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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  July 20, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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is slowly emptying north and spiraling toward greater suffering. >> gives you a sense of why so many more are fleeing through mexico up to the united states. some of them seeking asylum. we will keep an eye on that. we have a lot of news ahead. let's get after it. top of the hour, 10:00 a.m. eastern. good morning. i'm poppy harlow in new york. breaking news out of branson, missouri, where we are expecting an update from officials after this tour boat known as the duck boat, sinks during severe weather. at least 13 people are confirmed dead. as i speak, emergency crews are diving in table rock lake looking for any possible survivors. we do have video of this boat sinking. i want to warn you, it's disc s disturbing to watch.
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you can see waves rocking the boat as the wind picks up. four people are still unaccounted for. we are told children are among the dead. diane gallagher is following the latest. what have you learned? >> reporter: the first priority is finding the four people who are still being declared missing right now. we do tli we're goi think we're an update on their status at the press conference. the next priority is finding out how this happened. table rock lake, it's near branson, missouri. if you are familiar with that area, it's a hot spot for tourism in the summertime for families and church groups. there were a lot of camps out there. the duck tours have been in the area for nearly half a century. they go -- they're on land and they go into the water and back out on land. this one in particular kind of goes through the ozarks before out on lake table rock. we're told that where the boat sank, where this accident
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happened, it's about 80 feet deep. that is where divers are searching at this point. again, we are hoping they are going to get us an update on the four people. as far as the conditions go, when this happened, we know a severe thunderstorm warning was in effect about half an hour before calls started coming in about the boat sinking. cnn spoke to the owner of the company about why they might have been out on the water at this time. >> my understanding was that when the boat went in the water, it was calm. partway through coming back is when everything -- when the waves picked up and then, obviously, swamped the boat. people are supposed to be able to go out for an outing and have a good time. this should never end this way. >> very difficult for really everyone. the president has tweeted about
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this already. the ntsb tweeted requesting additional videos and photos if anybody has them. their go team is en route to help investigate this. poppy, we are waiting on that press conference to learn more about what happened, the status of those missing, and, of course, those 14 survivors as well, you mentioned before, of course, though that among the dead are children in this accident. >> thank you. joining me now on the phone the is the communication manager for the city of branson. i'm so sorry. >> thank you. >> talk to me about how the community is responding to all of this. you said what you have seen in the last 18 hours has been just a testament to the character and spirit of the people of branson. >> absolutely. as you can imagine, branson is a small community, but we make up for that with a big heart. we have seen nothing but an
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outpouring of love from people offering lodging, food, prayer and thoughts. it's just been overwhelming to know that this many people are concerned and care about what's going on. >> we're waiting for an update from officials on the numbers here on if they have been able to rescue any of the four that are missing. when it comes to those you know did die in this, children are among them. what can you tell us about that? >> i can't speak to any of the official investigation. there's a joint task force that's going on right now. as you mentioned, with the ntsb, sheriff's department and missouri highway patrol. what i can tell you is that our first responders have done such an amazing job. everyone was first on scene to everybody who was first on scene last night to the people who worked overnight. we have had a team here at city
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hall all night who have gone without sleep, just kind of comforting the families involved here. when you come to branson as a tourist, you are not just a tourist, you are our family. we are trying the best we can to take care of our family, if that is offering a shoulder to cry on, getting them more information, giving them a location here at city hall they can come to if they need anything at all. we are very concerned with these people. we have offered them psychologists and chaplains to kind of deal with what's happening. >> we are all with you and thinking about you this morning as, of course, is the president who wrote about it on twitter this morning. please keep us posted. >> thank you. will do. >> we will bring you that press conference as soon as it begins. before that, as we await it, let's talk about washington and the white house where a week consumed with controversy over the summit is ending with new
