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tv   Wolf  CNN  November 5, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PST

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hello, i'm wolf blitzer. thanks very much for joining us. we are just 17 hours from the first polls opening in mid-term election day in the past. the mid-terms have brought profound change to the house of representatives, the senate, and the states. we could see it happen potent l potentially again. governorship and 35 senate seats and all house of representatives seats. democrats are hoping to swing the house to their side for the
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first time in eight years. here's a look at the tight races. all of these account flip from democrat to republican or republican to democrat, changing the landscape of the u.s. senate. kaitlan collins is joining us where we will be seeing president trump fairly soon. the president trump has about three stops on his schedule. how critical are the campaign effects. >> to the president, he thinks this energize the base. he is sending one message and one only. that is like on the economy, something the republicans wish he would talk about more at the rallies and heavy on immigration. focusing on that caravan, wolf and demonizing it in a way. even though it's still hundreds of miles away from the border. that's a message he thinks works and he has been telling that to adviser who is said to focus on the economy, but he said no, he thinks immigration is going to be the winning message.
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wolf, the president had a phone call with supporters, urging them to get out and vote saying he is going to need them to mobilize tomorrow. if the democrats do win significantly, the president said his accomplishments are fragile and could undo them. he encouraged them to get out and said he doesn't see this as a referendum on him, but believes the media will portray it like that regardless of what happens. that is why he wanted them to get out. he is starting here in cleveland and going to take the stage behind me here soon. he is going to indiana and missouri and joined by the two conservative fire brands. sean hannity and rush limbaugh will be on stage with the president we are told by sources in the trump campaign this is president trump's chance to make his closing argument to voters before they go to the polls tomorrow. >>icate a >> kaitlan, thank you very much.
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a new cnn poll shows democrats have the edge over republicans. mark, what exactly does the polling reveal? >> a couple of things. first of all, every election is a revereferendum on the presiden office. as much as donald trump would like it not to be, it is. democrats have a 13-point advantage heading into tomorrow on the generic ballot. what is that fuelled by? they have a 27 point advantage with women and 88% of african-americans are supporting the democratic candidate. 66% of hispanics. that gives you an idea of where this enthusiasm is coming from. we will show you the divide here in america. what's the most important issue. look at this. more than 30-point divide between democrats and republicans on the issue of health care. democrats think it's the most important issue in the election. republicans not so much. go right down here and look at immigration. something we have seen president
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trump spent a lot of time talking about the last week or so. certainly the last couple of years of his presidency. there is a 20-point gap. 64% of republicans need that. moving on, we are talking about the revereferendum on president trump or not. look at what his approval rating is. 39% is higher in the poll of polls. that's an average of multiple polls that have been released recently. the bottom line is that this is something that is not going to be helpful to house republicans, specifically the likes of barbara comstock in the suburbs of washington, d.c. this does not translate into what we are seeing in the united states senate and where we see donald trump today. the bottom line is we look at history heading into tomorrow. this is the lowest number we have seen in the presidential approval rating heading into the mid-terms dating back to eisenhower. if you are donald trump and the republicans, you wish you were
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doing better. >> he he is talking about fake suppression polls to under score his disappointment or irritation with the numbers. thank you very much. let's bring in political commentator, host of se cup infiltered and political analyst at the white house for american urban radio networks and dana bash, our chief political correspondent. 63% said they are voting to accepted a message to president trump. many of them in opposition compared to the past two presidents. people are motivated by what they are seeing. >> absolutely. for and against. i was talking to a republican source who has been very much involved in getting house republicans elected. he was noting that there have been wild swings in the overall question of whether a republican or democrat should be elected to the house.
