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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  September 28, 2018 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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moment of choosing for four u.s. senators who have to decide in the next minutes, at least in one case, whether they want the supreme court nomination of brett kavanaugh to go forward. this is a decision that will affect the court, the politics and the culture of our country for generations to come. republican senate leaders of full speed ahead with the confirmation process on the heels of the historic raw hearing of christine blasey ford. a procedural vote is planned for saturday and a final vote whether to confirm cavanaugh early next week. this morning it all comes down to four key senators, susan collins,ly saw murkowski, and jeff flake, we will get a sense from him, again, within the next two hours exactly where he stands and then democrat, joe manchin. >> i know you have your information machine fired up that you call a laptop, and you
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are checking it second by second. >> this internet is amazing. >> they have to decide if they believe christine blasey ford that says she was 100% certain that she was sexually assaulted by brett kavanaugh, and brett kavanaugh said he was 100% he did not do it. we begin our coverage with cnn's sunlen serfaty who is on capitol hill. what is the feeling there? >> the senate judiciary committee is holding a vote in just a few hours. that's the first step that needs to advance brett kavanaugh's nomination. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell telling cnn in his words he is optimistic, basically. those two words capturing the essence of the moment. you have republican leaders
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pushing for a vote, and it's unclear to them whether they have the votes to advance the nomination, especially after the emotional and historic hearing. >> you may defeat me in the final vote, but you will never get me to quit. >> republican senators moving forward with a vote to advance brett kavanaugh's nomination. after an extraordinary hearing that began with christine blasey ford emotionally recounting her alleged assault. >> i believed he was going to rape me. i tried to yell for help. when i did, brett put his hand over my mouth to stop me from yelling. this is what terrified me the most and has had the most lasting impact on my life. >> the proceedings later dissolving into bitter partisanship after judge kavanaugh took the stand in his own defense. >> my family and my name have been totally and permanently destroyed.
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this whole two-week effort has been a calculated and politically orchestrated hit, revenge on behalf of the clintons. >> four republican senators met privately after the hearing and could sink the nomination. susan collins left tight-lipped where ford and kavanaugh stood firm. >> dr. ford with what degree of certainty do you believe brett kavanaugh sexually assaulted you? >> 100%. >> none of these allegations are true? >> no. i am 100% certain. >> i am no one's pawn. >> what is the strongest memory you have? the strongest memory of the incident?
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>> indelible is the laughter, the uproarious laughter between the two and their having fun at my expense. >> and rachel mitchell noted that the hearing's format was not key. >> what you want to do is destroy this guy's life, and boy, y'all want power and i hope you never get it. i hope the american people can see through this sham. >> the prosecutor said she did not believe there was enough to prosecute, and kavanaugh's
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combative opening statement encouraging the president. kavanaugh's defiance on display as he repeatedly dismissed allegations of his partying. >> did the word -- >> i already answered the question. >> did it relate to alcohol? >> yeah, i like beer. i don't know if you do. do you like beer, senator, or not. >> and personally do you think that's the best thing for us to do? you want to answer? >> breaking overnight, the american bar association has now called on the committee to delay their vote until there's an fbi investigation, and that's such a huge development, so significant in the fact that brett kavanaugh
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held up their nomination at many points during the hearing yesterday. >> joining us now, we have cnn chief legal analyst, jeffrey toobin, and david chalian, and co-author of "notorious," welcome to you all. christine blasey ford said she is 100% sure that the person that assaulted her is brett kavanaugh, and kavanaugh said he is 100% certain it was not him. how are they to decide? >> the rule in the united states senate is the woman always loses. >> it did start to feel that way yesterday after the conversation. >> can you imagine if she behaved the way he behaved? if ranting and raving and taunting the senators and asking them what they drank? can you imagine this woman or any woman going before the
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united states senate and behaving that way? she told the story. nobody, even the republican senators really seemed to challenge it. i think the answer is they don't care. they are going to get somebody on the court who will overturn roe v. wade and allow corporations to do what they want under citizens united and other decisions. they don't care what kind of person he is. that is the only message you could get from yesterday's proceeding. >> we have been watching developments overnight, and one of the developments the american bar association, which lindsay graham, in his rant or empassioned statement called the gold standard of judicial review, and the aba said pause and hold off until there's an investigation, and george w. bush has been trying to convince senators to vote for brett kavanaugh. what is going on with murkowski and collins and jeff flake?
