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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  September 28, 2018 2:59am-4:01am PDT

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e-mails. >> does she. brown tells clinton she is impressive, but overkwqualified for the secretary job. clinton leaves her e-mail contact information. hillary@youcouldha a lot of news to get through. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. "new day" starts now. split screen. the interview ahead on "new day." we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. >> less than four hours from now the senate judiciary committee is expected to vote on brett kavanaugh supreme court nomination. will it advance to the full senate? they have tough decisions to make after the history-making hearing that featured emotional
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testimony from brett kavanaugh and christine blasey ford, the woman that claims he sexually assaulted her in high school. if the republicans get the nomination out of committee, do they have enough votes to confirm him? all key votes were seen meeting after the hearing. >> they have to decide do they believe christine blasey ford who said she was 100% certain that she was sexually assaulted by brett kavanaugh, or do they believe kavanaugh who says 100% he did not do it. we are waiting on four people. block out the yelling and screaming yesterday about partisan attacks. who do you believe? president trump called the process a sham, but does that mean christine blasey ford is a
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sham? remember, she is the one that said she was attacked by brett kavanaugh, not dianne feinstein. george w. bush is calling senators to support kavanaugh, and that matters. this morning, is there some middle ground for this on-the-fence four. they sacould say they won't vot until there's more information. sunlen serfaty. >> republicans on capitol hill are pushing for the nomination, and more than likely we will see the committee hold the first vote on the nomination, the first step at advancing brett kavanaugh. mitch mcconnell telling cnn that he is confident but at this very
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moment it's still very unclear if, indeed, the votes are there, especially after the emotional and historic hearing. >> you may defeat me in the final vote but you will never get me to quit. >> reporter: republican senators moving forward with a vote to advance brett kavanaugh's nomination, after an extraordinary hearing that began with christine blasey ford emotionally accounting her alleged assault. >> i believed he was going to rape me. i tried to yell for help. when i did, brett put his hand over my mouth to stop me from yelling. this is what terrified me the most and has had the most lasting impact on my life. >> the proceedings dissolving into bitter partisanship after judge kavanaugh took the stand in his own defense. >> my family and my name have been totally and permanently
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destroyed. this whole two-week effort has been a calculated and orchestrated hit, revenge on behalf of the clintons. >> senator susan collins tight-lipped after she left the capitol. >> dr. ford, with what degree of certainty do you believe brett kavanaugh assaulted you? >> 100%. >> none of these allegations are true? >> correct. >> no doubt in your mind? >> zero. i am 100% certain. >> ford testifying first, rejecting the idea that she is part of a left wing conspiracy against kavanaugh. >> i am no one's pond. >> and describing the lasting impact of the alleged assault. >> what is the strongest memory you have?
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>> indellable laughter between the two, and their having fun at my expense. >> reporter: the all-male republican majority seating their times to rachel mitchell. republican later taking back the floor after senator lindsay graham's furious denouncement of the proceedings. >> god, i hope the american people can see through this khapl. >> mitchell later told republicans privately that she did not believe there was enough evidence to prosecute, but the white house was reportedly questioning the decision to hire mitchell and president trump was concerned after ford's testimony. however, kavanaugh's combative
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opening statement. kavanaugh's defiance on display as he repeatedly dismissed questions about his partying? >> i don't know, have you? >> did the world ralph -- >> i already answered the question. >> did it relate to alcohol? >> i like beer. i don't know if you do. what do you like to tkreudrink? >> personally do you think that's the best thing for us to do? >> reporter: there has been a call to delay the vote until after a fbi investigation, and this is a significant
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development and significant statement specifically about kavanaugh because you are reminded, john and alisyn, many times during the hearing yesterday he leaned on them and held up their passing endorsement. >> the gold standard, the gold standard, and now the aba saying hold on and wait. joini joining us now is our panel. it was a cultural moment yesterday. it was a historic moment yesterday, and this morning it's a political moment and we are waiting on four u.s. senators. political director, david chalian, where are they? >> they are not saying where they are right now is where they are. we had been focusing so much on the republican swing votes, and joe manchin reminded us yesterday there are deep-state democrats who are up for
