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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  December 6, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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okay, so again standing by live we're live outside. hopefully you guys can hear me. it's not as easy as you think because we keep getting knocked off and i can't hear anything. so i am trying to dial back into the control room. and hopefully they can talk to me. i'm dialing in now to control room f. f control, thank you very much. i'm still on the air, right? i have no idea if i'm still on the air people at home if you're watching. i have no idea. so i'm going to continue to talk to you. what we're doing right now is we're standing out front -- >> you're on the air. >> so i can be able to get back into my studio so i can report to you from the studio -- i'm reporting right now. thank you very much. >> okay, we're having some technical problems with don.
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i guess the irony there he was fine on the iphone and the skype, and when we got to the satellite truck some issues there. outside the time warner center there in new york, the all clear has been given after the police sweep of the building. they found nothing suspicious. this after a call coming into the center there around 9:40 p.m., claiming that five devices had been planted inside the building. that is when security decided to evacuate the center. everyone came out. we saw don lemon outside the building broadcasting a short time ago alongside brian stelter and our other colleagues who basically were forced to leave their on-air program at the time to go outside the building and continue broadcasting. what we know right now is that this of course is a secure area. they did have a bomb squad planted on the scene just in case there were in fact any suspicious dices. after the building was checked, they've determined it is now safe and for everyone to head --
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former deputy director of the u.s. -- assistant director of the u.s. marshals. i guess the problem a lot of people have watching your coverage of this we're giving this guy who phoned in this bomb threat pretty much everything he wanted, he got the publicity and all the rest. is this what this guy wanted, the publicity for calling in this bomb threat? >> they generally do. but unfortunately in this day and age you have to react this way. and nypd did exactly what they were supposed to do. now, they're telling us -- law enforcement is telling us they think the call came down from the south somewhere, which leads me to believe they probably know exactly where this phone call came from. they had the bomb squad standing by. they brought in the pd, the emergency response unit or ems, and generally they have k-9s
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with those units and they swept the building actually fairly quickly considering the size of the time warner center and surrounding buildings. but unfortunately this is the day and age we live in. >> you talked about they knew this call came from down south. also coming from down south back in october, you know, the pipe bombs that were sent out to a number of addresses, former presidents and former officials within the obama administration and also cnn, which i guess is why there was so much heightened awareness or such a heightened reaction to all of this. >> yeah, exactly. unfortunately, our colleagues at cnn are very familiar with this in new york city. and they went through this same roundabout a month ago where they had to evacuate the building due to pipe bombs actually showing up in the mailroom. so they're not -- nypd's not going to take any chances. security at time warner was excellent. the minute they got the phone call they called it in, and they were told to evacuate the building.
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the fire alarm was pulled and they got out of there. i'm just very glad that don, shimon, brian and samantha, everybody's okay there at the cnn building. >> explain how this investigation would work because if someone -- you know, there are no longer pay phones, i guess. you're very lucky if you find a public pay phone out there. so someone has to call this in from a land line or cellphone or somewhere, and that leaves some kind of fingerprint or some kind of clue behind for investigators. so how do they pick it up from there to find out who may have done this? >> there are still some coin booths around, pay phones around in the u.s. but the -- it's very difficult to cover up this type of call-in anymore. so when they say it's coming in from down south i'm fairly sure that law enforcement has a pretty good idea of the location where it came from if not the exact location, so they'll have law enforcement out there right
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away looking to see, you know, was this a cellphone, was it one of the few pay phones left in the u.s., was it made from a landline. so law enforcement all over this, and nypd is just about the best at this in the world. so i have no doubt they're pretty much onto this. and they had the bomb squad standing by, which indsicaticat me they knew right out front we'll do the search, if we come across a suspicious package then we'll bring the bomb squad actually in. >> you gave us information who may be behind this and exactly what law enforcement could be doing at this hour. our law enforcement analyst and don lemon is back with us along with shimon procupez.
