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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  December 6, 2018 2:59am-4:01am PST

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it's called "early start." >> i bet they are watching. thanks, alex. >> we are letting them off the hook because it is tough hours. it was good to be on "jeopardy!." thanks for joining us. i'm dave briggs. >> i'm christine romans. "new day" starts right now. smoke is starting to generate on what happened around the team of the president. >> if there was collusion, it would be hard for me to think flynn didn't know about it. i don't know that anything was there. >> an imperfect man, he left us a more perfect union. >> in our grief, by the smile knowing that dad is hugging robin and holding mom's hand again. >> this is "new day" with alisyn
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camerota and john berman. >> welcome to our viewers around the world and the united states. erica hill is joining me, and alisyn is off. >> we need to know what is underneath that. this morning we are at a clear pivot point in the mueller investigation, at least as clear as anything is in this matter. they are releasing some things about what they are looking at and what they have determined. of course sometimes they just raise new questions like the pages of redactions. tomorrow prosecutors will
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release the details, and what more will we learn about flynn's cooperation and about paul manafort's lies. also tomorrow prosecutors tell us exactly what manafort has been lying so much about, so much that it torpedoed his plea deal with the special counsel's office. what we want to do is layout the questions that remain that might -- might be answered shortly. also, the final farewell for george h.w. bush. here are live pictures for you where the 41st president is lying in repose. there will be a second funeral service this morning before he is buried at his presidential library later today. the late president's son, george w. bush fighting back the tears as he eulogized his father.
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in the pews, trump joining the other living presidents as the odd man out. right now we are keeping a close watch as stock futures are down sharply. look at the red arrows. this is the asian markets and european markets opening lower, and we will have more on what is causing the turmoil. that's coming up in just a few moments. >> yeah, we are going to watch this very carefully because something is clearly going on here, and you may want to know in terms of your four o401(k)s. and then joining us is mr. gregory, and cordero. we want to layout the big questions that might be answered soon, and we brought in a ringer, and that ringer is
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derick rath. we asked garrett to narrow it down to the five big ones. we will put these up on the screen. run through the questions you have. >> one of the first ones is why michael cohen is being prosecuted by robert mueller? this is presumably part of some legal strategy that mueller is laying down that we don't understand either about what michael cohen is saying about lying to congress or about targeting other people who are lying to congress. the second big question here is why has there been no cozy bear indictment? remember, there were two separate hacking attacks on the democratic party and the u.s. voting system in 2016. one led by russian military
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intelligence, which we have seen an indictment about, and the other being the russian state security, the successor to the kgb, that also hacked the dnc, and we have not seen any knowledge of the hack coming out even though we know the dutch intelligence knows exactly who perpetrated that attack. then we get into the question about why bob mueller has not indicted one of the three internet research agency employees that travelled to the united states in the summer of 2016. this is -- he indicted two of the three. he obviously knows who this third person is because he knows who this person filed their expenses to at the internet research agency, but this points to possibly does bob mueller have a cooperator inside the
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internet research agency, and sort of why is this person's fingerprints on the attack but not in the indictment? then we have a bombshell report that "the guardian" put out last waoe week that paul manafort may have met with julian assange, the founder of wikileaks, over -- perhaps even multiple times during the campaign and before the campaign. then there are all sorts of breadcrumbs and unanswered questions in this investigation that we still have to get to. >> garrett, thank you for laying that out. >> they are such important questions. i want to start with the first one you brought up because it's fascinating to so many people. carrie, i will slthrow this oneo you. the fact that it's being handled by robert mueller, and certain
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things were passed on to the southern district because it made more sense. what is your take? >> senator burr gave us insights to this last week when he gave remarks at an academic conference, and he, of course s. the chairman of the senate intelligence committee, and he made reference to the plea and the committee referred several matters to the special counsel's office, and he made a point that said if individuals lie to the senate intelligence committee that that committee was not afraid to make criminal referrals. a interpretation is that is what happened and michael cohen lied, as the documents say, he lied in written documentation that was provided by the committee, and the committee made referrals to the special counsel's office and that's how itfellunder that umbrella. >> david and garrett, you have
