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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  August 30, 2018 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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you have to start worrying. >> one of the ways to stir the trump base is stoking the fire. >> it has everything to do with whether or not we want florida to to go in a good direction. >> they gave up the whistle to use a blow horn. >> we're honored to honor the life of john sidney mccain. >> he believed in america. >> this is news day -- "new day." >> a close friend of the white house says winter is coming. we don't know who said this, but it sounds very ominous. it comes as the white house
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announces that don mcgann will be leaving soon. so they are saying they will not be prepared for subpoenas or congressional hearings. >> the president has a key member of his legal team that that may be shown the door. there is indications that it is growing. >> joining us now is former white house communications director anthony scaramucci. how are you? >> i'm doing well. how are you? >> i'm well, are you concerned that don mcgann is leaving the
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white house. >> i'm not concerned, these are super hide pressure jobs, and he spent 19 or 20 months in the white house. he has a sterling record. i look at your fewers to look at the record, appellate court judges, two supreme court nominees, and when you think about what don did, it is an amazing achievement. >> i just want to clarify something, it's not does he have steriling credentials, are you worried that without him, something bad will happen in the white house. the reason i ask because you sound more confident than some lawmakers. let me give you some of the warnings. this from senator mcconnell, he says don is the most impressive
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council since my time in washington. his departure from the white house, when ever thever that mal be a loss. to donald trump, i hope it's not true. he is leaving at white house council? you can't let that happen. >> i think in senator grassley's case it has to do with the nomination of the judges. he is unbelievable scout in terms of picking judges. they transformed the judicial system for the next generation and possibly more. specifically to the white house, i think the alarm bells go off when somebody leaves and the president is drugging along. he has a great situation now with snaf ta. in terms of judging a president,
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they have been phenomenally good. what people are looking at in terms of the gossip, now there is speculation that he has done something wrong. they have not been able to uncover something they did wrong. >> i think that there is a third option that you're ignoring and it is that people are worried there is a coming legal storm, and that don mcgann should stay for that, so i'm referring of course to the washington post reporting today that says "winter is coming" said one trump ally in close communication with the white house. assuming democrats win the house, which we believe is a very strong likelihood, the white house will be under siege, but it's like tumbleweeds rolling down the halls over there. >> i didn't last very long, but it was those sort of anonymous quotes and things like that that
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we found to be completely outrageous. if i was trying to ignore it, you would never let me ignore it. what is the winter that is coming that the anonymous source is suggesting? that they will subpoena the president? whether or not he will have an opportunity to get the president to testify under oath? >> i suppose, yes, yes. and the midterms -- hold on, one-third thing, and that if democrats win the midterms and take the house, there will be more investigations, more investigational committees and more questioning. >> of the three things we're talking about, the third would be most concerning to me. i do agree with that. they will have tons of investigations. and they do it to both sides, both sides in my opinion should
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be indicted for slowing each other down. but you're saying unnecessary havoc, some people say justice. >> some people would see justice, i have seen the miller time placards. i know people would like to see the president coming from office. he has to have the house, 51% of them vote for it, and two thirds of the senate. i don't think that impeachment will happen to the president. will they try to hobble or cripple the administration, they will. the republicans tried to do that to president clinton in the second term of his white house. >> i think, to me, speaking as a
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typical american, i think it is a bunch of nonsense. i'm so sorry for the satellite, but the point is is the white house prepared for that? is there a sense they are whistling dixie while all of this unfolds around him. are they not worried for winter coming? >>. >> what we both know about don mcgann is that his job is really specific to the white house, the constitution, the american people, sure he serves the president, but he is not really there as defense council for the president or the president's advocate. i think the president is well staffed. i know they talked about flood, he could be a possible replacement for don, he has close ties to the democratic
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prarty. he is incredibly bright. i think he is very talented, there are other people inside the president's roster that he could pick from that could replace don mcgann, are they going to do as good of a job, but in general, he can draw from the talent across the republican party, and frankly some democrats who would love to work inside the white house. so i'm less concerned about it. i'm also less concerned about the president having done something wrong. so if you invite me back on the day he has done something wrong you can dunk me in the south p hampton studio or whatever -- >> i like this offer, we will take you up on that. >> i have been dunked before, i'm happy to do it if he has
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done something wrong. >> what do you think will happy with attorney general jeff sessions? >> that is tougher, alisyn. i think the president is super sore at the attorney general, i think he is trying to do a good job. the recusal is really the thing that the president is most soar on. i don't think there would have been a bee swarm around him. you're at the point now where if the president is flipping senators, attorney general sessions is probably part of that. they make these personnel decisions. he asked me to serve, 11 days later i was told not to, he is the president of the united
