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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  December 19, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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today. i'll be back here tomorrow at 11:00 eastern time. inside politics with john king starts right now. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john avl john king. president trump claims victory over isis with the rapid withdrawal of u.s. troops but the pentagon is pushing back arguing the fight is not won and that leaving is a gift to russia and iran. plus, a wait and see morning on wall street with the big fed decision on interest rates due in a couple hours from now. the path in 2019. the president is complaining the dicey markets are messing with his path in 2020. and with the deadline looming, is the president about to blink again? just days after saying he would
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proudly shut down the government to get the border wall, the top republican offers a plan with new nno new wall funding. >> you don't think there will be a shutdown at this point? >> i don't think so. especially over christmas, that would be kind of dumb. >> we begin there today with a plan, finally. senate republicans with a stopgap funding bill to prevent the government shutdown that would take effect on friday. the parting shot at the democrats for good measure. >> we will turn to a clean continuing resolution later today so we can make sure we don't end this year the way we began it. with another government shutdown because of democrats sensible immigration policies. >> democrats had a quick response saying we don't love that plan but we'll probably support it. >> i'm glad the leader thinks the government should not shut down over the president's demand for a wall and democrats will
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support this cr. the president and the house should follow that lead because shutting down the government over christmas is a terrible idea. one of the worst to come down the pike in a very long time. >> there you have it. republican leader check. democratic leader, check. just one problem with the plan. we're still not certain the president will accept it. signaling the president gets and ready to accept the short-term plan with no new border wall funding but the aides often say things that soon get wiped out in a tweet storm and the president takes cues from conservative talk radio where already there's complaints he's about to cave again on this signature campaign promise. would not have done this unless he had some confidence the president would go along. does he have full confidence? >> look, i don't know anybody has full confidence in anything when it comes to the president. just because, as you laid out, he can change his mind and frankly, when it comes to spending issues specifically,
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until the pen and paper with his signature on the pdeal, nothing is done. and i've been told over the last couple of weeks, mitch mcconnell has been careful not to undercut the president in any way over the course of this week, even though his own members have been very frustrated that the white house hadn't really given them much semblance of a plan. that said, mitch mcconnell is keenly aware they're running out of time and the only option on the table now and time to move forward. the senate is going to pass this, likely in a couple of hours and the house will come back in the next 24 hours and move it as well. the president is expected to sign and remember, he's supposed to leave for mar-a-lago later this week and every lawmaker on town is ready to get out of town and wait and see if the pen gets to paper. quickly, john, think of where we were one week ago yesterday in the oval office on live television with the democratic leaders and the president and his bold proclamation about taking the blame for a shutdown
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to where we are today, quite a shift. there's no question about it. >> very smartly had the word expected in your sentence. the president is expected to sign. we'll see how this plays out. phillip, appreciate the live update from the hill. in studio to share reporting, kaitlin collins, and also with bloomberg, mckeith with npr. this is about to move in the senate. nobody loves it but that's how these things work. they vote for it, move forward. this is ann coulter on the radio. just one voice, a constant critic of the president who likes to tweet today's border wall update, zero progress. we've seen the president do this in the past, say, okay, fine, i'll eat my peas but then has a day of mark and rush and fox news saying things like this. >> they're about to have a country where no republican will ever be elected president again. trump, it will have been a joke presidency that scammed the american people, enraged, amused
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the populous for a while but no legacy whatsoever. >> start with the white house reporters at the table. if that continues, and that gets amplified, in the echo chamber the president listens to for the next 48 hours, will he sign this? >> that's a big question. the last time the president signed a spending bill, it was a fight to the last second to physically put the pen on the page and that's why they're saying essentially what phil said. they will not go as far to promise the president is going to sign this because they know when he hears criticism like that as he did with the last spending bill from a slew of his allies, not only on tv and radio but also people who call him and tell him, hey, you shouldn't be signing this, he knows that he's going to get that criticism. he knows that he has promised this border wall time and time again and this seems pretty much like the last time he could ever fight for it, if he really could fight for it here and certainly, it's not a shut door thing he's going to sign.