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done a lot over the last few days of what we do know and how significant it is. we know michael flynn has pleaded guilty about lying, lying about matters that had directly to do with russia. his campaign chair was lying behind the scenes and his plea deal got blown up. and michael cohen was involved, too. that's heavy and has to be weighing on president trump. >> yeah, in the flynn documents he talks about contacts between russian officials, and that's what was so potentially problematic if you look at the problems. one thing that garrett does is layout the spokes in the wheel here that has to do with the financial relationship between the trump organization and russia, whether they are
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oligarchs or investors, and it's difficult to understand that and it gets to why there might have been a relationship to begin with, why there might have been coordination when it came to interference on digging up dirt on hillary clinton. and then the after election piece of this, which is how the president conducted himself and whether or not he obstructed justice, and i go back to don mcgahn who spent so much time with the special prosecutor that could connect so much with what was said and planned and what was actually done. >> it's fascinating, as you said, to have david remind us with what we know, which is a lot, and there's so much we don't know it could make your head spin. we could learn potentially so
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much by friday. garrett, as you are waiting for all of this information to come is there one more than the other that you think will really start to dig into some of these five questions and even some of the broader 14 questions you layout? >> we're presumably going to learn a lot more about paul manafort over the next 24 hours or 36 hours, at this point it's early in the day. two of the big questions i am looking for in what we learn in the paul manafort sentencing memorandum. he is charged with behavior predating the campaign. some of the money laundering scheme we have seen him involved in that he has been convicted of did stretch into the period of the campaign, but so far it seems unrelated to the campaign. was there behavior that paul manafort was engaging on during
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the campaign or after that relates to the crimes that bob mueller is pursuing, potentially even up to the transition or beyond. the second big thing with paul manafort is this overarching question that during this period of the plea agreement over the last couple of months, bob mueller says he lied, and this is an interesting phrasing, and committed new crimes. what are the new crimes that paul manafort has been committing over the last couple of months according to the special counsel? do those deal with obstruction of justice, witness tampering, or is he involved in new schemes or is there -- remember, this is a period where he was talking to the president's lawyer. is there a nexus from paul manafort to donald trump and the white house in the last three months that is alleged to have
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involved criminal behavior. that's a question we will presumably know the answer to in the next 36 hours. >> and the words that jumped out to me is the nexus to donald trump. is he involved? if you were his attorneys, pat yourself in their shoes or legal suspenders right now, as it were, and what would you be most concerned with in the flynn documents or what you might see tomorrow? >> the question with respect to manafort, i think garrett raises an important point and it pertains to phumoney. one of the big questions i have had throughout the investigation, which none of the documents or indictments have revealed yet, and there may be no there there, and what paul manafort's role was in bringing money into the campaign and whether there are additional
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campaign finance related issues or foreign money that found its way into the campaign. there's one instance we have learned about foreign money coming into the trump inauguration committee. manafort is a money mover. if there is nothing we have learned throughout the course of what has been charged against him is he knows how to move big sums of money from foreign entities all around the world. that's a question that would go to the heart of donald trump and the trump campaign if there is something there. also from the president's specific perspective, it has to do with the written answers he provided and whether they are consistent with what other individuals who have been interviewed or testified in front of the grand jury or the special counsel's investigation, or to congress, whether there's a lot of incsistent sees.
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>> mark whitaker acting as the acting attorney general, when is the white house going to do that? one of the things that has come out particularly with the sentencing document related to michael flynn is that there are other areas of investigation, so it would suggest there's more to do, there's a longer runway ahead of us here unless whitaker chokes off funding and support for the investigation. that's a big question we don't have an answer to at this point. >> we don't really know or are 100% sure if he is actively involved in the investigation, and we don't know what the power is between rod rosenstein and whitaker is, and that's a great question.
