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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 12, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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now forcing a four state to declare a state of emergency, georgia now joining north carolina and virginia, florence is now expected to pause right at north carolina's coast, shift south and pose even greater danger. so florence could now batter coastal areas within 24 hours of hurricane force winds, bring catastrophic flooding with more than 3 feet of rain and churn up life-threatening storm surges of up to 13 feet. we have a full team of reporters all along the southeast coast, covering hurricane florence, i want to start with jennifer grey, our meteorologist for the most up to date information on where florence is going to go, you were talking it is inhaling, exhaleing no into a category 3. it could strengthen coast to coast. >> you are exactly right. you focus on the one, two,
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three, four five. what category it is, it is a category 4, now a category 3, this is a major storm, category 3678 this is a beg storm. it's not only powerful, it's big if size, 125 miles per hour. could strengthen a little bit more before making landfall. it will fluctuate in intensity. that's normal. it has gusts of 126 piles per hour. it is expected to make landfall as a gage 3 around wilmington, somewhere inside this cone, inside northeast sections of south carolina, even, some of the models are hinting this could go on shore and mean der to the south. other models are showing it may hang off offshore and meander to the south. regardless the change in track in the extended period is showing this little shift to the south is going to shred the coastline. it's going to mean more of the coastline will be impacted.
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it will mean more people are going to be in this flooding area. so if are you evacuating the coast going inland, you need to be very careful about the place you choose to sit this storm out. because a lot of places well inland will get possibly ten, 20 inches of rain and we are now, like you said, a concern for georgia. now inside the cone. it could be in this for some flooding as well, so look at this, this area has widened, this 20 to 30 inch of rain total. can you see stretching now down to include myrtle beach, portions of south carolina. this area was a little smaller last time i talked to you. we have seen well inland, colombia could get 10 to 20 inches of rain, not to mention the storm surge is going to be incredibly high. -to-13 feet 9 to 13 feet, pushing inland. with this storms on shore or just offshore more than 24 hours
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in the same spot practically. you can walk faster than this storm is going to be moving. that means we will see the storm surge last for several high tide cycles. so this is going to be something that this coasts of north carolina and south carolina has never seen before. that's why it's incredibly important to get away from this storm, get well inland, the flooding is going to be catastrophic potentially for a lot of areas and that coastline could definitely be shredded, brooke, all up and down, it's going to be devastation possibly for miles. >> let me say that again. you can walk faster than the storm will be moving. right? so that is key, in what you just said, therefore, that will lead to all of the flooding issues for the coastal carolina issues. jennifer, thank you so much, even further inland. more than a million people have been on the move, emptying out of carolina beaches. we got pictures of gas station pumps, all wrapped up, but some people are choosing to stay, increasing the urgency for local
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and state and federal officials. they say the window to get out of town is shringing fast. moments ago if south carolina the governor said this to those who are not under mandatory evac weig uation -- evacuation. >> if you are in a zone where the order has not been given to evacuate. leave, go ahead and leave and go to find high ground because you may be in danger. this is a big, big storm. >> due griffin is live in myrtle beach, south carolina. drew the government master said that 300,000 people have evacuated there from south carolina. is it pretty quiet where you are? >> reporter: it's very quiet, quite frankly, brooke that few forecast turned south this morning was a game changeer for a lot of the holdouts. and we can show you that the evacuation route highways from
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here in myrtle beach to dharlston are headed one way, that is away from florence. it's not just a southward hit that could take place. it's also the duration of this storm that you were talking about with jennifer grey. you know, it's easy to ride out, not easy, it's easier to ride out a storm that comes and goes, even huh ga, 29 years ago, it came in a snap. when you have it battering around, that's days and days of misery. a lot of people decide it is just not worth it. you see the beaches behind me, businesses forced closure at 5:00 tonight. after that the mandatory evacuation is under way by which you know you just do not have the promise of emergency or police help if the storm gets bad enough. so i think many people have heeded the warnings. the people who are leaving certainly had time to leave. it wasn't that crowded actually leaving. so you could get --
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>> oh, we lost him. drew griffin if myrtle beach, thank you, drew to north carolina where we know at least one shelter is at full cast, remember, north carolina could get up to 40 inches of rain from florence. let's go to cayley hartung in north carolina. drew was making a point with the path change with florence, that was a game changer with people if south carolina saying, all right, we do need to leave him i'm wondering if people in north carolina feel less so now. >> reporter: well, brooke, by the looks on the scene on the beach right now that should be a concern. i think it is for a lot of officials. just as jennifer grey said, you can walk faster than the storm will move. local officials hoping people will walk a little faster towards the exit route from carolina beach a barrier island if north carolina, where there is a mandatory evacuation order a deadline of 8:00 p.m. tonight the one bridge on this island will be closed. yet i see about a dozen people
