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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  December 15, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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time ago. this is part of it i cannot justify spending thousands of dollars defending myself and my family against false allegations. it is better for the president and the interior to focus on the accomplishments rather than fictitious allegations. zike referencing false allegations having to defend himself. he is talking about being the focus of several ethics investigations. >> that's right, anna. at least 15 inquiries into his behavior by the inspector-general at the department of the interior. to be fair, zinke has been cleared in some of those, but at least one of those cases was referred by the inspector general to the department of justice. >> they will be scrutinized very closely moving forward.
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>> all of these, as you noted in his statement there, are there are reports that the white house essentially asked him to leave in part because of the incoming democratic majority in the house. zinke was a favorite target of democrats, and the belief was that he would likely have several investigations opened into his behavior and potentially even have to testify publicly in regards to his dealings. senator chuck schumer, look at his tweet after zinke announced his departure. he said ryan zinke was one of the most toxic members of the cabinet and the way he treated our environment, our precious public lands, and the way he treated the government like it was his personal honey pot. the swamp cabinet will be a little less foul without him. >> there have been several trump administration members who found themselves under scrutiny for ethical behavior. we know that the white house was watching zinke's situation very
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closely, anna. >> boris, another personnel change in the coming weeks. we also know john kelly is out. what's interesting there is if you look at a reporting from months ago when rumors were first surfacing that john kelly's departure was imminent, it was reported at the time that mulvaney had told people close to him that he was interested in the role of chief of staff. ultimately this week it appears that he had a change of heart because, according to sources, he told people that he was interested in remaining the director of the omb or finding another place in the administration for him to go. he didn't want to be the chief of staff. the other noteworthy thing here is that president trump didn't end up taking his original pick, nick ayres on because he refused
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to -- he only wanted the job temporarily. the president apparently having to settle now ultimately for a temporary chief of staff anyway. anna. >> all right. thank you so much, boris sanchez. let's take a look now at all of the fast-moving developments from special counsel robert mueller. we have seen 12 days of shocking revelations just sense thanksgiving. >> mueller makes it very clear flynn was committed to his false story because he had already lied repeatedly to high-ranking trump administration members, including vice president mike pence. it also goes against president trump's recent assertion that the fish said he didn't lie and
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that the agent was embarrassed by the way he, flynn, was treated. the president's former fixer speaking out after being sentenced to -- cohen said trump absolutely directed him to pay off a porn star and a former playmate. >> unless it was run through mr. trump. he directed me, as i said in my allocution, and i said as well in the plea, he directed me to make the payments. he directed me to become involved in these matters. >> the trump nation raugs is now being looked at for what federal prosecutors describe as possible financial abuses. ther looking into whether the committee accepted donations from people in foreign countries looking to gain influence or access to the incoming
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administration. here's where we are right now. investigations linked to trump world are piling up fast. the president's administration, his business, the trump organization, his transition team, his foundation, his campaign, and now trump's inaugural committee spending. all you should investigation. joining us to discuss former ap investigative reporter seth, author of a brand new book, trump russia, a definitive history. seth, cnn reporting that special counsel robert mueller's team continues to be interested in interviewing the president. just how worried should the president be? >> deeply worried. we have the justice department putting its weight behind statements that michael cohen just laid out there that the president directed him to commit a crime. not only that, but we have the parent company of the national enquirer cooperating in the same
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investigation. >> looking into potential obstruction of justice. as we look at the new investigations in which the president is becoming a central character, one event is directly tied to the hush money payments, and cohen who has now been sentenced and is speaking publicly. let's listen. about everything related to their investigation, everything related to russia. do you think president trump is telling the truth about that? >> no. >> what's your take-away from that new interview by cohen that
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we heard in the last 24 hours? >> well, i think it's a dispute about what the president doesn't tell the truth. he confabulates and lies and misstates things on a daily, sometimes powerly basis. >> what lends credence to cohen is the parent company of the national enquirer, and, you know, what my take-away there that interview was what cohen said when he is going to come out and he is looking forward to talking about everything he knows about trump when these mueller wraps up his investigation. cohen has been a fixture in the trump organization for a decade. he is the fixer. he is the keeper of secrets. >> he wants to move on. he wants to get this stuff off his chest, and that's going to be some riveting testimony when that comes out.
