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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  November 12, 2018 4:00am-5:01am PST

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climate change. >> i will have nightmares for the rest of my life. >> the governor fears he will lose the election if all the votes are counted. >> bill nelson is a sore loser and won't give up. >> procedures are in place to stop fraud. they are not following procedures. >> if you wonder why the president and the sitting governor are fighting like you know what to stop a vote count, that ought to tell you something. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning and welcome to your "new day." we are following two breaking stories. first the wildfires burning across california. at least 31 people have now died. 29 of them in the camp fire in northern california, which is the most destructive and deadliest in state history. the fire all but leveled the entire town of paradise. more than 200 people are still missing. two people died in southern california where a second fire
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is threatening thousands of homes. strong winds and dry conditions in store for the whole week. also breaking this morning, post election chaos in florida. you are about to look at a live picture from broward county, one of 67 florida counties facing a thursday 3:00 p.m. deadline to complete their recount in three state-wide races. as for that deadline, the palm beach election supervisor says it will be impossible for them to meet it. two of the races, the florida governor's race and the race for senate are among the closest watches races in the country. scott alleges without giving any evidence that his opponent is trying to somehow commit fraud in order to win the election. nelson firing back. he said that scott's goal is to make sure that every legal vote is not counted. we have it all counted for you. first, let's go to scott mcclain
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who is live in ventura, californ california. >> reporter: some good news. some of the evacuations have started to lift but there are others that will be out of their homes for sometime. there's an active fire burning in the malibu canyon and firefighters working to contain that. we are in a area where the fire burned all the way down to the pacific ocean. it seems like mother nature randomly chose homes to completely destroy, like this one. it's hard to even tell what is what. there's a pool in the backyard. beyond that there's a chimney and over to the left there's a burned out van. because this area is still under mandatory evacuation orders it has been hard to find any residents to talk to, and we managed to find one this weekend who had been returning to his
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home for the very first time on saturday. he said he felt sick, he literally felt nauseous, and he looked through and said the only thing he could find that was recognizable at all was a teapot he made in high school. believe it or not, yesterday was a good day for firefighters. the footprint barely changed, it's still 85,000 acres, and 15% containment thus far, but the worries are about the winds, and the concern is some of the flames could flare-up and some of the smoldering areas could flare-up and cause problems. all of this pales to comparison to what is happening in northern california with the camp fire there. entire neighborhoods have been leveled. here there are houses intact and some burned down. there, mother nature took everything with her. 29 people dead and what is more
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concerning, 200 people are still unaccounted for. the president has approved an emergency declaration for california and tweeted over the weekend saying it was gross mismanagement of forecast to blame for wildfires, and the governor shot back and said forestry management is part of it but another part of it is climate change, and that tweet caught the attention of a couple of firefighters associations and one of those organizations called it demeaning. >> thank you for the update. joining us on the phone from chico, california, and it's a fire chief mcclain. the aftermath pictures -- first of all, just the fire pictures
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of what our reporter, scott, just showed us, it looks like the apocalypse. what is the plan for today? >> well, the plan for today is to make sure nothing gets across the containment lines. we need to make sure we continue to reinforce those lines and take care of the interior of the fire area so nothing will be able to spread. >> tell us the resources that you have committed to this, the amount of firefighters, the manpower? obviously we all see the effort that is under way, but what does it mean in terms of numbers? >> well, as of last night, late last night there was about -- actually more than 4,500 individuals assigned to the incident, and 571 fire engines are on the fire as well. over all between the three fires, the hill, the woolsey and camp fire, over 1,000 fire
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engines, and we have received resources from seven other states in the nation as well as the national guard. >> 8,000 firefighters still battling out there every day. there's also 200 -- at our last count, and correct me if i am wrong, people unaccounted for, missing. what does that mean? >> actually, it's about half of that. as of yesterday. that means these individuals could be in a motel or a friend's house or in the shelters. the sheriff's department is pursuing those individuals to see who, what, where and when and to find some of these individuals, if not all of them, would be great, and to make sure that everybody is accounted for. >> are you getting federal help? what do you need in order to fight these fires? >> as you can tell by the
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numbers we are getting a lot of resources and we are getting them quick. aircraft is not a problem. it's just the weather that hampers that effort once in a while whether it be visibility or wind. folks the ground, as i said, those are numbers we are seeing more of this year with all the fires we have had. we have seen 14,000 individuals from 17 different states last year. it seems to be becoming common, which is unfortunate the woolsey fire has just over 3,200 individuals. >> ti want to ask you about the president's tweet over the weekend saying there's no reason for these massive fires in
