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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  June 13, 2018 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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thanks for joining us, everybody. i'm dave briggs. "new day" starts right now. and they have plenty to cover with the president just tweeting and land long trip. everybody can be safer the day i took office. >> he is committed to get airtight verification. >> there is very little substance on anything. >> i support stopping the exercises. it is money well spent. >> he's smart. he loves his people. >> you can do it but you have to do it very, very carefully. >> this is "new day" with al is sin camerota and john berman. >> good morning. welcome to your "new day". it is wednesday, june 13th, 6:00 in new york. erica hill joins me.
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>> so nice to be with you this morning. >> we have a busy morning. the president celebrating with a series of tweets touting his great relationship with kim jong-un. america's top diplomat, mike pompeo, will face questions about what happens next. meanwhile, back at home, mark sanford, a vocal critic of president trump, lost his seat after the president slammed him on twitter for an extramarital affair years ago while the polls were still open. so we have a look at all the primary results in five states. republican leaders looking to vote on two competing measures next week. a federal judge giving at&t the green light for its $85 billion
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acquisition of time warner, cnn's parent company. sit a major blow to the justice department and sets the stage for other mega media deals. we have it all covered this morning. joe johns is live at the white house. joe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. the president this morning overheard calling this a great trip as he made his way from air force one to the presidential limousine at joint base andrews. the president tweeting, the world has taken a big step. thank you to chairman kim. our today together was historic. the fact of the matter is there are competing realities with the trip the president took to singapore. the question is how much he gave up for how much the united
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states got. president trump returning to washington a made criticism over the concessions he made to north korea in exchange for a vague commitment to denuclearize. >> we have some things that you don't have in the report. we made a lot of progress, tremendous amount of progress. >> reporter: the president defensing his, quote, great relationship with kim jong-un, twaoegt that the world has taken a big step back from potential nuclear catastrophe. but the announcement that he is suspending joint military exercises between the united states and south korea provoking alarm and confusion in seoul and washington. >> i think sometimes the president has a tendency to say things that are ad hoc that haven't been vetted. >> reporter: senator gardener tweeting mike pence later attempted to reassure americans that readiness training will country although war crimes will not.
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>> we will be saving a tremendous amount of money. plus, i think it's very provocative. >> reporter: the agreement also garnering criticism. >> this is the most anemic communique that has ever come out of a u.s./north korea engagement. >> reporter: critics the document contained none of the language that the document demanded. also raising eyebrows, the president's glowing praise for kim jong-un, despite his atrocious human rights record. >> he has a great personality. he's a funny guy, very smart guy, a great negotiator. he loves his people, not that i'm surprised by that. but he loves his people. >> reporter: the president's complimentary tone in stark
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contrast to his rhetoric six months ago. >> no regime has oppressed its own citizens more totally than the cruel dictatorship in north korea. >> reporter: mr. trump insisting the harsh rhetoric without the table. >> reporter: this four-minute hollywood style trailer. >> two men, two leaders, one destiny. >> reporter: on the hill, congressional republicans offering measured praise in the wake of the summit. >> the president has gone down that road and should be given a chance to succeed. but i think it is also important for us to be cautious. >> reporter: even more optimistic tweeting upon landing here at joint base andrews, i'll read a couple of them for you. just landed a long trip. but everyone can feel much safer
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than the day i took office. there is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. meeting with kim jong-un was an interesting and very positive experience. north korea has great potential for the future. before taking office, people were assuming we were going to war with north korea. president obama said that korea was our biggest threat and most dangerous problem, he writes. no longer. sleep well tonight. so the president very optimistic this morning, though. some of the things he tweets remain to be seen. back to you, alisyn. >> joe, thank you vy much. so as far as what happened next, secrety of state mike pompeo is in seoul, south korea. it needs clarity on what president trump meant when he said war games would end. >> reporter: alisyn good morning. secretary of state mike pompeo
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didn't brief journalists on the way in. he will have a full schedule. he will meet with president moon for as much as an hour. they want to understand -- south koreans want to understand precise precisely. the concern here is this is an important part of south korea's defense. it seems they didn't expect this statement coming. but we're ao being briefed here that south korea wants to go the extra mile to do what it takes for the united states to develop that relationship with kim jong-un to help bring peace and stability. so there seems to be wiggle room here. pompeo will meet with the japanese and south korean foreign minister. so perhaps a lot of more detailed questions that he will face about precisely what went
