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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  December 4, 2018 2:59am-4:01am PST

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not call 911. this is not real. yes, your kids can watch "christmas vacation" and should. >> i'm on common sense media. they're too young. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. see you tomorrow. this hero has returned to the capitol a final time. >> what we see is a man whose service was not driven by political gain or power. >> god bless the memory of george herbert walker bush. it could be a momentous week. these court filings could be quite revealing. >> these two tweets together, it's part of a very disturbing pattern. >> he talked about roger stone telling the truth. that is a tantamount to obstruction of justice. >> this is potentially an abuse of power that could lead to impeachment. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day." it's tuesday, december 4th.
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6:00 here in washington. former president george h.w. bush lies in state this morning at the u.s. capitol. look at that. these are live pictures. >> that's incredible. what a view. >> and it's 6:00 a.m. and surrounded by the honor guard. the casket lies in state for public viewing until tomorrow morning and people have been coming in all night long. you can see them there right now. the president and first lady they paid their respects overnight, they stood inside the hall for over a minute, you can see president trump saluting the casket there. we learned that he will pay a condolence visit to the bush family today, they're staying in blair house across pennsylvania avenue from the white house. the "washington post" reports that the bush family decided on an undeclared truce with the president this week. this he want the focus to be on the legacy of president bush rather than overt anti-trump sentiment, although someone
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close to the family is quoted in the post article as saying the comparisons are presenting themselves. president trump will attend the state funeral tomorrow, but he will not speak. former president george w. bush who has been quite emotional over the last day, he will eulogize his father. you can see bush 43 right there filled with emotion throughout the ceremonies yesterday. >> and laura bush as well, too, her face said a lot as well. mean while, with he could learn a lot more about special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. through a series of court filings this week that involved three of president trump's closest associates, the first is today when mueller is expected to reveal details of the cooperation that he obtained from fired national security adviser michael flynn. you will remember that flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi about his conversations about those sanctions with russia's ambassador. president trump is venting his frustration on twitter about all of this, about the mueller probe, he's blasting michael
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cohen saying that cohen should go to prison and he is at the same time praising roger stone, but at the moment is refusing to testify against the president. is all of this somehow tampering with witnesses. let's begin our coverage with cnn's phil mattingly, he is live on capitol hill. phil? >> reporter: good morning. i was just talking to capital police on my way in this morning and they said throughout the night there has been a small but steady stream of those who came to pay their respects to former president george h.w. bush, is president that represented the presidency but also a lifetime of service. somebody that mitch mcconnell called one of the most especially remarkable sons of the greatest generation, a generation that will no longer be represented in the white house. now, this morning as people still come in to pay their respects it follows a da i where almost some sense of bipartisanship broke out in the capitol rotunda, the bush family watching as mcconnell, speaker paul ryan, vice president mike pence all gave remarks hon i think are the former president and also the bipartisan leaders, nancy pelosi and speaker ryan on one side, chuck schumer the
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democratic leader and mcconnell on the other, laying wreaths in front of the casket of george h.w. bush and a brief detente, if you will, of everything we've seen in washington. you noted today president trump is expected to go to a private visit at the blair house, a private house across the street from the white house where the bush family is staying and the festivities, if you will, the ron ring of the president will continue throughout the day in the capitol. i'm told to keep an eye out for sully, the service dog of president bush could also show up. this is all leading up to the service in washington tomorrow at the national cathedral. as you guys noted president george w. bush will eulogize the president, also expected to speak at that ceremony, senator -- former senator allen simpson, former canadian prime minister and jon meacham who did essentially the definitive biography of george h.w. bush that will all lead into the ceremony that will start in texas on thursday. also expected at that ceremony