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drama, new controversy over a second summit being planned with vladimir putin. watch the national director of intelligence as he is trying to process the announcement that he received not from the west wing but from a journalist, from nbc's andrea mitchell during a live appearance yesterday at the aspen institute. >> the white house has announced that vladimir putin is coming to the white house in the fall. >> say that again. >> vladimir putin coming -- >> did i hear you? >> yeah. >> okay. that's going to be special. >> jeremy diamond is at the white house. they are laughing about it, i suppose. it is stunning to find out something like that from a journalist and not your own team in the west wing. but in all reality, our colleagues at "the washington
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post" are reporting that the white house is outraged at how dan coats responded and that the president might see this as a personal betrayal. >> reporter: there's a lot of speculation in the west wing about dni coats' future. that was not something the president typically likes to see is one of his highest ranking officials publically appearing to mock something he has just done which is invite vladimir putin, the president of russia, to the united states for round two. it is indicative of the president's strategy it seems going forward from helsinki. he wou we saw him try the art of the walk back, trying to say he had misspoken during the press conference with vladimir putin and trying to say -- show that he is tough on russia, that he has been tough on russia. now we have seen him double down instead on that approach with russia. the president making clear he does want to go forward with this strategy of bringing the united states and russia closer
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together, planning for the second meeting with vladimir putin in washington, no less. this doubling down strategy is provoking added backlash. we have seen it from capitol hill, even mitch mcconnell's spokesman saying there's no invitation from congress at this point for vladimir putin when he does come to washington, if that invitation is confirmed. the president is still trying to make clear that he has been tough on russia and that if his diplomatic endeavors do not work, he will be vladimir putin's worst enemy. >> he said that in the interview. jeremy diamond at the white house, thanks. let's talk about this with former chief of russia operations for the cia, steve hall and the online news director for the new yorker david rode. david, let me get your reaction to something that dni coats said.
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>> i don't know what happened in that meeting. i think as time goes by and the president has mentioned some things that happened in that meeting, i think we will learn more. but that is the president's prerogative. if he had asked me how that ought to be conducted, i would have suggested a different way. but that's not my role. that's not my job. so it is what it is. >> what, david, should be more concerning to the american people, the fact that he found out on stage and not from the west wing that putin was coming to the white house, invited to the white house in the fall, or the fact that he still, four days out, has no idea what was said behind closed doors between the two leaders? >> i think the latter is far more alarming. across the government, there's no information about what actually president trump might have agreed to with president putin. putin and the russians are putting out statements there
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were agreements. the president has boxed himself in by refusing to tell everyone what happened. i was in the audience here yesterday in aspen when director coats gave that answer. people were stunned. this is one of the security conferences and there's a lot of talking. the atmosphere here is extraordinary. there's constant questioning about what happened in that private meeting between vladimir putin and donald trump. >> steve hall, to you. you rode this week, from a counterintelligence perspective, something is going on behind the scenes. before helsinki -- i'm sorry. i'm hearing something in my ear. my question to you is, do you think that this makes america stronger there any way to have a summit 2.0? a comment from afrngela merkel she welcomes the russian president and american president meeting together. is there anything that this
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america first president, as he bills himself, has that would make this good for america? >> poppy, i think we all need to be asking ourselves continuously and more importantly asking this administration specifically this president one simple question, which is why. why do this? it doesn't make any sense from an american -- i don't believe -- national security perspective. we need to be containing russia i believe at this point. we don't need to be engaging russia. what is it in for the united states? there are some nuclear arms negotiations with regard to treaties coming due soon that need to be taken care of. that's typically best done by experts. aside from that, why do we need to -- the whole idea of, yes, we're going to have a good relationship with russia because that's a good thing is childish as an approach to russian foreign policy. we just need to say, why is he doing this. i don't understand. it doesn't do the president any good politically, right?
