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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  November 14, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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yeah. bring your phone. switch your carrier. weakness when it feels to him save hundreds a year with xfinity mobile. and looks to the publi call, click or visit a store today. and that suggests that he is too weak to do it by himself. the second thing is factions. from the moment this administration started. one of the characterizations is different maxs warring with each other. >> that is to some point in every white house, it has been welcome to "inside on steroids in this white house. politics." i'm john king. mira ricardo has annoyed, thank you for spending your day with us. the deputy security adviser is angered, made furious lots of on job. other people in this white house why is that news? and when you say, well, you the first lady called foreher to be fired. the president so far isn't know, nick ayers has the support listening. that's one part of the west wing of jared and ivanka, not the chaos. plus, turmoil on capitol hill as first lady. it underscores how everybody in house republicans prepare to be this white house is divided. the minority party. the president intervenes, >> mira ricardo does offend a pushing to elevate two of his loyal pitbulls in anticipation of democratic aggressive lot of people. investigations and democrats people say she is trying to get have their own family feud. her job done. it's a very important job. nancy pelosi's critics say they
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you run the day-to-day business are blocking her for speaker. supporters question that map and of recording the national the courage of those who support security apparatus. >> people say she has actual pelosi but lack an alternative policy jobs and served in important senior positions under candidate. >> if no member of our caucus is national sanctions on nato, on willing to stand up and take on missile defense. she was in the defense nancy pelosi and offer an department in a senior job under alternative, can we expect that george w. bush. i think you are right, first leader to deal with donald trump ladies have basically two and deal with an administration that we're going to have at levers, they can't introduce times and adversarial legislation. they can't control agencies. relationship with? they can't call a cabinet official and demand anything. >> this means they share their they have access to their spouse and they have this public image. reporting and insight. right. so we are seeing a tension between the private access of the spouse didn't get the job done. so now the public messaging is the day is one but the top white house official most of you have on display. you are right, i'm tempted to never heard of is still on the job at the moment. think back to nancy reagan, winning a west wing stare down ultimately pushing out donald with the first lady. she's the deputy national reagan. that was initially much less security adviser. you see her there. she is sharpally bowed in her press. >> the twitter world would have job. she is at work beside a stunning been different. who knows the delicate moment is
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statement by mel lana that she why it's interesting for me. needs to go. why did the first lady decide to cnn reporting the first lady play this card, force her went public after several husband the president, into a private appeals to her husband corner? where we all hear she sulking the president. this is not a test of wills over the election. between melania trump and it is he knows what's coming with the democrats and his homeland a very public challenge to the president by his wife. secretary says the border with she knowingly made it in an secretary mattis, among those, the president vents about already moment, he is stewing constantly saying secretary over other changes inside his nielsen must go. how much of this? white house. yes, first ladies often exert we lived through this before. how much of this is the power behind the scenes, but president venting and lashing this is unheard of. out at people and how much is it here's the statement right here. he has a list and by the end of it is the position of the office the year, two, three, four, five of the first lady that mir people are going to go in. >> there are a lot of people the presidents wants to get rid of mira ricardel no longer deserves in this period. basically the lame duck period. the honor of serving in this >> wants to get rid of, not just white house. wow. i covered the bill clinton white vent at? house. i covered the george w. bush >> actually wants to get rid of. white house. first ladies in different ways. for some time now he's felt he laura bush different from hillary clinton. is entitled to have actually the they exert power and influence people around him who he wants to work with. behind the scenes. who he feels like has his agenda to publicly say you must in go, in mind and he sees this time
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period as the time to do that. the problem is that you can't later the person is necessarily do all of them at there spooens means what? >> you don't have that much the same time. and so the balancing act that power behind the scenes to go he's trying to work out right out in the public. it's strange the first lady has now is who can he afford to get to go through the press to speak rid of at this moment? about something of this nature. he's already done sessions. it's not usually the first does he want to do john kelly lady's say, necessarily, who serves in national security positions, but if she has that now? will that create more instability that he can hand much influence in the white house and she is choosing to until will he get kiersten wield it this way, it speaks of nielsen, if he does that, will discourse between trump and he be losing john kelly? melania, in addition to the a lot of people are trying to regular discourse you see between trump and his staff. influence him about that >> you go to your husband decision. everybody at the white house is just waiting for the tweet. privately say, i think this western should go. because they know that when the he does not act on. president makes the decision, it that he disagrees with you will happen. they may not be able to do clearly or he doesn't like to anything about it. fire people, he won't get to >> in part, the other calculation, i asked the where you want it to go. question do they have an order then you go public, days after a and a process, do they have a mid-term election in which your lessson in the past? you call around town to husband was thumped. perspective chiefs of staff and what? >> this is bizarre on a whole secretaries and number twos. host of bobbles, but also a part of the ongoing dysfunction in a lot of people say no way i