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on, what led to that particular statement. a national security adviser picking up what president trump said about the cost of the strategic training bombing runs come canning from guam to north korea. that national security adviser here believing that may be a prelude to president trump saying that that will also be dropped from the equation. so a lot of questions on the minds of south korean officials today. erica. >> we'll see how many get answered in north korea. thank you, nic. highlighting from the's concessions. will ripley, who has been to north korea more than a dozen times, is live in singapore with that for us. good morning. >> reporter: hi, erica. good morning. those images were beamed instantly around the world, exempted for the place it matters most. it took 24 hours of the news to
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meet north koreans. they were told ahead of time he was traveling to singapore. but they had to wait much longer to see the images of the two standing side by side. but the images were certainly played up full color spreads on the leading newspaper. they devoted the first three pages to photos of the summit. they downplayed the issue of denuclearization. they focused on concessions that president trump is making such as the end, he says, of the joint military exercises that north korea long viewed as an invasion. they brought it the big name news costers telling 25 million citizens this really matters. for the first time in her career, announcing what all three wanted. a sitdown face-to-face with the
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president of the united states. we have noted significant changes, including the flags that are waving just outside our hotel here now for the first time we are seeing a north korean flag flying side by side with an american flag, along with the flags of south korea, china, singapore. truly extraordinary and something many expected never to see. >> will, thank you for that context. what an extraordinary day incident was regardless of what happens next. thank you very much for all that reporting. so coming up in just a moment, air force one has just landed. after traveling all the way around the world, truly, circu tn navigating the blow. >> one big named candidate losing after the president endorses his challenger. the final results are ahead as well.
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president trump is back in america after making history with his north korean summit. he traveled all the way around the globe. jim was the pool reporter for the historic trump-kim summit. we know your head must be spining because you have just
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circum navigated the globe. share your impressions. what did you come home with? >> reporter: well, it's a little bit like what kim jong-un told president trump through the translator. it's like a science fiction movie. somehow or another i traveled through time. one day i left -- it feels like i have been traveling for two days, and i only traveled one day. listen, this was an historic summit. obviously you can't take that away from president trump when the u.s. president meets with a dictator like kim jong-un. it is obviously history. moving forward is what exactly did he accomplish. he spoke with shinzo abe and president moon of south korea. we know that the secretary of state mike pompeo is over in asia, in south korea, supposed to move on to china after talking with sarah sanders, white house press secretary. he came back to the press cabinet of air force one.
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we were pressinghim, what happens next? you have this two-page document. what happens next? he didn't have a lot of of answers. he said he trusts kim jong-un. he trusts the process moving forward. at this point he doesn't seem to have any iron clad guarantees to get the international inspectors to verify that couple jong unis giving up his nuclear arsenal, which is the question you heard me ask a couple of times during the entire summit. are you giving up your nuclear weapons? i don't think we're closer to any clarity on that question, alisyn. >> don't we think that's what secretary of state mike pompeo is going to do now, ironing out the details? >> reporter: that's right. that is what he is supposed to do next. iron out the details. and of course you will remember, we saw this during the 2016 campaign, the president still
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talks to him, he will iran to the eye ran nuclear deal as the worst negotiated agreement ever reached in the history of the world. well now he has something a little bit less than that. he has really sort of a handshake and a two-page agreement with kim jong-un without any kind of details as to how all of this is going to happen. at this point it's sort of like they signed a deal without really getting into the nitty-grit nitty-gritty. that's what mike pompeo is going to have to do moving forward. as you heard from the president at the press conference, it was a moment of stunning clarity and truth, he said i may come back and say this was a mistake. he said i will come up with an excuse at that time if that moment comes. but clearly the president has put his credibility on the line that he is going to get this to happen with kim jong-un. at this point he hasn't offered any details. >> is there a sense, jim, in your conversation, especially when coming back to speak with reporters on air force one, i know you will be pressing for
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the answer that so many of us wanted in terms of details. is there a sense that he sees this, he sees how large this opportunity is and why there are so many questions at this point? terms of that lack of detail? >> reporter: absolutely. i think they certainly see how big this moment is. they see shades of regan and gorbach gorbachev. we're going to have to allow time to pass to make that kind of comparison. but the president was beaming. he was in a very confident mood on air force one. they were just about jubilant, beaming with pride over what happened in singapore. but you don't get the sense at this point that they have any kind of information as to how they will force kim jong-un's hand here. obviously he came all of that way. i was standing just a few feet away from this person who is a tyrant, a murderer, someone who
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has jailed tens of thousands of people in these gulags. how can they accomplish as big as denuclearization over a couple hours of conversation? that's where the rubber will meet the road, guys. this administration has essentially given itself a huge challenge going forward. they laid down this historical marker and said we have done something as big as regan and gorbachev but haven't delivered something that concrete. at this point, as the president would say, all talk and no action. >> hey, jim, you're getting some heat i guess online for asking kim jong-un, are you going to give up your nukes? which strikes me as the $64,000 question.
