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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 9, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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this hour. you can find me in "the situation room" 5 to 7 p.m. until then, thank you for watching. "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. all right, here we go. you're watching cnn on this friday afternoon, i'm brooke baldwin. we have the breaking news now on president trump's alleged participation in hush money payments, that is plural, to both porn star stormy daniels and karen mcdougal. "the wall street journal" has just put this piece out. they're reporting federal prosecutors have evidence showing that trump allegedly played a central role in those payments, which means trump might have violated federal campaign finance laws, if proven. this is big.
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i want to bring in senior reporting eric ordin, gloria borger and former assistant attorney general of the new jersey division of criminal justice. let's get right to it. this is an extraordinary nine pages of reporting through t"th wall street journal" that i just blew through a second ago. they said they interviewed three dozen people. they do such a nice piece of just crafting the chronology of following the money and connecting the dots. so lay it out for us, if people haven't read it. >> sure. the story does a very good job, as you said, at sort of piecing together some activity that was known prior to michael cohen being charged in august about, as the journal had previously reported, cohen's participation in these schemes to pay off stormy daniels and also to
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orchestrate payments to karen mcdougal through american media, the publisher of "the national enquirer." what this new story tells us is a more detailed look at donald trump's particular participation in directing these payments, his conversations with michael cohen, with david pecker and one of the things that the journal has a lot ofis an element included in the michael cohen charges, which was a meeting that occurred in which donald trump and david pecker had a meeting of the minds about what david pecker and american media would do in service of the trump campaign. >> it's the whole way the entire piece starts, right? >> look, i think there was worry by michael cohen and we have to presume that a lot of this information comes from michael cohen, who has spent i believe
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more than 30 hours with sdny, et cetera. i think one of the worries on mr. cohen's part and on donald trump's part is what happens if pecker leaves american media. there were thoughts he was going to buy "time" magazine at the time, if you recall. they're thinking, oh my god, he knows all this stuff about us and he has a file this thick and can we buy that, can we own that ourselves so that if he goes, it's our property and we get to protect ourselves. >> all the secrets, all the hush money, all the women, doesn't eventually come out depending who is in charge a.m.i. when mr. cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance violation, prosecutors filed a 22-major document asserting mr. cohen coordinated with one or more
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members of the campaign including through meetings and phone calls about the fact nature and timing of the paymen payments." how serious is this for the president? >> it's quite serious. he said i did this at the direction of a candidate for office. the big question coming out of that proceeding was does he have the proof of that, does he have the goods? i think michael cohen probably has some credibility issues that the southern district i'm sure is working with. does he have the proof? i think with piece of reporting by "the wall street journal" does lend a lot of support to what michael cohen said. >> it kind of connects the dots. after this was reported by the "journal" and a.m.i. paid them
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off and out come stormy daniels. from what i read in the journal, david pecker was like, nope, i draw the line at paying off porn stars. so it then becomes something that trump and cohen have to deal with. it's where that money comes from. we remember when the journal first broke the story about this payment, now it shows where it came from. >> right. in the cohen charges, there's two different elements to what he was charged with. one was the direct payment, fairly direct payment from cohen to stormy daniels and one was a more circuitous situation in which a.m.i. paid karen mcdougal and now it's a little bit more clear as to why those two things happened in a little bit different -- had different routes. >> they were the bank accounts. i think they functioned as the
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bank accounts that would be supposedly reimbursed but never were. >> at the end of the day, what's the proof in order for this to have involved president trump, you know, campaign finance violations at a federal level. what's the proof? >> the proof looks pretty good. assume michael cohen will become a cooperating witness. he's been meating with teting w southern district, wants to become a cooperator. the use of the shell corporation, there's got to be financial documents that go to the creation of that entity. so you can see the corroboration start to come together under michael cohen. i think if donald trump was anyone other than president, he'd be looking at a hard time ahead. but there's a separate question of can they indict the president? >> stand by, everyone. let me move on to this here. now to a white house completely caught off guard and a president on the defense about his new acting attorney general matthew