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to my left, behind me, on this beach and folks in the water despite the strong rip currents right now before this storm even arises. but tourists were gone from here long ago. the mayor here says he believes 50% of this small island's population left yesterday. many of the people i have spoken to, who is come out to the beach here today are locals. they don't live on this island. they really just came to enjoy the last bit of good weather they have and expressed a sentiment similar to this one. >> we're not crazy enough to stay on the island by any chance. i really think everybody shoum evacuate off the island. i mean, we get will you far high floods here all the time w. a 9 to 14 foot surge this island will be inundated with water. we're not that crazy. we're in the city limits in wilmington, our brick home is boarded up, ready to go with a generator. >> reporter: so much of a sentiment here, if are you not
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under manned fodatory evaccine , it's hard to see people aren't leaving in wilmington, here at the beach, you are looking at life-threatening storm surge. the sand dunes over here to my right. these are 12-foot-tall. those have expected to be toppled. >> that hasn't happened since hurricane fran in 1996. this area you are familiar with it. it's grown so much in the 20-plus years since the last time people saw a storm coming anywhere close to this magnitude. you want people here to heed those warnings, that clock continues to tick towards the 8:00 p.m. deadline to get off the island. because if you stay, you are thing so at your own risk. emergency responders will not be there to help you if you need it. >> we when to the school in chapel hymn. everyone will surf out where you are. we hope people choose not to do that and go the other direction. kailey hartung, carolina beat. i want to go a bit inland to
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wilmington, north carolina, journalist is standing by for me a senior political reporter for the wilmington star news, in storm coverage mode for the last week so politics aside there tim, you know, you tell me, you know, we've got all these picture of people boarding up, you know, all these store fronts along the main drag there in womenlington, you tell me, are people heeding the warnings to get out of town? what's the story? >> well, as of today, officials with the hanover county government have told us it seems as though most people are heeding these warnings, whether it be mandatory or voluntary. you had a shelter here in wilmington already fill up the county opened three more here in wilmington along with a couple more in and around the raleigh area. so people seem to be taking this one seriously, like your previous guest versus said, the kind of storm hasn't happened in decade and decades, perhaps even since the '50. since then, we have green by
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leaps and bounds, we have five times as many people living here as did in hurricane hazel in 1954. meteorologists have told me this is a once in a lifetime game changing event? >> so tell me about your newsroom. how you are covering it. where you all are hunkering down. >> reporter: we have some reporters staked at centers in counties and several hunkering down in our building at the star news, which is a brick fortress that has no windows. >> wow. >> so we will ride it out through the storm and make sure we are constantly ploying updates at star we know we are the source of information for people, not only here but for people who have left and are looking for news for how their home is affected. >> including your own family, who you sent out of town, is that right, tim in. >> which wife kate an kids zoe
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and max went to charlotte about two days ago. but i'm staying here. >> and you rode out hurricane mathew. right in. >> correct. but hurricane matthew, people are assuming that hurricane florence is going to be anything like hurricane matthew was, they're mistaken. there is a reason emergency management officials told me if people choose to egg nor these orders, they got body bags ready to go. this is going to be a completely different storm. i have never been through anything like this. most people who have been here have never been through anything like this. we should take it seriously. >> body bags. py goodness, here's my last question for you. we know that florence shifted directions and wilmington is less of a bulls eye than first prompted. do people where you are feel that womeni wilmington should be under a mandatory evacuation? >> it's a question that is being asked.
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wilmington is a little bit higher. basically, what they said is if you can get out, just get out the advice is just go. can you come back and fix your house, you can't come back and fix you, if you die. i think most people are taking this one pretty seriously. >> tim buck lan with tland with wilmington star news. thank you for all your coverage. thank you. still ahead, president trump lacking 20 points behind robert mueller and his new poll on how they are handling the russia investigation. this as the president signs a new bill to punish those involved in the election interference, coming up next, we'll talk to a storm chaser live, who will be rideing out hurricane florence, as the clock ticks for most on the coast to evacuate while they can. >> we originally were going to stay, once the track changed overnight or early this morning, then we really did not feel safe if our house.
