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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  December 3, 2018 4:00am-5:01am PST

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our new, hot, fresh breakfast will get you the readiest. holiday inn express. book now for at least 20% off during our annual sale. i want a kinder and gentler nation. like 1,000 points of light in a broad and peaceful sky. >> humble. driven. competitive. a person who cared deeply about others who hurt. >> he was highly civil and that opened the door for friendships across the board. >> god bless you, and god bless the united states of america. whether it's manafort or gates or flynn, all the men around the president were lying.
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>> there's no evidence of collusion between the russian state and the trump campaign. >> and mueller needs to be able to complete his investigation without interference. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> we are here in washington this morning where the nation will bid farewell to our 41st president, george h.w. bush. he will lie in state at the u.s. capitol rotunda until wednesday morning. traveling with the president, his faithful service dog, sully. he is a yellow lab that has been with the president since the passing of barbara bush last spring. such a nice picture there. president trump will be flown here on the presidential plane that we know as air force one, and this flight will be dubbed special mission 41. >> president trump will attend the state funeral on wednesday
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at the national cathedral, and that's significant. you may remember president trump did not attend the service for barbara bush or john mccain, but bush 41 made it clear he wanted president trump to be there. back to the business in washington, the possibility of a government shutdown over a border wall will be put off for weeks, but the russia investigation continues to be at a pace, and cohen's lawyers are looking for leniency. the president's friend and adviser, roger stone, insists he had no contacts with the head of wikileaks, julian assange. we have more from texas. good morning, kaly. >> reporter: special mission 41, the late kwrerpl four president's final flight aboard the 747 will begin this morning. onboard to escort the president's remains from houston
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to washington will be members of the bush family, including george w. bush, close friends and his service dog sully. you mentioned that beautiful photo of the dog laying in front of the casket with the caption, mission complete. there will be a departure ceremony here this morning, and then upon their arrival at joint base andrews, another ceremony to welcome him. once they get to the capitol, there will be a ceremony there and members of congressional leadership will host, and mike pence is one who will speak there. following that a service at washington's national cathedral, and president trump among those that will be in attendance, and the president's remains will be returned here to houston, and
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then at the same church barbara bush was celebrated in more than seven months ago. the president's remains will be taken spwao taken by train to texas a&m university, the home of his presidential library. in his final hours he was asked if he wanted to go to the hospital, he said no, he was ready to go and be with barbara and robin and that's where he will be laid to rest, right alongside of them. >> that's so poignant. thank you so much for that report from texas. we have cnn political analyst, david gregory, and michael smerconish and abby phillip, and washington bureau chief and director of george h.w. bush university. michael smerconish, we found a photo of boy wonder, michael
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smerconish. you can tell us the history of this photo when you met president trump a president bush and what was happening here. >> on the last day of the internship i was afforded a three-minute meeting for a photograph. now fast-forward a decade, i was running all public housing in five states in washington, d.c., and in a way it says something about the bush administration and the president and the way he regards dues paying. when i think about him, i think about the first time i met him in 1980 running for president when the shroeglogan was, a pret we won't have to train. in view of the fact he had been u.n. ambassador, envoy to china, and head of the cia, and business success. in sharp contrast i have to say to today, the way in which
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people can become media sensations and think they can run for office, this is a guy that believed you had to log the hours. >> and of course, a president you wouldn't have to train, and he was talking about ronald reagan, and that was a remarkable thing to say in 1980. you covered president bush, frank, and we note he is the last president of the greatest generation, the final member of the world war ii generation who will be in the white house. >> he brought all of that with him everywhere he went. including that in some of his contradictions. he believed in service. he done it himself. he believed in sacrifice and had done it himself. and he believed in personal responsibility, and he believed in government and volunteerism. i was on the floor when he said
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read my lips, no new taxes. we thought that was an interesting comment, and it kwaeucame back to haunt him. understanding george herbert walker bush, he believed in payi paying dues and in public service and he believed in what could be done together, flaws and all. >> no new taxes came back to haunt him because he decided it was best for the country to cut down on the deficit and to raise taxes, and to go back on the campaign promise, and he decided at great political peril for himself, and that seems to be a bygone time. >> he believed in the back room deal and believed in working washington in a way washington no longer works, and he didn't have a ton of legislative accomplishments, and even in foreign affairs, dealing with the chinese in a quieter way after tianamen's square.