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whitaker. it was not widely known among white house staff that before he joined the department of justice in 2017, whitaker repeatedly criticized the special counsel's investigation in interviews, on television. he even wrote an opinion piece for, and yet the white house is totally shocked by the shall we say not entirely effusive whitaker coverage. might i direct the white house to the president may be taking a new direction on whitaker. earlier he tried to distance himself from the man he made the top law enforcer in the land. >> well, matt whitaker, i don't know matt whitaker. he worked for jeff sessions and was always extremely highly thought of and still is. but i didn't know matt whitaker. he worked for attorney general sessions. he was very, very highly thought of and still is highly thought
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of. i didn't speak to matt whitaker about it. i don't know matt whitaker. matt whitaker has a great reputation and that's what i wanted. i also wanted to do something which, frankly, i could have brought somebody very easily from the outside. i didn't want to do that. when sessions left, what i did very simply is take a man who worked for sessions. >> you heard the president say several times the president doesn't know matt whitaker. so how does he explain this clip from a month ago? >> i never talk about that but i can tell you matt whitaker's a great guy. i know matt whitaker. but i never talk about conversations that i had. >> let's go to kaitlan collins. she is in paris where the president is expected to arrive shortly. kaitlan, you report several senior officials are concerned whitaker may be in jeopardy of keeping his new job. >> reporter: that's right,
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brooke. they seem to be worried if he stays in the headlines and those are neg touative headlines, president trump could sour on him. that seems to be backed up, the president saying "i don't know matt whitaker, he was jeff session's guy." he could be there for up to 210 days. you heard him say there "i don't know him" even though that completely contradicts what he said to fox not that long ago, i do know matt whitaker, he's a great guy. we know there is a relationship between president trump and matt whitaker. he's been in the oval office several times to brief the president, they've had several phone calls and the president has praised matt whitaker to people he knows. he also caught his high by talking about the russia investigation on television, something that has come under intense scrutiny amid questions about whether he's the person to be in charge of this probe. several senior white house
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officials weren't aware he had made these comments critical of the probe and they were taken aback when there was so much scrutiny on matt whitaker's past comments and they're worried about what his future is going to be going forward. now, brooke, that last statement from the president was key. he said he did not discuss the russia probe with matt whitaker before he tapped him to become the acting attorney general. that's something critics say they do not believe from the president, democratic critics mostly. but that's something that's going to come under intense scrutiny, whether or not the president talked to him and discussed whether or not he would recuse himself before he picked him to take over this job, brooke. >> kaitlan, thank you. kaitlan ahead of the president there in paris. we have much to discuss on matthew whitaker, this acting a.g., including his view that judges should have a biblical view of justice. >> and coming up, the one thing
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michelle obama cannot forgive president trump for. and we are less than an hour away from an emergency hearing on that vote counting in florida. details on what's holding up a decision on the gubernatorial position and also the senate seat. you're watching cnn. i'll be right back. ♪ introducing the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet? we really pride ourselvesglass, on making it easy to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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according to friends whitaker talked to at the time, he got a tip from sam clovis. clovis encouraged whitaker to get a commentary gig on tv to get trump's attention. later he expressed his deep skepticism for the mueller probe. last year he said this about robert mueller's appointment to special counsel. >> whatever reason rod rosenstein determined that the department of justice couldn't handle this in their ordinary course of work, which i think is ridiculous, i think it smells a little fishy. >> smells a little fishy. whitaker also said this about whether there's an obstruction of justice case to be made against president trump. >> there is no criminal obstruction of justice charge to be had here. the evidence is weak, no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case on what we know right now. it all boils down to what was
11:17 am