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>> i agree with what thing that president trump said, which is the process has been a sham. if you have the american bar association stepping in, and if you have the fbi willing to investigate but standing by without orders from the white house. this was set up to be a he said she said, and i hope the senators considering this think about what many american women went through yesterday. i mean, speaking for myself, i can say that i was traumatized and gutted. i am a journalist but also a human being. to see her pain and to see his fury and to see the deference that his fury got. jeff mentioned that men are allowed to get angry in a way women are not, and imagine senator sotomayor, and some implied she was racist and grilled her about her temperament and intelligence,
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and imagine if she reacted in that kinds of rage. i am sure there were a lot of people that cheered his performance, but to me it was absolutely getting. >> you are not alone. there were so many people on social media, so many calls into cable news shows, and there was so much discussion. we will play it coming up soon in a panel of women, and one woman was 76 years old and called in c-span and said it opened up pandora box and all the old wounds from when she was on second grade, and there were so many people that listened at that level what christine blasey ford had to say, and it was traumatizing to watch it all play out in public. i want to ask you about one part i was confused about yesterday. why was it so hard for brett kavanaugh to say yes to an fbi
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investigation? he was silent at some point, and at some points he was flabbergasted at trying to answer. why not just say, yes, i think that would be a great idea? >> i think it was clearly the democrats cleanest point. kavanaugh nor the republican senators on the panel had a good answer for that, and they had a answer but not a believable answer as to why not an fbi investigation. that's when lindsay graham came roaring back for the defense to get rid of the prosecutor there. i think that question continues because of the aba overnight, alisyn. i think you will hear when the judiciary committee meets today for the scheduled committee vote, i think you are going to hear a lot of conversation from the democrats about the need for
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an investigation again because the aba is calling for it. >> do you have any sense as to why -- the easiest thing in the world would be, yes, let's do an fbi investigation. >> pick me! i have an answer. >> what? >> he doesn't want an fbi because of what it would find. >> it doesn't sound that dangerous. mark judge, a good friend, who was a sole witness, but he can't remember anything -- >> he says he doesn't recall that, but nobody has asked him and he has not been cross examined on what he does recall. >> his girlfriend that describes -- yeah, there's a lot of information that has not been submitted to the committee. the girlfriend of mark judge is willing to testify about what he told her. we don't know if it's about the calendar. there are a lot of substantive things that an fbi investigation would turn up that i am sure
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brett kavanaugh does not want out there. >> here in the united states we don't conduct trials from e-mails and letters, but we bring people in and ask questions. that's the way you find out facts if you are interested in finding out facts. the republicans on the senate are not interested in finding out the facts. they are interested in getting brett kavanaugh confirmed, so they wanted the hearing as narrow as possible with as few witnesses as possible, and unfortunately for them they couldn't avoid having dr. ford testify. her testimony was essentially unrefutable. >> look, she says 100% that she was assaulted by brett kavanaugh. he says 100% that he didn't do it. the i didn't do it defense is a defense, right, in terms of corroborating evidence? that was not part of yesterday's hearing. i want to move to where we are
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this morning. you said we are going to hear from all ten democrats about the fbi investigation, and they don't matter as much as one republican on the committee, and that's jeff flake. is this idea the aba is suggesting of an fbi sra investigation, and is an off-ramp you think jeff flake would say i want to take right now? >> i have been observing jeff flake for a while, and what he likes to do is get credit for looking like he is going against the grain, but he doesn't like to rock the boat perhaps as much as his floor speeches suggest. >> don't get jeffrey toobin started on that. >> when you say off-ramp, i don't know if it's an off-ramp,