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talk to experts, they say this is likely the storm of a lifetime for the carolinas. that's what we're getting from officials to those in the path of hurricane florence. that's saying a lot, given the fact that four major hurricanes left a trail of destruction along the carolina coast in the last century, first, there was hazel, that was back in 1954,
12:18 pm
the only category 4 tomorrow to hit north carolina. storm surge reached 18 feet in some places, then remember hugo, that was in 1989 after barreling through puerto rico, it set its sights on south carolina continuing to produce hurricane force winds seven hours after making landfall, 50 people died, fran, 1996, extensive flooding and damage spanned if ohfrom th carolinas to hichl. and the names of all of these storms are now retired because of the devastation they brought to the u.s., now we're talking about florence, officials have paid it clear, evacuate today. this could be your last chance. and as evacuees head for safe ground, various businesses are offering tear support.
12:19 pm
if airlines extended waivers and advisories for travelers in the storm's predicted path. u-ha u-haul businesses across virginia are offering free storage, verizon, at&t are offering free calls, texting data to its customers in the areas most impactt. airbnb hosts as well as camp grounds are vowing to house evacuees for free, magellan opened a toll free crisis line. brett, there is a field meteorologist and storm chaser. you and i chatted yesterday. you were on the beach, now you are in wilmington, as far as you are seeing, is the town boarded up? is it fairly quiet? are people hunkering down? >> reporter: to give you a visual of it, can you see behind me, this is market strait in wilmington, there are a few cars here, as we go into the 3:00,
12:20 pm
4:00 hour, this is a busy thorough fair here, off wrightsville beach is wilmington, we are seeing businesses boarding up, putting up pieces of plywood, hurricane shutters. a lot of places have closed down, is up as the local wal-mart. home depo is closed. the final preparations are being paid. employees are now going to their homes, getting prepared and ready to evacuate. >> as a meteorologist, from what you know from this storm so far, we know it is taking a ton more southward, which has people in south carolina a little more worried. what concerns you the most? >> reporter: well the biggest concern compared to yesterday is yeah people are seeing now at the moment that florence is down to a category 3 hurricane. okay. the only difference in a 3 and a 4 versus the last advisory is 3450i8 p 5 mile per hour sustained winds
12:21 pm
this is nothing to laugh at. it is a large storm. it will cover a lot of land mass and area, so just because it's down to a 3 at a moment doesn't mean one it can't intensify, number two, it will be just as pad as a 4 at this point because it's driving tons of storm surge, extremew waves, strong winds. it can stall offshore. if the forecaster is correct, if it stays there 24 hours, 26 hours and moves towards the south and west, that would actually be a worst case scenario and drop more water and wind impacts into this area. >> wow. a moment ago, we highlighted the other major storms that hit the carolinas in the last century, do any of those look like what we are already seeing with florence? >> reporter: no doubt. in terms of the level of urgency here from locals and officials, yes, they realize that this is
12:22 pm
you know the hugo of '89 that could potentially impact tear region and size wise, it's even bicker. so everybody seems to be paying attention to the official's warnings. any official forecast here in wilmington, let's just hope that continues and everybody can put themselves in a safe place as florence comes inland. >> agreed. thank you so much. good to talk to you again. coming up next a move off the storm for a second. president trump says the federal government is fully prepared for florence as he doubles down on comments that the hurricane response in puerto rico was an incredible success. let's talk more about that today. plus, we are live at the watch him house storm center. yes, that is really a thing and you might be surprised to hear they are actually in touch with fema. as a pro athlete, the sleep number 360 smart bed
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president trump says the government is fully prepared for hurricane florence and is once again touting his administration's response to hurricane maria in puerto rico almost a year ago, tweeting, quote, we got a-pluses for our hurricane work in texas and florida and did an unappreciated great job if puerto rico, even though the i'm poor we willic tristy and totally incompetent mayor of san juan. let's just remember here, almost
12:28 pm
3,000 people died in hurricane maria and its after math. >> that is far more than that original death toll that was set at 64. the white house only recentlying a only iffed those revised members. so let's start there with our cnn political analyst gloria borger nger in washington. he duckoubled down and touts wh happened in puerto rico as incredible success. where is he getting this from? >> reporter: i don't know, it's a curve he's grading himself on, i'll tell you that. i think his response has always beenen in answer to a question about what lessons have you learned from the mistakes that were made in puerto rico? and, of course, this president is incapable of admitting, to making any mistakes, anywhere. so instead of saying that, he is blaming it on the electrical grid. the fact that there were two hurricanes, the fact that the
