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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  June 28, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow and we do begin with breaking news. we're getting new details on president trump and russian president vladimir putin's face-to-face meeting. the two world leaders will meet on july 16th in helsinki. this as the president tweets this morning that russia says it has, quote, nothing to do with the meddling in the 2016 election. moments from now the fbi chief and deputy attorney general face a grilling on capitol hill from lawmakers around their organizations actions in the 2016 election. republicans furious that rod rosenstein has yet to hand over documents related to the russia probe. one powerful republican lawmaker even saying his impeachment may be in order at this point and the president now has the power to reshape the high court for decades. who will he pick to replace justice anthony kennedy? so often the key swing vote
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who's importance in shaping american life from gay rights to abortion to affirmative action cannot be overstated. this is a decision that will change the country, but let's begin with the breaking news this morning and that high stakes meeting between president trump and vladimir putin. michelle kosinski is at the state department with more. >> reporter: it's unclear what that tweet is trying to say. is he taking up putin's side? it almost sounded like there was a but coming, but the u.s. believes that russia did meddle in the u.s. election in 2016. that tweet, however, has not come yet. we did, i should say, hear from the secretary of state yesterday when he was grilled by lawmakers on the hill about this meeting coming up. was he going to bring up election meddling with putin? secretary of state mike penompe said he was confident that meddling in the election was unacceptable. we heard from the national security adviser john bolton that the expectations are not
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super high for this meeting. he says that there weren't specific goals and just having this summit would be a deliverable. we are hearing from source that's president trump thinks he can make significant headway with russia on the issue of syria. even though all of our eyes tend to be focused on what about election meddling. afterall, this is the man that the u.s. intelligence community believes ordered hacking and meddling in the u.s. election and now president trump wants to sit down with him. some feel that's too soon. election meddling is important, but the priority here, what we're being told on the part of the white house is syria. and president trump thinks he can work out a deal with putin in which russia keeps iran out of part of syria. the southwest portion along the jordanian border where there had been somewhat successful cease-fire. the cease-fire was worked out between the u.s. and russia so
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that was seen as some example of cooperation that the u.s. and russia could have, so the deal would be russia keeps iran out of that area and in return, russia is allowed to help president assad in syria take over that area. that of course means that assad remains in power for the foreseeable future and the priority on the part of the u.s. is still getting out of syria as soon as possible. we've heard that before. the u.s. seemed to walk that back a little bit after there was pushback recently. but we are told that that's still the priority that president trump will try to work on with putin, how to get the u.s. out of syria as soon as possible and keep iran out of that section. >> michelle, can ythank you for reporting. president trump broke with his own u.s. intelligence agencies and seemingly gave russia the benefit of the doubt
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as michelle just said over election meddling. abby phillip is at the white house with that. he's writing a lot this morning o this and other issues. >> reporter: that's right. the timing here is really the thing that is raising eyebrows. just 30 minutes before this official announcement and hours after his national security adviser said, basically, the opposite, the president tweeted this morning, opening a tweet that was eventually going to be about the special counsel investigation with this comment about russia. russia continues to say they had nothing to do with meddling in our election. then he goes on to attack hillary clinton and the russia investigation. that's really -- that first line is critical for a number of reasons. going into a lot of these meetings or coming out of them, the president has not seemed to want to reiterate the conclusion of the u.s. intelligence committee. he talked to reporters afterwards on air force one and said that putin said he didn't