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>> we're still standing outside, and i'm waiting to get the all clear to be able to go back up if possible to my studio and control room. the folks are there -- because the people who were evacuated were evacuated from the posts that we need to get on the air. and so we need to make sure that i can get on the air properly before they send us back up stairs. there's still some police presence out front but maybe ten minutes ago, maybe 15, we got the all clear to go back into the building. the bulk of the folks who work here at the time warner center have been able to go back into the building. and just to, you know, give you an idea of how big this building is, it's not just cnn that's in this building, there are a number of different businesses including our sister businesses trutv, tnt and others. it's quite a big building and
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takes up an entire city block here. simone procupez or crime and justice reporter has been working with pd to get information. they took this seriously as they always will, but they were in the building for quite some time. in order for them to evacuate a media company, a building like this -- >> that is big undertaking for the nypd and that's not something, probably a decision they made lightly because they had to know we were on the air here at the time they were going to evacuate. but clearly there was something that concerned them greatly to do this kind of an evacuation on just a phoned in bomb threat is not something that the nypd takes -- it's not a decision they take lightly. so clearly they were very concerned here given the climate, given the history, given what we have been through already with those other package bombs, the one that was mailed here to us in new york and also the one in atlanta.
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and so that was on their mind when they went ahead and made this decision to evacuate. look, it's not often that the nypd evacuates buildings like this because of phoned in bomb threats. >> they said it came from the south. and if they have that information they probably know specifically where it came from, and yulgtsy in these situations people think they're being funny and they'll get away with it. this is federal crime and they usually get caught. >> there have been many stories like this of people doing these kinds of things from other parts of the world. like there was a guy in israel who was doing phoned in bomb threats causing all sorts of disruptions. and that person was captured. remember the schools that were getting threats. so these kinds of things the fbi will investigate and will try and prospeople once they figure out who's behind this because it causes panic, causes concern and
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creates fear in people. especially given what our staff, what our fellow employees here, our coworkers have been through already when we had that first evacuation and when they found that bomb in the mailroom just right through these doors here. this is going to be an investigation. i know the nypd intelligence, their analysts are on this, the intelligence division is working this and probably the fbi. you're seeing more police officers coming out now. and so, you know, they're essentially over -- for now this is over but the investigation is going to just begin. >> well, the evacuation part is over but the investigation part as you said will continue on. can you imagine what this does to the people who work in this building. and again you think, oh, this is cnn and there may be some people at home going it's great, cnn was -- but it's not just cnn. it's a number of people who work in this building. people who live in the area, people who will be concerned about their safety. >> the disruption on the street,
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right? >> it's not even that. it's as we were leaving the building i'm sure what's going through everyone's head was what was going through mine, what happens if a bomb is in this building, who do i need to call first, what do i need to tell them? those are all real issues, and again i fear that this is going to become the new normal. >> well, and especially when you have this kind of response and you're seeing the person who called this in is getting exactly the response that they wanted, is getting the reaction. you were forced off the air, don. your staff was forced out of the control room. folks were forced to leefave th building. we had to go off the air. we had to go into programming. you know, there's a lot that this -- >> and taxpayers are paying for this. >> and also the businesses here and the time warner center right next door. this is the third or fourth time probably in the last two months
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they've been evacuated. probably hundreds of thousands of dollars to these businesses people were out for dinner who probably had to leave their tables in the middle of dinner because of something like this. it's a hoax, right, but it causes a lot of problems. >> we walked into a restaurant and there were people there, some of them the people that were there had to stay, the other people who wanted to go into the restaurant and have dinner, maybe they had reservations, maybe they were here for an event, they couldn't get to it. >> because the police closed off the street, and we couldn't leave the street. because if we left the street we couldn't get back in. so there was a lot of concern by the police here. look, they did what they had to do here, and it could be the new norm, you're right. it's scary. >> i'm so glad that i had you here with me but again we're smiling now and we can. for the longest time we weren't able to smile. i'm not even sure exactly what