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>> if you are trump, what are you most concerned about cohen spilling to mueller. >> cohen's father-in-law, a ukrainian immigrant has sores of money probably from the former soviet union that are mysterious and trump actually has been hinting about them recently in his tweets, which is kind of interesting. cohen comes into trurp's world, you know, with his own organized crime connections, and my reporting shows that trump also has his ties to russian organized crime that goes back decades to trump tower, to his casinos. you know, there's a lot of confluence there, and michael cohen may have a lot of, you know -- a lot of light to shed on trump's unseemly dealings with russia going back to the 1980s and 1990s.
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>> well, you know, in mueller's own kind of statements that he has put before the court, he said that cohen has -- yeah, that coern has given information about what trump organization executives knew in their discussions about russia. it looks like this investigation may go deeper than trump. it may involve the children and it may involve other trump organization executives. >> in their ties to russia, did you see their names come up? >> don jr. has that famous statement where he made where he says we see lots of money pouring into the organization from russia. ivanka esaname comes up in this
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trump tower moscow project that cohen was involved in. she was going to have her name on a spa in that building. she chose the architect. trump might be trying to shield his children from exposure here, and their involvement is deep. they're involved in the inaugural committee. they're involved in every aspect of the trump organization and the presidential campaign. >> one of the common themes that's come into focus this week is all the lies. the new court document filed by mueller just yesterday afternoon in response to flynn's team suggesting flynn had been set up in a way. they suggest he was a practice liar. >> wow. yeah. you know, that is an interesting observation. they knew he was lying. they had tapped the russian ambassador's phone. flynn was talking to the
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ambassador. they knew the lie. yeah, it does seem like flynn was a practice liar, but more importantly he is a former director of the defense intelligence agency. you know, he is the national security advisor. this is not some, you know, low-level campaign aid aide. this is a practiced intelligence professional who dealt with the fbi, as he said, for many years. on knew what the game was. he was telling a lie. your point about the lying here, everybody is lying. michael cohen is lying. michael flynn is lying. george is lying. >> the big question is then why all the lies? thank you for joining us for your insight. wee appreciate it.
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>> wul at investigations into the president and his orbit what is nick mulvaney walking into, and how could all this change the white house's approach? we'll discuss that. plus, a federal judge striking down the affordable care act just hours before open enrollment ends for next year? how that affects you next. live in the cnn newsroom. numbers to examine investment opportunities firsthand. like a biotech firm that engineers a patient's own cells to fight cancer. this is strategic investing. because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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the people and organizations trump associates with yet again under the legal microscope. the president's 2017 inaugural committee, and sources tell us federal prosecutors in new york are looking into how the committee possibly misspent -- a million dollars are raised from donations. cnn has more. >> thank you all very much. >> the investigation surrounding president trump starting to pile
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up with the investigation into trump's inaugural committee. there are now inquiries into almost every aspect of the president's political and personal life. based on cn's reporting, the special counsel and other u.s. attorneys are looking into aspects of his campaign. >> transition, time in office, and his company. >> the latest, an investigation into the president's inaugural committee and whether it misspent funds and gave top donors access in exchange for money. the "new york times" adding that prosecutors are also looking into whether the committee and a pro-trump super pact received a legal foreign donation from some middle eastern countries. that includes saudi arabia. the white house responding by claiming trump's inauguration had nothing to do with him. >> as the president is bombarded by new investigations, he is dealing about the fall-out of
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michael cohen. his former attorney who was sentenced to three years in prison this week and claims trump knew about the payments to women. zpliefrmts adding he is limited in what he can say because of all the investigations. >> how does this end for donald trump? >> you know, that sort of gets into the whole investigation right now between, you know, special counsel's office, the attorney's office. i don't want to jeopardize any of their investigations. >> those investigations, a problem the next white house chief of staff will have to deal with. >> the president naming -- but the white house staff shake-ups
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don't shop there. today we learned interior secretary ryan zinke will be gone at the end of the year. his departure comes amid ethics probes. let's discuss with our fiery panel. cnn political commentators and host of cnn's secupp unfiltered and democratic strategist keith boikin. let's remind everybody about what he said in 2016 prior to trump's election. >> yes, i've supported donald trump. i believe so as enthusiastically as i can be. i think it's a terrible human being.
