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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  November 4, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. men and their messages could not be more different. >> how about that caravan? do you want to let it pour? >> it shouldn't be democratic or republic republican. to say it's wrong and spend your time vilifying folks and calling them enemies of the people and when bad things happen, something you're concerned with, civility. >> president trump is using
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fear, lies about democrats and immigrants. former president barack obama is saying this election is about the character of our nation. early voting turnout is extraordinary so far and as of now, polls seem to show democrats are on track to gain a house majority or republicans will keep control of the senate but don't let anybody tell you this race is in the bag. you don't know. that's what they are saying. we shall see. cnn boris sanchez is in chattanooga where president trump had a rally today and ryan young is in chicago where the former president barack obama is campaigning. what is president trump focussing on in tennessee and how much of it was true? >> hey, there, don. tonight we saw an unusual speech from president trump. he only spoke for about 50 minutes. he usually goes well over an hour and mostly stuck to the script. it didn't seem like he was ad
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l l lib like he usually does. last night in another rally in pensacola, florida, he was shaferi saying he spends too much time on immigration and not enough about positive jobs numbers and a strong stock market, et cetera. no surprise although the president did get into immigration. he's here campaigning for marsha blackburn trying to take senator bob corker's seat and she has a hard line stance on immigration. the president talked about the caravan tonight and shaferhis mischaracterization of the migrants in the caravan. listen to this. >> they want to oppose socialism on our country. and they want to erase america's borders. democrats want to invite caravan after caravan after illegal
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aliens to pour into our country. i don't think so. i don't think so. no nation can allow its borders to be over run and that's an invasion. i don't care what they say. i don't care what the fake media says. that's an invasion of our countr country. >> don, our cameras have been there and reporters have spoken with these people but bears repeating, these are refugees fleeing turmoil and coming to this country looking for the jobs that almost no one else wants and looking to pick fruit and do hard labor and clean our homes. this is not an invading force. one final note, don, the president tonight did not go off on a tangent railing against the fake news media like he does. i heard he was disappointed that the president didn't go there because he believes it's part of the fun. don?
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>> boris stand by. i want to bring in ryan. ryan, you were with president obama in chicago. what is a closing message for the midterm? >> what a contrast in styles. obviously the former president came out punching trying to get the message out where he thought it was about the values of the country and someone voting could help save someone's life. he said we need more women to run and vote and help each other. this is about the values of the country. you can feel the idea he was the closer. he was taking things on. in fact, he even mentioned the idea that the chinese could be listening in on donald trump's cell phone getting the crowd to laugh. when he took off his jacket and rolled up his sleeve and talked about democrats had to do the hard work and mop things up, you could see the crowd get behind it. it was ten years ago today he was elected. so many people talked about the ideas of them being there at grant park and having those ideas and shared values. they wanted to see something
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change. listen to the president talk about how the values matter and how what politicians say need to count even more. >> what we have not seen before, at least not in my lifetime are politicians who are blatantly, repeatedly, boldly, shamelessly lying. it's like up is down and black is white and just making stuff up. literally advertising spinning millions of dollars advertising that you are doing something when you are doing the exact opposite. >> i can tell you the crowd was enjoying the former president giving it to the nation in terms of having this conversation. you can see j.b. sitting behind him. he's running for governor. the race here is going to be one of the most expensive ever for a
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governor's race. over $240 million has been spent here in the state as the governor is trying to run. j.b. looked like he's ahead of the incumbent bruce who at one point was at a trump rally and didn't get on stage with the president. some think that might be lined up but when the closing hours people get out to vote, they kept saying take your friends and family members and go out and vote. you can see the different closing style and what he was hammering home with the promise. >> it's family night, right? thank you, ryan. thank you, boris. appreciate both of you. i want to bring in the forecast for tuesday and we're not talking about the weather. let's hope it's good so this high voter turnout everywhere. two days ago, what is the latest forecast for the senate and how is that texas race? >> for the senate overall, we expect republicans may pick up a seat. they are at 51 now. we think they might end up with 52. there is a margin of error that could be the case that dell cmos
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get a seat but need a neck gain of two. they probably do need to win the texas senate race and right now senator ted cruz is favorite in that race to win by 6%. look, errors do happen. it's plausible that beto oc o'rourke could win but right now, let's bet on cruise. >> let's talk about the house. are you predicting the democrats will take control? >> i appeared how many times in the last month and it's basically the same number. i feel like we're going in a rerun. the democrats are favored to take back the house with 226 seats to the republicans 209. you need 218 to main tan ctain control. it's plausible republicans could hold on but look at the last second democrat polls, i might be under estimating. right now democrats will win control of the house of representatives. >> all right. harry, hold your horses. we like having you on. don't get defensive.
