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tv   Reliable Sources  CNN  November 18, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PST

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zones. state lawmakers and eventually congress will need to approve the switch. thanks for being part of my program this week. i'll see you next week. this is reliable sources. a look at the story behind the story, how the media really works, how the news gets made and how all of us can help make it better. jim akocosta is back to wor. a story you have to hear about a disturbing development in the philippines. one brave journalist. later how the deadly fire is being covered ton ground there. the editor of the local paper will join me live. but first a fact about
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president trump. there are times when he she beyond fact checking. the big story across the nation's news media has been the president's move. >> president trump is lashing out. >> angry. angry. particularly unhinged. >> unhinged. we'll taukt about mood swings. the ongoing muell eric, r probe. >> you have said it is a rageoholic. it is such as we have never seen in the history of modern presidency. you can use all of those words. he is off on a tear that has
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both his colleagues in the white house and those who are closest to him and particularly republicans on capitol hill very much afraid of what his actions and words now mean. part of it relates to the midterms and we can talk about that in a moment. >> he said his mood is light. he thinks these sources everybody is siting are made up. >> well, first of all if you talk to republicans on the hill you will understand now they are beginning to think that the lkss, tlk elections, the midterms and that donald trump is no longer for the party that they thought they had. they worry about whether he is a they worry about the mueller investigation. they worry about his state of
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mind. so there now is a shift in what you're hearing on capitol hill. people are very much aware of what people are saying. they don't have a lot of guts, the republicans on capitol hill to get up and say these things out loud. all of us that have our ears to the ground know there's a new kind of under rumbling about donald trump, his mood, his unhinged actions and words in the past couple of weeks. it does go in part if you're going to date it back to the midterms but also you have to look at the mueller investigation where those around him are saying his back may be to the wall. it doesn't mean that he or members of his family will be charged or indicted but he has not known up until now and he may know now because he has his own spy, looking at the investigation. >> i think we know at this point
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that whitaker is the first look into mueller's investigation. >> that's a big deal. >> all of the sours, thces. >> is this one of the cases people are spinning publicly but telling the truth privately. >> a lot of people were saying they questions about his ability. as the base became more and more available ahave been crazy from the beginning. i think it has shaken republican leaders to their core.
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donald trump has been president of his base. he has not bchb president of all of the people. he has not been a president of the united states in the way that presidents have always tried to bring factions of the country together at least in a minimal way. he has pushed his party with him. it is with if mueller's investigation and whatever he finds, how do we continue to be supportive of this president but we can't be following him everywhere. >> to your point about the elections, the president has been leaning on voter fraud conspiracy theory. i want to show you what he said. imseems to be beyond fact checking. he said i have seen it. i have had friends talk at it. some times they go to their car,
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pircht hat, different shirt. it is rest been if you your available you have a yoetder if -- voter i.d. he talked about forest management again. it was just a lot of nonsense. it was broadcast on all of the major channels. here is what the president said there. >> i was with the president of finland. he said we have a much different -- he called it a far station. they spent a lot of time on raking and thienging and doing things. >> they do have problems.
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finland fires are different than california fire. the larger point is that finland and california have different climates and different winds. the fire in southern california is not near any forest at all. now i'm talk about forest management. again, another example here from the president yesterday talking about the fires. >> see what has happened here? nobody would have ever thought this could have happened. >> that's not just true. it is not just untrue. it's insulting to the victims. they say we knew it was inevitable. it is the event so many of us have dreaded so long. it's one thing to say something
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that's untrue and he's rambling on and i'm not sure we should broadcast it on it's anymore. >> i think we have two separate points to deal with here. >> i what he is saying is not different from what many in the regular republican party ranks believe or want to believe. it is off the wall as the scientific community might say it is or the journalists might say it is there are great numbers of reason there is no scientific. >> he is the leader and spreading lies and misinformation. >> look, i think that donald trump's lying and his pathology about lying and what it means to
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have to lie to find hymn i think what we have sit a larger problem of how we cover this it is to mike sure fp. i also think because of trump's line we nood to start thinking of arch forever they are basically propaganda exercises because they are overwhelmed by
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his dishonesty and lying. so how could we cover it differently? decide what is news and after the press conference or briefing is over then go with that story rather than treating the briefing or press conference as a cam pair we need to start treating it like a news event. we have web sites. we with put it up so that everybody has the chance to see it or the briefing. we ought to and we can be the place of records so everybody can see every word. we need to say here is the story, not just give him a
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microphone when we know his methodology is to engage us on the basis of lying propaganda. i would never have advocated this many years ago. it doesn't start with trump. i think we need to rethink how we cover in terms of live television especially. >> let's pause on that note. we'll talk a more about the lawsuit and the press conferences. jim mr. >> acosta coming up next. all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell.