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you learn a lot about understanding 41 by understanding 43. who do you want, the guy that raised taxes and he allowed himself to get away from the republican base, which is something george w. bush would never do. h.w. bush made compromises with his own pragmatism along the way. and how he got elected in '88 with politics that he apologized and said you will not see that guy again. he comes from a time of more gentle politics that is gone. >> and frank brought up 1,000
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points of light. president trump mocked the 1,000 points of light, what is that? >> it's more than just the fact that he thinks it's not that great of a slogan. it does not align with president trump's leadership is supposed to ingender in people. he views strength as being the predominant thing he needs to embody as president of the united states. president george h.w. bush believed the moral leadership of the office was as important as that. that's why the thousand points of light thing, it's funny that president trump chose that and why he didn't understand that point in history, it tells us so much. the white house went back on that over the weekend, and they included the thousand points of
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light in saying that's what bush was all about. despite the criticism, president trump has been genuine in his praise of president bush, and allowing trump to go in his level of respect is worth doing. >> respecting the office of the presidency was very important to president bush. i have my own old photo with president bush, and i see your old photo and raise you this one. this was in august of 1999. i am there on a beautiful day in kennebunkport with my crew and we were interviewing him, and he talked about the clinton scandal, the impeachment scandal, but very gently and why it was so important to reserve the respect for the office, and
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listen to this moment that plays into now. >> but i have said publicly that it concerns me when the office of the presidency has not shown proper respect, the office itself. it's a special symbol around the world, not just the physical oval office, but what the presidency means, and so i am afraid the presidency itself has been tarred by certain events and i think whoever is elected, republican or democrat, will have the obligation to lift that office to heights that are beyond challenge in terms of integrity and honor. >> so interesting how careful he was being there. he just didn't want to sort of besmirch the office. his son was running for president at that time, michael. >> and that remarkable op-ed that i know you are familiar with alisyn in the "washington
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post" today where president clinton reflects on the value he placed on the friendship he established with george bush and the letter that was left behind by president bush for bill clinton, which is really a remarkable document. speaking of service and honoring the country as well as the office, one thing if i can add, i have been going back since learning of his passing and reading portions of all the best, which is his very unconventional memoir, where he was a man of letters and he wrote and saved letters, and instead of embellishing on himself, he went back and chronologically assembled the letters that defined his life written in real time, and boy, are they a remarkable study of the life he said. >> john and i remember when president governor bush campaigned closing line at all his rallies was i will restore honest and integrity to the oval
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office -- >> honor and dignity. >> this is where a father was helping his son. the thing that strikes me, too, especially when we look at the current context, this tension between dynasty and disruption. he represents this die nsaic part of the father and son being president for the first time since john quincy adams used to talk about, and then pat buchanan challenging him, and ross perot presenting the breakdown of the reagan revolution, and then that was all happening, not to mention what was happening in the word and the duh sin tkpwraeugs of the soviet union. >> the first time i met george h.w. bush, and there is no picture -- >> well, prove it. >> he came to andover as vice
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president and then two years later came back as president. can you imagine a politician of today going to his prep school twice. the political liability of latching on to your prep school. >> it's a brand of his loyalty. loyalty was a very important part of george h.w. bush. loyalty to family. loyalty to friends. loyalty to institutions. loyalty to america. that's what you saw and it was genuine. he felt that and expressed it in the sound bite when he was talking to you. he felt the weight of the office on his shoulders. >> this guy knew politics. it was not that he couldn't play the game. 1988 was in some ways the atypical -- >> you knew him but you did not love him.