3:19 am
do you understand -- can you explain to us why that would be a problem, a journalist asking that question? >> reporter: i mean, to me, you know, i couldn't think of anything else to ask north korean dictator kim jong-un. wasn't that the entire point of this summit? that's why we all held our butts all the way to singapore. people said does he speak english? would he understand the question? it doesn't matter. there is a dictator in front of you with nuclear weapons. why on earth wouldn't you ask the question? you play the same video and turn the sound down and the reporters covering this trip didn't ask any questions, what would they have said about the white house press corps. he didn't ask any questions when he was right in front of us. i wanted to ask a dictator the most important question of the
3:20 am
moment. are you going to give up these weapons that threaten much of the world. he has threatened to vaporize places in the united states. my goodness, i couldn't have thought of anything better to ask at that moment than that question. >> in a democracy, you can ask those questions. when there is free press, you should be able to ask those questions. >> reporter: that's right. >> so there's that too. jim acosta, thank you very much. results state side. mark sanford, a trump critic, defeated in south carolina. another sign that voters are rejecting lawmakers who break with president trump. cnn political reporter rebecca burg is live with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. the message last night loud and clear is those who oppose president trump do so at their own risk.
3:21 am
mark sanford had been a focal critic president trump but a political survivor. he faced a scandal for visiting a mistress in argentina secretly. he came back and won the seat after that scandal. however, he could not survive the trump effect. the president tweeting that sanford was, quote, very unhelpful to his agenda. he tweeted this yesterday afternoon just as the polls were closing and as voters were finishing up casting their ballots in south carolina. it might have had an effect on the race. take a listen to what mark sanford had to say after the results last night. >> it may have cost me the election but i stand by every one of those decisions to disagree with the president.
3:22 am
>> reporter: so mark sanford unapologetic for his tack in this race. clearly his criticism of trump had an impact. katie arrington raised this about her opponent sanford. we did not see the trump effect across the board last night. scott taylor, incumbent congressman in virginia, hand handedly won. this isn't necessarily consistent across the board. in the more conservative districts, mark sanford, a member of the conservative freedom caucus, very conservative republicans in his district that he represented. in those districts, republicans do run a risk criticizing the president. also last night coming into focus, key senate races. congressman kevin kramer in
3:23 am
north dakota won his republican primary. he will face democrat heidi heitcamp. and dean keller in nevada. >> rebecca, thank you very much for reading some of those tea leaves from last night. the mutiny by modern house republicans on immigration is over after a frenzied late last night. suzanne malveaux is live on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. it was near mutiny last night. this breakthrough happened late in the evening. you had house republicans meeting behind closed doors with speaker paul ryan on whether or not to put immigration front and center. they needed 218 senators to a petition, a discharge petition, to go around the leadership and force a vote on four different immigration bills by the end of this month. two of the bills would have highly embarrassed paul ryan.