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the generic ballot over the past months that have been directly related to things happening with the president. it's just a really interesting indicator and illustration of how much of an effect he has. that's why he is going out to so many of these key senate races. not only does he have, he believes and republicans on a national level in these key states believe a positive effect on getting republicans out to the polls in states like where he is going today like missouri and even ohio and in other places like north dakota and west virginia where he tends to be more popular than the republican candidate. that is really the key. on the flip side of course is the house. republicans i talked to are more and more pessimistic about the number of seats they will lose to democrats. again, largely because of the
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president and his message. >> we will see what happens in the house. politico is quoting a house republican aid with the unending rhetoric on immigration that hurt a lot of republican candidates out there. they said that hijacked the election for the republicans. >> wolf, this president is leaving the conversation and he has actually since he has been here in office, this president of the united states, in his immigration policy, we understand that immigration policies here in the united states are broken. we understand that. he keeps focusing in on mexico. the southern border and this expensive wall. there are several things that people understand about immigration in the nation. it's not just about the southern border wall. there are people who overstayed their visas from other countries and people see the hatefulness about race. people understand that we had leaders to include the naacp and
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include michael steele, the former head of the rnc who said this is basically about controlling the browning of america. we are now a nation that sees the number of babies born in this nation are now minority. they are the majority. it is hate speech that we thought we left behind during george wallace in the 50s and 60s. >> trump is not wrong that immigration is a more powerful motivator in this mid-term election. i get while he is not just touting the good economy. that's not going to pour people out to the polls the way immigration will. we just put up immigration is more important to republicans. immigration policy actually favors republicans. they were deeply unpopular in lots of voting groups. it's the way he is doing it. he doesn't need to call himself
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a nationalist. that turns off a reliably republican voting block in the past. suburban women who are well educated and the question, the question of this election tomorrow will be, will the nativist nationalist rhetoric come at the expense of the voting block that will leave this republican party for the near and maybe long-term future. >> suburban women? >> yes, me. i am a white educated suburban woman who leans republican. that is a message that a lot of voters like me are not into. >> what do you think about tonight at the political rally in missouri, the conservative radio host, rush limbaugh and sean hannity will be there with the president. >> to me, this doesn't strike any differently than democrats campaigning with hollywood
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celebrities. those are the celebrities of the conservative movement, the republican party. >> the people giving the president his talking points. >> in addition, they are guiding the president's -- >> his personality. >> for sure. >> they are not journalists. they're not journalists. >> i don't think they are out there in that that capacity. >> incredibly influential. more than anything, it's a reminder of the echo of the symbiotic relationship. when fox says something, the president acts and when the president says something, fox acts. it's the echo. >> in this conversation it looks like over the last two years or so, with this president to me it looks like it's the president that is on the ballot. the fact that how far he's gone and what he can get away with.
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that's what is on the ballot box. it's about donald trump. if people like you don't like the fact that he is talking against women and how he talks about imgrants and how he does what he does, it's how far he has gotten with this. >> that's why tomorrow will be so important. exit polling in particular. why did people vote the way they did whether democrats win the house or not, we will have a lot of lessons to learn about the strategy that both democrats and republicans have employed over the past two years coming into these elections and looking forward to 2020. >> this donald trump experiment will be on the table tomorrow. >> let's see what happens. everybody stand by. on the eve of voting day, a major allegation in georgia. one of the hottest governor races in the country with no evidence behind him. racism and anti-semitism run amok. a racist robocall that targeted
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multiple states with african-american candidates. where is the first lady of the united states as the president crisscrosses the country to push voters to the polls. melania trump stays off the grid. opportunity is everywhere.
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whew! ♪ one of the hottest races for governor is playing out in georgia. the republican candidate, brian kemp ignited a fire storm after accusing democrats of election hacking without providing any evidence. stacy abrams is calling the investigation and i'm quoting her now, "a witch hunt." brian kemp is not only the republican candidate for governor, he is also georgia's secretary of state and oversees
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the elections. walk us through how all of this unfo unfolded. >> this investigation moved beyond the secretary of state. they will be heading up a criminal investigation into these matters of this attempted hacking of the voter registration system here in georgia. this entire controversy started brewing yesterday when the secretary of state's office made the moment that they would be investigating georgia's democr t democratic party for what they called a failed attempt to hack the system. they didn't give us evidence to show that a hack happened or there was an attempted hack. there was a chain of e-mails that sparked this investigation and this entire discussion. e-mail that is the secretary of state's office tame to have that looked like correspondence between two operatives.
