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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  June 13, 2018 8:00pm-8:59pm PDT

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at the marine mammalr, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, d we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a stomer that's g such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. president trump's personal attorney michael cohen changing his legal team. sources telling cnn that he has
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been meeting with lawyers who might potentially represent him and that he wants attorneys with experience in the southern district of new york. what does that all mean? cohen's been the subject of a criminal investigation since the fbi raided his home and office. that was back in april. he has not b charged with a crime, but sources say he will not be shocked if he is indicted. what does this mean for president trump? also tonight a top republican on capitol hill criticizing his gop colleagues for not standing up to president trump accusing republicans of being in a cult-like situation when it comes to the president. we're going to talk a a of that straight ahead. a lot to get to in the next hour. i'm going to begin, though, with michael cohen and changing his legal team. i want to talk about this now with michael avenatti, attorney for pornr stormy daniels who is suing cohen. good evening, sir. what does this mean he's changing his legal team, that he split with his council? >> well, down, i don't think this is positive development for
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michael cohen or the president forre these are at had involvement with him for weeks on end. he's paid them likely millions of dollars. i estimate his burn rate is probably $500,000 a week. >> where'd you get that? that's a lot of money. >> it's a tremendous amount of money. but that's what you see in these cases with many documents at issue. they stated they had over 15 lawyers working full time, and based on my experience with new york and loseles rates, i mean if you do the math it works out to probably about $500,000 a week. and look, this is what happens in these cases. you have defendants that start out and they're very defiant and they state they're going to take bullets for their coconspirators and all of a sudden burn rates set in and i'm not at all surprised by this. i think this source, whoever it is that stated it's about having
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whoever with experience with the southern district of new york, i don't think it has anything to do with that whatsoever. it's all about money. >> you were talking about attorneys. i've had legal experts come on and i would get the statements from michaelen's att and whatever his pr people, and i would read the statement and our defense to our legal experts who are an and they would to me that's wrong. he's getting bad legal advice. do you think he's getting bad legal advice? do you think people were stringing him along because they wanted the money? $500,000 a week that a ridiculous amount. >> and the fact of the matter is, don, there were two option. option one was having the team review the options and option two was having michael cohen's privateawyersreview the documents. the private lawyers advocated for them to review.
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there's an incentive for them. the end result is basically going to be the same with exception michael cohen is going to be 2, $2.5 million lighter in the pocket. it's a bad situation for michael cohen and a bad situation for donald trump. >> how much did you say in the pocket? >> i estimate it's $2 million michael cohen has burned. here's the thing, of all the people on the face of it planet that donald trump should have brought inside thetent, given love shouldave been -- not only because he was so loyal but just from a machiavellia machia perspective this is guy who knew the president for 10 or 12 years. the problem is you have a president that values loyalty when it comes to him but he's
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not willing to give any loyalty in exchange. and wave seen that in a whole host of context. but here's the problem, nothing lasts forever. and this is going to come back and bite him and i predicted that for two and a half months. >> you've been very adamant you think he faces some serious charges. do you think this is a sign charges are imminent when it comes to michael cohen? >> there's no question in my mind charges are imnent. i don't think he' to be arrested trow or even next week. i think some of those reports are overblown. there's no question in my mind, michael cohen is going to be indicted and he's going to attempt to flip on the president. but here's the problem, don, with each passing day for michael cohen his options get more and more limited. if in fact bob mueller concludes that a sitting president cannot be indicted michael cohen may have played his hand too long. not to mix metaphors but may be lef with no chair when the music stops. if bob mueller concludes that a
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sitting president cannot be indicted, and i actually believe he will conclude that based on what i know of bob mueller and his conservative leanings and his belief related to various scholars, if bob mueller concludes that, michael cohen is not going to have anybody to roll-up on. he's going to have zero leverag. i think if that happens i think this president is going to hang him out to dry. i don't think the president is going to give him a pardon and i think michael cohen isoing to be sitting there potentially in a prison cell wondering what he did with his life. >> well, maybe he's going to help him pay the legal fees. >> why hasn't he already? this is one of the cheapest guys on the face of the planet. >> i said to hold that thought when it comes to having a legal team that has experience with dealing with the southern district of new york. because it's been said his team has more experience in dealing with the law in washington or political, that sort of thing. you said you're not buying that.