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>> he has to mick people that don't like him in order to do something with it. the reality is no one wants to be associated with trump because if you take on a job like this right now, you become the chief of staff, you have to lawyer up. you are going to possibly expose yourself to potential liability. apparently he does want the job because he accepted it. >> the guy has three jobs already. he is now the -- he is going to be the chief of staff. he is already the consumer financial protection board chairman. at the same time he is omb director. he has a lot on his plate. i guess he is kind of like the jared kushner. you know, he just keeps on putting these tasks on certain people. maybe because trump does trust him, despite the comments he has made in the past.
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snoot president wouldn't go for that. why the change of heart now? >> when you are left with a few options, they wanted the story to be over. sfwoo see, we can find good people. i think that's how bad it was and the story of no one wanting to work in the white house wasn't going away. >> we know that in part some of our reporting is that the president needed somebody who was maybe more politically
2:22 pm
savvy, and mulvaney provides that, doesn't he, keith? >> he is more politically savvy than john kelly is, but before that you remember rooins priebus, he was politically savvy. that didn't work out well for trump either. the problem is president trump. you can't fix the staff if you don't fix the person running the staff. the it's the president, donald trump. >> let's talk about ryan zinke for a minute, and he is the latest in really a long line of people within this white house, within the administration, the cabinet to now leave who have been in ethics questions. we saw it with pruett. now it's zinke. i'm trying to understand why. >> because this is a
2:23 pm
republican -- was until recently a republican majority congress or republican president. >> it's been proven to be swampier than ever. you do have to point out under republican congress all those people you just put up are gone. >> at the might not want to go through the scrutiny that they are inevitably going to go through and might say i'm bouncing before this gets too re real. rooirn zinke is trying to say these are trumped u7 charges, and he doesn't want. that's fine. i think you might see more of
2:24 pm
this to come. >> ryan zinke was facing 15 different investigations during his two-een ten-ure. that's a lot for anybody. the difference is that in january in a few weeks from now the democrats will have control over the house of representatives, and there will be accountability and oversight for the first time. >> what is your reaction that these are the people that he chooses to surround himself with. >> that should be said, but it does seem like this administration either corrupts the corruptible or courts the
2:25 pm
corrupt. it's unprecedented. the number of ethics violations we're seeing in one administration in the first two years of the first term, so there is something going on in there, and i put the blame squarely at the feet of republicans in congress. now democrats are coming in to do their job. >> do democrats have to be careful about getting involved in too many investigations? >> i don't think so. i don't see any down side. they have a duty, a constitutional responsibility to provide oversight. you can't overinvestigate thanks to investigate. the problem i think is that the
2:26 pm
republican -- >> in the past to use that didn't come out, and people start to look at republicans and say, well, what were you doing when you were in charge of congress, when you were in charge of the entire federal -- >> they are. they already are. the general election -- >> there is -- you're right. this is something that, you know, they are supposed to do. the only danger is if there's a pile-on, there could be a political down side. >> one last spot, and i have to go. >> you said this earlier about drain the swamp. the reason why the trump argument doesn't work about him being no worse than the republicans or democrats in the past is because he promised to do something better. he promised he was going to drain the swamp and make things more ethical, and instead he has become the kpekt opposite of what he told people he would be. >> he hasn't become.
2:27 pm
>> he was from the beginning, and he is still the exact opposite of what he said he would be. >> thank you both. >> thank you. keith, good to see you. don't forget, se's show top of the hour right here on cnn. now, just two days taken into border control company. we'll hear from her father next.
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yippiekiyay. ♪ mom. ♪ >> new information just into cnn about the guatemalan migrant girl who died in u.s. border patrol custody last weekend. despite the outrage following the 7-year-old's death, the guatemalan counsel tells cnn her
2:32 pm
father has no complaints with how u.s. agents treated them. jacquelin maquin and her dad were detained in a remote part of new mexico on december 6th. she got sick just after they were picked up by u.s. agents. some 90 minutes from the nearest processing station. emma keen died less than 48 hours later. critics are blaming the trump administration's broader border policy saying they have led to more dangerous crossings in isolated areas. cnn's ed lavendara just spoke with the council who had a meeting with the grieving father, and, ed, what have you learned? >> we were able to kind of piece together some new details and new reaction here, and the perspective of the father of this young girl who we haven't had a chance to hear from since this story first broke. this is the latest information we have. this is according to the guatema guatemalan council who met with the father here in the city of
2:33 pm
el paso, and also with officials here from the enunciation house, which is a shelter that helps these migrants and refugees who end up here in el paso, and they read a statement from this father's attorneys, and in that statement it talks about how the father is grateful for the many first responders that tried to save his daughter's life. the guatemala council also tells us as you mentioned -- everything was done by these agents who were in that bus on that bus ride from the border port of entry to the work station. that was possible to save his daughter's life. the only part of the trip that that father was now along side his daughter, we're told, is when she was airlifted from that remote part of new mexico and flown here to el paso to the hospital for treatment. what kind of aid was provided and, in fact, on the contrary.