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re-election, and clearly joe manchin wants to group himself with these republicans. i wonder if they are going to move as a block now that they are convening together. you are right, john, this is a ball game. it was a massive cultural development yesterday, and now it's mitch mcconnell and donald trump's hunt for the 51 votes to make sure they are there, and that's the entire focus on washington right now. >> laura coates, dr. blasey ford said she was 100% certain that she was sexually assaulted by brett kavanaugh when she was green. how will senators be able to make a decision? >> wouldn't it be great, alisyn, if there was a third person that
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could sway their opinion in either direction, somebody that could have been there, including a fourth person, a man named pj who was downstairs as well. you have to wonder why if there was contrasting certainty, one person saying unequivocally saying this was him, and another person saying unequivocally saying this was not me. >> i think all of us certainly in the information business would love to hear from mark judge who she connected eyes with, and who she believes tried to, i guess, help her in some way by bouncing on them both or accidentally helped her so they rolled off the bed and she was able to escape. this is a new statement after the testimony from mark judge, and he said as i stated in my attorney letter i did not ask to be involved in this matter nor did anybody ask me to be involved in the matter. we told the committee i do not
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want to comment about these publicly, and i have struggled of depression and anxiety. brett kavanaugh and i were friends in high school, i do not recall the events described by dr. ford in her testimony. he goes on to say i never saw brett act in the manner dr. ford described. how could he be helpful? >> the same reason there was testimony and a hearing called for two people who both already issued written statements, and one in particular, christine blasey ford, who also indicated she did not want to be involved in this publicly, and by virtue of her request to delay the hearing until a investigation was there, and the committee felt it was important to test their credibility and ask questions through a special prosecutor in the case. the idea that you say i simply
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wanted to write my statements, we are testing this in the court of public opinion, and i know it's not the court of law and we have subpoenaed them regardless of their preference, and perhaps the onus would have been on the committee to say i would like to test him. you are correct in the notion that there's a corroboration of physical evidence or somebody there at the time, and still there was an opportunity to do this and resolve even the notion to confirm once and for all that this was truly going to be a he said she said. >> i do not recall is yes or no. what one question would be what do you recall about christine blasey ford? they cannot ask any questions to mark judge, and that's what they are saying. this gets down to what these four u.s. senators choose to believe. they can get into the yelling and screaming and talk about partisan this and that and process this and that, and they have to decide, do they believe
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christine blasey ford or do they believe brett kavanaugh? there's a middle ground. there is a middle ground. if they want they can claim, no, no, no, we don't want to wait. they could say this morning, fbi, additional background check, they could say subpoena mark judge. they could do that and that's within their power. >> they absolutely do because they are the balance of the power in the vote, and it's the red state democrats that have disproportionate power. the aba have given this process an off-ramp by saying there should be a delay and full investigation, and that would fit nicely for the democrats designs for delay, and it may not change outcomes but may put to rest some of the bitter questions that exist. yesterday -- we saw high stakes debates before and this was so emotionally raw on both sides. dr. ford came in and very cool and very convincing, and judge kavanaugh comes in hot with
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outbursts that were frankly partisan for anything -- anybody normally who is aspiring to showing judicial temperament, that was not on the map. for those senators caught in the middle, the aba gives them an off-ramp. >> the partisan piece was the most surprising thing to me yesterday. we knew he was going to come in hot and we knew president trump was not pleased with how he was defending himself, and i was very surprised because his partisan past was such a part of the original confirmation hearings that democrats were trying to get him on, and he bent over backwards to try and shed himself of the partisan past and he embraced it wholeheartedly yesterday as part of his anger, his clear anger, but saying that you guys are doing this revenge of the clintons, i thought that is really surprising for somebody that may end up on the highest court in the land who wanted to engage in a partisan battle in
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addition to the other brawling to clear his name. >> what about that? the fact that he was so boldly partisan, aren't supreme court judges supposed to be open minded and fair-minded? what about that that he went after the clintons and was lecturing the democrats? >> well, certainly it was surprising, especially if there was any notion or any wavering on behalf of the american people to think we have the ideological divide in the supreme court, and we know there are four conservative and four liberal justices, and will he be the spring vote? he had gone to great length in his confirmation process to show that he would have a temperament that was fair and was going to be diplomatic and judicious. i don't think he is in way going to be an advocate on behalf of