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won't take that call, i won't go this white house. it has been two years that has not changed, in fact, this seems in. we are still waiting to get nikki haley's replacement. to be a major escalation for the first lady's office to now be a they announced she was leaving months ago. part of the dysfunction is why is it? let me put it this way, let's be really extraordinary. and perhaps it is to trump's nicer, i guess. they think this is the okay way credit that he didn't to do it. immediately fire a national it's not the way previous security official because his administrations have done it. wife didn't like that person. >> they could argue that they're not losing a ton by fought i think there is still probably having a u.s. ambassador to the more that we need to learn about united nations, which is a forum what really is going on behind they don't think highly of in the scenes between the first any case. lady's office and mira ricardel. can you certainly argue. that historically, though, it's been true you don't fire someone until you have a replacement in it seems obvious she is so upset the important jobs. it's a little hard for me to she felt she had to force the imagine that the laws of gravity president's hand. we know the president doesn't don't apply to the chiefs of love his hand being forced. staff, for example. this is something that is if you lose your chief of staff you lose someone running the clearly playing out slowly in day-to-day operations of the the white house, in the west white house. with this administration, who wing right now. she's still on the job as of knows, honestly? >> in a way trump doesn't listen this morning. maybe she might eventually be to his chief of staff, yes, he fired. the fact that the president is can't run the operation was. slow walking this is a good sign he thinks in a way pause he has he's not thrilled how this is always been the boss. i think the whitaker example is playing out publicly. going to be a teaching moment,
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it's an embarrassment to him in which they should learn from. a lot of ways. he faces the choice of firing because there is no heir this woman or publicly apparent that will be the nominee for jeff sessions yet. it's created this vacuum into humiliating his wife. >> after the trip to africa, which you see everything from seats on the plane, bureaucratic the court challenge to the stuff that happens in every constitutionality of the appointment to a non-stop administration. i want to see this and that. listen to this part. assault of some democrats of all this even of itself is interesting she would go this the complaints they've made. it behooves trump to wait on some of the positions that need far. >> has he had people that you'd to be senate confirmed until entrust working for him? next year, because if you do it >> yes. now, you give people like susan >> did you let him know? collins and lisa murkowski the >> i let him know. >> what did he do? power to weigh in on this as >> with some people they don't potentially decisive voices, work there anymore. which they won't be next year. >> making the case there, that but this gap that we've had with she has had some influence, or the ag who clearly will be the at least been a part of other first to go vifg all the it have decisions, prior decisions. she wants the deputy national try ol to trump and sessions, security adviser to go and which is a lot of ka coucacopho. doesn't think highly of the vice president's chief of staff, who is rumored to be the new chief of staff so now we have a public display of melania trump's >> and i think the tension or the problem that they'll face
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influence or are we about to see with somebody liking a keir ten the limits of melania trump's nielsen is not only the fact influence? which is snit. they will have trouble this year >> i think this underscores two it looks like e been true about or next year getting somebody confirmed into that spot, but it's hard to imagine who could be if that spot who could satisfy trump's demand on immigration. i mean, keir kerr stin kneelson accident want to hear those. so anybody in that position is going to face that same tension. it will be really difficult for them to find somebody once they pull the trigger. >> let's face it. the lesson of all of this is perhaps your time in president trump's good graces is always limited in this white house. he will really kind of turn on people on a dime. in one moment you are okay. the next moment he's tired of
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you. he thinks you are not working for him. so for a lot of people, i think this is the turnover is not just that some people are ready to leave. it's been two years or however long it's been. but also because president trump sours on people quickly. look at james mat tils. he used to be mad dog mattis. the guy president trump u trump thought was perfect. now his stock has really fallen precipitously and he's not the only one. there are a lot of people. >> for the non-cabinet jobs. if you are working the west wing. are you thinking of leaving or coming in, you will watch how the national security adviser plays out. is that the place i want to work? we'll see. >> up next, house republicans will decide who will lead them? a friendly flashback to 2012. what are you doing? >> it's good to see you. i'm a happy man. ha, ha, ha.