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do it and i believe that he believes that that's true, and that came as a surprise to a lot of people here in the united states, but it's a pattern with this president of not reiterating the conclusions of his own national security advisers on this issue and it's got to be one that is raising some concern among european allies too as the president goes into this meeting with putin in helsinki. the president is also talking about the mueller investigation and accusing robert mueller of having a conflicts in that investigation in a series of tweets this morning, he continue today lay into that, all of this is related to each other here. the president wants to put the russia investigation behind him. he wants to have an approach with putin. we're just weeks away from seeing what he does with that. >> thank you very much. let's discuss all of this with our david roed. this meeting between president trump and putin is about syria
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and if anything can be done to help the people caught in the midst of a civil war in syria. that is not the message the president is sending this morning from the white house. the message he's sending this morning from the white house is about u.s. election meddling that russia led and our intelligence agencies have laid that out as clearly as possible and the president now in this tweet bringing that to question. he's not writing about syria. >> if the president's goal is to put the russian investigation behind him, the worst thing he can possibly do is have a face-to-face summit with vladimir putin. this is politically reckless, its air ganlt. i don't understanding the timing. russia and assad have won in syria, you know -- >> does the u.s. have any leverage over russia in syria? can the u.s. exert its power to get vladimir putin to push his hand on the iranian forces at
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work in syria as michelle reported or is that not even feasible? >> it's not feasible. i don't see what leverage he has with putin. russia is a weak country, smaller -- its economy is half the size of california's economy. this is the contradiction. he's trying to topple the iranian government, yet he expects iran to voluntarily pull out of syria and you can't have it all. >> what do you believe the goal of this summit is then? >> i think it's -- i think he's taking a huge political risk. his base supports him but he's going to inject putin into the narrative as these midterms -- i think he thinks it's the right thing to do but he's taking a huge risk. this is a very arrogant decision by him and its reckless. >> bolton takes issue with that. he says its nonsense to say the president's on the side of
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russia as he points to actions the white house has taken such as sanctioning of russia. when you look at the rhetoric of the president, it is completely opposed to the actions. some say, look, the risk here is that he gives too much, that he wants the optics of this, like the optics of the kim jong-un meeting, but that he gives too much and that is a big risk. do you fear that? >> yes, it's a photo opportunity and the mueller investigation is not over. ten members of his campaign and family have contacts with russians during the campaign. his son, his son-in-law, his national security adviser, his campaign manager, his attorney general, two of his foreign policy advisers, so again, this narrative is going to return. they'll be all these debates. his base won't believe it. he's energizing his opponents. he's raising all these questions. why is he being so nice to vladimir putin? >> good question. let me get your take on some reporting this morning that is
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fascinating. axios is reporting that at the g summit president trump told some of our allies, our allies' leaders, quote, nato is as bad as nafta and they also went on to report that he talked about crimea. that crimea should be part of russia because most of the people there speak russian. if that reporting is accurate and this reporter said they took this off of contem pour rannus notes at the time from being there, should allies be on edge? >> absolutely. he's holding the summit now is an insult to our nato allies. they are petrified of russia. russia's meddled in elections in europe and the u.s. so he's sort of adopting the entire putin playbook. that's a kremlin talking point about crimea. russia invaded another country. seized its territory and donald trump is supporting that. again, his supporters, it won't
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upset them but he's energizing his opponents with theseis rhetc and decisions. two of the nations top law enforcement officials will be grilled on capitol hill, fbi director christopher wray and rod rosenstein are facing lawmakers in just moments about their agency's actions surrounding the 2016 election. manu raju is live on capitol hill with more and this comes at a very important point because this comes at the same time that house republicans are furious over documents they have subpoenaed that they don't have yet and they're even threatening potential impeachment, articles of impeachment against rod rosenstein. >> reporter: no question about it. poppy, this is an exceptionally contentious hearing, very partisan hearing before the house judiciary committee, a number of members on this committee have been engaged in a month's long battle with the justice department saying they have not gotten enough records per their request about the clinton email investigation and about the russia investigation.
