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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  June 6, 2018 11:00am-11:58am PDT

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voted for clinton to get very close to retake the house. >>that's it for me. i'll be back 5astern the situation room for our international viewer. amanpour is upnext. for ouriewers in north amica, "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. this is cnn breaking news. >> you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. we got the breaking news now. the litte elatest presidential president trump has just commuted the life sentence of alice marie hnson. she has spent the last 21 yea i. she was a first time non-violent offender. johnson in part wrote this, "trump has the power to give me. he truly has the power to change
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better.tice system for the i can only steadfast and hopeha he hears me." the president did hear visit from reality star kim kardashian west last week. she was there with the president discussing all of this in the oval office. she learned about johnson's plight after the site mike aired her story. >> i lost my job. i struggled. i felt like a failure. i went into complete panic and out of complete desperation, i became involved in a drug conspiracy. >> i just really strongly believe that she is someone who has ly rehabilitated herself and will continue to do so outside of prison. she's done her 22 years.
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you know, think in life everyone makes mistakes and she really deserves a second >>et g this afternoon. johnson's commutation is part of a batch that the consider planni. on johnson's case, do we know what specifically about her and her case appealed to trump? >> clearly kim kardan-west'sad president. until that mt we had not hear the press discuss this case involving alice johnson, a 63-year-old woman, first-time, non-violent drug offender who was convicted to a life sentence on attempted possession of cocaine and conspiracy to possess cocaine. but the white house in a statement did explain that it
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believed that alice johnson had accepted personal res her oted hadn a model prisoner ding her time there and had sought to rehabilitate herself and even had a sta from the wardent pris praised alice johnson as a mode. she has served more than 21 years so far, and we know that this comes as the president is increasingly turning to his power to pardon, to deliver these acts of clemency. this is the sixth act of clemency the president has delivered so far in his time of office and we know he is considering several others as well. the president has paperwork and is considering acts of clemency, as many as 30. i'm told a handful of those are similar to alice johnson's case. and those are currently being reviewed right now by the white house counsel's office. clearly this is something the president is increasingly turning to and today alice
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johnson'sson sentence has been commuted. >> jeremy diamond, thank you very much. let's expand this conversation wi now. cnn legal analyst michael zeldon and dana bash. i want a big picture and then i want to go specifically to alice johnson's case. we don't know about the dozens of others that the president is considering, but between the one last we, considering a few others and now this today. what's hedoing? >> h using the power that he believes he has and most people who are legal experts, constitutional experts believe he has pretty much unfett po to pardon and commute sentenc sentences. last week and several of the other pardons he had given were blatantly transapparently
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political. he was doing it to send signals to pli caolitical foes. this is different. in this case, the president aligns with se of the most liberal lawmakers and some o most conservative lawmakers and even activists around the country who have been working hard to right the wrongs the laws that were inlace when this woman was convicted. and something t he can do with executive power to commute this sentence, but it also is something that people like cory booker and i know you talked to our van jones about this but just legislatively people like cory booker on the left and rand paul have been working among others across party lines to get something down so that this is just not something that a president can do case by case but that things change in an important big way by statute.
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>> on the alice johnson case, this is in line wit jared kushner and what he's been working on, we're talking about draconian sentencing, she was the first-time offender. even the president's biggest critics would applaud this. you applaud it as well. >> yes. you have to look at it sort of historically. there were sentences that were all disparate. then there were the sentencing guidelines that were put into place which were supposed to normalize them. but they were terribly were unfair for crack versus powder and they were discriminatory in lots of other ways. the supreme court changes that and then it's not sort of made retroactive and there's lots of problems with it. >> i'm listening to you but o puttinghesepictures up. this is the first time we've seen thest lady in 26 days. here she ist to her husband, the president, there at
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the fema headquarters. ofe the 2018 hurricane season began june 1. so this is the briefing from fema on hurricane preparedness and obviously a whole other really important part of this conversation is hurricane maria and puerto rico the latest numbers out of the harvard study where these researchers found in actuality that there are something like 4,600 deaths as a result of the storm instead of the death toll sitting at 64. so that is hovering over this briefing. but what's significant,too, is at we are seeing the first lady for the firime in 26 days. dana, if i can just ask you about she obviously underwent rgery, she was out of the public eye for a little bit of time. i was reading marga llivan's piece in the "washington post" this moing the first lady, her staff, i t me, cost t lot i think that her communications
