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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  December 6, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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couple of hours away from whery are here this afternoon, brooke. >> let me stay with you as you see this beautiful brightly colored train traversing texas from, as you pointed out, houston to texas a&m and college station, texas. the world watched the funeral and national cathedral and all the presidents present and the beautiful eulogies. tell us about where this train is headed and the private ceremony to ensue. >> reporter: this is really just carving a kind of quiet path through this southeast part of texas. so it's a very quaint countryside that takes them to college station and the texas a&m campus where the presidential library is held, where his wife, barbara is buried and their 3-year-old daughter, robin, as well. it is a very pictuturesque endi,
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much different from what we've seen, the majesty of air force i taking him from houston to washington, d.c., the u.s. capitol, national cathedral and all of this and this is just returning back to small town america is really the last part of this week-long journey and this week-long good-bye to this president. it really is kind of fascinating. you actually had as the train was going by, i didn't see president george w. bush or jeb bush, but you did see a number of family members. you had a pretty clear shot of a lot of the family members who were up against the windows there waving to these crowds as people have gone by. we talked to a county constable here in the town of magnolia, who told us an interesting story, said it wasn't uncommon for folks here to see or at least they saw george h.w. bush coming through town here, that he would often ride the train from houston to college station for sporting events or maybe
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some other events if he ever chose to rode the train. you would never really know if the president was on there but every once in a while they would see some secret service guys come through town and then a train blowing through at about a hundred miles an hour and that was kind of the sign that it was president bush had been on that train. so it was like these little moments that they've seen here in the last few decades that has really stuck with a lot of people. obviously all of that comes to an end. this was that final ride here through the town of magnolia. jeb bush and family members and george w. bush on board that train to take the president to husband fin his final resting place. >> i was reading a note from jamie gangel, who has known the bush family for years and years and she was saying how bush 41 loved trains, loved using them, loved campaigning in them, loved riding in them. would take cross-country trips with his grandchildren, and he will be just the eighth u.s. president to ride a train on his
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funeral procession for all of you wondering why a train. perhaps that part of the answer. ed lavandera is in texas, stephanie elam is in texas where this train is approaching. stephanie, can you tell me about the crowd where you are? >> reporter: well, people here are definitely excited. it doesn't matter peopleit's st to pour a little harder. people are lined up, they have their flags and their pins. you can feel the anticipation of it. a lot of people felt it very important to come out here. some folks i've been talking to felt it was very important to be out here today, to witness this moment in history, to say their final good-byes as the president makes his final journey. and the train route is being like you were saying, it's a very president bush type of thing being able to see this and to also just experience this with their children. kids were let out of school early. so you see a lot of kids out here as well lined up in both
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sides here. but overall people just waiting to see. you see everyone anxiously looking down the train tracks. i know it's past ed but it hasn't been here. and i'm in navasota, texas. >> kids coming to witness a dale they'll likely never forget the rest of their lives. wolf bliltzer is in college station, texas, where this train journey will end. it's been such a beautiful thing to see veterans, americans, children all coming out to wave good-bye and thank you to this 41st president of the united states. >> it really has been amazing, amazing today, amazing yesterday. all these past six days or so since we learned of his passing, it's been really a wonderful experience, especially for those of us who spent a lot of quality time covering him when he was
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president of the united states, when he was vice president of the united states. so we got to know him, we got to see him. but it's really nice, especially now, when there is such bitter partisanship, as you know, brooke, in washington, around the country to see liberals and conservatives, democrats and republicans getting together to honor the 41st president of the united states in this really special way. here in texas obviously since he's a texan, the people have come out and they're waving at the train and they're taking pictures, they're saluting. they're really proud of this man. it's been an excellent experience for all of us who have flown out here to cover this. >> i was listening to some of your coverage off and on today and you were talking to i think one of the speech writers who was saying if president h.w. bush were alive today, he'd be saying, "speed up, speed up my train," but this train is going