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this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? hi. i'm diego. and for me, there is only one choice -- crunch. ♪ delicious 100% real chocolate embracing the lightness of crispy rice. crunch. the chocolate bar all americans love. >> now to what's next. correspondent jim acosta has it back. the lawsuit because filed on tuesday alleged that the suspension violated the first
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amendment and the fifth amendment right. the judge questioned both sides. on friday he ruled in cnn's favor on fifth amendment grounds forcing the white house to return acosta's past. here is what he said. we are gratified with the result and look forward to a pull resolution in the coming days. dozens of major news outlets are standing by cnn in this case. so are advocacy groups. but at the moment this victory is still temporary. the judge's ruling is narrow. the lawyers will be back in court this week for more.
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i spoke for those who argued. he me what's going happen in the next few days. take me sbroo friday morning. tell me what it was like? >> it was tense. the ort woild. >> what did you say to each other after the ruling came down? >> we said this is important. this is a big victory. he said i will go back to work. i said that's what this is all about. we had a quick hug and off he went. >> this temporary restraining order is temporary. what will happen next? >> monday we will be submitting a proposed scheduling out.
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the temporary invings we could go back and argue for preliminary injunction. so we'll do scheduling issues. in the meantime we will -- mr. acosta will keep doing his job. >> it is an unpredictable white house, as you know. they did make statements. the president made a statement and sanders made a statement about developing rules and standards going forward. we encourage that strongly. it is one of or arguments that issues are important but you can't have after the fact punitive actions taken. there needs to be advanced rules to guide everyone. we encourage that it might be a
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road where we wanted to work this out and say let's go forward there a way that is protective. they forced our hand. whoos we let's move on. the president can on. >> i think it will work out and maybe everyone can move. >> the president saying we will write l are, could it be a set if the try to even course new guidelines? >> i think it is pretty basic so you know at least the
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fundamentals so you can't get thrown out for trying to ask a follow-up question. it has to be something that the white house correspondence association, kind of general rules of the road. we don't want some sort of first amendment code. i said it in the hearing. president trump, when he says people are being rude and disrespectful he sets that tone. i'm not even being critical of him. the circuit case says there has to be a compelling reason under the institution before you relationship them of having a white house press credential. >> it will be something to be argued about for months or years to come. >> it is hard to say. i can say this.
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we want to simply move forward and gather news and report it. the law in the circuit is very clear in terms of how these things should proceed and what the white house can and can't do. i think we are ready litigate as long as we have to to ask the court to declare rules of the road going forward but you look for a resolution that makes the most sense. it goes for white house and for the journalist. we are open to anything. we are glad that we got this tempora temporary order. >> as you were saying checks and balances worked given the last two years of concern. trump's attack on the press and the courts.
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in this case it succeeded. >> it made me feel good to see the system work this way so quickly, restore, you you know, right to the ship here in a way that protects the first aemtd and ability to get information. it was a good day. very glad to see that happen. >> carl is back here with me. >> he says he just wants decorum. >> you're a rude, terrible person. >> she doesn't flow what she is doing. you ask a lot of stupid questions. >> do you the. first of all you're watching the ragoholic president.
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we have reported in such a way that despite everything he has done and said the country as it is the key to his personaland whose are we really talking about here? it has been defiled. also through the line we always come back to the line. that is not to go back to the term decorum. it makes untruth. it is the fundament of his way
8:24 am
of doing business with the press and the people of the country, that is not decorum. yes. he is going to try to save face here through rules and he has every right. the president of the united states has the right to a set of rules that barely applied across the board. it brings all that it entails with respect i get to make the rules at the same time it was a werely, goods, smart lawsuit. let's see and hope that it happens. >> thsome supporting cnn and others attacking acosta.