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person referred to the media at rabid at one point in time but it's a news story to know where she's been. >> yeah. look, this is a tough one. it really because she does by definition, you know, she's somebody who has a formal role -- excuse me, an informal pub roleuthat does mean she does spend taxpayer money. but she wasn't elected. she doesn't have an official elected title. so she is not bound by the expectations and the needs, rightly so, of people who elect officials and want to know where they and how their health is because they were put there by the people. she and so there's that part of it. and the fact that she is who she is. she is somebody who is fascinating to people this country around the world. people --
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>> the #where is melania. people want know everything they they can about her. >> in some ways she understands it in this particular case because it's medical, it's a tough one. it really is. >> on the other issue of puerto rico, is -- when will the president y this, think? >> i don't know. wouldn't it be great if he's doing it right now. the fact of the matter is, i just keep thinking about president george w. bush and the fact that he got rightly so, he got hammered for katrina. and that really changed -- was kind of beginning of thend of his presidency. should we listen? let's take a listen. >> secretary michael pompeo,
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we're keeping him very busy. we're keeping you so busy, a lot of flying in the next couple of weeks, but what a job you've done and we appreciate it. the whole country appreciates it, mike. thank you very much. thank you. steven mnuchin, steve, wherever yo working hardn those taxes. >> thece that we missed, he's sitting there and he was thanking fema and thanking himself wife, the first lady for the job that she's done. let's remember that she went to florida and texas and puerto rico with her husband in the wake of those hurricanes last fall and so we just want to keep an eye this. and j the question that i know a lot of puerto ricans, so many of whom have fled to places like orlando because of the dire situation in puerto rico and so a lot of people wanting the president to address the death toll that's come out from this harvard study. i've got something new here, new approval ratings for melania
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trump, the latest quinnipiac poll, 49%. that is higher than her husband, the vice president sitting there, sarah sanders and the lawyer rudy giuliani. final note on -- you said it, people are fascinated by melania trump. >> and not thest lady who has been -- >> eclipsed. >> yeah, or this has been kind of the zeitgeist around her. you go back to jackie o. or jackie kennedy y but i think this is important to say how much she -- she didn't ask for it, i don't know that she really wanted the job but she understands the power that she has and the fascination with her. having said that, she also wasn't elected, she does have a right to some privacy. >> dana, thank you. michael zeldon, thank you. we know it was short.
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we're going to come back to this next hour. still ahead here, when allies don't get along, what we're learning about a testy phone call between the president and the prime minister of canada and the impact that could all have on this upcoming g-7 summit. the president heads to canada friday. also, no evidence of spying. the speaker of the house breaks with the president and sides with the fbi over the use of a confidential source during trump's 2016 campaign. and no laughing matter. samantha bee prepares to go on tv this evening and address that vulgar comment she made about ivanka will she say? what should she say? i'm brooke baldwin. alrigh i brot in new max protein
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we're back, you're watching. this tariff face-off president trump andameric most faithful, strongest allies. president trump had a conversation with justin trudeau. trudeau pressed trump on how he could justify the tariff as a, quote unquote, national security issue. in response president trump said "didn't you guys burn down the white house"? he w referring t world of 1812. he got himself history wrong. the arson was done t itish, donr an attack on land that became part of canada. what is accurate is th tru white house assertion that the aluminum and steel tariffs are to imp security, a
11:18 am
the foreign minister has slammed. >> so what are saying to us all of your nato allies is that we somehow represent a national security threat to the united states. and i would just say to all of canada's american friends and there are so many, seriously? >> cnn political and national analyst dana sanger is with me. paula, we normally see you in canada. you broke this story with jim acosta. it seems the key issue from canadians is what national security threat could they ssibly pose? >> we give the president a little credit here, maybe it was a joke. the response from canadians is it's not that funny. why? we're talking about tariffs that are going to cost not just canadian jobs but american jobs. we'll get to that in a second. the issue here is security
11:19 am
concern again. the minister said seriously? you know why? on a very serious topic, when 9/11 hit, there were canadian commanders alongside american ones at norad.sident k republicans but democrats out there are also sick and tired of being kicked around by canada when it comes to issues about dairy and some others like lumber and president trump just wants to prove if i said it in the , i'mo dot even to our best friends. >> on the point, though, i think on the military and i think that's a valid one, david, to you, canadians have been our partners militarily for years.c th 40,000 canadian forces have servedh afghanistan with the u.s. between 2001 and 14.