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the justice department believes they have provided information, they provided enough and democrats believe they provided too much and this is all in an attempt, according to the democrats, to undercut the fbi, to undercut robert mueller's credibility and ultimately help donald trump. expect those lines of questioning to play out of the this comes at a day in which rod rosenstein could face even more pressure by the full house which is expected to vote on a resolution calling for documents to be turned over to the house by july 6th and a number of conservative who's are pushing that measure including mark meadows told me yesterday that rosenstein should be held in contempt if not impeached if that deadline is not abided too. undoubtedly we'll get a lot of questions and criticism and you'll remember him saying just weeks ago that he's not going to be extorted, so we'll see if he pushes back and how contentious he digs in and how he deals with these sharp line of questions
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that we're expecting momentarily, poppy. >> will hear his opening statement as well which should be interesting. peter strzok, the fbi agent testified on capitol hill yesterday, a marathon 11 hours beyond closed doors about these anti-trump text messages he sent, his involvement with the hillary clinton email probe, the special counsel's probe on russia. you've talked to lawmakers who were in the room from both parties, what have you learned? >> reporter: yeah. the texts were a huge focus. a lot of those anti-trump -- >> looks like we lost manu raju, but with me now we do have ted deutsch of florida. he serves on the judiciary committee and the house foreign affairs committee. thank you for being here this morning. >> my pleasure. >> let me get your reaction ahead of this hearing. your republican counterpart mark meadows has said if we do not get these documents surrounding the fisa warrants, carter page, the confidential source in the
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2016 russia probe around the 2016 election, he said if they're not here about july 6th, certainly contempt and impeachment would be in order. how do you respond if your republican counterparts move to impeach rod rosenstein? >> that's an absurd assertion. we have to take a step back and look at what's happening here. there is a concerted effort led first and foremost, by the president of the united states. you saw just this morning he sent out a number of tweets attacking comey, mueller, the fbi, seemingly everyone who has had anything to do with the investigation into his campaigns connections to russia and by some of my colleagues in the house who are pretending that the fbi is not cooperating, that te department of justice is not cooperating with them. they've sent over a steady stream of documents to comply. they're going to turn them over -- they're only going to comply as their obligated to.
6:14 am
they don't turn over documents having to do with ongoing investigation. >> that's an interesting point. you have goodlatte and stuart of utah saying, let's pause and see what we have in these current documents. they're not supportive of what we're hearing from meadows. let me get you on the president's tweet this morning saying, quote, russia continues to say they had nothing to do with meddling in our election. yes, russia continues to say that. no, that is not the finding of u.s. intelligence agencies. so what should president trump say to president putin when they meet in helsinki on july 16th? >> that makes clear how this is all related. for some of my colleagues to talk about impeaching rod rosenstein to effectively shut down the investigation into the connections with russia is to play right into the president's desires -- >> so what should the president say, though? he's the one in the meeting.
6:15 am
none of you guys are there. >> that's right. we know -- i have real concerns. the president met with kim jong-un and started using his own talking points and praisesed the guy that's been responsible for deaths of hundreds of thousands. he's going to talk with putin right at the time of the nato summit after he has gone out of his way to question our relationship with nato. the president has suggest that had russia, who we even put sanctions on for marching into and taking control of crimea for welcoming them into the g7. he's suggesting that we should have a closer relationship with russia even as he denies any involvement of russia in the elections which the entire intelligence community disputes. >> let me just -- the reporting we have from our state department reporter is that the hope is that they can make some headway in syria and put russia's hand a little bit in syria and the devastating civil war there. the u.s. doesn't have leverage over russia on that but that's -- that's the messaging
6:16 am
coming down on. this you were in the meeting yesterday, the 11 hour marathon meeting with fbi agent peter strzok who sent all of those anti-trump text messages. he was on the hillary clinton probe, he was on the mueller/russia probe before he was removed from it. lightning round here. quick yes or no because we have to get to some other things. yes or no, it peter strzok want president trump to went election? >> there is nothing that we saw that came out in that deposition yesterday that suggested that there was bias from peter strzok that impacted the investigation -- >> trying to do yes or no here, so let me try again on another one. was peter strzok's conduct at least deeply unprofessional, yes or no? >> and he was -- yes, and he was removed from the investigation, of course. >> is it possible, yes or no, that strzok may have intentionally, intentionally slow rolled the review of emails connected to the clinton probe? this was in the days before the
6:17 am
election, yes or no, is that possible? >> no. poppy, i have to back up for a second because i appreciate the questions, but we're ignoring this massive ig report, we're ignoring the ongoing analysis that's been done that shows that there was no connection, there was no political bias involved in the decision not to go forward against -- >> i'm glad you bring up the ig's report because on that specific point of was there any intention of slow rolling the clinton email probe and they found those additional emails on anthony weiner's laptop, he said he could not guarantee that strzok was completely free of political bias. so i wonder if you share some of the concerns. here's a concern from representative jim jordan your republican counter part on the committee. it is one thing to say that trump is awful. it's another thing to say we're going to stop him, especially when those statements were made within 15 days just after you've launched an investigation into