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>> i'm not buying that because it doesn't matter at the end of the day whether you're litigating cases in d.c. or new york or los angeles. when you're at the federal level and you're at a level of this magnitude, whether you have experience with a particular in my view does not carry a ton of weight. if you look a the lawyers that are pro this cas southern d of new york, lawyers that are very, very capable but many of which, they haven't been in that offe that long. we're n talking about 20-year prosecutors. so i'm not buying that. i think it's a bunch of nonsense. i think the end of the day this comes down to money. michael cohen has probay run out of money or he doesnave the money to front, and now these lawyers already taken 2 or $2.5 million off him have abandoned him. this is what a lot of these big firm do. they talk a big game, but when it really comes down to it they're nowhere to be found. >> you sound like you feel sorry for michael cohen, he's being
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abandoned by his legal team. like the president saying he did something wrong, like comey so that's why i have to fire him. >> i know he has a family, a wife, kids, i know he's a good father. i don't wish any ill will against don. i have to tell you i'm very concerned about his mental stat. i'm just going to state that here tonight. i don't know where this is going to e. i hope he's able to handle it because this is tremendous amount of pressure. >> it is tough on him because the number of times i've spok to him, he'sworried. he is concerned about his family, especially his son. >> look, i don't think people can comprehend how much pressure this is. and look, in that respect i feel for the guy for the reasons i've just stated. but, look, he's been isolated and abandoned by somebody he was loyal to, mr. ump, who's shown noinclination to take care of him or have his back.
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his attorneys have put their own profit motives ahead of his interest, there's no question about that in my view now. this guy has been placed on an island. and people that aresting in the wind are dangerous. >> two things quickly.allegedly concerned he's going to flip. should they be concerned? >> they should have been concerned two and a half months ago when i predicted it. >> also how does this relate to stormy daniels? do you think anything that comes out of the recordings or any of the things that were taken in the rai -- because i think you're waiting -- friday is the deadline to determine if the things that were taken in the raid if they were attorney-client privilege. anything that comes out do you think it's going to be related to your client? >> i think a number of pieces going to be related to my client. our case has gotten better every week. and hopefully rudy giuliani will go on and friends in the morning and it'll gets even getter.
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gets to all zeroes the first time. so, maybe it's time to upgrade. get more out of your water. get zerowater. repubns now admitting the gop is now the party of president donalrump. and that was effect in some of yesterday's republican primary races.
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kyung lah says the results were chopped with trump effect. >> it certainly s a message that the gop is the party of trump. and you saw it pla out starkly in a nevada state legislative race with an unconventional candidate. a lf-proclaimedpimp, brothel owner and reality tv star depicting life inside nevada's illegal sex trade. now republican nominee for nevada state assembly district 36 soundly beating a three time incumbent in the primary. >> this ain't your daddy's gop. this is the new gop with donald trumunning it. >> reporter: america meet the most explicit results of that. he ran the same state race as a libertarian supporting trump locally as with his tarts for trump campaign. hoff lost, but trump won up
8:15 pm
ending the came for repcans like hoff. his entrepreneurial skills a sa asset, adding an r to his name on the ballot. >> dennis hoff is the trump of purump. he made it okay for a reality tv star to be in office because he's done a great job. i'm going do the same thing for the state of nevada. >> we are the party of president donald j. trump. >> reporter: katey erringten defeating another incumbent. learning if you defy trump you pay the price politically, but pledge support and you could be cory stoo co cory stewart.