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states, it was an honor to serve him. >> he was the first sitting senator to endorse the president. >> we remember, and he doesn't seem to be that rewarded for that early endorsement. in terms of the public feud they are in, when do you think the president will pull that trigger if he were to get rid of jeff sessions? >> the speculation is that he would pull the trigger after the midterms. i don't know why he would have any severe changes, even in don's case. he will be leaving before the cavanagh nomination is confirmed. it will be up to the president. here is what i would say. i between the law school with rod rosenstein, i know there is a group on the right that says
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nasty things about him. i see him as a guy that is just trying to uphold the law. >> it seems like she not as -- >> it was right around easter. i think she sore about the investigation. i'm not the person they're making these accusations about. if they were making accusations about me and i knew i didn't do anything wrong, i would probably be emotionally charged about that. i understand why the president is emotionally charged about it, but if you're asking me to evaluate somebody, i have a reasonably good prtrack record, have known rod for 33 years, that's me and my personal view of him. but as it relactes to jeff
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sessions -- as it relates to jeff saessions, i don't like tht they have been feuding, they got along great in the beginning. if you were talking to the president, he would say the reason they were feuding is they did not want jeff to recuse himself from the russian investigation, they wanted him in there, he felt he would be somebody that would look at the thing fairly as opposed to "friends of james comey." >> he has been very clear that he is very miffed about the recusal. i want to move on to something you tweeted about john mccain. you tweeted this -- our flag is at half-staff honoring a veteran like senator john mccain should be above politicking and personal grievance. were you disappointed with the delay in the president lauding
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john mccain and what seemed like two days of personal grievance? >> yeah, listen i'm not surprised by it, but i'm disappointed. i disagree with it. i think the smartest advisors around the president that like him the most would tell him the truth about something like this. you can't take a veteran like john mccain, all of the things he has done for the country, even if you dislike him personally, you dislike the things he said about you, as the commander and chief of the united states, and me personally i have travelled to afghanistan and iraq, i have been all over the world, it is a slap to all of the veterans, and i think whether it was general kelly or others in the white house, they encouraged the president to change his point of view on this thing because it is a slap to the veterans. forget about senator mccain,
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sometimes the symbolism coming out of the white house is for all americans. what i encourage the president to think about, even though you're in partisan squabbles, john mccain was a veteran, he served the country with distinction, he is a war hero, whether he was captured or not it doesn't make a difference, he was a war hero and you have to honor him, so i'm very happy they swished thtched that decis. i put my flag at half-staff, others should too, and the white house should. >> i don't know if you heard yesterday about what said about andrew gillum in the governor's race. >> let's build on the success of
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governor scott, the last thing we need to do is monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda. >> what did you hear there, anthony? >> i heard a political gaffe. and so -- >> did you hear a racist statement? >> so, so, i know you heard a racist statement, i know a lot of people heard a racist statement. it doesn't really matter what i heard. if people think that is a racist statement, i recommend to ron desantis that he gets out immediateli immediately walks it back and apologiz apologizes. once words leave your mouth and they end up on videotape, they're there forever. i have said things i regret. >> why has he not apologized? what are you telling him?
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>> because that is what these guys do. they don't apologize. they don't like to apologize. they think it is a sign of weakness. you can point to many, many politicians, many political consultants, saying don't apologize, now you look weak, you can't walk anything back if you said something stupid, so the average american is scratching their head at that. if you didn't do the right thing you offer up an apology. so to me when people apologize, the news cycle moves faster, the hurt feelings go away, and people recognize -- i think each of us recognize we're fallible human being that are kachbcapab doing things wrong. i can't imagine ron desantis being super happy with himself that he used that statement. we're in a racially charged environment unfortunately. there is an si opportunity to w
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it back and move forward. let's make the battle in familiarize about ideas and where florida is going in the next few years. >> do you think there is something about president trump's loaded racial language that gives a pass to some of his supporters or candidates like this? >> i know where you're going with that. she opening is he opening a path way for people to say things. i'm a huge supporter of the president, his agenda, his family, but at the end of the
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day, there are things he is saying i recommend he cuts those back. if he would like to see his approval rating going into the mid 50s, looking at the economic data and other things he has done in a short period of time, he could have a mid 50s approval rating, but he has to be more strategic how he is can communicating, and say be less frustrated, dealing with the things you don't like dealing with as a politician that you didn't have to deal with as a business person, just be patient and let that pitch go away, you don't have to swing at every pitch coming across the plate, it's not the campaign right now. >> i'm sure the president is listening, thank you for coming on and -- >> i doubt that alisyn, i don't know that he is in love with cnn these days, but -- >> despite what he says, we have indications that he watches in the morning. >> okay, well that is good for cnn.