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. more proof today the president's presidential instinct is combat, not compromise. house members are preparing to lose clout and picking leaders and deal doleing out assignments is normal business. but not in this age of trump. kevin mccarthy appears on track, his challenger trump defender and long time rabl rouser jim jordan of ohio. >> we got to understand, steve, the environment we are going into is something we've never seen. this is the world of comings shift, waters pelosi. they've got 80 investigations tee'd up. we're going to have to be prepared with the right attitude to come to this town and fight every single minute of every single day defending the truth as they're attacking vl. >> again, jordan appears well short of the votes to topple mccarthy in the leadership challenge. sources tell cnn the president has spoken to mccarthy about elevating jordan to the top spot
9:13 am
on the judiciary committee and giving freedom caucus mark meadows the spot. mccarthy views both as trouble makers and team players. phil, unusual for a president to try to weigh in here? will he get his way? >> reporter: it's still an open question. it's certainly unusual. kevin mccarthy will most certainly be the next leader and hasn't always agreed with congressman meadows end up. there is a large conference that feels that way and have been frustrated by some of the tactics. i think the interesting element is you know leadership fights not to win but they want lever annual for other positions in their caucus. >> that appears to be something that could be hang here and the president is giving a boost to that. i think the bigger issue here now is not the snap of the fingers thing, the president says i want this to happen and kevin mccarthy says, that's
9:14 am
cool. there is a steering committee and they have a say on who will almost the top republicans. when you talk to people, they recognize the president wants and the conference needs fighters at the top judiciary oversight. are they going to be the people the president actually wants and has requested? that's still an opening question. to your point the president is getting involved particularly from members that don't have the greatest names in the republican conference right now. >> i'm not sure if this is help to kevin mccarthy or complication as he tries to the shape? phil mattingly on capitol hill, good luck in the next few days. it is striking. again, it tells me the president's instinct. the press conference after the election, he had a few moments, maybe we can get a deal on immigration, maybe we can get a deal on the infrastructure. let's go back and listen to the president, this picking up the phone saying put jim jordan in place where he can help me is a reflection of this.
9:15 am
>> are you offering a may way or highway scenario to the democrats? >> notion. not at all. >> if they start investigating you that you can play that game and investigate them? can you compartmentalize that. >> i think i know more than they know. >> can you compartmentalize that and continue to benefit for the country or all bets off? >> no, if they do that, all it is, is a war-like posture. >> this is a reflection of that, is it not? jim jordan, some democrats out there, jim jordan. a lot of republicans don't like the way jim jordan does it. if you are the president, you watch him on tv, in these committee hearings, you think i want that guy. >> yeah. look, the president is actually jumping into something that kind of goes almost a certainty before the election. they had mechanics planned. they were anticipating having to make a deal with the jordans and
9:16 am
meadows of this world because they have punched above their weight in the strength probe and the doj and anybody bothering trump they admitted to force the head of the republican leadership insofar as going to impeach rod rosenstein than being they're not comfortable and wouldn't bear to the agencies on the president f. jordan takes the judiciary, that that -- he wouldn't have a bully pulpit to do what he is doing. he wouldn't necessarily have that much power. the house is the na majority fiat, basically. they can do whatever he wants by himself. you would have a real breakdown on that committee. not just on the russia probe issues. judiciary reaches far and wide. they hit on some very important basic constitutional functioning of the country type of issues. and that would be completely snowed over. >> it's fascinating to watch this play out as the republicans become the minority.