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>> the president doesn't have the republican votes, let alone the democratic votes but pass the short-term bill and kicks this to february and then the democrats will be in charge of the house and the democrats are in no mood to give wall money and if they were, they would have a giant ask in return which begs the question, what happened to that guy you saw a week ago? chuck schumer baited him to say, i'll be proud to get my wall and said that one week ago. could replay that over and over again and where did he go? >> so yesterday, i shouted a question to him and he said, i asked, are you willing to shut it down for the $5 billion? and he said we need border security. so that seems like where that guy is going is the wall is kind of a state of mind, that the wall could become just border security or fixing fences or that the president, the president is in the process of finding a way to declare victory
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without strictly speaking, having the wall that he's been talking about forever. >> i think it's not a total coincidence that he declared victory with isis and tried to turn the page to this. i mean, the truth is that it may be harder for him to get wall funding in february than it is now but he's not getting it now and what's the end goal of the shutdown if you can't win in the end? at least he can blame democrats or seem to cobble together some sort of bipartisan compromise, float the idea of a dacca deal again and see if he has better luck this time around. i think the criminal justice reform package that's going to him for a signature is going to be another example of bipartisanship the president will want to promote and share going into the new year and on this shutdown related fight, the bottom line is that he doesn't win with the math either way. >> he could have had a deal on the wall funding. he could have had that. he walked away, in part because
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of conservative criticism. he's on very safe ground talking about border security. it tests off the chart. the wall, not so much but he could say, we have drones, we have fencing, i have my wall, my version of the wall and if it doesn't work, we'll come back but he refuses to change his vocabulary. mexico is paying directly through the new u.s. mca. far more money coming to the u.s., the united states military will build the wall. now they won't. they can't. they won't and they can't and to say it will is crazy. one more here. the democrats are saying loud and clear, they do not want to build a concrete wall but artistically designed steel slat to see through it. it will be beautiful and go up fast. they're not building any wall right now. they're repairing a few existing pieces. >> usmca has not passed congress yet and not held trade deficit. not going to pay for the wall. he's twisting it because he wants to deliver on the promise but i think even ann coulter and
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the biggest supporters back during the campaign will say an artistically designed wall with beautiful slats is not what they expected when the president was chanting at rallies build the wall. that's not what they wanted from the president. so when he's making arguments like he did on twitter last night or said they're going to have barbed wire plus, that's not the wall they were expecting and i think the president is increasingly aware the fact this wall is not going to be built and not the funding for this and that's why we're seeing with the tweets he's saying, the military is going to pay for it and all of this because he's going pretty much in every which way to say he fought for this promise, he tried to deliver this promise but if you look to the trump campaign and so many politicians always make promises on the campaign, they do not follow through on. president trump, every single day of the campaign said he was going to build the wall, so that is why it is so sensitive not only for the president but the supporters because this is the one thing he promised every day and now increasingly looking like he's not going to deliver on it. >> it's going to be a grievance of his nationalist and nativist
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base that they could not deliver on this because as you mentioned in a few weeks, nancy pelosi will take over the house and there's no path to get through a democratic controlled house. he could have taken this in february of 2018 earlier this year when there was a bipartisan deal and a number of republicans were on board. senator king said give $25 billion for the wall. could have if he given up half the citizenship for dacca and a few other things. some cuts to family based immigrations for people with green cards currently here. it was a bipartisan modest deal. he emphatically rejected it and got 54 votes in the senate while strong white house opposition and the leadership. he missed his best chance. >> in his echo chamber, there was a backlash which is why he didn't do it and the question if the senate will go and house will go. president is going to mar-a-lago on friday. a couple of days. we shall see.