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all right, we have brand new reporting from the "new york times" about the effort to catch and kill unflattering stories about donald trump before the election. they devised a plan to buy up all of the dirt on mr. trump that the national enquirer and it's parent company had collected on him dating back to the 1980s but the existence of the plan was never finalized.
4:24 am
they are talking about living david pecker money for a story. this puts it in a slightly different perspective. if it was more than that story, it was everything they had, and based on your reporting that goes back years, that is a lot. >> yeah, when i profiled david pecker for the new yorker, one of the things i learned was the intensity and duration of the relationship between pecker and trump. pecker's american media published an entire magazine that was just about the trump properties. it was something that you got in your hotel room when you checked into a trump property. it gives you an idea of how close they were. he was -- trump was also a source for pecker, not just about himself, but about other
4:25 am
celebrities. and this story suggests that the inquirer knew a lot about his personal life, and trump himself was very concerned about keeping private. >> and donald trump and michael cohen for the purposes of the campaign wanted to buy it. you're a better lawyer than i am, but it doesn't seem to change the legal implications of what the president or michael cohen did already. whatever scheme existed between them is just more, not different. >> and the legal issue in connection with the karen mcdoogle story is whether or not michael cohen laundered a campaign contribution through
4:26 am
the campaign -- if the real estate developer, trump, wanted to buy up something in the national enquirer, there would be nothing illegal about that. >> unless it was for the campaign. it is also what michael cohen was charged with here. >> and in terms of how much money he spent. but it can go way over a limit. your know who presumably knows about this already? it would have been david pecker of ami who was granted some immunity, and allen wasselberg.
4:27 am
if it is important to them, they could have asked them about it. >> remember when michael cohen plead guilty, he said i committed these illegal acts at the direction of donald trump. >> as i'm thinking this through, he was directed to do this by a candidate of office, directed to do this by trump. if there was a bigger operation, maybe there was more evidence of the president, i don't know, but there could have been more of the president in the ambitioner operation. >> we have the tape of him on the list.
4:28 am
that does not they spoke in the shorthand of people who discussed this in the past. let me ask you about don mblg beg mcgann and the statement overnight that winter is coming. are they not taking seriously the political ramifications of the house? >> it is not just don mcgann, it is four of his five deputies that are also leaving, the white house had a completely compliant congress for two years. there has been no investigations of white house. we are subpoenaing the white house records, the white house e-mails, he doesn't do e-mail, but who will defend that? who will handle those very
4:29 am
sensitive and very complicated negotiations when there is congress in the opposite hand of the white house. >> if don mcgann, we know he testified for some 30 hours, if the president was concerned with what don mcgann said, it will create some potential problems letting it go. >> that may be. this marchlg between mcgann and trump was not going to last much longer anyway. it has been an open secret they're not happy with each other. i think the president needled him yesterday by announcing his i did partur departure. he was going anyway around the midterms or the first of the year and he will be much more at
4:30 am
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time for cnn money now, trimp trump is accusing google of ignoring him and providing bias. they are saying in a google promoted barack obama's state of the union addresses, but not trump's. now google says the video is inaccurate. google is saying they have never promoted a state of the union. and trump's economic advisor
4:35 am
larry kudlow says they're investigating, but trump says that doesn't mean regulation. >> we don't want regulation, we want fairness. that will make us all very happy. >> congress already looked into social media bias. checks have been asked to testify on the hill. facebook cee on twitter coo will attend, but twitter did n ete t did not offer anyone. the hurricane death toll from maria is much higher than originally thought.