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let's talk about the two big governor races, what's happening in georgia and florida? >> georgia is one of most fascinating races. i wouldn't be shocked in a week from now we're still talking about the vote. you need a majority vote and right now what i'm seeing and the polls suggestion nobody will get that, neither brian kemp who will finish first nor stacy abrams, the democrat. they will fall short of 50, which means a run off and early december and i love elections. let's carry it on for another month. [ laughter ] >> everybody is sitting next to me including -- and me were saying well, you know, speak for yourself, not for us. thank you. appreciate it. joining me now, the people i'm talking about this hour, hilary, kevin, mark preston and mike shields. we would like it to be over. is that the consensus? >> only if stacy wins. [ laughter ] >> ryan, what is your reaction what you heard from harry?
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how do you see things playing out? >> we had one of the most controversial presidents in mod tern time. most presidents face a backlash against them. our system is meant to readjust, right? so the only question for tuesday is how big and deep is that backlash? i think most of the evidence is it's going, you know, i don't want to make a prediction but i think for democrats, when they wakeup on wednesday, they have to ask questions how far into trump's base if at all were they able to produce that backlash? we know there is a white collar backlash against trump. we know the groups that are loyal to the democrats look like they will turnout in big numbers, but i think the key question is how big is it? is it an election that's true wave or an election that is a moderate backlash against trump where the democrats pick up 25 seats to win back the house but that it reinforces the bases of
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both parties. those are two very different story lines. >> how are you feeling? >> i was walking in here tonight remembering how cocky i was in 2016 on your show. remember that night before the election and like oh, donald trump lost this the day he talked about mexicans being rapists and that it was people of color and women going to come together and knock this guy down. so i am not confident at all because i'm too nervous to be confident, but i will say we have to just understand this is not a campaign right now for democrats or republicans. this is a campaign for the independent vote and almost every district, it is registered independence who will make up the margin for victory in all of these states and all of these house seats and, you know, independence broke at the last minute for donald trump in 2016.
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democrats, we need independence to break for us on tuesday. really, i think we are doing ourselves a disservice to consistently now talk about a country where we only have democrats and republicans. >> yeah, yeah. we have a lot to talk about. you guys will get in. we have a whole show. stick around with me. i want to talk about high-profile governor's races in florida and georgia and ugly campaigns but first, here is a message from voters. >> text less, vote more, vote, show everyone what you're against and what you're for. vote. turn out for her. vote. it's 2018, ladies, tell your husbands it's your turn. (chime)
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system. cnn obtained e-mails and show a voter alerted the democratic party hot line about potential vu vulnerabilities and asked to evaluate the problem, that expert alerted the secretary of state's office. so, kevin, i'll bring you in here because it sounds like the voter sound the issue and did exactly what they were supposed to do and turned it over to officials. why is it being seen as a -- >> i'll tell you this about voter registration laws in georgia. they are very complex. and i think this goes to harry's case right now. so when you see flash points like this in the last 48 hours, 72 hours of a very closely fought campaign, it is showing just what and how tough this race has been but as harry mentioned, this could go into a recount. you're going to see hand to hand combat down there in georgia
8:19 pm
over issues like this. district by district, precinct by precinct for probably the next month. >> which is why the secretary of state who oversees this shouldn't be secretary of state while he's running for governor. 100%. i said this many times before. i don't think that should be permitted. the right thing to do is recuse himself if not resign completely because i don't see how anyone can look at this process and say that the integrity of it is not questioned, especially with how nasty that fight has been, especially with the racial history of voter suppression in the south. there is just so many things that don't make it look good for what republicans are doing whether it's valid or not. >> conservative -- >> i'm conservative hanging on by a thin thread with the republicans. >> as a consecutive -- >> i'm still a registered republican. >> what if it was democrat secretary of state and running for governor, would you head be popping off? >> of course. i would say this is absolutely not okay.
