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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  July 9, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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four more rescues in eight hours, a perilous but productive day in the thailand cave, where a youth soccer team of 12 boys and their coach have been trapped for more than two weeks. good morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow in new york and we are on this breaking news. four boys pulled out today, four yesterday. that means that four teammates remain inside of this cave in thailand along with their coach. they will stay there for at least another day. it is right now 9:00 p.m. in thailand and divers and their gear need to be replenished, despite the coming end of the good weather that has helped in these rescues. heavy rain could reflood the tunnels and chambers the teams spent days pumping out last week. we're live at the cave as well as at the hospital where those eight boys are now being treated and quarantined. let's begin at the cave. our ivan watson is there. ivan, what's the update? >> reporter: yeah, a second day of rescues, with now a total of eight boys brought from deep within the mountain, where they've been hiding, trapped now
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some 2.5 miles into the mountain for more than two weeks now. now, we've gotten some details from some of the rescue workers about how the boys are being brought out, that they're wearing wet suits, that they have full face masks that are kept on the boy's faces while they're carried on stretchers from the mouth of the cave complex to the field hospital, that's been erected nearby there. and that's where doctor get a close look at the boys after they've made the perilous journey in from the cave where they were trapped. and then they're ferried out by ambulances and then by military helicopters to a hospital in the provincial capital. you know, the question of why they're wearing wet suits, well, we know that the professional divers, it was taking them about ten hours to do the round-trip journey from the cave's entrance to where the 12 boys were trapped with their soccer coach, for more than two weeks, and then back out again, presumably,
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there are long stretches where the boys would be in cold water. they're in a weakened state, they're dehydrated, malnutrition as well. so those wet suits keeping them warm. the full face masks because they're not trained divers. and something to underscore here, there's good news that eight boys have been brought out. we don't know the medical condition of all of them, but this same journey killed one professional former thai royal navy diver just last week. and that's why we can't afford to get too euphoric when there are four boys still trapped inside and another soccer coach. and when there are divers from around the world, risking their lives to try to bring out the remaining trapped people. poppy? >> absolutely, ivan. i'm so glad you said that. we are thinking of all of those four boys. the coach still inside and the eight being treated at the hospital. ivan watson, thank you. let's go to the hospital now. our matt rivers is outside.
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and matt, we're learning some details about these boys. i understand they're in quarantine. they can't see their families immediately. what are they undergoing? >> reporter: yeah, what we've seen over the last couple of hours here, poppy, is each boy successfully brought into this hospital, airlifted from the cave entrance to an area south of here, an old airport, driven by ambulance here to the e.r. behind me. they're taken up to the eighth floor of this hospital, poppy, which had been turned into a normal ward into an area that has been sterilized. it's an isolation unit. and that's where each boy will have to be kept for one to two days after he is brought off the cave. what doctors are saying is the reason for that is kind of an abundance of caution. they want to make sure that their immune systems aren't too weak to be able to fight off over infections. they want to make sure they didn't bring certain pathogens out of the cave that could affect not only their health, but the health of others around them. so as a result, they're being isolated. if their parents come to see
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them, they would have to wear a suit and a special infection-proof suit, if you will, and they won't be able to get within two meters of where their boys are. so they won't be able to give them hug, at least initially, that you can imagine that they would want to give them. but shortly thereafter, they would be able to do that. and we expect them to remain in the hospital for five to seven days, maybe longer than that, under observation to make sure no other symptoms from any other kind of illness develops, so their recovery goes as smoothly as possible. >> all right, matt rivers, thank you so much. and we're thinking of those four that still remain, those four boys as we look at those images in that cave. i'm joined now by cave rescue expert, an ma mirza, and dr. carl lieberman, thank you both for being here. dr. lieberman, let's talk about the mental state of these young boys. how optimistic they may be. and if they even know that the eight got out safely. hopefully that message is getting to them. but what does that do to their mental state, to know that their