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>>hank you, virginia. >> reporter: winning the republican nomination for a senator for virginia. trump tweeting his congratulations. >> we might poke the bear. >> reporter: tennessee republican bob corker slamming his own party, the undeniable party of trump. >> we're in a strange place. it's not a good place for any party to end up a cult-like situation as it relates to -- to a president that happens to be of reportedly of the same party. >> reporter: the latest cnnoll shows more than 80% of republican voters support the president. dennis hoff believes he'll ride that trump wave even as one of the country's most unconventional candidates rides to office. >> it's not business as usual. people are sickfeer politicians. >> reporter: so what's expected to happen in november? well, in this particular
8:17 pm
district hoff is expected to win. republicans are heavily favored there. don? >> kyung, thank you very much. i want to bring in the director for the center of politics at the u virginia and the author of the kennedy half century. let's talk about virginia. that's where you are and cory stewart who was just on cnn with chris cuomo. he's -semitic, a bugter past and a supporter of confederate symbols. >> he fits right in, don. you know, the guy from nevada, all i could think of when i was watching him is there's another family values republin. >> larry, let's play some of this. got some sound for you. >> yeah, go ahead. >> was that a confederate flag you were just in front of? >> you know what, let tell you something -- >> yes or no? >> you want to condemn -- >> you can't even answer the
8:18 pm
question. >> larry, the guy's from minnesota, what does he know about a confederate flag? but go on. >> that's always puzzled me about cory stewart how a guy from minnesota could have gotten so wrapped up with robert e. lee. usually they're not too devoted. listen, he had a major role last summer. cory stewart was here a number of times before that awful unite the right, neo-nazi supremacist disaster. nothing's changed, but, don, he's not going to be elected. >> he's going to lose to mccain, right? >> yes. he won a nomination because 300,000 people turned out. 300,000 people to vote for -- this guys a racist and a bigot. how do these bigots keep winning
8:19 pm
office? that's what i don't understand. well, primaries. >> he got about 45%, 46% of the vote. why did they do it? because the tivist, the extreme activists are the ones that come to the primaries and vote in the republican party in this state and i think around the country the party has moved way to the right following trump, using trump as the symbol of the dear leader, of the supreme leader, the cult leader, whatever y call him and cory stewart is right out of that mold. >> disgusting. it really is gross. he's best known for sponsoring that transgenderoom bill and he calls transgender people mentally ill. he's in the running to replace trey gowdy in south carolina. is he another example of the old party versus trump in the gop?
8:20 pm
>> he didn't come anywhere close to 50%. he's got a runoff in two weeks and he's got a strong opponent, so we don't know for sure he's going to be nominated. but, yes, i would say some of his viewsre ignorant, just to be blunt about it. >> i have short time left here so let's go quickly to dennis hoff one of nevada's well-known brothel owners or pimp if you want to use that word. he's now the gop in nevada. how significant is this win? >> he's the front runner. he's considered to be likely to win the seat. it's nevada, don. they have brothels out there. and look there are 63 legislators in nevada. something tells me that this guy, the only thing he's ever going to do in the legislator, he's going to be assigned the organization of evening entertainment. that's probablyt. >> larry, appreciate your pexper tease all the time. when we come back we're going to ask a man who worked
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with cory stewart on the trump campaign in virginia, what he thinks. discover card.