12:29 pm
government in puerto rico, the mayor was incompetent, he believes, et cetera, et cetera. it's not surprising, honestly coming from donald trump, but given the number of fatalities, it's stunning he would keep repeating it. >> so out of touch. we have numbers. we have been talking the last 24 hours about the dramatic drop in the president's approval rating. on the flip side, we have numbers on bob mueller and special counsel, how his approval is on the rise, how americans feel he is handling this russia investigation. do you think that president trump's attacks, the attacks from republicans, have backfired, that's why we are seeing those numbers up? >> reporter: well, that could be. i think people may be sick of hearing it could a witch hunt a hoax and everything else. i think in terms of bob mueller, you are seeing rules. you have 18 the manafort trial
12:30 pm
and you've seen the condition there. you have seen the plea arrangement with the president's former lawyer, michael cohen. you see that there are clearly more dimes coming down the road. you seen the 22 russian dime indictments and you see whether the president ought to testify and our poll shows that more than 70% of the american public believe that the president needs to speak in some way, shape or form to the special counsel, so i think you know it's a combination of all of these things and don't forgive the special counsel is quiet and donald trump is not. >> how he feels about the president jamie dimon, i know you seen this, for everyone, j.p. morgan ceo, here's what he said, i think i could beat
12:31 pm
trump. i can't beat the liberal side of the democratic party. i'm as tough as he s. i'm smarter than he s. i would be fine. he could punch me all he wants. it wouldn't work with me. i'd fight right back some he later took a walk back from some of his comments saying, i shouldn't have said it. i'm not running for president. proves i make a good politician. i get frustrated because i want all sides to come toke to help solve big problems. -- to come together to help solve big problems. why do you think he couldn't beat liberal democrats? >> i don't know. maybe he thinks they'd be tougher and smarter tan dutch. i have no idea. i think that jamie diupon believes that he is tougher and part iser than druf, that he's made more money than donald trump. and that there are a lot of people on wall street who feel the same way. all of these major business guys
12:32 pm
look at donald trump and say are you kidding me, he's president of the united states, i'm not? why i could do exactly what he is dock except i know much more about the economy and ki do it better. now that donald trump has kind of broken through that, you may see more business people like a jamie dimon. i know he says he's not running, but maybe the ceo of starbucks, howard schultz or business people saying, you know, what i know more about the way the world operates tan donald trump. so i could potentially do a better job. why he thinks he couldn't do a better job than a liberal democrat. you have to ask him. i think he probably thinks he could. i think he is taking his aim right now at trump. which is an easy target for him. >> boy, oh boy, 2020 will be fascinating. >> yes. gloria. >> let's get to 2018. >> less than two month grinches. then we have plenty more to talk about. thank you. coming up next here,
12:33 pm
stunning images of hurricane florence from space. one astronaut warning people that the storm is a quote no kidding fignightmare. we'll take you live to the carolina coast in moments. .
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this is is hle o -- isle of palms, it's how long people have to either pack up and get out or huchger down and ride out what is being called the storm of a lifetime. this is what is headed their way, florence, a monster category 3 storm. less barreling towards the coast as we speak, officials say its impact will be catastrophic, meteorologist bob van dillen is live from coin beach north carolina, bob, we were hearing from firefighters a second ago, i heard you rode along with police in north carolina earlier. tell me why. >> reporter: we did at carolina beach. they started around 12:00 with a bullhorn saying mandatory
12:39 pm
evacuations, be out by 1:00. i didn't see anyone out here, great news for carolina beach. if you aren't out, phoebe else can come in after 8:00 over the bridge. there is one bridge that separates this island from the main land, once winds get to 45 piles per hour sustained. nobody is getting in or out. if you are not out of here, you are stuck here. nobody will come to help you. one thing that was bullsinstlin. the hardware store, people were making last minute preparations. the hardware owner, traffic if and out. wait until you hear this we had him, that guy the mayor of the beach. ecame out th he came out early, he's a character, a surfer, the mayor, he was out here early this morning. we were judging how great they were. >> that changed quickly when i started to talk to him about what about a evacuations?