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through texas and so families can come out and say good-bye. so he's headed to the bush library at texas a&m where he will be buried next to his late wife, barbara, who passed away earlier this year and also their daughter, robin, who at age 4 died of leukemia. >> yeah. it's going to be emotional. we remember when barbara bush passed away in april, she was buried here at college station at texas a&m university. he'll be buried alongside his little daughter, who died of leukemia and his wife who died back in april. it will be a homecoming of sorts. the children will be here, president george w. bush, laura bush, they're on the train, jeb bush and his wife, all of the children and many of
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grandchildren as well. there will be a lot of invited guests who will come to the presidential library to participate. it will be a relatively brief ceremony, full military honors for the president of the united states. there will be some prayers and then eventually there will be a very private ceremony at the grave site. that wouldn't be open to the press but everything leading up to that will be and we'll have extensive live coverage of that. >> i know you, wolf blitzer. i know you have a good bush 41 story. i know you've been sharing so many anecdotes since friday evening, but can you indulge me on one? >> you know, when i was the pentagon correspondent for cnn during the first gulf war, operation desert shield and operation desert storm, when it was -- when saddam hussein invaded kuwait, it was august 1990, and it was a surprise to
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the u.s. intelligence community, the assessment at the time was that saddam hussein would threaten the amir of kuwait, threaten the kuwaitis, he wanted the price of oil to go up, he needed the money. but he wouldn't actually invade a fellow arab country. that was the u.s. intelligence community's basic assessment. there was some who disagreed with that assessment but that was the consensus in the u.s. intelligence community, there might be some border skirmishes but he wouldn't actually engage in a full-scale invasion. and then he did, and he moved through kuwait, saddam hussein's military like a knife going through butter and was headed towards saudi arabia and the oil fields there. they stopped and it was a surprise to all the top u.s. military personnelle, who had received the intelligence assessments. the president had received the same intelligence. at least the first few days
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there was uncertainty how the u.s. was going to respond. but then together with president that much are, and dick cheney, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, colin powell, they all agreed this will not it and and the buildup began over the next several months. eventually ov eventually the mission was accomplished relatively quickly. and president bush at that time and he deserved an enormous amount of credit for the way as commander in chief he orchestrated that very, very successful military operation. and his popularity soared. it was very, very powerful stuff. >> that's how a commander in chief operates. wolf blitzer, don't go too far. we're watching this train very closely and all these americans bidding their final farewell to
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george h.w. bush. i do want to get to some breaking news. the man who served of a.g. under bush 41 is emerging as a top candidate to hold the same job once again. he is william barr. he could replace jeff sessions, who was fired one month ago. laura jarrett is with me and eli h ho honig. >> this is a veteran of the justice department. he's widely respected within conservative legal circles, somebody who would be welcome over here at the justice department. he served in the early 1990s under bush. he actually served as mueller's boss, the special counsel who we hear so much about when mueller led the criminal division here at the justice department. it was the time when barr was the attorney general.
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we're told that if offered the position and this isn't a done deal yet but if offered the pos by the president, barr would accept this. he's seen as a consensus candidate by other sources that are telling us and even people on capitol hill, lawmakers, even top democrat pat leahy saying this is the kind of person who would attract both democrats and republicans to get confirmed, brook. >> i asked how did bil barr and trump get appoint had had? well, it was the circle of lawyers who introduced the two. >> it doesn't apoor pat served as barr's assistant over here at the justice department. obviously pretty important to have the incoming white house
12:12 pm
counsel backing you. >> what do you think of this? >> you want somebody who is qualified, who's serious and who's respected. by all accounts, william bar is all of those things. i also think he has a previous working relationship with robert mueller. that's the biggest question that's going to be so they'll be able to work together moving forward. >> ely stay with me. -- it has been another turbulent day on wall street with just under an hour to go on the closing bell, 331 points down, in the red. quick reaction to what could be driving this after this. fidelity is redefining value. introducing zero account fees for brokerage accounts. and zero minimums to open an account. at fidelity, those zeros really add up.