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two women working with the hotline. the democrats quickly said that any claims that they were apart of any hack were scurrilous and said the claims were 100% false and they went on to say that the democratic party was passing on information that they received from a concerned citizen. this man, richard write was looking into his own status when he came upon potential vulnerabilities. both of those entities funneled it up. stacey abrams responded to the news. >> it's wrong to call it an investigation. it's a witch hunt created by someone who is abusing his
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power. brian kemp knew on friday. this was a problem that he failed to act before he gets caught. he decided to cast blame on democrats. that's an easy ploy to involve. >> the core question we have to remind ourselves to go back to, are there vulnerabilities within georgia's voter registration and how could this affect tuesday's election? brian kemp in his capacity of secretary of state said the system is secure, but very different rhetoric coming from his campaign as opposed to his office of secretary of state. the campaign saying this was an act of desperation by the democrats to expose these vulnerabilities. >> let's discuss this and more and the naacp, currently a professor at the harvard school. let's talk about this. it's awkward that you have the secretary of state who is also
10:20 am
the republican gubernatorial candidate dealing with this. there seems to be a conflict. >> there sure is. he should have recused himself. election security is such an important issue right now and we know from the investigations over the last couple of years that there are real problems with state and local administration of elections and a lot of work done in states to improve that. the federal government has been working with them. electoral confidence in the systems requires both the ises be secure and that people have confidence and by him being involved in both being a candidate and the person who is supposed to be overseeing the security of the election systems, there is an inherent conflict. >> a lot of people think he should have recused himself. jimmy carter thought he should as well. you agree. >> absolutely. former president jimmy carter called on the secretary of state to resign because of his
10:21 am
involvement in voter suppression. when we think about the fact that he held 53,000 voter registrations -- >> this was a separate case. >> that's a fact as opposed to these unsubstantiated claims with respect to election hacking on the eve of this mid-term election. >> there is an exact law as it's called that if your name is not exactly the same on various forms of identification, you have to postpone. you can't are inially go ahead and vote. your vote is up in the air. 53,000 voter applications who were questioned along those lines and a majority were african-american. >> that's precisely it. courts had basically stopped brian kemp from engaging in voter suppression. no less than six times. he is engaged in this practice over and over and over again.
10:22 am
this is analogous to walking into a bank and seeing a robbery in process. one does not elevate the robber to becoming president of the bank. voters are faced with that choice in terms of brian kemp rewarding him. >> here's the question. in georgia in order to be elected governor, you need 50% plus one vote. or there is a run off. in neither gets 50% plus one, there is a run off and they have to wait about a month. during that period, would he have to resign as secretary of state since he is in charge or recuse himself? how does that work? >> he could do either and that would bring confidence to whether there will be a challenge. he could recuse himself from this matter today. nothing is preventing them from doing that. we have to be careful about throwing around the word and allegations of election hacking. if we are talking about
10:23 am
intrusions into electoral systems, attribution, that is who actually is responsible is a complicated technical issue. there is a lot of skepticism about the fact that if they learned of allegations within the last 24 hours, how would they launch an investigation into an entity today? >> while i have you on, i want to get your reaction. the president was out on the campaign trail and he mentioned his predecessor out on the trail. this is the way he expressed his thought. listen to this. >> it's no surprise that joe donnelly is holding a hrally wih barack h. obama. barack obama. >> what did you think when you saw that? >> we know what the h stands for. hussein.
10:24 am
>> the president is engaged in islam phobic race baiting. he knows that president barack obama is barack hussein obama. he is tapping into app tensions about muslims and islam phobic fears in the same way he invokes the caravan. it's xenophobic. he is doing this on the eve of the election demonstrates to what degree he is willing to do anything, anything including suppressing the votes, stirring fears and the kind of fears, the kind of fears that led to 11 people being assassinated in a synagogue in pittsburgh. let's be clear about this. this is about stoking the kinds of fears, apprehensions, race baiting that causes people to die. and that is unconscionable. >> he is speaking now, the president. i want to listen. >> every one of them is packed
10:25 am
and there is a great electricity in the air. i don't know if you report it that way, but there is a great electricity in the air like we haven't seen since the 16 election. something is happening. we'll see. i think we will do very well and you will have three very exciting stops. we will do three major speeches in front of big crowds. very big crowds. go ahead. >> can you tell us about your meeting? what are you expecting from that meet something. >> we don't know that that's going to be the right place. i'm going to be in paris for other reasons accident b reason meeting at the g-20 and we will have plenty of meetings after that. getting along with russia, china, and all of them have been a good thing. i said it for a long time. we will have plenty of meetings. i'm not sure we will have a
10:26 am
meeting in paris. probably not. >> [inaudible]. >> i don't know about it. you are telling me something i don't know about. we have a lot of ads and they are effective based on the numbers we are seeing. >> [inaudible]. >> a lot of things are offensive. >> we will continue to monitor what the president is saying and they will probably not. and originally a talk that they would have a sort of side meeting in paris and the president said they will have a meeting at the g-2o summit at the end of the month. there will be more meetings presumably here in washington. i think he invited president putin to come to washington as well, but he is going on a three-stop campaign tour right
10:27 am
