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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  June 16, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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that you've encountered telling you about their understanding of the sequence of events, what happens after they get in the van, what do they know? >> reporter: most are very much in the dark about what will happen. what we have seen happen and there are a couple interesting moments that we have seen, there is a federal courthouse here in mcallen that nearly 200 undocumented immigrants are being brought into federal court, these are the people who are being prosecuted, many who have children have been separated from their children as the children have been put into detention centers. but across the street there is a shelter that gives them a place to shower, clean up, new clothes, meals as they wait for their bus ride out of town. and many of those people tell us that they had not been prosecuted, they had not been separated from their children. but when you kind of ask them
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why if they were given any reason why that could have happened or how it could have happened, they really don't know. >> ed lavendera, thank you so much. so president trump says he hates seeing parents address children separated from each objection but he claims that it is not his fault and ib continues to false blame the democrats. let's bring in boris is an chess. >> yeah, he continued his tirade against democrats for what he calls the law that forces the separation of the children from their parents. it is simply factually inaccurate. there is no law that forces the separation of these kids from their parents. the white house enacted this policy some six weeks ago and the legal basis for it that the department of justice is using as justification was a 1997 court case that was settled something that lawmakers didn't actually weigh in on. congress didn't actually vote on that policy.
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we should point out that the person who is behind enforcing this policy, jeff sessions, has not blamed democrats. the attorney general is owning this saying that he believes that these policies will help deter more migrants from crossing the border and even used biblical skriccripture to defend his policy. but the president suggesting that the democrats could fix this by working with republicans on these compromise bills that republicans have been trying to work out over the past several weeks. there is skepticism over whether the bills will actually pass not only because of the division between republicans and democrats, but divisions within the gop itself. >> boris sanchez, appreciate it. let's bring in our political panel. maria cardona and also jack kingston. good to see you both. maria, president trump is blaming democrats for the separation of families. do they share the blame?
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>> no, absolutely not. the president is a big disgusting liar that is pushing a big disgusting inhumane pure evil policy that rips babies from the arms of their mothers. let's be very clear, what this president and this administration is doing has been done throughout history by the biggest purveyors of evil that we have ever seen. slave traders used these tactics. nazis used these tactics. terrorists used these tactics and now the president of the united states is using these tactics through his own decision. boris and what you guys have reported are absolutely right. democrats have nothing to do with this. this is a zero tolerance policy that was purely the decision, the voluntary decision by this administration and this department of justice to their own admission to try to deter people from coming over the border and to use as leverage against democrats to pass their
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draconian anti-immigration policies. and they ever admitted as much. it is disgusting and shameful and americans won't put up with it. >> so crack, tjack, the preside why is he doing that?rless. >> actually to fix our total legislative broken system, you do need the legislative branch. and i have to say to my friend maria, that kind of rhetoric comparing the president of the united states with the nazis, that keeps immigration from being seriously addressed. this isn't about the issue, it is about the policy. and let me say this, this policy has been in place for years. president obama did have to do this on occasion, there were 1,000 of them under him. so let's don't say that this is only trump. but here is what we do know, fred. that the current policies haven't been working. the border is porous. when people come to our country illegally, many of them break
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laws, right now according to the department of justice almost one-fifth of the criminals who are in the federal penal system right now are illegal aliens. are here unlawfully. and so we do -- >> what does that have -- >> let's talk about this though. we're talking about the separation of children and parents or their guardians because that is what is at issue here. and this is different. >> and here is where the democrats own it. if we're going to do finger pointing which i don't think solves the problems, but in january, this year, the president offered the democrats in the senate a deal, a daca compromise that would have by the way legalized 1.8 million children and the democrats only had been talking 700,000. the president nearly triples the number of amnesty of people that they were talking about and they rejected it because he also wanted a wall.
