animals. starting july 1, only cats, dogs, and miniature horses are no more hedgehogs, ferrets, snakes, spiders, and any animals with sks. darnit. jetblue wants more documentation about an animal's health and behavior, citing risks from
2:49 am
untrained animals in its cabins. unlike pets, support animals don't have to be crated, and they ride for free. airlines have seen a huge spike in recent years. and other airlines have had problems with dog bites and ans gettinglost, snakes on planes, and they're trying to get control of this. >> i've only seendog. have you seen a hedgehog? i don't -- i -- >> emotional support hedgehog? >> i'm trying to keep track of my children. i don't other people's problems. storms and heavy rain for parts of the plains and gulf coast. here's karen maginnis. >> reporter: just about four million people today running the risk of severe weather as we watch weather disturbancee across the dakotas, eventually toward minnesota and into iowa. large hail, gusty winds, can't rule out an isolated tornado. it does look like the wind and heavy rainfall will be the major portion of it. all right, we've got a forecast out with the radar anticipating, you see late in the day from
2:50 am
minneapolis, des moines, a pretty good line of showers and storms moving through there. eventually we'll expect some of that wet weather for chicago and into indianapolis. there's another weathermaker stalled down along the gulf coast will trigger showers and thunderstorms along the gulf coast. a couple of weeks ago, it was alber alberto. this lingering weather system is going to plague the area for a while. enthe nice weather in new york, washington, d.c., boston because as we head toward the weekend, those rain chances go up. just like we knew that it would. anyway, weather disturbance moves through new york, coming up for today, though, high temperature 70. back to you. >> thank you very much for that. ahead, iconic designer kate spade dead of an apparent suicide. an outpouring of support from friends and fans around the world.
2:51 am
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>>come back. the white house claims the philadelphia eagles are to blame for the cancelation of tuesday's super bowl celebration. accusing the players of pulling a political stunt. administration officials insist the decision was abo the them, not about racial issues. the president holding an alternative patriotic celebration singing along to some of the words of the "star spangled banner" and "god bless america." ♪ stand beside her and guide her ♪ a seven-minute rousing event that featured some controversy. at least one person taking a knee during the anthem. someone in the crowd yelling this at the president -- >> stop hiding behind the armed services and the national anthem
2:56 am
-- >> thank you very much, everybody -- [ boos ] >> the esident's decision to cancel the eagles' celebration having a ripple effect on the nba finals. players from the cavaliers and warriors not expecting to visit the white house any time soon. >> typical of him. i'mot surprised. no matter who wins this series, nobody wants to invite anybody. it won'ting be -- won't be golden state or cleveland going. >> i agree with lebron. the way we handled things last year, stayed consistent with that. >> last year, the world-champion warriors were disinvited by the white house after some players criticized the administration including steph curry. president trump goes to fema headquarters today for a briefing on the 2018 hurricane season. recent new estimates put the death toll from hurricane maria at more than 4,600. more than hurricane katrina which killed more than 1,800
2:57 am
people. white house press secretary sarah sanders was asked if the president would still rate the response to puerto rico a out of ten. >> the federal response once again was at a historic proportion. we're continuing to work with the people of puerto rico and do the best we can tode federal lady melanip join the president for the trip to fema, making it her first pp reporters in nearly a month. she appeared monday at a private gold star families reception. education secretary betsy devos says guns will not be a focus of the federal school safety commission. during a senate hearing, she told lawmakers the focus will be on keeping students safe but claimed guns are not part of the cocharge.even though the white d age restrictions for certain firearm purchases would be on the agenda. the commission was formed after february's florida school shooting that killed 17 people. a memorial this morning at arlington national cemetery to mark the 50th anniversary of robert f. kennedy's
2:58 am
assassination. the service will include remarks from former president clinton as well as kennedy family members. questions have been raised recently by rfk's family about whether convicted assassin sirhan sirhan was actually responsible. at least 192 people are at least 192 people are e the missing in guatemala since the fuegocano erupted. tuesday, rescue workers sent scram is belling for cover. eryone in the areaered to evacuate. shock and sadness over the apparent suicide of kate spade. a new york police source said she was found hanged by a scarf tied to her door knob in her bedroom. add her dghter and scene. husband. the context not totally clear.
2:59 am
she launched the kate spade new york brand in 1993, one h first shop in the city three years later. many fans and friends, including chelsea clinton and ivanka trump, posted fond remembrances. your first paycheck, that's when you bought your first kate spade bag. a simple, classic. she really defined a generation of women. >> i don't understand the pain she was in. 13-year-old daughter. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. "new day" starts right now. we'll see you tomorrow. we're engaged in an epic battle. it looks like voters will have a real choice. >> if there really going to be an enormous blue wave, people expected it to happen in california. >> the likelihood is they will not get locked out of any targeted seats. >> a always proudly stand for the national


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