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>> even to put a sharper point on it, we don't even know at this point whether matt whitaker is legally serving as the acting attorney general. this is a point that is coming up in contention in multiple legal forms, and it's a question that is going to be decided we presume relatively quickly by the supreme court. there's no precedent for matt whitaker being appointed. >> gotcha. that is a big question that puts a fine point on it. thank you very much. at this hour former president george h.w. bush is lying in repose at the houston church his family attended for decades. the 41st president will be buried today at his presidential library. jessica dean is live with the latest. jessica. >> reporter: good morning to you. yes, you probably see the people filing out of the church behind me. they have been paying their respect to the former president all throughout the night. he will continue to lie in
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repose until 6:00 houston time at which point they will then reset for the second funeral, the private family funeral that will be happening here today, and seeking through what the day looks like, that funeral getting started at 10:00 local time here in houston, and once the funeral is over the family and the casket will go to the facility where they will board a train, and it's the bush 41 41 hroeb locamotive. they will have the final services and burial at the l library. this is the third part of the state funeral here in texas.
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so many people filing through to pay respect to the former president, and many of them coming overnight -- i saw women in line this morning that were here at 4:00 a.m. to do that. very important to people to pay their respect. and then in washington, d.c. we saw the official funeral with the former presidents there, and former president george w. bush eulogizing his father. take a listen. >> and we're going to miss you, your decency and sincerity and kind soul will stay with us forever, and so through the tears let us know the blessings of loving you, the best father a son or daughter could have, and in our grief by the smile knowing that dad is hugging robin and holding mom's hand again. >> just a reminder that even
3:17 am
though they are presidents, they are deeply human as well, a son eulogizing his father yesterday, and we are expecting to see more of that personal side today as family and friends gather here at president bush's home church where he worshipped for some 50 years with his wife, barbara. >> jessica dean there for us. thank you. that gathering of presidents at president bush's funeral was uneasy, perhaps to put it best, and it is supposed to be politics free. the comparisons uncomparable between the late president and president in chief. more on that, next. and froth fresh milk for a latte or cappuccino. easy peasy. now she's a barista! we've got the best coffee in the world being made by an under-skilled staff! excellent. it's so frothy. a little piece of heaven.
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shipstation. the number one ch of online sellers. go to and get two months free. former president george h.w. bush's body lies in repose at his family's church in houston. he will be buried today at his presidential library. the eulogies at yesterday's state funeral highlight the contrast between bush and president trump. >> let me tell you that when george bush was president of the united states of america, every single head of government in the world knew they were dealing with a gentleman, a genuine leader, one who was distinguished, resolute and brave. >> he governed with virtues that most closely resemble those of
3:22 am
washington and of adams, of tr and fdr, of truman and of eisenhower, of men who believed in causes larger than themselves. >> david gregory is back with us, and also joining the conversation, scott jennings, and cnn political analyst, john avlon. i want to start with you, scott, because of your personal connection there. as we listened yesterday to the eulogy from president george w. bush for his father, and so much more, we were told this would not be political and politics were going to stay out of this, and as much as people want to do that in anything in this day and age, that is tough and how much do you think it was a truly conscious highlighting of the differences verses this is what we are talking about today and the man we are focused on? >> the eulogy that president bush gave was written for one
3:23 am
person and one person only and that's george h.w. bush. i think they handled it right, and president trump and his white house handled it right. he did everything you would expect him to do. and somebody from congress said, it feels like we are returning to normalcy. everybody is rising to meet this occasion and to honor somebody who deserves our praise. i think the eulogy was spot on, and i was honored to be part of the bush white house and what bush did yesterday in the eulogy reminded us all why we looked up to him so much. >> as a former speechwriter, the father and son speech is exactly as scott said, and the clips that we just played, they were a