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how many t's are there in gop? well, some republicans especially those heading for th party of "t," meaning trump. i want to bring in joan walsh, amanda carpinetenter, and john hendricks who was co-chair of the trump campaign in virginia. john, let's start with you and i want to talk about cory stewart. you were both co-chairs of the trump campaign in virginia. he aspired and you became chair. is he a bigot? >> well, i wouldn't say he's a bigot, but i would say cory stewart has spent a lot of time and hanging around the wrong people and it's really tarnished him and the party. he survived this primary because
8:26 pm
two anti-cory art opponents split the vote to get under 50%. and he was able to win because the name i.d.s had three times running for state office and republicans in virginia couldn't find a better viable candidate enough to beat him. >> john, if he is supporting the confederate flag andging out with the wrong people, doesn't that kind of make him a bigot? that kind of makes him a bigot. there is evidence there that makes him aot. bigots don't do that. >> i'm not going to speak what's in his heart. >> i hate it when people say that, john. i don't know what's in anybody's heart. all i know is the evidence people show me, what they say, whaty do. i don't know what's in my own mother emphasis heart. i'm not a heart reader. it walks like a racist bigot, it talks like a racist bigot.
8:27 pm
it promotes racistigot thi like the confederate flag and hangs out with racist people, what does that mean? it means they're a bi it also means trump fired him in october of 2016. >> but trumpor himhe jus endors. he's his candidate. >> he endorsed him because he's a republican candidate but he also fired him. >> cory gardener of colorado, he's not endorsing him. there are some republicans that are not endorsing him. this is another test for the party, and amanda knows what i'm talking wru talking ab and people need to draw a line. my virginia progressive native friends are like this dude, this bigot is from minnesota. where did he come up with the confederate flag? 's not from granddaddy. it's from bigotry. he's going to drive virginia to be a blue state. it's purple right now but it's
8:28 pm
going blue. he's accelerating it. and a lot of republicans sa we're sorry this happened. that's why i give up this election. >> john, i thought your answer was pretty good until you said you didn't know if he was a bigot. i think to joan's point, people need to be more emphatic about it and call it out instead of saying they don't know what's in someone's heart. i thought your answer was pretty good, but why don't you just call it what it is? go ahead, amanda. >> i wishory stewart in his interview earlier tonight on cnn was forced to talk about what happened in charlottesville more. a connection to those people who marched those grounds. and those were such searing devastating images, and to think that happened so close to a beautiful college campus and people marching around with torches, flames, impersonating
8:29 pm
n nazis, i mean this is really devastating stuff. and i think everyone can imagine that happening where they lived and cory stewart had a connection to that group. i want him to explain why he is friends with those people. and there's an argument f keeping the confederate flag in his torical context, but listen i go all around rural west virginia, maryland, and virginia. when i see some boys driving around with a confederate flag on the back of their pickup truck screaming through town it's because they are paying honor to confederate soldiers who fought. >>t's never a good thing. >> and so seeing how the confederate flag gets displayed in those areas that has no connection to the civil war, you know, cory stewart h been around that crowd and he's going to have to answer for it. if his campaign is smart, he's going to make that race a referendum on -- >> and tim cane is smart.
8:30 pm
cory stewart came out and actually attacked the republicans who came down on the right side of charlottesville, not the president. he didn't come out on the right side. he called any republican who criticized what happened in charlottesville, he called them weak. he went that far as to criticize republicans who stood up. so, you know, he's indefensible and i appreciate john is not defending him. >> look,ou can't defend him, amanda. but the other thing is he's unelectable. i mean he's going to get defeated by tim kaine. so it's kind of a waste of time. he's going to get outspent 50 to 1. he has no money. tim canary has a million dollar and he only hung on by 1%. if the electionas another week nick would have beat him in virginia. >> you said he can't win. when was the last time you heard
8:31 pm
that? >> he's not going to win in virginia. >> tim cane, i'm just saying we heard that before. >> i'm telling you trump was going to n, and i'm telli you stewart is not going to win. >> he's going to push him over the line. >> he learned i guess a lesson in being a trump critic,ht? so here's the president today. watch this. oh, this is corker? so let's go to corker then. this is bob corker t and his criticism of donald trump. watch this. >> we're in a strange place. i mean it's almost a it's becoming a cultish thing, isn't it? and it's not a good place for any party to end up with a cult-like situation as it relates to -- to a president that happens to be of
8:32 pm
purportedly of the same parties. >> well, it's kind of similar, john, as what mark samford said. he disagreed, he criticized, he lost. now corker is saying there's sort a kiss the ring from republicans that they need to do or else or they're out. >> it's the party of trump. and it's not a moment too soon. because republican politics and agenda of the past has failed the country miserably. that was the party of bank money, lower wages and open borders. that's your father's republican party before trump. if it hadn't been for trump and his america first agenda hillary clinton would be president today and the republican party would be on its way to extinction. what president trump brought to the table is a new set of policies -- >> and lot of people in goldman sachs in his administration.