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8:30 am
that if certain reporters can't be adults then cnn needs to send somebody in there that can be. >> she doesn't get to choose who covers the white house. cnn gets to choose. that's how it works with nbc and everywhere else. let me bring in the ceo. identified as a trump friend. that's how it is always framed these days, right? >> i am honored. i'm pleased to have that time. >> if you talk to the president in the coming weeks are you going to talk to him act this lawsuit? let's put it in perspective here. this is probably the most accessible anybody can remember here. he is talking and engaging with you guys in the oval office, air force one. he'll take questions when others
8:31 am
won't take questions. he'll answer and some of them are rude and on noxious questions. so when he gets questions from people like jim acosta which clearly in my mind are way over the line and it's not an issue when jim acosta is being rude and on noxious to the president that she up selt and angry. it believe it was overreached by the white house in suspending his kcredentials on the basis o that. i think there were a lot of other steps they should have taken. i do not support suspending cnn action. >> so you're standing with fox news and other outlets. there is only one that is trying to get attention by supporting trump in this case.
8:32 am
but what about the idea that -- >> look, i -- >> you think he is out of line. it should be cnn's decision, not trump, not yours. >> well, it is the white house press archs. you know, the i remember when barack obama tried to pull the news credentials ait was not organization. they said it was out raj m. >> he complained about fox a lot. >> they were moving do it. look, the president, i'm a friend of his. the president has had an a plus performance rating in the
8:33 am
economy, a plus military and security issues. he is being mired with all of these press attacks all day long to honor our soldiers and whether of whether he doesn't make a cemetery visit he is the most proveteran president anyone can remember. you guys are all day long hammering him for missing one of four major events. they said we are judging this president. the public is also judging the media. the president has much higher approval ratings. >> yeah. you can lump everybody in together. everybody has that. obviously the president's approval rating should be higher given how well the economy is performing. >> well, i think if it was a choice between cnn and the president the president would
8:34 am
likely be that battle. >> it shouldn't be that. we are not supposed to run the government. he is supposed to run the government. >> frankly there's a lack of accountability because you're not elected and the president has that accountability. i think that the function of the press is to ask really tough questions not to support the government in power and we ask tough questions. we offer, if you go online you'll find criticism and you'll also find the good parts that you guys won't talk about. >> there we go. we cover the good news. here is my problem. you mentioned what happened with the cemetery and france. the next day he comes back and he doesn't go to arlington. he says you're right. i should have gone to arlington. he didn't go last year either. even when he is admitting a mistake he lies again.
8:35 am
>> i would rather have someone not necessarily speaking deep words but does good deeds. i think he has a -- >> you wouhe would be not lying their pay. he said he increased pay for the first time in a decade. it is proven to be a lie. he always says it so it's no wanter he can't. >> the veterans add higs i think he is trying to rebuild it. he has been a champion of that. he came off of a 60 day brutal
8:36 am
campaign. i'm concerned about how much he is taxing the economy and whether he is concerned about our military. those questions have been answered. i think the white house could do a lot better job because the president has such an incredible story but we never hear about it. so i think there's so many we have been cleaning up and deregulation. i know a lot of this is not your agenda items but i think the economy which is more than doubled in gdp growth, that has been a fantastic story. it doesn't get out there. >> i think everybody knows. we'll agree to disagree. thank you for being here. great to see you! always good to see you. >> how laws and crimes being used against her and also coming up we'll go live to paradise, california and hear how they covering tragedy. we'll be right back. ion.
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let's clear a path. let's put down roots. let's build something. let's do the thing that you do. let's do the thing that changes the shape of everything... that pushes us forward and keeps us going. let's do the work. the death toll continues to rise. you can see here the cover of the local paper which has been trying to cover this unfolding disaster every single day. of course some of the staff members at the paper are victims of the fire, victims as in they have lost some of their homes, lost some of their property.
8:42 am
let's go to the editor thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> what has this been like for the last ten days for your staff? is everybody okay physically? >>. >> they are. we had people missing for the last three or four days. we have had people lose their homes. one who doesn't know, three others who are still we evacuat and can't go home. >> my impression is that the fire happened so suddenly but the slow motion nature of this is why it is continuing to gain so much news coverage because peoples bodies are being found
8:43 am
do you feel there's a delay lately? has it been too slow for what's happening there? >> you know, i felt a little frustration yesterday all of the national media was here. it was for the presidential visit. at the same time his motorcade is going up. you have another motorcade of 5,000 firefighters going up to fight this thing that is a dynamic threat to our community. i wish the focus was more on . e >> it is a story that will sadly be with us for a long time. we need to keep the national news media attention on it in the weeks and months to come. tell us about one of your sister
8:44 am
newspapers that served the town of paradise coming out twice a week. what is that paper doing now? where is that paper being delivered? >> both had a good number of records. we have been running it as usual. it comes out two days a week and distributing it at evacuation centers. we'll distribute to paradise post with the enterprise record because we flow a lot of people aren't staying at evacuation centers. they are with friends and family and maybe that's a way to get their newspaper. >> right. right. what about your staff? what advice are you giving them to try to help them through this time? >>. >> we had an unfortunate experience when the spillway almost gave out and 188,000 were
8:45 am
evacuated in that. i think that prepared us for this. our people are remarkable. when i'm there i'm noefr alone. there's always somebody trying to get the news out. we are all r5e8ly helpless. we are doing youren it is to keep people informed. we we we could do more. >> that is your way of helping. >> as the editor it comes up in news rooms after emergencies. are you aniesing about how to serve your staff down the line? kshs about ptsd or anything like that. >> i think they r that's a really good idea. we have to shift to some sort of
8:46 am
the some. we have seen horrific things. we break down and cry for our neighbors. it's hard. >> we need to example that that initial phase of the fire. >> thank you. >> thank you. appreciate it. after a break another editor with a really important story to tell. under threat from the country's president. now there are charges of tax fraud. she is clearly being intimidated. she'll talk with me live in just a moment.