9:17 am
it is the freedom caucus types the jim jordan stooips types, that convince john boehner, i'm out of here. now kevin mccarthy has that job, but in the minority. he has less fruit if you will to hand out. less ways -- less prizes to hand out. i will read this from jim garty, the national review, if being in the majority leads to more bomb throwing than being speaker of the house, jordan might be ideal for the house. if the house freedom caucus thinks they can do a better job, maybe it's time to put up or shut up. but kevin mccarthy wants this job. now he has to deal with this. >> yeah. he s. i think the president is probably going to get what he wants. partly because i think he recognizes that this is going to be a little of a pr battle. they won't have much power when democrats take over. so he wants his people on televilgs. he wants them vocally defending him, vocally fighting back against the nancy pelosis of the
9:18 am
world and kevin mccarthy is going to have to understand i think and i think he does get this. >> that this is for the president. if you are trying to please president trump, it is as much about the public relation fight as it is about the mechanics of the chamber, itself, and giving trump a little of what he wants on both sides will be it. >> we talk about the rise in the year for women, liz cheney, about to get a spot in the house republican leadership. the daughter of the vice president, wyoming congresswoman and joanie arch won against a female on the senate side to be in the senate leadership. will you have two new republican faces in leadership as well as we get into this next congress. which will be quite interesting. up next the recent recount deluge in florida. moments ago the senate majority leader and the senior senator from iowa. >> grassley is shy, but he's our new president pro temme.
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9:24 am
>> governor, do you still intend there is fraud going on in florida? >> all right, everyone, thank you very much. >> governor scott on capitol hill for new member orientation. hoping the recount back home will confirm he is, in fact, the next senator from florida. we are now 27 hours from a machine recount deadline. the state's largest county miami-dade is done counting. broward and palm beach counties are not. the licensed supervisors says after a litany of problems and some rule breaking in her view, things are quote running very smoothly. and she says her county will be done on time n. palm beach, get this, yes, welcome to florida old and over overheated machines forced a restart. early votes already recounted. early this morning the machines still not running. cnn brian nobles is tracking all this. he is in tallahassee. a big court hearing about to take place. what's at stake for the incumbent democrat senator nelson? >> reporter: john, i really
9:25 am
think when you look at the path to victory for bill nelson, it includes when one or all of these lawsuits behind me. we will hear the first of many lawsuits heard in court today this one involves a signature match issue here in florida. in other words, when you send in your mail-in ballot, you have to sign it. it has to match the original signature. democratic lawyers believe that law is too stringent and allows too many ballots to be tossed out. they'd like those counted. another one pending would allow ballots postmarked by election day even though thigh didn't get into the election board at 7:00 p.m. and they would also like to examine the voter intent laws here in florida. when we get to that hand recount, they will be xng some of the over votes and under votes to determine voter intent. they'd like those laws to be more liberal. there is no doubt the goal of the democratic lawyers is to outright change florida law or
9:26 am
seriously change the implementation of florida law with the hope that they can add more votes to the overall vote counting total. because as it stands right now with that 12,000 vote margin, that's probably too much for bill nelson to overcome if we're just doing a simple recount. john. >> probably too much. when you emerge in that courtroom, ryan, in a bit, maybe we'll know some more. we appreciate the reporting. up next the justice department issues a fierce defense of the president's controversial pick for acting attorney general.
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topping our political radar,
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sources say president trump will announce this afternoon his support for a bipart zan prison reform bill engineered in large part by his son-in-law jared kushner by boosting rehabilitation efforts and giving judges for discretion for non-violent offenses, it has the support of national associations and the attorneys association. valleys abratracy a/* -- stacy abrams halls not yet conceded to kemp arguing there are enough votes to force it into a runoff. her a point is taking the appeal to the airways. >> this election, were you heard? too many were silent. >> abrams' company is pushing for all ballots to be counted. >> they are offering several interests why matt whitaker is
9:32 am
constitutional. after maryland says he bypassed whitaker to replace jeff sessions. the state says deputy attorney general rosenstein should have been the rightful successor. whitaker is in iowa. that's home, doesn't seem too worried about the controversy. >> i was asked, as often i am, by people that are not from des moines, what does des moines mean? well, it's french. as you may have figured out. it's french for des moines. you never know what you can do when you are southern attorney for the university of iowa. >> no kidding. >> you will go places, i know that, especially with that beard. >> right now the defense secretary james mattis and homeland 60th keir stirstjen ne is visiting troops. according to administration to protect the border from a caravan of asylum seekers out of
9:33 am
mexico. the predecessor says he does not foresee the troops having contact with the migrants and said the men and women can answer questions. >> any young guys, i don't get to see you all. i have kind of grown remote from you. the secretary and i are auout o washington, d.c. we stand before you with mixed emotions. she and i are so happy, we could cry right now. >> interesting optics. good for them, whether you agree or disagree, the troops are there, we're approaching thanksgiving, they're not at their homebase, former secretary himself and secretary nielsen to go there is a good thing. both of them said today they'd be heading to the off-ramps. what do you make of that? >> i think it's really important they were there. as everyone knows, sending troops to they are living as if they are in a war zone,
9:34 am
even though they are not in a combat mission. but at the same time just the fact that they have been trying, mattis and nielsen, really, have been trying to execute what the president wants without creating bigger problems is one of the reasons president trump wants them out of their jobs. because there are people in the white house who say these are people always trying to hold you back from your priorities, mr. president. and i think that's one of the reasons why they're in the hot water that they're in, but a lot of people would look at this situation and say this was a case when there should not be 15,000 troops at the border because there is not anything for them to do. at least not for a while now. >> at least is this good leadership or jim mattis saying i'm with her at this delicate moment? we don't know. up next, nancy pelosi's people say they can deny her the speaker's ga vel. nancy pelosi says, good luck with that. life insurance?