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tomorrow all living presidents, presidents trump, obama, carter and clinton, their wives with the exception of roslyn carter, also foreign leaders, people like prince charles, angela merkel, all coming to pay their respects in a week that i think everybody acknowledges is one that is special for the country and noteworthy paying respects to somebody who basically deserves that respect based on his career. guys? >> phil mattingly for up on the hill. the pageantry is important, it is a moment for this nation to reflect and we will be talking about it all morning long. but there's also a lot of other news. any moment this morning we are expecting to see the sentencing memo for former trump national security adviser michael flynn. this is a big deal. it could reveal new details about special counsel mueller's investigation into russian collusion and it's just the first big moment in what could be a big week of revelations in this investigation. joining us david gregory, abby phillip and our legal analyst laura coates. laura, this sentencing memo,
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this will be the case against michael flynn like we haven't seen it before. >> it's true, remember, he pled guilty last december and all that time there's been delays of his sentencing. mueller's team has kept saying we need him still, he is still on the hook, the question is why? why has he been on the hook for over a year? when you see people like michael cohen and paul manafort have a matter of months before they are pleading guilty and asking for sentencing. >> what does that tell me? >> how what michael flynn knows has been of such importance during the transition period and on the campaign trial, he was fired three weeks into the actual administration so we don't have much about that, but whatever he knows has been so important and i think strategically the timing is important here. alisyn, john, think about this, when the president of the united states finally handed in his answers all of a sudden mueller was galvanized, manafort is called a liar, you've got michael flynn coming out of the shadows after a year, rick gates where is he, that's the lingering question and you have michael cohen.
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this is going to be a critical and impactful sentencing memo. >> john brings up the speaking indictments, this could be a talking sentencing memo where we will know more than -- there has been very few windows into this and today might be one of those. >> sinned dose into the special prosecutor's thinking, his particular focus, where he might be focused on where there's coordination with the russians, also with the president himself. i think this question of what the president knew about the meeting on trump tower on opposition research, what business, financial dealings he may have had with moscow that would have played into this question of whether there was actual collusion, what the relationship was with wikileaks and it's important to remember about michael flynn, this is somebody who had his own financial relationship with the russians, was expecting speaking fees, was seated at a big rt television dinner with vladimir putin. we know about, you know, his lying about being foreign representative -- representative of foreign governments like
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turkey. so, yeah, i think this provides some insight into the ultimate direction and gives us some clue perhaps about what he knew about some of these critical questions, which at least gives us -- you know, it illuminates at least part of this canvas that mueller is working on. >> if we have speaking indictments and talking sentencing we have like a singing telegram president on what's going on in his head during this whole thing and it's on twitter for all of us to see and it has legal implications here. he was tweeting yesterday about roger stone and michael cohen and there are questions this morning about witness tamp ripping. led me read what he said about roger stone. he's quoting here, i will never testify against trump because that's something roger stone said. this statement was recently made by roger stone essentially stating that he will not be forced by a rogue and out of control prosecutor to make up lies and stories about president trump. nice to know that some people still have guts, phil mudd, this
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gets to you, as someone who spent a lot of time asking people questions, looking for information from witnesses, the president of the united states is saying what to you? >> let's be clear here. this is not just the president of the united states, this is the head of the federal government, the head of the execute i have it, the department of justice and the fbi are part of the executive. when you're dealing with an investigative case think of take it outside of this context and think of the things that i witnessed when i was at the fbi, for example, major organized crime cases, major drug cases, consistently in those cases you would see people tell their friends, don't testify. don't do the ethical thing. if you've seen something that's illegal or unethical, don't speak to the feds. we now have the president of the united states, again, the head of the executive, telling people in the united states, messaging them that when the executive branch via the department of justice and fbi comes to speak with you, if you know something unethical or illegal, the right thing to do, shut up. it's hard to imagine how do you build a case when you have people who are advised by the