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but he was one of the first republican senators to say slow down and we need to hear from professor ford and we need to slow the process, and so he has been a voice for a call of delay when a piece of information was introduced that needed more time to explore. i am eager to see if he is willing to tip his hand at all, because these four political senators remain politically uncommitted and no signals given by how they are going to go, and jeff flake is first out of the box to see if he will tip his hand, and if he calls for a postponement that could indicate they are undecided and not ready to move forward. >> a delay is not necessarily -- the republicans will make the case, if you delay it it's over. that's not true. the supreme court seat, it's
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lifeti30 years, so what is ten days. >> they know the longer you hangout the more potential for more allegations to come forward. the republicans are in the majority. they have the 51 votes. this is poised to get kavanaugh on the court, so i think delay is problematic if not certain death. >> jeff flake having called for the hearing didn't even bother to use his five minutes. for one minute he said this is very sad. if there is a weaker, more pathetic political figure in the united states than jeff flake, i am not aware of who it is. i thought yesterday was a classic demonstration of his inability to stand for anything. >> you are off the flake family christmas list once and for all. >> by the way, let's not forget about the delay business, can you delay it for a week or two days? merrick garland. they delayed filling a seat for
4:16 am
a year. the idea that they can't delay this hearing or this vote for a week is preposterous. >> the timeline is artificial, right? there was ten months where the supreme court had eight members, and if you have george w. bush moving for kavanaugh, and i think they likely have the votes. we will have to see what happens. >> all right, thank you all very much. the next two hours are going to be fascinating. >> they are. they really are. sooner or later jeff flake will have to tell us how he feels about this. >> sooner than later he will let us know. >> 9:30 a.m. brett kavanaugh insists he never committed sexual assault, saying, quote, that's not who i am. we will talk with somebody who
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the senate judiciary committee is set to hold a crucial vote on supreme court nominee, brett kavanaugh, this morning. this is a live look inside the room where that vote will happen. there's one senator on this committee, senator jeff flake of arizona, a republican, we do not know which way he will vote. if he votes against kavanaugh moving forward that means judge kavanaugh will not get the committee's recommendation. we are waiting to hear which way flake will go. in the meantime, obviously yesterday was big day, and senators looked for answer and they got some but not all. joining us to discuss this is tom cane, who knew kavanaugh in high school. did you watch the hearing yesterday? >> yes. >> what did you make of it? >> i rode the roller coaster
4:22 am
like everybody else. blasey ford was riveting. i don't believe ms. mitchell's cross gave us any clear answers. and then entered my friend, brett kavanaugh, and he brought the energy we needed. to my mind he put down every charge one by one, the who, what, when, what and why was clearly addressed and reinforced what i already knew, he is not capable of doing this. until the day i die i will believe that he did not do this. there are other reasons. in our circle those days, i pretty much knew what those five or six guys were doing at every moment, and there's no moment of this, it did not happen. plus, our network, our community, the catholic school kids, we would have known, these things stick. >> do you think your friend would have told you -- he says he did not do it, but do you think he would have told you he sexually assaulted --
4:23 am
>> somebody would have told me? >> how would you have known, and there were only three people in the room and they didn't not tell anybody at the time, how would you have known there was a sexual assault? >> john, what did you do yesterday? we got all banged up during the day and a couple girls came over and i ran out, i would remember that, okay? >> i am just saying you say -- >> plus, the women we hung out in those days were not to be trifled with them, and you don't trifle with them now or then. if you upset one, you upset them all and you are done. >> we know christine blasey ford did not tell anybody for 35 years. >> i have four sisters, 20 nieces. >> you have heard from a lot of these women about events that happened to them early in their lives that they never recounted?
4:24 am
>> fortunately they have the support network, and fortunately nobody in my family have talked about to anything to the extent of ford. >> then you are lucky. >> boys will be boys and i hate that term, john, and i hate that term. >> what does that mean in this case? are you saying -- i know you don't think he did it, but if he did, is it excusable? >> no. >> let me play what christine blasey ford said yesterday about whether or not she is sure this is brett kavanaugh. >> how are you so sure it was he? >> the same way that i am sure that i am talking to you right now, just basic memory functions and also just the level of ep ep