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>> he dealt with people who were out there who did the dirty work. the difference between then and now, it was you do it. >> look how he handled nixon, too. he was head of the rnc where he is defending him, and he said i have two stacks of mail and he had to pull away from that. he knew how to deal with the politics of the day and how to stay relevant through all of that even though he was squeamish about it. his son learned all of those lessons and learned how to not pull punches as all. >> you see both roles being played at the same time, and all of these people are politicians in some way doing a lot of dirty work in their campaigns, but in the office of the president understanding what the imperative of moral leadership is for that office. i think you saw that throughout his presidency, and then even
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more so in some ways afterwards when he left office and became kind of like the father figure of the former president's club. he was sort of the patriarch of that group in a lot of ways, and i think the fact that this week we have an opportunity to see what the transition of leadership means in this country, which is that they all get to be in a room after they have left office, and we honor them for their service is extremely important, and it's important that president trump is going to be part of that because for so long he has tried to be apart from that group. i think this could be one of those rare times when he comes back into the fold and for this country that's important. >> it's a moment that only happens in america. my boss was mocking me when i said you don't see former kings going to -- there's a poignant
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moment from last night. but george h.w. bush was honored there last night and you can see the standing ovation. david, are you there? >> yeah, gloria stephan, who was the host, told such a personal story. she was playing at george mason and they invited her family over, and 45 minutes president bush talking to her son, and the next day she had the terrible accident, and she checked in immediately with her and checked in with her over the years. this famous correspondent was so caring and kept in touch with her. a lot of people in the audience, too, were long-time supporters of the bushes and talked about him and remembered him.
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>> the art of note writing. i hope it doesn't go away. >> it has. >> president trump also writes handwritten notes. i hope twitter has not superseded that. >> it will be interesting to see if we eventually get to the point where we get a collection of president trump's handwritten notes. alisyn does write them, he writes them on pictures or things he likes, and we get to rarely see that private side. >> you have time for a quick story. one of the things the bushes did was they invited the white house press corps at kennebunkport, and i had two boys, and we have great pictures where president bush engaged one and then the other. and then when the pictures came, i said was there any way the president would sign these.
4:19 am
they said, of course. i got the pictures back with one problem, to matthew was on the picture with chris. and then i casually mentioned it to somebody, and they said the president would want to have you the right pictures with your boys, and he signed them and my boys have them today. >> that's beautiful. >> we got to visit kennebunkport, and i said couldn't you spend a week up here? and he said you would love that. >> they still went head to head with us. we did not get co-opted. they understood the relationship, and didn't love it, wouldn't be prudent. >> guys, we have only three hours. wrap it up. what was working with
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in a time marked by political division, washington this week will come together to celebrate the life of former president george h.w. bush, our nation's 41st president will lie in state at the u.s. capitol until wednesday where his funeral will take place. we have former democratic senator from maine. great to have you here. we do want to hear your remembrances. >> we had a good relationship from the beginning. we had a love of maine. i was born and raised there. and george bush's family home was there, and he loved it. in the first two years we had a
4:25 am
great deal of bipartisan cooperation. i, in the senate, with senator bob dole, and the both of us with the president himself. in the last two years as we got close to the next presidential election it got more difficult. in that first term we enacted a lot of major legislation and the one i give president bush great credit for was the clean air act, a major achievement, which if i have a moment i would like to describe. >> yes, please. >> i have been part of a bipartisan group of senators who, for nearly a decade, had pushed for action on clean air but made no progress. president reagan were opposed as were major industries and we didn't get anywhere. then president bush was elected and took office and within weeks he made a major speech saying he
4:26 am
favored a clean air speech, and it's clear to me there would not have been clear air legislation but for his courageous decision. we then had a tough two-year negotiation which, produced a good bill that stands to this day as a testament of public health protection through bipartisan action. >> how do you think president bush feels about the roll backs we are seeing now? >> i did not discuss that with him, but i think he must have been brokenhearted, but that's something for others to tell. the second question, it would take a lot longer than we have
4:27 am
now to describe the increase in hyperpartisanship in politics, the dramatic flood of money into it, and the increasing drawing of districting lines, and it's the concept that president bush had of the presidency and politics. he was a practical person. he conducted a very tough campaign to be elected, but he was an honorable man. he believed in country. he, i think, wanted to get things done. i think his concern about the environment was genuine. it was also spurred by his friendship with the canadian prime minister, and he had talks about the acid rain on their eastern waters, and so we wanted action, and it was not just clean air, and we enacted the
4:28 am