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california except for forestry management. remedy now or no more federal payments. what do you make of that? >> well, frankly we have a job to do. he's not specific enough as to be able to respond to that. we're moving on. we have a lot of work to do and we are going to get it done. >> you are the pio for the department of forestry and fire protection and we are all thinking of you and all of those firefighters today. thank you for taking the time to talk to tp"new day." >> thank you. >> to help those impacted by the wildfires, go to and counting votes in florida. this is broward county just a short time ago where they have been working overnight and around the clock. 67 other counties, the ballots are being recounted as well as
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the races for senate, governor and one other race are too close to call. the recount must be done by thursday afternoon and already one county says it will not meet the deadline. we have bakari sellers, and scott jennings and michael smerconish. here we are again all waiting for a recount in florida. how do you see it playing out? >> in broward county, as you have been reporting, 25,000 fewer votes reported for the senate race than the ag commissioner or gubernatorial race. where are those votes if they exist or was it a poorly conceived ballot. in 2000, pat buchanan in a particular precinct that got a lot of attention, a jewish precinct got 47 votes in a
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location where al gore earned 150. a butterfly ballot was confusing. this presents the real issue. human factors. stuff happens on election day. we create the apparatus twice a year, largely comprised of volunteers and people earning just a staoeuf stay. it's easy to look from the outside in and say it's fraud, but mostly it's human factors. >> the recount is happening because it's mandated by florida law. this is happening because the law says it has to, so scott, help me understand, then, why there are accusations being thrown and lawsuits being filed here when it's the law that says this recount needs to be happening? >> well, i don't know of any republicans that don't want
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every legal ballot to be counted but there are real concerns with the broward supervisor, there has been a lack of transparency, and they have found bags of ballots and the courts have had to step in. there's repeated incompetence here and it's not fraud but you would see how people could be concerned about how incompetence could muck up the election. what republicans want a is fair and competent process and they are worried they are not getting it. >> well, i mean, bakari, brenda snipes does have a checkered past with things gone wrong under her watch, but couldn't governor scott have gotten rid of her and fired her? >> yeah, i think that's where the argument falls flat. governor scott had the purview to remove this young lady and
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chose not to. there's no fraud. there is investigations of criminality that he ordered. let's take that off the table and stop trying to delegitimize an election. what gillum is saying is we want every vote counted. we are not doing anything extra. this is the actual election. at the end of the day democrats may not win these races but we are not going to let democracy just pass us by because trump and rick scott and lindsay graham are chanting that there is fraud. >> i think it is what makes it more notable, the margin is such that it would be very unlikely for this election to be turned over, so the fact it's so big seems to me that it's that much more seamly that people are
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yelling and screaming about fraud. why not just help to get the recount done by thursday? >> to my initial point there would need to be 25,000 votes out there that weren't counted as opposed to a poorly declined ballot. john, you know what i am referring to. the senate race was buried under the instructions and it's easy to see how people would have missed it thinking it was part of the instruction. my hunch is it comes back to the human factors. we are not having this issue in oregon. we are not having this issue in washington and we are not having this issue in colorado. i think it's time the nation wake up and go to a mail-in ballot system where people don't have to stand in line for hours. this stuff is third worldish and it's beneath all of us and i wanted every vote counted legitimately. >> i want to hop scotch to you
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because of what happened over the weekend where democrats laid out their agenda, and jerry nadler says investigations are at the top of their priority list, investigations into president trump and his finances and taxes and the hush money payments possibly to stormy daniels and karen mcdoigoogle, are you worried they will overreach and misplay their hand and is this what you think the majority of voters want. >> i am a democrat, yeah, i am afraid, and yes, there has to be oversight. for far too long donald trump has gone with no checks. finally we have some checks and balances there. also we have to begin to work with republicans on things like infrastructure and prescription
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drug pricing. we have to set forth an agenda for american people that is not just anti-trump. if we are just anti-trump, president trump will be president again in 2020. but if we go out with a vision for poor people and brown people in the country, i am sure they are already thinking about these things but we cannot just be anti-trump. >> we asked about democratic overreach, but what about republican overreach specifically from the white house. scott, it's interesting because matt whitaker seems to fall in that category for some people. you are even hearing it from some people connected to the white house and the republican party saying, gosh, this guy is causing more problems and his statements in the past apparently not known to the white house as much as they should have been. does he present an unnecessary risk for the president, scott? >> well, first of all i would say regarding the vetting of high appointees, google is your