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those who he perceives have tried to harm him. when that white noise machine goes on and the husher is there, they are not talking to you about your day, they are talking to you out of the presence of the jury and often times they can be antagonistic, and so i am not surprised that a judge has other side of them, but what i was surprised is the notion that he was not aware of the fact that his temperament and his bomb bassicness that did mirror the president at times would be considered by the four key votes that you talked about, john and alisyn, at the beginning. those are the people that have to be convinced. >> i have two points on this. number one, what we her from brett kavanaugh and lindsay graham was all the complaining about the process and yelling about the scam, and president trump tweeted about that also. they are doing that because they
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can't yell at christine blasey ford. they are attack the democrats because they don't feel like they can attack her directly. pay close attention to that. the second thing i will say is where we are this morning, i think, we are all focusing on president trump and how brett kavanaugh was trying to please an audience of one, and the more important president this morning might be george w. bush and he's been on the phone with the reluctant senators, and he may have more sway with those senators than president trump. >> the irony of cavanaugh's nomination, cavanaugh was the most established republican, and his decisions had not been incredibly idealogical, despite his past in the star commission, and it does raise the question twofold. one, does he become radicalized as a result of the bitterness around the process?
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>> it seems like it from his defiant tone yesterday. >> that's a real question. he is representing a more republican face, and all that is that exposed right now and that's going to be key in folk's decision. >> this is worth say, and it looks as if perhaps the way he went about this testimony may have been effective. >> to whom? >> to the four republican senators -- >> because they said they have not decided yet? how do we know? >> because they were behind closed doors and what they said is it was not a certain no. >> yeah, and that was stunning to see him take such a partisan tact after he comported during the confirmation.
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>> if it's rewarded that will be extraordinary. >> so brett kavanaugh, how was it perceived inside the white house? we know president trump was watching this very closely. we'll discuss with maggie haberman next. waze integration- seamlessly connecting the world inside with the world outside. making life a little easier. ♪ the new well-connected 2019 lincoln mkc.
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it comes not 24 hours after he forcefully denied the allegations of sexual assault by christine blasey ford. >> my family and my name have been totally and permanently destroyed. this confirmation process has become a national disgrace. you have replaced advice and consent with search and destroy. this whole two-week effort has been a calculated and orchestrated political hit, revenge on behalf of the clintons. >> president trump calling kavanaugh's testimony powerful, honest and riveting. let's bring in maggie haberman. maggie, president trump liked that? there were so many times kavanaugh was crying and choked up and couldn't go on. it was very emotional testimony. he was angry and came out guns blazing. is that what president trump likes? >> angry and guns blazing, of course.
3:22 am
>> what about the crying? >> this was not offensive to him because it was somebody fighting for his name and that for a supreme court seat, and brett kavanaugh is not wrong that his representation has taken a hit. >> he said his life has been permanently ruined? >> but if he gets seated it's not permanently hill. we don't talk about anita hill anymore in terms of clarence thomas, so he's right about that. and the president was very upset about his performance on fox news and even before that, the president having anxiety, and he is many of things and one of the things he is is how things are going to look on tv, and he has been saying that he thought christine blasey ford could have a story to tell and it was concerning to him. he did not think kavanaugh had
3:23 am
done enough and he did here. >> to be clear, and now i am doing a time check, and i keep checking my computer because if there's any information about the four senators, that matters. what does the white house and the president think? we note arc of their testimony yesterday, they thought they were in real trouble? >> they were extremely concerned and then i got several texts from people in the white house that it was a disaster, and what ended up having was when you have a sex crimes prosecutor doing it, you are talking about the facts of what happened. >> they were in a no-win situation. didn't they have to outsource this to a female sex crimes
3:24 am