8:20 pm
you have too much access to the process. i've been in this game way too long. i'm a cynic when it comes down to voter recounts and manipulation of the rules to kevin's point, it's true. a lot of these states, these voter registration laws -- >> some don't have paper trails. >> it's crazy. something else with this office, kemp and i guess they are not up to date on technology because this is not the first time they have a freak out. there is a homeland security which they thought was a breach and homeland security person doing a background check on something and thought it was somebody else. >> let me ask you real quick and these guys are going to say, i haven't had a chance to talk. isn't that an indictment on kemp? >> number one, yes. my test for this is what if this were happening on another country, how would you look at this? the state of georgia, imagine
8:21 pm
this is the country of georgia and we were covering that and the guy running the voting system making up claims like this and having this conflict of interest, we would have no hesitation calling that out as banana republic stuff. >> that is -- but this is happening in our country. >> listen, mark, they are calling it a stunt, the democrats. do they have a right to call this a stunt? >> we have -- how about this? we have a right to know the facts right now and haven't seen anything from the secretary of state other than this initial we're looking into it statement beyond that. we deserve the facts. at some point perhaps the governor himself needs to step in. i get it. he's republican. not necessarily going to be on the side of stacy abrams and doesn't want to embarrass the republican nominee. when you have the secretary of state's office say 48 hours before election day, i mean, it seems a little bit mirky. >> i want to play stacy abrams, what she told cnn tonight.
8:22 pm
watch this. >> first of all, it's not a real investigation. what happened is brian kemp once again is trying to cover up failures by blaming someone else. he blamed staff, vendors and democrats but the reality is there is imperfections in the system and weaknesses and vulnerabilities. they were told about it friday and instead of owning up to the failure and making it right, he decided to blame democrats. we're not responsible. we have nothing to do with this and i'm sad instead of owning up to his responsibility, he's once again misleading georgia g. >> what do you think? >> it's interesting to hear democrats trying to say he's doing funny business when in reality, i don't see how this helps him. i'm not sure how that will benefit him three days before the election. he would rather talk about how well the office is run and why he should be governor. there isn't any sort of, i think, trying to cast aspersions of this and that he should step down because he shouldn't oversee this because there
8:23 pm
should be funny business. in reality, he's attacked for not running the office correctly. it's a viability for him. he has to announce something is going on. you wouldn't want him to have an investigation and say i'm not going to tell anyone about that until after the election. he has an investigation. he has to tell people. >> that's like a super scenical analysis. the reality is that he has consistently declassified voters across the board so this is a way to make this be the democrats' fault. that's what he's doing. he's saying if stacy abrams doesn't win, that democrats aren't going to have a claim on this. i thought barack obama -- >> that's what he said? i thought he said he had an investigation into a potential cyber attack. >> if he loses, he can say democrats did something funny. >> for having our own thoughts into what this will be without knowing. >> he specifically said it, it was from democrats and that that's what the attack was. look, barack obama said something important on the trail today, which i think republicans
8:24 pm
need to own up to on a big picture level, which is one party has consistently tried to pass laws, do things to get people not to vote and another part is he's consistently tried to encourage people voting. this is going to hang around republicans' necks if we have massive problems again this year with people being, you know, denied at the polls, not being counted. this is just, it's one election too many. you can't keep doing that. >> listen, i don't want to get too far here but this is what cnn obtained, a series of e-mails and said led to the level of this accusation of hacking. the e-mails included in exchange between the georgia democratic party operatives refer to findings by a voter who said he discovered potential vulnerabilities in the states voter information page and it's
8:25 pm
online regular statiistration s. the e-mail said was computer programming code. secretary of state received a chain of e-mails from the representative of the expert georgia democratic party asked to evaluate the vulnerabilities. that's it. so they saw it and they asked to investigate it. it's not like democrats were secretly trying to hack into the system, which i think -- >> which is how they made it sound. >> discovering the vulnerability is not a plot. >> and turning knit over to -- >> yeah. >> if what you're saying is correct, we see this all the time. hackers who try and find vulnerabilities and systems to protect the system, right? >> yeah. >> that's what this is like, trying to show the secretary of state there is a problem that needs to be corrected. >> the race for steve king's house seat is getting close. could his party's rebuke be the reason the democratic challenger is gaining on him?