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friend and it's a good idea to google everybody before you hire them. we have learned this lesson time and again with the trump folks. number two, for a job like this, it would be best if they would put in a permanent replacement as quickly as possible. i talked to high-ranking republicans from washington over the weekend and what they think the president ought to do is get to a permanent nominee sooner rather than later. if this guy holds the job for a couple weeks it's not a huge problem. if this were to drag on well beyond months, that would be a problem for a lot of republicans because this is one of the most cabinet officers and it does need to be confirmed by the senate with the advice and consent of the senate. in the short term it's okay but this cannot drag out. they really need to protect whitaker in that he took this job and there's obviously issues democrats flagged and to watch him get put through the ringer for a few months next year
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wouldn't serve him well or the president well either. >> so many political watchers think that whitaker was chosen by design because he does not think necessarily that the mueller investigation is valid or that it's at least overly broad and that's why he was chosen and that's why he will stay through his 210-day -- whatever that is, how long a interim can stay. >> his view of the mueller probe, something that is of great concern is him not believing in marbury versus mad sin. these are things that will be raised for permanent posting in this position. we are being robbed of that. he is being robbed of the opportunity to explain himself. you know, best would be that the president put him up and let's let him go through the process,
4:18 am
but one thought i have is all of this will be trumped soon by mueller. i have to believe this is about to come to a conclusion and finally we will see what he has. >> do you think it's in the president's head this weekend? >> yeah. john, mueller was quiet through adhering to the guideline within the justice department of not doing anything close in time to an election, but what really is there left as far as we know for him to do other than question the president? i am not convinced that ever happens and i am not convinced mueller needs to question the president through enter raug in ra raug. the president was singled out for particular scorn by the
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opposite of nationalism. nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism by saying our interest first, who cares about the others? we erase what a nation holds dearest, what gives it life and what makes it essential. it's moral values. >> nationalism is a portrayal of patriotism. you know who said he was a nationalist last month? president trump. you know who was sitting here when he said that? donald trump. joining us is the author of "the perfect weapon" and david is author of the breaking news in north korea which we will get to in a moment. i want to start with what
4:24 am
happened in france because that was remarkable what emmanuel macron said with donald trump sitting there? >> the optics were dramatic. remember at the beginning of the trump administration when he said his two top national security and adviser said america first is not america alone. both advisers are fired that said that. you had this dramatic vision of germany's chancellor, angela merkel and the french president, emmanuel macron, holding hands and clutching each other when they showed germany and france 100 years after world war i are united and it appears they are united in opposition to the country that has been their main ally and partner. trump looked so much more comfortable on the campaign trail and the rallies he spent his time at recently, and he seemed at a loss and isolated and unhappy and i think the word
4:25 am
grumpy was used in one report this morning. it's a stark suggestion of how much last year has changed in america's standing in the world. >> and it says french dis, and the president is saying he was standing up for the united states and trade and doesn't want to have the united states pay its unfair in trade. critics have said donald trump looked meek in france over the weekend. >> he did not know what to say. i think the key to any event like this, a historic event like the 100th anniversary at the end of a great war is to make the case that we understood the lessons of what caused that war and are committed to never doing it again. that meant all shows of unity,
4:26 am
and that's why even if it's raining, even if it's difficult logistically you make your way to the cemetery. it's why you show up when all of the other leaders are marching down in unity toward there, and only two leaders were not there at the right moment and it was donald trumps and vladimir putin. not only was the president uncomfortable but it was clear that he fundamentally didn't believe in the mission here, what is the core of what macron is saying, is that sometimes the high r higher form of patriotism is a have a greater global interests and that fundamentally runs opposite to donald trump's world view. >> a lot has been made of the fact that he did not attend because of the rain, and helicopters could not fly and it
4:27 am
seems like a plausible excuse. i think there's no debate had this been obama there was a network that would have spent weeks of coverage -- >> and a twitter feed as well. >> yeah. the fact that emmanuel macron said when donald trump was there, how do you assess that? >> he is not sucking up anymore. he flew in the spring to have a visit with trump and it was love and hugs and state dinners, and yet trump rebuffed macron in the same way he rebuffed angela merkel, and he has continued to
4:28 am
be aggressive and publicly chiding them over their defense budgets and demanding trade concessions as they view as unilateral and unfounded and accused them of being a national security risk to the united states in opposing steel and aluminum tariffs. macron came under enormous pressure at home, and as you know his popularity has been dropping there. trump is wildly unpopular if europe and that's the key factor. >> david, to your breaking news this morning, because i woke up to a headline in "the new york times" that says the north koreans have an active missile program. >> the north koreans have said to the president they are dismantling a significant missile test site.