2:34 pm
the father felt like the agents there in that bus did everything they could to help the young girl. this is a little bit more from the statement that. >> the death of a child is the most painful experience that a parent or family can endure. jacquelin just five days past her seventh birthday was a beautiful and loving child. yak lynn and her father came to the united states seeking something that thousands have been seeking for years. an escape from the dangerous situation in their home country. this was their right under u.s. and international law. the family is seeking an
2:35 pm
objective investigation they are asking that investigators -- the custody of children. into the cause and circumstances of jacquelin's death. zbloolt a couple of things the statement did go on to say. >> border patrol agents would have the father sign a form stating that the daughter's health condition was fiechb the moment that they crossed border. they were taken into border patrol custody. the father speaks in indigenous kwaut mallan language. spanish is his second language. he does not speak -- we understand that's only in english. they found that to be unacceptable, skps they are also pushing back on the idea that anybody knows what the cause of death in this situation is. there has been a number of
2:36 pm
reports that allude to what might have led to her death, but the family is pushing back saying that at this point there is no official cause of death and that no one should speculate about that. anna. >> i have a 7-year-old myself. it's really difficult to hear this story. thank you for bringing us the latest information. george woke. but he has plans today. so he took aleve this morning. hey dad. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. tylenol can't do that. aleve. all day strong.
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two hundred and fifty dollars from subaru. (avo) get zero percent during the subaru share the love event. president obama jumping on facebook today -- >> it closes tonight at midni t midnight, and there's been some confusion because a texas judge ordered -- issued an order just last night striking down the law. let's be clear. right now obama care is still the law. the judge's order now being appealed and may end up at the supreme court. earlier today president trump reacted to the judge's ruling during a visit to arlington national cemetery.
2:42 pm
>> a judge that is highly respected in texas and on the assumption that the supreme court upholds, we will go et great, great health care for our people. we will have to sit down with the democrats on to do that, but i'm sure they want to do it also. thank you very much. >> so to help us make sense of what happens now, here's cnn's supreme court reporter arianne devogue. >> anna, this judge issued a broad ruling and delivered a major victory to opponents of bottom care. not only did he say that the individual mandate unconstitutional, he struck down the whole law. it's important to note, however, that he allowed the law to remain in effect for now pending appeal. nothing will change regarding coverage. the indication is likely to go next to a federal appeals court and then it could land once again before the supreme court. the courts upheld the law.
2:43 pm
justice says neil gorsuch and brett cavanaugh. this all comes on the last day of open enrollment for obama care coverage for most of the country. supporters of the law worry the court's decision could discourage people from coming forward to sign up. anna. >> arianne, thank you. i want to bring in dr. zeke emmanuel. he is one of the affordable care act architects and the former obama kbhous advisor who is now a cnn contributor. good to have you with us. first, i want to get your reaction to this ruling. >> well, the ruling doesn't make a lot of sense. i think interestingly, even conservative legal scholars think it makes no sense. what the judge said is, look, the mandate with the tax penalty was the core of the affordable care act. the tax penalty has been taken away. the mandate, therefore, has to be taken away, and guess what, if you take away this essential element, the whole bill is unconstitutional.
2:44 pm
you zplooits not essential to those things that were issued. even after the congress repealed the mandate, the exchanges actually worked really well because of the subsidies people were getting to buy insurance, and they wanted health insurance. this judge's idea that the mandate was so essential and that without the mandate,
2:45 pm
everything in the bill fell just defies logic. >> but do you worry if this goes to the supreme court, obama care ends up dying given the current balance on the bench with the addition of another conservative justice and justice cavanaugh? >> well, let me make two points. i'm not actually worried about that. you do have the addition of gore gorsuch and the addition of cavanaugh. remember, it was the four democrats along with justice roberts who ruled for the constitutionality of the affordable care act, and you're not going to change that. as a matter of fact, the last time a case on the affordable care act came before the supreme court, justice roberts was -- expressed a certain amount of ayre this case was coming up to them. he thought that they had dealt with it and made clear that it was constitutional, and i think you're not going to sway him to the other side now?