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>> are we con flatding tflating? how come we're not sticking to the point of the children separating from their parents and a high number just within a six week period ending in may? if we're just talking about this, and the president himself for a moment conflated the issues on the white house lawn and then his staff came back and said, oh, wait a minute, he was mixed up on that one, but just on this issue, if the president has the power to do something to fix, correct, change what is happening before everyone's eyes, why is it that he is putting the blame squarely on lawmakers? >> the president is not trying to separate children from families. >> sure he is. >> what the president is trying to do is secure the border. and there are open border people. i believe that we have to -- [ everybody talking at once ] >> that is a big fat lie. i'm not going to let you put lies into my mouth because i have never said that. >> are you compared the president to a nazi.
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i was very offended by that. i don't think that is very -- >> there is no democrat that has ever talked about open borders, so keep your facts straight. i know you hate facts, but -- >> maria, sorry to disrupt you, but there are a lot of democrats who talk about open borders and there are some republicans -- >> that is a lie. >> jeff flake for example a republican talked about open borders. >> jeff flake never talked about open borders either. stop lying. >> let me say this, fred. here is what has kept us from a resolution of our immigration problem. for many years, we've talked about comprehensive. and then republicans have said, no, let's do it incrementally. now it appears that the democrats want to do it incrementally and republicans are saying we need to have a comprehensive -- >> but this is on what is -- this is a new zero tolerance procedure or whatever you want to call it, a practice, that is just started. >> ask yourself this then.
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are these families coming here seeking asylum, well, traditionally asylum laws are about one race, one religion, one group of people who are being specifically targeted for persecution by government. i would say to you one of the questions is here do they really qualify for asylum. and then they are breaking the american laws to come in here. if you break the law -- >> i'll give you ten seconds and then we have to go. >> again, jack is ignoring the facts because the facts do not play into his lies. and the president's lies. >> well, i'll say this, obama did the same policy and that is not a lie. don't come on here and lie. >> all right. >> it is my turn. >> except we're out of time. >> the court -- >> i have to leave it right there. >> let's just have nonemotional conversation. we could end this whole thing. >> it will go unresolved. i do want to give you a quick
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programming note. next hour ana will go one-on-one with jeh johnson, that is at 3:00 eastern right here on cnn. this breaking news now. more on that accident that we reported on out of moscow right in the middle of this world cup. police there investigating what they are saying may have been an accident involving a taxicab hitting pedestrians on the sidewalk. matthew chance is there live for us. what more do you know? >> reporter: well, you joined me actually at the exact spot where this incident took place. you can see just behind me here on the wall, there is a big black scuff mark with yellow paint work from the yellow taxi that smashed against that wall, plowing in to a whole pavement full of pedestrians including many world cup fans. it seems that there were lots of mexican fans here when the tax city according to eyewitnesses sort of came out of the traffic,
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mounted the pavement and drove quite quickly through the pavement before coming to a halt after hitting numerous people, before coming to a halt. the drive they were got out and attempted to escape. but he was captured by some of the pedestrians including some of the mexico fans who then held him until the authorities arrived and detained him. in terms of the casualties, it is not entirely clear yet, but already the max cmexican authore have confirmed that at least two of their nationals have been injured, neither of them seriously according to the embassy officials who have tweeted this on social media and spoken to state media. certainly we're expecting to see more clarity in the future. we don't know whether this was intentional or if it was indeed an accident. >> all right. very important points. matthew chance, let us know when you know. next, paul manafort is
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welcome back. president trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort is now in skrain jail. his $10 million bail was revoked after robert mueller also filed witness tampering charges. cnn obtained exclusive video of this van transporting manafort to a virginia jail. president trump once again appeared to distance himself from manafort after the news. >> manafort has nothing to do with our campaign. but i feel a little badly about it. they went back 12 years to get things that he did 12 years ago. >> i want to bring in chan wu, a
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legal analyst, former federal prosecutor and also a lawyer for rick gates formerly who is manafort's co-defendant. dave jacobson is a political commentator and democratic strategist. and john thomas is a political commentator. good to see all of you. so robert mueller is apparently trying to ratchet up the pressure on paul manafort, letting him know we mean business, you can't talk to potential witnesses. do you think there is a chance ma that manafort may think again and potentially try to cut a deal? >> it certainly ratchets up the pressure on him and it is a very tough blow for his lawyers. it is so much harder to work with your client when they are incarcerated. there is lots and lots of document review that needs to done. this makes it much harder. in terms of can we see into the future whether we will cause him to cooperate? it is hard to know. he has a very tough defense team