6:18 am
that individual. do you think he has a point? >> well, there is extensive conversation yesterday about the timing and what he said and what he intended by it, but again, i appreciate the efforts of some of my colleagues to continue to try to spin this narrative that calls into question everything that the department of justice has done and the ultimately with the goal of disrupting this investigation into russia's interference with our election, but they're not going to succeed at it because it's so clear at this point that the mueller probe has to continue so that we can get to the bottom of what happened so that we can examine things like what we saw yesterday, this $10 million loan to the president's campaign manager from a russian oligarch. there's so much they're going to shift the focus from and i'm not going to let them do it. >> i want to get you on the supreme court and the monumental decision that is ahead of this president on what justice will
6:19 am
replace justice anthony kennedy. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says they will vote. the senate will take up a vote on the president's nominee around labor day, certainly before the midterms. you write in response to that quote, mcconnell stole obama's scotus seat and gave it to trump. the nuclear option began in 2013, harry reid can be thanked for that, but i wonder if you and fellow democrats would be crying foul if hillary clinton were president today and in this same exact position and wanted to nominate a justice to replace kennedy and to do it around labor day before the midterms, would you be crying foul in the same way and say, wait, we should wait? >> first of all, there's no disputing the fact that mcconnell clearly stole the supreme court seat, delaying and delaying and refusing to take up the nomination of judge garland. that can't be disputed. the big issue here, poppy, is not just the way that this plays
6:20 am
out in the senate, it has to do with the direction of the court and whether the president -- >> i understand -- >> -- rollback reproductive rights -- >> congressman, trust me, i understand how consequential it is, but my question to you is, would you be saying the same thing if hillary clinton were president? >> would i be saying that mitch mcconnell stole -- >> would you be saying that we should wait until after the midterms? if a democrat were president, should we be waiting until after the midterms for the senate to hold a vote? >> i understand the way things work and mitch mcconnell's going to get a vote. i understand the way the senate works, even though i'm not a member of it, but i also understand that as this plays out -- it doesn't matter what might have been, at this moment in history, the president of the united states is going to nominate someone to the supreme court and i do believe that democrats and republicans who value civil rights and reproductive rights, who understand that everyone deserves the right to vote, we
6:21 am
shouldn't roll back voting rights. i absolutely believe that we should make those issues, put those issues front and center and if the president nominates someone who wants to rollback the clock and wants the court to operate in a way that doesn't acknowledge all of these hard earned rights, then, yes, we should oppose. that's absolutely what i'm saying and that's the case regardless of who's in the white house. we need to look at the decision and the qualifications and the views -- >> congressman, take a look at these live pictures. rod rosenstein the deputy attorney general walking down the hall on capitol hill heading into this hearing before the house judiciary committee as manu reported expected to be explosive in the line of questioning. some members of that committee even going as far like representative mark meadows as to say if they don't get documents from the department of justice, then rosenstein should be impeached potentially. much more of this breaking news after the break.
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president trump says he is very honored to get to replace justice kennedy on the supreme court. no doubt his decision will shape the court and the country for decades. >> we have to pick a great one. we have to pick one that's going to be there for 40 years, 45 years. >> in his 30 years on the bench, anthony kennedy was a critical swing vote, a key and pivotal voice in many of the biggest social issues, decisions from the high court. let's go to jessica schneider she's in washington with more. his importance on this court sometimes called the kennedy court cannot be overstated from abortion, to gay rights, to affirmative action. on those social issues, he was a hero for liberals. on some other issues he was a hero for conservatives. >> and that means the balance of this court will change dramatically with a second president trump appointment and that's because justice kennedy, he really did control the
6:27 am
outcome of hot button issue cases like no other justice in recent history. you said it. he sided with conservatives on issues like campaign finance and gun control and voting rights, while on the flip side, voting with the liberal wing to uphold abortion rights and affirmative action and of course, he wrote that majority opinion making same-sex marriage the law of the land in 2015. so many liberal groups around the country, they worry that while justice kennedy essentially saw both sides, they believe that the justice president trump nominates will be a staunch conservative and will side exclusive with conservative causes brought to the court. it's important to note, this doesn't necessarily mean that roe v wade would be overturned immediately, but this new supreme court would be likely to uphold restrictive straight laws on abortion and that could lead to an eventual overturn of roe v. wade once lawsuits at the state level make their way to the supreme court.