american with disabilities act, major legislation. bob dole and tom were the leaders of that, and the president signed it into law. after a tough battle over taxes and spending we enacted a very strong budget act in 1990, which took steps toward a budget neutral -- a neutral budget, no deficit that took place years later after clinton's plan followed on, and that was a tough issue for the president because he made during a pledge during the campaign not to raise taxes and in that budget there were taxes that caused him some political pain, but it was the right thing to do for the country. >> yes, we have talked about how rare that seems now to do something that is right for the country even at your own political peril. while we have you, we have an opportunity to ask about current events and we have video, a live
4:29 am
shot of the plane. there the sun is coming up in texas and it's a beautiful shot as the plane gets ready to bring president bush's casket to washington. what are your thoughts on what we just saw at the g20 of president trump and president xi of china. do you think the threat on the tariffs have been working to get president xi to the table? >> i think the pause for further negotiations is a good thing, and i hope they will reach an agreement in the 90-day timeframe. i think president trump has a right to be concerned about china's illegal trade practices. every president in my lifetime has had the same position and pushed hard for changes within china. where i disagree is the method he is using that is general
4:30 am
tariffs on a variety of goods. i would have preferred more targeted action directed towards those sections of the chinese economy in which they are engaging in illegal technology. for example, they impose restrictions on our financial institutions and we should impose counterpart restrictions, and we should target those that benefit from their illegal actions. general tariffs have the affects of having an ill affect on american consumers. but i think his concern is a genuine one and i hope very much they will be able to work out a way that will end as what is being described as a trade war, and will enable more free and open trade between the two countries and others. >> senator george mitchell,
4:31 am
thank you for your remembrances of president bush and your perspective on all of this. >> thanks. markets are up after president and the president from china postpone any new tariffs, but what does this deal mean for you? christine romans explains it all, next.
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now. trade truths, temporary trade truths. no new tariffs for now on chinese goods while the u.s. and china begin working to end the current trade dispute. our correspondent, christine romans, joins us. >> i am calling it a pause in the trade war hammered out on the extraordinary meeting, on one side of the table a president for life, and on the other a president promising to get tough on china. in exchange china said it's willing to purchase a substantial amount of agriculture and other goods from
4:36 am
the u.s. to help the imbalance. they have 90 days to untangle what are decades of american complaints. they want to stop intellectual property theft and cyber espionage. the president claimed success on auto tariffs but did not specific when that change would happen or what the new tariff level would be, and he declared to reporters on the way home that he made an incredible deal with china, and china has not gone that far. bought kwrau bottom line, they are talking and tariffs are still on but not rising. >> thank you for explaining all of that to us. we have breaking news because protesters on the streets of paris at this hour. police arrested hundreds over the weekend and dozens more were injured in the clashes with the police. president emmanuel macron says he is considering all options,
4:37 am
and cnn's melissa bell is live in paris. there's an active scene behind you. what is happening behind you? >> reporter: the riot police are back out on the street less than tprae 48 hours after the protests began. this is the scene outside the french parliament. these are ambulance drivers now facing off with the riot police. we have seen tear-gas fired as we did on saturday night and i think the fact that this protest is happening again this morning shows that this protest you mention, the yellow vests has grown so much broader than that fuel hike that was originally sparked. we saw the violence on saturday night, the fact that the protesters are out again this morning and riot police are being stretched in their ability to keep the peace, and there's much broader anger, anger on a
4:38 am
scale we have not seen before saturday night. some 400 people were taken into arrests, and that's the largest amount of people arrested in one night in decades in france. and macron is leading with yellow vest leaders and already they are calling for a massive demonstration next saturday. >> important developments for us in paris. melissa, thank you very much for that. breaking news in arkansas where a bus carrying a youth football team has crashed killing one child and injuring 40 other people. most of the injured are children, and the team on the bus played in a championship game in dallas over the weekend. the bus driver survived and is being questioned by arkansas state police. we are staying on top of this story. alaska hit with more than 1,000 aftershocks following friday's 7.0 magnitude earthquake. aftershocks more powerful than
4:39 am
4.5 struck anchorage and big lake. authorities are urging people to stay off the roads, which as you can see, took the brunt of the earthquake. >> a lot of that because of the construction improvements over the last 40 years, but pictures are stunning. voter fraud has been so few cases confirmed, and that's why the story out of north carolina is disturbing. >> voter fraud. you know it's one of president trump's favorites, he called it out before the mid-term elections and repeatedly blamed it without evidence for losing the popular vote. study after study has shown, voter suppression, a far bigger problem. it's big news that voter fraud is being alleged in one congressional race, and wait for it, fingers are pointing at the
4:40 am
republican campaign. this year it saw not just a close primary but a close general election. the congressman narrowly won the election to a pastor. after the general election it looked like harris eeked out a 905 vote win, and last week the north carolina board of elections postponed certification of harris as the winner. something is rotten. a whopping 40% of absentee ballots requested by african-americans were never returned. that's compared to just 17% of white voter ballots.