12:40 pm
what happens to evacuees if they decide to say. where he said about that. >> just taking a look at the island, residents and businesses alike, i venture to say a third of the folks are left, everybody is boarding up. yes, they're taking this very seriously. they know how intense this storm is. >> reporter: when you say mandatory evacuation and they don't leave, what does that mean to folks that say? >> essentially, you are on your own, don't expect a first respond tore come to your aid, what that does is it puts two of our first responders at risk. at that time been very clear. we have been unequivocal about that. >> reporter: yeah, that's joe benson, he has been here a while. i want to show you this, to let you know what is going on, can you sew the waves beginning to build. those are big breakers out there. i was out there body surfing. it wasn't this rough at all, also you look up, see the clouds up there, those are the high, thin serous clouds, that's the
12:41 pm
exhaust of hurricane frances coming ashore right now well overhead, talking thousands of feet up there, not rain makers. those are high thin serous clouds, the exhaust of florence still 480 miles that way. it's coming in the direction. that plus the big waves, things to look for back in the day to see if a hurricane was coming. >> looks can be deceiving, it looks like the calm before the storm. coming up next here, waffle house has just activated its storm center ahead of hurricane florence. we will talk to their spokesperson how fema helps restaurants all around the south restaurants all around the south in storm assessments. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones,
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it is called the waffle house index. i know. but this is what fema uses to determine how quickly an area will rebound from a natural disaster. watch him house opened 24 hours seven days a week, it is a southern staple. check out the color-coded index. the store is open and offering a full menu, that's green, opened serving a limited menu, that's yellow, red is closed. red is rare, waffle house so dedicated to keeping opened, they have a waffle house center. pat warner is the director pr. he is joining me live. nice to see you, sir, in norcross, georgia. here we go, i'm a southern girl. i have been to many a watch him
12:47 pm
house. i had no idea the index is unofficial pmetrix. can you tell me how it's a good indication of how a community rebounds after a storm? >> you are exactly right. coming back, folks are out, we're getting back to that sense of normalcy. i think that's why the people have looked to us through the last few years about the waffle house index. we are very fortunate former fema administrator came up with it when he was in florida back in 2004 and since then the eyes have been kind of on us to see our response. retried to get the restaurants opened as quickly as possible after the storms. leak we said, we are normally opened 24/7 as well. >> what is this pat about waffle house. you are right, of course, greg fugate said this was the indicator after the four hurricanes, what is it about waffle house that is indicative
12:48 pm
of a community rebounding? >> its a place people come to throughout the years of football games, after driving in the middle of the fight, getting up early in the morning. so people rely on us being there all time. after a tomorrow, they're looking forward to us being there to help them out. they're used to us being there the rest of the year. >> sure. i know you say waffle house doesn't do this more the money, how do you reopen a restaurant? listen, there are a lot in north carolina and georgia. if you have a storm blow through and there is no gas, no gen rater, no ice? >> we have to be there quickly with the gen raters, the food the fuel to get the restaurants opened as quickly as possible. hurricane florence, we have 250 restaurants and we are monitoring resources so they can roll in right after the storm. it's a big undertaking, for us,
12:49 pm
you know, for most businesses it's easy to close. for us, we don't know how to do that, how to close a restaurant. it's tough for us to close a restaurant down as a storm is coming. we have to have a check list, how to close the restaurant and reopen it. first thing is find the keys to the front door. that's the first things which have to we have to do to close a restaurant. >> you know it's not a good sign when the waffle house is closed. can you think of a storm in the past that was a red situation? >> we had a couple last year with harvey and irma. especially irma came straight up florida into georgia. at one time we had more restaurants if atlanta without power than florida. last year, harvey was the same thing over in the houston area. we had a lot of flooding over there. mainly because we couldn't get to them. we think there is going to be a lot of flooding after the storm
12:50 pm
comes on shore. >> all right, pat warner, we wish you well. thank you so much. the waffle house index. >> thanks, brooke. next, we will take you back live to the carolina coastline, where people are preparing for as much as 40 inches of rain from hurricane florence, which, of course, could cause catastrophic flooding. the brand-new track of the storm, coming up. since you're heading off to school, i got you this brita. dad... i just got a zerowater. but we've always used brita. it's two stage-filter... doesn't compare to zerowater's 5-stage. this meter shows how much stuff, or dissolved solids, gets left behind. our tap water is 220. brita? 110... seriously? but zerowater- let me guess. zero? yup, that's how i know it is the purest-tasting water. i need to find the receipt for that. oh yeah, you do.