prosecutor? because then you would have seen the anger that lindsay graham unleashed. >> i think the way the format went for them and this is what the president and a lot of his aides were upset about, the five-minute chunks of time where she would start asking questions and then she would stop, so when she got to build a line of questioning, she was redirected. brett kavanaugh came in and saved it for himself in the minds of the white house. the white house is feeling good, they are feeling confident but not completely over the top. they are certain they don't know they don't completely have the votes yet, and as of now they don't and they felt like this was all wrapped up and then the
3:25 am
allegation came out a couple weeks ago. they are not counting their chickens yet. and yesterday people were talking about the audience of one, and i heard this from a lot of sources and people. it's true this was an audience of one in terms of not having the predicate bait in brett kavanaugh, and there's still an audience of senators, right? there's still the senate math. this is not just about does president trump like how you did on television. >> the audience of four, murkowski and collins and flake and joe manchin. he's got a lot of sway with those senators. one thing we do know this morning, we talked about what the president thinks, the president has been falling over
3:26 am
over himself in the praise for lindsay graham. >> he delivered a mention that many of the white house felt, they believed this had gone too far. what i think is interesting if you take the aggregate of kavanaugh's testimony, and they were attempting to draw a line of how far the me too moment has been rolling and not clearly defined, and they were saying as far as this goes. graham said it, if you vote for this then you are endorsing this process. i think the flip side of that for collins and murkowski in particular, if you vote for brett kavanaugh then you are endorsing not just that version of events but you are endorsing what he said about this all being a vendetta by the clintons and nothing is on the level or on the merits and it's all about personal destruction.
3:27 am
yesterday was a sad reflection of our politics. >> oh, my gosh, it was so painful to watch both sides. go ahead, challenge that. >> i am not challenging that, or you. but who was doing the yelling and screaming? the two sides yesterday was a woman claiming she was sexually assaulted. unless it's wrong for a woman to come forward and say she was sexually assaulted and do it in front of the american people in the judiciary committee, that side was there. if you don't believe her make that argument, but the yelling and screaming and the circus was brett kavanaugh and lindsay graham. >> i guess my point is there has to be a better way to confirm supreme court justices than ruining lives. she testified her life has been derailed by this and she's in hiding and what it has done to her family and she is emotional, and he calls aboothers out.
3:28 am
>> i think the problem is, number one, the ground shifted beneath everybody's feet in terms of the me too movement and i think -- i understand it was complicated, but the manner in which this complaint, this anonymous complaint by christine blasey ford was dealt with initially by dianne feinstein and her office is set this in motion. >> what is the right protocol? when somebody gets a private letter that is sensitive, what are they supposed to do with it? >> i think you try to investigate it and don't move past it and wait until it gets leaked to somebody. there are many permanent yao taeugss of what happened, but what did happen was not good. >> lindsay graham would have had a different view if it came out
3:29 am
earlier. >> to add about the circus you are talking about, what is striking is you did have the gender dynamics, where you saw christine blasey ford trying to be calm, to please people and not interrupt and not be rude, and then you had brett kavanaugh talk back to senators, male and female, yelling back and crying. these are understandable if you are fighting for your life, and these are things if any woman did it they would have been called hysterical and it would have been a knock against them. >> that was such stark relieve of how she took and how women are socialized to be part of a group and to collaborate and to be helpful and he can go in and have any temperament he wants, and he was asked if he was blacked out when he was drunk,
3:30 am
and he asked her, have you? >> i think it was clear to everybody around, that was a problem, that's not the way to win. >> the white house, or have the republicans put any thought into the potential backlash of what happens if kavanaugh is confirmed? >> i think they don't have any choice. i think they think the midterms have been tough anyway, and what they thought if you pull him then you are dead because you are depressing your base of voters, and i think that's a logical argument. they believe they have had to go in with this the whole time. they considered the hearing a jump ball, and what a trump adviser said to me at the break yesterday, he has to win. it's not going to be enough to hold his own. they feel like he did. we will know when the votes came in. i think they think is worst if they lost. >> if she spoke last we would be
3:31 am
having a conversation. because he spoke last, he got the final word. >> that having been said, i think there are logical arguments on both sides. she deserves to be heard and deserves to have this be taken seriously. we are never going to know what happened. i spoke to republican strategist yesterday who initially had been saying this person thought that kavanaugh was dead at the break, and after kavanaugh spoke, he believed both of them. i heard that a lot yesterday. and yesterday became a where were you at moment. on planes and doctor officers, everybody was watching. we will take a look at how americans across the country marked this historic event, next.