the president's intent, and we really don't have any evidence of what the president's intent was. >> but legal watchers are also looking pretty closely at whitaker's comments in 2014 when he ran for u.s. senate in iowa. he said "the courts are supposed to be the inferior branch of our three branches of governments. we have unfortunately off loaded many of our tough policy decisions on to the court and they decided them." this is what he looks for in a federal judge. >> are they people of faith? do they have a biblical view of justice, which i think is very important because we all know that our government -- >> new testament? >> i'm a new testament. what i know is as long as they have that world view, that they'll be a good judge. >> we've got to talk about all
11:18 am
of this. gloria borger is back with me. also joining us former u.s. attorney greg brower assistant u.s. director for internal affairs. he's are his belief and this is now the top law enforcement officer in the nation. how do you feel about that? >> well, i know matt whitaker to be a smart lawyer and a dedicated public servant but he face as significant problem now in terms of the way this whole thing went down with the firing of the attorney general. the problem, in my opinion, has three parts. the first part of the problem is that of public perception. clearly we've seen in the last 48 hours there's this public perception that this was a political move by the president himself, which is not the way that the chief law enforcement officer of the country is supposed to be chosen. secondly -- the second problem is that on capitol hill obviously democrats on capitol
11:19 am
hill are -- they don't just suspect this is a political move, they seem convinced this was in fact a political move. that pose s a problem for matt s well. and also within the department of justice itself, with politically appointed officials and career officials, the way this whole thing has evolved i'm sure is causing a lot of questions to be asked within the department about who is this guy and can he lead us? so those are the problems that matt, if he's going to be effective as an acting attorney general, is going to have to overcome. >> yes. let me add to that how he feels about marbury versus madison, where he criticized the supreme court's powers which established american constitutional law. so here's what ruth marcus wrote in the "washington post" today, "for any lawyer, certainly for
11:20 am
one now at the helm of this justice department to disagree with marbury is like a physicist denouncing the laws of gravity." this is just one of many, jaime, concerns about this man. >> this is not credible. the president said over and over again he didn't know him. he has been obsessed with the mueller investigation and russia. that's why jeff sessions is gone. he didn't pick the obvious person or anyone, frankly, in the line that would normally go, rod rosenstein on down, he plucked matt whitaker from chief of staff to make him attorney general. so our reporting and the new york city reporting is that matt whitaker has been the eyes and ears of the white house in the justice department. he is a loyalist.
11:21 am
the question is now that he's in the job and let's see how long he's in the job, will he be telling donald trump things about the mueller investigation? will he be slowing the mueller investigation down in any way? these are big concerns? >> why would he say -- and greg, you told our producers that obviously he was lying when he said he didn't know matt whitaker and we played the clip of him a month ago. >> it's donald trump. he's distancing himself. whenever be in gets into a little bit of trouble -- >> that was fast. >> well, paul manafort worked on the campaign a couple of days, steve bannon. this is the way trump operates. when there's trouble, he runs in the other direction. even though you have it on tape, it doesn't seem to matter. but it really does indicate that he understands, at least, that there are problems with
11:22 am
whitaker, that there was problems with the vet on whitaker, if there was a vet done. you know, he was on the board, the advisory board of a patent company that the ftc served with a $26 million judgment, calling it a scam. well, that needs to be investigated since he wrote letters on behalf of that company to its clients. trump understands that this could run into some difficulty, that it is running into some difficulty, and what he wanted was somebody who would protect him. and that's what he got because mr. whitaker auditioned on cnn and told him exactly what he would do and then was shoved in there next to jeff sessions as a mole, as jamie was saying, and the rest is now history. >> let's add one other thing,
11:23 am
kellyanne conway husband, george conway, co-authored an op-ed that said it was unconstitutional to have matt whitaker in there. so he's getting hit from all sides. >> go ahead, greg. >> if i could just clarify. i personally don't know the extent to which the president knows matt whitaker or as any sort of relationship with him but it is clear to me that given matt's prior status as the former attorney general chief of staff they likely would have had interactions at the white house. moreover, i think what's surprising to all of us is that the president, that any president would pick even an acting cabinet member without having met that person first. and that i think is what is just not passing the smell test for most people observing this. >> i'm looking at both of the ladies, all nodding with you. yes, you should meet that person before selecting them. >> a little job interview maybe. >> this is the job he cares about the most.