4:25 am
atphef reupb in the brain, and it incodes memories and that is locked there and other details kind of drift. >> this cannot be a case of mistaken identity? >> absolutely not. >> she says absolutely not, and you just told me the women that ran in your circles were somebody not to be trifled with. how do you explain this? >> i don't know, something happened to her but the man i know could not have done this, and for some reason brett kavanaugh is imprinted in her mind. >> you have ever seen brett kavanaugh as angry as yesterday? >> no. >> yesterday was he in complete control? >> i think he did what he had to
4:26 am
do. he owned the room and called out the politicalization of the process. i would be angry too. you say something about him and you say something about my past, you are saying something about me. >> yeah. >> and his family has been destroyed. this will follow him, unfortunately. my sincere hope is this is a turning point, and instead of this mess being associated to his name, that his legacy will be a more productive and civil discourse around nominations. >> you talked about this being a partisan process. do you think christy blasey did this and said this for political reasons? >> i can't get in her mind. >> she is the one making the accusation. we heard the charges of political process one way or the other, but unless she is making the charge for political reasons, that's at the nut of
4:27 am
all this, correct? >> what? no. i feel bad for her. >> do you think she is being forced into this? >> no, she was not forced into it. >> okay. >> she reported something and the democrats fumbled and bumbled, and she could have kept quiet and been protected in this and the whole series of events is a circus. >> there has been a lot made about drinking, high school drink and college drinking. did you drink with brett kavanaugh in high school? >> sure. >> he talked about throwing up. he said he had a weak stomach. is that your memory? >> yeah, i was the same way. we had the same restricter plate. >> how many beers was that restricter plate? >> it depends. it depends on how faster drinking and where you are and what you are doing. i will not go there. >> did you see brett kavanaugh tkreu drink to excess in high school? >> we drank to a high volume,
4:28 am
but never saw him stumbling drunk and he was a man of higher standards than we had, most of us. he was always under control. >> did you see him lately? >> yeah, last night. >> how is he doing? >> he is the embodiment of resolve and we will get there. >> do you think he changed minds? >> hell yeah. >> how so? >> he proved to the american people that he is about justice, and he's about the integrity of the court, and he wants to bypass all of this stuff. i mean, we are talking about his comments as a partisan ploy. he walked in there as a juryist. >> if there were an additional
4:29 am
fbi background check, what would it turn up? >> what it would do is serve no purpose. i am not a lawyer and i don't handicap these things for a living, but apparently fbi investigations give you a list of facts. there have been numerous questioning already, and all they are going to do is add layers of nonsense. you want to go and get mark judge's work schedule from safe way, and somebody that doesn't understand when it happened can pick a day. you are just playing games. >> all it will do is turn up facts, you just said. is brett kavanaugh afraid of those facts? >> you are parsing my words. no, he's not afraid of anything. >> you don't think an fbi would turn up anything damaging? >> no. i can tell you something else.
4:30 am
i saw published today, somebody is floating the notion that there was something on july 1st on tim's house, and he lived ten miles away from the columbia clubhouse, and it was a town house. >> we saw the obvious pain he was in and we know this must be hard for you and all his friends as well, so appreciate you coming on and talking to us. >> thank you, john. christine blasey ford's testimony yesterday, women across the country shared their own stories. will that historic moment in the hearing room change the me too movement, next.
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epinephrines. ep it was a historic day on capitol hill with testimony from christine blasey ford and the man she is accusing of sexual assault, brett kavanaugh. while the senate speeds towards a vote women are taking to social media to share their m e stories in the me too movement. we have cnn political
4:35 am
commentator, and our panel. so important to have all of you and this important conversation sparked by christine blasey ford. the rape of abuse and insist national network said they saw a 147% increase in calls. okay. so that's how many people around the country they felt they needed to call a hotline and reach out after what they heard yesterday. anna, let me start with you. what did yesterday's testimony mean for sexual assault victims and what was the message to women in general? >> i don't know what it's going to mean vis-a-vis cavanagh.