8:33 pm
>> tax cuts for the rich and goldman sachs and the banks. >> well, the tax cuts are working. you really can't argue right now -- >> not for the working people. it's all going to the althy. t's not going to the wealthy. when people have jobs, that's everybody. we have today more job openings than we have people to fill the job. we have people that are coming into the job market today that haven't went in since 2008 during the recession. wages are up 2.8%. >> they're barely moving. >> i mean, you're making this stuff up. the economy is booming under trump's policies. >> thank you, barack obama. he started us on the trajectory and donald trump came along. bu why did donald trump have to bring -- okay, you say he populism, he's helping the working class. why did he have to bring so much bigotry? why did he have t come out and endorse cory stewart today?
8:34 pm
>> look, i wouldn't have done that. he already fired cory stewa time. >> but did endorse him, john. quick amanda, you're going to have the last word. >> this is why donald trump is accused of leading a cult. there's no general principles you can eclicling to. you're forced to go along with th whims of trump. >> he has a clear agenda and you refuse to recognize it's working. >> thank you, guys. last word. we'll be right back.
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live rere in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. president trump back in washington tonight making a lot of big claims about his singapore summit with kim jong-un, including that north korea is no longer a nuclear threat. let's discuss now, mark mckinnon former advisor george w. bush. and also tom nichols arofessor at harvard extension school and an author of "the death of expertise." two nights into a row.
8:39 pm
so critical of president obama's foreign policy. but now you've got an op-ed out "the washington post." you said republicans were scathing about obama's immense and obvious regard but trump has shown himself to be beyond y of the gop's nightmares about obama. trump is unwilling to be briefed and incapable of being educated summit with a monster. obvious question, tom, why the hypocrisy? >> well, you know i think senator corker summed it up nicelyn he said this is becoming cultish. look, republicans have legitimate concerns aboutarack obama, that he was experienced, he had self-regard, that he knew what he was doing without a lot of background in things like
8:40 pm
foreign policy. the problem is president trump is obama on steroids. and i think one major difference is whatever you thought of president obama's foreign policy you assume that president obama was an intelligent guy, he was listening to intelliadvisers, t abo about it. and president trump is point-blank, i'm not getting briefed, i'm going to wing it and republicans don't say a word. i think in part because they've doubled down so many times they just don't know how to climb down at this point. there's nowhere to go down because they'veended him to and every time they thought it was as as it could get, it got worse. >> i asked a question today as i was giving a discussion and i had the sbasicall it was cognizant distance because where do y go after you've supported someone for so long and they continue to negate everything you say about them. what do you do?