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strap in. >> up next, the president makes a big decision on syria after he promised an update on the fight on isis. that was 18 months ago. >> going very well in the fight against isis as general mattis explained and a news conference in about two weeks to let everybody know how well we're doing. well, how are the massage chairs working out for everyone? i dunno. i'm still a little stressed about buying our new house. well, it's a good thing we don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. geico can help with that. we can get homeowners insurance help from geico? well, sure. and they could save us a bunch too. mmhmm? i'm starting to feel better already. get to know geico and see how much you could save on homeowners and condo insurance.
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stunning news today. the u.s. military role against isis. defense official saying the pentagon is preparing for rapid withdrawal of all u.s. forces in syria. the president tweeting this morning, quote, we have defeated isis in syria. my only reason for being there. about 2,000 u.s. troops still on the ground and mostly helping train kurdish rebels and while isis has been diminished, the militants still control considerable territory. cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr, we know the generals don't believe this fight is fully won but the commander in chief disagrees. >> you'd be hard pressed to find
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a top commander to say isis is defeated. in fact, just a few days ago, the chairman of the joint chief said only a small number of the u.s. backed forces in syria had been trained. they had a long way to go. a big question now, is it in fact the troops all come out and what will happen to those backed militia forces behind and u.s. supported in the fight against isis? that is one question. the other question, what about russia and iran? now unfettered, they could go and try to control any territory in syria they might wish to. this is a stunning reversal of just a few days ago because just on saturday, the u.s. coalition in iraq that was overseeing operations in syria had issued a statement and i want to read it to you because i think it's instructive about the level of confusion about what is happening now. the coalition issuing a statement saying the coalition mission in northeast syria
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remains unchanged. we continue our normal operations including observation posts in the border region to address the security concerns of our nato ally turkey. we remain committed to working with our partners on the ground to ensure an enduring defeat of isis. any reports indicating a change in the u.s. position with respect to these efforts is false and designed to sow confusion and chaos, except that was saturday and now it's wednesday and it is not false. what the president wants is all troops out of syria and the pentagon trying to come up with a plan to make that happen. john? >> remarkable. barbara starr with the breaking news at the pentagon. let's continue the conversation with cnn's arwa damon. you've been on the ground. is isis defeated? is it fine and dandy for u.s. troops to get out? >> it is so risky at this stage. we just need to look at the
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history of isis' previous incarnations to see what happens following a premature u.s. withdrawal when you have no force on the ground to handle the security situation. there is still very fierce fighting taking place in the east carried out by the u.s. backed kurdish forces, the sdf and the province where i was just last month where commanders, local commanders on the ground there are very concerned about isis sleeper cells who they may will capitalize on any sort of opportunity to reemerge and remanipulate the population in their own support. it's incredibly risky and no one can make sense of it at this stage. syria or a certain degree, outside. >> let me take the president's position for a minute. even if he understands that, say, okay, it's risky but it's risky for the last two years and the two years before that and nothing is getting any better. assad is not going anywhere. the hell with it. >> not true. things have been getting better. the special envoy to the isis
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coalition just about a month ago said that, actually, this month said this in syria, reduced to about 1% of the territory they once held but arwa has a good point. this is about ungoverned spaces and one of the reasons we had the small number of troops on the ground to help develop indigenous forces to provide some measure of sustainable security. you pull the advisers out, that's sustainable security lapses and then you have ungoverned spaces again, not only isis but other groups, more than happy to fill that vacuum. >> this is a statement from the chief pentagon spokeswoman. the coalition has liberated the isis held territory but the campaign against isis is not over. we started the process of returning u.s. troops home from syria as we transition to the next phase of the campaign. for security reasons, no further details and continue to work with partners and allies. that strikes me, forgive, as bureaucracy in the sense we are not going to disagree with the president and tell you how quick
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we're pulling the troops out. this is the state department cancelled the briefing today. from a geopolitics, russia wins anytime the u.s. pulls out of anywhere but especially syria. iran wins if the united states pulls out of syria. will turkey be happy or unhappy, i suspect happy? >> turkey's position quite interesting. it does play in turkey's favor, since they've been concerned about america's support. the kurdish fighting forces, one and the same as the terrorist organization, the pkk. and they have been threatening to go into an area to push the kurds out of there because it's so close to the border but this also is a huge burden of responsibility on turkey and then have to secure this territory. it has been increasing the footprint and supposed to be the protector of the demilitarized zone like idlib province but can they adequately fill the vacuum by the u.s.? >> the administration says,