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bombastbombast. many people across the country, even people mid flight watched the hearings with christine blasey ford and brett kavanaugh. >> the images all across social media show no matter where people were the senate hearing became must-see tv. it was not a trial but those who tuned in became jurors trying to decide for themselves who was telling the truth and who was not. across the country on thursday images like this, americans across the political spectrum captivated by the testimony of christine blasey ford and supreme court brett kavanaugh from california where blasey ford currently lives, to chicago, to new york. people gathering by tvs, tablets and cell phones to watch the senate judiciary committee's hearing. protesters and supporters of
3:37 am
kavanaugh seen watching the hearing together from a tv in chuck grassley's office and on the floor of the new york stock exchange, the usual sounds of traders yelling and bells ringing replaced by the hearing playing out on television. >> i have been married to russell ford since 2002. >> inside the hearing emotions ran high. >> i am here today not because i want to be. i am terrified. i am here because i believe it's my civic duty to tell you what happened to me while brett kavanaugh and i were in high school. >> many in the room shedding tears during christine blasey ford's opening remarks. the mood growing more tense as the day went on. emotions escalating into the evening as republicans who relied on prosecutor, rachel mitchell to question christine blasey ford took over, making
3:38 am
their anger known. >> god, i hate to say it because these had been my friends, but let me tell you, when it comes to this, you are looking for a fair process, you came to the wrong town at the wrong time, my friend. >> an extraordinary hearing stepping outside the beltway trance fixing a divided nation. >> you think of some of the most-watched political events, inaugurations and key debates come to mind, and in 2018 well over 80 million people tuned if in to see hillary clinton and donald trump debating, and still waiting to see how many numbers tuned in yesterday. >> that will be fascinating. if you can believe this, it has been only twoefl da12 days sinc "washington pos
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court hope hang in the balance this morning, after christine blasey ford delivered dramatic emotional testimony before the senate judiciary committee yesterday. the committee is set to vote on him in just three hours. joining us now is the journalist who first reported ford's story, investigative reporter for the "washington post," emma brown. >> thanks for having me. >> we were marveling it was two weeks ago when you first broke the story and we learned about christine blasey ford and all that has happened since then. what was it like to watch her testify in this moment where she never wanted to have happened and she hoped to stay anonymous? >> it was a remarkable moment. you are right, it felt much longer than 12 days, but i felt in watching her, like, i was
3:44 am
listening to the same person i interviewed for this story that we published about her. she presented this to me and i wondered how she would do in the face of this incredible pressure, under intense scrutiny by not just the senators in front of her but really millions of people around the country. she came across just the way she did to me. >> i am not asking you to reveal your sources, but i think that many americans do want to know how the letter to dianne feinstein that was supposed to be secret and confidential got leaked. do you have any information on that? >> i don't know who leaked the letter, and that's a mystery that a lot of reporters in washington today are going to be working on, trying to dig into, and what i can tell you is feinstein yesterday flatly denied that she or her office was the source of this leak, and
3:45 am
what she said -- she hinted that maybe blasey ford's friends, she spoke to friends about it and perhaps that was a way that news of her story got out. i think ford herself and her lawyer, we reported before that they feel feinstein kept her confidence. she asked feinstein to keep this a secret and she felt feinstein kept that commitment. >> let's talk about judge kavanaugh. his statement that i think he read, it was a 40-minute statement, it deviated than his prepared statement planned to read, and it took a much more defiant and angry tone, and do you have reporting on why he changed that? >> my colleagues reported that president trump was not happy with kavanaugh's appearance on fox news a few days ago, felt it was wooden and not impassioned enough, so yes, you are absolutely right.