8:41 pm
when do you take the exit lane? i don't think you can anymore. >> if you say you're wrong at this point then everything you've been arguing for years pretty much comes apart in front of your eyes. that's why they don't do it. >> there you go. you're amart. and donald trump has less political experience, by the wahan president obama. and you said he was obama on steroids. mark, i want you to take a look at this. this is tweet by the gop chairman. and she says complacency is our enemy. anyone who does embrace the make donald trump agenda of making america great again will be making a mistake. >> to mes become more about idolatry than ideology. it's all about trump winning. listen, it's true that any president becomes the party, becomes the face of the party, becomes the image of the party,
8:42 pm
becomes the ideology of the party. except in this case it's unclear other than an america first agenda exactly what that ideology is. for donald trump it's about winning and he's exercising his power. here's an interesting number. donald trump is enjoying the strongest in-party support than any president in history at this juncture 500 days in except for george w. bush, which was after 9/11. it's become a party of high deficits, a party attacking our allies and kissing up to authoritarian dictators. when you asked me about n korea yesterday i said it was a win. it's a win for it day or a win for the week. but the problem with trump is he just punches what's in front of him. there's no long-term thinking about, for example, the verification on this. and it really struck me today to see mike pompeo, secretary of
8:43 pm
state pompeo now. and his reaction to the statement that had no verification. and he got very defensive, which is unlike him. >> i'm, frankly, insulted you would ask me that question. of course, there's a problem. that's a question everyone should be asking. >> so for him to come on like that made me think there's some issues there. >> i want to play it. >> the agreement that was signed made very clear this would mean complete denuclearization. the sequence would be different this time. that's important. it's central to the understanding. you suggested there was some risk that the clock would run out and they would delay. we believe that chairman kim jong-un understands the urgency of completing the timing of this denuclearization, he understands
8:44 pm
we must do this quickly. and these sanctions really, we should recall these are u.n. sanctions, the sanctions cannot take place at such time until we have demonstrated north korea has denuclearized. complete denuclearization certainly encompasses that idea very clearly. >> so that's what he said tonight, gentlemen, after that initial statement. what do you make of that? i have a short time. tom first. you're seeing with all of this is that republicans even though they're majority, they control all the branches of the statehouses, they stillnk of themselves asome kind of belered insurgency, which makes them terrified of ever admitting a mistake or allowing any weakness or allowing any at all. they still think themsels as this put upon -- >> perpetual victims. >> yeah, they have a complete
8:45 pm
victim mentality. but it keeps them from ever admitting a mistake. >> mark, quick, ten seconds, please. i'll give you the last word. >> i'll just echo that it reaffirms the win was the most important thing. everything else was vague of the details. harken back to reagan, we need the verify part, we got the trust part. let's get the verification down. thank you, gentlemen. we'll be right back.
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8:50 pm
evening. >> glad to be here. >> the president complains about news organizations that challenge him. it was different he cited news organizations as the country'sb. what's yrction to that? >> well, there's always been tension with every president. i sometimes think that we underestimate trump but that's just my opinion. i always like to tack the other way, i guess. but it seems to me the news media, i always view disliking trump is like catnip for american audiences, it seems vion is doing much better, going to put my ear piece in better, the new york papers and more audience and going after trump is really good news and i sometimes think that i just wish sometimes in stead of so much about trump and how awful he is and there's certainly a lot of things n to like about him, i wish we'd talk more about what's going on in yemen, about mothers
8:51 pm
having their children taken away at the border and all that. i understand trump is great for ratings. he just is. that's just the reality. presidents have always ined abo >> but seymour, it hasn't been like this to this extent. we do talk about those issues. this president's administration, as you said, there's not lots to like. that's not for me to decide as a journalist. but there's lots of even policy-wise that are just sort of out there. those things deserve to be talked about as well. and i'm a contrarian. the problem is he's going up in the ratings. nobody likes his cabinet, what's going on in the cabinet and the various divisions of the government, the mistreatment of peop t federal workers is outrageous. on the other hand, he's going up in ratings.
8:52 pm
and so i don't see the democratic party doing anything but basically running sort of as hillary did, running against him for the last two months against him o the campaign. i'm not sure if i'm not in the major city america, not sure -- t is different. and i think people are tired of politicians and he appeals for a lot of reasons that maybe we don't all understand, i certainly don't understand him. he's got 48%, 47% of the people. he appeals to them. there's something about him. this is a guy that took down 13 repus with a history of more tha 200 years of political life. 200 years of -- >> seymour, i get what you're saying. correct me if i'm wrong. it sounds like you're conflating the democratic party with the news media. it n it's not the news media's job to say we're going to help him go up in the polls, it's our job to analyze his policies and behavior. it's our job.