4:29 am
when you look at some photographs some dismentalment began months ago, and they did a few other things like blowing up the entrances and maybe the interior of a nuclear test site. the president has cited this as evidence of progress, and last week he said we have plenty of time and this is going well. we know it's not going well. secretary of state, mike pompeo, had to cancel a session in new york with the north koreans last week because they did not show. what we reveal in the "new york times" today a survey of satellite photographs shows there are 16 bases, all of them pretty well known to american intelligence for many, many years, where there have been
4:30 am
continuous improvements even in recent times. one new one that is designed just to do intercontinental ballistic missiles. so it shows the north koreans are showing the president of shutdown of old programs and then building new ones. >> thank you. florida is recounting elections again, so will this be different than the 2000 presidential election? now i'm a director at a security software firm. wow, you've been at it a long time. thing is, i like working. what if my retirement plan is i don't want to retire? then let's not create a retirement plan. let's create a plan for what's next. i like that. get a plan that's right for you.
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the democratic candidate for florida governor, andrew gillum, has withdrawn his concession. there are lawsuits and accusations of foul play. joining us are former ohio secretary of state and conservative columnist, mr. blackwell and kevin coffee. mr. blackwell you claimed last week that democrats in florida
4:35 am
are, quote, manufacturing votes. do you stand by that accusation? >> i stand by that accusation because, look, there's a history of chronic malfeasance. there has been lapses in transparency and missed deadlines, and as a consequence there are 93,000 votes that materialized. >> where are you getting that number? we can't find what that number is based on? >> the number is based on what was 30 minutes after the polls closed, the number was 634,000 votes. it materialized over the next 24 hours to increase by 93 -- excuse me, 83,000 votes.
4:36 am
>> are those overseas military ballots and absentee votes? >> no, they are not. >> how do you know? >> the reality is is that the rules say that those votes should be tabulated. fp >> yeah, all votes should be tabulated. >> yeah, all legally casts votes should be tabulated. that's why we have rules and regulations. there's a history of ballot destruction. this has been litigated. she has admitted that she has done ballot destruction before. >> that's different than manufacturing -- i hear what you are saying. there are all sorts of things that have been problems in the past but that's different than manufacturing votes this time. >> like i said, as i said, there's a concern that there has
4:37 am
been lapses in transparency. when you have a lapse in transparency, what you have is a rise in suspicion. there's a consistent -- there's a consistent undercutting of public confidence and trust in this bipartisan system. when you tell people they can't see the process, you raise the suspicion something tphis happening. >> the manufactured votes is a stretch. >> it feels like a stretch but that's why the courts have decided that, one, she was wrong in the lapse in transparency, and we, in fact, need to put eyeballs on the situation. if it's chronic malfeasance
4:38 am
versus manufacturing of votes, that will come out. >> let me get to mr. coffee. >> we are now within the margin of litigation -- >> we are within the margin of litigation -- >> no, we are fought. we are in a margin of recount. >> you are right. you are right. fine. >> i think i am right and we have done this for a long time. >> i thought you meant recount. mr. coffee? >> we have a recount going forward pursuant to republican enacted recount procedures, and it's republican created guidelines for determining voter's intent. the process is going forward. there are absolutely no manufactured votes, that's pure bologna. we know a lot of votes arrive by 7:00 p.m. on election day and those are supposed to be
4:39 am
counted, too. broward did get their totals on time on saturday. it's going forward. there is no basis to discredit the recounting process, and give credit to those working all night to try and get it done by very tight deadlines. we all know one thing this election is too close to call. when it's too close to call that's why a recount is needed because we don't know who the winners are in these three races in florida and they are important elections. >> you brought up the broward coun county county elections secretary, and why didn't he get rid of her? >> that's a very good question. she was locally elected. it's a very complicated system
4:40 am