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friends are out? >> well, hopefully they at least know that the first four got out, because the divers would have gone back to get the next set. and that is so important, you know, to make them believe that they can do it. now, of course, the problem is, it sounds like they're taking the healthiest boys out, physically and psychologically the healthiest, and that means that these other boys who were weaker were exposed more to the elements of being in the cave, both the psychological elements, you know, being in this darkened space, and so on. also, the fear each time that people leave that they're not going to come back, that something's going to happen and they're not going to be able to get reality. also the reality of it, now it's my turn, i have to do this. these other people did it, but you know, can i do it? so it's all of that. >> anmar, to you, when you look at the extremity that they're going through, i had read that it's the first kilometer of this
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hours-long journey out of the cave that is the most perilous and the most treacherous for these boys, and you look at how difficult it is, that even an expert diver died on this journey, what stands out to you the most about what's ahead still for these remaining four boys and their coach? >> well, the fact that we've gotten now eight of them out actually is a very, very good sign, obviously. but what it means is that the people who are in there and they're staged and they're running the plan have now had two opportunities to run the plan, to fine-tune it, to take out any problems that they can. and it runs more efficiently, the more practice you get with it. it's still dangerous, but i'm far more optimistic now than i was before. the fact that the water was pumped down to the degree it was, though, makes it a lot less risky and a lot less strenuous than it was in the beginning, and then when the later diver died. >> but you do have this, you know, very heavy rainfall, that
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is forecast. and you talk about the time it took them to pump, anmar, all of that water out. and now, how could this complicate efforts in the next 24 hours? >> well, that is the big problem. if the rainfall comes and they cannot pump it out enough to allow them the last little bit of the operation to go, then we're back to a real problem again. it's still a problem if they're doing it the way they're doing it now, but the weather has always been, from the very beginning of this, the weather has always been the biggest variable and the biggest hazard. >> carole, again back to the long-term exact of the boys. hopefully all 12 make it out safely and their coach. when the news cameras are gone and then they are not inspect headlines anymore, what is the long-term impact on them, because they can't talk to their friends and family and say, you know what it's like to go through something like this, because no one else does? >> right, of course, the team, the team, being able to talk
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together and be together, the teamwork that they've been doing, and that's been helping them all along, actually. the cohesiveness that they have as a team. but, you know, they are going to be having posttraumatic stress disord disorder, some more than others. and that will depend on who they were before they got trapped in the cave. the healthier they were psychologically before they got trapped, the easier it will be for them to deal with the psychological problems caused by them being trapped. but they're going to have things like, they probably will have nightmares, they will have intrusive thoughts about what happened in the cave. they may have flashbacks. chances are, they're not going to want to go cave exploring anytime soon. they might have fears of the water. you know -- >> but what about the resilience it can build, you know? knowing that something you can survive something like that.
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>> well, it's kind of a double-edged sword. yes, on the one hand, they'll be thinking, i survived this. and of course, they're going to be getting lots of kudos. everybody's been watching they were resilient and strong enough to survive it. but on the other hand, that doesn't protect them from being plagued by things like nightmare. and my concern is that people are going to skip over this and think that if they come out and they say, you know, i want fried chicke chicken, they're going to think, this must mean they're healthy and fine. >> and anmar, finally to you, the divers that are doing this, it does appear that each time they do this trip, it's taking less time, they're becoming even more expert at navigating these tunnels. is it the same divers, do you believe that are going in and out each time? and how much does it benefit them that they've now been, you know, in and out a series of times? >> knowing the route and knowing the hazards in there is absolutely important. and it is, my understanding is
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it is the main primary batch of divers here doing this. once they know the hazards within the route, they can easily avoid them. so the unknown is always harder. and they also have gotten a lot of practice with the techniques that they're using, specifically to bring the boys out, which certainly makes that go smoother. >> anmar mirza, thank you. dr. carole lieberman, appreciate you both being here. again, four more boys, their coach, we're waiting for them to be rescued, hopefully tomorrow morning. all right, we're less than 12 hours away from president trump's prime-time announcement on his supreme court nominee. then the real battle begins on capitol hill. plus, rudy giuliani says michael cohen just needs to tell the truth to prosecutors, but a source telling cnn michael cohen is trying to send a clear signal to the president, the truth isn't your friend, next.