3:24 am
one sponsored by the democrats calling for full citizenship for dreamers or daca recipients. and a bipartisan bill. they got all 193 democrats but fell short of the 25 republicans they needed. they struck a deal and now house speaker paul ryan says they will consider two bills next week. one of them a conservative bill that is backed by the president. the other one that is still a work in progress. that's what we will see this morning. the republicans will work on that legislation to see what comes of that. but, again, alisyn, as well as erica, you are talking about immigration again front and center. >> there it is. back front and center, as you point out. suzanne, thank you. a judge approving the mega merger between at&t and time warner with a harsh word to the
3:25 am
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a federal judge approving the time warner/at&t merger. the judge strongly warned about dragging this legal battle out any further. time warner is cnn's parent company. live in washington. she was in the court this whole time. she was there when the approval was announced. i'm no legal scholar, but i don't think the judge liked this case >> reporter: oh, my gosh, alisyn, when i was reading his opinion and sitting in the courtroom, i don't think time warner and at&t could have had a better outcome. he went through point by point the arguments, saying it would potentially raise prices for consumers, and he didn't seem to believe any of the arguments.
3:30 am
he called some of their documents goss per thin. i don't think they are expecting this far of a ruling in favor of at&t and time warner. but it sent a clear message to the justice department. it is bringing up more why was this case brought in the first place. these types of mergers typically don't get the scrutiny from the justice department. there are questions about political motivation in the beginning. time warner is pointing directly at this political motivation since putting out a strong statement questioning whether there was political motivation behind this case. the white house and justice department has denied this. but just how clear this ruling came down in favor of at&t and time warner, those questions have continue tthreatened to li. >> is there a possibility of an appeal? >> reporter: there is always the possibility of an appeal. the justice department said they
3:31 am
are considering that option. in an unusual move yesterday, the judge in this case, judge leon, issued a stern warning to the justice department, not only about an appeal but about a stay. he could be asked to freeze the merger to go through the appeal. i want to read it. i hope and trust that the government will have the good judgment, the wisdom, and the courage to avoid such a manifest injustice. to do otherwise, i fear, would undermine the faith in our system of of skwrus of not only the defendants but the shareholders and the business community at large. that sort of statement telling the justice department i don't even want you to try to get me to freeze this merger. it is a manifest injustice to the defendants. >> thank you very much for explaining it to us throughout
3:32 am
this entire process. >> reporter: thanks, alisyn. the united states bidding to host the 2026 world cup, along with mexico and canada. will soccer's biggest event come to america?
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we are one day away from kickoff of world cup in russia. coy wire has more for us in the "bleacher report". good morning. welcome back. >> reporter: good morning, erica. soccer's governing body is meeting in moscow right now. the vote expected at any minute. it comes down to a joint bid from the united states, mexico, canada, and a bid from morocco. this is the first time in more than 50 years that all of fifa's member associations get a vote, all 207. 104 votes is the magic number.
3:37 am
before this, fifa executives decided. but after the kopbt verse shall award to russia and qatar, fifa offered a more open and transparent vote. it will be the biggest ever. 48 teams playing 80 matches across 34 days. potential cities like here in atlanta, washington, d.c., in new york, los angeles, chicago. 25 in total. morocco, they scored low on the fifa's evaluation on everything from transportation to services to accommodations from players and coaches. a 2.7 out of five on the on the ratings system. united bid 4 out of 5. we will soon know if the world cup lob coming to the states. >> lots of people waiting with baited breath, coy. thank you very much. listen to this story. you're about to meet the world's new social media star. this little raccoon captured the
3:38 am
hearts of thousands well into the night after it scaled a 20-story building in st. paul, minnesota, and appeared to get stuck. live cameras followed his antics all day until thankful, watch this, oh, my gosh. first of all, are we sure it is not a man in a raccoon suit. >> it is amazing it can climb up the building. >> i know. i did not know it could hang on like that. it scaled the building and made it to the roof where a trap was set. that's the thanks he gets for scaling the 20-story building? it's not clear if the daredevil has been captured yet. he was dubbed npr raccoon.
3:39 am
>> at one point they put out a piece on how they are able to scale the building. they have special tal ones. they can't try to rescue it because, a, the windows don't open in that building, and, b, it is too dangerous. >> all right. we will follow this story for you. meantime, secretary of state pompeo is in south korea trying to iron out details of what is next for north korea. what are the beveragemarks of success here? we'll discuss that next.