9:35 am
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9:39 am
. welcome back. either somebody can't count or somebody's bluffing. house democrats who want nancy pelosi to step aside as leaders they they are 100% certain they have the votes to block her bid to become speaker. this just days after pelosi told cnn she is 100% certain she'll be the won holding the ga vel when all the dust settles. 23 counts 2 new or house democrats on the record saying they will not back pelosi for speakers. but the democrats don't vote for two weeks. pelosi thinks she can get enough of her colleagues on board by then. until then, she is laying out her case for the new democrat make majority. >> we will be visionary. we will be unifying. we will be healing. we will be transparent in how we do this. we will try to find our common ground, where we k. we have a picture to do that. but where we can't, stand our
9:40 am
ground like a rock. >> which is it? somebody not count or is somebody bluffing? >> it's a question we'll see, right? we haven't actually had the full list of names of people who are opposed pelosi released. the people voting saying they are building up support, so why would they show their hand yet? but there have been challenges to nancy pelosi before. she has withstood these challenges. she's an expert deal maker. she can quell uprising like nobody can. the democrats promise not to vote for her on the floor. so can they make a sort of arrangement where they can go with a pelosi accolade or can she basically beat the others in submission enough, it doesn't matter, she can still maintain the majority or the hamtramck of votes she needs to remain speaker? >> let's listen. there will be a lot of new faces
9:41 am
in washington. you should listen to them. they won this election. a big mid-term year. many said no way, know how, never, will i vote for nancy pelosi. now they're here for freshman orientationment it's usually a happy time. you find out about committee learn where your office will be and you learn you're way around the capitol. what object is campaign promise? >> at this time nancy pelosi does not have my support. i'm not making voting commitments at this time. i'm looking form a new generation of leadership. >> we have to see how this all develops, obviously. but it does mean i wouldn't be voting for her either on the floor or in caucus. >> i made a vote to my district i would not be supporting nancy pelosi. so. >> reporter: what would you do if there is not another candidate? >> like i said, that's how we have to see how we move forward. >> that is a part of the challenge. you need another candidate. you can't say i'm not for her. at some point if you are going against her, you need somebody
9:42 am
to run against her. >> it's true, but it's an early test of whether this idealism that all of these new faces, these new kind of folks coming in, whether they have to, whether they feel like they have to stick 100% to their gun, what they said was 100% true, they will never support pelosi or can they do a kind of typical washington thing, where they vote against her in caution? right. she'll still win. there is not enough democrats at this point i want to deny her that. go ahead and vote for her or present on the floor and is that, does that satisfy their the promise that they made to their constituents or is that too washington for, you know, these folks who came in, you know, promising something different? >> and the drama here. maybe those of you around the companies, you don't know what to make of this. the republicans took back a majority. she has been at this for years. do not under estimate her. do not doubt her math.