4:36 am
what unequivocally it meant for women is that you are free to speak out. it broke the dam on young rape and young assault cases in the way that harvey weinstein did in the professional front. what you saw was a flood of people trying to get it out of their system, needing to vent and needing to share it, and not feeling shamed anymore, not being silent and wanting to tell their story, knowing that they would be believed, wanting to get it out of their hearts. i think there were victims of sexual assault yesterday who heard themselveses and saw themselves in christine ford, and it was life changing for the entire country. >> there was a caller into c-span that has gotten a lot of attention. it was not just young women, obviously, it was all sorts of
4:37 am
people who were so moved and who say that some of their own old wounds were re-opened. here's a 76-year-old woman that called into c-span. listen to this. >> i am a 76-year-old woman who was sexually molested in the second grade. this brings back so much pain. i thought i was over it but it's not. you will never forget it. you get confused and you don't understand it, but you never forget what happened to you. >> your thoughts about what we heard yesterday? >> well, i have to say, and i assume other people had the same experience, i was hearing all day from friends that experienced sexual assault and they were having a hard time all day long. yeah, i think my experience has been exactly the same. i think what was also triggering to a lot of women -- i mean, i guess ana is right where women feel they could come forward and people listen to her story and
4:38 am
then you look at what happened after she told her story and what you saw was a bunch of men truly raging, and making accusations about, you know, a political plot and all of these other things that we don't have time to go into how it doesn't make sense, how they went back to 2012 and she was telling her therapist about it, and the plot doesn't add up, and it looks like he is going to get on the supreme court, so in the end does it really matter? she came forward and told her story, but what i have been saying from the beginning, just having two different people tell their stories is not going to get us closer to the truth. what gets us closer to the truth is an fbi investigation. that may not -- in the end, that may not give people what they want, it could have exonerated judge kavanaugh to put a marked
4:39 am
judge under oath saying things and being questioned, but at least we would have known there was a serious investigation done by independent investigators, not by a senate republican committee who is obviously vested in seeing him on the court. >> i find it interesting because the politics between 1991 and now certainly have improved. politics are politics. i have plenty of criticism for republicans and how they handled this, but i do think that maybe i am glass half full, but there has been a real cultural shift in how women are believed in this country and if you can think about how anita hill's testimony was received in the early 1990s and how christine blasey ford's testimony was seen yesterday, even amongst conservative commentary and cable news, you have to go very
4:40 am
far to hear somebody say that she was not believable or did not have a truly horrific experience that happened to her. there was no victim shaming on a broad level yesterday. i do think that that reflects a shift in our culture about how women are believed. that is for as awful as this is in our politics and a new low, but a silver lining we have seen is a modicum of progress. >> she's not believed, though. that's the problem. to say somebody did that to her is not to believe her. if she is not saying that somebody else did it to her, she is saying brett kavanaugh did it to her, and republicans say we believe something happened to her -- >> overwhelmingly americans believe her. that's what all the public polling says. so separate from the political process, that's where it gets -- we can talk about the politics
4:41 am
of it. >> i am interested in this, in this paradox, you believe her, they kept saying they believe her, so that means they would confirm somebody that perpetrated a sexual assault as a 17-year-old? how do you square these things? >> the only way they can square it is by the crazy theory that they have cooked up where they believe her but she's confused, she's not remembering correctly. it's somebody else. look, these two people, these two men came up saying it could have been them. you have to find some sort of theory where you can skin this cat. they realize they can't say we don't believe this woman who sounded incredibly heart wrenching and believable yesterday. that's why they have to have ms. mitchell doing the questioning, because as bad as ms. mitchell may have been, can you imagine what ted cruz and lindsay graham bearing down on this woman five
4:42 am
minutes a piece in five-minute int intra sruls would have looked like? there's a reason why this vote is happening in two hours, because every day that passes more information can come out, like it did today about the july 1st calendar entry. more things like the catholic journal retracting their endorsement, and the american bar association saying let's have an fbi investigation, and one more day closer to the elections. believe me, the folks on this committee are painfully aware of the politics and the fact that we have an election in 43 days. >> in our final seconds of this segment, has there been a sea change in terms of what sexual assault victims can say in public and their credibility and if they are believed and what
4:43 am
this means to women? >> in the culture, but i don't think it's happening in the republican party. having her come forward and people saying they believe her and believing something other than what she said is not believing her. they don't have to believe her. i think they can say i think she's credible, and if you think she's credible then you should want an fbi investigation to have an independent investigation of this and get to the bottom of it. you don't have to say she's credible and therefore it's over. i don't think it's a serious thing until there's an fbi investigation. >> thank you for the conversation. great conversation. one thing both parties seem to agree on after yesterday's hearing, politics in america have reached a new low. a cnn reality check, next.