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tonight, president trump will reveal his supreme court nominee. it will happen at 9:00 p.m. eastern, of course, in prime-time, and you'll see it here. all indications are he's narrowed his choice to one of these four justices you see on your screen. abby phillip is live at the white house with more. and our reporting, apparently, abby, he has not decided which of those four justices he will nominate, but he will decide in less that be two hours. >> that's right, poppy. this is a moving target, but as of this morning, our sources were telling us the president, if he has decided, he hasn't made it known to people who are close to the process. he did say last night upon returning to washington from new jersey where he spent the weekend deliberating on this, that he was planning on making a decision by noon today. but this is coming down to like you just showed up on the screen, about four candidates who have been in the sort of top tier for quite a while now. but one of the most interesting
7:17 am
developments over the weekend is that we've learned, sources are telling us that mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader, has told president trump who he thinks will be the easiest of those candidates to confirm. those two candidates are thomas hardiman and raymond kethledge. those two, mcconnell believes, could be the easiest. they won't be as polarizing as some of these other candidates out there. hardiman, you saw there, was the runner-up the last time around. he's already been through quite a bit of this vetting process. now, there were two other candidates on the list. brett kavanaugh and amy coney barrett, both of whom were believed to be kind of rising up and down in the president's estimation in the last few days. and both of those folks are still obviously in the running, but there have been some concerns from conservatives that perhaps they're too polarizing. amy coney barrett has been the target of democrats who believe that she is likely to repeal roe versus wade. and brett kavanaugh is someone
7:18 am
who has a long traditional record, but perhaps so long, that democrats can poke a lot of holes in it in a confirmation process. so there's a lot that the president is weighing here. but obviously this decision is his and his only. he said it's going to be by noon, but 9:00 p.m. is still a long time away and he can take as long as he wants to make this decision. >> of course he can. it is his decision to make. but of course, conservative senators like ted cruz and like senator rand paul, tom cotton, have expressed concerns about kavanaugh directly to the white house. abby, thank you for the reporting. with me now, steve lattic, also jami jamiel jafers is with us, and clerked for supreme court justice neil gorsuch before he was on the high court. steve, you wrote something on twitter. you said, these justices are not all the same, they have important differences, but those differences pale in comparison
7:19 am
to how different they would be justice anthony kennedy, whose seat they tlaking. >> that's the important point. of all the dream we're going to see, at the end of the day, all four of the folks on the top of the short list really are, you know, you know, strongly conservative nominees, folks who would move the court to the right. folks who would make john roberts the center vote. i think it's important we not lose track of that, even as we've seen conservative groups going after one name or another, democrats lining up and getting ready to go after one versus the other. if it's any of these four folks, this is someone who's going to mean the court meaningfully to the right in ways that are going to affect of americans, far beyond one issue like abortion or one set of cases, like with brett kavanaugh, you know,
7:20 am
presidential power. >> so jamiel, to brett kavanaugh, you have those senators, republican senators, who have expressed concern about him to the white house. some thinking that the dissents he wrote on key cases, including one texas abortion case, didn't go far enough. there's concern that the administration can't go through all the paperwork from his time in the bush white house ahead of 9:00 p.m. tonight. but you do have him as reportedly a favorite of white house council don mcgahn. and on the flip side of that, you have senator majority leader mitch mcconnell, who was so key in the gorsuch appointment, saying hardiman or kethledge would be a safer pick for the president in terms of getting him confirmed. what's your read? >> the president hardly goes with the safe move on almost any issue. it wouldn't surprise me if he went with brett. he's a solid conservative candidate. this idea that brett is not conservative enough, totally false. he's right within the mainstream, as of all four of these candidates. i don't agree with steve that
7:21 am
they would move the court substantial to the right. discussing the court in a right-to-left dynamic is really inaccurate. when you think about what the judges do and how they think about these issues, it's whether they follow the law or if they -- >> but it's different -- but when you look atjamiel, and you roe v. wade and you look at what the president himself said to cbs in 2016, that judges will be pro-life, that's a quote from the president, when asked about supreme court justice nominations, and you look at the issue of stare decisis, whether or not a precedent should be overturned. that is a significant difference. >> great point, poppy. the point is, we've been talking about roe v. wade and the concern it will be overturned since 1987. hasn't happened. i think you're right about how a judge views stare decisis, but
7:22 am
the hard question here is whether the president is really looking for a pro-life candidate, because he hasn't asked that question. it's been very clear throughout this process, he's not asking that question. it's true, he's looking at judges who have a limited view of the role of judge. like gorsuch, they're not caped crusaders. they're judges doing their jobs. you're right these are hard questions. but at the end of the day, i think the thing to figure out, whether the judge will move the court to the right or not, we don't know that. >> steve, 30 second response? >> this notion that only conservative judges are faithful to the constitution and the text is boll lockocks. you had the conservative majority reading into the first amendment rules that aren't there. so let's not delude ourselves into thinking this is about mainstream nominees. the president has the power right now to push through someone who is a very conservative nominee. i think that's what we're going to see tonight.