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time it is now. so it's almost been two hours. so, listen, on the other side of the break we're going to report more on this. maybe you'll see me here on the street. maybe i'll be back in my studio, but again a bomb threat called in to cnn in new york, and we were forced to evacuate the building, taken off the air. and here we are two hours into it. and we'll find out what's going on after this break. don't go anywhere. i'm don lemon live in new york with shimon. we'll be back right after this. ♪ the greatest wish of all... is one that brings us together. the lincoln wish list event is here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with $0 down, $0 due at signing,
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bomb threat phoned into cnn. our studio in the time warner center in the building here evacuated moments after the threat was received. the threat came when a caller said there were five devices in the building. that's according to a law enforcement source. again, five devices in the bidding. now we' we've been given the all clear. let's get back to business now. kevin hart has stepped down from hosting this year's oscars. he put out a statement on twitter tonight saying i have made the choice to step down from hosting this year's oscars. this is because i do not want to be a distraction on a night that should be celebrated by so many amazing talented artists. i sincerely apologize to the lgbtq for my insensitive words from the past. my goal is to bring us together,
9:18 pm
not tear us apart. much love to the appreciation for the academy and i hope we can meet again. brian stelter is our cnn media correspondent -- chief media anchor, i should say. >> you know, i have not seen this happen in the history of the oscars. a host was announced just two days ago and now that host is saying, sorry, i don't want to be a part of this. if you don't want me, i'm leaving. it was actually kind of hard for the academy to find a host for the oscars this year. there was a lot of buzz in the entertainment world how nobody wanted to host the oscars anymore. it's a no-win job. but kevin hart said, hey, i've wanted to do this all my life, all my career, i'm onboard for this and he announced on instagram this week he was going to be the host on the most
9:19 pm
important night from hollywood. but he's said he's no longer going to be partnershipinicipat. and the reason is concern on twitter, other social networks about homophobic things he said in the past. he did post things back in 2009, 2010, 2011, there were a number of ugly posts in his past. he's apologized for that in the past. he's said some of this is trying to be funny, he's a comedian after all, but there's some concern for groups saying this is inappropriate. the academy, they asked him to apologize. what kevin hart is saying he doesn't want to have to apologize again, he's addressed this in the past. he says he doesn't want to let the internet trolls to win, he
9:20 pm
doesn't want to reward them and so he's backing out of the oscars. >> he posted video on instagram and said earlier, listen, if you want to search my history or past and anger yourselves with what you find, that is fine with he. i'm almost 40 years old and i'm in love with the man that i am becoming. and then he went onto say this, here's the video. >> i swear, man, our world is becoming beyond crazy. i'm not going to let the craziness fr craziness frustrate me or anger me especially when i worked hard to get the mental space i am at now. my team calls me, oh, my god, the world is upset by tweets you did years ago. oh, my god. guys, i'm almost 40 years old. if you don't believe people change, grow, evolve as they get
9:21 pm
older, i don't know what to tell you. if you want to hold people in a position where they always have to justify or explain their past then do you. i'm the wrong guy, man. i'm in a great place, a great mature place where all i do is spread positivity. if you're not doing that, you're not on my page. >> okay, so then there you go. here's the thing, brian, the response that he put out just now was the appropriate response. and i don't mean the stepping down part. but i am really sorry if i have caused hurt and pain, i needed to be educated about something. i am evolving. that was the proper response to do initially. and again people do evolve on issues. we should give people leeway in that. but was that the right way to respond initially through that video? >> right, to try to talk through
9:22 pm
it, to try to explain -- >> but also blaming it on internet trolls and people looking for outrage. yes, we live in an outrage culture right now, but is that really the issue when it comes to this? >> i think you are onto something really important. what he said in this brand new statement was point-blank no ifs or buts, i sincerely apologize, i'm sorry i hurt people. but you're right in that video it was different. he said if i can prevent my son from being gay i will, those are deeply offensive comments. by the way, i don't think he was always joking in those comments. as you said people are evolving, and i think his statement today was very strong. he's saying the right things by saying he sincerely apologizes. and notice the end of the statement, is i hope we can meet again. maybe he's leaving a little wiggle room here to say he'll
9:23 pm