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president of the united states don't speak. it makes it a lot tougher, john. >> abby, the person who has taken a different tact and it is fascinating to watch this is michael cohen. michael cohen who once said he would take a bullet for president trump, who was so dedicated and dutiful to the president has decided to take a different tact and to confess and to -- i mean, from what we can tell, to sort of open up to everything that he has done. "the new york times" has an interesting article this morning on why michael cohen had done this. mr. cohen it says has concluded that his life has been utterly destroyed by his relationship with mr. trump and his own actions and to begin anew he needed to speed up the legal process by quickly confessing his crimes and serving any sentence he receives according to his friends and associates and analysis of documents in the case. he has told friends he is mystified that he is taking the fall for actions that he carried out on behalf of mr. trump who remains unscathed. still he is resigned to accepting responsibility. it is so frankly shakespearian
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to me. >> a drama. >> it is. >> it's as if he never watched "the sopranos." it doesn't end well sometimes for people. >> it's almost as if he didn't work for president trump who has been this way for basically his entire life. it has always been clear that loyalty is a one-way street with trump. that he expects blind loyalty from the people who work for him, but he often does not reciprocate that and michael cohen found out the hard way that president trump was not going to come and save him. even though president trump happens to also be the only person in this country who could save him from some of this. he's the only person who could potentially pardon michael cohen and michael cohen realized that he couldn't rely on that and president trump is showing us in his tweets that he really doesn't have any regard for this person who worked for him for so long. he's characterized him as weak, he said he deserves a very long
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prison sentence, the longest possible sentence. he said not only michael cohen but his wife and father-in-law ought to get that same sentence. so president trump is beyond throwing him under the bus here. cohen is in a difficult spot because he has done exactly what trump expects of everyone who works for him, he has lied for the president, he has done things quietly to protect him behind the scenes and he tried to take the fall for him, but now it has become a lot -- and it's not just cohen, it's also his family. i think for a lot of people involved in this case that has become untenable for them. >> throwing himself on the mercy of the court is the more traditional way to do it, whereas others -- if they're positioning themselves as the loyal defiant members of the trump clan, that's still a risky strategy that trump is going to come rescue you with a pardon. here michael cohen is obviously hoping if he cooperates and admits to these things that he can serve a reduced sentence and
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move on with his life. >> these tweets from the president, we heard jeffrey do you knowen saying this is a potentially offense. legally speaking where do these statements from the president of the united states land. >> it falls under the words expectation versus direction. first of all, did michael cohen expect something and there was some direction that implied it or did he actually have a directive, either someone say to him that if he lies you will get x, that's number one. that's still to be determined. in terms of the actual president's tweets, he did inoculate himself a little bit in those tweets by saying this time around, listen, i don't want essentially somebody to lie to the federal government. what i'm doing is trying to honor my roll as the head executive branch and say i don't want a rogue prosecutor try to encourage somebody but that is part of a pattern up until now -- denied investigators the full opportunity for comprehensive testimony.
3:13 am
in isolation this tweet it does lean towards influencing a witness unnecessarily and unlawfully but it's the overall pattern that is much more concerning for the president of the united states as opposed to this one. >> in a political report to congress if you fire jim comey because you don't like how he's handling the investigation and you go down the line that pattern could be part of a case they make politically to congress. >> absolutely. >> and that leads us to george conley. >> all roads. >> all roads lead to george conway. kellyanne conway has tried to suggest in a contentious interview she did with dana bash that it's off limits, you should never be able to bring up her husband. george conway keeps inserting himself into all of this. it's impossible not to bring him up. so after the president tweeted about that, you know, how he thought that it took guts to not talk to mueller, george conway treated this cryptic tweet, which is just the kind of -- >> it's the witness tampering