6:28 am
with this change in the balance of power, this, of course, there is a lot of at stake with this retirement. >> and the list, the president said yesterday i'm going to choose my next nominee from the short list that his team put out before gorsuch was nominated. who stands out jessica on that list? >> the president talks about this list. he said 25 people but we have at the top of that list two former justice kennedy clerks. you see the first one there, d.c. circuit court judge brett kavanaugh and also in the middle there, raymond kethledge. then of course at the end there's thomas hardiman. he was interviewed by the president as a runner up to the newest justice neil gorsuch. the second woman there, amy coney bar ret as well as amalthapar they've already been named to lower court seats. republican mike lee the senator from utah, all of these possible
6:29 am
picks staunchly conservative and notably, poppy, very young, meaning they would remain on this court for a generation. amy coney bar ret, just 46 years old. >> wow. >> they'd be in the court for a long time . justice kennedy was 81. moments from now deputy attorney general and the fbi director set to face a grilling from lawmakers about their handling of the 2016 election. we'll bring it to you live and moments away from the opening bell on wall street. futures now down about 100 points. of course these trade concerns continue. we're watching it. ♪ introducing e*trade personalized investments
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$34.90 more per month. call or go on line today. we are moments away from a joint appearance of christopher wray and rod rosenstein and we'll bring that to you live. the focus is the fbi and the dojs actions surrounding the 2016 election. this is expected to be a heated hearing. joining me now shan wu and jackie kucinich. jackie, let me begin with you. this is expected to be heated and even more so because of what some house republicans on this committee are demanding of rosenstein and the doj that they turn over all of the documents tied to the beginning of the
6:35 am
2016 election russia probe and mark meadows has said if they don't get those documents, jackie, by july 6th, articles of impeachment against rosenstein could be in order. how likely is that? >> it's hard to say -- it's hard to see paul ryan letting that happen. he's been trying to bring the temperature down on this throughout. that said, he also has shown a lack of a capacity to control the most conservative members of his conference. that's just a matter of fact. they certainly have been very loud and very demanding of these documents. so we'll just have to see, poppy. it's hard to predict what the house republican congress will do these days. >> one other question for jackie, what the president chose to message from the white house on russia, that is reiterating a putin/kremlin talking point and let me read it for you, russia continues to say they had
6:36 am
nothing to do with the meddling in our election. that is contrary to the findings of the u.s. intelligence agency and it's perplexing as to why the president would continue to say that. as we know he's going next month to meet with vladimir putin. >> right. >> and as this hearing about russian meddling gets under way. >> that's one of the things as we watch this meeting he has with vladimir putin that we're going to be monitoring. he's also said that crimea would rather be russian because they speak russia. >> should be russian. >> should be russian because they speak russian. he really has made a lot of overtures to vladimir putin and it is perplexing because all of his intelligence agencies have said that russia did meddle in the 2016 election. >> it's about as bizarre as portugal -- brazil should be part of portugal because they speak portuguese. shan, to you, but on the supreme
6:37 am
court, you used to work in the law office of justice gorsuch. anthony kennedy retiring down. such a key voice and vote who made liberals extremely happy and conservatives extremely happy at different points with different decisions when it comes to the social issues, gay rights, abortion, affirmative action. he was the champion and the hero of liberals. when it came to other issues like campaign finance and the citizens united decision, he was the championing of conservatives. our jeffrey toobin on the air yesterday kept saying, abortion will be illegal in 20 states in 18 months now that kennedy is being replaced. do you think he's right? >> i think that's a little bit of a fast track. the way that the roe issues would come up are a little bit nuanced as opposed to a frontal attack but certainly this court is obviously much more predisposed toward more restrictions and it could reach
6:38 am
the central issue of overturning it. i don't think it's going to come as a direct frontal attack. >> last year, when ruth bader ginsburg was speaking for an audience, one of the questions to her was, who should eat more kale in washington and she did not misa beat and her answer was anthony kennedy and now that he'll no longer be on the high court, do you think chief justice john roberts is actually the liberal's best hope in some of these things, at least an occasion swing vote? take for example, the vote on obamacare that infuriated conservatives, they called it a betrayal. >> yes. i think so, but for a different reason than justice kennedy was more of a centrist or swing vote. the chief justice as all of them have been is much more conscious of the court's image, its role and making sure that the american public doesn't think of it as being a politically motivated entity which sometimes it appears to be.