remain in the oscars but he's officially stepping down. it's a big deal to get to the host the oscars in front of 40, 50 million people, and she's backing away even though just two days ago his appointment and hiring was celebrated by people like jimmy kimmel who were thrilled to see him in the job. will the academy really let him walk away? we have reached out to the academy to see if they have a comment, and so far no comment. >> it's interesting and a lot of people were really excited about it. i am so glad they called kevin and that he accepted. look, this is whiplash whipsaw of a night if you're watching. you're like, wait, what's going on, one minute they're outside -- again, we had a scare here and we're back in our studio and moving on with the news of the day. if you're just tuning in, kevin hart who brian has said, we were very happy to be hosting the
9:24 pm
2019 oscars he has stepped down. he said i've made the choice to step down from hosting this year's oscars. this is because i do not want to be a distraction on a night that should be celebrated by so many amazing tal wanted artistests, he says. i sincerely apologize to lgbtq community from my comments in the past. my goal is to bring people together, not tear us apart. much love and appreciation to the academy. i hope we can meet again. and again, pbrian, before you jump in here, kevin -- put the camera on me. kevin, call me. let's talk. let's make you an ally to the lgbtq community. i'm a member of the lgbtq community. i don't know you that well, but i do know you a little bit and i do know that your heart could be
9:25 pm
in the right place. and you can move to become an lgbtq ally. call me. let's talk about this. come on my show. come on the air and discuss it. i will give you a fair shot to talk about all of this and to have your say. i just want to say that. brian, standby because i want to get to michelle turner. she's on the phone now. michelle turner, of course, worked here at cnn for many years and is now working in hollywood, and this is what she does with entertainment tonight. the host of "entertainment tonight." what's going on here, michelle? good evening. >> hey, lots of crazy news. you're right, i was listening to you alls conversation talking about two days ago kevin announced on instagram he was going to be the host of this year's academy award. and there was a lot of applauding, everyone was very
9:26 pm
excited, myself i was very excited and i was excited about this opportunity for him because this is something he wanted for many years. if you remember the show he had on bet, the real husbands of hollywood, kind of a spoof reality show back in season 2 of that, he did a spoof sketch of him being named the host of the oscars, and it was like the best day of his life. so when this really happened he told us back in 2015 on entertainment tonight, the next time at the oscars, the next time i come here, i will be hosting it. that would be this year. so he definiteliy wy was trying peek this into existence. i had members of the lgbtq community reaching out to me tonight on social media saying did you see this, this is big story, what is going on here? and from what kevin has said, and i do remember this coming up before that he had addressed it, and he felt like do i have to
9:27 pm
keep apologizing for something, so i think that's a valid question to ask. and i'll ask you, don, because you were just talking about you were a member of the lgbtq community. if someone makes a statement arguably wrong, flat out no if, ands or buts about it, and they've apologized about it before, if it comes up again do they need to apologize again. he said, listen, i've apologized it before, do i need to do it again? i'm not sure where the line is. and i'm certainly not making a judgment how anyone feels about it because the tweets were ugly and they're wrong, period. but where is that line? >> michelle, i want to get to something but i will say you probably need to think to answer those questions for as long as it is an issue. some things are so offensive. and even if they date back for years in our past, i think in
9:28 pm
order to effect change when it comes to these issues i think that people to answer for them. if you think it was an issue that dealt with african-americans, if people had said disparaging things about african-americans in the past, i think they need to explain themselves. there's no difference to me here when it comes to the issue of lgbtq rights, especially if you're telling a child i would prefer you not to be gay. as we know this is not something someone chooses. this is not something you can pray about or wish away. >> listen, i agree with you. it's just a question that i am asking because it's a question that i'm hearing and a response i'm hearing and seeing from some members of the community, some people out there. viewers i've been searching social media, and that is something people have been saying. listen, how many times do you say i'm sorry and i guess you're
9:29 pm
right. >> as many time as it takes, michelle. as many times as it takes. listen, i've been dealing with something similar, someone who i was friendly with and they're upset with what i said about the comments they made. if you are -- if you believe that i am a friend, call me, apologize and say i'm sorry i said those disparaging things about gay people, black people. talk to me, help me be a better person. you should not be mad at the person -- >> the academy has had a big issue lately of course about diversity, inclusion. i don't think this is going to help the cause. i have seen a stark divide tonight especially on social media, it feels like with african-americans coming to kevin's defense and saying we stand behind you, you're doing the right thing. you know, if you're not the host we're not watching.