3:24 am
d diss to the current president. you make choices when you write speeches. i also say, you know, i don't think you want to give out too many medals for not screwing up this week. >> most of what was said out loud was a version of what was written before. everything said at this funeral was what would have been said marco rubio or anybody else who would have been president. bush insiders said before we don't want to make comparisons but the contrast will present themselves, and they did. one more point i want to make, and david, you covered bush more
3:25 am
than i did, and for all the beautiful words that jon meacham spoke, and i want him to write my eulogy, and it was the one moment with president bush that said everything. this week became about love. >> the moment with president bush 43 talking about his dad and the love for his dad and him being the best father a son or daughter could ever have. you know about this, being around governor bush when he was campaigning, he's an emotional guy, and unconditional love matters so much. john, you remember when he talked about his then teenage daughters, and he wrote a note to jenna that said there's nothing you can do that can make
3:26 am
me stop loving you, so stop trying. he tested his dad when he was young, and there were complications in that relationship as we all have with our dads, but when he was president and they shared something, for the country to notice and take possession of, the unconditional love was there. it was a moment that we could all identify with. it was very much about love and a father and a son. i think the contrast between this president and such a volatile time in our national life, and president george h.w. bush were there, and they do represent themselves without being intentional. there's a bridge between the politics at that time and the politics of the republican party of that time, which are no longer recognizable, which were no longer recognizable when bush
3:27 am
became president. >> let's not forget the reason we are talking about the awkward president's club, the dynamics between the presidents is that george w. bush, at the end of the day he campaigned as the united and not a divider, and so did all the other presidents on that stage. bill clinton's new democrat initiatives, and barack obama with there are no red states or blue states, and donald trump has proudly run as a divider and not a uniter. >> i don't disagree, john, but let's remember he is a symptom of the fact of being a uniter and not a divider did not work out and because the country changed and the politics changed and we forget how toxic part of the bush 43 years were over the war, and it's easier to elevate
3:28 am
that in his legacy as we are so focused on trump now. >> we will have a chance to talk about this over the awkward president's club, we all saw it there. i want to talk about policy and what is going on in washington right now. scott, you have unique insight into this, the issue with khashoggi and the murder and the senate right now, senators are not happy. >> no. >> at all with how they have been treated, and not given the full briefing by gina haspel, and now there's a nonbinding resolution on the floor to say we believe the cia and not the secretary of state and not the secretary of defense and not the president of the united states. you worked in the senate for a while and what are you hearing here? >> the senators, even the ones who support donald trump don't like the idea that they are being told one thing by the administration when all the evidence that we have seen from the beginning of this terrible affair points to something else.
3:29 am
they don't want to go out and defend a story that they don't think is true and they don't want the united states to have to sanction or put a price tag on a man's life, which is exactly what a president has done. there was always a better way to handle this, and that's to say this is terrible and we cannot allow it, but there are larger gop equities and i have to deal with that, and that's the reality i have to deal with. you couch in the economic turplterms and say the evidence may not be what it says it is, that casts a shadow over the entire affair. i think they are going to do what they have done on russia, hold saudi arabia accountable even if the administration won't and hopefully the saudi regime will understand the u.s. senate will not put up with this. >> i think the president of the
3:30 am
united states out right said the cia did not have an opinion on what happened, and gina haspel spoke to senators and she gave a detailed presentation about what happened and the crown prince is implicated. the president is covering for a killer, that's the senators' takeaway. >> before we go, why is it that they felt -- why did the saudis think they could get away with this in the united states. we will see if the senate does something. >> has anything the president said out loud or the secretaries dissuaded them? a chinese tech executive was arrested in canada overnight and is facing extradition to the united states. it's having a huge impact on global markets. the numbers are down big again this morning, and there are jitters on wall street.