9:21 am
look, we still have troops in iraq and we can pull back and do what needs to be done with air strikes and if necessary, targeted. >> potentially, look, john. everything has to go now to iraq. if you're going to pull everything out of syria and that's an interesting case because last december, prime minister said we've eliminated isis and defeated them and the pentagon after that said we're going to rejig the number of troops and then fewer numbers and john, the numbers haven't changed since december. more than 5,000 troops in iraq. it's interesting the prime minister of one of these two countries said it's over and we still have 5,000 troops there and here in syria, the president is just uniformly. >> i want to listen to a little flavor of this because we see it play out today. surprise at the pentagon and the state department and u.s. allies in the region. it's not a surprise though the president has had different opinions than many advisers on this for a long time. >> they say we've made more progress against isis than they
9:22 am
did in years of the previous administration and that's because i'm letting you do your job. >> they've been dealt severe setbacks in iraq and syria but they are not completely yet destroyed. >> we are in syria to fight isis. that is our mission and the mission isn't over and we're going to complete that mission. >> by the way, we're knocking the hell out of isis. we'll be coming out of syria, like, very soon. >> we have just absolutely decimated isis. >> is there an impact beyond washington politics. trying to figure out, what is the united states position and how deep are the roots? >> of course. as people's heads are spinning but pretty much spinning since the administration took power but when it talks about syria or iraq, it's not just about heads spins with the greater political level but what does that do to the populations on the ground? just for a purely american
9:23 am
perspective. america has lost so many of its own people, inside both syria and iraq. to see history repeat itself with a premature potential withdrawal and lends itself to have isis very easily to a certain degree be able to reemerge. al qaeda and iraq back in 2006, and became the islamic state back in 2010 and now we're going to be seeing this again? >> that's an ominous question. we'll leave it there for now as we see this play out. up next, back to domestic politics. a new document obtained by cnn proves rudy giuliani doesn't think you need to know the truth. ♪ ♪ ♪ the greatest wish of all is one that brings us together. the final days of wish list are here.
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today, new and undeniable evidence the president pays liars to be his lawyers. the former lawyer, michael cohen, admitted lying to congress about the trump tower moscow project and how long, how late into the 2016 campaign those lasted. rudy giuliani also telling what aws obvious lie about that same project. there was a letter of intent to move toward and told dana bash just sunday but quote, no one signed it. here it is. there's the letter, right here. dated october 28th, 2015, obtained by cnn's chris como. then candidate donald trump on
9:29 am
the letter. he said nobody signed. the signature of a russian real estate developer. last night, giuliani didn't attempt to explain the contradiction. he said, of course, he signed it. how could you send it but nobody signed it. joining our conversations. this terms of what robert mueller is investigating, so what, who cares, worried about the substance, not the public lies but what does it tell us that the president's lead attorney emphatically tells our dana bash on sunday, nobody signed it, therefore, not big deal and who cares so i lied. >> it's a problem. and though we may think that robert mueller doesn't care about this, but it goes to the overall narrative they're building in terms of why do people who speak for the president, who work for the president, who worked for the president, who were involved in the campaign all have one thing in common. they lie, continue to lie to protect the president. we know from michael cohen, he
9:30 am
said the whole purpose in lying to congress about this project, about what giuliani claims the president did and said he did sign it, it was about the moscow project and protecting the president. it does go to the overall narrative we're seeing the special counsel try to put together whether it's an obstruction case or something else going on. people consistently try to protect this president. >> in this case though, is he protecting the president by saying something on sunday that there's a document that just proves it's just blatant? that he says the letter the bs, what he says is bs. saying like the president's court gesture je jester on tele >> is rudy giuliani being rudy giuliani or revealing information at a later date like when he told everyone via an interview on fox news that the president had actually paid back michael cohen for the $131,000 paid to stormy daniels. it doesn't seem to be helping
9:31 am
anyone by saying didn't sign this and then the president did sign it and then got the letter in your hands as you just showed, the classic trump signature and makes people question, why did they lie and say he didn't sign this letter? why did rudy giuliani get so specific as to say he didn't sign the letter if he had signed it? if their defense is the president essentially did nothing wrong and nothing wrong with him pursuing this business deal as he was becoming increasingly clear that he was going to be the republican nominee and still pursuing a business deal with attorney that was going to require russian government aprol, thatprovaappr it's a problem but if it's not, why are you saying things that aren't true about the pursuant? >> on the twitter feed, he un s understands where we are. everything is under investigation. the trump white house, campaign, the organization and now an agreement with the new york state attorney general to dissolve the trump foundation.