4:41 am
local political blogger analyzed the returns in impressive detail, and he found harris won with more be a absentee votes. harris would have also received almost all the unaffiliated voters to make it to 62% of the vote. this is perhaps possible, but extremely unlikely. so was harris' performance in the primary where he claimed 96% of the absentee ballots. all this is shady and definitely deserving of further investigation. the vote for the republican has so many irregularities could wind up with a special election. that's why we have not heard much from the president about it. >> this is not a democrat or
4:42 am
republic issue, it's an america issue. theodore roosevelt once said it is the affair of every honest voter wherever born to see that no fraudulent voting is allowed. >> if it's a real principle rather than fear mongering, it should apply to both parties equally. >> watching that closely, and it's not over there yet, john. thank you for bringing that to our attention. >> thanks, guys. the nfl did another investigation involving a star player in a violent assault against a woman. that's next.
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leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. running back, kareem hunt, has apologized to his team and the public days after tmz posted this video that shows him pushing and kicking a woman. >> honestly, i want to let the world know how sorry i am for my actions, and, you know, it has been a tough time for me and i am extremely embarrassed because of that video. i made a poor decision and i am willing to take full responsibility for any actions that come, you know, from this point on. >> joining us now to discuss usa today columnist, and a national
4:47 am
reporter for the "washington post," and a cnn analyst. that video is from february. that happened in february. the nfl knew about it for months. the nfl investigation began immediately following the incident, and the nfl continues to pursue a complete understanding of facts. it goes on and suggests that all the facts were not available to them in february. i have to say, christine, there could not have been a very thorough investigation. >> no, it could not, john. and we are basically re-inventing the wheel here, and it was the ray rice story, and there were two videos, actually, one of him dragging his then-fiance out of the elevator and then the punch that came later, and months went by and nobody seemed to care about the video, and now we move ahead four years and we are dealing with the exact same thing. it's stunning to me the nfl is
4:48 am
in this mess again. what have they learned? how is it possible they could not have been more interested in getting the facts at the time? >> there was an accusation, and what is different now is they see it, so in their heads there's something different being told about it than seeing it? >> it raises this big question of why is tmz able to get the videos, when the nfl, a big powerful organization with a relationship with law enforcements around the country are able to get their hands on this. it raises the question, did you want to get this video? when we listen to the nfl accounts about it, we opened an investigation, and what we know from their own explanation, the league itself had not talked to kareem hunt, and it does not seem like anybody has spoke with the woman since he spoke to the police. how serious was this taken?
4:49 am
the league would want us to think they took it seriously, but this is a case where you had something that came out in the public and had an incident and then months later we are seeing with our own eyes that perhaps the league should have done more than it did. >> and in the end, it seems like kareem hunt lied to them. >> which is what we heard from roger goodell about the ray rice story, and one is a 23-year-old, hunt, with a career ahead of him, and rice was at the end of his career, a 27-year-old. the nfl needs to care more about domestic violence, and that's what we need to say loud and clear. they say they do and then we see this. this is just -- one of these pr nightmares combined with the washington situation. >> tell us about that. >> we have ruben foster cut by the 49ers, a second domestic allegation charge in the last year, and 72 hours after he allegedly hit a woman he is
4:50 am
signed by the local team here in washington. that has led to a cascade of unforced errors, including doug williams, who is a good guy, part saying domestic violence is small potatoes. then, of course, coming back and apologizing. there's been an outcry of what washington did, signing him in this town, mediawise and other words. this has been a terrible week for the national football league. >> part of kareem hunt's explanation. what do you make of it? >> i thought that it was -- it is important, no matter what you think of the incident, to have him come out and say look, i was at fault here. sometimes, or very rarely do we see people with unequivocated apologies, no matter what
4:51 am
they're apologizing for. it's important that he came out and said those things. they will investigate whether this is the beginning of an attempted rehabilitation, very talented player at the very beginning of his career. and we as a society, fans, league, have to figure out what do we do with players who face accusations, especially when we see them on video. is this something that ends a career? is this something that can be overcome? it's a conversation we won't figure out this morning but the league will have to deal with. >> what did ray rice do? >> after realizing the horrors of his mistake and realizing his career was over immediately set out to make amends and over several years he has talked to students. a year and a half ago, about 25 high schools and colleges, talking to young men, saying don't do what i did and discussing in detail the mistake that he made. the path forward for kareem hunt, if there is going to be a chance for him to come back in the nfl, i think the path forward will be following that
4:52 am
ray rice model but that's probably several years down the road. >> roger goodell, don't do what i did, even though he just did again in terms of letting this slide, for a few months to an extent. in houston, special mission 41, get set to take former president bush to washington for the nation to honor him. beautiful sunrise shot on your screen right now, and our live coverage continues next. to showw keurig k-café brewer makes any house a coffee house. just pop that in for a coffee or brew a shot and froth milk for a latte or cappuccino. easy peasy. now she's a barista! it's so frothy. a little piece of heaven. thank you. but how's the coffee? a little piece of heaven. there are so many toothpastes out there which one should i use? choose one that takes care of your gums and enamel. crest gum & enamel repair cleans below the gum line and helps repair weakened enamel. gum & enamel repair, from crest.