4:44 am
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lot of people saw what happened yesterday and said it's ugly. how ugly though? >> i don't know. how ugly was it? >> let's compare it to the ugliness we have seen passed on
4:48 am
through the generations in our politics. our cnn analyst, john avalon, has more. >> yesterday was more than high stakes political drama, it was raw, bitter and bruising. here's what our own david wrote. these are dark and dangerous times. to paraphrase the hawkitalking , how did we get here? let's look at how it affected the supreme court. one indication is how often the court rules by single vote ma skwro majorities. at the same time and for the same reason we have seen decreased confidence in the court. take a look at the dips, here and here. they occurred after hills and
4:49 am
reflect the impact of the party lines. here's another measure. from nixon to the reagan years, the margin of victory has steadily decreased on the point where the bar was lowered to 50 votes in the trump era. and quote, a majority of the senate now represents 18% of the population. in answers to a subset of voters that are considerably whiter, redder, and more rural than the nation as a whole. we certainly saw resentment yesterday. here's lindsay graham >> what you want to do is destroy this guy's life and hold this seat open and win in 2020. boy, y'all want power. boy, i hope you never get it. you want this seat? i hope you never get it. >> each new fight raises the stakes for the next, which is why kavanaugh's personal anger
4:50 am
was partisan as well. >> this whole two-week effort has been a calculated and orchestrated political hit fueled with apparent pent-up anger about trump in the 2016 election and revenge on behalf of the clintons, and you this revealed the dissent of our politics. while raising real questions about judicial temper and independence. lindsey graham's righteous fuy y is undercut. >> not saying that i would beat him up. so it was an honest discussion. >> you really think it is a
4:51 am
snowball's chance of hell at this point? >> no, it's less than that. >> there is no appetite for healing on capitol hill or anything resembling the willingness to treat the opposition as you would like to be treated. instead, we arefacing. >> you are looking for a fair process? you came to the wrong town at the wrong time, my friend. >> i think those are words that perfectly encapsulate what we have been seeing. >> thanks, john. indeed, republican suzanne collins could hold the key to brett kavanaugh's confirmation. what will she decide to do? back in a moment. when heartburn hits... fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue... and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum tum tum tum... smoothies... only from tums
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4:56 am
vote. live in portland, maine, outside the state office of senator suzanne collins. what do you hear? >> reporter: john, for all the decisions that suzanne collins made in her more than 20 years in the senate, one of her constituents tells us this could be her biggest. she's no stranger to the spotlight that being a swing vote can put on a senator. and, so, many of her constituents tell us they feel that gives their voice unique power. following that meeting of the four undecideds yesterday, joe manchin said we're still talking. remaining light lipped publically. but their constituents are doing the opposite. they are making their opinions known. we have seen protests here in maine. similar scenes throughout the week outside suzanne collins. phones have been ringing off the hook. her mother has called susan
4:57 am
collins office every week. some staff they say phone calls are threatening. some even profane, more than any other issue they have had to discuss with their constituents. beyond talking and protests, there is one liberal activist group who is crowd funding to support an opponent so susan collins should she run for re-election. we have encountered various attitudes and tones. one man saying while he believes brett kavanaugh and ford are credible, he believes if susan collins votes yes, it will be the end of her political career. >> thank you very much for all of that. obviously, we are watching to see what we should do. there was a surprise cameo on the premier of murphy brown's reboot last night. hillary clinton guest starred as a candidate for a secretarial position. watch this. >> hello.
4:58 am
i'm here to interview for the secretarial position. >> hillary? >> yes. hillary, hillary clinton. >> my god, you look just like -- >> i know, hillary clinton. i get that a lot. but my name is spelled with one l. >> okay, hilary with one l, please sit down. i'm sure you heard this is a pretty demanding job. >> i am qualified and ready on day one. >> and i also assume you have had previous secretarial experience. >> absolutely. for four years i was a secretary of a very large organization. >> and you have all the reck we sit skills, computer, e-mails. >> e-mails. i do have some experience with e-mails. >> how are you at team work? you know, putting on a news program is a huge operation. >> oh, i get that completely. everyone works together.
4:59 am
it takes a village. >> well, you are very impressive. maybe a little over qualified. how about i take some time to think it over and give you a call. >> it was a pleasure meeting you. i will be expecting your call. and, here, let me give you my card. >> thank you. >> thank you. hilary at >> her original series had more than 90 secretaries in a ten-year run. i have to admit i lost the thread somewhere in that sketch of what's reality. >> yes. >> we're so through the looking glass, i can't tell when i'm watching anymore a sit come com reality show or life. >> i don't think she was alying for a real job. i don't think there is only one
5:00 am
l in her name. they almost lost me on that because i didn't think that was funny. at least she can laugh. >> was she laughing, or was that a really great performance? i don't know anymore! >> we'll talk about it. we're following a lot of other news. so let's get to it. welcome to your new day. the senate judiciary committee is set to vote on brett kavanaugh's supreme court nomination. will it advance to the full senate? senators have some very tough decisions to make today after that history making hearing that featured emotional testimony from brett kavanaugh and from christine blasey ford who claims he sexually assaulted her in high school. republicans susan collins, lisa murkowski and jeff stake and jeff manchin were all seen huddling after yesterda


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