11:20 am
>>how damaging is this? >> the question is how long lastins the damage? day and the canadians were part of the great alliance that all this represented. the idea that there are trade issues with canada is hardly new. as you just discussed we've got serious issues onber and other questions. but there's only one reason that they used the national security explanation for this and that's because that's one of the few exemptions inside international trade law in which can you sort of around and immediately declare some reason that you're going to either block products or raise the price on them. w, do we think that that would hold up in international courts
11:21 am
if challenged? no, of course it wouldn't. the only argument the president can make is that it somehow undercuts the american industrial base. but the oddity here is that he's making the national security argument about canada and other allies while he is apparently netiating a way for zte, the chinese phone manufacturer, which was also banned on nationaly grounds, to get back onhewell, it wouldn' t long on this show to lay out th zte. it wou pretty hard in the canada case. >> we know that the president will be in canada, paula, on friday for the start the g-7. not only will he be face to face with trudeau but also emmanuel
11:22 am
macron. how awkward is all that going to be? >> it will be awkward b ans and europeans are adamt that if we are families -- larry kudlow just said this is all among friends, fine. let's get everything out on the table and discuss it. theanians would rather leave any bilateral, nafta issues until later on but when it comes to national security, they're going to try and hash it out. great, let's get it all on the table and discuss it. the issue here is whether you're in a political season and it isn't just here but state to state to state when you're in this kind of political season, how far he will actually go to listen to them is an open question. >> one more on our other friends to the south, david. mexico just slapped the u.s. with tariffs worth $3 billion in american goods. you know, this is the nation hitting back after trump imposed tariffs last week. it feels like a trade war.
11:23 am
how would you characterize it and w does this hit the most? >> well, it sure does feel like a trade war. i thihe canadians wer goi r this in part because their president has been very strong in coming back after president trump. he's actually -- he tweeted in realtime the other day, the president of mexico did, when president trump atally began discussing how once again the mexicans would go pay for the wall. so you can imagine the sensitivities out here. over the long term i don't think the mexicans can afford to be into a lengthy trade war with the united states, but there's 're going to see the price at here as well because both canada and mexico are such huge consumers of american goods and american services, and that's what president trump frequently leaves out of this discussion.
11:24 am
he is sort of fixated in a 1950s image of the workings of the american economy so exports of software, expertise, all the things that reae a modern digital economy hum don't tend to calculate much with him. he wants to see actual goods. >> david sanger, paula newton, k you very much. coming up, top republicans break with the president over allegations that the fbi placed, according to the president, a spy in his campaign. how will trump reac to this? plus this candid comment. >> here's what i want to say. it wasn't mest hour. >> president bill clinton tag about that tense interview earlier this week on nbc news on the monica lewinsky scandal and the me-too movement. how he is cleaning it up coming up.
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dream more, dream faster, and above all... now, i'll dream gig. now more businesses, in more places, can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. republican congressman trey gowdy getting a bit of backup on his assertion that the fbi did exactly what it was supposed to do regarding a confidential source used in the russia meddling investigation. speaker of the house paul ryan and richard burr today say they both agree with gowdy. gowdy said the fbi acted properly when it used a membe p campaign. manu raju has more. let's start with speaker ryan and what he said.
11:30 am
>> reporter: a very significant move here by paul ryan, backing up trey gowdy, someone he's been very close with over the years. gowdy said the fbi did actly what it was supposed to do, got a lot of criticism from people like rudy giuliani, others on the criticizing trey gowdy but only a handful of members in congress have seen the classified intelligence about this confidential fbi source. one of those membe ryan. when i asked today about whether or not hes with trey gowdy, he said he did. >> reporter: right before the recess, you sat in a briefing with trey gowdy who came out afterwards and said he's more convinced that the fbi did exactly what my fellow citizens would want them to do. do you agree with trey gowdy? >> normally i don't like to comment on classified briefings. let me say it this way. i think chairman goal assessment is accurate. but we have some more digging to do. we're waiting for some more
11:31 am
document requests, more documents to review, we still have some unanswered questions. nformationie r.een helpful if we as chairman nunes said the other day, if we got all the other information we're looking for, we could wrap this up fast. i've seen no evidence to the contrary of the initial assessment that chairman gowdy has m and get the final answers to these question. >> there were five republicans in those two briefings last month. four of the five have poured cold water inthat this is a massive conspiracy, spygate as president trump claim. the only that has not done that is devin nunes who would refuse to comment and he has cri the media and asked for more records. he's the only members of congress who has seen this intelligence who has not said
11:32 am
that there's really no evidence to back up the president's claim, brooke. >> what about quickly on the senator side and senator burr? >> he's backing gowdy in a very significant way because he declined to comment about this earlier this week but today saying he also backs trey gowdy. four out of the five republicans backing trey gowdy on this. >> got it. thank you. meantime, fired fbi deputy director andrewabe heads to capitol hill next week to testify on the clinton e-mail probe. but there is one potential roadblock. he won't do it if he can receive immunity. the demand asoutlined in this letter obtained by cnn and sent to the judiciary committee chairman chuck grassley, grassley wants to discuss the long-awaited internal justice department report and the details on how officials handed that whole investigation. sources say the report will detail a series of missteps.