7:23 am
and i think it's worth stressing that it's going to move the court decidedly to the right, for better or for worse. >> steve vladeck, and jamil, jaffer, thank you. boris johnson is resigning. the significance of this, nick? >> reporter: it's big, very big. we had overnight into monday morning the resignation of david davis, the brexit secretary, the minister in charge of getting britain out of the european union. that was a big blow for the prime minister. david davis was a very strong component of the keep ministers that wanted a strong, tough brexit. britain leaving the european union very clearly, able to negotiate independent trade deals around the world, free of any european union legislation and controls. boris johnson's resignation as perhaps the -- one of the
7:24 am
biggest and most vocal critics of theresa may inside her cabinet, absolutely hammers double down that rings much louder on the resignation of david davis. why? because boris johnson is a charismatic figure. he may well draw in enough support and others to positions of resigning or potentially calling for a vote of no confidence in the prime minister. that would be absolutely huge, with a potential for bringing down her government. what we are expecting to see in the next five or ten minutes is the prime minister deliver in parliament her explanation of her new brexit plan. this is what was unveiled to her cabinet at a sequestered session on friday night. it was understood then that the whole cabinet had signed up to that, including boris johnson, who described it in some very fruity and negative language. but the understanding was that everyone signed up. now monday morning, that's
7:25 am
absolutely not the case. her whole deck of cards is falling apart. boris johnson, one of the biggest, most charismatic figures in her cabinet stepping down. what other dominos are going to fall after this? that's the question. >> and just days before president trump lands in britain to hold these meetings with the prime minister. nic robertson, appreciate the breaking news. thank you. the truth is not your friend. the president's former so-called fixer, sending a clear signal to the president. that breaking news, next. crabfest is back at red lobster!
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as tomorrow's deadline approaches, mandating that the trump administration reunite children under 5 years old with their parents who were separated at the border, in just hours a court hearing will take place where a federal judge will decide if the administration should have more time. the administration says they're working tirelessly to reunite these children with their parents, but what will the federal judge say? meantime, governors from six states wrote a joint letter to hhs and dhs, questioning how this process is working and demanding a response. joining me now is one of the governors that signed that letter, democrat jay inslee of washington. thank you for being here, sir. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> i read through the six demands that you have in this ltter. and you want to know the process. you want to know how and when these reunifications will happen, exactly how many children are separated, exactly how many very young children are separated. as hhs or dhs responded to you at all since you sent this letter on friday?