3:14 am
law. >> here is what it really is, protection of government processes, tampering with victims, witnesses or informants. so he is suggesting that the president is witness tampering, and then eric trump the president's son went after george conway and said this, of all the ugliness in politics the utter disrespect that george conway shows towards his wife, her career, place of work and everything she has fought so hard to achieve might top them all. kellyanne conway is a great person and frankly his actions are horrible. what's happening here, phil? >> this is real housewives of pennsylvania avenue. that is what's happening here. look, let me give you a couple of perspectives on this. if we think that the president of the united states is going to be charged with witness tampering after the investigation starts with the big story of was the united states in collusion with the russians, i don't buy that for a heartbeat. i don't know if he violated the letter of the law, i don't believe that the special counsel is going to go after him on that. as far as the marriage of conway
3:15 am
and kellyanne conway, i think i will stay out of what they talk about over breakfast on saturday because i cannot understand whether or not you think he has a right to speak, how you live in that marriage, and he with a uks in and says i'm going to hammer your boss again tonight in public. i don't get that one. >> abby, on this, though, kellyanne gets deeply offended when anyone brings this up in any setting, yet her boss' son just brought it up in a very public way. >> and the president has brought it up. he called george conway mr. kellyanne conway, which is a dig -- >> in the trump world it is. >> everybody around kellyanne obviously understands this dynamic, but i will also say they sat for a lengthy "washington post" article on the subject -- >> they brought up their breakfast. >> so it is the subject of news -- >> and what did they reveal in the article? >> the divisions that you see on twitter are very real. that they do not agree on this
3:16 am
issue. i think, you know, it wouldn't be the first washington mare i think a, but i think what's interesting about this is that george conway is someone who is actively on the legal side trying to undermine president trump, implying that he is on the path to impeachment or some kind of legal pearil. >> i think eric's role in it now is fascinating to me as well. >> it's all fascinating. okay. panel, thank you very much. all right. we've been watching all morning as americans honor president george h.w. bush. there he is. this is live pictures from inside the capitol rotunda. we're learning more about this sort of undeclared truce that the bush family has headed into this week with. that they first contacted the president over the summer and said, yes, he would be invited to this funeral. we will discuss all of this next.
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we're about to show you live pictures of the honor guard. look at this dram i can live picture, this is the honor guard watching over the casket of former president george h.w. bush who is lying in state at the u.s. capitol. it's so poetic and beautifully, i don't know, silent and lit dramatically. the president and the first lady paid their respects last night. the "washington post" reports on this truce between the bush
3:21 am
family and president trump ahead of tomorrow's state funeral. so let's talk about it. we want to bring in david gregory and abby phillip, cnn political commentator scott jennings, former white house correspondent for abc news ann compton. it sounds according to the "washington post" this past summer knowing that bush 41 was declining the family reached out to the white house and said, like, let's cool it basically and that president trump will be invited to the funeral. i am fascinated by that sort of back room dealing. if you can sustain a truce for these past four months why not forever, number one, and what do you make of that? >> i make less of a truce and more of a detente to get luanne important moment and the kind of moment that george herbert walker bush feels is so valuable. i suppose for president trump the worst thing would be to be
3:22 am
completely ignored. he will be in the front row, but he won't have a starring role or really even a political role. so much of this funeral was, you know, designed by committee and military help for the last several years before president trump took office. >> some of it's practical also because the bush family wanted the -- air force one normally to be available, wanted the government resources and i think may have been nervous according to the "washington post" that the current president trump would be so vindictive that he wouldn't provide it unless there was this truce, but also -- and, scott, you can weigh in on this -- this seems to me to be the quintessential george h.w. bush approach to this. ease president trump's concerns that he will be excluded in this so that he knows this is about something bigger than a spat, this is about the country. >> yeah, and it reflects his life. everything he did was bigger than himself. everything he did was in service
3:23 am