9:32 am
the tweet storm here. not going to read it all. the president's own foundation agreed to dissolve, they agreed to dissolve under supervision with the new york state attorney's office which filed papers saying it was an illegal scam to support himself and support his campaign. the president lashing out at everybody there, including at hillary clinton. nothing to do with this. what does that tell us about the president's end of the year, shall we say, anger, understandably, the depth of his problems? >> this tells us it's not over. also, the new york attorney general will tell us that. it's not over. this case is ongoing, dissolving the foundation is only one step in the process and they're continuing to pursue what they say is self-dealing and other misdeeds by the foundation, trying to prohibit trump family members from serving on any foundation boards. this is not the end of the story. i guess, probably the middle of it. and it's only one thing. there are so many things, so many threads hanging out there
9:33 am
where, you know, in trump university was shut down before. president trump has not had a great record of late with things. >> i think this is a reminder of why it's been so important for congress to make sure to protect the mueller investigation's ability to go forward because there really is fundamentally a difference between the campaign you wage in the public or in the press and then i guess i would call the congressional hearing sort of a middle ground where they have authority but it's mixed with politics and so people don't know what to believe, but always at the core of this has been the special counsel, the special prosecutor's ability to pursue things and have the force of law behind them to hold people account about. we saw some of this play out with michael flynn this week. whether a letter of intent was signed or not signed could be a debatable fact in the public arena, but in mr. mueller's world, it is not a debatable fact and that is what's so fundamentally important. >> the court filings and the accumulation of the documents,
9:34 am
forget what the politicians say. both parties, at least don't forget, if you don't want to, discount it a bit. the partisanship and play sherlock holmes for him. the great mystery, the secret case. we knew mueller's lawyers were involved and didn't know what it was about. political at one point, an essay wondering, was this a fight over the subpoena for the president? it turned out not to be but here's the final ruling yesterday. the grand jury seeks information from a corporation, owned by country "a" after receiving this information. a sb and then the court said turn over what the government is asking for, robert mueller, in this case. do we have any clue what this is about and how it fits? >> we can only speculate. it does sound like it could have some financial institution, maybe a bank in another country. we don't know, but these are the kinds of things you will see when there are, when the government, the u.s. government is trying to get information
9:35 am
from a bank or a financial institution and money laundering cases. what's really interesting here is the effort by which this company has gone to try and not give this information over. >> weeks. >> the money they're spending. held in contempt. so they're paying a penalty for doing that. so clearly, whatever is going on here, it's important for both the special counsel and for this company and it could also signal to us that this is nowhere near over. this could go to, we know that mueller has been looking at money, that webt into tnt into inauguration and other countries as well, people begin to see mueller about this. it could be related to that. we don't know. eventually, we'll probably find out but this does seem to go in line with what we see in money laundering cases. >> country a. i'd love to identify country "a." slip a note in my stocking, will you? will it heed the president's warning or will the fed raise
9:36 am
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topping our political radar today, some lawmakers calling for an investigation into the death of that 7-year-old gaut ma lan girl who died after crossing the u.s. border. jacqueline became ill after border agents took her in a remote new mexico desert and then took to the hospital where she later died and family speaking out through her lawyer moments ago. >> what happened to jacqueline,
9:41 am
could her death have been prevented? what circumstances, what policies may have contributed to her death? these questions must be answered. >> here in washington getting a new sense today of how they'll question the president and policies once they get the majority in the house come january. the incoming oversight, elijah cummings sent more than 50 letters to the administration today. demanding answers from questions with family separation on the mexican border to the water crisis in flint, michigan. in a statement, congressman cummings said these are cases even republicans have asked for but refuse to issue subpoenas for. they control the house. all eyes on the federal reserve. the agency is expected to hike interest rates despite public lashings from president trump. how will the market and investors respond? christine lessi is live.