7:31 am
>> reporter: no, and this is par for the course. this has been a barbarous process from the beginning. it has been a diabolical scheme and the president playing chess, you know, he's sort of been willing to sacrifice a few pawns, which are these children, in his effort to, i guess, look as tough as he wants to be. but we are grossly dissatisfied with the government's response. they have given us nothing but inaccurate information. they've gone so far last week to suggest that they would consider just placing these children with foster parents, as a reunification plan and call it good, which is totally dissatisfactory. >> so, governor, let me ask you about that specifically . because i did hear you talk about that and i would like to know more. that your team was on a call with government officials and that that federal government officials actually told your team that they do not plan to reunite all of these 3,000
7:32 am
children with their parents? that they would be willing to put them with foster families and that they think that that would meet the reunification demands by the court? is that directly what you were told? >> yes, my staff was told, i was not on the call, but my staff was told on several occasions that not all of these children would be reunited with their parents. that there would be reunification, and they used that term repeatedly, through other means, which could include foster parents, it could include potentially relatives. and we've already been told through press reports there have been 19 parents deported with no plans that we've seen to reunite those children with their parents. so what we have seen here is a continuation of the trump policies of just being able to continue this policy of inhumane treatment to these children. >> so what recourse do you believe -- >> and we've got nothing but -- >> what recourse do you have?
7:33 am
these are the deadlines set by the courts? what recourse do you and other democrats have? if they don't meet the deadline and follow through, you can't through hhs officials in jail over this, so what do you do? >> well, we are in court right now, in my state, and i'm proud of my state, we have stood up to the trump administration repeatedly and we are in court as a plaintiff as well seeking judicial relief. the court can fine the government and do other things as well, but this is something that's more important that all of us can do this year. look, we realize where this problem resides. it resides in the white house. you know, a fish rots from its head. and what we have to do, look, people have come up to me by the dozens saying, what can we to protect these children? and frankly the answer is, this november, vote. and find every kid who's under 35 who might not vote and get them to vote. that's what we can do and that's what we need to do. we need to elect democratic
7:34 am
governors who can stand with me against this administration. >> i wonder if you can stand with your democrats, kirsten gillibrand, elizabeth warren, who have called for the abolition of i.c.e. there is a huge rallying cry behind this. but some like jay joeh johnson, former dhs, as you know, ran dhs under president obama said, that's a mistake. do you agree with your fellow democrats who say, abolish i.c.e.? >> well, i voted against i.c.e. from the beginning, so you can count me a critic from day one. but the reality of the situation is, to solve this problem, the problem is in the white house. >> so are they wrong then, governor? are they wrong then about abolishing i.c.e., because what jeh johnson said, let me read part of it in "the washington post" this weekend, he said, the outright abolition of i.c.e. would compromise public safety. that's his argument. he goes on to say, calls to abolish i.c.e. only serve to sew
7:35 am
even greater division in the american public and in its political leadership, damaging any remaining prospect of bipartisan immigration reform. do you think hays right? does he have a point or is part of the solution, as some of your fellow democrats are calling for, to just abolish i.c.e. altogether? >> well, here's what i think. i think we have to solve this problem. we have to stop this inhumane treatment of our children and other people. and to do that, it is necessary to have a change of leadership at the top. the master of this agency is the president. the degradation of human rights are because of donald trump. >> but what did that mean about i.c.e.? >> that means, we have to -- >> is it misguided to point to i.c.e. in all of this and say, you abolish i.c.e. and that helps solve the problem. >> well, i think that there is a concern that certain people may interpret that language as meaning, we're going to have no enforcement of our borders whatsoever. and i don't think that's probably what people are proe
7:36 am
proposing. if they propose reorganization of an agency, we should always be willing to consider that. but i come back to the central tenant that the problem will be resolved when we change the white house and when we vote for people this fall that can create comprehensive immigration reform that will prevent donald trump's deprivati depredations. that's what we should focus on. and that's what i'm focused on and i'm going to court to do what we can to restrain this rogue president. and that ought to be our obligation and we're going to fulfill it, you bet. >> of course, even under the previous administration, president obama, there was no that comprehensive immigration reform that has been talked about and hoped for my so many for so long. governor jay inslee, i have to leave it there. thanks for joining me this morning. >> you bet. thank you. the fixer fights back. the message michael cohen is sending to the president. new reporting, next.