3:46 am
kavanaugh came into the hearing room, the night before the judiciary committee made public his prepared remarks and they were quite short and mirrored what he said on fox news and what he ended up delivering was different, and it was the same message, i did not do it, but it was much more pardtisan mentioning the clintons and it was a coordinated attack to take him down, he said. >> let's talk about his honesty and if there's a way to gauge if he was being truthful yesterday. you have done reporting by talking to his friends or college roommates or high school associates about his drinking. we have seen in lots of reports that he drank to excess. here are some of the words used in some press reports, he was a sloppy drunk, and this is a
3:47 am
belligerent drunk, and there are at least five people who reported that, but yesterday he kept saying that those were miskhaeurmi mischaracterizations. and when one senator asked him if he ever blacked out from drinking, and then he said, i don't know, have you? do you think he was being honest about his level of drinking in high school and college? >> friends we spoke to from yale, folks he went to school with at yale, after the fox interview, they said he painted this picture of himself as a choirboy and that's not the brett kavanaugh we remember. they said two women, republican -- one republican and one democrat said we drank with him and were friends with him and we don't think it's credible that he never blacked out or had memory lapses because he drank heavily. in yesterday's hearing he said frequently i like beer, as if to
3:48 am
say is there something wrong with that? as you just said in the exchange, visibly upset about the questions about blacking out. >> this was a friend of his from yale, quote, brett was a sloppy drunk and i know because i drank with him. i watched him drink more than a loft people, and he would end up slurring his words and stumbling. it's not credible to say he has no memory lapses in the nights he tkrapb todrank to excess. and there in lies the entire question, about whether or not he does or could remember what happened in that bedroom that dr. ford says that she was in. that is the question. i don't know if we got to the bottom of that yesterday. >> that is the question, and then layered on top of that is
3:49 am
the question you were just asking about, about honesty and credibility. people in our reporting is contradicting now what he has said about himself, and it adds this other layer. for these women that spoke to us about his drinking habits in college, it's not because they thought it was important for people to know he drank in college, it was because they thought it was important for people to know they believe he stretched the truth. >> thank you for sharing your reporting with us. >> thank you. terrifying moments in a plane over the south pacific, it crashed into the ocean leaving passengers in water up to their waists. how everybody was able to make it out alive. ts $14. what's team spirit worth? (cheers) what's it worth to talk to your mom?
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♪ ♪ ♪ olly. the search for a missing 6-year-old boy with autism is over. police in north carolina say they believe they found the body of maddux ritch. the little boy ran off from his father last week and vanished.
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>> what a horrible story. so many people were praying for him. investigators are headed to the scene to a plane crash in the person pacific. the flight ended up in the sea and all 47 people onboard survived and were rescued by locals in boats. one person described terrified passengers in water up to their waists using the emergency exits to escape. no serious injuries were reported. it was raw and emotional, but -- >> hilarious. >> for late-night caomics. >> i am okay, i got the coffee. thank you very much. i think i can proceed and sip on the coffee. >> all she needed was coffee? i was just watching and i needed a xanax. >> the chairman chose not to do
3:55 am
this, and i think it's important to make sure you are properly introduced, and i -- >> i was going to introduce her, but if you want to introduce her i will be glad to have you do that. >> how long have those two men buried? >> even people on planes were watching the hearings. it was so gripping it was the first time people were praying for a delay. even the flight attendants were watching the flight, like, get your own peanuts. >> this is a disaster for the republicans. >> although to be fair, their last disaster is president now. >> i didn't think it was possible that one could laugh over yesterday. >> that shows how clever the comedians are. we are watching four senators to see how they will vote on brett kavanaugh's supreme court nomination.
3:56 am
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4:00 am
moment of choosing for four u.s. senators who have to decide in the next minutes, at least in one case, whether they want the supreme court nomination of brett kavanaugh to go forward. this is a decision that will affect the court, the politics and the culture of our country for generations to come. republican senate leaders of full speed ahead with the confirmation process on the heels of the historic raw hearing of christine blasey ford. a procedural vote is planned for saturday and a final vote whether to confirm cavanaugh early next week. this morning it all comes down to four key senators, susan collins,ly saw murkowski, and jeff flake, we will get a sense from him, again, within the next two hours exactly where he stands and then democrat, joe manchin. >> i know you have your information machine fired up that you


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