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yet another turbulent day on wall street, just under an hour until the closing bell. you can see the dow down 326 points here. it actually hit as low as 700 this morning. the main headline here comes just as the u.s. and china agree to that 90-day truce over trade negotiations, but today the markets are reacting to the arrest of a top executive from china, meng wanzhou it was taken into custody at the request of the u.s. government. she's the chief u.s. officer of huawei, a chinese company that produces more smartphones than apple. officials haven't said what charges she will face, but we can tell you that the justice department has been investigating whether she violated american sanctions on iran. let's go straight to the floor
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of the new york stock exchange. cnn business correspondent alisons cou s coulkosik is ther. >> reporter: you look at the red on the screen, at the down arrows and that is the anxiety investors are feeling. i'm talking about the arrest of the cfo of huawei. this happening in canada at the request of the u.s. for alleged live violating american sanctions against iran. just keep in mind the cfo of huawei isn't just the cfo of that company, here dad is the founder of that company. this is a provocative and bold move for the u.s. to take. it's like arresting tim cook in china. this is spooking investors. this amps up the tensions in the trade war. we're coming off of that g-20 meeting in argentina with president xi and president trump and president trump came out of that saying there would be a 90-day cease-fire. now there are even more doubts
12:19 pm
than there were a few days ago that anything could get done in those few months, at least to come to some sort of settlement there, especially with the arrest of the cfo of this chinese company. >> thank you. kaitlan collins is with me now. the timing here, we know that canadian officials arrested her the very same day that trump and president xi of china sat down for that dinner at the g-20. i have to imagine that the white house was aware of this impending arrest. what have you learned? >> reporter: the white house hasn't official live ly respond any request for comment. we have from the national security adviser, john bolton. he did an interview earlier today when he was asked if he was aware of this and this was his answer. >>i is knew in advance but thiss something that we get from the justice department, and these kinds of things happen with some frequency. we certainly don't inform the
12:20 pm
president on every one of them. >> reporter: so there, brooke, john bolton is saying he knew in advance of that dinner with president xi this arrest was coming. we didn't know it had been carried out but we knew this was on the way. he does leave a little bit of leverage room saying the president is not briefed every time they're about to arrest someone like this. he does say the president wasn't aware they were going to arrest the chinese officer during that din person when president trump is talking about what a successful meal they had and how they came to an agreement on where to move next with trade, you see the stock market is up. when president trump is tweeting saying he's tariff man and he'll impose more tariffs on china, the stock market is down. the uncertainty is resting essentially on what the president is tweeting. it's going to be made more so by the fact they've arrested this chinese officer, adding to uncertainty of how the chinese
12:21 pm
are reacting to this. john bolton said he was aware but not going so far as saying president trump was aware as far as when she was going to be arrested. >> got it. bush cate lynn at the white house, thank you. coming up next, you've been looking at these shots of this train traversing texas. we are following the final journey of president george h.w. bush. live coverage with wolf blitzer in college station, texas, as a very special train prepares to full -- pull in to college station. it really- it rocked our world. i had no idea the amount of damage that water could do. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they were on it. it was unbelievable. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege.
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simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. welcome back to our special coverage. i'm woman blitzer in college station, texas, the home of texas a&m university and the home of george h.w. bush presidential library and museum. right now the 41st president of the united states is aboard a special train, bush 4141 left houston, texas a little while ago making its way here to college station. you see live pictures right there. you see the map on the screen of the various towns it will pass. people have been standing alongside the tracks throughout this time. they're trying to get a glimpse
12:27 pm
of the train, trying to get a glimpse of history unfolding right now. it's a very, very moving sight and we watch all of this unfold. john king is with me, dana bash is with me. mary cate carey is with me. there's going to be a formal ceremony one the train arrives. the casket will be removed, president bush, laura bush and family, they will be here. and all the military honors he deserves. >> we had the good fortune of getting a tour of the library. you see a bridge out in the back and mary cate can describe it better, it's a bridge and it's a private area that you can't see. it's secluded on purpose. the bushes decided that would be their final resting place. after days of ceremony and days
12:28 pm
of celebration, much smaller -- still a presidential sendoff but a smaller sendoff here before the burial here this afternoon. and he'll be laid to rest right next to barbara bush, his wife o who passed away in april. >> right, and their daughter who passed away at the age of 3, where they lived in connecticut. you've been here many times since you're on the board. you're a bushy, as they call them. >> i'm a bushy. we g >> we got to go in and see not just from the inside out of the bridge to the burial place but the phenomenal tribute to this 41st president inside the building behind us, the museum, that goes through all of the things that we have been talking about for six days. you know, where he came from in new england, where he ended up
12:29 pm
here, his remarkable career as a member of congress at the cia, at the u.n., in china representing the united states, vice president, president, his family life and it's all right here. and the fact that that is the place where he and his wife wanted to have their final resting place is really telling and is really special because for people who maybe didn't know a lot about him because he was so humble in life and maybe learned about it and want to come here to pay their respects, they're also going to be able to learn so much in this building. >> as john was saying, there's a private burial plot that the president used to fish in occasion anly, right off of their apartment. they stayed at the apartment many times while they were here. it really is a home away from hem for them, other than
12:30 pm
kennybunkport. there were huge books of condolences, beautiful -- the outpouring that we saw at st. martin's. 12,000 people going through st. marti martins last night. >> i went through the capitol by myself and saw the condolence books there. the lines were massive. jim mattis would say that he would say this is too much about me, this is about america. >> i was flipping through the books inside. they've set up the main foyer where you walk in as a memorial. there are photographs of his career all around the top. they're breathtaking. barbara and george busch on bikes, inside with china. some of them are signed by
12:31 pm
members of the military who list their rengs, some are signed by children i have a 7-year-old. i know how that goes. it's just so touching. that people wanted to stop and take a few minutes it's quite touching. as you go deeper in, they've redone a section of the library to pay tribute to barbara bush since her passing. what struck me, all the memories of this couple and george h.w. book, it's career. you say there's a copy of an oil minuting it just stops you in. >> and there we see the train making its way to where we are, college tell our viewers where
12:32 pm
you are and what you see over there. >> well, we are in navasota. they are quinning people are lined up with their umbrellas because it's raining. i want to introduce you to my new friend here, this is billy, along with mary and kaitlin. >> why did you you feel he was the first president that i really remember and our american history. >> billy, what are you looking for when the train gets here? >> i moe. >> so you're out here and you're going to stand out here in the rain no matter what, right? >> yaep.