8:53 pm
>> with all due respect, i'm not talking about you or your show. >> no, i'm talking about the news in general. >> we have a public right now, there was a time when the media was trusted. those days are long gone. we now have a situation where a lot of people tune in to what they like and listen to what they don't like >> right. >> it's good for cable tem vision on both sides, for fox news and cnn and msnbc and you guys. you've got great rating're making money. "the new york times" every quarter says it's picked up another 200,000 subscriptions because they' very negative on trump. if you don't like trump, go here. if you like trump, you go somewhere .where is the middle e whatever they say will have some
8:54 pm
standing, it's not going to be tuned out by 40% of the people, whatever percentage. it just seems to me that at this rate, if i'm watching, yes, th knowing much about it and, yes, he doesn't read anything and he's famou - he's been in public life for 15, 20 years.>>. >> well, yeah, maybe. >> since the 80s, right? >> an outside chance with all the tweets and other stuff, he just may have some idea what he's ing. he's keeping it focused on him, good, bad or otherwise, it keeps it on him. he didet rid of the bushes and he got rid of the clintons for us. >> i understand w you're saying there but i think it's -- when someone attacks institutions, we can't normalize
8:55 pm
lying, we can't normalize bigotry. that's just not what america is about. we can't report on things that are favorable that the american people just want to hear all the time. i'm talking about all news media. because then we would be derelict in our duties. maybe it's difnt for you as a writer and author but as a journalist, ihink most journalists i know we would take lower ratings and less money if this president actually believed in facts and reality. i'm going to have to disagree with you on that part of it. >> hey, of course. i have to get you to tell us thebook, though. >> let me say one more point. the last thing i expect to you do is agree with me. i'm just giving you a point of view. i'm thinking about what's he going to do after the next election. i'm just worried he just may be playing a longer game than we think. >> of course he is.
8:56 pm
we know that. >> we're playing his game. that's what bothers me. >> i got to talk to about your book, "reporter." >> absolutely. >> tell bus it. >> what can you say? i've been a reporter for 50 years. i started as a police reporter in chicago. i got famous i guess very early for doing the massacre story and i was i guess the l ranger. some reviewer called me the lone wolf. but i went after a story that most of the major media did not go after. i worked at the the "new york times" for many years and one of the problems i had, i loved -- it's a love/hate, respect/laer -- anger relationship. there was an enormous amount of respect for the presidency. even next ixon, it was very har cut through in the early days of watergate. >> we talked so long and went back and forth. i'm just going to tell everybody to buy your book.
8:57 pm
if you have the opportunity to come back to talk more about your book, would you please take it? because i want everybody to go out and buy "reporter." >> at this point i think it's more important to say what i say than worry about the book. >> thank you, seymour. here's a preview of a special series cnn is running all next week. >> announcer: all next week, a special cnn series, our anchors profile champions for change. >> we travel the globe championing change makers. >> giving time to causes dear to our hearts. >> and share the stories of the champions leading the cause. >> it was for a great caus 's motivating. >> you have to help them in ways at helps them see this is not how your life has to be. >> this is an opportunity to pay it forward. to do something that is going to be meaningful. >> they are the kinds of udts any community would be blessed to have.
8:58 pm
>> it just warms youreart that you can help someone with food. >> rock on. ♪ i am the champion, can't hurt me now ♪ >> join the journalists of cnn as we wo alongside champions for change. >> announcer: all next week. l nu about buying a house? a little. thought i could de-stress with some zen gardening. at least we don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. just call geico. geico helps with homeowners insurance? good to know. been doing it for years. that's really good to know. i should clean this up. i'll get the dustpan. get to know and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be. hey, i'm curious about your social security alerts. oh! just sign up online and we'll alert you if we find urocial security number on any one of thousands of risky sites. that sounds super helpful.
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