2:46 pm
i'm actually not that worried. the second part i would say, though, is that it does mean that the republicans and the courts and especially the president have not listened to the american public. they said quite clearly in the last midterm election that they want the protections much the affordable care act, that they want what the affordable care act stands. that everyone should get hgs, and people regardless of the preexisting health care situations whether they had cancer or heart disease or they have multiple sclerosis, get health care and get it at the same price that the rest of us do it. if they keep -- the republicans keep techering with this and keep trying to tear it down, they're pushing people further and further to, well, maybe we just need medicare for all or something like that. i would note that about some recent polls have suggested that as many as 50% of republicans are beginning to warm up to medicare for all, and that ought to tell the republican party something. >> really appreciate you taking
2:47 pm
the time this weekend. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> the panel investigating the deadly school shooting in parkland, florida, is now recommending a law allowing teachers to carry guns. details ahead.
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. a controversial conclusion from the florida panel revealing the mass shooting at marjorie stoneman douglas high school. the conclusion is that teachers should be armed. the panel's report is not final but already stirring a lot of heated debate. one lawmaker say teachers want to teach, not be armed for combat in their classrooms. cnn's paulo sandoval looks at
2:52 pm
the panel and findings. >> reporter: the marjorie stoneman douglas public safety division recommend teachers be allowed to carry guns on school campuses. the controversial proposal part of a 407 page preliminary report. it addresses failures by broward county law enforcement during the massacre as well as recommendations on how to counter future school violence. chairing the commission, bob supports the measure. >> we have to give people a fighting chance. we've got to give them an opportunity to protect themselves in my view. we don't have enough to put cops in every school or multiple cops in every school and we're not maximizing the use of the guardian program and one person, one good guy with a gun in every campus is not adequate. >> reporter: the proposal yet to go before the governor or state lawmakers. if approved, teachers who want to carry would be required to go through training and background checks before arming themselves.
2:53 pm
>> here's the issue. districts and schools need to act now. they need to act now. they need to act now. >> reporter: currently, only some teachers and school staff are allowed to carry firearms. since the parkland shooting, at least 14 other states have introduced similar measures. the changes have been met with some support in states where rural communities like funding and resources to respond to a school shooter. max shis the only person opposi the arming of teachers. >> i don't think teachers should be carrying guns. i think they have enough on their plate. i think their priority is teaching. it just creates a lot of host of problems. >> reporter: with the recommendations still tentative, more debate likely about how to face a school's worst nightmare. >> what we got right now ain't working. we need to do something differently. >> reporter: polo sandoval, cnn new york. in this season of giving, we want to show you how to help our 2018 top ten heroes continue
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their important work and have your donations matched dollar for dollar. here's anderson cooper. >> reporter: i'm anderson cooper. each of this year's cnn top ten heroes proves one person can make a difference. this year, we're making it easy for you to support their great work. just go to and click donate in any cnn top ten hero to make a contribution to their fundraiser on crowd rise. you'll receive an e-mail which is tax deductible in the united states. no matter the amount, you can make a big difference in helping our heroes continue their life changing work. your donations will be matched dollar for dollar up to a total of $50,000 for each of this year's honorees. cnn is proud to offer you this simple way to support each cause and celebrate all these everyday people who are changing the world. you could donate from your
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welcome to "unfiltered." tonight's headline. mass exodus? after abruptly announcing that white house budget director and omb chief mick mulvaney will take on a temporary third job as acting white house chief of staff just yesterday. today, the president, again, abruptly announced the departure of white house interior secretary ryan zinke. secretary of the interior ryan zinke will be leaving the administration at the end of the year, after having served for a period of almost two years. ryan has accomplished much during his tenure and i want to thank him for his service to our nation. the trump administration will be announcing the new secretary of the interior next week. by his own admission, zinke's departure is a result of looming violations of ethical violations in the trump cabinet. zinke said in part, after 30 years of public


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