to his country. he was the opposite of tribalism. in his inaugural address he reached out to the democrats who controlled congress and said, i want to talk to my friends in the loyal opposition. he knew the value of bridging divides and there has been a divide between the bush people and the new trump people. so as a republican but as an american who participates in politics, i like it when you see these big moments being used to bring people together and you hope it lasts. you hope it lasts because certainly during the campaign president trump did not have great things to say about george w. bush and the bush family legacy, but clearly they have all lived these lives of service and have given so much to the country and president trump coming and being part of this, it's a good moment of reconciliation for the old republicans and the in you. >> if history is any indication it will not last. >> i'm going to take the under on that. >> it brings me no pleasure to say that, but again, the idea that they are respecting this truce is somehow heartening. >> i think they didn't want the distraction as everyone was has
3:24 am
said. i think that's the biggest point. they didn't want anything to interfere, these kind of different story lines to interfere with honoring this family and honoring president bush. i think that's entirely appropriate. it's really who the -- it's who the bush family s you know, that they are not going to make that kind of statement. i don't think we're going to see, you know, a moment like eisenhower and truman who can reconciled at the funeral of president kennedy after his assassination, but i do think it's the appropriateness of honoring the office, honoring the presidency. i always felt covering george w. bush that he wore the office so well and that was obviously true of his father and part of the legacy of this family's commitment to service. so i think this is entirely the right thing and, do you know what, even if we have a president who is more personally vindictive, it's really appropriate to see public figures doing the right thing in public, saying the right things in public, do you know why, it feels good for the whole country no matter where their heart is
3:25 am
on it. >> i think it does, though, tell you a lot about president trump how this all played out. that he often in almost every case needs the other party to reach out to him, to extend the olive branch. he is likely to accept if the other person extends the olive branch. that is different, it is who he has always been not just in this setting but you see it on the world stage with all of his various feuds that he has with world leaders that come and go, but he always needs the other party to give him something in order for him to come to the table and do -- and do the thing that is expected of the office, but as david said, i think this is important because the bush family understands as a family of service that goes back many generations, they understand that the institution and these images that we see are not just feel good, they are about the character of this country and the very foundation of this country, passing the torch, and president trump doesn't understand that in the same way
3:26 am
because he is so new to all of this. >> it was good to see president trump there overnight, it will be good to see him go to blair house today to visitity family. another one of the images that yesterday i found so seefrg was watching george w. bush, the 43rd president of the united states throughout the day. he is someone that a number of us here covered extensively and spent a lot of time trying to psycho analyze president trump, there were countless hours, days, trying to analyze the relationship between george w. bush and george h.w. bush and i spent a long time doing it myself. i have come to the conclusion that the one word to describe the feeling that george w. bush feels for his father is love. and you see the love bursting from him yesterday from the minute he walked off the plane to these moments at the capitol, ann compton, you just see how dearly the son loved the father. >> and idolized him and to me watching the actual capitol ceremony yesterday after, what,
3:27 am
48 hours of the warmth and grace that were tributes coming out, george bush sat there and is now facing his father's casket and the pain etched on his face was palpable. you could even see laura turning around every once in awhile, the first lady, almost concerned. that expression on his face, as you know, is not one of pleasure, but of extreme pain. >> he was holding it together. i mean, you could see -- and i've seen this before with him -- he was working so hard to hold it together. >> of course, scott, it's complicated, as are so many father/son relationships and particularly this one that played out publicly and that many thought that george w. bush was trying to somehow fulfill or right his father's wrongs in office. and so what from where you sit do you think bush 41's legacy really is. >> i think his legacy is one of in our politics it's possible
3:28 am