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president trump not the only world leader using anti-media
8:51 am
tactics. far from it actually. president duterte of the philippines seems hellbent on taking down the rapler, a news website founded by a former bureau chief. why these attacks? because it bears to scrutinize the policies and actions. you're in town accepting a reward in the next couple of days, a press freedom award, but i know you're going to be heading back to manila soon. >> this particular one which the government said they would indict me and rapler on is tax evasion. essentially they reclassified rapler from being a journalist organization to a dealer in securities or stockbroker. and then they said you owe us all these taxes you haven't paid. >>o that makes no sense to me. it seems like an effort to
8:52 am
intimidate you and your website. what are you going to do about it because i'm concerned when you go back to the philippines you may be arrested. >> you know, the end goal of all of these cases is political harassment. all of the cases are political in nature. they want to intimidate us and stop doing the stories we're doing. we're focused on the drug war that has brutally killed, the police claim a thousand people, but human rights goes to tens of thousands. facebook has been weaponized and we're now increasingly seeing. >> and a lot of what duterte is
8:53 am
trying to do, it gets spread on media. >> we were able to become the third top online news site in a year and a half with less than a hundred people. but we also were at the beginning of the down side when the exponential lies began. and it took about a year before that then became the basis for the cases filed against us. facebook is the internet of the philippines. 97% are on facebook and that's part of the reason we've put pressure on facebook to actually cleanup this toxic sludge. we're working with facebook, and even though i'm pushing them to do more, we're one of the two fact checking partners from the philippines. >> so this case is happening. we don't know how it will be resolved. does it matter the american president sents an anti-media tone as well? just the other day we're lushing the cia reached somewhat of a conclusion that jamal khashoggi was killed on some order of the
8:54 am
crown prince, and yet president trump doesn't believe that, doesn't make it official yet, and he seems to be making excuses for authoritarians. >> you're seeing this globally and it doesn't help the country that's actually leading the charge is confused. you're talking about a fight for values and for the united states not to pick up these values of press freedom is alarming at best, right? i guess part of our problem here is that if this push continues, you're seeing globally press freedom get pushed back. are we seeing the end of liberal democracy? you've discussed this several times. and what can be as journalists do when a lot of the power has shifted to tech? get rid of this toxic sludge. how can we really truly define
8:55 am
and have conversations that will make our democracy stronger? these are critical points right now. >> and in that fight you are such a leader. so thank you for being here, and we will stay in touch. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you. before we go today, a very similar conversation about misami mis and disinformation on facebook. a big expose on what facebook new and when about the 2016 russian election meddling. i spoke to researcher renee donestia hohow to think about the problem of misinformation and what to do about it. you can hear the entire interview through apple. tune in through your favorite podcast app. but her main point is we have to think of tis disinformation as a chronic condition. we'll see you on the podcast and right back here at this time next week. ♪ bum-bum-bum-bum-bum
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[ sigh ] it's bring your own phone, not pony. so i could've taken the bus? yeah. bring your phone. switch your carrier. save hundreds a year with xfinity mobile. call, click or visit a store today. under pressure, president trump denies reports of administration chaos. and says he's preparing to turn in his answers to the special counsel's questions. >> i've answered them very easily, very easily. >> is the investigation almost over? republican senator jeff flake is here. and speaker showdown, democratic leader nancy pelosi faces a potential challenge to be the next speaker. >> sometimes you just need a different voice. >> will president trump give pelosi the boost she needs? >> i will give her the votes to