now. heading off from joint base andrews and said there is great electricity in the air. i interrupted you and we were talking about what's going on and you are deeply concerned about these racist robocalls that are going around right now. somebody impersonating oprah winfrey containing anti-semitic rhetoric. i don't know if they have an impact or not, but they are clearly disgusting. >> these robocalls are in the day of voter intimidation. they send a signal that you are not welcome at the ballot box. the racist robocalls provide the sound track, if you will, for voter suppression. where we have a robocall, where we have someone impersonating oprah winfrey speaking about stacey abrams as a anything resz, a slave term for a black
10:28 am
woman and suggest that jews control black people, this is dangerous rhetoric with respect to voter suppression and the normal atmosphere in the country. in the wake of the living tree, tree of life synagogue massacre, all that's happening in the country, the rise in hate crimes, i would call on americans to focus on not nearly voter suppression, but voter determination. that is to say millions of people despite what's going on. voter for a better america. >> lots of problems right now. we are staying on top of it. thank you very much for coming in. the president's power of rallying voters. the democratic senator in a closely watched state. the president's call to arms are taken literally. gun-toting civilians are heeding the warning over the caravan and guess what. they are heading to the border. ♪
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[ neighing ] [ neighing ] [ sigh ] it's bring your own phone, not pony. so i could've taken the bus? yeah. bring your phone. switch your carrier. save hundreds a year with xfinity mobile. call, click or visit a store today. democrats clearly have their eyes on a few of the red seats in the senate that they think they can turn blue. arizona and texas are among them and another is nevada, a blue state in 2016 won by hillary clinton where jackie rosen is
10:34 am
battling senator dean heller. heller won the state by only around 11,000 votes. let's welcome in nevada's other senator, democrat katherine cortez masto. there will be results from nevada. will nevada have two democrats in the united states senate or one and one? >> i can tell you right now, with the energy i see around this state and the people that are coming out, particularly in early election that we just had, more democrats than republicans, i feel really good where we are. i just came from the culinary union and so many people are around the state that as you well know, it's about get out the vote and getting people to the polls. if we are successful, i feel good because of the early numbers not just here in clark
10:35 am
county, but wa show. we have almost 2,000 more democrats than republicans which we have never seen before. we will find out tomorrow. the energy is there. >> let's not forget early voting is going on for days. more than 30 million americans nationwide have already voted. maybe that's going to be a third if 100 million americans vote in these mid-term elections. what about the full senate? do you think democrats can capture the majority reach that magic number of 51? >> no doubt it's tougher for us. out of 33 seats up, 26 are democratically held. we have a pick up seat in nevada. jackie rosen is out right now and getting out the vote. i know my colleagues and i have been to the other states am they are talking to voters about the
10:36 am
issues that matter to those voters. the number one issue around this country and here in nevada is health care. it's about health care and coverage. it's about being able to afford the coverage and coverage for preexisting conditions as well. >> health care is the number one issue for democrats. among some democratic candidates, beto o'rourke wants medicare for all. bernie sanders wanted that for a long time. you are skeptical. does beto o'rourke and bernie sanders have it wrong when they want medicare for all? >> the democrats are talking about solving this problem. the democrats are talking about the issues that impact families every single day. one of those issues is health care and access to health care. every since i have been in the united states senate, we have been fighting to make sure everyone has health care.
10:37 am
we have come up with ideas and policies on how to do that. that's the difference between the democrats and what we stand for and what we see from the republicans, trying to repeal the affordable care act. the president even filed a lawsuit to take away coverage for preexisting conditions for millions of americans across this country. in nevada there is over a million who have preexisting conditions. that's the difference between the two of us. we are at least coming up with solutions or ideas about how to solve the problem. do i have concerns about medicare for all? yes, i do, but at least we are coming up with the solutions. i would like to see us shore up the affordable care act. it wasn't perfect, but it brought coverage to so many people including rural cities here in nevada and across the country. we have ideas about how to do it to make sure people have access to coverage. there should be a public option.
10:38 am
that's the difference right now in this election between the democrats and republicans. they have been clear. mitch mcconnell said we are going to go down and try to repeal the affordable care act. americans do not want that. >> they are clearly concerned about preexisting conditions. you can still get affordable health insurance. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. >> as president trump canvass the country making a final pitch, melania trump is nowhere to be seen. cnn poll numbers are painting a bleak picture of the president's approval among women. that may affect the chances at the polls tomorrow. welcome to the place where people go
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vice -- president trump has been crisscrossing the country and one person conspicuously absent is melania trump. the first lady's absence comes as president trump may be facing a significant gender gap in 2020. a new poll out today shows among women, 63% disapprove of the job he's doing. joining us now are the white house reporter kate bennett. joining us are april and sc. why is the first lady not out
10:44 am
there. >> her communications director said her schedule doesn't allow it and she is there. we can all agree, campaigning is not something she cares to do or feels strong with the public speaking. it is unusual as you say. she remains the most liked in terms of polling and most favorable member of the trump family and most favorable in the administration and a lot of people are curious about this first lady. i think she would be a big draw and a big help, but certainly this is not something she has been active and not doing so much as a fund-raiser. >> we were talking about this earlier. she doesn't have time for your mid-term, donald. sorry. kate knows better because she follows melania, but i actually tend to think this makes sense. i don't know that she has a ton of appeal with suburban women, which is trump's deficit right now.