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right? >> yes. >> he put out a tv ad in his campaign. i want to play it and get your response to it. >> i grew up in iowa, started with a rusted out dozer. i lived in the same house 40 years. i know most of you agree our country is slipping away. well, i think it's worth fighting for no matter whose
8:31 pm
toes have to be stepped on to make it right. if that's okay with you, i'd sure appreciate your vote. >> no matter whose toes have to be stepped on to make it right. [ laughter ] >> wit a mait a minute, we're evaluating this from d.c., it's effective in iowa. i worked on capitol hill and he's an immigration hawk. i'm very disappointed in the language that steve king is using over the years. it's not acceptable and not necessary to do that, you know, he's becoming more difficult to explain away, which is unfortunate, but steve king is going to win that district and what is interesting, though, i sit on the board of stand up republic and our organization put money into his opponent's race, not directly but against steve king because we think that he represents is not good for republicans moving forward. and his opponent raised a lot of
8:32 pm
money. he put in $1.4 million and had several television ads going up that made this race more competitive than the past. >> i think that's the first tv ad. >> that's my next question, the first tv ad. what does this say about him because maybe he had been taking it for granted? >> of course. outside groups like ours, stand up republic put money into this race where in the past steve district was not competitive. i think donald trump won that district by 20 something points last time around. so it goes to show you, it's very rare you see like the head of the nrcc come out and say, this is not acceptable what steve king has done and language he's used. republican on republican criticism is unusual. >> the guy went out of his way to endorse essentially a neo-nazi candidate in a toronto mayoral race.
8:33 pm
>> that's why that ad -- >> these guys were in america, they would be republicans. >> that's why that ad in a way is a rebuke not just to his democratic opponent but to the republican leadership because he's probably mad at them for abandoning him, and, you know, i have to give them a little credit here for distancing themselves from him. >> they deserve it endorsing neo-nazi. >> the key test is if he gets reelected, whether he gets power and welcomed back and how that goes and i think that will be the test. >> 2018. >> the republican leader. >> you're absolutely right here. we sit here and sit around the table and we try to extrapolate what is going on in america and try to see it through the eyes of votes. guess what? this is democracy and the ugly bit of democracy and there are people in northwest iowa that want steve king to be in congress as awful as all of us here think it is that when he
8:34 pm
pushes forward these views thanks is what this country was creating. people want him out of office, right? if they want it, i'm not saying it's a good thing but it's reality. >> 100%. >> the newspaper for the first time has not endorsed him. >> yeah. >> i was there in august and the thing that struck me about that district is steve king, what is he known most for? anti immigration views, right? he wants all undocumented citizens out of this country, all undocumented immigrants. that district is a rural farming district. all of the farms, the dairy farms, corn, whatever you're doing out there relies on undocumented immigrants. if steve king's immigration views were actually implemented, his entire district economically would be gone. and yet, they support him cycle after cycle. so you have to sort of figure
8:35 pm
out that puzzle of why voters who have that disconnect still like this guy. >> it's kecultural clash. >> it's funny when they say they and you visit them and all of their workers or most are undocumented workers doing the crops. >> kevin made a good point about another district in iowa and where trump's popularity was taking a hit because of the tariffs. >> yeah. >> over there. i thought was interesting. >> i'll tell you, i haven't been to sue city in a long time. there are good people there. they are essentially, and i think steve king is a reflection of the views there. you have to remember folks out in iowa's forth west district there where steve king lives, they don't care about what people in washington thing. >> they are nicer than us. >> and an ambassador for their principles and cultural views. on the other side of iowa,
8:36 pm
that's a race where another farm rich district where the tariffs have had a very bad effect on the economy and at a time where we see booming economic numbers, the folks there feel like they are worse off than they were in 2016 and as a result, you have a congressman there in that district that won by -- a district trump won by four points he was reelected in 2016 by ten points in a race that's going down to the wire. >> well, i'm glad you said that. you can continue to talk but i want to tell you that's why his opponent we only mentioned once criss-crossing the district in an r.v. >> that's in king's district. >> has been telling voters king is ignoring the district and time for moral leadership. so there you go. >> it's the point that all politics is local and this is a perfect example of that. >> i grew up and lived in the same house for 40 years, i would love that. >> not to be harassed? >> yeah. i don't have -- i can't eat here. i got to go.