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welcome back. rudy giuliani says that michael cohen should tell the truth, but multiple sources tell cnn that michael cohen has a clear message for the president and for giuliani. the truth isn't your friend. this as his attorney, lanny davis, this morning just fired back at giuliani's comments yesterday that cohen should tell the feds the truth. listen to what giuliani said first. >> if he believes it's in his best interest to cooperate, god bless him. he should cooperate. i think the man has been horribly treated by the people he's going to cooperate, but that, you know, sometimes you have no other choice. i do not expect that michael cohen is going to lie. i think he's going to tell the truth, as best he can, given his recollection. and if he does that, we're home free. >> so here is the biting response to that from cohen's attorney, lanny davis, who writes this morning, quote, did rudy giuliani really say on the sunday shows that michael cohen should cooperate with prosecutors and tell the truth? seriously, that trump and
7:42 am
giuliani's definition of truth? trump and giuliani next to the word "truth" is an oxy morn. stay tuned. #thetruthmatters. joining me now, gloria borger who has new reporting from multiple sources, gloria, that the message is pretty clear here from michael cohen to giuliani and the president and that is, quote, the truth is not your client's friend. what can you tell us? >> reporter: i think what they're doing is they're hitting the reset button, as i was told, and this looks like it's war here, pretty much, between rudy giuliani, his client, donald trump, and michael cohen, you know, for the past year, cohen has denied vehemently participating in or knowing about anything about collusion with russia. and so these new comments from sources close to cohen suggest that he's dangling some information about president trump and others in the president's orbit that he might want to share with investigators. now, we don't know any details
7:43 am
yet. we also know that his attorney, guy patrillo, is not necessarily meeting with prosecutors at this point. my sources have referred any inquiries about the case to patrillo, who is not commenting. so it is possible they're trying to say to the prosecutors, hey, maybe we have something here, but we don't know, in fact, poppy, whether they do. but what we do know is that they are now taking on rudy giuliani and the president frontally, and one source said to me, look, cohen is no longer taking a bullet for trump. he's no longer a flunky. it is his july 4th moment. >> is there, gloria, an indication that you're getting that anything could change michael cohen's mind at this point in time? because we know he has felt from
7:44 am
our reporting abandoned by the president. the president, when's been asked into these press gaggles a few weeks ago about michael cohen, you know, calls him sort of a nice guy, but i don't talk to him much. certainly not standing by his man, if you will, on this. could something from the president turn michael cohen back to being in his corner? >> i think at that point, that seems hard to say. look, cohen feels frustrated, as you point out. he feels abandoned. he also, you know, i was told by my sources that when he originally spoke out a couple of weeks ago on abc, he was very careful in choosing which areas to distinguish himself from the president. remember, he said, i respect the f f fbi. who has said the fbi is a corrupt institution? the president. he said he believes the intelligence communities over trump. and this goes on and on now. i think what he is doing is sending a direct message to the
7:45 am
president of the united states, which is, if i tell the truth, it might not be so good for you. what we don't know, poppy, is what the truth is. because michael cohen is not telling us exactly what he knows and when he knew it. so, you know, the story will continue to unravel, but now you do have the president's ultimate loyalists, his former fixer, punching directly back at his former boss. >> yeah, it's a significant development, gloria, thank you for that important reporting. we appreciate it. let's discuss it more with caroline policeya, federal and white-collar defense attorney. so you'he's got this new legal . one of the lawyers is lanny davis. you saw the message very clear from him this morning. what's your lead? >> i think we're witnessing the reinvention of michael cohen. over the past week or so, he's no longer, as dplogloria said, guy that's going to take a bullet for the president.
7:46 am
and he has his own jewgiuliani lanny davis. they can come out from a pr standpoint and really throw some punches. i agree with gloria that it's unclear at this point what information michael cohen may have, but look, it's no secret that when you hire guy patrillo, that he's looking to potentially cut a deal. he's looking for guy patrillo to pick up the phone, say, what can we do? here's what we have, is there anything we can work out? and after that, he would engage in what's known as proffer sessions with potentially the southern district, potentially robert mueller's office. who knows? s there could be a lot of information that could be helpful here. >> rudy giuliani did a series of sunday show interviews this weekend and he madestepnopoulosy morning, talking about what the president knew in conversations that were had about michael flynn.