to get rid of a person. he could have suspended her, but because she was chosen by the ele elect ofrpbl electors of her jurisdiction. and 2016 had gross mismanagement and that's a real concern to voters of all stripes. confidence in the return is very important. >> fundamental. mr. coffee, you say the margins are too close to call and the truth is that in the ron desantis and gillum one, desantis is up by so much it doesn't seem like it would overturn that. seems like the republicans have
4:41 am
healthy leads here and so republicans -- i mean, from where i sit, the republicans could be pretty confident and say let the recount proceed, we have nothing to worry about. >> you are looking at republicans instead of taking a calm and confident victory lap seem to feel they need to discredit the recount every way possible. that suggests to me that there's merit, they are concerned about how it's going to turnout. the democratic lawyers are pointing out that recounts historically help democratic candidates. there are plenty of things we don't know. at the end of the day, the legislative determination was is if something was .5%, you don't know how it's going to turn out. do a machinery count. if it's . 25%, then it has to be
4:42 am
a manuel recount. are the trump familiar's private companies profiting off of his presidency? we will have a reality check, next. ♪
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trump properties have raked in big money from political groups. >> big weekend, a lot of news. let's not lose sight of this. president trump likes to say he's working for free. he is selfless in his public service. remember what he said during the campaign? >> my whole life i have been greedy, greedy, greedy, i grabbed all the money i can get but now i want to be greedy for the united states. >> it was a bit surprising that the president didn't follow precedent and put his assets in a blind trust. but this weekend cnn reported that trump properties brought in $3.2 million from political activities since the president took office. the trump organization seems to be raking in money from political groups closely aligned with the president. the trump hotel in washington leading the list. the president's re-election
4:47 am
company spent $9 million since the campaign. but a casino magnet was the biggest donor, spent more than $100 million on the republicans in the past midterms, and just this past weekend trump a announced he would be giving the medal of freedom to his wife. and the point is this shouldn't surprise us. we know trump's businesses brought in $3.7 million during his presidential campaign, and taxpayers may be a bit surprised where their money is going. trump has spent more than 200 days at a trump property. that translates to an estimated
4:48 am
$20 million on your money for travel to florida in the first 80 days of his presidency alone. then their foreign governments that may try to curry favor, like the saudis who spent $270,000 in d.c. before killing khashoggi and trying to cover it up. earlier this month a federal judge allowed discovery to go forward writing a decision, quote, the president's ownership interest in the trump international hotel suggests he has received amull yaoments. if you want to find out the truth you follow the money, and there's evidence that trump's private companies may be profiting off his presidency. that's your reaction check. >> this is the type of thing a democratic house and an over
4:49 am
house committee wants to look into this, and the finance committee wants to look into these things and it could be an issue for the president for the first time, correct? >> there's the court case and what congress can do, and it looks like they are going to look at this. >> also, john, i appreciate you reminding people of it. the news cycle is so crazy and we lose the threats but there's something voters can do if it bothers them. >> and the medal of freedom, you took issue with that and i think that's important to point out. elvis pr elvis presley and babe ruth -- e you are just glad he left the red sox. >> what is the point? >> there's no point. >> that is a reality check. >> thank you very much. there's a desperate race to escape from the flames.
4:50 am
wait until you see this. >> please, please, just drive. please drive. >> i'm trying. >> oh, my gosh. we have much more on this mother and daughter's harrowing journey attempting to get away from the flames when "new day" returns.
4:51 am
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4:54 am
the death toll has risen to 31 people. the campfire is the most destructive fire in history, currently tied for being the deadliest as well. dozens of people are unaccounted for at this hour. the flames have leveled the entire town called paradise. dan? >> reporter: hi, alisyn. this fire at a level we've never seen before in the state of california. we're hearing heroic tales of those who evacuated.