4:36 am
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president trump standing by his response to hurricane ma ri the day after the death htoll ws raised from 67 to nearly 4,000. >> the governor the puerto rico is a great guy. we put billions and billions into puerto rico and it was tough. i think most of the people in puerto rico really appreciate what we have done. >> joining me now is puerto rico's representative in congress, jennifer gonzalez,
4:41 am
thank you for very day that the official death toll goes to 3,000, the president says he thinks most people in puerto rico are grateful for the response. is that the right message to send? >> this is really the first time ever we got more than $40 billion in federal assistance, but we received in this week was the new estimate of death tolls. i think the study implies that there was a lot of deficiencies in the local government. and at the time if was more -- it was just 64, that is directly related and again it was a lot of people that suffered from not getting to the hospitals at the right time. i like to see people with conditions that passed away in that process, and they were not.
4:42 am
to washington university elevated that death toll estimate to close to 3,000, and that number and that study reveals that it is a category four or five hurricane. >> the number of deaths caused by hurricane maria. we did a fantastic job, he said, everyone is thanking us, he said, it seems like that message might be in congress with a revelation from yesterday. >> i think there is two different stories here. one thing is the system here on the island, still here on the island, fema was for the first time ever here for hurricane
4:43 am
maria. but the island was not receiving the category four or five again. no one can be happy, this is, at least here again, ever, in the nomination, even more than katrina. and having those numbers is not something that you should be proud of. and there are a lot of lessons to be learned. and they have how to manage the statistics on death tolls that need to be revised. they're just here again, we're talking about natural disasters. this is something bigger than the response in talking about
4:44 am
fema or agriculture, but at the same time, i think what the president was referring to is that this is the first time ever. you have cabinet members, members of congress, the federal government, you have $44 billion to the island in recovery. that is not enough, we need more to recover, but again, those are two different things. >> i understand that, but it is not just me, though, saying that we're talking about the death toll. it is not just me saying that it is a significant metric when measuring the response. president trump used the death toll as a metric to judge the federal government's response. let me play it to remind you. >> what is your death count at this point? 16 people certified versus in the thousands. you can be very proud of all of your people, all of our people,
4:45 am
working together. 16 versus literally thousands of people. >> you can be very proud about taking place -- he was basing his metric of response on a number of 16 instead of 4,000. and i understand you talk more about the local response, people focusing on the federal response, everyone's response could have been stronger as it evidenced by this new estimate, and there was not much empathy from the president yesterday. did you hear empathy from the president yesterday on the death toll? >> yes, and i think there is a lot of lessons to be learned. you saw the fema report, they say there is a lot of things that need to be changed and some part of the response was slow at the beginning. it is in the fema report that
4:46 am
there is a lot of changes not just for puerto rico but the rest of the nation. so yes, i'm proud of the assistance that we have been receiving, everything we have been asking of the president, the white house, the congress, is being approved. everything that we are asking for, but we're talking to 94 and -- gatheri -- category four and five. no one was prepared for that. so there must be changes on how to handle that. remember it was harvey, and then irma, and then maria. maria being the worst hurricane in fema's history. so again, we are still struggling and all of that is not something to celebrate. some people are calling to make celebrations for that. i think there is is a sorrow of the people about that.
4:47 am
there is a mental situation on the island that we need to have that empathy and how to -- how will we fix that? how will you try to embrace those families and try not to have the same situation happen again. >> i think you're right. >> prepare for the next hurricane. i think we need to focus on the recommendations from the report immediately and have the cdc and the federal agencies and the local government make things happen. >> commissioner jennifer gonzalez, i think you're absolutely right. the future should be the focus. but to prepare for the future you have to come to grips with the past. commissioner, really appreciate your time, thank you. okay, the former texas police officer convicted of shooting an unarmed teenager is now seasonsed to 15 yentenced t
4:48 am
prison. ed is joining us from texas with more on the story. >> this is a significant development and milestone in the case of unarmed black men, teenagers, shot by police officers. that is the way it is being haro heralded. they were leaving a party where police suspected underage drinking. gunshots were fired at another location, but in the may them of all of that situation, roy oliver fired at the car that jordan edwards was riding in and killed him. this is the body cam footage shown to the jury that lead to his conviction that he was lead to, that same jury sentencing this officer to 15 years in
4:49 am
prison. >>. >> so alisyn, a key part of that video is showing that when jordan edwards and the shots were fired that jordan edwards and the car he was in was moving away from the police officer. the other officer testified in this case that he did not fear for his life in that situation and that is why shots weren't fired. roy oliver sentenced to 15 years in prison. his attorneys say they're worried this verdict and this seasons will have a chilling effect for police officers around the country and oliver will be eligible for parole in 7 1/2 years. >> thank you for following up on on that story for us. now to this story that so many of you are talking about, a 9-year-old in colorado killed himself a few days ago and now his mother is sharing her message with the country. she is next.