11:24 am
>> and also the question is -- some of my sources are saying to me that the president likes him so much, he wants him to stay. now, would that be advisable or would that be feasible? who knows. >> as the president likes to say, we'll see what happens. thank all of you for that. republicans in florida claiming without evidence that there is rampant fraud as votes are being counted in the races for governor and senate. we'll take you live to tallahassee as officials are preparing for an emergency hearing that happens next hour.
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midterm elections ended three days ago but some races still seem far from over. take florida, for example. vote totals are so razor thin that at least two contests may be headed for a recount. you have democrat bill nelson. he is suing the florida secretary of state and republican rick scott is now suing election supervisors in two florida counties, alleging voter irregularities. am i the only one having deja vu here? >> tonight the florida recount. george w. bush clings to a lead but the gore campaign shows no signs of accepting defeat. >> the vote was last tuesday but we still don't know who won. the battle for the white house continues this weekend with both sides waging war over the ballot recount in florida. >> wolf blitzer there in 2000. 18 years later broward county is once again at the center of a
11:30 am
major election dispute, and governor rick scott has an emergency hearing happening next hour, accusing election officials of fraud in his race for senate. >> the people of florida deserve fairness and transparency and the supervisors are failing to give it to us. every floridian should be concerned there may be rampant fraud happening in palm beach and broward counties. we've all seen the examiincompe and irregularities for years. i will not sit idly by while unethical liberals try to steal this election from the great state of florida. >> ryan, you now have some news just in. >> reporter: that's right, brooke. we have a very significant development as we talk about this vote count and eventual recount process here in florida. you heard governor scott last
11:31 am
night. i was there for that press conference. there were jaws dropping when he accused the election officials of rampant fraud. he said he was going to request that the florida department of law enforcement look into the situation in both of those counties to see if anything went wrong. we can now report that the florida department of law enforcement has in fact looked into this situation and at this point they found no allegation of criminal activity. to take this even a step further, brook, the fdle, actually reached out to the department of state here in florida to determine whether there were any allegations of criminal activity. that secretary of state is someone who is a rick scott appointee. neither the department of state or the department of law enforcement has found any allegation of criminal activity. so this is a serious accusation that governor scott has made about the vote counting process, and at this point there is absolutely no evidence to back
11:32 am
up that claim. now, that being said, that doesn't mean there isn't a whole host of problems in broward and palm beach county. they are the only two counties that have yet to finish the counting on everything but their provisional ballots. there are a lot of people, both republicans and democrats, frustrated that we don't even know how many votes may exist in either of those two counties. basically to wrap this all up, the situation here in florida remains very fluid. these are two very important seats, the senate seat and the governor's mansion which hang in the balance here. it could be a week or more before we know who the winners of these two races are. >> it would be stunning to have this happen just with run race but with both of them, ryan. thank you for the news. daniel is an election law expert. you heard ryan report governor scott stood there last night in front of the governor's mansion,
11:33 am
cried rampant fraud and now we're learning there is no, according to the state of florida, no allegation of criminal activity reported. how do you square those two? >> well, when people start screaming fraud after an election, most of the time it means you should check your wallet because it means that something is afoot, not necessarily that there actually have fraud but that someone is making these allegations because they lack confidence that they are in fact the winner. that's very much what governor scott is sounding like. there's a process of determining who actually won in florida, and i presume that that process will be followed and it probably will involve both an automatic and manual recount in the u.s. senate race.