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and right from the beginning they have been very adamant that they would go to war on this. but you know, mr. manafort is not a young man and the physical strain of being in jail is also very hard. so it remains to be seen. >> and given that you have been an attorney forric a rick gatest kind of signal does this end up sending to others who are facing charges? >> well, that is a very consistent signal. mueller's investigation has been very aggressive, very tough. the speed at which they have proceeded, they are really treating it like a mob investigation. the classic technique of looking for lower level people and flipping them as they try to move up. so i think that continues to send the signal this is an extraordinarily aggressive and tough investigation. >> and then dave, you know, trump is distancing position from m himself from manafort saying he was only with the team for a short amount of time even though it was really more than four months. at the same time the president is also using the ig report to
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help justify that the mueller probe should go away. >> right. i think what this underscores is yet again the president lying, trying to distance himself from the mueller probe and from paul manafort trying to disassociate himself with any of the taint associated with any of them. the fact of the matter is paul manafort played a key role in the trump campaign. he ultimately helped propel donald trump to get the republican nomination. he served from march until august of 2016. that is quite a long time and quite different from what the president said in which i think on friday he said only 49 days. manafort served on the campaign. >> it was something like 144 days. >> precisely, life halmost half year. and this was the key role, ultimately running in the primary to get the republican nomination, he helped secure it. >> and wouldn't that ultimately make manafort a little uneasy or feel a little angry, make want to cut a deal if now the candidate who benefited from his work is now saying we weren't
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that tight? >> well, i'm not surprised. i don't think manafort is surprised to see the president wanting to distance himself, but what is fairly egregious is 3450u8ler mueller is sweating a witness by 24r0eing h throwing him in the for an unknown period of time, he could be in there potentially for the rest of his life. >> but reportedly he went to great lengths to talk with witnesses. >> well, alan dershowitz said this is unfair because a judge made this decision unilaterally and did not bring it into the public for giving manafort an opportunity to have his case heard. this to me seems nothing more than a desperate mueller saying how can we turn up the heat on these people close to trump to get them to flip. i think manafort is although i guess -- i'm sure it is terribly uncomfortable to be incarcerated. manafort also has the financial resources to endure a certain level of prosecution over something that donald trump was right happened 12 years ago.
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we are talking about not registering as a lobbyist. >> let me say real quickly, this isn't the first time that paul manafort has violated a court order. he violated the gag order early on helping to craft -- >> by writing an op-ed. >> but it was a violation of the court. and this is him once again -- >> one of the conditions on being able to get house arrest. so listen to rudy giuliani who thousand kee now keeps up bringing up the issue of pardons. help us read good tbetween the . >> my advice to the president as his lawyer, not as a government lawyer, is no pardons. it would completely change the momentum that we have right now because it is very strong right now. you can see the polls move management president's favor and against mueller. >> then why did you suggest it? >> i didn't suggest aboit. what i said was after the investigation is over, then it has to be considered as a go. al matter, not by me.
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and what the history has been is these people -- these things get cleaned up. ford did it. reagan did it. carter did it. clinton did it and bush did it. >> so you are saying after the probe is over, it may be cleaned up with any pardons? >> if people were unfairly prosecuted. >> so what do you interpret here and how wise is this? >> giuliani continues to try to send this message with regard to pardons even though it is a bit of a mixed message at times. in terms of the wisdom, there is talk that this could sound like obstruction, but the pardon power is within the president's injuries difficult. he has the discretion to do it. i don't know how much effect that will have on paul manafort in jaildifficult. he has the discretion to do it. i don't know how much effect that will have on paul manafort in jail but i think they are trying to reassure people through that public message anybody else don't worry about it, we're still watching this, despite the president's contradictory remarks. >> all right.
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thanks, gentlemen. good to see you. straight ahead, a father of four who has been in the u.s. for nearly two decades is now in i.c.e. custody and could be deported. his family including his american born children are fighting to keep him in the u.s. i'll speak to his ex-wife next. it took guts to start my business.
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