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all designed to stack and protect the lids, and the pan surface. farberware neat nest™. stacked & intact™ a new rift potentially between the united states and china after a executive from a chinese tech giant, huawie was arrested overnight. >> john, this would be like if china wanted to arrest and charge an apple executive, that's how big huawie is. the company's cfo, meng wanzhou was changing planes, and the u.s. wants to extradite her to face unspecified charges in the eastern district of new york. that's a big deal, the u.s. making an aggressive move to do that. moving forward there's no
3:36 am
specific word on what the charges are exactly at this moment. we know "the wall street journal" reported that huawie is under investigation by the department of justice for allegedly violating sanctions on iran that the u.s. put in place. huawie is doing illegal business with iran and meng's arrest could be based on that, and china is asking for clarification as to why she was detained. of course this is not happening in a bubble. there's the trade war between the u.s. and china, and a couple days ago i was in argentina when president xi of china and president trump came up with a 90-day framework to come up with a deal on the trade war, and this arrest has the potential to scuttle those talks. china has not said it would scuttle those talks but this arrest makes those negotiations a lot more tenuous. >> a lot at play.
3:37 am
and u.s. stock futures are down sharply, and the turmoil rattling investors around the world. christine romans joins us on this. these are big numbers and there's a lot of red arrows. >> the meeting on saturday when president xi and president trump were sitting across the table, this is when this huawie cfo was being arrested. there's an aggressive stance over going after some of the companies, and futures are down sharply here. if this holds here you will have a 500 point decline when the opening bell rings. yesterday the markets were closed here but you had losses around the world. look at the asian markets, all down sharply. hong kong down 3%. and then europe, 2% losses across the board. there's unease in the markets right now about the trade
3:38 am
strategy between the u.s. and china, quite frankly where we are going from here, and the commerce industry said they are going to abide by the 90-day framework. we have got, you guys, you know, 20 years of complaints the united states has about china and the way it does business and there's no suggestion from the chinese they are going to do anything different and this arrest certainly complicates the whole story. >> it was 800 points on tuesday and we could be opening another 500 points or so down today, and it's not just one thing that is bugging the investors, it's one thing after the other, between the huawie and the china negotiations and there's a lot. >> there's a lot going on in global markets that is causing people to be nervous right here. >> we are going to watch this all morning long because it matters to a lot of people. we have more breaking news this morning. a frantic search for five u.s.
3:39 am
marines off the coast after two u.s. military planes collided midair. the crash happened during a regular refuelling mission shortly after the planes took off from their base near hiroshima. the crash is under investigation. believe it or not an unofficial democratic 2020 primary is already under way. >> i believe it. >> that's right. just who is considering throwig their hat in the ring? pra perhaps some movement is there. harry enten joins us next.
3:40 am
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so the calendar says december 6th, 2018, which means we are full into the 2020 election. you may not be seeing it, that's why we call it the invisible primary. what are we talking about? there's something about harry, and hairies rry enten here.