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this wi-fi is fast. i know! i know! i know! i know! when did brian move back in? brian's back? he doesn't get my room. he's only going to be here for like a week. like a month, tops. oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. it's like a knife fight in an alley. that is how senate majority leader mitch mcconnell describes the stakes for the upcoming mid terms. we are less than eight weeks ago. it is a dog fight. there are 35 senate seats to fill.
12:55 pm
to take control, democrats need a two-seat gain overall, and at least nine of the races are a tossup. >> on the senate side, i'll just list you a bunch of race that is are dead even. arizona, nevada, tennessee, montana, north dakota, missouri, indiana, west virginia and florida. all of them, too close to call. and every one of them, like a knife fight in an alley. i mean, just a brawl. in every one of those places. i hope when the smoke clears we'll still have a majority in the senate. >> on the house side, the race for texas' 23rd congressional district is heating up, so much so that george w. bush hit the trail for the first time today in a fund-raiser for the incumbent here, congressman will hurd. his opponent is one i spoke to for two of my series, american
12:56 pm
women in politics. i spent the last few months traveling across this country, talking to many of these candidates about why they're running, why there are so many women running, and for what. so gina ortiz jones is an iraq war veteran, first-generation american and lesbian. and if she wins, she would be america's first philippina in congress. hi, i'm gina ortiz jones. i'm running for congress. i'm an air force veteran also an iraq veteran. i went to john j. high school. [ speaking in spanish ] i was sitting down with a group of women, and one of the older ladies says, who asked you to run? as in, well, who said it was your turn. nobody needed to ask me. i'm gina ortiz jones, and i'm an american woman. not only because i was born here, but because i know our american values are enduring.
12:57 pm
my mom came to this country 40 years ago. she graduated from the number-one university in the philippines. but came here actually as a domestic helper. >> as a house keeper. >> yeah. she knew if she came to this country even if that capacity, the sky is the limit. because that's the promise of this country. and frankly, that's what my sister and i remember hearing every single day. you know, work hard, study hard. anything is possible. >> don't ask, don't tell applied to me as a cadet. every single day of those four years, i lived in fear that if they found out i was gay, i would lose my scholarship. >> what was it like being in iraq, serving in iraq as a gay woman? >> yes, it was stressful. just because you're in a war zone, and then the added stress of having to serve under don't ask, don't tell. and so i just really know that it's so important that we never go back to that time.
12:58 pm
if anybody is ready and willing to die for their country, serve their country, they should be able to do that. >> okay, great. here's just -- >> we're both vets. >> all right! >> yes! >> so then what did you do? >> i worked on strategic planning within the defense intelligence agency. i wrapped up my career in the executive office of the president, working on economic and national security issues. it was very clear through the early steps of this administration how they were rolling back some of the progress of the lgbt community. how they were going to work to repeal access to women's safe reproductive services. i didn't want to be part of that. >> so when did you say to yourself, i'm going to do something about it, and i'm going to do something by running for congress. >> so as i was watching things and people were being silent or voting lockstep with this president, i wanted to look at who is representing my community? and then i looked at the incumbent's voting record, and i was amazed. i just felt really called to step up and serve in my community. and, you know, i'll always say,
12:59 pm
you can't be surprised when the people that are the most vulnerable have the most to lose, step up and say, you know what, i've got something to say about that, i'm going to run. hi, i'm gina. good to see you. >> why do you think so many women are running now? >> we are tired of assuming that people who we thought were going to have our back have not done a good enough job, and we've got to do it ourselves. so we've got to send folks that are ready to fight and get it done and ready to call out the folks that are being silent. >> and if you don't win, was it all worth it? >> oh, for sure. for sure. again, our country is worth fighting for. and at the end of the day, i'll be able to say, i did everything that i could do when my country needed me. >> gina ortiz jones in texas' 23rd congressional district. thank you for sitting with me this summer. if you would like to learn more about these various women who could be making history this november -- by the way, up ask
1:00 pm
down the ballot, right? local, state, federal levels. check out my series. it's all online. go to again, that's woman in politics. and i'll post some behind the scenes clips on my instagram. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you so much for being with me. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. fema warning us all that the hurricane will pack what they call a mike tyson punch. they are clearly trying to get us to flee. "the lead" starts right now. breaking news. potentially catastrophic. hurricane florence barreling toward the carolinas, 20 million people in the danger zone. and officials are warning, if you don't get out by tonight, well, it might be too late. the hurricane could be like harvey, it could be like irma. rolled up into one big disaster. why scientists say they're not shocked that storms like this one increasingly seem