for us to have vigorous push and pull in our democracy, but still view each other as good americans. i think part of what his message was that we can really go after each other and they did, the '88 campaign was a very hard fought campaign, the '92 campaign was a hard fought campaign, but when it's over we accept these democratic outcomes and we can believe each other to be good americans, even though we disagree on virtually everything. certainly people had vigorous disagreements with his policies during his one term, people had disagreements with bush 43's policies, but the idea that we can still look at each other as all being patriotic, all wanting the same thing, all rowing the boat in the same direction despite those disagreements to me is the greatest legacy that bush 41 and the whole bush family is going to leave this country. i think that message permeating this week to me is one of the greatest things we can have in a country that feels fractured right now in our politics. >> it doesn't mean you have to
3:29 am
say that he was perfect because no president is perfect. >> right. >> you can say that he tried and he was trying to do good and still acknowledge, for instance, that 1988 was, you know, a racial-based campaign or a campaign that was as negative as they come in some cases. that, for instance, you know, saddam hussein, david, he left saddam hussein in power, he's been criticized for that. there were parts of his administration that were open for debate and still are, but that doesn't mean you don't go back and say this is a man who tried. >> we tend to interpret the father based on the presidency of the son because you look at these contrasts and say, well, this was the son in a public way as president trying to redeem parts of his father's administration, the decision over pursuing saddam hussein is one that calls out, but i agree with scott, i think that the elder president bush was someone who felt strongly about being a stuard of the country. he didn't give himself the credit of being a visionary but a good stuard at a dangerous time. somebody who was a pragmatic
3:30 am
guy, who didn't always enjoy the price of politics but was willing to play it and willing to pay at it hard but who was a competitive guy and always thought about moving the country forward. i look at that emotion that we see in 43 in president bush and i remember that image of the father standing over the son when the son was in the oval office for the first time in the chair of the oval office. such a moment of pride and love and that love and support even during the tough times of the gulf war, of the second gulf war, was something that loomed large for this son as a measure of support from his dad. >> all right. friends, thank you all for being here and sharing in this moment. we know you will be here throughout the day and throughout tomorrow. we should note we are going to speak to george p. bush, texas political figure, the grandson. >> eldest grandson. just that special relationship. i can't wait to hear more about it because his grandchildren loved him. >> and i think he had a unique relationship with each and every one of them, too. so very special.
3:31 am
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we have some breaking news this morning. france now says it will suspend fuel tax hikes that sparked weeks of violent deadly protests. the prime minister was supposed to meet with representatives of the so-called yellow vest movement to find ways to diffuse tensions about higher taxes and living costs but that meeting has been canceled. the protests have left three dead and at least 260 injured. in hours cia director gina haspel will brief lawmakers on the murder of jamal khashoggi. this comes after senators were upset that haspel was not part of that full senate briefing last week. brump has rejected the cia assessment that the saudi crown
3:36 am
prince personally ordered khashoggi's murder. cnn has learned that the death of the top commander overseeing u.s. naval forces in the middle east appears to be a suicide. the body of vice admiral scott steerny was found at his home in bahrain over the weekend. he was described as a devoted father and husband, led u.s. operations in the red sea and persian gulf, a department official says sterny was not under investigation, there were no signs of foul play. a cnn investigation is revealing an unusual pattern in that north carolina house race that is mired in controversy, while election officials are looking into these allegations that absentee ballots were tampered with in the ninth congressional district. cnn has obtained 161 ballots and discovered the same nine people signed at least ten ballots each. of those nine people some are linked to a political operative who worked for the campaign of mark harris, he was the projected republican winner in
3:37 am
north carolina witnesses must sign absentee ballots but they are usually family or friends. election officials are considering a possible do over in the race. a ruling is expected later this month and we will stay on this. >> people say voter fraud. this is actually election fraud. the allegations or people suspect is that maybe there were political operatives who were trying to rig the game, not people trying to vote twice, but campaigns trying to make this happen. >> the evidence suggests that at the moment. president trump appears to be cutting back on foreign travel compared to his predecessors. what message duoes this send to others around the world? that's next. 24 hours, you finished preparing him for college. in 24 hours, you'll send him off thinking you've done everything for his well being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b.