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visit and use the joint damage simulator to see how your joint damage could be progressing. ask about enbrel. enbrel. fda approved for over 16 years. and your favorites are even bigger. with the big, juicy 18oz center-cut sirloin. and the ultimate great barrier combo. food this big is only here for a limited time. and now, get a $10 gift with every $50 in gift cards. "saturday night live" making hay of the challenges facing the white house. >> what's the latest on the mueller probe? >> well, the good news is it's almost over. >> and the bad news? >> it's almost over. >> i'm sad you're going to prison, michael. you were like a son to me. >> then why did you make me do so much illegal stuff? >> because you were like a son
4:57 am
to me. >> trump was like, please, tell me you didn't do it and i was like, bitch, do you want oil or not? >> one, two, three, four! >> for now, i guess, all i can say is -- ♪ don't cry for me argentina the truth is i'm very guilty ♪ ♪ some little no-nos and maybe treason but i kept my promise oops no i didn't ♪ >> that's now. the show also honored george h.w. bush with a montage of clips of dana carvcarvey and bu himself. >> i'm watching you do my impression of me and i have to say it's nothing like me. it bears no resemblance.
4:58 am
it's bad. it's bad. >> i'm sorry, mr. president i think it's a fair impression. >> i don't see it. >> you don't? >> it's not me. those crazy hand gestures, the pointing thing. i don't do them. also na-ga-da, never said it. >> so bush loved dana carvey impressions. >> who didn't? >> in the bush museum in texas. can you imagine president trump with alec baldwin, appearing side by side? >> being gracious? >> no. let's hope that we get that moment. our nation's capital preparing to honor former president george h.w. bush. we continue our coverage right now. >> i feel very fortunate to be president at this fascinating time. >> my dad say kind person. >> good news, bad news, he was always available to me. his humility demonstrated itself in so many different ways. >> 58 mgss in world war ii. >> 43 said i love you, dad.
4:59 am
i'll see you in heaven and 41 said i love you, too. >> i had no contact. i engaged in politics. >> our president needs to respect the independence of this investigation. >> this is getting tougher and tougher for donald trump and his family. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day." it's monday, december 3rd. 8:00 in the east and john and i are here in washington. >> very big week to honor the president. excited to be here for it. >> me, too, where the nation will prepare to say farewell to our 41st president. he will lie in state at the capital rotunda for the public to pay their respects tonight through wednesday morning. that's when the state funeral for president bush will take place. it will be at the washington national cathedral. former president will be flown
5:00 am
here on this plane. this is a u.s. military plane. it is called, when he will be on it, special mission 41. traveling with his casket. also will be his faithful service dog, sully. the yellow lab lying next to the flag-draped casket. >> sully could do everything for you but make a martini he used to joke, but if you need aid martini, he could get someone to do it for you. that's how good sully was. president trump will attend the funeral along with his predecessors. bush 41 made it clear he wanted the current president to be there. this will be an important and rare moment of unity in this town. threats of a government shutdown still looms but will be put off a couple of weeks because of the death of president bush. fired fbi director james comey will testify before congress this week. michael


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