12:33 pm
>> i people felt it was important to come out here, bring their kids out here, just a to be he and people wanted to see that. they know that president bush tlfd so i think he's getting close. we'll keep our eyes on the rail. >> and i love that little boy. he knows all about pressure there's going to be a lot of snow when the train really gets there. i want our viewers to see what's going on. the train is going to continue coming to where we are, the final stop, which is college station, texas. dana, it's so sweet to see
12:34 pm
little but to speak about the 41st president. >> and telling that his mother, obviously a tex that it's the first she knew about as a young girl and have this snapshot of history embedded in her son's mind, which he will forever. and quickly what you can see back in this library, talked about barbara bush and obviously there's an area that is dedicated to her and her lit ka a place for kids to kind of run around a little bit. so lot of books it's so good to
12:35 pm
see these texans lining up, mary kate. it's an important moment for them. >> yeah. and i think there are a lot of adults who have done things like this as children who remember it the rest of their lives. >> absolutely. >> reporter: when president bush first got in office, he had all the speech writers come in. he was telling us who his favorite presidents was and one of them was eisenhower. i believe the last press. >> jack: looks like that train is getting closer and closer to where stefanie elam is. are you hearing the sounds i guess stephanie candidate hear me. >> she can hear the train being loud over there. but i'm sure he'll hear me opinion. we'll see the train pass.
12:36 pm
>> we're saying farewell to an person president in some ways in a different era. a lot of people who live in small town america feel for go en i think it's pressuring and charming and tribute to president bush and his family that they would take this train from houston, which in the past 20 years is now the four large est we live in the world of days and ours and fierce partisanship. this is an person moment today. and watch a train carry a president go through small town
12:37 pm
m. it's clearly slowing down, the train, where you are. you beginning to see it, gibbing to hear it? >> we are againing to here it's getting closer because i can happy heari'm holding they this image and echo for this moment in america history. you can feel this vibe here right on the little street, right on the train tracks. still can't hear the train yet. i can hear it and it's getting closer. people are getting excited to see the train, despite the fact that the rain keeps.
12:38 pm
it's a little slower than it is when it's out in the way of the town. you'll see the window where the george georges could account going back, dana, to world war ii and hooves part of that greatest neck peacekeeper he is parent narnt it was world war ii, became a naval aviator and became an american hero. >> that's right. and the poem and his entire you
12:39 pm
can see the window there with the casket draped in the american flag. cup see it right in the middle of the screen. >> that is really something. >> good horn. >> to see that from above and to see that image. it's just -- it takes your breath away. >> yeah, it really does. >> it looks like that train is getting closer and closer to navasota right now. finish your thoughts. >> i was going to say it was this day in history that thinks generation, they were called to serve and he didn't want, as knews had been talking about. he dend and he did serve even though highs parents were not thrilled about it. it was during one of his many missions in the pacific as a and his two wing opinion stephanie,
12:40 pm
if you can hear me, tell us what it's like. >> reporter: [ train whistle blowing ] >> reporter: if can you hear me, it got extremely quiet. it got so quiet as the train arrived. and there right now in front of everyone here, can you now see where the casket is going by and people are waving their flags. they're waving with their hands. it's actually quite emotional watching people. you can see the familiar had and you can see that as a going to through, more people are raising and you can feel it right now. can you definitely feel it. people were happy to be here despite the weather being the way it is.