10:45 am
she has been effective at softening him in the past. he doesn't want to be softened right now. her anti-bullying message is in stark contrast to what he has been doing on the campaign trail that included chewinging on the assault of a journalist. attacking well educated african-american candidates for being unqualified and spreading racist anti-immigrant ads. that would look weird to put it bluntly. >> with be best. >> be the best. if you have an approval rating that is higher than your husband's, wouldn't you think she would be an asset? if you think about first lady melania trump, you think about when she spoke at the convention and when she was found to page yarize michelle obama's words.
10:46 am
there are albatrosses around her neck. the jacket that she wore. i really don't care, do you? people remember those things as well. she has a higher ark approv eerg and she softened people to an extent. the question is, is her asset now a liability for him. they don't have the greatest relationship. when she does this, people remember that. >> these past few weeks in pittsburgh, they were very hands on. >> that's true, but her last supreme before the pattial campaign was days before the election in pennsylvania and she spoke and it was very well received. she talked about being an immigrant and coming to this country and the anti-bullying part. the yin to his yang. if used well, it could possibly be effective.
10:47 am
there is this enigma factor for what she is like in person. >> you are right about that and you mentioned to me earlier, fund-raisers. people would pay maybe it hear what she has to say. >> i think that's right. >> laura bush did that, too. >> former first ladies who were first ladies at the time, they had higher approval ratings than their husbands, they were out there on the trail. >> agreed. >> what's the problem now? >> agreed. it's not are inially a problem, but a choice she is making not to do this. she values her time at home being a mother. melania trump from all my reporting, she makes her own decisions. this is not an east wing or west wing thing. she never has been thrilled about it. i do think the republican national convention where she had that speech gaffe is a big factor. >> that are wasn't a gaffe. i love you dearly, but people remember that speech.
10:48 am
that was word for word what michelle obama said. that is plagiarism. >> that prevented her from feeling comfortable. >> she got caught. >> michelle obama didn't go to many, but she is a powerful public speaker. >> the first speech in the middle. >> that might work for her. this morning she retweeted a tweet from her husband from days ago. >> for the sake of the nation, this is a side piece. if for the sake of a nation, if things are better, maybe as the first lady, she can help soften him. it didn't look so cozy. >> they get the support of women out there, it's overwhelmingly not good for him. >> the clock is running out and i'm not sure he is all that
10:49 am
interested. i have not seen him, other than to say women want to be protected. >> look at those numbers. >> women want a strong national defense and trying to dog whistle are scare and should be scared of immigrants. other than that, he hasn't really prioritized reaching those suburban women who could end up being his victims. >> he had a majority of white women who voted for him and for those numbers to drop, he needs those women. >> we will see what happens tomorrow. are you going to be watch something. >> i'll be here watching. >> thank you very much. meanwhile, there is other serious news with an insider attack in afghanistan kills a soldier who is a mayor in utah and father of seven. moments ago, president trump
10:50 am
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the pentagon has identified the service member killed over the weekend in afghanistan as brent taylor. taylor had taken a leave of absence from his job as mayor of north ogden, utah, to serve the national guard. taylor was killed by an afghan soldier in an apparent insider attack. he's survived by his wife and seven children. our deepest, deepest condolences to the family. iran says it will defy the new u.s. sanctions that went into effect today, calling it psychological warfare. the newest sanctions zero in on iran's oil and gas, shipping and banking industries, and just moments ago, president trump was
10:55 am
asked about the role of oil in this round of sanctions. >> we have the toughest sanctions ever imposed, but on oil, we want to go a little bit slower, because i don't want to drive the oil prices in the world. this has nothing to do with iran. i don't want want to drive the oil prices in the world up. >> this move officially erases all the sanctions that were lifted under the iran nuclear deal during the obama administration. on the eve of the high-stakes elections across america, celebrities hitting the campaign trail in full force on both sides. you're going to hear who's stumping today in key states. plus, "saturday night live" under fire right now for a joke involving a wounded veteran. the republican candidate has just responded. stay with us. ♪
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hi, there. i'm brooke baldwin, live here in washington, d.c., and you are watching cnn. both parties are calling tomorrow the most consequential midterm election ever. for the first time since donald trump was elected, not just a state, not just a district, but the entire country will vote on president trump's agenda and job performance.