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so where are we today with north korea? what did they concede versus what the u.s. did. president trump's announcement that the u.s. will stop military exercises with south korea is raising concerns that he made a major concession to north korea without consulting all of the parties. joining us to discuss all of it we have cnn analyst david gregory and bobby ghosh. bobby, where are we today with
3:44 am
whatever decision tkpwraepltd was made agreement was made with north korea? >> we are in the second block of ch chutes and ladders. mike pompeo will us toward the end. hopefully there will be some ladders but there will be lots of chutes. it is much, much more complex. there is a lot of minute knew that to go through. >> and that's obviously more on the negotiation side. and on the international side. domestically at home, there is a fair amount of skepticism politically. here's a little bit of what we heard from senator corker. take a listen. >> i think sometimes the
3:45 am
president has a tendency to stand up and say things that are ad hoc that haven't been vetted. sometimes those things are walked back after he's had conversations with people that are relevant to what he said. agn, i thi that's really important to get ppe in. >> important to get pompeo in. david, we know it's important at some point to get folks in washington on board. the president said nothing would happen without approval by congress. >> congress will look at this over time. now you have a really process, if it's a real process. if there is anything to actually negotiate. all we can say thus far is what the president has achieved is something that's very big on the world stage, deciding to engage with this tie rant, and forget all the hypotheticcrisy of sitt
3:46 am
down with the tie rant. where you have to give him his due is there was a course that the u.s. and north korea were going down that was potentially catastrophic. he de-fused that by getting into a round of negotiation, again, if it actually comes to negotiation. all of these questions about what the north is actually prepared to do is i think the critical question. now pompeo, secretary of state, will get into that negotiation, what they might give up, how you verify that. what we know is what the president has said about these kinds of matters with the iran deal. if that's a bad deal, given frg that has been achieved with iran and how much iran gave up in its nuclear program, that should be the minimum. that is something the president still considers to be a failure. the goal is complete denuclearization. it is a pretty tall order. what we do have to focus on is a defused crisis with north korea as long as they're actually talking. >> just in keeping with the
3:47 am
hypocrisy theme for a moment, we do have an example from the white house communications office. when presint oma was meeting16 with the castros, raul, she tweeted, so obama shakes hands with dictator raul castro. what's next shakes hands with north korea dictator kim jong n jong-un. then yesterday this. president trump is the real deal maker and is successfully moving north korea in the right direction with maximum pressure campaign and working towards denuclearization. maximum pressure? >> maximum pressure is done. once you say he's a lovely guy, funny guy, talented guy.
3:48 am
so that policy is over. >> beyond just the flattery, they decided not to do the sanctions. he decided not to impose more sanctions because he wanted to make sure the ground was fertile. >> the biggest instrument we ever had of pressure was the military exercises. once you take that off the table, there is no pressure anymore. i make a prediction. there will start to be pressure from china and south korea to remove the existing sanctions or ease up on the sanctions on north korea so kim jong-un can begin to repair the damaged economy. there is going to be a lot of pressure. from china and south korea's point of view they will say, look, he's done a lot. he's walked across the border in the dmz, he has come all the way to singapore. he has made promises, as vague as they may be, but he has made promises. you have to give the guy a break. there is no pressure to put him
3:49 am
back in the box. he's out. he's free. >> the one point here is that it was obviously a gamble. that much we can agree on. a gamble by president trump is he, somehow going top down, flattering kim, meeting with him, going around the world to sit down with him, creates a different die nam you can. maybe the moment is right. maybe some of the moment is he's achieved a lot, kim has, by forcing him, having t nukes, and he wants a better economic future. so maybe there is this moment that they can seize on. that's the gamble. >> that remains to be seen. you have just spelled out perfectly. david, bobby, thank you. so where did president trump get the idea to stop what he called the provocative war games? one report suggesting an interesting source. that's next. since my stroke, he hasn't left my side.