9:30 pm
so i'm really interested to see how this is going to play out in the next stage and see what the academy does, and furthermore who they're going to get. who they're going to get after this. >> do we want to play the breaking news or move onto kevin? i want you to standby. this is new from kevin hart. watch this. >> i just got a call from the academy and that call basically said kevin apologize for your tweets of old or we're going to have to move onto find another host, talking about the tweets from 2009 and 2010. the reason i've passed is i've addressed this several times. this is not the first time this has come up. i've spoken on it, i've said where the rights and wrongs were. i've said who i was then versus who i am now. i've done it. i've done it. i'm not going to continue to go back and tap into the days of old when i've moved on and i'm
9:31 pm
in a completely different space in my life. the same energy that went into finding those old tweets could be put into finding the response to the questions that have been asked years after years. we feed internet trolls and we reward them. i'm not going to do it, man. i'm going to be me and stand my ground. regardless of the academy i'm thankful of the opportunity. if it goes away no harm, no foul. >> what do you think of that? >> that was actually a video he did before he stepped down. that was before he decided not to host the oscars. that was the first thing he did in response tonight. >> that is before that instagram came out where he was in bed, right? >> yeah. so this was before the last instagram that he did. this is when apparently maybe the academy went to him and he was like i'm not going to do it again, i'm not going to do this
9:32 pm
again because i've addressed this several times. and then after that maybe it escalated even more where he said he was going to stand his ground, and i don't know if there was a line drawn in the sand. those are questions, of course, we're trying to answer tonight and get answers to. but at the end of the day he felt like this is becoming too much of a distraction, i'm going to step away. and, you know, kevin, he does deal with controversy. he deals with things in his life usually head on. it was just last year when he was faced with, you know, an adultery scandal that he faced head on with his wife. and they fixed things and he kept going, and it seemed like his career kept getting better and better after. >> and there was a cowboy and indian scene recently -- >> i'm not sure what's going to happen now because i do think this is going to be a tough one for him. this is going to be a tough one. >> michelle, thank you for that. i appreciate your reporting. brian, i'll give you the last
9:33 pm
word. did they give him an ultimatum? >> he said the academy gave him an ultimatum to apologize and now the academy might need a new oscar host unless they accept his new apology and believe that was enough. i've said this earl i, and one of our viewers said it only happened once before. 2011 eddie murphy backed out of the oscars. it's because a producer of the show had been exposed for saying anti-gay comments in the past. again and again the oscars have been back at this problem. but now they have another problem, what are they going to do in march when the oscars are on the air? >> if you're just joining us, the comedian kevin hart decides to step down from hosting the oscars. that's our breaking news. we also have other breaking news to tell you about tonight. the trump administration, the president expected to nominate a replacement for nikki haley as
9:34 pm
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♪ there's no place likargh!e ♪ i'm trying... ♪ yippiekiyay.