11:34 am
>> we'll get to the manual recount in a second. we know next hour there's this emergency hearing, rick scott has landed this emergency hearing in broward county. what does that signal to you? >> well, he's filed a couple of lawsuits, actually, in two heavily democratic counties, broward and palm beach, alleging a lack of transparency in the process. we just heard a few minutes ago he said in his news conference there's been fraud. let's keep in mind the process for conducting the unofficial count, let alone the official count, is still ongoing. there's a deadline of tomorrow for that first unofficial count. by florida law, the next step in the process will be an automatic recount, machine count, in the event that the margin is less than half a percent, which is
11:35 am
almost certainly will be in the u.s. senate race between nelson and governor scott. >> but there's also reporting that this thing may come down to a hand count. it sounds laborious, problematic. is it, daniel, more accurate? >> you know, there's some debate over whether manual counts are actually more reliable than automatic counts, but be that as it may, if after the automatic machine count is completed, which should be done next week, the margin is still within .25%. that's one quarter of 1%. then at that time there will be a manual count and there's not a lot of time allowed under florida law for that to take place. those of us old enough to
11:36 am
remember the 2000 election remember that it took quite a few days and that recount wasn't even completed. well, the time between the point at which the second official count comes in and that manual count has to be completed is very short under florida law, just three days. so we'll see whether there's time to do that if, as i expect to be the case, the two candidates are still within that narrow range, one quarter of 1% after the second unofficial count on november 15th. >> daniel tokaji, thank you. i have a feeling we're going to be talking again. >> maybe for weeks. >> coming up next, form aer fir lady michelle obama gives a revealing interview, sharing her struggles about having children and that there is one thing she will never forgive president trump for. i'm alex trebek here to tell you
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stupid, loser, sit down. very nasty, racist. those are the words that president trump used speaking to three of my colleagues this week. three journalists. three black women. they are yamiche alcindor, abby phillips and april ryan. they don't need me sticking up for them but, still, there is something so wrong with hthis. it is beyond disturbing. i'm angry. >> on the campaign trail you called yourself a nationalist. some people -- >> i don't know why you'd say that. that's such a racist question.
11:42 am
sit down. i didn't call. you didn't call you. i'll give you voter suppression -- excuse me, i'm not responding to you. i'm talking to this gentleman. will you please sit down. >> the same thing with april ryan, i watch her get up. i mean, you talk about somebody that's a loser. she doesn't know what the hell she's doing. she gets publicity and then she gets a pay raise or a contract with i think cnn but she's very nasty. >> do you want him to rein in robert mueller? >> what a stupid question that is. what a stupid question. but i watch you a lot. you ask a lot of stupid questions. >> trump loves to punch, but this is something else. this feels personal. among the multiple reporters this president has insulted this week, three are african-american women. and these are not only fair
11:43 am
questions they are asking of him, these are the most important questions about this white house. and it pushes his buttons. and this is where he goes? oh, and the president today talks about respect. >> when you're in the white house, this is a very sacred place to be, this is a very special place. you have to treat the white house with respect. you have to treat the presidency with respect. >> these women have conducted themselves with the utmost respect. the person who apparently has none, the president. meantime, he is firing back at form are first lady michelle obama. she gets deeply personal in a new memoir, including opening up about donald trump say that she will, quote, never forgive him for endangering her family. she writes, quote, the whole birther thing was crazy and mean spirited, of course it's underlying bigotry and
11:44 am
xenophobia hardly concealed. but it was also dangerous, deliberately meant to stir up the kooks. donald trump was putting my family's safety at risk and for this i'll never forgive him. >> i guess she wrote a book, got paid a lot of money to write a book. they insist you come up with controversial. i'll give you controversy back. i'll never forgive him for what he did to our united states military, for not funding it properly. it was depleted. everything was old and tired. and i came in and i had to fix it. >> let me bring in joshua dubois, former adviser on faith and race. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> on the birther issue,
11:45 am