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okay. it turns out president trump used an unconventional pitch to kim jong-un to give peace a chance. president trump showed him this hollywood style video. watch this. >> two men. two leaders. one destiny. a story about a special moment in when a man is presented one chance that may never be repeated. what will he choose? to show vision and leadership? or not. >> we're not kidding. that was for real. that wasn't "saturday night liv live". joining us is james clapper. he met with the north korean government in 2014 as director of national intelligence. he has a fabulous new book out called "facts and fears." great to have you here. >> great to be in new york here with you. >> that's a creative tactic.
3:55 am
they know kim jong-il claimed to have seen every single video. what did you think of that? >> i thought it was a little weird. the idea is not bad. i'm not sure deference was paid to perhaps korean cultural nuances here. >> wait a second. they showed him playing basketball. kim jong-un loves basketball. something won him over. it seems like showing him the hollywood splashy trailer worked. >> i'm not sure the movie won him over. conceding on the war games was probably a bigger deal to kim jong-un than the movie. my guess is the north koreans reacted to that clip much as we do to their propaganda. >> you can point out that we are in a slightly better place.
3:56 am
that you were frustrated after your visit there. the rhetoric needed to change. is this where the rhetoric should be going? >> you're quite right. when i was there, the north koreans were stuck on their narrative and we were stuck on ours. emblematic is the talking points i was to recite to the north koreans, the first is you must denuclearize before we talk to you. that was a nonstart. president trump, to his credit, has changed that narrative, i think. and in a dilemma like this, only the bigger partner, meaning the u.s., could do that. that's a good thing. we are in the diplomatic lane as opposed to where we were headed six months ago or so. so that's a good thing. >> so president trump's unconventional style seems to have broken whatever loggerheads or dangerous trajectory.
3:57 am
what do you think mike pompeo will do now in terms of ironing out the details? >> well, i hope that's exactly what he does. the devil clearly here is in the details. and i hope secretary pompeo, i'm sure he has thought about them. >> where does he start? >> well, the first thing would be to lay out, i think, a proposal to the north on a timeline for -- well, first, the definition of what denuclearization means. and then to try to sit with the north koreans and get to the specifics. i observed, i don't think we nor the north koreans have any idea how long it will take to denuclearize once a definition of that is agreed on. >> even in terms of that timeline, alisyn and i were just talking during the break, he is saying that it is absolutely to the advantage of the north koreans, as we have seen in the past, to drag this out as long
3:58 am
as possible. president trump, that's the last thing he wants. this is a president who likes to move quickly on things. >> it is worth noting that kim jong-un is not term limited. he's in it for the long haul. he can stretch out denuclearization, whatever that means, for a long time, and i anticipate will. >> there is an interesting piece in the wall street journal of where president trump got the idea for halting the joint military exercises, where that seed was planted. mr. trump had an idea about how to counter the nuclear threat posed by north korea which he got after speaking to russian president vladimir putin. if the u.s. stopped joint military exercises with the south koreans, it could help moderate kim jong-un's behavior. defense secretary jim mattis used an approach that aides say
3:59 am
worked. that is psycho analysis of what mattis does. do you think it's possible that vladimir putin planted the seed of this? >> yeah, i do think that's possible. it kind of adds to this. i think that was a mistake to do that. it is unnecessarily and premature certainly given the fact we didn't get much in the way of specifics from the north koreans. and having served in south korea myself, there's a couple points to be made about the value of those exercises. one, they are all defensive. they are in response to an invasion by the north into the south. they have been that way for decades. that was the tenor of the exercise when i was there. >> when you're negotiating peace, president trump used the word provocative, shouldn't those be halted? >> the point is, alisyn, the north koreans well understand the nature of those exercises. we have been doing them the same way for decades.
4:00 am
the reason they are important operationally, our forces are there in short-term, one or two-year terms. not only to exercise among the joint forces, u.s. forces, but a combined basis with south korea. regrettably it appears the south koreans weren't consulted about ahead of time. huge win for the north. a big win for "the cheth the ch. >> great to talk to you. >> thanks for having me. "new day" continues right now. >> donald trump fell for the kim family playbook. they front in all the rewards and delay on the concessions. >> we're in a much better place. we're on the diplomatic path. that is the only real solution. >> we will be stopping the war games. we will save a tremendous amount of money. plus, i think


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