8:37 pm
i can't make a living. i wish i could do that. >> so true. i do think it argues in this case, you know, he'll probably get primary because the cultural consecutive is not -- is, you know, is not automatically a racist andneo-nazi. to the extent the republican party embraces this extremism brings everybody down and it allows us to have more and more arguments against them. so that's one of those even if the democrat wins, my guess is they will get hit next time. >> stick around, everyone. mike is awfully quiet here. we'll talk about the women behind president trump who is his female supporters and why they love him. e! we are doing it. it's a done deal. for $40, t-mobile is offering unlimited, and the awesome iphone xr for every line. wah! so, they get the new iphone xr and the plan for $40 bucks.
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and we're back. hilary, kevin, ryan, tara, mark and mike. that will be a test if everybody at home can remember. tara, i'll ask you about this. check out this "new york times" headlines. at trump rallies, women see a hero protecting a way of life. why do you think president trump resonates with so many we have to qualify this with so many white women? >> i read that article, too, and i thought the same thing. it came across to me as there seems to be a significant amount of daddy issues going on here. >> oh. >> i can't wait to see your social media feed after this. >> i'm being honest. these women out of their mouths said there are certain paternal aspects to donald trump.
8:43 pm
another woman said she is obsessed with him because he's going to protect her. this is coming out and something about that dynamic that has drawn these kinds of women to donald trump. that's concerning to me because i don't think that's a healthy perspective. you can say the same thing about folks that felt the messiah complex with barack obama. people seem to be attracted to people they think will save them or protect them which is donald trump is using the immigration issue and i'm going to protect you. the security moms used to be a demographic democrats catered to and it's not a daddy issue like with trump. >> but to keep people safe? >> yes, but you see how people when they are looking for something or a void to fill, they will fill it with something or someone.
8:44 pm
>> i was surprised by the abused pipe bomb said similar things about the president. okay, mike. >> the trump rally says in part many women believe the president when he reminds them during each of his hour-long pep rallies the world they knew large rly christian, conservative and white is at stake on tuesday. is that motivating trump supporters, especially women? >> there is a fight and we talked about it in the last hour watching obama go out on the campaign trail and in iowa and look, one of the things i find remarkable about politics and we saw in the kavanaugh fight is how disempowered conservative women are. i'm married to a strong consecutive. in terms of the media, "glamour magazine" they tend to be from the left and there are millions
8:45 pm
of conservative women that are smart enough to see what they don't agree with him but agree on the military expansion, tax cuts. they are smart enough to make the decisions and narrow cast them into women care about these from the left except for the crazy trump women for this guy that we can't understand only furthers pushes those women over to his side and what i find quite often is that there are women trump supporters that i talk to who started off saying i may not agree with some of the things he says and watch panels on cnn, msnbc, fox and see people shoving them over into a place and see the president being criticized and say i'm more for him than ever. >> just a little push back. sometimes the truth hurts. >> i know, i just gave some. >> people cannot sit in their spaces when people call it an
8:46 pm
echo chamber. sometimes you learn from people not necessarily in your environment. sometimes you're too close to it. i notice it on the left and right. >> undoubtedly. >> this is one amazing thing about politics and elections overall. if you want to go into a store, you can buy a pepsi and a coke. when you walk into a voting booth, you have to choose one. having women support donald trump is they had disqualified the alternative. i can't tell you, anecdotes, how many republican women voters said i can't vote for hilary and so much of what the appeal now maybe to try to get those voters back has been lacking, and that's where donald trump has found support from these women, which is that they were ready to vote from donald trump. >> i got to hear from a woman.