12:41 pm
>> you can feel it. so very quickly, i can only imagine the bush family inside that train is reacting when they see all these people lined up in these small towns, waving the american flag, saluting this american president. >> i think it must be very moving for them. >> we from other areas. it must be very moving to see that. i'm sure they were all looking forward to exhale and have a bite to eat. i bet they haven't. i bet they're looking out the windows and waving back. >> especially just the image from stephanie eel aeb ang this is a beautiful, american moment
12:42 pm
not just in the white house but for decades for. >> we'll take a quick break, resume our special coverage right after this. ♪ ♪ a migraine hope to be there... for the good. and not so good. for the mundane. the awe-inspiring. the heart racing. the heart breaking. that's what life is all about... showing up. unless migraine steals your chance to say "i am here."
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welcome back.
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you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. the head of the north carolina republican party tells cnn he sports a do-over if allegations of election fraud are proven to be true. it's a contest between democrat don mccready and harris. we go to drew live in raleigh, north carolina. you talked to dallas woodhouse, the state republican party chief today. what was he willing to say to you? >> well, it's quite a turn of events. earlier this week, dallas woodhouse was basically calling all this vote fraud stuff a bunch of malarkey, that they should seek the republican candidate who won by 905 votes but over the past three days, myself, a bunch of reporters have been on the ground, uncovering what is slam dunk
12:48 pm
it's voter fraud, the question is just how much it is. but there seemed to be a professional ballot stuffing kind of operation going down in bladen and now robison county. he was watching our report last night and changed his mind. here's what he said. >> i was watching it and i immediately went in and threw up. i was very ill. i mean, this has shaken us to the core, and we are as horrified by it as anybody. and, you know, the north carolina republican party never has had a part in these operations, didn't fund them, didn't coordinate them, didn't operate them, didn't operate them, didn't know about them, would never have condoned them. clearly if what you reported is verified by the state board of elections, there has to be a new election. and if the allegations as presented by the board of
12:49 pm
elections rise to a level of turning the outcome in this race or having a substantial likelihood, there has to be a new election. >> the state board of elections just on the numbers alone, brooke, seem to have enough questionable ballots at stake here that it would potentially overturn the 900 votes between the winning republican and the losing democrat, but they have not announced any kind of hearing. they're doing it through an investigative process right now. there's two separate things going on here, the board of elections needs to decide what to do about the actual election of the congressman from the ninth district and then you have a criminal investigation looking at mccray dallas, he is a convicted felon who appears to have gotten a band of employees together to stuff the ballots down in blade i don't know con .
12:50 pm
i don't know how else to say it. >> drew with the big interview today. thank you so much. the "charlotte observer" said the solution is clear, so taylor, thank you so much for being with me. i want to get to your paper's response in a minute. but to hear dallas woodhouse withdrew there, what did you make of his response? >> well, if dallas woodhouse is even opening the door to a new election that says a lot because as drew said he was adamant in the other direction initially so that's just an indication of just how much is gaining steam here, and as more reporting is done, it becomes more and more evident that at the very minimum there are major questions what happened in bin laden and robinson counties. >> so your paper's position, you want a new election. tell me why. >> we ran an editorial written
12:51 pm
by my associate editor peter st. ha nge calling for a new election because quite simply there's easily enough ballots that could be tainted enough to affect the election. we did not know that initially so we did not call for a new election right away, but when it became obvious we were talking about 1,500 absentee ballots requested and not returned and many more in robinson county in a 905-vote race, there's plenty of ballots that need to be reviewed. and robert pittinger who marcus harris defeated, he only lost by 828 votes and loss massively among the absentee votes in bin laden county and absentee ballots in the rest of the district were tied. >> interesting. drew brought up this guy's name. mccrae dallas, this convicted felon and ringleader.
12:52 pm
who exactly is he, and what was his role here? >> well, we're still learning about him. he's a political operative in eastern north carolina. very well known in bin laden county and in that part of the state. he's been hired by eight or ten political candidates over the years. he is a convicted felon, and he has been paid a good amount of money to help get out the vote, and so the question, is you know, how exactly did he get out the vote, and there's a lot of reason to think that there were some suspicious dealings there. >> taylor batten, keep digging. thank you. >> will do it. coming up next, we're following the final journey of george h.w. bush. live coverage with wolf blitzer in texas as a very special train prepares to pull into college station texas and texas a&m, his final resting place.