4:55 am
they call it skyway to paradise. thursday it was filled with cars with people frantically trying to leave town. two of the people on the road were a mother and daughter. you can hear just how terrified they were as the fire was ravaging everything around them. >> it's okay, mama. oh, my god. >> reporter: a mother and daughter trying to escape the inferno. >> please drive. >> i am. i'm trying. >> 59-year-old susan miller behind the wheel. >> a bucket list i never wanted, of things i hoped to have never gone through. >> it's okay, mama. >> i'm so scared. >> reporter: her daughter, amber, just trying to keep her calm. >> i thought the windows were going to shatter, because it was just so hot. >> how can god take a town away that's called paradise? >> we thought the tires were
4:56 am
going to melt. we thought the car was going to melt. >> reporter: you can hear the relief as the skies become clearer. >> we're just trying to escape paradise. i think we might have. >> reporter: her grandfather, a korean war veteran, made a separate journey to safety. >> i'm still in shock, not really realizing how bad it is, because i'm homeless at 82 years of age. and that makes it hard. >> reporter: while many abandon their cars in the slow-moving traffic and got out on foot, jerry, a former truck driver, used his well-honed skills to weave his way out. >> the good lord got me here, i think he's going to take me a little bit further. that's all i can say. >> reporter: the most destructive wildfire in california history. the campfire has destroyed more than 6400 homes and claimed at least 29 lives. the family doesn't know if they'll ever return to the town they loved. >> i know you're just trying to get through day by day, but what
4:57 am
do you want people to know about your situation and what happened to paradise? >> we're strong, but some of us won't stay. it's just too hard. >> where we had beautiful trees, it's now black. and it will take years for any of the pine trees to get even close to being what they were. that town was probably 180 years old. and it's not there anymore. >> reporter: this is the neighborhood where susan and amber lived and you can see it's just entirely leveled. like thousands of others, they are staying at hotels, just trying to figure out what's next. the good news is the containment number has gone up. but the bad news is, we could be in this situation for quite some time. the weather remains dry, so the threat persists. john, alisyn, back to you. >> very high level of concern out there. dan simon, terrific report. thank you so much for telling us these stories.
4:58 am
those people very much in need. >> oh, my gosh, and how terrifying it is to be in the car. again they have the presence of mind to tape, record it on their phone, as you said. but that horror they hear in their voice, that mother said it will be something that i'll have nightmares about forever. >> 200 people still missing in those fires. we're hoping that they just had to get out, left their cell phones behind and are somewhere they haven't been able to be reached yet. 200 people still missing. the devastating fire is one of two breaking stories we're following right now. let's stay on it. breaking this morning, post-election chaos in florida. these are live pictures from broward county, which is one of 67 florida counties facing a thursday 3:00 p.m. deadline to complete a recount in three statewide races. as for that deadline, palm beach county election supervisor says it's impossible for them to meet it. two of the races in florida, governor's race and race for senate are among the closely watched in the country. current governor, rick scott,
4:59 am
who is leading the senate race, follow the bouncing ball here, has filed three election-related lawsuits. scott alleges, without giving evidence, that his opponent democratic incumbent bill nelson, is trying to commit fraud in order to win the election. he says his efforts is to make sure every legal vote is not counted. congressman, thank you so much for being with us. the secretary of state's office says they have seen no evidence of fraud here. i think that is important to note, as these lawsuits are being filed. the secretary of state's own people say they see no evidence of fraud. but let me ask you directly, as you see what happens gone on in broward county, do you feel as if the count has run smoothly there? >> oh, listen, we need to make sure that the recount goes forward and goes forward smoothly. they've been working around the clock. what's important, john, you're
5:00 am
right, there's no evidence of fraud. here is what there is evidence of. there's evidence of eight years of rick scott as governor of florida trying to manipulate the outcome of elections. he did it by making it harder to register voters. he did it by making the number of voting places -- by reducing the number of early voting locations. he did it by making sure that students couldn't vote on college campuses. he did it by trying to purge 200,000 voters from our voting rolls, including a world war ii veteran, a constituent of mine. the governor now, john -- this is important. the governor has now actually taken the unheard of approach of trying to use his own state police to impound voting machines before this election is even over. he is the governor of the state of florida, not an unelected autocrat who can use state leve


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