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♪ mom. ♪ we have another big story tonight. a new development in the trump
9:38 pm
administration. the president expected to nominate state department spokeswoman heather nauert. the announcement of her appointment expected in a matter of hours. good evening. hello once again. what is your reaction to heather nauert, the fox news former personality tapped to be the next ambassador to the u.n.? >> i don't think we needed any clear message that president trump doesn't have any real sense or desire to engage in a multilateral institution like the united nations. we've seen him withdraw and now he's going to put a woman into this organization that really lacks any shred of background to make her effective in this post. i worked with the u.n. ambassadors in the past and let pea tell you talking to the
9:39 pm
russian ambassador to the united nations takes skill. the other 192 members of the united nations to pass a resolution on russia, on iran under the best of circumstances requires real diplomatic finesse and heather nauert doesn't have that. >> she's been a journalist but i would say primarily a commentator for 20 years. and i say that to emphasize she is sharp. i mean she knows what she's doing on television. she knows what she's doing in the media arena, but sam is right about the lack of diplomatic experience. this is not someone who brings u.n. ambassador level experience. this is a woman who was on fox for many years, also briefly at abc, but going back to the '90s when she graduated college she knew she wanted to be on television. she was on a bunch of
9:40 pm
conservative talk shows and she was great at those jobs. the that's why fox brought her over almost 20 years ago to be a regular on fox news. she was in a variety of roles on fox. and in that job i think she excelled. as she went to abc briefly and back to fox. again i'm kind of going through this résume on purpose to explain what's not there. she been at the state department for a couple of years as a state department spokesperson. i think she was skilled in that role. there were times she was going a bit beyond what trump will say, standing up for journalists and their rights and their values. there were other times there were some pretty embarrassing gasps. and certainly this is highly unusual situation to see nauert about to be appointed. >> some of the former ambassadors to the united nations were? >> well, john bolton which
9:41 pm
ironically is an interesting point to note in light of the fact of john bolton from what we're reading in the press is trying to downgrade this position from a cabinet level position which it currently is to something that would report to the secretary of state, for example. >> interesting timing. >> interesting indeed. i worked for ambassador wright and samantha power. both of those women as well as nikki haley fought very hard for initiatives that took a lot of diplomatic coordination within the body of the united nations. so i wonder how that media experience from the podium at the state department, from fox news is going to allow someone like heather nauert to sit down and achieve consensus. she would be in the situation room trying to argue a point with the president of the united states and convince him, for example, to keep working through the united nations, to keep
9:42 pm
working on humanitarian assistance. do we really see her performing that function with the president of the united states? >> ewe just laid to rest today george h.w. bush who was ambassador to the u.n. patrick monhan was an ambassador to the u.n., gene patrick was an ambassador to the u.n. john bolton as you've said, samantha powers, susan rice and nikki haley. >> it's a pretty impressive list. >> i have nothing against heather nauert, but come on. >> i think she did a very good job at the state department, but how does that translate to getting 192 other representatives achieving a consensus? >> the answer is the president has her trust.
9:43 pm
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republican wisconsin governor scott walker is on his way out, defeated last month by democratic governor elect tony overs. but with the help of republicans in the state legislator walker is about to sign-off on a slew of measures designed to strip power from his successor. those bills would limit early voting, restrict appointments by the governor to key positions and limit the attorney general's power to make decisions about federal lawsuits. it's a power grab to stop democrats from doing the things they campaigned on and won. and republicans have been on almost too honest about why they are doing it. >> listen, i'm concerned. i think that governor elect evers is going to bring a liberal agenda to wisconsin. >> well, democrats won their election.
9:48 pm
so if republicans didn't want liberal policies, isn't it on them to campaign harder and better? democrats are looking at legal option, but until they figure it out, well, they've been doing one of the only things they can do, protesting at the statehouse and making their voices heard. >> they can only win by cheating and that's what they're doing and right now they're a bunch of cowards. >> it is up to walker to sign the legislation. democrats believe he will, and they are calling it like they see it. >> many of the actions taken today will invalidate the results of the will of the people and shows direct contempt for the voters. many of the acts taken today were not discussed ever during the campaign. >> so here's a question. so what does it say about our democratic process when the party losing power uses lame duck segs to stifle the incoming party? joining me now is martha
9:49 pm
lanning, the wisconsin democratic chairwoman. good evening. thank you so much for joining us. you doing okay? >> i am great and happy to be here. >> this is, martha, about the norms of our country. you're supposed to step aside, let the winner govern. i don't know, what would you call about what's happening here? >> this is clearly a power grab. the foundation of our democracy depends upon a smooth transition of power. it depends upon us respecting the will of the people. what happens on election day, those that win, we transition power. and this is -- you know, the republicans here in wisconsin are not following that age-old tradition here in wisconsin of having smooth transition in power. and we're hoping governor walker will come to his senses by having people collin and let the governor know that this is his legacy he's writing right now, and we need him to veto these
9:50 pm
bills because it was not the will of the people that was clearly stated in the election in november, and they're just not right. >> well, he signals his support on these measures but you think this will be a stain on his legacy, right? >> absolutely. and we're encouraging people to do that. republicans have come out against what has happened here. that the people select a governor elect tony evers and josh call. to lead our state. and instead of respecting that decision the republicans under vosz and under the leadership of governor walker are ewe serping power. it's a tragedy that our governor elect will not have the same authority that governor walker enjoyed for eight years. it's wrong. >> let's talk about that now. the bill sitting on governor walkers desk. weaken the executive branch. after nearly a decade.