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so what came out of last week's g20 summit? the visuals were attention grabbing, some of them. president trump seemed at times subdued, even awkward. take a look at this moment, this is when the president made a sift exit from the stage after shaking the hand of argentina's president who was hosting the international summit. you see the argentinian president trying to get him back there because president trump
3:42 am
was expected to stick around for a welcome photo op. this comes as the "washington post" writes that president trump has been trying to curtail his foreign trips and that the president is, quote, diminishing foreign travel, it reflects a president scaling back foreign ambition. let's talk about all of this with richard haass, he is the president of the council on foreign relations and served as chief middle east and south asia adviser of the white house national security council under president george h.w. bush. good morning, richard. >> good morning, alisyn. >> what is the upshot of g20? what came out of it from where you watched? >> the actual g20 accomplishes almost nothing. it's a meeting. there is no real follow-up, it's not an organization or an institution, the communiqué was a piece of swiss cheese, with big holes in it. what's really important about the g20 it's an occasion for people to have one-on-one meetings, in this case the most important meeting was between the president of the united states and the president of
3:43 am
china and the absence of meetings between the president of the united states and either mr. putin or the crown prince of saudi arabia. >> et cetera will talk about this because here is your tweet, you said this is a pattern to the foreign policy of trump. we have seen it with north korea, nafta and now china. he creates a sense of crisis, compromises, and claims he accomplished more than he did and deserves credit for being diffused the crisis that he largely created. as it relates to that meeting -- well, whatever happened with china, you know, president trump claims that they did move the ball forward in terms of agreeing to discuss intellectual property, agreeing to hold off on more tariffs, sort of fore stalling any kind of trade war. how did you see it? >> it's a 90-day truce. basically the united states introduced higher tariffs, china retaliated, we threatened to do more, we pulled back, this he pulled back for 90 days, but i will be honest with you, almost all the outstanding issues don't lend themselves to the kind of negotiation where they are going to be resolved in 90 days.
3:44 am
we can declare victory, but essentially we didn't accomplish a whole lot of anything. >> basically it's your feeling that president trump claims that he's made big accomplishments with, say, north korea after he meets with kim jong-un or president xi but that it's not in writing. these things are just left kind of hanging. >> it is a moment in diplomacy, alisyn, where henry kissinger used to call it strategic ambiguity and sometimes that can help, but as we saw in helsinki with putin or sing poer with kim jong-un if you walk out of a meeting and each have a different sense what have the other guy agreed to and what your obligations are you're simply setting yourself up for frustration. take north korea, the president can say we've accomplished denuclearization but the last i checked not only has north korea not moved in that direction, but it's actually moved farther away from it. that again is the problem of having meetings that have, say, no staff in the room, no clear communiqué and no serious follow-up. >> i want to ask you about this moment that has gotten so much
3:45 am
attention and that was mohammed bin salman greeting vladimir putin and they were beaming. i mean, they publicly are sort of high-fiving each other. many people have never seen vladimir putin smiling this broadly. what message did you take from that moment? >> you have something of a pariahs club and there they are, what they have in common is they murder political opponents. it's a real indictment, though, also of the united states. it shows what happens if we don't make the embrace of protection of values and human life a centerpiece of our foreign policy, what happens is tyrants around the world essentially run with that and they use it as license to do what both of these individuals have done and in some ways a large statement this is a signal of what a post-american world looks like. we have less influence, our values have more sway. this to me was a truly depressing or discouraging
3:46 am
moment of the g20. >> max boot conservative columnist said tyrants are laughing at the u.s. do you agree? >> i don't know if they're laughing at us but essentially they don't feel like they pay any price for their tyranny. there is no penalty particularly in their bilateral relationship with us, they get invited to international gatherings, they ought not to have legitimacy, they ought not to have normal relationships with us, but they seem to be having their cake and eating it. >> let's talk about that. so it's been two months since jamal khashoggi's murder and as i think you've heard president trump say that saudi arabia is so strategically important to the u.s., no more is going to be done to retaliate. do you think that -- i mean, when i've questioned trump surrogates or people from the administration they've said, oh, but we have sanctioned them, they've nks is aed the 17 saudis, they can no longer travel to the u.s., their assets will be frozen. >> that's preposterous. the idea that these people acted on their own is just silly. the fact that there were 11 phone calls between the crown
3:47 am