mrs. obama being very candid about what that time was like for her family. you were with them at this time for this white house. what was going on behind the scenes? >> it was a wild time, the fact that you had to defend the legitimacy of this person you knew to be legitimate. you had to push back on these wild, false charges. there are a couple of things that are important about this michelle obama book. first, it's a really interesting opportunity that we have. this is a woman who has balanced her public life with her private life really well. she's done some things in public, her policy issues and people know she's compassionate but she hasn't brought us into these kind of personal spaces before and we're now able to have this intimate connection with her. and this piece about donald trump, i think it's a very serious message she's conveying here. it's not in a preachy way, but what she's saying is that your words matter and the way you treat people matters. you can't just make up these
11:46 am
crazy conspiracy theories and run racist ads about the latino be community and you can't just say that legitimate reporters are stupid ppd wh. when you do these things, you don't only divide us further but you're making the country more dangerous. >> i want to play this clip. this is michelle obama very open about when they wanted to start a family. here she was. >> i felt lost and alone and i felt like i failed because i didn't know how common miscarriages were because we don't talk about them. we had to do ivf. i think it's the worst thing that we do to each other as women, not share the truth about our bodies and how they work and how they don't work. >> so thank you for michelle obama for putting that out in the open for so many women and men. can you just talk a little bit about that? she was in your life and she was
11:47 am
in your family's life and the imprint she had. >> she checks in on me and my wife and our kids. she's a lovely person. what's interesting about that is she did not have to share that story. a lot of folks for good reason keep those types of thanksgiving clo -- things closely held for themselves. she didn't do it for her. my sense is she did it for all the other women and families that will empower so they won't be alone. i've seen her draw close to staffers in time for need. a really compassionatcompassion person and tough as nails as well. i'm excited to read this book even more. >> it's called "becoming." joshua dubois, thank you. >> thank you.
11:48 am
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. in thousand oaks, california, we have now learned the identity of all those victims in wednesday night's mass shooting. they are daniel manrique, a 33-year-old marine corps veteran, 21-year-old noel sparks, 18-year-old alaina housley, whose school, pepperdine university, said they are devastated, 20-year-old mark meza. his friends and family called him markey. he worked at the borderline bar. sean adler, 48, worked security
11:53 am
at the club and worked as a coach at a local high school. justin meek, 23. cody coffman, 22 years old. a friend of his who was at the bar said kacoffman's actions sad her life. there was sheriff deputy sergeant ronald helus who went into the club to confront the gunman and ultimately gave his life. telemachus orfanos, age 27, he served two and a half years in the u.s. navy. his anguished mother saying he survived the las vegas shooting just 13 months ago. >> my name is susan orfanos. we lost my son telemachus orfanos last night at the shooting. he was in las vegas and he came home. i don't want prayers and i don't want thoughts, i want gun control.
11:54 am
i hope to god nobody else sends me any more prayers. i want gun control. no more guns! thank you. >> also killed inside the bar, blake dingman, 21 years old, jacob dunnham 21 and kristina morisette 20. the community holding a vigil last night to mourn all of these lives lost. ♪ amazing grace how sweet the sound ♪ that has saved a wretch like me ♪ i once was lost but now i'm found ♪ was blind but now i see
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welcome back, you're watching cnn. i'm brooke bald withwibaldwin. florida governor rick scott will attend an emergency hearing in broward county after he filed a lawsuit suing florida election supervisors. he is alleging voter irregularities. >> we've all seen the
12:00 pm
incompetence and vote irregularities in broward county. here we go again. i will not sit idly by while liberals try to steal this election from florida. >> officials have received no al ga -- allegation of criminal activity. guys, good to see both of you. brian, to you first. tell me more about what florida is saying they have or haven't received. >> well, you know, last night, brooke, you played the sound bite right there, governor scott said there was a possibility of rampant fraud and these two counties and said he was requesting the florida department of law enforcement to look into it. he essentially made the accusation that there could be criminal activity happening in either one of these counties. the department of law enforcement told us t