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everybody keeps asking, is there something more on this relationship between the president and putin? i don't understand it. why? >> david, let me read you something that was written a year ago by a then influential conservative in washington, d.c. quote, trump -- this was after trump and putin met for the first time. trump got to experience putin looking him in the eye and lying to limhim. it slu be a warnshould be a waie value moscow places on honesty. that was john bolton who invited putin to the white house. either his views have changed or he is gritting his teeth and bearing it. >> it matters because this is a
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clear pattern of donald trump putting awfll of his eggs in difficult positions. it's donald trump doing all this. the vast majority of republicans in the senate and the house are baffled by this behavior. dan coats yesterday i think was trying to do his job. he was polite in other parts of the presentation. but he was saying it was his job to present facts to the president of the united states when asked about why he told the president publically and stated the russians had meddled in the election. donald trump is the extreme position here. he is insisting on this alone. i think there's a lot of discontent across -- privately, bolton, i would assume himself. it's extraordinary how alone the president in this approach. >> steve, when the president says -- as he did to cnbc in the new interview -- i will be the worst enemy he has ever had, meaning putin, if putin sort of dares cross us, right? what do you make of a threat like that from the leader of one
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nuclear power to another? what does that really mean? >> i think that you can safely assume that vladimir putin thinks that's the most ridiculous threat simply based on not only vladimir putin but most of the rest of us should look at, which is donald trump's actions versus his words. he has this ludicrous summit where he has secret meetings that nobody really still understands what happened behind closed doors. he comes out and appears to be totally subservient to putin. then says, not only that i'm going to invite you back for more discussion. how is that hard? there have been some expulsions, some sanctions. putin is perfectly prepared to put up with that for the express ability to divide not only the united states but the west, which is his real goal in all of this. why meet with a guy who wants to weaken the united states, who
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wants to weaken the west against russia? that's why i ask myself why in god's name is this happening. >> steve and dave, thank you very much. still to come, the same day the president calls the press the enemy of the american people, his former fixer and attorney michael cohen sticks up for the media. what should we make of that? also, new light on old words from brett kavanaugh, could they impact his confirmation ared? give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. i'll take that. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors. you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel. with expedia's add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip. add-on advantage. only when you book with expedia.
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old words from a man very much now in the spotlight. quote, it makes no sense at all to have an independent counsel looking at the conduct of the president. when it comes to looking at the
7:20 am
conduct of the president it has to be congress. those words come from president trump's supreme court pick brett kavanaugh. yes, this was in 1988. it can be relevant today when it comes to the mueller probe. joining me is our senior congressional correspondent. this is the first time this is being reported. the fact that he said this back in '98, it was a long time ago, but you can bet this is going to come up in his confirmation hearing. >> no question about it. this is in line with his legal views about raising concerns about whether a president can be indicted. he raised concerns about the independent counsel. we reported earlier this week that he believes that the supreme court precedent upholding the constitutionality of an independent counsel should be overturned. the question is, how does he view the mueller investigation given robert mueller is a special counsel which operates differently than an independent counsel? perhaps this video from 1998
7:21 am
could shed light. he makes very clear that he believes that congress is the one entity that should be investigating the president, not an independent counsel. >> the implication is that congress has to take responsibility for overseeing the conduct of the president in the first instance. that's the role, i believe, the framers envisioned. that's the role that makes sense if you look at the last 20 years. it makes no sense at all to have an independent counsel looking at the conduct of the president. now to be sure, most criminal investigations are going to involve multiple subjects. we still need a criminal investigation ongoing. when it cops mes to looking at conduct of the president, congress has to get in the game and stop sitting on the si sideline. >> this came in the context of the ken starr investigation. kavanaugh worked for ken starr.
7:22 am
he was raising concerns about that. this is in light with his views about how a sitting president can be investigated. believing it's congress' role, it's a clear separation of powers between congress and the executive branch. congress is the one entity that should be investigating the president. what does that mean for a special counsel like robert mueller who is investigating the president, who is investigating the president's campaign? does he believe it's constitutional? that's a question that's not answered by this but raises more questions. it could be significant if he were confirmed to the court and let's say a subpoena, they fight a subpoena that bob mueller's team issues to force the president to testify. it goes to the supreme court, something the legal team warned they may fight in court. what would kavanaugh do there that situation? we don't know. significant questions today that he will have to answer at his confirmation hearings. >> yeah. as our legal expert on all this
7:23 am
stuff, teefit's not just that h said congress should have this role, it's that -- does he consider the constitution to -- the constitution -- does he view it as saying this is not legal? that's the crux of where the questioning i think will go here. thank you. >> thanks, poppy. a republican congressman says a republican president is being manipulated by vladimir putin. what the former cia agent turned congressman says this could mean for the country.