11:33 am
our cnn jusce reporter broke this story. why is mccabe asking for this immunity, laura? >> reporter: unlike many oforme senator grassley is hoping will testify in the coming weeks, mccabe is in a tough spot here. he was fired after it was found he lied to intl investigators about a separate inspector general'sreport. since that time he's been under investigation by the u.s. attorney's office here in hens he did absolutel nothing wrong. the concern here is that whatever he says in this congressional hearing could be used against him in his criminal case. he also says that he would like to turn over some he believes onerat but he do it because he's under a nondisclosure agreement. so as a result of all of this, his lawyer is asking theenate judiciary committee to give him a limited immunity deal, brooke. >> so if he's denied that, though, in this letter it's
11:34 am
indicated that he will invoke the fifth, would that spell legal trouble for him? >> this c escal quickly. if for whatever reason he doesn't get this immunity deal but senator grassley and others insist he still come,hey cod serve him with a subpoena and i does invoke the fifth amendment, is even further and try to e pursue contempt charges in court. >> laura jarrett, thank you. a quick programming note, ahead this evening on cnn, white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders and chris cuomo both join chris cuomo right here on c . coming up, samantha bee will speak out about the vulgar
11:35 am
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two words, don't deaf. that is how late night host stephen colbert labeled the latest comments by bill clinton on monica lewinsky, criticizing his namstatements to nbc that h quote, did the right thing, and that this was litigated 20 years ago. la night the president took a much different tone. >> they had to distill it. and it was looking like i didn' say i wouldn't apologize and i was mad at me. it wasn't my finest hour. the important thing is that was a very painful thing that happ 20 years ago. >> just as a reminder, this is exactly what clinton said to nbc.
11:40 am
>> i felt terrible then and i came gripsh it. >> did you ever apologize to her? >> yes. freebody believes i got out of i left the white house $16 million in debt. but you typically have ignor gaping facts in describing this and i bet you don't even know them. this was litigated 20 years ago, two-thirds of the american >> heather mcdonald is back, comedian and former writer of "chelsea la hadas, let me start with you. bill clinton responded no when asked if he owed m lewinsky an apology.
11:41 am
and how is his clean-up being received? >> you you can tell bill clinton is thinking of the of 20 years ago or i wasg about this earlier today when i was younger and hearing monica lewinsky scandal, i remember thinking in my head this is somehow her fault. now i think we see tdifferent c. stephen colbert laid it out pretty well on his show and he confronted bill clinton. he said you are thee a man i a position, using your position in a xually inappropriate way. i mean, the top of the example. and i think it's really stunni that in this era it's sort of these late-night hosts are stepping forward and being these people to push on these subjects. it was pretty clear that if bill clinton realized if he didn't address this and change his tone, his entire book tour,
11:42 am
which is the reason he's going on all these shows, would be overshadowed by this. the way he's talking about this, we're just in a totally different era now in how we treat these different situ how most people lookt l now ve she was perceived decades ago. >> same exact sentiment. being a much younger woman, and props to stephen colbert. heather, watched. how do you think bill clinton did with this do-over interview? oh boo-hoo your $60 million in debt. it was really unfortunat monicay camet the wrong time. she didn't have the me-too movement behind her. also if this happened in the obama administration and she might hav had an affair with a president maybe five years ago, even then she would have had the
11:43 am
kardashian effect behind her in that she could have made a career out of s of this fame. but at that time she was completely shamed. she did not havewhere to g real she hade couple stints the entertainment world but nothing like today where she would be probably be doing tedte but at that time it was really sad. and i think that her life has not been great been very difficult throughout these decades. >> i can't begin to put myself in the skin of monica lewinsky. from what i can tell, i think she's doing all right, giving impressive talks and writing for "vanity fair." >> now she is but evenk in the day or even ten years ago. >> totally agree. different era, different time and didn't have the support. moving on to samantha bee and, heather, you and i were talking about this last week. hadas, she said something entirely vulgar and e'soming on
11:44 am
tapes her show, it will ai this evening. whatre you hearing -- how is she going to handle this? >> from what we understand is that samantha bee will be addressing this at theshow.our r done some reportingthis. they've been working on this for over a week. i think what we're going to see was previewed at an awards ceremony last week that was not necessarily open to the press. she accepted an award and admitted she sometimes needs to have a filter and she did not use that filter properly. she said she plans to continue doing what her show does, which is pointutnj pointing ongs that are wrong and that the entire world spent too much time focusing on one word when they should have been focusing on children at the border. toni will probably dmit should wo but then she's going to tryt
11:45 am
really need to be focusing on what's happening around us. yes, i probably could have used my words better but i don't think she's going to be laying down on this all. >>heather, yourself in her shoes. you're a comedian, you've written for the often salacious chelsea handler. what shouldhe say? >> i think shehould the goods is is that 20 years ago middle school kids were asking what is oral sex with bill clinton but now they're looking up the word feckless an followed that and i'm going to keep bringing out great descriptive vocabulary word that everybody can use and maybe educate you in another word and i apologize for using another word that is not as worthy as
11:46 am
feckless. >>coming up, tributes pouring in for a titan in the fashion industry. how kate spade is being remembe after her shocking death at the age of 55.