prince and the goo i in charge of the killing of khashoggi all just before and after the killing, obviously this was carried out at the behest of the crown prince. perhaps just adds important this idea that saudi arabia is so pivotal we have to essentially get away with it, i don't see it. they started a war in yemen that is a strategic and humanitarian disaster, they've divided the arab world, this he don't have a relationship anymore with canada, they haven't delivered anything on the peace process, their oil output is not nearly as significant as it was. what am i missing here? this idea that saudi arabia is so important that we have to essentially put aside our own preferences and values. i just don't buy it, alisyn. >> itch are ard, of course, you worked with bush 41, so tell us what you think his legacy is. >> i think his legacy in foreign policy is on one hand the importance of american leadership, that the world does not organize itself without the united states, but also the importance of multilateralism. he didn't do it alone, he did it
3:48 am
with others. whether it was the peaceful end of the cold war, bringing germany -- a united germany into nato, the entire management of the gulf crisis after saddam hussein conquered kuwait, the way bush brought together this unprecedented international coalition and liberated kuwait. any number of other things, he was the one who negotiated the nafta agreement, did all sorts of work also on environmental issues, and also here at home perhaps just as important was his willingness to reach across the aisle, to show that you could be a bipartisan president and get things done, particularly if you didn't put your own short-term political interests paramount. my guess is -- and we're already seeing it -- history will see him as not just the most successful one-term president in american history, but i actually think history will see him as one of the better presidents in american history and one who really played a pivotal moment
3:49 am
when the world was transitioning from the era of the cold war to all that has come after. >> ambassador richard haass, always great to talk to you. thanks for being on. >> thank you. the president's statements on twitter about michael cohen and roger stone, what did late night make of it? the answer, a lot. that's next.
3:50 am
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ingenious space- neat nest™ by fasaving design. all designed to stack and protect the lids, and the pan surface. farberware neat nest™. stacked & intact™ so when the president vents his spleen about michael cohen and also talks about roger stone you just know the late night comics are going to get into it. >> you do. >> these are your late night laughs. >> president trump returned home from the g20 summit in argentina and just to mess with him his staffers trashed the oval office and told him there was an fbi raid. there was nothing we could do, mr. president, there was so many of them. and they had guns. >> in a surprise twist cohen doesn't want to go to jail. his lawyers argued that an exchange for his cooperation with robert mueller cohen should be spared prison for crimes he committed in an abundance of
3:54 am
enthusiasm for trump. yes, an abundance of enthusiasm. so unlike the women he paid off for trump, cohen wasn't faking it. >> trump wants roger stone to know he has his back. by the way, you know you are no trouble when one of the only people you can count on is this guy, the guy who framed roger rabbit is your only friend. >> you really can't go wrong with closing with roger stone and his picture. >> i have to say roger stone we know has a mixon tattoo, do we know whether he has a trump tattoo yet? >> and where on his body it might be. >> we have our best people on that. >> oh, boy. okay. moving on, americans are continuing to pay their respects to president george h.w. bush who is lying in state at the u.s. capitol. we have new details on a truce between the bush family and president trump.
3:55 am
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he showed us that how we live is as important as what we achieve. his life was a him of honor. >> it's almost like we're watching a vanished world. he came from a different generation. >> i knew him to be a fine man. even when he opposed your views, you knew he was doing what he thought was best for the united states of america. mueller is going to show what michael flynn has been talking about for a year. >> clearly the president is saying if you cross me, you are a rat, but if you stand with me, you're going to get taken care of. >> you will not bear false witness against the president, that's a positive thing to say. >> that type of pattern is something that we call obstruction of justice. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your new day. john and i are in washington, d.c. for a very special week here. former president george h.w. bush lies in state this morning at the u.s. capitol. these are live pictures that you're looking at, this is
4:00 am
inside the rotunda with the honor guard watching over his flag-draped casket. >> that is the changing of the honor guard that you're watching live pictures of. it's been going on all night. >> look at this vantage point, it's so dramatic, it's so poignant to watch the silence and slow movements happening in the rotunda. the public viewing will continue until tomorrow morning. the current president and first lady paid their respects last night. president trump saluting the casket. today he will visit the bush family at blair house where they are staying. all of this ceremony as the "washington post" reports the bush family initiated a truce with president trump this week. they wanted the focus to be on the legacy of president bush rather than any anti-trump sentiment. president trump will attend the memorial service tomorrow, but he will not have a speaking role. former president george w. bush will eulogize his father and he


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