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$34.90 more per month. call or go on line today. this morning, just another friday, but a friday where a republican congressman is taking on the republican president on the pages of the "new york times." will herd writes in an opinion pea piece, quote, the leader of the free world participated in a russian disinformation campaign. joining me is our political analyst and our senior political analyst. nice to have you both here. mark preston to you, in some ways it's another friday. but this comes on the heels of
7:29 am
lindsey graham yesterday, calling the trump administration naive on president, the president misjudged putin. to you, what are they going to do about it? >> what is congress going to do about it? there's not much congress can do other than continue their investigation into russia. if vladimir putin does come over here right before the midterm elections, which the timing couldn't be any better for vladimir putin, the question would be, would congress invite him to a peppear in the united states senate? i doubt that would happen very much. >> mcconnell said no. >> we saw that last night, mcconnell said no, of course. then we would -- what we are seeing happening right now is that they're trying to create tougher sanctions right now against russia. to the greater spectrum of it all right now, there's really not much congress can do. >> amy, you hear the president's defenders in the white house y
7:30 am
saying, yes, yes, we know it looks bad. it's bad optics. policy-wise, nothing has changed. they keep pointing to the president's actions on russia. how long is that going to fly when you have comments like this coming from republicans the president needs in congress? >> it's not going to fly for very long. i think what congress can do is they can actually call pompeo, they can call other people, bolton, people who should know really about the meeting and ask for readouts. i think that's what people are trying to get when they are trying to get the interpreter to come to testify. other people should have readouts on what happened. i think that's what congress is missing and what they can do. i don't know how good this obviously looks for the white house in terms of optics. they really need to kind of turn this around. inside the white house in the west wing, the morale is so low. people are trying to figure out their exit strategy.
7:31 am
they wanted to stay past the midterms. they might leave before then. it doesn't look good for anyone over there. >> michael cohen taking to twitter, the president's self-proclaimed former fixer and personal attorney writing, quote, overnight, free do. press is not just important to democracy, it is democracy. he writes, as we continue with the crazed news cycle, it's never been more than important for everyone to distinguish between innuendo and fact. then al sharpton just tweeted this morning, just spent an hour with michael cohen, trump's former attorney. i bet you are wondering what we could be talking about. stay tuned. what's your read? >> i can't believe that this is happening to the greatest democracy ever, that we're having these discussions. they're just so insane. when you look at what michael cohen is doing, he is fighting a war on both fronts. he is sending a message to the
7:32 am
white house and donald trump, i have broken away. he certainly is trying to cover support or curry support from others. he is also taking a shot at the media and in some cases it's a valid shot because he is saying that you shouldn't always look the a at innuendo and follow the facts. >> one fact is that president trump is taking on the fed and taking on the fed chair and taking on monetary policy in the united states. he tweeted this morning attacking the fed's decision to raise interest rates. it's stunning because it's so inprecedented inprecedented. what do you make of it? >> it's definitely something. he also tweeted about tariffs and what that could do. that's sparking concern about a possible trade war and the economy and the stock market going down. he is saying he doesn't overall care about politics and what
7:33 am
this will do for the midterm elections. but this is making republicans a little nervous with all this going on in the backdrop and russia going on in the backdrop. all together, i think that this is quite concerning for a lot of folks. >> mark, why does it matter when the president for two days in a row attacks the fed and inserts himself into monetary policy? >> it will have global affects. it's going to affect the global economy. we shouldn't be surprised that he is doing this. he has done this all along the way. he describes himself as the best negotiator. we will see where that goes. poppy, as we talk about all the white noise and the swirling and certainly this russia investigation and, of course, what's happening with our economy right now, i don't think we should understate what will herd wrote today. he is a former cia operative. he spent a lot of time overseas risking his life. he understands the whole
7:34 am
stagecraft of what's going on. >> he does. i think we were all struck when we read it this morning. it's one thing to say these things. then seeing it on the pages of the "new york times," a deliberate decision. have a good weekend. >> thanks. president trump says running against joe biden there 2020 would be a dream. but how likely is that? we will rank the possible 2020 contenders next. welcome to holiday inn! thank you! ♪ ♪ wait, i have something for you! every stay is a special stay at holiday inn. save up to 15% when you book early at
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guess how many days there are before the next presidential election. only 837. do you think that's too soon to talk about who might run in the democratic party? i don't think and neither do our own political junkies. gentlemen, it's never too early, right? >> never. >> never, ever, ever. >> i mean, there you go. that's all i can think about. truly, all i can think about. you have a piece out that's getting a ton of attention, ranking the top ten potential contenders for 2020. you have joe biden at the top. >> yes. >> walk me through why that's an exciting pick for the party. >> i don't know it's exciting. i don't know -- do democrats want to pick their version of trump or the anti-trump? >> and? >> biden is the anti-trump.