9:42 am
christina? >> reporter: the fed is in a tough spot. it doesn't want to raise interest rates too much. it wants to protect against the economy overheating. that's the case for raising interest rates. investors here today have come to terms with the fact the fed will hike rates today, but what they will be listening for is jerome powell's comments and what he says about the possibility of federate hikes in 2019. whether or not jerome powell is sympathetic to the volatility we've seen on wall street and whether he mentions economic data and any softening in the economy. we've seen little signs of that here and there, john, for example, the housing and the auto markets are showing some signs of weakness and we have companies. a range of corporate companies
9:43 am
basically saying they're worried about global trade wars. they're hunkering down, saving cash for a potential, you know, problem down the line. but jerome powell was in a really tough spot because if he does pull back on fed, on these rate increases, then it may look like he's caving to political pressure from donald trump and the federal reserve is supposed to be an independent body, not subject to political pressure. john? >> economics colliding with politics, cristina, thank you for the update from the floor. market at 300 right now. let's check back at the 3:00 hour once we know from the fed. thank you, cristina. a rare sight on capitol hill. bipartisanship. the senate and house soon to follow, passes a major criminal justice reform. if you're age 50 to 85 and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p's. what are the three p's?
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welcome back. a rare showing of bipartisanship on capitol hill and this one with far reaching consequences for america's prison population. last night, the senate voted overwhelmingly to approve the largest criminal justice reform in decades. reduces sentences for non-violent drug crimes and expand to reintegrate in society and eliminate penalties for possessing a gun with a non-violent crime and addresses the big sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine convictions, disproportionately affecting minorities. 12 republicans from across the conservative spectrum did vote no. the house plans to give the blessing before the week is out and the president is celebrating. my job is to fight for all citizens, even those who made mistakes. congratulations to the senate on the passing of criminal justice reform bill and keep our community safer and provide a second chance to those who earn it and i look forward to signing this bill into law. it is rare, incredibly rare that
9:49 am
we use the word bipartisanship. it used to come up a lot. one of the people they're crediting, let me put it out right here is jared kushner, who fought for months to get this done. >> jared kushner played a key role in this. i called him last night to thank it. he did more to line up republicans on the right in this issue than anyone else and he deserves credit for it. >> well, now, jared's tenacity and his team putting together a coalition i've never seen from conservative liberals. this would not have happened. >> interesting in and of itself but also in the sense that jared kushner has been a pinata when it comes to how the administration deals with saudi arabia. where are we? >> i spoke to senator ted cruz who praised jared kushner on this. this is another element of bipartisan consensus. 87 senators, it's hard to agree on the color of the sky but these are steps that liberals
9:50 am
supported with the fair dispensing of justice because they thought it would improve public safety and save taxpayer money, discourage recidivism. it's hard to get a bill when you get everyone from the left, elizabeth warren to bernie sanders to agree with rand paul on the right. let's see if this can happen. >> cory booker and donald trump on the same page. van jones and donald trump on the same page. to the point about jared, the president took his time before he himself said he was for it. he let jared work it for a long time and convinced his father-in-law, let's get it done. >> this was a big factor in all of this. not just that, but mitch mcconnell made the joke how many people jared kushner had gotten to call him but i think this will be a big bipartisan success the president can tout as running for reelection say, hey, we've reached across the aisle and got this done. it's rare the aclu are both praising something, this is something one of those things and i do think jared kushner
9:51 am