4:50 am
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we have a heart breaking a shocking story out of colorado where a nine-year-old boy committed suicide. djamel miles mother said her son wanted to come out as gay to his classmates, but four days into the new school year, she says he took his life after being bullied. the mother, leah pierce, joins us now. leah, we are so sorry for your
4:54 am
lo loss. this story has gripped the country. i can't tell you how many people have e-mailed me or wanted to talk about it because it seems jamel is way too young to deal with such emotionally challenging and painful issues. we're so sorry. can you tell us what happened? as far as we know the story over the summer he came out to you as gay, he was worried about what your reaction would be but you immediately told him you loved him and accepted him and i guess that gave him the courage that he wanted to come out to his classmates. then what happened? >> it didn't end well, obviously, because i'm here. >> when he wanted to tell his classmates, were you comfortable with his plan to do that?
4:55 am
>> he just said he wanted to wear his nails and be himself and i said never be anyone but yourself because nobody can be you better than you. >> when you say he wanted to wear his nails, he wanted to wear painted nails? >> they were fake fingernails. >> so he went to school with fake fingernails and he wanted to tell his classmates and do you know what their reaction was? >> he didn't tell me. he just came home and acted normal. >> so he acted normal, did you have any indication he was suffering? >> no, if i did i would have hugged him tighter. i would have told him it was okay so he didn't have to feel like that if i did.
4:56 am
>> how do you know that he was bullied at school. >> he told me, his sister told me. they never called me about my son but i got a bunch of phone calls about my daughter. >> i want to make sure we understand. he told you last year that he was being bullied but not this year? >> yeah, these first four days he didn't say nothing to me, he just acted normal. >> but did he confide in his sisters that he was being bullied? >> he went up and told his sister that the other kids told him to kill himself. >> he told his sister that his classmates, the other kids, told him to kill himself. >> yes. he heard a couple times before but he would get upset because he's so sweet and sensitive so he hurts easy. they told him they were like
4:57 am
just calm down, they were like breathe, they were like take a nap, chill out and they were like when you wake up you'll feel better and what they said won't matter. whatever they said really hurt his heart because it mattered a lot to him. >> did he take his sisters' advice? is that when he killed himself? >> if he took their advice i'd still have him. >> have you been in touch with the school? have you had conversations with the school about how this unfolded? >> they finally called me tuesday night around 5:00 and he just said they're looking into it and that they sent out a letter about suicide and bullying and that was pretty much it. >> here is their statement. i'll read it to you and our viewers. at the denver public schools we are deeply committed that all
4:58 am
members of our community are treated with dignity and respect regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or transgender status. it's critical that our students need all the support they need to thrive in a safe and welcoming environment. our policies and practices reflect this commitment to ensuring our lgbtq plus students can pursue their education with dignity and joy from training to prevent and stop bullying to policies and guidance materials that fully respect gender identity, including use of preferred pronouns and restrooms. leia, who do you hold responsible for what happened here? >> taking in the whole situation and knowing everything i know i do hold the teachers responsible because last year one teacher dumped water on my son. >> why? why? >> i don't know. he got in my car cry iing. he said the substitute teacher just walked up and dumped water
4:59 am
on me. i said why? and my daughter said he came out of his classroom wet, mom. i called the school and told them what happened and they said they'd get back to me, just like they did over this incident. they got back to me four days later this time. >> it sounds like jamel has been struggling for a long time. >> he didn't really have these problems until able a year ago. he's never had this problem until about a year ago. and he just wanted to stand up for his sister. >> because she was also bullied, you're saying? >> they were really, really mean to her. >> why? >> and he got sick of it. >> why is she being bullied? >> because she's -- because black girls aren't supposed to have long pretty hair.
5:00 am
so chopped off all of her hair. she has short hair and they pick on her, call her boy and they're mean to her and it broke my son's heart and so he started standing up for his sister. he started standing up for his sister because he kept -- he got tired of seeing her hurt so he wanted to take her pain. i'm sorry, his sweet little heart couldn't handle it. my son didn't have an ounce of anger in him. anyone who knows him would tell you my son was either happy or he was just -- he was just happy. >> leia, this is horrible on every single level. it sounds like your kids needed more support. it sounds like you need support. sounds like your daughter still needs support. what is your message? what are you trying to tell other


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