11:47 am
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emotional tributes have been pouring in for iconic designer kate spade found dead in her apartment at the age of 55. her death an apparent suicide drawing straw reactions from hollywood, friends and fans.
11:51 am
"i am heartbroken about the news of kate spade." and thee signer's brother-in-l "she could make me laugh so hard. it's a rough world out there, hang on." brynn, are you lea any more as to the question why? >> reporter: you know, brooke, we actually just saw three nypd police officers walk into her park avenue building here. so it's clear that they're still asking questions as well to get those answers. it's not very clear as to why the circumstances led, but we know she did commit suicide and that there was a note left that addressed both her daughter and her husband of 24 years.
11:52 am
but it's not clear as to why. that's what makes this so difficult to process. we're also waiting for the medical examiner's report to come out and that should give us at least the manner and cause of death and then possibly a toxicology report to fas everyo mentioned, there are tributes pouring in. i want to show you a few of the family ones coming in, one specifically from her niece, rachel brosnahan on an amazon prime series, she posted this picture of her and her husband dancing together to a mariachi band and she posted a lovely sentiment about her aunt and her broken, david speed. in an interview in 2002, she said how she would like to be remembered. she said, quote, i hope that
11:53 am
people remember me not just as a good business woman but as a great friend and a heck of a lot of fun. that's what we're hearing, brooke, is that she was a lot of fun, that she was nice and that she was a generous, kind person. brooke? >> l video of h dancing with her husband. i keep thinking about their 13-year-old. brynn, thank you very. as these tributes are pouring in, a lot of people including myself -- i want to pass this along, the national suicide prevention 1-800-273-8255. coming up, the white house contractor wanted for attempted murder gets arrested by the secret service as he shows up for wo're going to get y a live report on that coming up. having it problems? ask a business advisor how to get on demand tech support for as little as $15 a month. this week get boise case paper for only $29.99 at office depot office max.
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this next story is absolutely crazy and exciting. imagine beating traffic by flying above it in your car. that may soon be the case. cnn got an exclusive first look at a new vehicle that's bringing the jetsons to real life. >> reporter: okay, so this was definitely one of the crazier experiences of my career. but what is this thing and why am i flying it? i'm at a secret facility in lake las vegas, the training center for company kitty hawk. >> the mission of kitty hawk is to get everybody to fly every day and eventually get rid of >> that's katie hawk's ceo and he's suggesting making flying
11:59 am
considers a reality. >> this is a rational vehicle. but in the distante i can see maybe we take something similar like this and fly intor. >> flyer is kitty hawk's first commercial vehicle. todd reichardt is the company's engineer. >> you have 12 moving parts. ten motors and two control sticks. that's it. >> while operating it may be simple, incorporating vehicles like this in our every day commutes will be a whole lot more complicated. for now kitty hawk is playing it safe. they wouldn't let me fly over land or faster than 6 miles per hour, and trust me, i wanted to. kitty hawk says the vehicle is . >> physically i think it's very conceivable that a vehicle like this at some point 50, even 100 miles per hour. >> even with the conservative
12:00 pm
safety restrictions, i had a blast. they made it pretty idiot proof. to fly this, don't need a if you take your hands off the control, just in place. but in order for it to be truly transformational, people have to be willing to fly them. when most people think about flyi cars, they're pretty scared and also very intrigued. >> the number oneost important thing other than safety is public acceptance. >> the public acceptance is just one hurdle. flyer's battery only lasts about 20 minutes. >> you can't eradicate traffic with a recreational vehicle. >> wre on a story arc from recreation to exploration to transportation and we will have to evolve along the way. >>