6:39 am
i think for that reason he will be a little bit more centrist, i don't think you can look to him to really become a centrist. justice gorsuch who was a great lawyer, i admire him personally, he's not going to emerge as a centrist either. that role is going to be gone. >> jackie, its critical that president trump is the first president to get his supreme court nominees confirmed by a simple majority and that actually goes back to 2013, it goes back to harry reid with the nuclear option on all judicial opponents except for scotus appointments and then mitch mcconnell took it further last year to include scotus. do democrats have a prayer here and do they have a leg to stand on when they cry foul? >> democrats are in a world of hurt right now because their base right now is screaming that this not be able to go through because of what happened with merritt garland and the balance they'll have to strike is
6:40 am
difficult. look at how much money is already pouring from outside groups into this debate. if you are of a vulnerable democrat in montana, north dakota, west virginia, your air waves are flooded with pressure to vote for the president's nominee. that map was already really bad for democrats when you're talking about politics. this makes it that much worse. >> and you saw what heidi heitkamp yesterday responding to the president who attacked her and said, will we get her vote on this one because he it have some support. thank you both very much. got to get a break in before this hearing.
6:41 am
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6:45 am
moments from christopher wray and rod rosenstein surrounding their agency's handling and actions around the 2016 election and the russia probe. we are hearing from the chairman right now. we'll hear from the ranking democrat from new york. then we'll bring it to you live when we start to hear from wray and rosenstein. stay with us for that. the inspector general is launching a review into shelters across the country that are housing thousands of undocumented migrant children. this as we wait for answers from the administration about how and when families separated at the border will be reunited. today the first lady laenl trme trump is expected to make her second trip to the border. her first trip less than a week ago. miguel marquez is live in brownsville, texas. your outside of a shelter with protests. >> reporter: these protests are
6:46 am
all part of a nationwide effort by aclu and other immigration groups to keep the pressure on, to get that ruling by a judge, a couple of days ago in a san diego court telling the administration that it had to reunite these families. there has been zero movement as far as we can tell from the aclu, from the different immigration groups that we speak to about trying to get those families back. keep in mind, a week ago, the president said that he was reversing his zero-tolerance policy. since then there's an indication that six families have been reunited, but at this point 2,047 children remain in detention apart from their parents and it is not clear what the plan is or if there is even a plan for the government to try to reunite those families with their kids. the problem for them are three fold. if they want to do it, they can't reunite the parents with their kids in custody.
6:47 am
they'd have to have some other facility. they either have to deport the parents without the kids or deport them all as one. all very difficult things to do and there is some indication from the texas civil rights project that handles a lot of these cases in this area. they say they have confirmed five cases where the parents have been deport today their home countries and their kids remain in detention here in the u.s. poppy? >> before you go, we have learned a little bit more about what the department of homeland security is asking from the pentagon in terms of housing these migrants. what can you tell us? >> reporter: this seems to be what the administration is moving to. rather than letting the parents go as previous administrations have done, a so-called catch and release program where they are adjudicated and released as a family pending a court date down the road. rather than do that, they are asking the department of defense to prepare shelters so these
6:48 am
kids can be reunited with their parents and then kept in custody pending those court dates. the government's not said that, lawyers don't quite know that, but that appears to be where all of this is headed and we're talking about tens of thousands of people. people now scattered across the country, hundreds of thousands of miles apart. poppy? >> thank you very much. we're waiting for this hearing to begin before the house judiciary committee will hear from the head of the fbi christopher wray as well as the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein in just moments. don't go anywhere. and gas? ♪ now fight both fast new tums chewy bites with gas relief all in one relief of heartburn and gas ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums new tums chewy bites with gas relief almost $800 when we switched our auto and home insurance. with liberty, we could afford a real babysitter instead of your brother. hey! oh, that's my robe. is it? when you switch to liberty mutual, you could save $782 on auto and home insurance.