3:44 am
>> all of these candidates have been meeting with former president barack obama, all the way from o'rourke to joe biden. the person who is leading in endorsements tends to win the party's nomination. dating back since 1980, those people have won 71% of the time. basically if you have a lot of endorsements you tend to win and that's why we are paying so much close attention to this right now. >> they are not going to get president obama's adoretion, en but kissing the ring. >> what is the difference between the candidates right now, and we have the divide between the younger candidates and older candidates running, and the people generally leading
3:45 am
in the polling tend to be on the older side, and the new reign of the democrats tend to be on the younger side. indeed right now, if we were to look at the "wall street journal," they did a great survey of the county chairmen, and of the 76 who responded 43 of the 76 said they preferred a young candidate. the reason that is so surprising is because if we were to look at the support that we have been seeing of the candidates who are at the top of the list, joe biden and bernie sanders who have been leading that field, and they tend to be in the older category, and the caucus chairman prefer those who are younger. >> and there are two folks at the end of the slide. >> i almost feel like i want to sing "amazing grace," and it's
3:46 am
not a jewish thing to sing that, but michael avenatti and patrick are dropping out. avenatti went to iowa and did not find the support he was looking for. and we know, look, they were at 1% of the vote, and they were looking at the field and saying maybe that support is not out there for us. >> in terms of signs, you are looking at signs related to elizabeth warren. >> she is somebody who obviously has been doing fairly well, or a lot of people like myself have been thinking she fits the profile, right, she's a woman and it's the year of the woman and somebody that appeals to the left, and the last few weeks have not been good for her, so she won re-election by 24
3:47 am
percentage points, which you think would be good, but this is a state hillary clinton won by 27 points, and she was in third place compared to joe biden and bernie sanders. you would think in your home state you would be running ahead. >> the turnout for the midterms enormous. >> absolutely. 51% of people turned out, and that's the first time in the last 100 years that turnout in the mid-term election was above 50%. you would never see anybody -- you would never see a year in which the turnout was like this, and i would note it's a message to donald trump, 60% of voters said they voted as a message either positive or negative, and in 2020 i think the turnout will be high. >> we have two years to figure
3:48 am
out how to fix that. and this year's heisman's trophy, the closest one ever. elizabeth warren is not in this hunt. that's next. dare to be devoted. jared. dare to make her melt this holiday and earn $200 in jared rewards for every $500 you spend on jewelry now through december 9th, only at jared.
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for a better us, heartburn and gas? ♪ fight both fast tums chewy bites with gas relief all in one relief of heartburn and gas ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums tums chewy bites with gas relief it's award season in college football, and the favorite to win the heisman on saturday is oklahoma quarterback, kyler murray. is he done playing football after the playoffs? >> that's the big question right now. murray, we know he's electric on the football field and he's an outstanding baseball player, and
3:53 am
he's going to go to spring training in march. last night i spoke with kyler and asked him if he is going to quit football after the playoffs and what would it mean to him to win the heisman trophy. >> it would be an incredible honor, and something i truly would be proud of, and my family, coaches, friends would be extremely proud. >> you are going to spring training, and does that mean you maybe only got one or two football games left? >> as of now, yes. >> you have not ruled out the nfl? >> right now i am going to play baseball. >> it's fascinating to say he would not play in the nfl. finally, atlanta united joseph martinez was awarded with the mvp award yesterday. he will portland on saturday,
3:54 am
and i just so happen to have the mls cup in the studio here in atlanta, and this is what the guys are playing for on saturday. erica, in case you are wondering 35 pounds sterling silver made by tiffanys. ask santa for that for christmas. >> john berman could lift that with his pinkie. and comics took notice of the awkwardness at george h.w. bush state funeral. >> it was a moving sight to see the first ladies in the front row, waiting to honor president bush, and then trump showed up and then it became silent staring time. donald trump is the only person in the world that can bring down a funeral. >> it is so frosty she may have
3:55 am
reversed global warming right there. hillary is just staring straight ahead like she's on an elevator with a weirdo. it was, like, it really was something. it's like all of america's divorced parents in the same room at the same time. >> and let's take a look, and the rest is blacked out. when donald trump complained this investigation was costing us millions, i didn't know he meant in toner. by the way, that's what every trump staffer's resume will look like after this. okay, mr. mnuchin, where did you work from 2016 to 2019? that's confidential. >> which is why we need somebody with x-ray vision here this morning. >> i will keep you all waiting. robert mueller, will he
3:56 am
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. senators from both parties are planning to confront saudi arabia. >> we have to have a relationship with some players that we don't agree with. >> the crown prince has been a wrecking ball. he was complicit in the murder of mr. khashoggi. no president in the oval office was more courageous or principled. >> he never hated anybody. he knows hate erodes the container it is carried in. >> the last words he said to me were i love you, too. >> this is new day with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> welcome to your "new day." alisyn is off and erica hill joins me. >> good morning. >> this is an important moment in


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