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12:55 pm
coverage. a final farewell to the 41st president of the united states, george herbert walker bush. i'm wolf blitzer reporting from college station, texas. right now a train carrying president bush's casket is nearing the end of a two and a half hour journey from the houston area to where we are at college station, texas, where president bush will be laid to rest, and right next to his wife barbara who passed away in april, and their 3-year-old daughter robin at the presidential library here at texas a&m university. with us here in college station, our chief political correspondent dana bash is here, our chief national correspondent john king, and former speech writer for president george herbert walker bush mary kate carey. mary, as the train gets closer and closer to where we are, remind our viewers why the presidential library of president george h.w. bush is here at texas a&m university. >> you may recall when he was deciding to have his library, the then students at yale
12:56 pm
university, his alma mater, made it pretty clear that they were not happy with the library being there, so he started looking around, and since he was living in houston, texas a&m came to him and told him that there are six core values, very well publicized all over on banners, excellence, integrity, leadership, loyalty, respect, self-less service, and that is george bush. that appealed to him tremendously, and you can see, for example, the student activities hall here. there's a big sign that says when you come in, please remove your hat out of respect for those who have served our country. >> i want to be precise. are you suggesting he wanted his presidential library at yale university? >> everybody assumed it. >> yale said no. >> students were protesting, and he said no approximate can i go elsewhere. and he came here. it's opinion a great thing. see just out of camera range, the dorr of cadets standing in attention in pouring rain
12:57 pm
because he stands for values that he stands for, too. >> rotc. >> yes. >> and you were just inside the presidential library and took a little tour. i'm sure the folks here at texas a&m were pretty happy he decided to put this library here? >> absolutely. you're on the board so you can answer that question as a hard yes. >> yeah. for the reasons you just said in all seriousness. not only -- it's a little bit out of the way, college station. it's not exactly a major metropolitan city, but it is perfect because of all of the virtues that it espoused, even before george h.w. bush even thought about coming here, but the way that this library is built to support all of those ideals and to -- to give a history lesson of his presidency, of his life, of his family service, of his service, is really -- is really remarkable. look, i mean, presidential libraries across the country, that's what they are there for,
12:58 pm
and it's great to see. it's great to see that it is very accessible. it's free, and as you were saying, john, right now in the foyer it's a memorial. there's pictures up that we've seen on the air for the last six days but are up in sort of banner size around the main area with those condolence books which are being signed and will continue to be signed for the late president. >> you know, john, as we see the train, bush 41, that's the name of the train, getting closer to where we are, it will be here fairly soon. there will be an arrival ceremony with full military color guards and all the honors a president of the united states certainly deserves and certainly this president of the united states, but you were just inside. >> yeah. >> tell us about a subject close to my heart. they have a represent characters i understand of the situation room, the bush situation room. >> they do indeed. there are little screens where you can sit down, and it shows you here's the situation. here are your options, and you pick the option, and then it
12:59 pm
tells you if -- if you picked the option that president bush picked. it's one of the many exhibits in the library that take you through the arc of this incredible consequential life and a life lived in an incredibly consequential time in the country in the sense that you see the young george herbert walker bush at kennebunkport and world war ii. there's a giant avenger aircraft hanging from the ceiling, the replica of the plane he flew and was shot out of in the skies over the pacific in world war ii, and then you move through, and you move from there, to one of the first spy satellites, a replica of a spy satellite had from when he was a cia chief. you go to a hulking aircraft to a spy satellite and you go through the life that he lived and the technological and remarkable changes in the world. there's a giant section of the berlin wall which fell on gooush's watch and the war room
1:00 pm
from the persian gulf war and pieces of the family. he lived in a consequential time. >> there's also a replica of that train, of 41. >> if you have a chance, advice think the library. we're going to continue our special coverage. but right now "the lead" with jake tapper begins. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we begin with breaking news in our politics lead. president trump seems to be close to nominating a new u.s. attorney general. sources tell cnn that william barr, a well-known conservative lawyer who previously ran the justice department under the late president george herbert walker bush is emerging as a candidate within the trump administration, and the announcement can be made in the coming days, especially interesting because of what barr has said about the russia investigation. cnn's laura jarrett is at the justice department. laura, tell us what barr has