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again, we're waiting for the house judiciary committee
6:53 am
hearing on the 2016 election and the doj and fbi's actions surrounding it to begin. the ranking democrat on the committee jerry nather of new york speaking right now. in a moment, we'll hear the opening statements of rod rosenstein, the deputy ag, fbi director christopher wray, we'll bring those to you in full live as soon as they begin. meantime, the former co-president of fox news is about to become a senior member of president trump's administration. a source tells cnn bill shine, see him there, is expected to be named the deputy chief of staff in charge of communications. he stepped down from his role at fox last year after he was criticized for the way he handled sexual harassment claims at the network. making this, i think, even more interesting is the road that sean hannity has in many ways paved, the biggest star at fox news, has paved for bill shine to the white house. >> oh, definitely. this is as close as you can get to almost sean hannity himself being in a major role in the
6:54 am
white house because bill shine and sean hannity are old friends and they go back a long time. in fact, bill shine was sean hannity's producer for quite a while before he rose in the ranks at fox news. they have attended dinners together with president trump. and this appointment, it might not be surprising to us anymore, because we know how much president trump loves fox news, but just think about the number of fox news people that are involved in this administration right now. we have everything from the state department spokeswoman, heather nauer, josh bolten, a major role in foreign affairs at the white house currently, kt mcfarland stepped down, but there is an influence of the network in the white house. we know the president talks to the hosts all the time. look at his twitter account. he's constantly tweeting about watching their shows, and now this just further cements that connection between a network and a white house and while media going to politics and going back and forth is not that unusual,
6:55 am
having one particular outlet have so much influence over an administration is completely unprecedented. >> it is, and, look, this may be someone that the president implicitly trusts, clearly, but it comes with some risks, right? because the reason that bill shine is no longer running fox news is because of how he handled the sexual harassment complaints brought before him. he was never accused of sexual harassment, but how he handled the complaints. what kind of problems could that cause in the white house when you look at a white house dealing with the fallout from rob porter? >> of course, i mean, this is just something that clearly the white house has decided is a risk worth taking with bill shine. i mean, we understand that it is from people who work there that it is difficult to work in this white house. and bill shine, maybe they see as somebody who can take on this position. this is definitely going to be opening themselves up to a lot of criticism because of how he handled it. he stepped down because of all of these allegations of sexual harassment at the network and settlements they may have paid out as a result.
6:56 am
and as you noted, he was never himself accused of sexual harassment, but he was named in several lawsuits regarding how they treated these allegations. but clearly for this white house, this just doesn't seem to matter as much as the benefits they think bill shine can bring. i have spoken to a few former and current fox news employees and they say that he would do a good job running a shop like that. the question is whether president trump will listen to him. >> or let him really run the shop. hadas gold, thank you very, very much. again, on hearing watch. we're waiting, in moments we'll hear from the fbi director and deputy attorney general. we'll bring it to you live. man: it takes a lot of work to run this business, but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long,
6:57 am
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6:58 am
call congress now. if they won't stand up to him, they're just as responsible as he is. if theyoh, look...d up to him, another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen.
6:59 am
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7:00 am
election. we'll bring you that as soon as it begins. also this morning, president trump seemingly giving russia clearly the benefit of the doubt over election meddling against what our own intelligence agencies have said. just minutes before details about his upcoming meeting with vladimir putin were announced, he took to twitter to write, russia continues to say they had nothing to do with meddling in our election. let's go to abby phillip who joins us at the white house. the timing is interesting to say the least here, abby. >> reporter: really it is. it is also, i think very consequential because this is a commentary that president trump has repeated over and over again. he often repeats it around the time he's meeting with vladimir putin and now we know they are meeting in the summit in helsinki and the president is saying contrary to his own national security advisers that repeating russian talking points saying russia continues to say they had nothing to do with meddling in our


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