7:40 am
harry and i write about this. typically, the guy or gal who is in first who is ahead in early polling tends to be there right at the end. that's joe biden right now, ahead in national polling, early state polling and ahead, by the way -- it got missed, but by double digits over donald trump in general election polling. at this date, if you are betting, joe biden is your best bet. the question is he is 75 years old. does the party want that now? >> how old is trump? >> 72. >> there you go. all right. 70 is the new 40 apparently. harry, to you. what i noticed right away from there list, there's not a single business leader. there's not a howard schultz on that list, mark cuban, not some of the names that were floated out there as maybe being the anti-trump but coming from the business world and not from politics. these are all politicians.
7:41 am
>> they are all politicians. i will say, it's certainly possible that one of them could end up being the nominee. at the end of the day, given where the democratic party is right now, it's very difficult for me to imagine that a business leader could potentially win, especially with the bernie wing being very anti-wall street. mike bloomberg could enter. they will find a lot of problems if they have connections to wall street. >> what about the more liberal in the bernie wing -- bernie right there in the middle at five. senator sanders i saw call him. elizabeth warren. kamal harris is writing a book. elizabeth warren is trying to beef up her foreign policy chops. >> biden is the establishment wing of the party. then the next four people harry and i have ranked are all
7:42 am
liberals without question. i would say liberals -- sanders has been there the longest. the argument is, do democrats want to relitigate 2016 in any way, shape, form? bernie sanders is 76. >> did you not hear me at the beginning that 70 is the new 40. >> but so i would note, i do think harris -- harry and i have her third. i think she has potential. first indian american and african-american elected to the senate in america. you don't write a memoir unless you are thinking about running. >> one issue with senator --
7:43 am
what about elizabeth warren and the pocahontas attacks? do things like that stick? >> maybe they stick in the general election but certainly i think she would wear it as a badge of honor in a primary campaign. that's a big part of what's going on here. why we have warren is she is someone that could link the left wing. you can't win with 25% of the vote. you need to put together 40%, 50% in order to win a nomination. in my opinion, she may be able to do that. >> go ahead, chris. >> i was going to say, one thing to remember, too, is that if harry and i did this list at this time for republicans at this time of the 2016 cycle, we wouldn't have donald trump in the top ten. harry might have had him in the top 20. he is smarter than me. >> stop it. >> i wouldn't have had him in the top 20. look, things change. right? we are analyze gs whing what we
7:44 am
now, based on where we are now and trump being in the white house. if your favorite candidate isn't in the top ten, if it's eric garcetti, if it's the former governor of massachusetts, this does not mean that person has no chance. >> i think it's interesting, two names that struck me, mitch landrieu and -- >> i think we're looking, number one, perhaps outside of the normal sort of choices. a mayor, very, very difficult to imagine a mayor would end up being a major party nominee. we could see that this time around, especially if the party is looking for someone with experience but still outside of washington. brown has a populist record. if you look for a candidate who can beat trump in the midwest, who better than a midwestern senator who is a populist? >> with that voice you mentioned. >> i love that gravelly voice. >> a dark horse. i would have pushed to have him
7:45 am
higher if wasn't up for re-election this november. i think his -- for everything harry talked about as well as his personal style, his voice, we joke, but it's true, there's an authenticity there that i think he gets underrated, i think, gets ignored more than he should. harry and i are together on that one. >> you are both smart in my book. >> thank you. >> i didn't say not smart. he said he is smarter than me. >> nobody is perfect. >> thanks. >> thank you. ahead, turning the corner in a major way, an important headline to tell you about. 70 infants have been ordered to appear in immigration court. we will bring you details of that next. her laptop crashed this morning. having it problems? ask a business advisor how to get on demand tech support for as little as $15 a month. right now, buy one hp ink and get a second at 30% off at office depot officemax but how do i know if i'm i'm getting a good deal? i tell truecar my zip and which car i want and truecar shows the range of prices