9:51 pm
our republicans in wisconsin trying to undo do you believe undo the results of the 2018 election? >> clearly. they are. i'll give you a good example. josh call and tony evers ran on the fact wisconsin was involved in a lawsuit against obamacare. it was a challenge to preexisting condition coverage for many wisconsin people across the state. tony evers and josh call ran on they would pull ot of the lawsuit. if the bills are passed it's taking the authority away to do that. this is a direct offensive to apiece of a promise. that these officials these candidates made they will not be able to follow through on because of the bills. >> you mention tony evers and josh call. they elected the two democrats. and gop leadership responded by
9:52 pm
calling an extraordinary session meant to strip powers from both offices. is there anything, anything that can be done to stop them? >> yeah. we have been having voters all over the state of wisconsin calling in. it has been working. we have made changes. >> is that making a difference? >> i do think it is. they delivered this bill late on friday. they then had a hearing on monday. and on tuesday they were in and out of caucuses and wouldn't do anything in a transparent manner. they don't know what they passed. there's hundreds of pages. they were originally trying to change the timing of the 2020 primary for the presidential. they were concerned that it would give the democrats an advantage. it would have cost millions sp millions of dollars to taxpayers to run two separate elections. and that was taken out. they eliminated it.
9:53 pm
we're proud of the fact people calling in and letting them know this is wrong. they continued with pieces that are simply wrong taking way powers from governor elect evers and restricting what josh call can do in his position. we need more people to speak up. this is an attack on democracy. call walker and tell him to veto the bills. >> if you do think so, why is that? >> i think these republicans that are in control in wisconsin, they have just attacked our democracy over and over again. they rigged the system. in this past election, there were over 54% of the votes for representatives in our assembly were democrats. yet we only got 36 out of 99 seats. we are so gerrymandered here in the state. it is rigging the system so
9:54 pm
democrats can never take control. if we don't change that it's taking the will of the people away. it's allowing the elected leaders to pick citizens versus the constituents picking leaders. the republicans are trying to keep control and rig the system. >> what kind of precedent does this set around the country you believe if this passes. >> north carolina had something similar to this. and they have a lawsuit. they're dealing with. and we're just seeing the republicans are going from state to state. they it was with tour act ten with right to work. these things were created by aleck and spread throughout the nation. it is an attack on our democracy. these we need fo ensure all people have a right to vote. voting is easy. we need to be sure the people have the ability to select their elected leaders. and if these bills are signed by
9:55 pm
walker we will hold them accountable. on november 3, 2020. these republicans did not want their voices to be heard. and didn't want their will to move forward. that's simply wrong. we know wisconsin will do something about it. >> this president and republican party are always talking about voter fraud. election fraud. do you view this as election fraud? >> election fraud is something that the republicans talk about. so they can rig the system. the facts are you have a better chance in state of wisconsin of being struck by lightning than finding a case of election fraud. this is all just talk. that they do to try to rig the system. to enable their party to have control. it's time that we get back to the wisconsin values. our national values. that we believe in fairness and transparency. that we won't hide in a caucus
9:56 pm
behind closed doors and write secret legislation and shove it threw without proper. it's against democracy. it's important people speak up and call governor walker and let him know this is simply wrong. >> martha laning. thank you for your time. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> here's the breaking news. we have got the all clear after the studio and offices were evacuated after a phoned in bomb threat. everybody is safe. the building is secure. the nypd the threat was not substantiated and we thank them for the quick action tonight. thanks for watching. i'm don lemon. our coverage continues. and what's the best part about getting things you do want for free? free stuff. that's why verizon now comes with six months of free apple music. i like music. i like popcorn. how dare you!
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