9:43 am
massachusetts among them. a democratic congressman. she told bloom borg, i will be speaker of the house. no matter what he says. he retweeted that and added i am not the only one saying it. so again, my thing, these opponents. if she wins, seth moulton will get a basement office with no windows. he will be on the committee on widgets. right? >> he made this bet when he came to congress. he was not a silent person who kind of fell in line behind pelosi when he got here. so he's got to double and triple down on this. pelosi does not forget. and so, he may have been destined for the position in and of -- >> i think we will watch for this. eighth smart thing for nancy pelosi to do is to make her an enemy and bring them into the fold. how might she bring some of these people two are rabble rousing around here into the
9:44 am
folds so they have no choice but to work with her? i think that's definitely a possibly, even if it looks like someone will mount a real challenge to her. >> as i jump in, does this matter, we took a poll before the election, it happens, here it is. this is overall, all americans, should nancy pelosi be the democrats? three in ten want nancy pelosi, six in ten say they want somebody else. we asked just the democrats. even divide, 44% of democrats say nancy pelosi should be speaker. vix 4 46 paris say find another speaker. does that matter? >> i think it's the base, chuck schumer getting back in his leadership post, mostly angry about a late stage confirmation of a bunch of judge nominees. the base does not have the same level of anger at nancy pelosi. also, let's not forget, she can count votes. okay.
9:45 am
i haven't seen anybody better. than she is at counting votes. it's possible x number of people who promised they're not going to support her and for whom it actually matters in the district, whether some posturing. it's possible she cobbles together those folks against her without affecting the final hour. >> vote against her for caucus? president on the floor? >> the margin is big enough to lose some votes. she will do that math. up next, another question for democrats, will progressives or stick to the suburbs? how will the democrats decide to try to take back the white house? there's little rest for a single dad,
9:46 am
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. 2018 election is over. the 2020 campaign already under way, for democrats, these are the names. cam la harris, joe booker. elizabeth warren. showered shared brown? >> donald trump with his phony populism fooled people into believing he is on their side, by attacking fellow americans, by calling people names, by attacking immigrants. he purposely pits one group against another to distract from the fact that the white house looks like a retreat for wall street and oil company executives. >> now a lot of americans are saying, sherrod who? he won election in october. so there are democrats and sherrod brown says he is thinking about it who say maybe we should think about this guy.
9:51 am
who has managed, he's in good with the unions, goes to the small rural communities, blue collar workers, farmers. he doesn't do great among them, he competes among them. >> pretty aggressive, he's the more left side of the party that's to the left he's never been one of those shining stars, faces that goes on tv all the time, everybody points to and says this is the dream. few want to counter trump with somebody who is also not very old or younger, he's not a bad choice the question is, is that really what the party wants? >> that is the question. so if you are just looking at the map. you are saying, okay, trump was president because of pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, if you could take ohio away, no republican, you will hear this a lot. again, without winning in the modern age, without winning ohio, here's sherrod brown among white college age women, president trump in ohio 56% this is where sherrod brown comes up
9:52 am
short. so the blue collar appeal is there. the democrats are going to go through a field of about 40. maybe more. what is there -- there are those who sigh look at the suburbs, if we focus on the suburbs, college educated women, we'll be great, sherrod brown says, wait a minute, you lose a lot of blue collar guys. >> i hope people like sherrod brown helps them shape the primaries in the vetting process for nominees as we get towards 2020. there will be people who force democrats to have a sherrod brown conversation a joe biden conversation, in addition to that other conversation happening about the suburbs, about educated women, educated men. >> diversity. >> about diversity. >> i think there is an argument
9:53 am
to be maik made even if sherrod brown isn't the guy, he may be the one that keeps them on track, maybe the same way as bernie sanders was but a less wildness of bernie sanders. >> some of these lesser knowns have to deal with the better phones, if you will, john angelo in democratic polls the problem is joe biden is considered the working class whisperer. there is a, what's the space? what's the available space in a big field? >> in a class of 40, there is a loot of available space. that's an interesting question about biden if he can pull back that obama coalition. he didn't do that 12 as a solo candidate when he ran for president. so i'm sort of wonderingant that. the thing ability this whole democrats, you are seeing people, trump had a point, by the way, we have been telling you for years. sherrod brown has been talking about the damaging effects of international trade for years. >> thanks for joining us.
9:54 am
"inside politics today." don't go away. "inside politics" starts right now. >> thanks, john. i'm briana keeler, live fromhood quarter, jared, are you fine, ivanka, you are safe, ask on this episode of survivor white house. the secretary of defense on the border with troops. why isn't president trump there? at this point, that i are talking about whether tossed ballots can be put into play. now democrats announcing their first investigation as the house
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