played a big role in this and i don't think anyone would discount this and for his critics being in the white house, his position, what he's talked about with saudi arabia, this is going to be something where they can say, look, he was able to accomplish this and without him, it's unclear if it would have been able to be done. >> this is also a lesson in the slow process of pushing a rock up a hill. this is, this did not start with the trump administration. this did not, this started a very long time ago. it's been a slow process of members of congress working, these coalitions being built and gradually building the support for this. they were trying to pass this at the tail end of the obama administration and couldn't get it over the line and now they have been able to do this in part because president trump is not a conventional republican in sol w some ways with his ideology. >> it's interesting in campaigns down the road where challengers use votes for this to subject
9:52 am
people are soft on crime as people suggest as much with the statement and come back as just in to cnn, nancy pelosi will support the continuing resolution. the stopgap funding effort, meaning the senate majority leader, the senate democratic leader, house democratic leader issue it's going to pass. senator ted cruz, adam k kinzinger. the beard is back. a big farewell address. up next. our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition... for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure. now up to 30 grams of protein for strength and energy!
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the house speaker paul ryan bids congress farewell next hour. the speech at the library of congress. the final act in a week long campaign to promote his achievements. >> from jansville, wisconsin, i never thought i'd work on the hill let alone be a member of congress. i feel blessed to have had these opportunities here, to take ideas, to push these ideas, to see them go into law and make a huge positive difference in people's lives. it's a great system we have. people get frustrated. people get angry. the system is a great system. the republic works. >> optimistic there but the reality is ryan leaves town frustrated. his long mission was to balance the budget and expensive entitlement. but it was the end of ryan's ambitions.
9:58 am
growing deficit part of ryan's legacy as speaker and vouched the reality that president trump is simply not interested in touching social security and medicare. he leaves a very different figure than he thought he would be. >> the trangedy of paul ryan, thought it would be anti-entitlement but anti-immigration and protect entitlement. that's why he's retiring and donald trump is president. he wanted to cut taxes as much as possible. he's achieved that. the second thing he wanted was to cut social security and medicare on a sustainable path. not going to achieve that. >> it tells you a lot about paul ryan but to be fair to him, to your point, the republican party was taken up from under his feet. >> i think a lot of people who have watched the last two years unfold asked the question, sometimes, why doesn't paul ryan do something but the truth is that probably his moment to do something was in the months before donald trump secured the nomination. that was the window and he was
9:59 am
unable or not sure if he could take it at the time and to try to shut down the sitting president of their own party on these issues in which he disagreed both ideologically and it would have been a leadership suicide mission. argue whether he should take that mission but he did not and he's a young man and a decent man and thoughtful person and now has probably several years or decades worth of a mission to try to, whether it's outside of government, rebuild the ideals and the personal story to try to get back on track with that message. >> it was so interesting to see what the republican party looks like once donald trump is out of office and how the people like paul ryan are completely different than donald trump and how they fare later on in politics, do they be molded around people like president trump or do republicans try to get back to where it was before president trump came to washington and i think it
10:00 am
completely changed the trajectory for paul ryan and i don't think he thought his time was going to come to an end this way. >> my memory goes back to when he was working for jack kent a long time ago. this is not the way he thought it was going to inside. thank you for joining us on "inside politics ". a lot of news ahead. brianna keilar starts right now. i'm brianna keilar live from cnn's washington headquarters. under way right now, a full and rapid withdrawal of u.s. troops in syria according to the president but as trump cries victory over isis, the defense department and republicans are contradicting him. caught in a lie, the president signed a letter of intent to build trump tower in moscow despite rudy giuliani insisting he did not. this is a cnn exclusive. softening on his border wall demand, the white house now exploring other ways to get


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