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welcome back. dozens of infants, too young to talk, are being called into immigration courtrooms across the country. that's not necessarily the result of the trump administration's zero tolerance practice at the border. this is from a new report out of the justice department that notes 70 infants under the age of 1 have been ordered to appear in immigration courts since october 1st of last year. the report says in many cases the children were brought to the united states by an adult who was not their parent. time is running out for the trump administration to reunite undocumented children who were separated from their parents. the deadline to be reunited is six days from now. let's go to ed lau. july 26 quickly approaching. what's the update on how this is going? >> if you look at the numbers that we have received here in
7:51 am
the last day from the federal government, there are a little more than 2,500 children under the age of 18 that still need to be reunited with their parents. these are children who have been separated under the trump administration's zero tolerance policy that went into full affect in early may. of those -- of that 2,500, we are told 1,600 of those children are eligible for reunification. that leaves 900 or so who are not eligible and the reasons for that can vary. a lot could be for criminal background checks on the parents and those sorts of things. the question is whether or not of these eligible children, whether that 1,600 can be reunited over the course of the next six days. this is the second deadline. a couple of weeks ago as we reported here extensively on cnn, there was the deadline for children under the age of 5 that the trump administration missed. a lot of questions as to whether
7:52 am
the federal government will meet this deadline. critics of the way -- of the way the government handled this and immigration advocates and attorneys are questioning how all of this will work here in the coming days as this deadline looms. >> ed, thank you for the reporting. thank you for being there. we have more on breaking news. more than a dozen people killed after a tour boat capsizes in missouri. what we're learning from the latest press conference about this tragic incident. and now for the rings. (♪) i'm a four-year-old ring bearer
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there is no doubt the trump presidency is changing scripted television. some shows trying to make sense of what's happening in the white house. others take jabs at the president, even animated series weighing in on the latest headlines from washington. brian stelter has a preview of his special report "the trump show, tv's new reality." >> poppy, whenever i turn on the tv and i don't watch cable news, when i watch prime time drama and sitcoms, i hear president trump's name. it seems like he has infused prime time like no president before him. that's the subject of our new cnn documentary all about how the president has changed prime time. here is a little preview. in the trump era, last-minute script changes are the new reality for scripted tv. >> we will see what we will see. >> there's this impulse to be relevant and to comment on what's going on. >> the co-creator of "homeland." when a big story breaks, do you
7:58 am
talk about whether to incorporate that? >> it's the first thing we discuss every morning, especially now when the news cycle is so crazy. >> breaking news. defending putin. >> breaking news, a shakeup at the white house. >> is this something germane to the story we're telling? >> a porn star and a major staff departure. >> we were all utterly, utterly blown away. we are all trying to adapt to trump's america. >> is it fair to say hollywood is a hub of the so-called resistance? >> it's no secret that hollywood leans progressive. there's a dangerous presumption that everybody who walks into the room will share your politics. not everybody does. >>insulted. people believe that hollywood only portrays things in a certain way. as though they are the butt of the joke. their views aren't respected. >> as you can see, we have
7:59 am
spoken with some of tv's top producers, gone inside writer rooms and talked with tv critics about how trump has changed the prime time landscape. you can watch our special tonight 10:00 p.m. eastern time. we're calling it "the trump show, tv's new reality." >> that's something i might stay up past my 8:00 p.m. bedtime to watch. can't wait to see it. take a look at this video. stunning footage, up close as these tornadoes, 27 of them, rip across iowa. that one destroying homes, a factory. >> there went a house. houses are going. un-freaking-believable. unbelievable. lauren, go get our son. go get our son. bring him down here now.
8:00 am
>> amazingly, no fatalities reported. several injuries across the state. cleanup efforts are under way after 27 injuries. that storm brought 27 tornadoes. heavy rain, damaging wind and destroyed homes, businesses. ripped the top off a factory. thanks for being with me. kate bolduan takes over next. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. for a week that started with a press conference that even republicans called a disaster, clarification that required two other clarifications, the last thing you would expect is a surprise invitation to the white house for the man at the center of the whole crisis. but that is exactly what you just -- what you


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