8:47 pm
>> white woman. let's not kid ourselves. donald trump has 60% support. there is not a huge constituency there however white women republicans will be white women republicans ultimately in key votes and i think that that is not going to change by vir of donald trump. the idea white men should be going out and telling conservative women you know what, you shouldn't worry about a guy who grabs women by their, and sexually harasses. >> but hilary, can liberal -- >> that your tax cut and your military defense is more important. really, the way to deal with this is for everybody to care about women's lives mostly, not focus on the division. >> we got another block after this. we'll be right back. we'll talk about young voters,
8:48 pm
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tell your doctor if you were in a region where fungal infections are common and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. don't let another morning go by without talking to your rheumatologist about xeljanz xr. a you can hear, the conversation continue. kevin and hillary are still debating. >> so the audience knows, i've won. >> americans have cast their ballots in the early voting. data shows a lot of them are young first-time voters. so, mark, it's always a democratic pipe dream about young voter turnout. is that going to be a reality this year? >> look, in a couple races it could be consequential, specifically in florida, sfifl in georgia, specifically if they can be younger african-american voters who don't normally vote, then they could have a big impact on the election. we don't know what's going to happen with the younger voters.
8:53 pm
we need to look at the data after the fact. what is heartening to see, though, is early voting numbers have increased from what we've seen over past years. as all americans, we want to see people engaging. >> music mogul and entrepreneur diddy endorsing stacy abrams and andrew gill up. he released this video yesterday. >> i'm so proud to endorse andrew gillum who will become the first black governor much florida. it's not just because he's black, it's because he's the best man for the job. he's running a campaign for the people. i've spoken to him at length. i believe in him. his ideas, his focus, what he stands for. >> there are a lot of people who are turning out, hillary. stacey abrams, for stacey abrams, john legend as well. a lot of people have been stumping. >> oprah. >> do these big endorsements, do they translate into votes? >> no, they translate into crowds, they translate into some
8:54 pm
increased registration early in the cycle. look, if celebrity endorsements mattered hillary clinton would be president today because there was such an overwhelming thing. there are some promising signs, particularly with young people. there is a 25% increase in voter registration among 18 to 25-year-olds in florida, and i credit the parkland kids for having done that. whether they go to vote, mark, is exactly right, i don't know. i don't think they're going to go because diddy is asking them to. i think they're going to go if andrew gillum is inspiring them and they care about issues like gun control. >> it would be great if they actually would turnout and vote regardless who they are going to vote for because you need to be involved in the political prosis. just quickly, though, races this close, kevin, do you think this demographic can make a difference? >> only if they are broader and sustained efforts to engage them. i think if you're in this last 48 hours trying to cover your tracks and get out younger voters, i think you probably -- and you don't have enough of them right now, you're
8:55 pm
probably -- it's probably not enough in the last minute. if it's something you've been doing the entire campaign it will make a difference. >> thank you for everybody who dre dressed up and came in. >> same as obama, blue shirt. i modelled my wardrobe -- >> he took his jacket off -- >> thank you, everyone. i want to talk about an american hero. people of north ogden, utah was killed saturday in afghanistan. taylor was a major in the army national guard and served four tours in both iraq and afghanistan. he kept in touch with his family and friends in utah through social media, telling everybody how inspired he was by elections in afghanistan. and from halfway around the world, brent taylor was encouraging americans to vote on tuesday. in his final facebook posting he wrote this. as the usa gets ready to vote in our own election next week, i hope everyone back home
8:56 pm
exercises their precious right to vote. and that whether they're republicans or democrats win, that we all remember that we have far more as americans that unites us than divides us. united we stand, divided we fall. god bless america. major brent taylor leaves behind his wife teeny and -- explore moa guaranteed 4pm checkout at over 1,000 fine hotels and resorts. it's another way we've got your back. the platinum card from american express. don't live life without it. alright, let's get going! and you want to make sure to aim it. i'm aiming it. ohhhhhhh! i ordered it for everyone. [laughing] (dad vo) we got the biggest subaru to help bring our family together. i'm just resting my eyes. (dad vo) even though we're generations apart. what a day. i just love those kids.
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welcome back. by this time tuesday night we could be looking at a very different political landscape. vote ers will have spoken perhaps to give president trump some real opposition in the house by flipping,


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