7:47 am
whether the former fbi director james comey was asked directly by the president to go easy on flynn or to let this thing go. let's listen to this exchange. >> he didn't direct him to do that. what he said to him was -- >> comey said he took it as direction. >> well, by that time, he had been fired. and he said a lot of other things, some of which have turned out to be untrue. the reality is, as a prosecutor, i was told that many times. can you give the man a break? either by his lawyers, by his relatives, by friends. you take that into consideration. but you know, that doesn't determine that not going forward with it. >> he is confirming there, caroline, what the president denied in a may 2017 news conference, the president was asked if he'd urged comey to let up on flynn and go easy on him, and the president said, no, no, next question. and this all ties into the obstruction issue. how significant is that? >> it's hugely significant. you can sugar coat the language, which giuliani is trying to do here, but the fact is, when it's
7:48 am
the president of the united states that directs, is giving a directive or what comey perceives to be an directive to let an investigation go, that's obstruction of justice. and this is part and parcel of giuliani's tactic of getting out. >> does it matter that giuliani said it, he could walk it back. >> it doesn't matter. >> like he has other important things and say, oh, i didn't mean it, i misunderstood, like the stormy daniels payments? >> 100% welco, it matters less. if it was donald trump himself to say those words, that would be more meaningful. so they could try to walk that back if they had to. the president has come out saying, rudy's a good guy, he just got on this case, so it's less bad than if trump himself had said that, but this is not good anyway you spin it. >> ahead for us, republican congressman jim jordan is now back in washington as he fights accusations that he knew about alleged sexual abuse at ohio
7:49 am
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ohio congressman jim jordan returns to capitol hill today, arguing that recent attacks on him are politically motivated. this as new accusers have come forward -- new accusers have come forward who have said that they were sexually assaulted by a team doctor while they were students at ohio state and that jim jordan knew about the abuse. it is a claim that he has denied. >> i never saw, never heard of, never was told about any type of abuse. any had been, i would have dealt with it. >> our jean casarez has been on
7:54 am
this story. she joins me now. there are new accusers, three more people who have come forward with different accounts. what are they saying? >> you know, poppy, cnn has spoken with a lot of former wrestlers from ohio state university. and each of them really bring something different to the table. one former wrestler said he was sexually abused by dr. richard strauss and it was when jim jordan was the assistant coach. he said that he never specifically told jordan, but that larkin hall, which was this open facility where it seems like professors showered, athletes, male athlete s showered. he said larkin hall where the athletes showered was a pedophile's dreamland and if jordan didn't know, he was living under a rock. but he does describe jordan as a class act. now, another former wrestler, mike alf said he didn't consider it abuse at the time. that the wrestlers joked about it. but the physicals were weird, it
7:55 am
was inappropriate behavior. he doesn't believe jim jordan knew and said if he did know, he thinks jordan would have done something. another unnamed former wrestler tells us that coach russ hellickson and jordan had to know because they were in the shower when the doctor was in the shower and the doctor was in the shower for a along time. you know, poppy, in the defense, jim jordan in his own defense is talking about character fallacies in some of these accusers. and it is true that one of the most serious accusations comes from someone who says, he told jordan all about it and said he did serve time in federal prison for dishonesty. >> unrelated to all of this. >> it was a crime of dishonesty. but he said, i'm now very successful in business and that should not be held against me. >> please keep us posted as this develops. eight boys now rescued from that thailand cave. we're learning more about their
7:56 am
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hello, everyone. i'm kate balduan. we're following breaking news this morning on the story the entire world is watching. officials in thailand just wrapped up a news conference about the slow but so far successful in almost a miraculous way rescue of a youth soccer team trapped for more than two weeks in a flooded cave. four more boys have been brought out alive today, that's in addition to four rescued on sunday. now divers must race


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